Supplementary code of fair competition for the filing supply industry (a division of the business furniture, storage equ...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the filing supply industry (a division of the business furniture, storage equipment and filing supply industry) as approved on July 30, 1934
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Filing supply industry
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"Registry No. 1137-03."
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"Approved Code No. 88--Supplement No. 2."

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1 I
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Approved Code No. 88--Supplement No. 2

Reg~istry No. 11371-03

(A Division of the Business Furniture, Storage Equipment
and Filing Supply Industry)



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Approved Code No. 88---Supplement No. 2



As Approved on July 30, 1934



An application. having been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with. the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a Supple-
mental Code of Fair Competition for the Filing Supply Industry to
the Code of F'air Competition for the Business Furmiture, Storage
Equipment and F'iling Supply Industry, and hearings having been
duly held thereon and the annexed report on said Supplemental Code,
containing findings with respect thereto, having been made and
directed to the President:
NOWTC, THIEREFiORE, on behalf of the President of the United
States, I, Hugh S. Johnson, Administrator for Industrial Recovery,
pursulant to authority vested in me by Executive Orders of the Presi-
dent, including Executive Order No. 6543--A~ dated Decemnber 30,
1933, and otherwise; do hereby incorporate by reference said an-
nexzed report and do ~find that said Supplemental Code complies in
all respects wiith thle pertinent provisions and will promote the policy
and purposes of said Title of said Act; and do hereby order that
said Supplemental Code of Fair .Competition be and it is hereby
approvedl; provided, however, that the Prov~isions of ~Article VII,
Section 1, insofar as they prescribe a waiting period between the fil-
ing with the designated agency and the effective date of revised price
lists or revised terms and conditions of sale be and they are her~eby
stayed pending my further order either within a period of 60 days
from the effective date of this Supplemental Code or after the com-
pletion of a study of openl price associations now being conducted
by the Nrationatl Recover~y Administration.
Huan~ S. JoHNsoN,
Administrator for I~ndustrial Recove~ry.
Approval recommended :
C. E. ADsAMs,
Division A~dministrator.

maseruc~ Jul~y 30, 1f934.
77105*-lid96f--16 34(1


The WIr~te House.
Smr: The proposed Supplemental Code of Fair Competition for
ther Filing Supply Industr~y was submitted to the Administrator on
D~ecember 4, 1933 by a group of manufacturers engaged in the pro-
duction of Filing Siupplies, representing approximately 85%~ of the
total known volume of the M~embers of the Industry engaged in the
manufacture and national distribution of the products covered by
said Code.
A1 hearing was conducted in W~ashington on December 20, 1933.
T~he Code was revised during the recess and is submitted in its
present form for approval. Every person who requested an appear-
ance was properly heard in accordance with statutory and regu-
Intory requirements.
The Code of Fair Clompetition for the Filing Supply Industry
is a supplement to the Code of Fair Competition for the Business
Furniture, Storage Equipment and Filing Supply Industry, ap-
proved on November 4, 1933, and its effect on labor and wages was,
thereforee, included in my report to you submitted wit~h t~he proposed
Code of Fair Competition for the Business Furniture, Storage
Equipment and Filing Supply Indu~stry under date of November 2,

Article I, Purposes, states the purpose of the Code.
Alrtile II, Definitions, accurately defines specific terms applicable
to the Filing Supply Industry as used in this Code.
Article III, Labor Provisions, adopts the Labor Provisions as
set fort in Art~icles V, VI, VII and Exhlibit A of the Code of Fair
Competition of the Business Furnit~ure, Storage Equipment and
Filing Sup~ply Industry, as approved on Nuovember 4, 1933, making
specific reference to the inclusion of Section 7 (a) of Title I of
the ~National Industrial Recovery Act, and further provides for a
m~inimu wage rate of 400 per hour for male factory employees and
80SQ per hour for female factory employees.
Article IV, Organization, Powers and Duties of Code Committee,
establishes a Code Authority of seven members to be selected by a
fair method of election. It further providers that not more th~an
three additional members, without vote, may be appointed by the
Admlinistrator for such terms as he may specify. This Article also
sets forth the powers and duties of said Code Authority.
Article V, Planning and Classification, provides that Members of
the Industry shall make available samples of all Industry Products
to a Planming and Classification Board and further provides that
new stock items shall be classified by said Board before presenta-

