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Law Books
Spanish Translation




A Tentative Bibliography

University of Florida Press
Gainesville 1966

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FOR MORE YEARS THAN I like to recall, I have been making notes on translations
of law books. Having found these notes useful in the course of my practice
and research, I decided to publish them in the hope and belief that, notwith-
standing their limitations, they may be of service to others. The principal
sources of my notes have been legal periodicals, dealers' catalogues, and
bibliographies in textbooks. These sources were often incomplete, abounding
in misprints, and occasionally misleading, listing Spanish titles for books that
were never in fact translated. Of dealers' catalogues, the most ambitious I ever
received was one published by Garcia Rico y Cia., of Madrid, in 1916. It
contained over 1,000 pages and 23,000 items, including lawbooks and trans-
In preparing the manuscript, I have checked my notes to some extent by
standard bibliographies, but I am not a professional bibliographer, nor do I
have the tools of the trade readily available, or the necessary patience. I trust
that someone may be encouraged to correct and supplement my material so
as to furnish more than the tentative bibliography here offered. Notices of
translations, as such, are hard to come by, especially before the initiation of the
classified Index Translationum published annually by UNESCO since 1948.
The prior Index Translationum published by the International Institute of In-
tellectual Cooperation (1932-39) included Spain but not Latin America. Neither
is complete. The otherwise valuable guides to the law and legal literature
of the various countries by the Library of Congress, and the Handbook of Latin
American Studies (27 volumes, 1985-65) do not generally include transla-
tions. Some earlier bibliographies have been of service: Manuel Torres Cam-
pos, Bibliografia Espan-ola Contempordnea del Derecho y de la Politica (2Z
volumes, Madrid, 1883; 1897) and a Mexican bibliography by Manuel Cruzado,
Bibliografia Juridica Mexicana (1905). Palau y Dulcet's Manual del Librero
Hispano-Americano (2d ed., 1948-62), not yet completed, is indispensable.
The Enciclopedia Universal Ilustrada has also furnished some information.
I am indebted to Arthur Rashap for research in the Madrid libraries, which
he found rather frustrating due to the inadequacy of the card catalogues;
to Dr. Ignacio Winizky of the Institute of Comparative Law of Buenos Aires;
to Mr. Val Mostecky and Dr. Kurt Nadelmann of the Harvard Law School; to
Roberto Goldschmidt of Caracas, and especially to Dr. Jose E. Perdomo and
Mrs. Amalia Alonso, Cuban and Colombian scholars respectively, associated
with the University of Florida Press, for helpful additions and corrections;
and finally to Professors William D. McDonald and Robert W. Bradbury of
the University of Florida for checking and revising the manuscript.
This book does not pretend to be complete. I have not included transla-
tions of articles or statutes appearing in periodicals nor official publications in
two or more languages, such as treaties or multilateral conventions, publica-
tions of the League of Nations or of the United Nations, although in fact they
may be translations. Spanish-language law reviews are not adverse to publish-
ing translations of articles that have appeared elsewhere, as is the case with
our legal periodicals. Many of these are of great value and should be included
in a complete bibliography. Among noteworthy present-day periodicals, are

