Supplementary code of fair competition for the tackle block manufacturing industry as approved on March 26, 1934


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the tackle block manufacturing industry as approved on March 26, 1934
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Tackle block manufacturing industry
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 11."

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For sale by th" Sup**rintendent of Doemnenls. Washinft~on. D.C. - Price 5 cente

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 11

Registry No. 1610--07








I ~ I


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Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 11



As Approved on March 26, 1934


An application havingn been duly made pursunnt to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved Junie 16, 1933, andl ini ncordalnce with the
provisions of Sect~ion I of Arlticle VI of thle Basicl Code for the
Fabr~icatedl Met~al Products M~anufacturingr andi Metal Finishing and
Metal Coating Industry~, approved Novemnber z', 1933, for approval
of a Supplemnentary Code of Fair Comnpetitio-n for the Tackle Block
MLanufacturing Industry, andc hearing having been duly held thlereon;
andi the annexed report oni said Supjplementary' Code, containing
findings withl respect thereto, having been madce andl directed to the
NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the President of the United
States, I, Hugh1 S. Johnson, Administrator for Indlustriail Rerovery,
pursuant to authlority vested in me by Executive Orders of the Presi-
dent, including Executive Ordler N~o. 65j43-A. dlatedl Decembler 30,
1933, and otherwise; dlo hereby in~corporated2 by reference: saidl an-
nexetl report andi do find that said Supplemetntary Code complies in
all respects w-ith the pertinent provisions and w~ill promote thle pol-
mcy and purposes of said Tit~le of said Act; andl do her~eby order that
said Supplementary Codle of Fair Comnpetition be andl it is hiereby
approved; p~rovidecl, hlowever, that, the p~rovisions of Artlicle VII,
Paragraph (a), insofar as they prescribe a waitingr periodl between
the filing withi the Clode Authority and the effective date of revlised~
price lists or revised terms and conditions of sale be and they are
hereby stayed pending my further Order either within a period of
sixty tdays from the effective date of this Supplemnentary Code or
after the completion of a study of open price ass~ociations now being
conducted byv the National Rec~overy Admrnin~istra~t ion.
HUGcH S. JorNsoN,
Admiin~is;trator fori lIndusfl'tria R'cover'iy.
Approval recommended:
Division Admlinristraor1.
Mnr~ch SG, 1934.
49061"- --123-1;14---34 (1)


The Wh'it,! HEouse.
SmI-: This is a report on th e Suplplemlentu ry! C'ode o~f Faui r Comp Ieti -
tion for the Tackle Blacrk Manulfa~ctuin I nil ldustry'~. a liVisionl of the
Fabr~iented~ MCetal Products Manullfacturingl~ andl~ Mectal F~inishring and
Afetn] Continlg Industr~y, thet hearings havn\ing bcn conductedd thetreonl
in Wash7Tington, D>.C., January 2:3 1(34, il n necorda(l~lnc:e w~ithl thle pro-
visionis of Title I of the SNtiolnal Indusrlia'l'7 ReCovery~ AICt.


T~e. Tackle Blockl Manu~IIIlfu ctur~ingI~ ndusllt ry!, beri n t Iruly rep~~~re ent a-
ti\e of this division of thle Enbriented~ MeIttal Pr'odctscf Manlufacturingll,
and Metal F~iinishing~ and Mectal countingg Indurstry!, hlas elected to
av~ail itself of the option of subm~nitting a Suppl~tlltlementary Code of
fair practice, as provu\ided for inl Stc~tionl 1 of Arltic~le VI of thle Basic
Code, for the Fabricated M~etal Pr~oducts Manu~fn cturingl, and etal
Finishingi and '1\Ietal Conting Indlustry! app~rcvedJ by y'ou on the
second day of Nov\emlber, 1933.

