Proposed code of fair competition for the mill supply industry as submitted on July 31, 1933


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Proposed code of fair competition for the mill supply industry as submitted on July 31, 1933
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Mill supply industry
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The Code for the Mill Supply Industry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received 'the approval of
the National Recovery Adrninfatratfoys
as applying to this ~d~ustry


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Purpose.-1l. To effectuate the policy of Title 1 of the National In-
dustrial Recovery Act, during the period of the emergency, this in-
dustry presents this code, the purpose of which is to improve the
standards of labor, the purchasing power of labor and capital, as a
necessary means of promoting and maintammig industrial recovery,
by increasing employment, andr by eliminat~ing unfair competitive
practices. It is conceived with the intent of being fair to employees,
competitors, distributors, and consumers alike, and with no intent to
promote monopoly, to discriminate~ against small enterprises, nor to
impose any inequitable restrictions on admission to the gr~oup. The
following provisions are established as a code of fair competition for
the mill suplply industry and subgroups by industry.
2. Defifnitions.--The term mill supply industry "? as used herein
is defined to mean the manufacture of those products largely used
for industrial equipment and maintenance use, such as-
Pipe tools,
Steel pulleys,
Twist drills,
Wrenches, etc., etc.
The term employees as used herein shall include all persons em-
ployed in the manufacture of same. The term "L persons shall in-
clude natural persons, partnerships, associations, and corporations.
The term effective date as used herein is defined as being the
second M~onday after the approval of this code by the President.
3. Those signing this code will submit with their individlual sup-
plementary group by industry subcodes their numerical percentage
to their total industry, as well as their capacity percentage to their
total industry.
4. Wie agree that none of those signing this code will sell their
product below a properly determined cost of production, including
material, labor, factory overhead, with administrative and selling
costs added on a percentage basis.
5. It is agreed that the maximum hours of labor for our individ.
ual industry group shall be in accordance with Schedule "A", her~e-
with appended.
9123--33 I1 a


It is agr~eed~ that the miaximumi hours of labor for the ___- _
---____~_Indc'usitrywll3.' be __ a week inl accordance with
numbler five (5) of the 1\illI Supply 1alanufacturerss Basic Code and
t~he members of this Indlustry have hereto affixed their signature as
ag~reeing to~ put these hours into effect on t~he 15th~ or 31st of the
mlont~h wh~en approved by the President. of the United Stat~es.

It is agreedl that the minimum rates of pay for the
-----, Ind~ustry wNill be ,___ a week in accor~dance with num-
ber five (5) of the M~ill Supply 1\anufactulrers' Basic Code and the
members o-f this Industry hiave hereto affixedl their signatures as
agreeing to put these wages into effect on the 15~th or 31st of the
month wh)en aprov''\ed by the Presidlent of the United States.
Labo.--6. It is agreed~ by those siganing this code that. employees
shall have the ighlt to org~anize and bargaain collectively through
representativles of their iowan choosing, and~ shall be free from t~he
interference, resFtraint, or coercion of employers of labor or their
agents, i~n the! designation of such representatives or in self-orgraniza-
tion or in other concertedl activities for the purpose of collective
bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.
6. (2) That. no employee and no one seeking employment shall
be reqluiredl as 8, condition of employment to Jomn any company
umlon or to r~e rain from joining, orgamizing, or assistmng a labor
orga~nizntio~n of his own choosing.
6. (3) That employers shall comply with the mnaximum hours of
labor, minimum Irates of py~, and other conditions of employment,
approved or prescribed by te President.
7.This code and all provisions thereof are expressly made,
subject to the right of the President, in accordance with the pro-
visions of Section 10 (b) of t~he National Industrial Recovery Act,
from time to time to cancel or mlodifyr any order, approval, license,
rule, or regulation issued under Title I of said Act, and specifically
to t~he. right of the President to cancel or modify his approval of
this code or any conditions imposed by him upon his approval
8. It is agreed by those siglnfin this code that there will be in-
elutded in t~he supplementary group by industry subcodes a proper
clas~isificatio- n of distributors andi adequiat~e price differentials based
upon t~he functions performed and the cost of t~he service rendered
in the distribution of their products to the consumer.
93. It is agreed that each individual group by industry will police
its respective industry and will report. to the necessary authority
anyv individuals or companies w~ho, after adopting this code, fall
to live up to its provisions.
10. It is agireedl that any infraction of any of the foregoing articles
of agreement. shall constitute a violation of this code and therefore
be subject to the provisions of the law.
11. To further effectuate the policies of the Act, the mill supply
industry committee, t~he applicants herein, or such successor com-