Informacidn Juridica, published by the Ministry of Justice of Madrid; the
Revista de Derecho Comparado, of Barcelona; the Boletin del Instituto de
Derecho Comparado, of Mexico; and the recent bilingual Inter-American Law
Review, edited by Rodolfo Batiza of Tulane University.
On the other hand, this bibliography is not restricted solely to legal works.
Free scope has been given to political science; and books in the realms of
economics (especially banking and insurance), sociology, and accounting that
contain substantial legal material are included, as well as works that have
had marked influence on the development of the law-for example, those
of Adam Smith and Karl Marx.
Translation of legal books, other than from Latin, did not begin appreciably
until the eighteenth century. There are only a few scattered items from previ-
ous centuries and these are of little present-day interest except to biblio-
philes. Translations of Aristotle are among Spanish incunabula. The Enlight-
enment reached Spain under a Bourbon king, Charles III, and brought forth
a fairly voluminous body of translations. Eighteenth-century translations in-
clude those made of the works of Beccaria, Berardi, Bielfeld, Condorcet, Con-
dillac, the Consulado del Mar (first Spanish edition in 1538), Chancellor
d'Aguesseau, Devoti, Domat, Donato, Dragonetti, Genovesi, Filangieri, Mably,
Marat, Montesquieu, Pastoret, Pecquet, Plenck, Quintilian, Real de Curban,
Rissi, Rousseau, Adam Smith, Vinnius, and one book of Pothier-his others,
curiously, were not translated until many years later, some not for a century.
Among English writers, translations were made of Sir Thomas More (from the
Latin) and of Hume; and of a strictly legal book, Molloy on Commercial
Law. Many of these, notably Beccaria, Montesquieu, and Rousseau, have been
published in innumerable later editions or more recent translations.
Translations of La Rochefoucauld, Prisons of Philadelphia, of Fode6r, Medi-
cal Jurisprudence, and of Rumford, initiated those of the nineteenth century.
Well on into the nineteenth-century translations were chiefly from French
editions; e.g., Azuni's classic treatise on maritime law, Locke, the Criminal
Code of Brazil, and even as late as 1878, Savigny's magnum opus. A transla-
tion of the Code Napoleon appeared in 1809, of the French Code of Com-
merce in 1812, and of French constitutions in 1814 and 1820.
The movement for independence in Spanish America brought forth several
translations of American writers or texts. A translation of the Constitution ap-
peared in 1810. One of the first in the field was a translation of the United
States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Con-
federation by a Colombian, Miguel Pombo (1779-1816), who added his own
preliminary discourse on the federal system. Another translation of the same
documents, of four state constitutions, and of extracts from Thomas Paine was
issued in Philadelphia in 1811, Philadelphia at that time and in succeeding
years being a great publishing center for Spanish books. Another translation of
Paine (Dissertations on Government) appeared in 1819; and one of the
United States Constitution, with the Articles of Confederation and extracts
from Paine and John Quincy Adams, was published in Mexico in 1823. But
the Latin Americans did not become really acquainted with our system until a
translation appeared of De Tocqueville by Antonio SAnchez de Bustamante,
ancestor of the great Cuban jurist, followed by other translators.

In Spain, the meeting of the Cortes in 1812 to draft a liberal constitution
stimulated a fresh interest in constitutional law; translations of our constitu-
tion and of De Lolme's work on the constitution of England were published.
The delegates from the Spanish-American colonies, vaguely familiar with the
American system, made their influence felt in the final draft of the Consti-
The Code of Haiti appeared in 1810; Lacroix in 1813; a work of Pothier
in 1814; De Lolme and Mably in 1812; Dr. Brown in 1813; Pey in 1813; Schoell
in 1816; Arnold in 1817; Orfila in 1818; Belloc in 1819; Barere de Vieuzac,
Cottu, Burlamaqui, and Vattel in 1820.
In 1821, an unusually prolific year, translations, chiefly from the French
or French editions, included Benjamin Constant's work on constitutional law,
Destutt de Tracy's commentary on Montesquieu, Locke, Machiavelli, an-
other edition of Montesquieu, a three-volume treatise on principles of uni-
versal legislation, Paine, La Serve, Perreau, Phillips on the jury, Rayneval,
and several of minor interest. The introduction of a new institution from
abroad such as the jury in criminal proceedings naturally produced several
translations; among others, in addition to Phillips, there were Aignan, Cottu,
Merger, and R6musat.
This year, 1821, saw the publication of the first volume of Bentham's
treatise on legislation, the first in a long series. Nearly all the works of Bentham
and of his collaborator, Etienne Dumont, were translated. Bentham enjoyed
more prestige abroad than at home. The use of his books in South American
universities produced bitter political controversy, fanned by clerical conserva-
tives, and in some countries was barred by legislation, similar in spirit to the
ban on Darwinism in Tennessee in our own time. The great codifier Andres
Bello (1761-1865) was instrumental in introducing the use of Bentham in
Chile. For brief but incomplete views of Bentham's influence on the law of
Spain and Latin America, see Kenny, "Bentham's Spanish Influence," Law
Quarterly Review, II (1895), 45-63; and Lipstein in Keston and Schwarzen-
berger (eds.), Jeremy Bentham and the Law (1948), 202-21.
Daunou was translated in 1822; Haller on the Spanish Constitution and also
on the Cortes appeared in 1823; as did Thorel; Bourbon-Leblanc, 1824;
Fritot, Benjamin Franklin, and Orfila in 1825; Martens' Diplomatic Manual,
and Jefferson on parliamentary law in 1826, with another edition the following
Translation of Comte's treatise on legislation was published in 1827 by a
modest man who signed only his initials M.V.M., licenciado. The use of
initials was frequent, as was total anonymity, but these were not always a sign
of modesty; they were sometimes used to mask flagrant plagiarism. Pub-
lishers, too, seemed reluctant to give the name of a translator whose name
did not carry the prestige of an authority.
As the years progressed, translations became more numerous and it would
be wearisome to follow chronological order. A brief summary of the major
topics of the law and a mention of the more important works in each field
may, however, be of some value. But first a word as to translators.
The intellectual renaissance of Spain in the latter part of the nineteenth
century was largely due to one man, Francisco Giner de los Rios (1839-1911),

