Code of fair competition for the printer's rollers industry as approved on November 8, 1933 by President Roosevelt


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Code of fair competition for the printer's rollers industry as approved on November 8, 1933 by President Roosevelt
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Registry No. 1325--03










1. Executive Order
2. Letter of Transmittal
3. Code


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An application having been duly made, pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of title I of the National Industrial
Recov-ery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for my approval of a Code of
Fair Comlpet~ition for The Printers' Rollers Industry, and hearings
having been held thereon. and thie Atdministrator hraving rendered his
report, containing an analysis of the said code of fair competition to-
gether with hlis recommendations and~ findlings with respect the~reto,
and the Adlministrator havig found that the said code of fair com-
petition complies in all respects witha the pertinent provisions of title
I of said act and that the requiremoent~s of clauses (1) and (2) of
subsection (a) of section 3 of the said act have been met:
N~OWT, THjER~EFORE, I[, Franklin. D. Roose~velt, President of the
United States, pursuant to the authority vested in me by title I: of
the National lIndust~rial Recov~ery Aclct, approved June 16, 19r33, and
otherwise, do adopt and approve the report and reconunenda~tions,
and findlings of the A~dministrator and do order that thie said code
of fair competition be ant it is hereby approved.
November 8, 1933.
Approval recommended :

19896"*8-181817 --388

NOV'EMBER 2, 1988.
The White House.
SmR: This is a report on t~he Codie of Fair Competition for the
Printer's Roller Industry in the UJnited States, the hearing on which
was conducted in Washington on October 3, 1933, in accordannce with
the provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act.

-Under this code hours of work: are limited to forty per week, except
for executives and supervisors engaged in. managerial workr at raftes
above $35.00 per weekz, outside salesmen, watchmen, serv~icemlen, and
members of emergency maintenance and repair crews. However,
watchmen are not to work more than fifty-six hours per w~eek, nor
more than sixr days out of seven, and service, emergency~ maintenance,
and repair men are to be paid at the rate of time and one half for
all hours above forty per week or eight in anyT one day.,
Work of highly skilled sp~c~ialists shall not exceed fort.y-eigrht
hours per w~eekr for not more than twelve w\eeks~ of any six months'
period, time and one half being adfralhusi xeso ot
per eekor ightperday Clrical and office forces are limited to
fort hours per ~ic week.hus neceso fl
Tlhe minimum. wage both for male and female workler~s in. this in-
dustry has been set at 45 cents per hour, except for learners (limited
in number to not over 5 percent of the personnel) whoe d-ur~ing their
first six months shall receive not less than. 80 percent of this amoulnt,
and office or cleried1 workers, whose minimum shall be $15.00 per
w~eekr. Equitable adju-tmentt s shall be made in the higher wage

TIhe mninimyumn age for employment is set by this Code at sixrteen
years, except where hazarlds exrist, in which. case the minimum age is
eighteen, years.

Theg prevailing hours of labor of a large proportion of the workers
in this industry have beecn from 50 to 60 hours per wee~k, and the
scale of hours prescribed in this Code is estimnatedl to affect, alpproxi-
mately a 20 per~celt, increase in nmubel~tr of men.
This ind~uitry, wh'lich is closely re~latedl to thle Printing Eqliupment'
Industry, is engagede in the manufalctlure and sale of inkting rolls,
wheels, and pads commonly used~ in printing, lit~hourophine.rr and off'-
set presses. The industry supplies both the newr eqluipme~nt. nrd the
repl~ncement~l market--the first representedl't:~ by the pr~ess bulilder~s, and

the second by press users. It consists of 95 percent highrlly skrilled
l abor.
About ceventyS companies are engaged in the industry, the avecrage
number of emnployeres being only 10 per establ.lishment.t Despite thle
f~act that' the value of output of theseplnshsdceedro
$110,000 000 in 19929 to $5r,500),000, the level o eplym has beencue c fo
maintainedl throughlout thle depression.

