Supplementary code of fair competition for the cap screw manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal prod...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the cap screw manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal products manufacturing and metal finishing and metal coating industry) as approved on May 3, 1934
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Cap screw manufacturing industry
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"Registry No. 1104-05."
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 19."

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(A Division of the Fabricated Metal Products
Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
and Metal Coating Industry)

I' I
For sale by the Superintendent of Documents. Washington, D.C. Price 5 cente

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 19

Registry No. 1104--05




This publication is for sale by the Suplerintendlent of Documents, Government
P'rintihg Office, Washington, D.C., and by district offices of thie Bureau of Foreign
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Approved Code No. 84-Supplement No. 19



As Appr~oved on Mbay 3, 1934


An appliention havingS been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the NEational Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 116, 193J3, and in accorrdanlce wpith the
provilsions of Section I of Article VI of thle Batsic Code for thne
Fabricated Mletal Prodlucts Ma~nufac~turing and Me~tn! F~inli-hingj~ a1d
Meta Spl Coatin ndry, approvedi November 2, 193.3- for approval
of a upplmentay Coe of Fiair Comp~etition~ for th~e CapScl
M3anufactur~il, ng Inustry, and hea~r~ingr having bee~n duly held t~here-
on; andi the annexed report oln said Su~pplementary Code. contaiiningf
findings with respect thereto, having bieen made and dlirectedl to the
President :
NUOWT, ~TH-EREFOR~E, on behalf of the President of the U17nited
States. I, Hughi S. Johnson. Adm~inistrator for Indlustral Rec~overy,
pursuant to authority vested in me by Executive Orders of the Pres-
ident., including Executive Ordler No. tiMl3-A4, dated Decmcnber :0,,
19:33, and otherwise; do hlereby1S inc~orporaute by reference said annexed~
report andl do find that ..,aid Supplementary Code complies in all
respects with the pertinent provilsions and will promote thle po~lilcy
and purposes of said~ Title of said Act; atnd do hereby border tha:t
said PS upplemen"tary Cod'e of Fair Competition be and it is hetreby
approved; subject.. hwv~e\r, to the following conditions:
That the provisions of Article V7, Section 2, insofar as thney pre-
scribe a awaiting period between the filing wit the C'ode Authlor~ity
or such agency as may be designated in the Code. and the effc~ctive
date of price lists, as originally filedl and/or revisedl price lists or
revised terms and conditions of sale, be and they hereby are stayed
pending my further Order.
~Hua 8. JOHNSON,
Acinsrao for Indwltrial Recovery.
Approval recommended :
Divrisionz Ad'm~n~istrator.
WasmwHIoTow, D.C.,
Mlay 3, 1934.
5686*8O--5441--1- 34 (11


The Whi~~zte HJouse.
Smx: This is: a rleporti on t~e? Supplemnentar~y Code of Fair Competi-
tion for the Cap Screw Manufacturing Industry, a division of the
Fabricated Metal Products Ma~nufacturing and Mecta~l Finis'hinga and
Metn]~ Coating Industry, the hearing halving been conducted thereon
mn Washington, D.C., February 2, 1934, in accordance with the
provisions of TIitle I of the Natiornal Indlustri:-l Recove'try Act.

The Cap Scr~ew ~c Mn ufl net ri ng Industry, being truly representative
of this Metal Finishinlg and Mectall Coating Industry, hn-, e~lec~ted to avail
itself of the option of submlitting a .Supp~lemlentary~ Code of Fair
Competition, as providedc~ for in Sectio~n 1. of Artic~le VI of the B~asic
Code for the Fabr~ica~tedl Metal ProUducits M~anduf~ci unring and Mletal
Finishing and M~etall Coat-ing Industry alpprovdc. byr you~ on the second
day of NJovember, 1933.
nisvail :OF THEL C.ODE