who has been called the noblest figure in modern Spanish history. When
scholars were expelled from the universities for their liberal views, he founded
the Instituci6n Libre de Ensefianza, the home of the Spanish intellectual revo-
lution. In 1881, complete academic freedom was restored. Many students were
sent abroad, not only to France as before, but also to Italy, Germany, Switzer-
land, and England to complete their education, after which many were in a
position to translate from these languages. Giner left a profound impression
upon his disciples: among others, Altamira (1866-1951), Buylla, Gumersindo
de Azc6rate (1840-1917), Bernaldo de Quir6s (1875-1959), Dorado Montero
(1861-1919), and Adolfo Posada (1860-1944), all of whom figure conspicu-
ously in our list of translators, as well as Giner himself. Among the most dili-
gent comparatists and translators were Garcia Moreno and Romero Gir6n
After the downfall of the Spanish republic, many of Spain's foremost in-
tellectuals and lawyers found refuge in Latin America and in their adopted
countries greatly stimulated scientific research and scholarly books. Many of
these refugees figure in our list of translators; especially prolific have been
Santiago Sentis Melendo in the Argentine, with his translations of Italian
legal writers, and the polyglot Vicente Herrero in Mexico. Others include
Alcala Zamora (b. 1906), authority on procedure; the criminologist Bernaldo
de Quir6s, already mentioned; Jim6nez de Asuia (b. 1889), chief draftsman
of the Spanish Constitution of 1931; Demofilo de Buen (1890-1936); Ro-
driguez y Rodriguez; Imaz (b. 1900); and the ill-fated Jesus de Galindez
(1915-56), generally believed to have been a victim of the Dominican dic-
tator, Trujillo.
Among our list of translators will be found statesmen such as the eminent
Jovellanos (1744-1811); Pi y Margall (1824-1901), president of the short-
lived Spanish republic in 1873; Florentino Gonzalez (1805-74) of Colombia;
diplomats of importance: Bernardino de Mendoza (1540-1604), Azara (1730-
1804), Fernando de los Rios (1878-1949), and Benjamin Cohen (b. 1896)
of Chile, assistant secretary of the United Nations; and Dihigo (b. 1896) of
Cuba, founder of the Inter-American Academy of Comparative and Interna-
tional Law. Also included are famous literary figures and historians: Gines de
Sepulveda (1490-1573), called by Erasmus the most illustrious writer of his
era; Pedro Henriquez Urefia (1884-1946); Hinojosa Naveros (1852-1919),
outstanding historian of Spanish law; Amador de los Rios (1818-78); Alfonso
Reyes (1889-1959), and Carlos Pereyra (1876-1942) of M6xico; Miguel Una-
muno (1864-1936); Estanislao Zeballos (1854-1923) of the Argentine; and
Luis de Zulueta (1878-1965).
We may note men prominent in the Spanish American movement for in-
dependence: Dean Funes (1749-1829) and Mariano Moreno (1778-1811) of
the Argentine; Miguel Pombo (1779-1816) of Colombia; Rocafuerte (1783-
1847), later president of Ecuador; and Barrundia (1784-1854), later president
of the Central American Federation and of Guatemala.
We find also judges and chief justices of the Supreme Court of their
respective countries: Castin Tobefias (b. 1889) of Spain, Felipe de Tena of
Mexico, and De la Guardia (b. 1906) of PanamA; leading authorities on
international law: Olivart (b. 1861), whose library is now owned by the Har-

vard Law School, Trias y Gir6 (1859-1914) and his son Trias de Bes (b. 1890),
Carlos Calvo (1824-1906), Zeballos of the Argentina, Cock (b. 1884) of Colom-
bia, and Lavalle (b. 1890) of Peru; noted writers on criminal law (in addition
to Jim6nez de Asda and Bernaldo de Quir6s, supra): Del Rosal, Saldafia
(b. 1878) and Cuello Cal6n (b. 1879); on commercial law: Vicente y Gella,
Gay de Montella, Garrigues, draftsman of the recent Spanish corporation
law, and Montilla Molina of M6xico. Also leaders of the bar: Labra y Ca-
drana (1841-1918), Soler, former attorney general, and Gil and San Martin in
the Argentine; specialists in comparative law of high standing: De Sola
Cafiizares and Puig Brutau; and Roces, indefatigable translator of German
books in Spain; the Goldschmidt brothers; Eloya and Molina Pasquel of M6-
xico; outstanding authorities on constitutional law, in addition to Tena, such
as Dana Montafia and Linares Quintana, both of Argentina. Another notable
Argentinean is V6lez Sarsfield (1801-75), outstanding jurist and draftsman
of the Civil Code.
It is of particular interest that some of the former students at the Inter-
American Law Institute of New York University are in the list of translators:
Benitez, Diaz Molina, Parra, and Ponssa. I should have liked to furnish bio-
graphical information on all of the translators, but this would have been a
task beyond my means. I have selected above only a few names, doubtless
unjust to others worthy of mention.