The Admninistrator finds thant:
(a) T'h~e coder as reccnrcmmende complies in all re~spec~ts with the
prtinent provisions of title I: of the act, including without limita-
tio, subsection (a) of section 7 and subsection (b) of section 10
thereof ; and that
(b) The applicant; group imposes no inequItable restrictions on
admnissio~n to mlembership thierein. and is truly rep~resentative of the
Printer's Rboller Industry; and thlat
(c) The code as recommended is not designed to promote monopo-
lies or to eliminate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate
to discriminate against them, and will tend to effectuate t~he policy
of title. I: of the National Recovery Act.
It is recommended, therefore, that this code be approved.
Hvran 8. JOHNSON,
A dm inis trartor.



To effectuate the policies of Tit~le I: of the N~ational Inlust~rial
Reccovery' Act, the followed provisions are sulbmittedt as a Codle of
1Fair Compet~ition for thle rinlter's Roller InduilstryS, and upon ap-
proval of the Plresident, shall be the stalndard of fair competition
feor this Indlustry:
Idusry" as used herein includes all manufacturers engagedd
i" n uthprodction aLnd sale of rollers madle of anyl materia~i l whalt-
sovrfr use on p~rinting~, lithogrraphling1, and1 offset pre ~sers, anrd all
w-heels, pads, and rollers made for and ucsed on transferringr proc-
esses, exceting such rollers as may eicue ne h oeo
Codes of Fair Competition for the 1bber Mancufat unringh Inodustry
Print Roller and Print Block Mannufacturing Indusitry; and any
code that m~aS be app~roved~ which in~tcludes engravedl copper rollers
for test ile pin ti ng.
"L Em1ployee as used her~ein includes any peltrso naed in anyo~
phae of the indu-try inz anyJ capa'ity in tentr fepoe
Irr~espec~tive of the method of paymenlit of his compensation.
Employer as usedl herein includes anyone for wrholse benefit such
employees is so engage~d.
L' Member of tlhe industry "' as used- heretin in~clud~es any producer,
manufacturer, or employer who shall be subject to, this Cole.
"L Learner as used~c hlerein shall mean a person having no previous
experienced in t~he mlanufactur~e of printer rollers and whose employv-
ment as such, whlethler by one or mnore emlployers, shall not exceedt sixt
President ", "A~?ct ", and '"A~dministrator "" as used herein shall
mean, respectively, thne Presidenlt of the~ United States, the National
Industrial Recovery Act, and the Adm~inistrator of Title I of said
"L Effective date as used herein is defined to be tenl days after the
approval of this Code by the President.

1. N~o employee shall be p~ermittedt to wTor~k more than forty hours
per week except:
(a) Executives and superv~isors engargedl in a strictly mannagerial
capacity and receiving more than $35.00 per w~eek, outside salesmen,

watchmen, servicemen, and emergency maintenance or repair crews;
provided, however, thrlt servicemen a~nd emergrency m~aintenanzce or
repair crews shall 'IA paid at the rate of time andl one half for all
hours in e esir. of forty hours in any one week, or eight hours in any
one day; proviided, that watchmen. many wrork not more than 56 hours
a weekr anld G days in any seven-day period.
(b) Highly sk~Tilled specialists may work not to exrceed forty-eight
hours per wveek: in not more than twelve w\reeks; of any sixr month's'
period. Such. emp3loyees shall be paid at the rate of time and onre
half for all hours in excess of forty hours in any one wveekl or 8
hours in any one day.
(c) Clerical and office force shall not be permitted to work: more
than. forty hours in any one wveek.,
2. No employee shall be permitted to workr for a total number of
hours in excess of the number of hours prescr~ib:ed for each week,
whether emc~ployed by one or more employers; provided, howc\ever,
that if any employee work-s for more than one employer for an aga-
gregrate period in excess of such maximum without the connivance
of any one of such employers, such. employer or employers shall not
be held to have violated this paragraph.