Article! I states th~e p~urpos0e of the ,Supp:ltllmetaryf 9 CodLe.
Article II accurately- defines specific terms employedt in the
Sup-plementary Code.
Article IIL. This Industry is at division of th Fabr~icated- Me~-t~al
Products MIanulfacturing -and M~etal Fini-hlingr and Mertal Coati~ng
Indus~tr~yr and the labor provisions of its ]Basic Code, as ~applrov-ed
Novembrllr 2, 1983, are the~I lalor provisions of this Suplem-entaryt1~
Co de.
Article IVi establishes a Supplem,. enleta ry5 Code ~Aut~h~orit~y7 ('onlisting
of five (5) nilembersl to ber elecrted~ by the. membelrj~S of the Industryl' at
a meeting called by the Temporaryg Su1pple mentaryi,l Code Commnuittee,
and gi-ves the Administratorl th~e authority to appoint one addcitionlal
member without vote andc~ provides macihinery for~ ob~taining statistics
and the addnili trationio of the Siupj~elplem ntary Code.
Artic~le V prov\ides for me~thods of s~etting~ u~ andl revising~ rI)KCe
_Article VI provides fo~r dlelterminingr the low~est rteasonable cost
of the products of this Industry.
Article VII setst fourth the unfair trade practices of this Supple-
mentdaryI Corde which has been espceially designed to oAffset unfair
competition in this division of the Industry..
~Article VIII provides against monopolies and monolrpo~litic.
Article IX conltains the mandaltor y pirovisions contained in Section
10 (b) Intd also p~rovidei; for the sublmission of proposed amendments
to the Supplementary Code.

Article XS re~cognizes that price increases be limited to actual
additional: increasers ii the seller's coslts.
Article XIstates teeff~ec~t i e clate a nd dura;tio~n of this
Supplemientary C~ode.

The Deputy Admninisitr~ator in his final replor't to me on mentary Code havl~ingr founld as hnerein, set fourth and on the basils of
all t~he prc-eedings~ inl this m~attlr:
I: find thIat:
(a) Saidl Supplem~entary C"ode. is wrell designated~t to0 prlOmolte the
policies~ andi pur1posecs of T;itle I of the Na~tional~l Indus~ltrial Recovery
Act, includingr remlo\-l of obstruction to the .free flow\s of interstate
and forcigan comimercee which tendl~ to diminish the amlount thereof and
will provide for the general welfare by promol~ltinlg the orgamnization
of industry for the pin-poscle of coloperative- 1 action amlong~ the trade
groups, byl inducing andic maintanining unitedi action of labor and
manlage ment. undrtt1 adequ~lrate govl\ernmll mental antinsl' a0~ nld .'uperv1\is'ion,
by elimiinating unfanirr competitive practices, by promolctingr the fullest
possible utilizationr of thet pr~esent. prod~luctlive capacity of indlustr~ies,
by avoiding undlue restr~ictioin of production (except as may be tem,-
parabrily required), by incrleasing the consumlption of industrial
and agriculturll1 produLIct~s through incr:nsing~ purch~asing powe, byl
reducing~ andi relieving unemployment, b~y imnproing standr~ds o
labor, and by otherwise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Siaid Industry normally employs not more than 50,0300 em-
ployrees: and is not classifiedl by me as a major01 industry.
(c) The Supplementary Cod~e as ap~provetd compllies in all respect
with the pertinent. provisions~ of said Title of said Acrt., including
without limitation Subsection() of Sectio~n 3, Subse~~ction (a) of
Section 7, and Sutbsec~tion (b) ofSection. 10 thetreof ;:1i and tht thle
applicant group ia an industrial group truly representative of the
afor~esaidi Industry; and that said association imposes no inequuitablk
restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Supplementary Code is not designed tol and waill not
permit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Supplementary Code is not designed to and will not
eliminate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to
discrimiinate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of: said
Supplementary Code.
For these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplementary
Huanso S. JoHNwon,
A dm inistraltor.
MaY 3, 1934.




To effectuate the policy of Title I of the National In dust rial
Recovery Act, th~e following provisions are established as a Sup-
plemerntary~r Code of Fair Competition for the Cap Screw Mianufac-
turing Industry. Pursuant to Article VI of the Btasic Code of Fair
Competition for the Fabricated M~etal Pr~oducts Manufacturing and
MetalR Finishing and M~etal Coating Industry, appr~ovedt by the Pre~s-
ident on the 2ndi day of Novemberl 1933, the provisions of this Sup-
plementarylr Code shall bie thne standard of fair competition for such
Industry and shall be bindiing upon every membelcr thereof.
SECTION 1. The terms "' Presideint ", "'Act ", and "Admcllinistrator ",
as usedl he~rein, shall mlean relpec~t~ively, the President o-f the U~nit~ed
States, the Natio-lnnI Industrial Recovery Aitct, an~d the A-minisrtrator
for Industrial R~covery under said Act.
SECTION 2. The termn Cazp Screws is derfinedl as steel screws of at
type well known to the trader antd hav-inga head styles commlercilly~l
dle(:ribed-l as hexagonr, square, filister., flat, Ibut~ton and round, mnanur-
factuLred from st~raigh~t. cal~lrbon steel c-ontain~ing catrbon in excess of .;25
per cent, or ma~ngnesec~ in exc-ess of .180 per cent, or flromn an~y alloy
steel without regard to finish, or mlanufacturedec from any stsee if full
finished or semi-finishedl (malchined ulnder side or top of head or both)
and also other items such as connclitingr rod bolts which are simrilart
to and mnnu fn~t~ured on the same equ~ipment~t as Cap Sc1rew-Ts andlc come
wvithin the abovet mnetallurgied design and finish classification and
hex~agon head cap screws manufactured from any steel with the:
requ~ir~ed or r~epresented effective tensile strength in excess of 95
thousa~n 7 pounds per square inchl. The terml ".Cap Scr~ews "' also in-
elutdes Set Screws which are defined as steel screws, with square
headl or slottedl headiess, case; hardened or otherwise andi of a type
well known to the trade. But not, however, including SrewI
Machine Products as defined. in the proposed Sup~plementnlry Code
for that Industry~oN 3 as revised February 15, 1934.
Swrms3. Te term product means and includes Cap S~crews
as that term is defined herein.
SECTION 4. T~he term Industry means and includes thre business
of manufacturing Cap Screws for sale.
SECTION 5. The term Member of th~e Inmdustry as uIsedl her~ein
includes, but without limitation, any individual, partnership, ass ocia-