ROMAN AND CANON LAw.-Roman Law, as the basis of instruction in law
schools, is well represented. In addition to several translations of the original
texts, we find Vinnius, Heineccius, Savigny, Jhering, and numerous French,
Italian, and German writers of high standing. English and Scotch writers are
not missing-namely, Hunter and Mackenzie. Heineccius and Vinnius are
among the authors cited by Story as "often useful for reference and some-
times indispensable for a common lawyer." (Quoted in Schwerin, Law Li-
braries, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, XI [1962], 537, 558.)
Canon law, which plays such an important role in Catholic countries, has
not lagged behind.

tions of foreign constitutions are to be found in numerous collections: those
of Altamira (1926-30); Abad Aparicio-Coronel (1863-68); Carranza (1910);
Bafiados Espinosa (1889); Estevez (limited to certain topics); Lazcano y
Maz6n (1942); Garcia Luis Diaz and Ortiz Mufioz (1931); Heredia (1884);
Moreno and Muro Martinez (1881); Ovalle (1897-98); Pasquel (1943);
P6rez Serrano and Posada (1927); Ocho constituciones (1948); and Romero
(1914). An appendix to Enrique Diaz de Guijarro, Family Law (Derecho de
Familia, Buenos Aires, 1953) gives the text of constitutional provisions on the
In addition to the early translations previously cited and the collections,
there are innumerable translations of the United States Constitution. Among
them may be mentioned Barcelona (1873); Florentino Gonzalez, together
with some state constitutions (1872); Santayana (1868); Caminos (1943);
one published by Editorial Kraft, Buenos Aires, which is perhaps the best;

and one by the Pan American Union (1956). A translation of our Constitution
also appears as an appendix to several treatises on constitutional law.
Many famous names among Anglo-American writers will be found: Lord
Acton, Bagehot, Beard, Burgess, Bryce, Burke, Butler, Calhoun, Cooley, Glad-
stone, Godwin, Benjamin Harrison, Hobbes, Hughes, Hume, Junius, Kent,
Laski, Lieber, Macaulay, Maine, Mill, Milton, Paine, Bertrand Russell, Her-
bert Spencer, Story, and Woodrow Wilson. Contributors to The Federalist
must also be included in this group.
It is natural that countries which modeled their federal constitutions on
that of the United States should turn to our authors; hence the numerous
translations in the Argentine and Mexico. In addition to those already men-
tioned are Bump, Camp, Cocker, Curtis, Grimke, Fiske, Flanders, Garner,
Jennings, Pomeroy, Paschal, Stevens, Tiffany, Whiting, Willoughby, and sev-
eral recent writers. Of the latter, Corwin seems to be the most popular. In
nonfederal countries the French authorities have more influence and are more
frequently cited in the courts, especially Duguit and Hauriou. Duguit's doc-
trine of property as a social function has found its way into most of the recent
constitutions. Of earlier writers, Tocqueville, with many translators and edi-
tions, was the first to acquaint Latin Americans with the actual working of
our system, and the doctrine of judicial review was thereby introduced. Other
French writers include Carre de Malberg, Mirkine-Guetz6vich, Siebys, and
Tunc. From the Italian, Dante, Cappeletti, Garofalo, Machiavelli, Mossa, Nitti,
and Tambaro must be cited. Among the German writers are to be found
Fischbach, Heller, Holzendorff, Jellinek, Kelsen, and Schmitt. Of these, only
Kelsen seems to have been translated into English.
The outstanding work on administrative law is that of Jeze, although there
were a number of earlier works. The Germans are well represented by
Fleiner, Forsthoff, Otto Mayer, Georg Meyer, Merkl, and Spiegel. The United
States is rather poorly represented: John Clarke Adams, Goodnow, Landis,
Urwick, Waldo, and others have been translated.