110S'l.l: OF1 THEI (COD~E

Article ~- I .slates- the- prpoeo heSplnntr o
Article II accurately decfines sp~ecific~ terrm., empllloydc~ inl the Supi-
plemelrlntry Code.
Article III. This Inldustrly isi a divibionl of thie Fnbricaente M~etal
Products ~alnufaturill~ng and Mletal Finishing anndl Metal Con~tingf
IndlustryS andI.1 the labor p~rov\ision.~ of its Baslic. CodeI as appr)~oved
N~covem3ber 2. 1!,::3, are ther labor pri.\i'jOns o~f thlisj Suppll~~lementary
A~t ic~le IV etabtlrishes~l a Supp~wlrllemenury C.orie Aulthorit y consisjtingT
of three (3) membenl~rs to be elected at a mee~tingr C'alled byV the
Temporary, Codi~e Authority, andl th~e Admiiinist rator thle au-
thor ty to appi;:"nt o~ne addiitiona~l membel~r w~ithouit vocte andc provides
ma~ch~ineryy for otainingi tsttistic~s andl thle adminirritraftion of thle
rSuppjl~llementuly Code.

~l~finding und/or estimlating.
Article VI pro~viles for Ide~tcainininlg thle lowsct reas~olnale c~ost
of ther prodlc~tsi of this Indu try.
Article VIII provides~ methodsci o-f settingu n evsn rc
Ar~ti,l, VIII Yets forthr ther unlfair' trade prne;tices~ of thiis Sup~-
plementury Cok which hasbeen espe illydoignled to offs~et u~nfairi
competitions n ini thisc division of thel~ Indusitrj..

Article IX provides against monopolies and monopolistic p~rae-
Article Xi contains the mandatory provisions contained in Section
10 (b) of the Act and also provides for the submissions of proposed
~"amendments to the Supplmentary~ Code.
ii.Article XI recognizes t~ha~t prilce incr~eases be limited to actual
Additional increase in the seller's costs.
Article XII states the effective date of this Supplemnentary Code.

The Assistant Deputy Administrator in his final report to me on
said Supplement~ary Code having found as herein set forth and on
the basis of all' oroceedingas in this matter:
I find that:
(a) Sa~id Suplenmentary Codel is; we1 ll d fesine to promote the
policies and purposes of Title I of the National Industrial 1Recovery
Act, including remnoval of obstructions to thet fr~ee flow of interstate
and foreign commerce which tend to dliminish the amount thereof
and will provide for th~e general welfare by promoting the organi-
zaztion of industry for the p~urpose~s of cooperative actionr among the
trade groups, by inducing andl maintaining united nation of labor
and anaemet uderadeuate governmentan l sanctions and super-
vian, by aelinanti und nfair competitive pIRactices, by promotm
the fullest possible utilization of the present pr'oductive en~acityo
industries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (except. as
may be temporarily required), by increasingly the consumption of
industrial and agricultural products through increasing purchasing
power, by reducing andt relieving unemployment, by improvingr
standards of labor, a~nd by otherwise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said Industry normally emiploysi not mnore tha~n 50,000 em-
ployees; and is not classifiedl by~ me as a major industry.
(c) The Supplemientary Code as approved complies in, all respects
with thie pertinent provisions of said Title of said Act, including
without limitation Subsection (at) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of
Section 7, and Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and that the
applicant group is an industrial group truly representative of the.
aforesaid Industry; and that said association imposes no inequitable
restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Supplementary Code is not designed to and will not
permit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) Thie Supplemientaryv Code is not. designed to and will niot
eliminate or oppress small enterprises and w~ill not operate to dis-
criminate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have not
been dleprivedl of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
SupplementaLry Code.
For these reasons, therefore, I have approved this Supplemlentary
Respect fully,
M.IAncu 26, 1934.




To effectuate the policies of Title I of the ~Ntional Industrial
Recovery Act, thle following provisions.- are estab~lish~ed as a Supple-
mnentaryr Code of Fair CGompetitioni for the Tackle Block M~anufac-
turing IndLustry,~ pu~r~suant to Ar~ticle VI of the Basic C'ode of Fair
Comnpetitio~n ~for the: Fabr~icated MIetal Pr~oducts Mianufacturing and
Metal Conlting Industry, approved by th Priesidlent, of the United
States on the second dlay of Nov-ember 1933, and the provisions of this
STupp'cllemeninry Codec shzall bce the stan~dard of fair competition for
and .sh~all b:e b~indling uponl every mnerlw~tr thereof.


