Code of fair competition for the garment pressing machine and appliance industry as submitted August 24, 1933


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Code of fair competition for the garment pressing machine and appliance industry as submitted August 24, 1933
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Garment pressing machine and appliance industry
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REGISTRY No. 1399-1--14

The Code for the Garment Pressing Machine and Appliance Industry in
its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received the approval of
the National Recovery Administration
as applying to this industry



For the purpose of effectuating the policy of- the National ICndus-
trial Recovery Act by improving the standards of labor and elimin-
ating certain destructive practices inimical to the interests of the
public, employees and employers, the following provisions are estatb-
lished as a. (ode of fair competition for the "' Garment Pressing
Machinery and A~ppliance. Industry."

(a) Thle termn Garmlent. Pressing Machinery and Appliance In-
dustryy as used herein is defined to mean a manufacturer of garment
pressing machines and equipment, whether manual or mechanical;
boilers, vacuum systems, and other appurtenances used in connection
withl such machines, and persons engaged in the rebuilding and/or
,sale of machines aforesaid, exclusive of domestic and laundry irons
and machines.
(b) The term "C persons shall include natural persons, partner-
ships, associations, and corporations.
(e) Thre ter~m "C Clothing Conltractor and Mlanufact~urer shall in-
clude all persons engaged in the business of the manufacture of
muen's, women's, and children's wearing apparel, including coats,
suits, cloaks, wraps, shir~ts, dresses, and similar articles of wearing

This Code shall take effect the eleventh day ~after the~ same shall
have been approved, by the Presid~ent of the United States.
I[II. L~non

(a) That employees shall have the right to organize atnd bargaain
collectively through representatives of their own~f choosing, and shall
be free from the interference, restraint, or coercion of employers of
labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives or
in self-organizat~ion or in other concerted activities for the purpose
of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection; that no
employees and no one seeking employment shall be required as a
condition of employment to Join any company union or to refrain
fromi joining, organizingr, or assisting a labor organization of his
own choosing; and that emplo~yers shall comply with the maximum~
hours of labor, minimum rates o-f pay, anid other conditions of em-
ployment, approved or pr~escribedl by the ]President. On and after
the effective date emlployer~s shall not employ any person under the
age of 16 years.
8147- asX1

(b) On and after the effective date hereof the minimum wage that
shall be paid by employers to any person engagedl in the processing
of the products of the Garment Pressing Machinery and Appliance
Industry, and in labor operations incidental thereto, shall be 45 c
an hour, provided, however, that casual and incidental labor and
learners may be paid not less than 80%~ of such minimum wage, but
the total amount paid to such casual or incidental laborers and
learners shall not exceed in any calendar months five per cent of the
total wages paid to all process labor.
(c) Maximumn hours of labor on and after the effective date for
persons engaged in the processing of products of the Garment
Pressing MSlachinery and Appliance Indlustry and in labor opera-
tions incidental thereto shall be 40 hours per week for labor operating
within a plant and 44 hours per week for labor engaged in work
without a plant.
(d) M~aximum hours of labor on and after Septemiber 1st, 1933,
for all other employees except executive, administrative, and super-
visory employees and travelling salesmen shall be 40 hours per week.
(e) Provided, however, that these limitations shall not apply to
those branches of the garment-pressing machinery and appliance
industry in which seasonal or peak demand places an unusual and
temporary burden for production upon such branches; in such case
no employeei shall be permitted to wvork more than an aggregate of
144~ hours per year in excess of limnitation~s hereinbefore provided,
and provided further that such limitations shall not apply in cases
of emergency. At the end of each calendar month every employer
shall report to the supervisory agency, hereinafter provided for, in
such detail as may be required, the number of man hours worked in
that month for emergency reasons andl the ratio which said emergency
man hours bears to the total number of man hours of labor during
said month.

With a view to keeping the President of the United States and the
Administrator informed as to the observance or nonobservance of
this Code, and as to whether the Garment Pressing Machinery and
Appliance Industry is taking appropriate steps to effectulate in all
respects the declared policy of t~he National Recovery Act, each em-
ployer shall prepare and file with such person or organization as the
supervisory agency may designate and at such times and in such
manner as ma~y be prescribed, statistics of number of persons em-
ployed, w~age rates, hours of work, costs, prices quoted, contracts
made, and such other similar statistical data as the supervisory
agency may from time to time require.

Except as otherwise provided in the National Industrial Recovery
Act, all statistical data filed in accordance with the provisions of
Article IV shall be confidential and the data of one employer shall
not be r~evealed to any other employer except that for the purpose of
administering or enforcing the provisions of this Code the super-

visory agency, by its duly authorized representatives, shall have
access to any and all statistical data that may be furnished in accord-
ance with the provisions of this Code.

Any employer may participate in this Code and in any revisions or
additions thereto and receive the benefits thereof by acceptinlg th
proper pro rata share of the cost and responsibility of creating and
administering it by becoming a, mlember of Clothes Pressing M~a-
chinery and Appliance Association."
Every eprloyerp shall usep an accounting system and ar cotingr sys-
tem which conforms to the principles of and is at least as detailed and
complete as the uniform and standard method of accouniting and
the uniformly and standard method of costing to be formulated or a~p-.
proved byr the supervisory agency, wFith suIch variations therefrom
as may be required by the individual conditions affIecting any em-
ployer or group, of employers and as may be approved by the super-
visory agency andi make such supplements to the said formullated or,1
approved methods of accouintinig and costing.