PRIVATE LAW (ESPECIALLY CIVIL).-As North American influence has been
preponderant in constitutional law, so in the matter of private law the Code
Napoleon formed the basis for the Spanish and Spanish American codes.
Hence it is natural to find a great many translations from French authorities;
they are constantly cited in textbooks and in court decisions. Only in more
recent years were Italian and German authorities given attention. The com-
mon law still remains an almost undiscovered country. A three-volume work,
Curso de Legislacidn, published in 1839, translated the reports and discussions
of the Code Napoleon.
Aguilera y Velasco and Alvarez del Manzano published collections of codes.
Alejo Garcia Moreno published a Yearbook of Universal Legislation and,
together with Romero Gir6n, a notable collection of political and legal institu-
tions, still of value in spite of its age.
Of the French general treatises on civil law, we find versions, among
others, of nearly all the principal writers: Domat and Pothier, of an early
period, and among more recent and present-day authorities, the monumental
Laurent, Bonnecasse, Carbonnier, Colin-Capitant, Josserand, Marty, Mazaud,

Mourlon, and Planiol-Ripert. Only the last has been translated, recently, into
English, to meet the special needs of Louisiana lawyers, a sad reflection on
their loss of bilingualism. On special topics of civil law, there are treatises,
among others, of Capitant, Celice, Dabin, Duguit, Geny, Josserand, Ma-
zaud, Ripert, Saleilles, and Tarde.
The Bolivian C6digo Civil is a translation, with some omissions, of the
Code Napoleon, and the C6digo Civil of the Dominican Republic also
resulted from a translation of the French work in 1874; however, this transla-
tion was defective and a revised code appeared in 1884.
Of late years, translations from the Italian have enjoyed as much popularity
as the French. Some are Barassi, Brugi, Candian, Cogliolo, Coviello,
D'Aguano, Gabba, Messineo, Pugliati, the monumental Ricci. Rotondi, and
Ruggiero; and on special topics, noteworthy are Betti, Bonfante, Bonassi,
Cariota, Chironi, Ciu, Degni, Gaspari, Ferrara, Gasca, Giorgi, Giorgianni,
Gorla's masterly work on contracts, Jemolo, Luzzatto, Pacchioni, Polacco,
Messineo, Tedeschi, Venezian, and many others.
German influence in Spain was strong in the period between the two
world wars. Among German general treatises on civil law, there is the magnifi-
cent translation of Enneccerus-Kipp-Wolff, the extensive notes of which make
it a comparative exposition of Spanish law; Von Tuhr is almost as noteworthy;
in addition, there are Heineccius (long used in Spain as in other continental
countries as a textbook), Hedemann, Lehmann, Oertmann, Planitz; and on spe-
cial topics: Fischer on damages, Hupka on agency, Larenz on obligations,
Knecht and Leske-Loewenfeld on marriage, and Nussbaum on mortgages.
There are few translations on civil law from the English language: Jenks,
Rubinstein, and Thomas from England; my own rather superficial introduc-
tion; Lewis Mayers; and on special topics, Constantineau and Kagan. There
were two translations of the Portuguese Civil Code and one of a Brazilian
writer on torts, Aguiar Dias.

COMMERCIAL LAw.-Alvarez del Manzano published a collection of com-
mercial codes from 1909 to 1914.
Surprisingly few translations of French authors on commercial law have
been published, Lyon-Caen being one. Perhaps it is due to the inferiority
of the French Commercial Code to the French Civil Code. The Spanish Code
of 1829 was generally considered superior. Ripert on commercial and mari-
time law is the best; and Danjon on maritime law is noteworthy.
In contrast, we have well over thirty from Italian works including the
notable treatise by Bolafflo, Rocco and Vivante, and Vivante's separate au-
thoritative work. Other notable treatises include several by Ascarelli; Bru-
netti on maritime law; De Semo and Supino; Aldrigiotti and Greco on bank-
ing; Mossa, Navarini, Provinciale, and Satta on bankruptcy; Gregorio on
partnership and company law; Rossi on maritime law; Asquini, Ferrara, Pa-
teri, Rocco, Ramella, Scialoja, and Tartufari.
German commercial law has not fared so well as its civil law. Noteworthy,
however, are Heinsheimer; Mueller, Krauss and Berger, Maritime Manual;
Nussbaum on money; and Von Gierke. Arthur Curti's English Mercantile Law
is still of value, and a recent work of Serick merits mention. There are

treatises on limited liability firms (GMBH), an institution almost unknown
in this country, but which spread throughout the Latin world.
Considering that England was the leading commercial country of the
world and that its commercial practices were largely followed in Spain, Portu-
gal, and Latin America, it is surprising that there have been so few transla-
tions. Only Benecke on marine insurance seems to have been translated in
mid-nineteenth century, more recently Dover and Keate on the same topic,
and Lord Chorley on shipping. Several works, not strictly legal but contain-
ing much legal material, are included in this bibliography: Clemens, Mac-
kenzie, Magee, Moulton, Schmitt, Schmitthof, and Stockwell. The later treatise
on money, in English, by Nussbaum, is noteworthy.
There have been translations, it will be noted, of the negotiable instru-
ments acts, bankruptcy, and partnership laws.