SC~I(rm( S 1_. TheI. term LITUCklle? Block Mnuln~ fa;ctturing IndCustry~ "!
means the Ilanullfalc~f~~tu for sale of a grenera~l line of tackle or pu~rlley
bl-ck~s for Man ilan or W~ire Rope by the m an ufa ct ure.
S~ECT.ION 2. I'18 telrms "i reSIClelt '", "'Act ", and "LAdmlinistratoo r "
as used her1einl ishall menE~i resp~ectively the Presidlent. of th~e United
States, thel National Ilin.lrltrial Recoverly Ac~t, and the Admllinistra'tOr'
for Induslltrial Recov\ery3.
SEc.mcS 3. Thet term "Lemploy!ee "' as u~sedl heriein inicludies anyone
engaged~c in the Industry mn any enpacity receiv-ingi compnsa~io:~nr for
his services, irrespctive:iv of thle nature or method of paymenlt of su~chl
ctompensatl t ion.
SCEC'TION $. TII em "O~ cOlilployer !" as used herein includes anyone.
byY whomI anly suzch eml ~~oyee is c~omipensatede or emiployed.
FECnorIs 5. The term "L membe11 r of the3 industry "' as used herein
includes~ but w~ithfouit limiitationi any individual, pairtnershipl associ-
at i on :~~I 'j,l' enp t i(, or other form of en terpr~ise etngaged in the indust ry
either as an emlplo~yer~ or c.n his or its ow~n behalf.
~SjECTIONK 6. Trhe terml "BEasic Code as used herein is defined to
mean the Basic Co~de of Fair Competition for the FEabricated M~et~al
Prodwis~t Ma~nufacturinlg andl Mbetal Finilishing and Mietal Cloat~ingr
Industry3 as approve~ ibyr ithe Pr1esid`elt, of the Unlited States on thle
sei~rt-on day of Novemnber, 1933.
SECnouS 7. Thle term11 Supp1I~Cllementar'y Code Authlority "' as ulsed
her~ein meansI1I the agencyl') wRhich is to administer this Sup>plemlenta~ry
Cod~e as hlereinafter providled.
SEC'llo 8. Thetermi C" SuplmnryCd mite"asud
herein is de~fined~ to me1Fan h ake lc nutr omt

formed and appointed by th~e members of the Industry to present
this Supplementary Code.
SECTION 9. The termn Federation "! as used her~ein is defined to
mean the Fabricated Met~al Products Feder~ationi or its successor.


This Industry is a d-ivision of the Fabr~icatedl Met~al Products Alan-
ufacturing and M~etal F~inishing and Mietal Coatingr Industry, and
without. limiitation the wage, hour andl labor provisions in Article III
of its Basic Code as approved by the Pr~esident November 2, 1933,
including Section 1 of said Article III by whichl t.hle provisions of
Sub-sections (1), (3), and (3) of Sectioni 7 (a) of Title I. of the ALct.
are made conditions of this Clode, are specifically incorporated herein
and made a1 part. her~eof as t.he wag~e, hour a7nd labor provisions of
this Supplemien tary~ Code.

SECTION 1. During the period not. to exceed sixty (60) days fol-
lowing the effective dlate thie Supplem~entary~ Code Commliittee of
the IndustryS shall constitulte a tempral"ry Supplementary Code
Authority until the Supplemle~lntur Code Aluthorit~y is elected.
There shall be constitutedl withlin th~e isity-dlay period a Supplemen-
tary Code Authority\ consisting of ;3 members to be elected by the
members of the Indlusitry, at a meetings called by the Templlorary
Supplementary Code Authoritty, upon ten days' notice sent by regis-
tered mail to all k~now~n members of t~he In~dust~ry, who may vote
either in person or by proxy. The miem~er~s of the Supplemientary
Code Authorityr first elected shall serve until their su~ccessors~ are
elected. T'he members of the Supplemrentary Code Authlority shall.
be elected in the following mnanner:
(a) 3 members by fifty-one percent vote of members of the In-
dust.ry\, present in peerson or by proxy? weighted on th~e basis of one
vote for each member and one additional vote for each 10 employees,
or fraction t~hereof. engag~ed in the Industry, in the previous calen1-
dlar year reported to the temporary Supplemnentar~y Code ALuthor~ity;
provided, however, that. no one member may cast more than 33Vz/
percent of total numnber of votes east.
A vacancyv in the membership of the. Supplemnentary Code Author-
ity miay be filledl by majority vote of the remaining members of
the Suppl'ementary Code Authority; provided, however, that the
right to vote, as set. fourth above, shall be subject to the limitations
provided in Section IV of this Article. In addition to the members
above provided the Admninistrator m~ay appoint one member w~ith-
out vot~e to serve on the Sulpplemenltary Code Authority..
SECTION 2. Any Association directly or indirectly participating
in the selection or activities of the Supp~lementary! Codte A-uthority
shall (1) impose no inequitable restrictions on membership, and (2)
submiit to the Aldminisitrator such information as to mnembershiip,,
organization and activities as the Administrator mnay deem necessary
to effectuate the purposes of the A~ct.