tion to the general public. This Article, how-ever, in no way~ restricts
the manufacture of any Industry Produ~ct.
Article VJI, Discrimination, prevents d iscr~imIiInat ion bet wee~n
customers of the same class.
Article VII[, M/arketing and Trade ]Practic~e Rules, sets forth. trade
practices for the Industry including an Open Price Associattion.
ALrticle~ VIII, Extras anld Dedu~ctions Not Coveredl in Price Sched-
ules, provides that M~embrcls of the Industry shall include in their
prices all costs of additions to and deductions from variations of
Ind~ustr~y Products not covered in their Price? Schedules.
Article IX, Specials, prevents a manufacturer from pricing a
special item in competition with a stock item at an unfair price for
the purpose of evading his then currently effective Price Schedule.
Artile PiceInceass, provides that thle increase in. selling
prticshll e liie, Pi in esos fr as possible, to actual increases in.
seller's costs.
Article XTI, Monopolies, provides that no provisions of the Code
shall eliminate, oppress or discriminate against small entterprises.
ALrticle XII, Modification, makes all the provisions of the Code
expressly subject to the right of the President to cancel or modify
any order, approval, license, rule or regulation. issued under Sub-
section (b) of Section 10 of the Act.
Article XIII[, TPermination, provides that the Code shall expire on
June 16i, 1935, or on. the earliest date prior thtereto on which the
President or C~ongress shall by joint resolution declare the emergency
recognized by Title I of the Ac~t to be ended.
The Deputy ALdministrator in his final report to me on said Supple-
mental Code having found as herein set forth and on the basis of
all the proceedings in this matter :
I _find that:
()Said Supplemental Code is well designed to promote the
polces and purposes of Title I of the NJational' Industrial Recovery
Act, including removal of obstrulctions to the free flow of interstate
and foreign commerce which tend to diminish. the amount thereof
and will provide for the general welfare by promoting the organiza-
tion of I~ndustry for the purpose of cooperative action among the
trade groups, by inducing and maintaining united action. of labor
and management under adequate governmental sanctions and super-
vision, by eliminating unfair competitive practices, by promoting the
fullest possible utihization of the present productive capacity of
industries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except as
may be temporarily required), by increasing the ednsumption of
industrial andc agricultural products through increasing purchasing
power, by reducing and relieving unemployment, by improving
standards of labor, and by otherwise rehabilitating Inldustry.
(b) Said Industry normally employs not more than 50,000 ema-
ployees, and is not classified by me as a major Inldustry.
(c) The Code as approved complies in all respects with the perti-
nent p~rovisions of said Title of said Act, including without limita-
tion subsection (a) of section 3, subsection (a) of section. 7, and
subsection ()of section 10 thereof, anld that thie applicant associa-
tion is al inustrial association truly representative of the afore-

said Industry, and that said association imposes no inequitable
restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Clode is not designed to and will not permit monopolies
or monopolistic practices.
(er) 'The Code Is not designed to and will not eliminate or oppress
small enterprises and wRill not operate to discriminate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
F~or these reasons, therefore, this Code has been approved.
Hnou S. JoHNson,
A administrator.
JULY 30, 1934.