tion, corporation or other form of enterprise engagedl in t~he Ind~ustrly
either as anr emplloyecr or onl his or its o~wn behalf.
SECTION. g. 'rhe teriI ll cimployee ',;l rists herein, includes anyone
engagred in the Industry in any cnpacity r~eceiving~ compensa"'ition for
his services, .irr~espective of the natureI' or method of payment'11 of bluch
SECTION 7. Thle term1 employerer as used hlerein included s a~lnyon
by w-hom~ any! such emriployee is comp~ensatedl or emplloyed..
SECTION 8. Tile (Unlli '- Bsic Cod~e "" as usecd herein is defi~ned to
mean the Basic Code of F~air Competition for the Fah~lrientedl Mleti;
Produicts Manufacturingl and Mectal Finiishing aiilnd Mtal Coaiting~
Indutry~t~ as appr~oved' by thle Presidrent on the 9nd' day of
Nov~\emb~er, 19;33.
SCEcrTON 9. The termn memb~ler of the Co~de "" as used~ her~ein shall
mean. any member of thle Indusltry who sh~all have asserntedc' to thle
pr~ovisions of this Supp~llemeltalry Code by instrument in wr~iting~ duly
filedl with thle Srcretalry.
LSECTIO)N 10. The. term. Supplementary Code Authority ", as used
herein, is detfinied to miean the Agency which is to adminiistere this
Supplementary Code as lereinafter provided.
SECTION 11. The term "'Bureau ", as nueed herein, is dcfin~ed to
mean th Unlited States Cup? Scr~ew Service Bureazu, or its surccessor..
SECTION 312. The termn '" Exzecuti~ve Commrittee ", as used hlerein, is
dtefinedl to mean Executive Committee of the Unitetd Sctaltes Cap
Screw- Service Bureaui.
SECTION 13. The term "C Scr~etaryr as used herein, is dlefinedl to
mlean SecretaryS of the Unlited S~tates Cap Screw Service Bur~eaul, or
such other impartial and confidential rgenlcy as thle Supplementaryy
Code Author~ity may designate.

This I~ndus~try is a division of the F'abriented Mietal 1Prodlc~ts
Manufacturing and lifetal Finis'hing and M~etal ContinF Indulstry
andl the wage~, hour andc labor provisions in Article III of its basic
code as approvedl by thre ]Presidlent Nov~ember 2, 1933. including Sec-
tion 1 of said .Article XIII b~y which the provisions of Sulbsections (1),
(2) and (8) of Section 7 (a)'f of Title ~I of thle Aclt re! made conidi-
tions of this Code, are specifically incorporated herein and made a
part her~eof as t.he wage, hour aind labor provisions of this Supple-
mentary Code.

SECTION 1. During the period not to exceed sixty (60) days fol-
lowing the effective date, t~he Executive Committee shiall constitute
a Tempor~ary Supplemnentary Code Authority, w-ho shall have all the
powers and duties of the Supplemlentary Code Authority herein set
forth. until the Supplemientary Code Authorityv is elected. There
shall be constituted within the sixty-day period a, Supplemientary
Code Authority consisting of five (5) members to be electedr by the
members of the Industry, as hlerelnafter provided, at a meeting
calld b th Temoray Sppleentry ode Aluthority, uipon ten
days' notice sent b~y registered mal~il tO almmeso h nut