SECTION 3. In order that the Supplemlentary Code Authority shall,
at all times, be tr~uly. representative of the Industry, and in other
respects comnply writh the provisions of the Act, the Administ~rator
mayu! prscrib~i e such Henrings~ as he mayr dleem proper'; andi thereafter,
if her haill findc that thie Suppllt~emetntry) Codle Author~ity is not. truly
r~l"epresetativec or does not in oth~er. respects comply wFith thle pro-
visions of the Act, may1? Irequli're anl a ~ppropiate mod0ifient~ion in the
mnethlod of scelection of the Supp~llemnent~ary Cod~e Authority.
SEI'TION 4. AI llmemlbers~ of the IndulstryV are subject to the juris-
dliction of the Sulpp-lerlnientry Code Authority; andl all members
assenting ther~eto shal~l be entitledl to~ participate in and share the
benefits of thie Sullppe llmen tar C~ode Authority; shall be entitled to
v-ote in the selection of members of thle Supplemlentanry Codle Author-
ity as: pro\idedl inr Sectioni 1 of thiis Alrticle. and shall pay their
reas~oniabl share of thle expensesi of the Adm~inis;te~ntion1 of this Sup-
pillllentartily Codle. sulch reasonable, C shanre to bet dletermiined~ by the
Supplemrne nt ary Codte Authlority., subject to review andl approval by
the Admniinis~tratr on thle basis of volume of business and2/or such
clthler fur~torl as mally be deemed equitable by the Supplemenrltary C~ode
See-rmI( S 5. Nothlingb rcontinediic~ in this S3uppI~llmentarly Cc~de shiall
con-rititu~te the mlemlbersa of the: Suplpliementary Code-c Au~thiority par~t-
ners for azny purpose.
SiErr-ns 6. The SuIpplemeiintary Cod~e Auithority- shall also fr~om
tiiie to timle furniSh to the Basii c Codle Authority, lesignalted inl said
Basic Codle, suchl inlformation as may be requiredc to be fur1nished
viclerl~ terms of said Basicl' Code.
Stone 1\ SIrr~ 7. The Supp'lemenn tar Codep Anlthorlity shall haver the
folwn fur'~ther powersC1' and duti es;
(aL) To insulre the esrentio~n of the provisions of thlis Supplemlen-
tary\ C~ode and provide for the c~omplinilee of thet indusltrya wvith the
provisions of the AcLt -suljc~t to sucih rulTes andc r~eguhs~tiols ns the
Adm-711i nist ra;to may precrc1ibt .
(b3) To adlopt b~y-law-s and rules and regurlal~tiOns- forl itS proc.)edur1 e
anld for the lnamini ~l;tentio and11 enforcement of the Suppjlemenntary?