To e~ff~ectuate the policies of TIitle I[ of thre National Ilndustrial
Recovery Act, to supplement and to make specifically applicable the
provisions of the Code of Fair Competition approved November 4,
1933, for the Business F'urniture, Sjtoratge Equipmnent and Filing
Supply~ Industry this Supplemnental Code is hereby established as a
Code of Fair Competition for the Filing Supply Industry and shall
be the standards of F'air Competition for this Industry and be
binding upon every mecmber thereof.
In addition to the definitions contained in Article II of the Code
of Fair Competition for the B3usiness Furniture, Storage Eqluipment
and Filing Suipply I~ndustry thie terms enumerated in this article
shall have the meaning herein defined wherever used in this Code
or in any supplement appertaining thereto.
SECTION 1. The term Fiiling Supply Industry or Industry "
as used herein means the manufacture and original sale of industry
products by a Member of the Industry either by himself or by his
agent whichi includes wRithout limitation any person or corporation
occupying a subsidiary or controlling relationship or one of common,
mutual or joint ownership or control to a; M/ember of the Industry.
(a) The term "( Industry Product as used herein includes, with-
out Ilimitation the products listed under Filing Supply Division in
Article II of the Code of Fair Competition for the Business' Furni-
ture, Storage Equipment and Filing Supply Industry.
SEcTION 2. The ter~m National Emergenrcy Committee as used
herein means the National Emergency Committee, the Code Author-
it for the Business Furniture, Sjtorage Equipment and Filing
Suply Industry, elected pursuant to paragraph 1 of Article III of
the Code of Fair Comapetition for the Btusiness Furniture, Storage
Equipmnent and Filing Supply Industry as approved on Novecmber
4, 1933, by President Roosevelt.
SECTION 3. The term Exhibit B wher~ever mentioned in this
Supplemental Code means Exhibit B attached to- and madle a part
of the Code of 1Fair C~ompetition for the Business Furniture, Storage
Equipment and Filing Supply I~nduistry as app~~orove by President
Roosevelt on. Novemnbe~r 4, 1933.

The provisions governing labor, of th~e Code of Fiair Compecti-
tion for th~e Business Furniture, Storage Equipmentl and Fiiling

Su ply Industry, as set forth in Articles V _VI, and VII, and.
Ex ibit ("AL" of said Code, as approved by the Yresident on Novem-
ber 4, 1933, are made conditions of this Code, including Sections
(~a), (b, and (c) of said Article V, by which the provisions of
Subsec~tions 1(1), (2), and (3) of Section 7I (a) of Title I of the
Act are made conditions of the Code, are specifically incorporated
herein and mlade a part hereof as the WTage, Hour and Labor pro-
visions of thiis Code~; provided, however, that the minimum rate of
payI for factory labor under this Code, shall not be less than at the
rate of forty cents (400) per hour for male employees and thirty-
five cents (35e) per hour for female employees.
SECTION 1. The Code Committe~e to administer this Code is hereby
constituted which shall consist of seven (7) voting members to be
selected from M~embers of the Industry. The election of all mem-
bers of the Code Committee shall be by a fair and equitable method
of election to be approved by the Administrator.
SECTION 2. In addition to the above membership there may be not
mor~e than three additional members, without vote and without com-
pensation from the Industry to be appointed by the Administrator
to serve for such term from date of appointment as he may specify.
SECTION 3. -Each trade or industrial association directly or d-
rectly participating in the selection or activities of theCoeo-
mlittee shall (1)- impose no inequitable restrictions on membership
and (2) submit to the Administrator true copies of its articles o
association, by-laws, rules and regulations, and any Amlendments
when masde thereto, togetherr with such other information as to mlem-
bership, organization. and activities as the Administrator may deem
necessalry to effect~uate the purposes of the Act.
SECTION 4. Inl order that the Code Committee shall at all times be
truly representative of the Industry and in other respects comply
with the provisions ~of the Act, the Admninistrator may prescribe such
hearings as he may deem proper; and thereafter if hie shall find that
thle C~ode Commnittee is not truly representative or does not in other
respects comply with the provisions of thle Act., may require an
ap~prop'riate mlodification in t~he method of selection of the Code
SEC'TION 5. Nothing contained in this Code shall constitute the
members of the Code Committee partners for any purpose, nor shall
any member, officer, agent, or emlployee of the Code Conmmittee be
liable in a ny mnner to anyone for any act of any other member,
officer, agent, or employee of the Code Committee. Nor shall any
member o~f thle C~ode Committee, exercising reasonable diligence in
the conduct of his duties hereunder, be liable to anyone for anly action
or omission to act under this Code, except for his own willful
mni sfeasann ce or n o nfensa n c.
SECTION 6. Subject to such rules and regulations as may be issued
by the Administrator, the Code Committee shall have the following
further powers and duties, the exercise of which shall be reported to
the Admmnistrator through the National Emergency Committee and
shall be subject to the Administrator's right on review, to disapprove,
after such hearing as he may prescribe, any action taken by the