CRIMINAL LAW AND ALLIED ToPIcs.-We have already noted the early
translations from the French of Cottu and Beccaria. Among others of later
date from French authors or editions, Ancel, Du Boys, Liszt, Ortolan, Prins,
Tarde, Tissot, and Vidal stand out, as well as Saleilles on Individualization
of Punishment. Many works dealing with capital punishment are to be found.
Collections of codes were published by Medina Ormaechea.
The Italian criminologists have had a marked influence on theorists in the
Iberian world and their views have been reflected in legislation. No small
part of this development has been due to the enormous mass of translations.
The leading Spanish criminal law authorities, such as Dorado Montero,
Bernaldo de Quir6s, Jimenez de Asuia, Del Rosal, and Cuello Cal6n have
not disdained to devote some of their efforts to translations. Nearly all the
works of the Positivist School, Lombroso, Ferri, and Garofalo have been trans-
lated. Others include Alimena, Antolisei, Altavilla, Angiolini, Carrara, Florian,
GramAtica, Grispigni, Guarneri, Mancini, Maggiore, Manduca, Mazzini, Nice-
foro, Pessina, Rossi, Romagnosi, Sighele, Vaccaro, and a host of others on
special topics.
German writers have had considerable influence, especially in the Ar-
gentine, but not as marked as the Italian. We single out for attention: Alex-
ander-Staub, Beling, Gross, Hentig, Liszt, Menger, Merkel, Mezger, Rad-
bruch, Roeder (whose works gained prestige in Spain due to the authority of
the translator, Giner de los Rios), Sauer, Seelig, and Welzel.
Translations from English include Abrahamsen, Alexander, Bonger, For-
rest, Giles, Healy, Von Hurwitz, Livingston, Marsh, O'Donnell, Parmelee,
Maudsley, Stuchiner, Svenson-Wendell, and several for the general public.
The Portuguese are represented by Acevedo, Castello, and Branco.
Translations have often filled the gap caused by the dearth of native litera-
ture. The translators remarked in the introduction to Holtzendorf: "We do not
have so many excellent treatises on politics in Spanish as to make it idle to
place this work within the reach of all." No doubt many translations were
made on political subjects purely for propaganda, especially in the struggle
between liberals and conservatives, but these titles have now disappeared in
most countries. The world over, imported articles, though inferior, carry a
prestige not accorded to domestic productions. Preoccupation with socialism

and communism, both pro and con, is evident in the great number of transla-
tions dealing with these movements, and this is paralleled by an equally
voluminous native literature. Spain, it should be noted, was the only country
in the world where anarchism was a political power and had mass support.
Using translations to fill the gap in native literature is especially evident
in the field of medical jurisprudence, or "forensic medicine" as fashion cur-
rently calls it, without any improvement in accuracy of terminology. Neither
of the terms adequately covers the topic. The first Spanish writer on the
subject was Mata (1844), but reliance continued to be placed by the courts
and in practice on foreign writers. We have already noted the early transla-
tion of the father of medical jurisprudence, Plenck, and the work of Alexander-
Staub and Gross. Others include Balthazard, Bayard, Casper, Chandelon,
Claude, Briand, Dide, Engel, Esquirol, our own Hammond, Krafft-Ebing,
the English Sir Sydney Smith, and Taylor, Von Hoffman, Lacassagne, Lefort,
Legrand du Saulle, Lombroso, Naquet, Orfila, Pellegrini, Pollitz, Ponsold,
Rabuteau, Rodet, Simon, Tardieu, Tarnowsky, Thoinot, Thot, Vibert, Wey-
gandt, and Wyrsch.

PROCEDURE.-Here again France has been neglected in favor of Italian and
German authorities. I have seen no mention of translations from the French
except Lampue, Bonnier's classical Evidence, long the leading authority with
many editions, and Gorphe's penetrating critiques of evidence.
The Italian writers have had great influence on doctrine, but it is reflected
only to a small extent in reform of legislation. Nearly all the works of the
great trio of Italian proceduralists, Calamandrei, Carnelutti, and Chiovenda,
as well as their successors, are to be found in Spanish. Others include Florian,
Manzini, Mattirolo, D'Onofrio, Redenti, and the two Roccos; and Sereni's
book on American procedure must be mentioned. The most diligent translator
from the Italian is Sentis Melendo, who could well lay claim to the title of
prince of translators, which I have given to Posada.
From the German, we have, among others, James Goldschmidt, Kisch,
Eberhard Schmidt, Rosenberg, Schoenke, and Wach. From the English, in
addition to Phillips, already cited, there seem to be only Millar's Formative
Principles and Judge Arthur Vanderbilt's Challenge to Law Reform.
On evidence, in addition to Bonnier and Gorphe, we have Bentham,
Ellero, Furno, Glassford, Hedemann, Lessona, and Mittermaier, and Vishin-
ski's Evidence in Soviet Law, a fascinating book which includes one of the
best true detective stories I have ever read.
On courts and lawyers, in addition to several collections of notable cases,
there are Botein, Dupin, Ensor, Erizzo, Mignaud, Pepin, Robert, Salmans,
Henry W. Taft, and Wellman.