(c) To0 obtain fmanll memberI~~LS of the indlubf ry such inlformlationi anld
Irepor'ts as are(- requ'ir'edl for the adminl~istration of the Supp~lmenuryt:1
Cod,tc wohich- informal~;tionI and recporitsi shall be submuitte d~ by members
to suich tnaministrative and /or grovet1rnment agncicls ~s tlie Adm~in-
istento rl'rlll\ m lay igrnate;, p~rov~.ided that northing hin this Supplem~ent ary
Codet i hall1 relieve any mensherl; of the indlustryJ of any~ existine nbli-
gationrs to, furn~ishl r~epo~t~ to anly gov\ernmelnt agncy. Niro individuals
recports~ shlll be dlisclosedl to any. other member of thle indullstry\ or
anyi\ other party exce~pt to suchl governmiental agenriS.~ci as may be
dli;reted( by the Admin istrat'lor.
(d) To usre su~lch te~ndor as ~intio~n s a~nd o~thiri ngrenciesl as it dleemis
proper' for the enrrlying ouit of any of its netiv~ities provided for
herein, providedl that nothiiing herelin shall relieve the Supplem~lle ntary
Coder Aulthority of its dluties or responsibilities ulnder thia .Suplple-
mlenlturry rode andl thant suchl trade ass~ocintions anid agencies hall at
all times he sulbjtect to andl~ compllly wvith th~e p~r~ovisions hereof.

(e) To make recommendations to th~e A~dministrator for the
coordination of the administration of thisj Suppleentartaly Code with
such other codes, if any, as may be relatedi to the indlustry.
(f) To secure from members of the industry anl equitable and
proportionate paymlient of the reasonable expenses of mairintaining the
Supplem'entaryv Code Authority andi its activities.
(g) To cooperate with the Administrator in regulatng the use of
any NI.R.A. insignia solely by those members of thle industry who
hav assecntedC to, nd ar re compI-lyi;ng writh, this Supplleme~nntary Code.
(h) To recommend to the Administrator further fair trade prac-
tice provisions to govern mnemibers of the industryv in their relations
with each others or w~ithl other indus~tries and to rcolmmend to the
Administrator mieasulres for industrial planning including stabiliza-
tion of emiployment.
(i) If the Adtministrator shall deterine~i ii that anyi action of a
Code Authority or agency thereof may~ be( unfair or unljustt or con-
trary to the publl)ic interest, the Admiiiniistrtor may require that
such actionl be suspended to affordl on opportunity for investigation
of the mleritsi of such nation andl for thle consideration by such Code
Authority or agency pending final notion which .;;hall not be effective
unless th~e Adlm inistra:tor, a pprlov-es or~l unle~ 1-a he sall fail to disap-
provec after thiirty any.,' notice to himi of intenitioni to proceed writh
such netioni in the or~igrilnal or mlodified formll.

AirrTIcuI: 1'--A;C(.Curs TISo i\D CIosTISG

W~ithi r~espct to, that portion of hiis prioiluc~t which~ is wvith~in the
industry!, evel lry meber of the Indu~stryr shanll use an accountinga
system 'for d~etermnining hisj allowable c~ost which c~onforms to the
principles of thle ulniforml1 method~i of am~ounting, andc the uniform
mcth~odl of cost ing,~ to, be formllulated byl the Su pplemlentary Code
Authority andl approve\'d by~ the Adminiiisiatrato w~ith such varinitions
therefr~omi as may3~ be reCquir'ed by! thet individunlfl condlitions affectingg
any member~~l or group1 of mem"b;.rs of th~e Indlustryv, and as miay
be a approved by thle Supp '~! nwatry Cod'i!' (e A ut hor~ity a n d the


NoT~ member3~1 of [Ith Industryl'~ lihall sell or exchange alny product of
the Indlustry w~ith recltrt to wrhichl minimluml niet prices and,/or max-
imumi discoiunts have b~een failed inl accordannce w~ith Ar~ticle V/II, at a
price oIri"' upn ermsl and~ cond~itions,~ whIich1 will result in the pur-
chiaser paying for thle goodls receivedl less than the allowvable cost
thereof to thle seller, determined in necordal~nce with a uniform method
of costing above desicribedl, b~ased uponll total cost o-f each line for par-
ticular typIe or style of tackle blocks: p~roviledl, however.that dropped
lines, or seconds, or inventor~ies whichi must be convi\ertedl into ensh to
meet emergency~ needs may be dlisposedi of byr any member of the
Industry, at any price andt on any! termsll and~ Cconditiionls, but only if
such mlemlber' of the Industryv has ficcld withl Suppleinclantury Code
Authority,, a statement in writing., setting~ fourth thle fnet of, a'nd r~ea-
sons for. suich prop~osedl dispiosal, andi~ provC~ided furtherCI, any1S m1ember3

of the 11(3IndstY may7 se~ll below hisi costs in order that he may meet
competitive prrices filed~ in necordc~ance w~ithl the provisions of Article
VII of this Supp~llementar~y Codle, or to m~eet. competition from prod-
ucts of equivalent design, cha~rneter, quality, or specifications, mianu-
facture~d outside the Unitedl SCtates.