Code Committee. If the Administrator shall determine at any time
tha any acto of the Code Committee or any agency thereof is un-
fair or unjust or contrary to the public interest, th~e Admrinistrator
may. require that such action be suspended to af~ord an opportunity
for investigation of the merits of such action and further considera--
tionr by suchl Code Committee or agency pending ~final1 nation which
shall not be effective unless the Adiministrator appr"oves or unless h~e
shall fail to dlisapprovre ofter thlirt~y dlays' notice to him of inte~nt.ion
to proceed with sulch acton in its original or modlifiedl form.
(a) To make investigation s cas to the~ fuinctioninrr and of any of the provisions of this Code. at its ownr Ins~tance! or upon
thae complaint of any person affected andl shall report thle result
thereof to the Niational Emergency Commiittee. To r~eeive co~m-
plaints of violations of this Code or disputes arising thereunder, make
investigations thereof, provide hearings thereon, adljust such com-
plaints and bring to the attention of the National Emlergrency Com-
m ittee unadjustedf complaints of violations or dispu~tea.
(b) To aid t~he National Elmerrgenc Commnittee ine the execution
of the prov~isions of this Code a~nd provide for the compnlliance of the
Industry with the ]provisions of the Act.
(c) To adopt By-Laws and Rules and Regrulatiorns for its pro-
cedure and fo~r thefi administration and enforcement. of th~e Code. .The
Code Committee shall promptly fur~nishi to the Administrator through
the National Emergency Conmmittee true copies of the By-Laws,
SRules, and Repalat~ions adopted pursuant~ to this paragCraph~.
(d") 'ro obtamn from Ml~embers of the Induistry3 through a con-
fidential agency (for the purposes of this pa ragaraph the Secr1eta ry
of the Committee may~ be considered as said agency) such statistic~al
information and reports as are required for the administ~at~ion of
the Code and to provide for submission by Mrember~s of the IndustryV
of such statistical information and reports as the Admiinistrator may
deem necessary for the purposes recited in Section 3 (a) of the
Act, which information and reports shall be submitted by MIembers
of Industry to such Federal and,'or State agencies as the Aidminis-
trator may designate; provided, that nothing in this Code shall
relieve an M~ember of the Industry of any existing obligationls to
furnish reports to any Government agency. N~o individual statis-
tical reports shall be disclosed to any other Membe~r of the Industry
or any other party except to such. confidential agent. or to such Gov-
ernment~al agencies as may be directed by the Administrator.
(e) To use. such trade associations and other agencies as it dee~ms
proper for the carrying out of any of its activities provided for
herinproide tht, othngherein shall relieve the Code Commrit-
terein of itsdtes ora resonsibilities under ~this Code anrd that such
trade associations and agencies shall at all times be subject to and
comply with the provisions hereof.
(f) To make recommendations to the National Emergrency Comi-
mittee and the Administrator for the coordination of the administra-
tion of this Code with such other codes, if any, as may be related to
the Industry.
(g) To cooperate with the Admninistrator in regulating~ tihe use
of any N RA Insig~nia by those MIembers of the Industry wfho are
complying with this Code.