INTERNATIONAL LAW, PUBLIC AND PBIVATE.-In this field, we find many
of the standard treatises, as well as the works of the early Spanish jurists
who wrote in Latin (Arias, Ayala, Sepi'lveda, Soto, Suirez, and Vitoria), but
with some surprising gaps. Accioly, Alvarez, Bluntschli, Burlamaqui, Calvo,
Diena, Ferreira de Mello, Fiore, Grotius, Heffter, Heineccius, Martens, Neu-
mann, Niemeyer, Renouvin, Reuter, Ross, Charles Rousseau, Seebohm, Stadt-

mueller, Vattel, Verdross, Vico, and Walz are on our list. English and Ameri-
can writers have been neglected; only Chitty (an unimportant tract), Maine,
Nussbaum, Scott, A. Thomas, Wheaton, and the Scot, Lorimer, appear in
Common law writers on the conflict of laws have been equally neglected;
Sheldon Ames, Nussbaum, Story, and Wolff seem to be the only ones repre-
sented. Dove's Derecho Internacional Privado (1947), a translation of Wigny,
is, however, in large part an exposition of the Restatement. The French writers
are conspicuous, including (some from French editions) Asser, Bry, Foelix,
Folleville, Jitta, Maury, Niboyet, Pillet, Weiss, Wigny, and some minor authors;
from the German, Huber, and Martin Wolff; and from Italian, Fiore, Mazzini,
and Morelli. The lack of recent translations in this field may perhaps be ac-
counted for by the fact that there are so many excellent and authoritative
native treatises.

LEGAL HISTORY.-As an independent topic this has received little atten-
tion from translators. I have notes only of Brunner-Schwerin, Du Boys, Ko-
schaker, Laboulaye, Lerminier, Maine, Ernst Mayer, Ourliac, Ribera, Wester-
marck, Wiercker, and Zeumer. Of course, many of the works elsewhere listed
include legal history, especially Roman law.

TAXATION AND FINANCE.-In this category we may note, among others,
Buck, Caillaux, Dalton, Daniels, Due, Eheberg, Einaudi, Flora, Gerloff, Gian-
nini, Goldenweiser, Grizzioti, Hansen, Hicks, Jacob, Laufenberger, K. Mac-
kenzie, McCullough, Parnell, Pugliese, Seligman, Somers, Stourm, Viti de
Marco, and Vocke.

MISCELLANEOUS TOPics.-In addition to Jefferson, already cited, we find
Cushing, Ilbert, Robert, and Wilson in the field of parliamentary law. Gay de
Montella issued a collection of foreign air laws (1929); Henry-Couannier's
Air Law was translated in the same year; Alex Meyer in 1941; and Cooper
in 1950. There are translations of several treatises on labor law. Comparative
law is represented by David, Gutteridge, Sarfatti, and Sujiyama. Attention
has been paid recently to Soviet Law, and Islamic law is well represented.
Some of the laws of several of our western states have been translated for the
benefit of Spanish-speaking residents, including California, Colorado, Texas,
and, notably, New Mexico, which was officially bilingual until recently; some
of these translations, however, are rather poor.

with a mention of some of the innumerable works on legal philosophy which
display the Iberian predilection for that branch of study, even in its most ab-
stract form. Is it because the Iberians find their own law so unsatisfactory,
with constitutions often only scraps of paper, that they seek refuge in "that
sweet milk of adversity, philosophy"? At any rate, their preoccupation in this
field far surpasses our own mediocre interest in what we call by the more
humble name "jurisprudence."
Leading present-day legal philosophers, men of the highest standing in