1. On alnd after the effective date the minimum w7cage of any em-
ployee in the industry shall be 45 cents per hour, except:
(a) Learpners during a six: months' period, and superannuated
and disabled employees, when employed, shall be paid not less than
80%o of the minimum wage and shall be limited in number in any
factory to 5%o of the total number of employees in that factory.
(b) Office or clerical employees, who shall be paid at not less than
the rate of $15.00 per week.
(c) No employee in the classes mentioned in paragraph 1, sub-
paragraph (c) of Article III, now receiving compensation at a rate
in excess of the minimum provided for in paragraph (b) of this
Article IV shall have his compensation. reduced on account of any
requirements of paragraph 1, subparagraph (c) of Article III.
Wage rates of other employees receiving more than the minimum
herein prescribed shall be equitably adjusted, but in no case shall th~ey
be decreased.
2. Where employees' earnings on piecework, divided by the number
of hours worked, produces a result under the minimum wage stipu-
lated in paragraph 1 of this Article, such earnings shall be so adjusted
as to conform with thie aforesaid minimum w\age.Q
3. Nao distinction in rates shall be mtadle between. male and female
employees where the same class of work is performed, regardless of
whether compensation is based on a monthly, piecework, or other
4. There shall be no evasion of this Code by any employer in this
industry by reclassification of the functions of employees or worke~rs.
An employee or worker shall not be included in one of thne clas~sifica-
tions lexempted~c from the provisions of thiis Codle unless the identical
functions being performed by him were identically classified on J~une
16, 1933.

15. Postinlg.--A copy of this Code shall be posted in every factory
operated by members of the Indlustry.

On and after th~e effective datte, employers shall Inot employ any
person under the age of sixteen years of age, or under eighteen years
of age if engaged in hazar~dous occupation, in the Printers' Roller
Ind ustry.

1. To further effectuate the policy of the Act, a, Code Authority
consistinlg of seven members elected by the industry by a. fair method
of selection, approved byT the Adm Iiruistrator, together with one ox*
more nonvotingr members to be, se~lectedl by the Pr~esident for such
terms as he may specify, is set up to coo~perate with the Admninistra-
tor as a Pla~nnm~ andt' ]Fair Practic~e Agerncy~ for t~his industry; one
member of which shall be elected by the industry to act as C'hair~man
of the Code Authority.
2. Sulch Code A4uthority mlay from time to time present to the. Ad-
ministrator recommendiation4 based on the conditions in the industry
as they may develop from time to times, which will tend to effectuat~e
t~he operation of the provisions of this Cod~e and the policies of the
3. Such Code Aiuthority is also set up to cooperate with. th~e Admin-
istrator in making inv-estigationls as to the functioning and ob-
ser~vance o-f anyi provision of this Code, subject to the rig'ht of the
Administra;to r,, on renewr, to disalpprove or modify any action taken
by the Code Authority.
4. To provide ne~cessary data for the Administ~ator,, the memibers
of thle in~dustr~y shall furniish to the Code Aulthority such information
concernilgr conditions in the indurstry, including w~ages, hours of
Inibor, number of emnployeces, costs, prices, and other matters perti-
nent to thlis Code as it may from time to time specify or as the
Administrantor may froam tune to time require, but through such
channels as to eliminate the id'entificaltion of any individu~al manu-
fa ctur;e r's con fid ent ial information.
5. In addition to inlformal~tionl required~ to be submitted to the Code
Aurthority, there shall be furnished to the governmnental agenexes such
statistical information as the Adlminisitrator may deemn necessary for
the purpose rercited~ in Section 3 (a) of the ALlct.
6. Every memblerr of th~e indlustry~ necpctingr the benefits of the ae.
tivities of the Code Authority hereunder shll pay to the Code
Authority his propor~tiona te Ihre of the amounts necle~ssry to pay
the cost of assemnbling, analyzing, andr p~ublishing7 of such r~epor~ts and
data and of the mainte~nanc~e of said Clod~e Aluthority and of its
activities; such proportionate share shall b~e determined by thie Code
Authority, with th~e approval of the. Administrator.