(a) Each member of the Inidustry shall within ten (10) days after
the effective date of this Supplem~entary Code, fi1e wit~h the Supple-
mentnay CodeJ Author~ity a copy~ of his cataloga togethlerr with his net
price list, and/ori his discount sheet. applying to his catalog as used
by such member inl the trade, as the case mayr be, individually pre-
pared by him, and in such form andl for suich products as the Supple-
mentary Code Authority ma~y prescribe showing his current prices,
or prices and discounts, anid terms of sale andt payment, anid the Sup-
plementary Code Author~it~y shall ilnunedliat.elyv sen~d copies thereof to
all known manufacturers of such specified product.
Revised nlet price lists undl/or maxnimuml discount sheets and..'or
all other conditions of sale shall be filed from timei to time thereafter
wCith the Supplementaryv Code Auth~or~ity byv any m~ember of the
Industry, to become effective upon the date speci~ied therein, but
such revised net price list and 'or discount sheets andl or all other
conditions of sale shall become effective tenl (10) day~ after thle filing
thereof with the Sup~plemer lntur Code Aluthority. Copies of suchl
:revised net price lists and/'or maximuml discount sheets and or all
other conditions of sale w~itl nlotice of the effective dlate specified,
9shll be immediately sent to all known mnu~fac~turer~s of such prod-
uct, any of whomn m~a file if he so dlesiries, to become effective upon
the date when thle revir-ed net. price list. nd l'or maxsimnum discount
sheet and/or all other conditions of sale first filed shall gao into effect,
revisions of his net. pr1ice lists, and/or mn ximumi dliscounit sheets
and/or all other c~ondlitions of sale establishingr prices or prices and
discounts not lower or conditions of sale not mnore favorable than
those establishedl in thle revised~ net. price lists and l'or maximumn dis-
count sheets and.'or all o~thier conditions of sale first fledl. Current
pricle lists shall be availabl.le to all interested parties.'
(b) The Supplemnentary Code Authority shall have thle powTer to
require any membler of thec Indlustry to furnish it such information
as it may require to dleter~mine that, t~he price lists and 'ror discount
shee~ts filed by a member of the Industry are not below his allowlable
costs as determined in accordance with the provisions of Article V
Each member of thle Industry~ shall furnish the Supplemientary
Code Authority for distribution with such numlrber of copies of his
entalog ana~d his nlet. price lists and.'or maximumi discount. sheets as
Supleentary Code Autahority mnay pr1escr~ibe.
(c)~ No mnember of the Inidustry shall sell directly or indirectly.
by any means whantsoever. any product of the industry with respect
to which lists andl maxsimum discounts and/or minimum net prices
hiave been filedl as prvcidedl in Article V'II at lower prices or at
greater discount~s. or con other conditions of sale different from those
a See paragraph 2 ofT ordelr appl[rlovill thi-i Cor~de.