their home countries, such as Carlos Cossio (b. 1903), Garcia Maynez, Imaz,
Legaz y Lacambra (b. 1906), Medina Echeverria, Recasens Sich6s, have sharp-
ened their wits and increased their insight by devoting themselves to transla-
tions. As Carlyle says of one of Goethe's books, "I had to read into it very
hard when I was translating it."
Translations from the French include: Baets, Bonnecasse, Carre de Mal-
berg, Dabin, Fouill6e, Gurvitch, Hauriou, Josserand, Livy-Ullmann, Maritain,
Pasquier, Renard, Ripert, Roguin, Tourtoulon. From the Italian: Ascoli,
Battaglia, Carle, Gentile, Jorio, Lioy, Miraglia, L6pez de Ofiate, Prisco, Solari,
Taparelli, Vaccaro, and in superabundance, Del Vecchio.
However, the Germans, as they have done in other departments of phi-
losophy, have consistently exerted the greatest influence on the Spanish-speak-
ing world, especially in recent years. But this influence goes even further back.
Ahrens, little considered in his own country in the nineteenth century, en-
joyed astonishing prestige in Spain, as did, more understandably, Savigny and
Jhering. Of recent years, Kelsen has commanded authority as well as contro-
versy, but others have by no means been neglected; namely, Brusiin (of Fin-
land, but translated from German), Cathrein, Fechner, Heck, Heinitz, Herr-
fardt, the Swiss Huber, Jaeger, Jellenik, Haessle, Kantorowicz, Kirschmann,
Kohler, Krueger, Larenz, Lask, Karl Mannheim, Max Ernst Mayer, Meiner,
Radbruch, Reichel, William Sauer, Stahl, Stammler, Sternberg, Stricker, and
Anglo-American writers have not been entirely neglected of late; chapters
from Austin; extracts from Cairns and others; works of Bodenheimer, Eben-
stein, Frank, Fuller-Purdue, Hall, Kunz, Llewellyn, Loevinger, Maine, Patter-
son, Pekelis, Herbert Spencer, Vinogradoff abound-and among those of the
first rank, Cardozo, Holmes, and Pound. Kelsen's works in English have nat-
urally been translated, as have the writings in English of Maritain, Gurvitch,
and Olivecrona.
The classical legal philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, and the medieval
St. Thomas Aquinas have never ceased to be in demand. Of a later date,
Bacon, Leibnitz, Spinoza, Kant, and Hegel are to be found in our list, as
well as the early Spanish writers in Latin-Mariana, Sepfilveda, Soto, Suarez,
and Vitoria.
This brief survey will give an idea of the vast amount of foreign legal
literature available to Spanish readers. Does it not put us to shame that our
own output is so limited? Equally impressive lists could be compiled for
France, Italy, and Germany. Comparative law and ready access to foreign
law have become a practical necessity. If this book spurs our scholars and
publishers, notably the university presses, to engage in translations, it will
accomplish one of the purposes I have in mind.
Another aim is to awaken interest among law-school librarians in transla-
tions of foreign material into languages other than English. Such translations
serve a useful purpose. Few lawyers command more than one or two lan-
guages; they should not be shut off from secondary sources. In my own in-
stance, I much prefer to consult French or Spanish translations than to struggle
with the German originals. This may be unscholarly but it does save time,
and doubtless scores of other lawyers and researchers are in a similar situation.

Those proficient in German might prefer to read German translations rather
than to tackle Spanish and Italian originals. True polyglots are rare in the
academic world, and rarer in the profession. The needs of the less-gifted should
not be ignored.
Finally, I trust that this publication may serve to stimulate bibliographers
to prepare similar lists of translations into other principal languages-at least
into Portuguese, French, Italian, and German. My own notes would be avail-
able to anyone undertaking the task.
A word of warning must be added. As this book is being printed in the
United States, I have followed the order of the English alphabet, not the
In the list of translators I have followed the standard practice in the case
of compound names. This is sometimes confusing. The second surname is
usually, but not always, the mother's family name and many authors do not
use it at all. The Spanish aristocracy use an abundance of names; however,
in the Spanish American countries, the usage is simpler. When a surname
is also a Christian name, it is difficult, if biographical dictionaries do not list
the name, to know whether it is a surname or not, and doubtless I have
fallen into some errors. The Spaniards, on the other hand, are liable to fall
into error with English names. For example, Henry Sumner Maine will be
found catalogued or listed under Sumner; Nicholas Murray Butler under Mur-
ray; John Stuart Mill under Stuart, etc.
Let me emphasize that this volume does not pretend to be more than a
tentative bibliography. Where such information is readily available, I have
listed place, publisher, date, pagination, and title of the original work. But
my sources are generally incomplete, sometimes contradictory or inconsistent;
without examination of the books themselves, accuracy cannot be assured.
My hope is that someone will be stimulated to extend the task to the areas
I have suggested.


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Within the scope of this bibliogra-
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