whoseW name~s can be ascertained after diligent. search ~who may~ volte
either in person or by proxy. The members off the Supplementary
Codle Authorityt first e~lectedl shall serve until. the following annual
mneetilig of the B3ureaul and/lor until their successors are elected, and
thereafter, members of the Supplementary Code An~uthority shall be
elected inunedalite~ly after each. annual meeting of the 'Bureau to
serve unlltil thetir successors are elected, and any member shall be
eligible for re-elect~ion. Notice -of -each election Ishall: be sent in the
manner-; above- provided. The membllership of the St~upp~lemenltary
'od-e: Author()lity shall be made up? as follows~:
(a) 1.' Fiour (4) nlmemers who shall be members lof the IndustryI
e~lcctedl bly a majority vote of the members of ~the B-ureau p~resent in1
person or repre-enllted by proxy, each member to have: one vote;
2. t ay tme ponreuest in wr~iting of twPPenty-five per cent
(2.7 )t of themembersof the B3ureau, the Supplementary Ciode
Aulthorrity shall call a meeting of the m~emblers of -the Bur~eau upon
the notice above provided, for the purpose of electing successors to
suceh fourlir menibers of thle Supplementary Gode _Authority to be
el~clted in the same3 manner as provided in Sub-Plaragraph 1 of tthis
Paragraph {(a) ;
(b) O3ne (1) member whlo is not a member -of the B~urealu e~lectted
by majority vote of thle maembers of the Indurstry not members of
the Bur~eau, present in person or represented by proxy, each members
to hlave one vote;
(c) A vacancy in the membership of thre Sulpplemefntary Clode
Aulth~ority- may be! filled by majority vote. of the remniining members
of the Supp'l:lemnt Iary Code(1 Authorrity;
(d) In addtitionl t~o the shori\e the Adminislntrato may appoint
one (1) representative without vote and without expense to the
Industry unle1~-s the Supplementary Code Authority agrees to pay
such expense, to serve ori said SupplemlentaryS ICode Authority in.
the aztihnIin Ii trat ion of this Supplementary Code. Said representative
shall boe givenrl reasonable no~tic~e of all meetings of the Supplem~entary
Codle A~uthority.
SEen'roN 2. Any Association/Institute aind/or Bureau~~ directly or
in~direcjrtly participa~ting in the selection or activities of ~the Sup~ple-
mniltanry Code AuthorIity~ shall (1) impose no inequitable rest~ic~tions
on membership, andl (2) sbm~nit~ to the Administratorl t~ue: copies
of its Articles of Asociation!, By-Laws, R~egulations and any amlend-
mlents when made thereto, together with such other informantiorn as
to membership, organization, and activities as the Adic n listrto m' ~,' ay
deem neres.-ar~;ly to effectuate the purposes of the Act.
SEC:TIO, N 3. Ill Order that thle. Spplementtary Code Authority
shall, at all times, be truly representative of the Industry anld in
other r~espects comply with the pr~ovisions of the Act, the Admlin-
istrator may pr~escribe such Hearingas as he'mayp deem proper; and,
thereafterl, if he shall find that the SupplementaryT Code Authority
is not truly representativec or does not in others respects comply withi
the provisions of the Act, the Administrator mnay prescribe such
tHarig ase htpe man~y ddem por; and, therea after, if he shall find
thatthe upplmentry Cde uthority is not truly representative
or does not in other respects comply~t;i wIit~h the pIrovisi'ons of the Act,
may require removal of any oralof the members thereof and/or