It shall be considered unlfair competition nl to sell or dispose of anyr
machinery on dleferredc' pay~mentt s unless the terms of paymnent as
hereinafter set forth are adhered to.
(a) On t.he sale of a garmnelt. pressing machine to a neighborhood
tailor, neighborhood valet, neighlborh~oodl tailoring store or any person
engaged in th~e snle at r~etail of ar'icltes of wearing apparel, the initial
down paySment on such machine shall be as follows: On sales of
machinery up to $199.00, thirty percent of the net amount of the
contract; on sales from $'200.00 up to and including $5j99.0~, $75j.00;
and on sales amounting to $600.00 or more, $100.00. On sales of
machines "L F.O.B. Factory the minimum down payment shall be
$50.00, F.O.B. Factoryv ". In computing the price of such sale th~e
cost of installation shall be included. Trade-ins shall not be consid-
ered part of the dlown payment. Thie aforeme~ntioned dlownl payment
applies to single mnachines, and in the event mor~e than one machine
is sold, an individual down payment. shall be requiredl onl each ma-
chine sold, computed on the selling price of said machine, to be com-
puted on the basis aforementioned.l AllI sales r~eferr1ed to as sales of
pressing machines shall include thle nlecessary~ accessories andl appur-
tenances thereto.
(b) On sales and installations o~f' mach~iner~y, to clothiing contrac-
tors andl manufacturers, where three or more machines are sold, the
down payment shall not be less than thirty percent of the total
amount of the entire purchase price, which purchase price, shall in-
clude the labor charges in connection with the installation of the same.
In the event, however, less than three machiines are sold. then thle
minimum down payment, shall be $75.00 on each machine so soldl.

Trade-ins are not to be considered part of the down payment; for the
purpose of computing the down payment aforementioned the net
amount of t.he contract shall be considered the selling price of the
(c) All sales referred to as sales~of pressing machines shall include
the necessary accessories and appurtenances thereto, such as boilers,
motors, blowers, vacuum systems.
(d) On all sales made as set forth in Subdivision "L a payment
shall be made in equal monthly installments with a minimum pay-
ment of $20.00 per mlon~th; on all sales made as set forth in Subdi-
vision "' b "? the minimum monthly installments shall be $25.00 per
month, with the, proviso that the full contract price of machines sold
as set forth in Subdivision "' b shall be paid within eighteen months
from the dlate. of the contract. Interest at the rate of 69'o per
annum shall be charged on all unpaid balances. The first install-
ment payml~ent to be made on all sales not later than six weeks after
the date of delivery.


(a) It shall be considered unfair competition for any person to -
induce a customer to breach a prior contract of purchase- entered
into, by offering a guarantee to hold him harmless because of such
breach of contract, or by the payment of any moneys to procure
such breach for the purpose of procuring an order for the sale of
(b) It shall be considered unfair competition. for any person to
offer any re~bate, refund, or lower price to any customer in order to
induce such customer to breach a prior contract of sale.
(c) For the purposes set forth in paragraphs IXi-a and IX-b, the
acts of any agent or salesman will be considered the act of the
person or firm wvhomn he represents.
(d) I~t shall be considered unfair competition for any person to
deliver anly newly developed article or machine on approval for a
period in excess of thirtyT days from late of installation. Regular
terms will be stipulated on the trial order and will be effective when
the machine is accepted. If machine is not accepted a~t the end of
thirty dlays, the same is to be removed by the manufacturer. For
the .pur~pose of this subdivision, an article or machine will be con-
sidered newly developed for a period not exceeding two years from
the date. on annd after the installation of the first one produced.
(e) It shall be considered unfair competition for any person to
sell any machine or accessory as a..Fsecond-hand machine or as a used
sample or a machine used for demonstration purposes when the same
is not actually as aforementioned or in any manner, shape, or form
to wilfully misdescribe any~ machine or accessory for the purpose of
inducing t~he purchase thereof.

Such of the provisions of this Code as are not required by the
National Industrial Recovery Act to be included therein may be
modified or eliminated with the approval of the President of the
United States as changed circumstances or experiences may indicate.

A study of the trade practices of the industlcry will be continued by
the "L Clothes Pressing M~achiner~y and Appliance Industry ", for the
pur-pose of submitting from time to time such amendments or addit-
tionss to this Code applicable to the ind-ustry affected herebyu \ or
sti~pplemental Codes applicable to any branch of said industry., The
"i Clothes Pressing Mlachinery and Appliance Industry on thre basis
of its study of the trade practices of the industry may formulate
such rules and regulations conce rninga the: practice of fair compete i tion ,
as may be advisable from time to time.
The supervisoryT agency for the purpose of encouraging fair comn-
petition shall be empowered to formulate lists of trade-in vallues to
be followed by employers on sales of mlachiner~y. TChe supervisory
agency shall also be empowered to formulate rules for the exchang-
ing, filing, and distribution of p-rice lists a.nd discount sheets.
If any employer of labor in this industry is also an employer of
labor in'any other industry, provisions of this Code shall apply and
affect only that part of such person's business which is included in
the Garment Pressing M~achineryr and Appliance Industry.
XI. The "' Clothes Press-ing Macrhinery' and Appliance Inldustry "
is hereby designated the agency for administering, supervilsing, and
promoting the performance of the provisions of this Code by the
members of the Gar~ment Pr~essing Machdinery and Ap~pliance

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