1. The giving of secret. rehantes. refulnds. discounrts,s gifts, or any
consideration whatsoever,1 direc~ctly or indlirecctly, either to the pur-

chaser or representative of the purchaser or others, to induce pur-
chases, is unfair competition.
2. Tlhe material furnished or service rendered shall be indicated
on the invoice, and the issuing of false invoices showing other thann
the actual goods sold and delivered is unfair competition.
3. The recast~ing~ of rollers at less than the full price on unjurst
claims of defective workmnanship or material is unfair competition.
4. The figuring of wpeigrhts and the classifications of rollers in
any other manner than that standardized by the Code Authority
and approved by the Administrator, providled for in Article VI, is
unfair competition:
5. The selling of rollers on other than the following terms is
unfair competition.
(a) 270 cash discount on all invoices paid on or before the 15thr
of the month following date of purchase; net after the 15th~ of the
month following date of purchase. All bills nlot paid within, three
months from date of delivery shall be considered past due and no
further credit shall be extended byg any manufacturer until pa~y-
ment of past-due account has been made, unless the manufacturer,
in wlritinga, notifies the Code Authority that further credit is being
extended and gives the reasons for such extension of credit.
6. To sell any product or service of this industry below the reason-
able cost of such product or service is unfair competition:
(a) For this purpose cost is defined as th~e cost of materials plus
direct labor, plus an adequate amount of overhead and sales expenlse,
as determined by cost-accounting methods recognized in the industry,
and approved by the Code Authority and thle Administrator.

1. All employers in the industry shall comply with the following
provisions of the Act:
(a) That employees shall have the right to organize' and nbar~gain
collectively through representatives of their own choosing nd hal
be free from the interference, restraint, or coercion of employers of
labor or their agents in the designation of such representatives or mn
self-organization or in other concerted activities for the purpose of
collective bargaining or other mutual raid or protection.
(b) That no employee and no one seeking employment shall be re-
quired as a condition of employment to join any company union or
to refrain from joining, organizing, or assisting a labor organization
of his own. choosing.
(c) That employers shall comply with the maximum hours of
labor, minimum rates of pay, and other conditions of employment
approved or prescribed by the President.
2. TPhis Code and all the provisions thereof are expressly made,
subject to the right of the President, in accordance with the provision
of subsection (b) of Section 10 of the ~Act, from time to time to can-
cel or modify any order, approval, license, rule, or regulation issued
under Title I: of said Act, and specifically but without limitation to
the right of the President to cancel or modify his approval of this
Code or any conditions imposed by him upon his approval thereof.

8. W~it~hin each State members of the industry shall comply with
any law~s of such State imposing more stringent requiremnents, regu-
lating the agre of employees, wlgres, honors of wo'k, or health, fire, or
general wor~king conditions than. ulnder this Code.
4. Su~ch of thle p~ovisions of this Code as aret not required to be
includled therein by the _Act maoy, with the approval of the ]President,
be mlodifiedl or elimilnated as chanlges in, ci crlnrcumtance s or experienced
mayS india:te. I~t is contemlated~ls c that from time to timne supple-
mentury p~ovisions of this Clode orj addc~itional Codes will be sub-
mittedr~ for th~e applrovanl of th~e Pre~sident to prevent unfanir compe-
tition and othecr unfair destructivec competitive practices, and to
effecctllte the other purposels a~nd policies of Title I: of the Act
consistent withn thle provisions hereo~f.
5. Any act by alvvny member of the industry constituting unfair
complletition as derfinedi in Articrle VITI or such other provoisions as mnay
be elst.ablish~ed from timle to time by the Code Authorlty and approvedl
by the PresidIent shall be at violationl of this Code.
6. Where the cos>ts of executing contracts enltlered into in the
Piter-'-.'s Roller' IndustryS prior to the aplprovanl of the President, of
this Code, are inlcreasedl by thre application othprovisions of the
Act. to the industry, it is eqcuitable and promlotive of h upsso
thle Act that appr~opriate adrjulstmelnts of such contranct~s to reflect such
increased costs be arr1ivec d at wlith the consent of the buyer by ar~bi-
trarial proceedings or otherwise, and th~e Code Aiut~horityS is const~i-
tuted an agency in effectinlg suchl ad~justme~nts.
7T. Inl border that the Code. Auth-or~ity shall at all times be truly
representative of the inldustry, and in other respects comnply hwit;h th
provisions of the Act, the .Admlinistr~ator may provide sucherng
as he may deem proper; and thereafter if hze shall ~find that the Code
Authority: is not truly representative or does not in other respects
comply wilth the provilsions of the Act, may require an appropriate
modification in the method of selection of the Code Aut~horlty.
8. N~o provision of this Code shall be so applied as to permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to chlminate, oppress, or
discriminate against small enterprises.

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