(h) To recommend to the Administrator through the National
Emerg~ency Committee further fair trade practice provisions to gov-
ern M\embers of the I~ndustry ii their relations with each other or
with other industries, and to recommend to the Administrator
through the National Emnergency Committee measures for industrial
planning, including stabilization of employmet.
(i) To f~r~mulate wvithin thirty (30) days after thne approval of
the Code a cost formula subject to the approval of the Administrator
which cost formulla shall set forth the items to be included andl the
items to be excluded in arriving at cost as used in this Code.
(j) To ;aid the Nliational Emergency Committee in the establish-
ment of a Planning andl Classification Board pursuant to Article
ViIII of the Codle of ]Fair Competition for thie B3usiness Furniture,
Stosrage~ Equipment andl Filingl Supply Industry.
SECTION 1. In Order to effectuate the purpose of A4rticle VIII1[ of
the Code of Fair Competition for the B5usiness F~urniture, Storage
Equipment and Filing Supply Industry, Mlembers ofE the Industry
shall submit a list and make available samples of all items of indus-
try products now being offered for sale as stock merchandise wBPithin
thirty (30) days after the election of thze Planning and Classification
Board to said B~oard for proper classification and assignment, of
such to their respective industry base products listed in Schedule A~
attachedl hereto and hereby made a part of this Code.
SECTION 2. NO Stockr item not included in the list originally sub-
mnittedl by him shall be sold or offered for sale by any member until
after classification by the Planning and Classification Board, as
above provided, and approval of said classification by the Code Com
mnittee, nor until after all requirements for publication contained in
Article VI hereof have been completely fulfilled. All action under
this Article shall be taken within thirty (30) days after submission
by the member. In no event shall this ABrticle be construed as per-
mat~ting: the Planning anld Cllassification Board to restrict the manu-
facture of any industry product.

SECTION 1. No member shall make any7 sale, contract of sale, or
offer of sale, directly or indirectly by any means whatever, of any
industry products at a price or on terms and conditions more favor-
able to one purchaser of the same class than to another, whether
sulch purchasers shall be private individuals, corporations, or firms,
or Federal, State, M~unicipal, or other public bodies; provided that
thris shall not prevent price differne necessarily resulting from
differences in the model, grade, quantity, or point of delivery of
the products sold.
SECTION 2. IlNO member shall make any purchase of or allowance
for used industry products inr connection with a sale of new industry
products or as an independent cash transaction, directly or indi-
rectly, by any means whatever, at a price or on terms and conditions
more favorable to on~e seller than to another.


SwrsIon 1. Pri2ce SChedrdJes.-- (a) Each Mebfenr of the Industry
within thirty (30) days after the effective date of this Code shall
file with the Code Crommittee as many copies as the Code Committee
m~ay require, of price lists and schedules of additions to and deduc-
tions from base prices at which such member is offering industryy
products for sal as stock mlerchandise and terms or conditions of
sale to each of the classes of' customers defined in Sch~edule AB wIhich
is attached hereto and made a part of this Code.
(b) The original schedules filed in accordance, with the abtove
paragranph (a) shall become effective on the date~ of filing thereof
with the Code Committee.
(c The Code Committee forthwfith on such ori inal filing shall
notify all ineested M~embers of the Industry of the contents thereof.
(d) Any Member of th~e Industry desiring to change anypieo
prices and/or schedules of additions to and deductions ~Pfrom bse
prices, and/or terms or conditions of sale hall notify the Code
Authority of such intention by filing a revised schedule, which shall
become effective ten (10) days thereafter. The revised schedule so
filed with the Code Committee shall be immediately distributed
among the interested M~emxbers of the Industry who ~thereupon, at any
time before the effective date of the revised schedules so filed, mra~y
filee, if they so desire, revisions of their schedules to meet such revPi-
sions in the revised schedule first filed, and which shall become effee-
tive upon the date the revised schedule first filed becomes effective.
In the event that any: M~embler of Industry shall not receive within
the ten (10) day period sufficient notice of the filing by any other
Member of Industry of revisions' in such other Mlember ofI Industry's
price or prices and/or terms or conditions of sale as will enable him
to meet such revisions of such other member on the effective date
thereof, then if such mmembe shall fle with the Code Conunit~tee such
revisions of his price or prices and/or terms or conditions of sale as
may be required- to meet the revisions filed with such other mlember,
within 48 hours -after the receipt of notice thereof, the revisions. so
fied byp such member shall become effective on thie samne date as the
revisions of such other member, or if they be already effective shall
become effective immediately.
ge) Published or filed pries shall include terms or payment, f.o.b.
pomnt, or points, of origin or delivery, and such other provisions as
may be necessary to fully inform the. trade and consuming public of
all conditions of sale.
(f) Original schedules and all revisions thereof shall bl :madle
available to the public.
(g) Subject to the approval of the Code Committ~ee, the Planning
and Classification Board shall prescribe rules and regulations pro-
viding for the sale of distress merchandise, surplus inventories, and
products not up to specification; and to meet the competition of other
materials comipetitive with the products of this Industry, which shall
become effective upon approval by the Administrator.
(h) No publication of prices, terms or conditions of sale applying
to sales of industry products by one manufacturer to another manu-
facturer of kiindred products for resale byT them shall be required.