provided in his own current, net price lists. or pr1ice list.; and Inutxi-
mumn discount sheets as filed.
(d) NEot~hing in Ar~ticle V'II of this Suplllple mentut: ry Code shall
apply to sales between member of t~he ind-ustr~, provided howeverc
that no sales shall be made below cost.
(e) Terms of credit shall not be allowTedl for a. renter lengrth of
time, or uponi a mior~e favorable bas~iS than follows~:
(1) Twro (2) percent discount fromt the net amount of the inlvoice,
for paymnent within ten (10) dolns fr~om dnue of invoice, except in
the case of shipmnents to the states of California, Olregon anid Wiash-
ingaton, in which cases two (2') percent discount for liaymrent within
fifteen (15) days fromt date of invoice maiy be allowed: "Dateat of
Invoice' meaning date of shipment.
(2) Except that up~on r~equest. by a customne r,, tnc we discounllt periods
per month may\ be allowedl by miembers~ as fo~llows~: Twoc- (2) lier~cent
cash discount may be deducted fr~oml the net monlClllt. of all1 invoice3
dated from the 1st to the 15th day of any monlth, if paymenllt is mnde
by the 25thl of t~he same month, andr ont invoices danted~ from the 16th
of the month to the end of the mronthi if panidl by thle 10:th of the nnext
In thle grantiing of these ftermls on~ .shipmen~ltS to Califor~nia, Oregon
and WPashington, the payment date may be extendled five dlays, that is,
to the 30~th of the curr~ent. mon)lth,:111 an 1thl Of thle noxt mon)lth, in lieu
of t~he payment date specified above.
(3) Invoies allowedl to run b~eyond the li'rcounlt period plrovidedlC
above, shiall b~e due niet in th~irt~ay days' front\1 da;t(' of inv~oice.
(4)j The o~fferingr of mior~e fa-or~able termiis o~f rlrditt than prov,\idedl
above, i-, declaredit to bje an unfafir trade pra';ctic~e and a violation of
this Suppl~llemerntary) Codle.
( f) NoT~ pjro)isionl of t~h is; SuIPplementary~~ ~ Clode rerlat ingI to p1ic-es
or termsi1 of sellingr, shipping, or mariketinr shanll apiply to export
sales or shipments for exp~ort tradel w~ithini the meacningF o.f the~ termz
" export tend~e ", as isj usedl in thie Expor~lt. T1:rade Act; pr~lovided3, how~-
eVer,! that excep:tions~ dute to p~artic-ular c~ir~cumsta~nces shall be sutb-
mlittedd to thle Supplemientary~ C'ode A~uthorityt for its considel~ration
andlr determilnation,1 and~ its dc~l~jisin shall bet sublject~ to- the approvj\ al
of the Administrator.

The Unfair Tradle Prazctices coJvered~c by\ Article Y' of the Basic
Code, with the ecsceptioni of Scctio~n "A" thereof, which is cov-ered
by provisions of this Sup~plementary~ C'ode. for~l a1 l~l proses of this
Supplementalry Codle shall constitute unlfair practices. Any mem-
ber of the Industr~y who shall dlirectly~ or indirectly,! through any
officers, emnployeec, agent or1 r~ep~~~tnr~t\esetti use or emplo any~ of such
unfair practices, described inl Article Y' of thle Basic Code, excepting
Section "A"! thereof, shiall be guiilty of a violation of this Supple-
mentary Code.

No provision of thiis Suj~pplemle ntney! Codec .shall be appliedl so as to
p~ermit, monopol)O ies or monopolistic pra~zclitics Or to elimlinatfe, opplreSS
or discriminate against small enterprises.


SE'TIO)N i. Tills~ Supp~lelirenltary Codle and all the provisions thereof
a~e, exp~ressly madte subject to the riaht of the President, in accord-
ance writh p~ovisioni of subsection (be of Section 10 of the Act, from
timie to timie to concel or mnodify any orders, approval, license, rule
or regulation issuredl un~er saidl Act.
SECTION '2. ThllS ,SuPPlemental,7ry Code, except as to provisions re-
quir~ed by the Act, may! be modified on the basis of experience or
changes in circumstances, such muodifications to be based upon appli-
cation, by the Supplem~ntary C'ode Authority to the Administrator
and- suchh Nuotice andl HenringF as he shall specify, and to become
effectiv-e on ap~provanl by the Pr~esidlent.

Whereascs the policy of the Act to increase real purchasing power
w~ill be mnade miore difficult of consummnation if prices of goods and
services increase as rapidly as wages, it is recognized that price in-
creases except such as may be required to meiet individual costs
sh~ouldl be delayecd, but. when miad-e, such increases should, so far as
possible, be limiitedi to actulal additional increases in the seller's costs.

This Supplemelnntary Code shall become effective at. 1.2:01 o'clocl e
A.MI. on the tenth dAy after it is app~roved by th~e President.
Appjroved Code No. 84l. Supp~lement No. 11.
HRgistry No. ]1010 07.

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