mittee or committees as mayJ hereafter be constituted by the action
of the groups by industry which sign this code, is set up to cooperate
with the Admninistrator as a planning and fair practice agency for
the mill supply industry. Such agency may from time to time pre-
sent to the Administrator recommendations based on conditions in
the industry as a whole, or in the subgroups by industry, as they may
develop, which wvill tend to effectuate the operation of the provisions
of this code and the police of the National Industrial Recovery Act,
and in particular along the following lines:
1. Recommendations as to the requirements by the A~dministrator
of such further reports from persons engaged in the Mill Supply In-
dustry, or the groups by industry, of statistical information and
keeping of uniform accounts as may be required to secure the proper
observance of the code and promote t~he stabilization of the industry
and employment.
2. Recomnmenda~tions for the making of requirements by the Ad-
ministrator as to practices of persons engaged in the mill supply in-
dustry, or in any or all of the subgroups by industry, as to methods
and conditions o~f trading, the unming and reporting of prices which
may be appropriate to avoid discrimination, to promote stabilization
of the industry, to peetadeiiaeufi n etutv
competitive prices an~re~ ced plmnt naraddrrcieractices.
3. Recommendations for dealing with any nqaiista a
otherwise arise to endanger the stability ofteindquaes htr mano
production and employment.
Such recommendations, when approved by the Administrator, shall
have the same force and effect as any other provisions of this code.
Such committee is also set up for t~he purpose of investigating and
informing the Administrator on behalf of the mill spl industry
and subgroups by industry, as to the importation o opttv
articles into the U~nitedl SCtate in subhstantial qua~ntiti~es or increasing
ratio to domestic production on such terms or under such conditions
as to render inetective or seriously to endanger the maintenance of
this code, and as an agency for making complaint to the President
on behalf of the mill supply industry and subgroups by industry,
under provisions of the National Industrial Recovery Act, with
respect thereto.
12. Such of the. provisions of this Code as are not required to be
included therein b~y the National Industrial Recovery Act, may, with
the approval of the President, be modified, or eliminated as changes
in circumstances or experiences may indicate. It is contemplated
that from time to time supplementary provisions to this Code or
additional codes will be submitted for the approval of the Pr~esident
to prevent unfair competition in price and other unfair and destruc-
tive competitive practices and to effectuate the other purposes and
policies of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Aict consistent
with the provisions hereof.
Company .__,,_,,________

Name _, ___ .______,_,_


It is agreed that the Maximum Hours of Labor for the _....... __ __.._
_________ Industry will be ---___ __ a week in accordance with number
five (5) of the Mlill Supply Manufacturers' Basic Code, and the members of
this TIndustry~ have hereto affixed their signatures as agreeing to put these
hours into effect on the 15th- or 81st of the month when approved by the
President of the United States.
Company ... _________

Name. .---- .. ___ ______


It is agreed that the M~inimum rates of pay' for the .___________.
Industry w'ill be ---__ a week; in accordance with number five (5) of the
M9ill Supply M~anufacturers' Basic Code and the members of this Industry
have hereto affixed their signatures as agreeing to put these wages into ellect
on the 15th or~ 31~st of the month when approved by the President of the
United States.
Company _______----,--,-

Name .. ._____-_-_-__--


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