No su~ch sale, however, shall be made at less than the manufacturer's
cost as determined pursuant to section 6, subsection (i) of Article IV.I
SECTION 2. Trade Practice Rules.--The following trade practices
in addition to Exhibit B, are declared to constitute methods of un-
falir competition between Members of the Industry, and nro Memlber
of the Industry shall use or engage in anly of them, directly or in-
directly, through any officer, agent or employee. Engagmga in any
one of such trade practices or of any other practices which thereafter
may be declared to be unfair methods of competition by the Code
Committee, approved by the Administrator, shall, after such hear-
igdor hearings as he may prescribe, be deemed a, violation of this
( a) Selling, offering for sale, or participating in any sale of any
industry product by a Mlember of the Industry at any price other
than that set forth mn his then currently effective schedule or upon
any terms or conditions contrary to those contained in such schedule.
(~b) F'ailing to ~file such schedules or changes therein, as required
by Section 1 of this Article.
(c) Failing to submit th~e list of stock items of industry products
being offered for sale by a Miember of I~ndustry pursuant to Atr-
ticle V. .
(d;) Selling or offering for sale a stock item not included in the
original list submitted by a M~ember of the Inldustry before classi-
fication by thne Planniner and Classification Board pursuant to the
provisions of Section 2 of ALrticle V.~
(e) Permitting, directly or indirectly, the consummation of any
saemade with the intent, or having the effect, of violating the
provisions of the, Act or the Trade Practices of thiis Code.
(f) Pricing to the Consumer and/or selling industry products by
any Member of the 'Indlustry at a price below his or its cost as dleter-
mined pursuant to paragraph (i), Section 6 of Article IV; provided,
however, that a member may meet the price of a competitor whose
price do~es not violate the Code; and provided furthr that a member
may makre such sales as necessary to dispose of distress merchandise
and/or products not up to speci~fication, pursuant to such rules and
regulations as issued by the Code Committee under Section 1 (a) of
this Article. Full information concerning such sales shall be re-
ported to the Code Authority and to all M~embers of the Industry.
(g) Failing to report to the Code Committee within ten (10) days
after the effective date of this Code all buying contracts or agree-
ments in force and to publish alnd make available to all interested
prties consolidated lists showing discounts, terms and expiration
dtes of suceh contracts or agreements.
(h) Promulgating, renewmig, extending or automatically con-
tinulng after the effective date of this Code any buying contracts or
agreements unless they be firm binding obligations on all parties
thereto, specifying that applicable discounts and terms of selling as
filed shall be based upon definite quantities of Industry Prod~ucts
delivered within a specified time not exceeding one year. Provided,
however, that subsections ()and (h) of this section 2 shall not
apply to sales made between MCembers of the Industry.
E See paragraph 2 o ord~er approving this Code.

(i) Falsely marking or labelling any industry product.
(j) Failing to comply with any rule or regu~lat~ion of the Code
Committee promulgated under the powers andi duties delegated to
it by this Code.

Each Miember of the Industry on the basis of cost as determined
pursuant to paraparph (i), Section 6 of Article IV, shall include
m his price the muulmum additions to and the manximnum deductions
-from the base prices of ?the various lines of industry products, which
maximum deductions and minimum additions a Mrember of the In-
dustry shall use to determine the prices of variations :from his base
products, and make information regarding each such sale available
to the Code Committee.


No item of industry products which is not covered by the pub-
lished list prices of the manufacturers thereof shall be sold or offered
for sale in competition with a stock item. at net prices, discounts,
or terms more favorable to "the purchaser than the most favorable!
published discounts, terms, or net prices applying to the nearest
comparable listed stock item.

Whereas the policy of the Act to increase real purchasing power
will be made more difficult of consummation if prices of ~goods and
services increase as rapidly as wages, it is recognized that price
increases except such as may be required to meet individual cost
should be delayed but when made such increases should so far as
possible, be limitel to actual additional increase in the seller's costs.