mayV make an appropriate modification or modifications in the
method of selectioni of the Supplementary Code Authority.
SECTION 4. T~he Supplementaryv Code Authlority is hereby consti-
tuted the Agaency to administer the provisions of this Supplementaryr
Gode and to collect and distribute all statistical reports of the In-
dustry. Withl a view to keeping thle Presitenit informed as to the
observance or non-observaunce of this Supplemlentary Co~de. said
agency shall collect, through thre Secretarry, such statistics as called
for by the Presiden~t and.. or thle Administ~trato and. send2 them~ in
such form as the Presilenlt and/or the Administrantor may require to
the Fabricated M~etal Products Federation, or suessorr organiza-
tion, as the agency admuinistering~ said Basic Code. All jindividual
reports shall bje treated as confidential by the Secretary and shall
not be disclosed to any memlber of the Industry or any other party
except where necessary iln thle enforcement l of thl~is Code! and ex-
cept to such governmental agencies as may be directed by thle
Ad mini st rator.
SECTION ;5. Said Agncy shall also fr~om time to time furnish to th~e
Basic Code Athor~ity, de~signated- in said B~asic Code, uchi informa-
tio as may be required to be fulrnishedl under thle terms of said
Basic Code.
SECTION 6. T"he Sulppelemntalry Code Authority shall1 have9 power
from time to time to require each member of the Indlustry to furnish
to the Secretary such information concer~ningi the production, ship-
ments, sales an ordi~ers of such member and the h-ours of labor, rates
of pay and other conditions of emlploymecnt at the lan"t. or plant
of such member and such othr information as the said Suppleme~n-
tary Code Author~ity shlall dee neesary or proper in orders to
effectuate the p u roses of this Supplemecntary Codle and~ the policy of
the Act;. All individual reports shall be treated as co~nidential by
the Secretary and shl~rl not be disclosed to any memlber of the ICn-
dustry or any other p~arty except whercle necessary in thle enforcement
of this Code and except to such grovernmlental agencies as may be
directed by the Administrator.
SECTION 7. The Supplemnentary Code Authority may require thiat
any such information be furnishedl periodically at such times as it
shall specify and miay require that any or all information furnished
be swor~n to or otherwise certified or authenticated as it shall prec-
scribe. Failure of anly member of the Industry promptly to furnish
to the Secretary information required by~ the said Supplementary
Code Authority and substantially in the form prescribed by it shall
constitute, a violation of th Code. The Suipplementaryy (ode Au-
thority shall not require any information regar~ding trade secrets.
SECTION 8. Any or all information furnished to the Secretary by
any corporate member of the Induistry specifically assenting hereto
Pursuant to the provisions of this Supplementary Code shanll be sub-
]ect to verification by an examination of the pertinent or necessary
books. necounts and records of such member by the Secret~ary or by
any accountant or accountants or other person or persons designate3l
by the Supplemnentary Code Authority (none of wvhom shall be con-
nected with any members of the Industry) and shall be so checked
for such purpose, if the Supplementary Code Authority shall require

it. Trhe cost of each suchl exsamination shall be treated as an expense
of administeringr thle Supplementary Code.
SECTITON 9. All mlemlbers ojf thle Industry are subject to the jurisdic-
tion of the Supplemlentar~y Code Authority; shall be enltitled to par-
ticipate in and share the benefhsii- of the Suvpplementary C'ode Author-
ity; shall be entitled to vote in t-he selection of the Supllplemlentar Iy
Code Author~itly as provided lin. Section 1 of this Article; and shall
pa~y to the Secret~ary a~s the agent of the Supp:lemlentaryy Code,~Au-
thority their reasonable share of the expenses of the Adlmini~trantion
of this Supp~lemnentary Cl~ode, such reasonable share to be determined
by the Supp~~!lemet n ry C~ode Authority, subject to review by the
Administrator, on thle basis of volume of business and/or such other
factors as may be deemed equitable by the Supplem~entar~y Ciode
SECTIO)N 10. Nothing contained in this Supplemlentury~ Code shall
be deemed to constitute thet members of the Supplementary Code
Authority partners for any purpose whatsoever. Nor shall any
members of the Supplementary Code Authority be liable in any man-
ner to anyone for any act of any other m~ember, officer, agent or
employee of the Supplementary Code Authority. Nor shall any
member of the Supplementary Code Authorityr, exercising reasonable
diligence in the conduct of his duties hereunder, be liable to anc~yooneOn
for any action or omission to act under this SupplementaryCoe
except for his o~wn willful mnisfeasance or non-feasance.
rSECTION 11. The Supplementary Code _Authority may adopt, sub-
ject to the approval of the Administrat~or, and thereafter a1 ll memblers
of the 1Industry shall mainttain, uniform, credit terms. Such credit
terms shall clearly appear on all quotations, invoices and acceptance
of orders.
SE('TIONK 12. If ~n~y member of the Industry as defined herein is
also a member of any other Industry, the provisions of this Sup-
plemlentar~y Code shall apply to and affect only that part of his
business w-hich is included in the Industry.
SElCTON 13. The Supplementary~ Code Authority shall without any
limitation on the foregoing have the following further general~l
powers and duties subject to such rules anld regulations as the
(dlinitIatl aa) To insure the excutio of the provisions of this Supple-
mnentary Code and provide for the compliance of the Industr~y with
the provisions of the Act;
(b) To adopt by-laws and rules and regulations for its pro-
cedure and for the administration o~f the Supplem~entary Code;
(c) To obtain fromll members of the Industry such info~rmatio nl
and reports as are required for the administration of thie Supple-
mentary Code. In addition to information required to be sub-
mitted to the Supplementaryr Code Authnority~, all or anly of the
persons subject to thiis Supplementary Code hllfurnish such sta-
tistical information as the Aldministrator may deemn necessary for
thne purposes recited in section. 3 (a) of the Act to such Federlcl and
State agencies as the Administrator may designate. Provided thlat
nothing in this Supplementary Code shall relieve any mlemb~er of thne
Industry of anyT existing obligations to furnish, reports to any
government agerc~y;