No provision of this Code shall be so applied as to promote
monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate, oyppress or
discriminate against. small enterprises.

SECTION 1. TIhis Code and all t~he provisions thereof are expTressly
made subject to the right of the President in accordance with the
provisions of subsection (b) of Section. 10 of the Act, from time to
time to cancel or modify any order, approval, license, rulemt t oor regu-
lation issued under said Alct; and specifically but without lmtto
to the right of the President to cancel or modify his approval o1
this Code, or any conditions imposed by him upon his appr~oval
SECTION 2. Such of the provisions of this Code as alre not required
to be included herein by the Act may with the approval of the Ad-

ministrator, be amended as provided inJ Section 3 hereof in such
manner as may be indicated by the needs of the PUblic, by i changes
in circumstances, or by experience; all of the provisions of ti oe
unless so modified or eliminated, shall remain in effect until June 16,
SECTON. 3. An Amendment may be propoe by any interested
party, either to the National Emergency Comenmintte ora diel by-
or to the Administrator. All propoe mnmnssalb e
ferred to the Code Authority, who shall give Mllembers of the Indus-
try an opportunity to be heard thereon; and thereafter the Code
Authority shall make such recommendations thereon as is deemed
proper, provided, however, that when approved by the Adminis-
trator, as necessary to effectuate thepoiesothAcferuh
notce ndheaingashe ay recrieany proposed Amendment
shall thereupon become effective as a part of the C~ode.
SECTION 4. The National Emergrency Committee may make recom-
.mendations for modifications ofb this Code to the Administrator
which shall become effective as a part of this Code upon approval
by the A1Idministrator after such notice and hearing as he may

This Code and all Supplementary Provisions thereto shall expire
on June 16, 1935, or on thie earliest date prior thereto on which the
President shall, )by proclamation, or the Congress shall, by Joint
Resol ution, declare that t~he emergency recognized by Title Iof the
Act has end~ed.
Approved Code No. 88--SuDplement No. 2.
Registry No. 1187-OSE.




The industry base products are hierebyr listed graded, and classified as
follows :
Product 1. Index cards ancd record card forms:
Cards, 3 x 5 inches--
:100%o rag.
75%~ rag.
50% rag.
25%r rag.
# 1~ sulphite.
#2 sulphite.
Product f2. Vertical letter and card inex guides and indexes I
Vertical file guides, Letter size M-cut blank--
25 point Pressboard.
17 point Manila.
Card guides, 3 x 5 inches--
Bris~tol, blank.
25 point Pressboard.
Product 3. FPiling folders, not handfolded and expanding and with open
ends :
Letter size--
1st grade Manila 8 point square cut.
2d grade Manila 8 point square cut.
KEraft 8 point square cut.
Jute or DCuracel 8 point square cut.
Pressboard 25 point square out.
100 division, nrot celluloided.
Product 4. Celluloid index tab strips.
Nove.-Revis~ion of this list may be made from timne to time by the Code
Committee, or by the Administrator in his discretion.


Retailer (Agent or Dealer)--One who buys diec fromn manufacturer or
his jobber for resale solely to consumer and who carries his own stock.
Jobber--One who maintains an adequate wholesale! stock and who buys
from the manufacturer for resale solely to retailer.
Jobber Dealer-ne who buys fromn the manufacturer for resale to both
the retailer and consumer, but who transacts a sufficient volume of legitimate
jobber business to properly reta in this classification.
Consumer-One who buys direct from manufacturer's agent, dealer, or his
representative for his own consumption on a onme-orde~r-one-delive~ry basis.
The discounts as provided in Article VII allowed to each of the above de-
fined classes of customers, shall be applied to all list prices published unde
the provisions of said Ar-ticle, andl shall truly represent variane in cost of
distribution to the ultimate consumer.

Terms of sale for all industry products shn11l be as follows:
Wholesale Sales.--All classes of purchalsers-23 percent 10th prox., net 303th
Retail Sales.--Extension of terms to be not more than 30 days. No discoun
for early payment.

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