'(d) TIo use sulch trade associations andl ofther apencies as it deems
proper for the enlrrying out of any of its activities providled for
herein, provided th~at nothing herein shall1 relieve the Suppleme~ntary
Code AuthorityF of its duties or responsibilities ulnder this Supple-
mentary Code and that such trade asso~ciationis andc agencies shall
at all times be suject to and rcomply with the proivihions hereof ;
(e) To mra~ke rec~ommnendation7s to th-e Admi~nistrator foir thle co-c
ordination of the administrntion of this Supplem~entaryy Code writh
such other codes, if any3, as many be related to the Indlustr$;
(f) To seue from memblers~ of the Inlldutry an eqlultable: and
proportionate payment of the reasoiablek clexpenses of mnaintaining
the Supplementary Code Authority and its activities;
(g) Tlo cooppr~ater with the Ad~nunist rutor in reg~ulating the use
of any N.R.A. mnsignia .solely by those memberslP1' of the Industr~y whlo
have assented to, andl are comlplyin~g with, this Sup~plemnentary C'ode;
(ha) ToI r~ecommnendl to the Admnlnstrartjr further~l fair. trade prac-
tice provisions to gtjovern metmber s of the Indusry in their reTfations
with each other orf with other industries and to recommnend tot
the Aldministratol lr measres for industrial> la -nni ng, i ncl ud ing
stabilization of' emplloymzent.
SECTION 15. If tile Adl~lllinistentor,1 believes.- that any~ action of thle
Supplemientar~y Code Authoritly or ny agenev thereof is ulnfair or
unjust or contrary to the public interest, the Ahdministrator may
reqir th~at such~ Taction be sulspendled to affolrd an oppDor~ttuniy forr
investigation of thie maerits of iiuch actioni. Further netionu by sulch
Supplem~entary CodeP Authority o~r atgen~y r~egardling tle mlatter' co-
plained of mayS be taken if approved~ by thle Administrator but shall
no be taken if dlisapproved by the Adminisltr~ator wvithinr thirty days
of notice to him of intention to pr~oceedl with such action.

SECTION 1. The S-upplem'en~try Code Aulth~ority may :Iequir~e that
each member of the Ind~ustrS who manunfacturle. and sells any~ produ-
uct of the Indlust ry nlot used by himself so as to form pa rt of another
product shall within ten dayl\s after the effective date of this Cod~e,
file with the Selcretar~y and publishl a net price list and/or a price
list and discount sh~eet. indlividually prepared by hiim shiowing hiis
current prices and/or prics and discounts, and othr conditions of
sale, including disounts for various classes of customers or for
quantity, andl the S~ecretary shall immnedliately send copies thereof to
all other membersl of the .b'upplementa~nry Code. Said price lisjt shall
be madle available to all inter~estedl parties.
SECTION e. iNone o~f the Iprices, tliscounts anti conilitio~ns silowl1 in
any list so filed by any member of theIndustry as herein provided
shall be changed except by the filing by such member with thet~ Secre-
taryand he ublihin of ew rices, discounts and /or conditions
which shall become effective onteefetv t thrnsecfd
which shall be ten days after the date on which such new price dlata
shall h~ave been so filedl, and copies thereof with notice of the effect ive
date specifiedl shall be immediately sent to all members of the Su'p-
plemientary Code, who thereupon may file if theyp so desire, to b~ecolme
effective upon'the date when the revisedl prirc ata first filed shall

go into effect, or at a subsequelcnt spec~ifiedl date, revisions of their
price data, establishing prices not m1ore favorable to the purchaser~
than those established in the r-evised price atalt? first filed.l
SECTION 3. No member of the Industry shall mnake any sale or
quotation of any product of the Industry at a price or on conditions
more favorable to the purchaser thereof than the price, terms and
conditions so filed by such member in accordance wvith the provisions
of this Supplementary Code and in effect at, the time of such salle'; nor
shall any member of the I[ndustry make any contract of sale of any
product of the Industry at a, price or on conditions more favorable to
the purchasers thereof than the price, terms and conditions estab-'
lished as aforesaid and in effect at the time of the making of such
contract of sale. For all purposes of this Article a delivery of any
product made pursuant to a contract of sale shall be regarded as a
sale thereof made at the time of thle making of such contract.
SECTION 4. No provision. of this Supplementatry Code rclat~ing to
prices or ter~ms of selling, shipping or marketing shall apply to
export trade or sales or shipments for export trade w~itahin the
meaning of the term export trade as it is used in the Export
Trade Act.


Notwithstanding any other prov~ision of this Supplementary Code,
when the Supplemlentarly Code Authority determines that an emer-
gency exists in this industry and that the cause thereof is destructive
price-cutting such as to render ineffective or seriously endanger
the maintenance of the provisions of this Supplementary Code, the
Supplem~entar~y Code Aruthority may cause to be determined the
lowest reasonable cost of the products of this industry, such deter-
mlination to be subject to such notice and hearing as the Administra-
tor may require. The Administrator may approve, disapprove, or
modify the determination. Thereafter, during the period of th~e
emel~l':(Irgenc, it shall be an unfair trade practice for anly member of
the Industry to sell or offer to sell any products of the Industry for
which the lowest reasonable cost has been determined at such prices
or upon such terms or conditions of sale that the buyer will pay less
therefore than such lowest reasonable cost of such. products.
When it appears that conditions have changed, the Supplemlentary
Code Authority, upon its own initiative, or upon the request of any
interested party, shall cause the determination to be reviewed.


SECTION 1. Flor all purposes of this Supplemnenta~ry Gode thre foEl-
lowing described acts shall constitute unfair prancties. Such unfair
practices shall be deemed to be unfair methods of competition mn
commerce within the meaning of thle Fiederal Trade Comnmission
Act as amended, and any member of the Industry who shall directly
or indirectly through, any officer, employee, agent or r~epresentative
use or employ any of such unfair practices shall be guiltyJ of. a
violation of this Code:
1 See paragraph 2 of order approving this Code.

A. Th provisions of Article V5 paragraphs B to G, inclusive, of
the B~asic Code are a part of. this Supplemlentary Code to thte same
extent as though hlere r~epeatedl and set forth at. lengtth.
B. TIhe sale or exchange of an product `in whole or in part below
the east of such product to the particular rnemlber of th Industry,
such cost to be compllutel alcor~ding t~o a cost formula to be prescribedl
or appr'oved by the S~upp~lemenltay Code Authourity and approved
by' the~ Adm~inis~tl~trato
Provided, how-ever, thant dr~olpped lines, seconds or' inv~enftoies
which m~ust be converted into cash to m~ee~t emergency needs m~ay
be disposed of in s~uch masnner and on such terms and conditions
as are necessary to mov-e such products into buyers' hands not-
withstanding anyi oter provisions of thiis Sup~plemenitary Code,
provided thle Sec;retary shall have bee~n notified, at leaut ten days
in advance, of suc intended sale or other dispocsition, andl of the
dlescrip~tion, quantity and price theretof with the reason~j thlerefor,
and thle Silecretary o the dcir1ct~ion of thle S~~upplementaryg Codeo
Authority~ has not before the terminatioi n of such, ten dayl) period, jin
writing, disapprovedc thse proposed~' disposal; sulch disapproval shall
be only on thle ground ofI misr~epresentaiottn of facts.
Provided. further. that seillng below cost {(as :defined~ in par~a-
graph I of this sub section Bl) to mleet. existing competition oni
products of equiva~lent design, chlaracter, quality or specifications
shall not be7,.,,. deme a vio:Rlatn of this iArt~ile.e
C. Using or sub~stitutinlg any- material superior in quality to that
specified by the purchaser of any' product, for the purplosje of in-
fluencingr pur'chase or futurea pulrchase.
Di. Cancelling in wh-lole or in part, or perrmitting th~e cancellation
in whole or in part, of anycnrc fsl f n rdc.ecp
for justifiable caulse. o+ r afironsid'eration. n ptc~t eept
E. Indulcing or alttempliting to induce the breach of any pirovision
ocf a contract to which a memer -of the Suppllemlentaryi iCode i~s a
party. This c~lauser . c~on tra cts.
1F. Aiding or abettinlg any1 persionl, tirmn, association or corporation
mn any~ unfair pratie,
G. Offering or giving to any p~urchaser of any product any guar-
anty o protection in anly forml against decline in thie masrket price
of .such product after the da~te of shipment.
H., Selling or offring to sel speci~a Cap1 Sclerews andl/or. Set
Screwcs belof th price of th~e corresponding: or th next larger or
longer standard or listed size Cap' Screw andcr/or Set Screw dle-
terminedc~ in acc~ordcance with the provisions of Alrticle V her~eof,
plus the cosEt of t1El Sp~ecial feature or featuires.
I. Soliciting by any mlember of the Industry the pooling of orders
from several buyers in a manner to give th'e buyers adivantage of
more favorable price or terrFns than those to which the buyers wRould
be entitled individually.
J. Consigning mnerchandise for any~ reason wPhatsoever, except to
a wholly ownedl or co~ntrolledl subsidiary, or to a1 direct representa-
tive having ai stock subject to control of the manufacturer for
pricing, invoicing and terms, or except under circumstances to be
defined by the Supplementaryr Crode Au~thority where peculiar exr-
cumstances in the Ind~ustry require the practice.

K. lMaking contract#~t of sale that permit the buyer to cancel
and/or provide for a reduced price in event of a market decline,
but wh~lich do not permit the seller to cancel and/or do- not provide
for an enhanlcedl price in thne event of a market rise.
L. MNaking contracts requiring delivery of specified quantity or
quantities in specified timle, if demrlanded by buyer, but. not requiring
the buyers to niceptlri such quantity or quantities within the specified
time. ..u
M. Making contracts at a pcif''iredc price for an unspecified quan-
tity for delivery as demanded by the buyer during the period unless
the contract is for a fised1 percentage ofthe total consumption re-
quirements: of the purchaser of the particular product; or makling~
any such unspecified quantity contract above described except on, a
standard form or forms approved by the Supplemlentary Code
Authority and the _Administrator; or failing to file with the Secre-
tary a copy of each and every different form of contract enteretd
into by a member of the Industry within five days after enterring
into a contract in such form.
N. Making contracts for periods in excess of three months (all
contracts to expire not later than the last days of 1March, June,
Sep'temberl~e or D-c~embert~1) or quoting on or making any quarterly
contract more than thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the
calendar quarter covered by the contract, or shipping pursuant
to any contract more than fifteen (15) days after the .expiration
thereof, or as soon thereafter as seller can manufacture and ship
the same, or making contracts containing an option of extension
or renewal on the part of either buyers or seller.
O. Accepting orders for deliveries extending beyond four (4)
months from date of orders.
P. Offering any article by price or otherwise in a manner to
influence the pu1clrchae of another article.
Q. Appointing, continuing to employ or paying a commission,
salary or any other form of compensation to, a jobber or dealer or
syndicate buyer of anly character as an agent, except under circum-
stances where such jobber, dealer or syndicate buyer acts clearly
as an agent and does Tnot simultaneously perform the functions of
a jobber, dealer or syndicate buyer in a specific transaction or trans-
actions, or entering into any kind of an exclusive territory arrange~-
ment with a jobber, dealer or syndicate buyer.
R. Continuing to emnploy any salesmnan, agent or employee who
shall give anyr or all of his commission to any purchaser.

No provision of this Supplemnentary Code shall be applied so as
to permit monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to eliminate,
oppress or discriminate against small enterprises.
ARTrICiz IXE-MomrxI(BTont on

Swrmolv 1. This Supplementary Code and all the provisions there-
of are expressly made subject to the right of the President, in
accordance with provisions of subsection (b) of Se~ction 10 of the

Act, from time to time to cancel or modify any order, appr~oval,,
license, rulle or regiulation issued under saidl Act.
SECTION 2. ThlS LSupplemlenftay Code. exce~t as to provisions
required by the Aict, mnay be modlified or nletnded~ on the basis of
experience or chaznes in~ circumsl.tances,~ sulch mlodlifiations or amend-
ments t~o be basedl upon applicationl by the Supp~tlleentary Code
Authority or other representative groupl withini the TIndustry to the
Administrator anld such Notice and Hearinga as he shall specify and to
become leffective and be a part of this Sup~plementary Code on
approval by the Presidenlt.

W~her~eas the policy of the Act to increase real pu"rchsing power
w~ill be made mnore difficult of consummationn if prilces of pa~~r~ls andc
services increase as rapidly as wages, it is re~cognized that price in-
creases except such as mayv be requiredl to mneet individual costs should
be delayedl, b~ut when m~ade, such inc~r~eases should, so far as possible,
be limited to actual additional increases in the seller's costs.


This supplementary Code shall become effective at 12:01 o'clockl
A.1%f. Eastern Standlard T"ime of the! tenth day after it is alpprov'ed
by he, President, andl shall continue in effect until Jule. 16, 1923, or
the earliest date prior thereto on which the Pr~esident shall, by
proclamation, or thie Congress shall, by joinlt resolution, declare that
the emergency recognized by Section 1 of the Act, has ended.
Approved Code No. 84. Supplem~ent No. 19.
Registry No. 1104-05~F.


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