Supplementary code of fair competition for the retail custom fur manufacturing industry (a division of the retail trade)...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the retail custom fur manufacturing industry (a division of the retail trade) as approved on September 25, 1934
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Retail custom fur manufacturing industry
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"Approved Code No. 60--Supplement No. 2."

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Approved Code No. 60--Supplement No. 2

Registry No. 911--1-14





(A Division of the Retail Trade)




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Approved Code No. 60--Supplement No. 2



As Approved on September 25, 1934





An application having been duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with th~e provisions of Tit~le I of the N~ational Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 10, 1933. for approval of a Schedule
C for the Retail Custom F~ur ~anulfactu~ingr Trade to the Code
of Fair Comnpetition for the Retail Trade, and hearings having been
duly hleldl thereon; an oIppor~tunity to be heard having been afforded
all members of said Tr~ade and any objections filed having been duly
considered, and the unnexedt r~eport. on snid Schedule C", contain-
ing findings wTithl respect. thereto, havingf been made and directed to
the President:
NOW', THEREFOREI, on b:ehanlf of thle President of the United
States, I, Hugh S~. Johnson, Adlministra~tor for Industrial Recover~y,
pursuant. to authority vested in mer by Executive Orders of the
President, including Exsecutive Order N~o. 6543-A, dated December
30, 1933, and otherwvise; do hercby incorporate by reference Esid
annexed report and do find that said Schledule C "complies in all
respects with the pertinent provisions and will promote the policy
and purposes of saidl Title of said. Act; and do hereby order that
said Schedulle C1 be anld it is hereby) approved, subject however,
to the following conditions:
(1) The use of Inbels, pr~ovided in Article V, is hereby stayed
except on new~ly manlufactureld garmlents sold directly to the
HUTGH S. JoRnxson,
Adm~iniristrator for Indu~rs~tr~ial Recovery.
App~roval rccnencmmended:
Diviisionl A~dmiinisitrator.
Sep'tntembe 9,5, 193:3.
87673"---1181-93- 343 (1)


The Wlhite House.
SIR: Th~is is a report of the Hearing on the Supplemental C~ode
of Fiair Competition for the Retail Clstom m Fur M~anufacturing
Trade conducted in the Carlton Room of the Carlton Hotel on Fri-
day, December 15, 1933. This report also> cover~s a Notice of Oppor-
tunity to be Heard in objection to this Code prior to Tuesday, July
31, 1934. The Supplemental Codle which is attached was presented
by a duly qualified and authorized representative of the Trade
complying with the statutory requirements.

The Division of Rtesearch and Planning in its report has quoted
various estimates that thiis Trade has from two to five thousand
firms. Due to the overlapping between this Trade and other Trades
and due to the small size of mlany of the firms contained in it, it has
been impossible to obtain an accurate estimate of the actual number
of firms and thae number of employees engaged in it.
Th~e members of this Trade are scattered all over the country in
large cities and in small, roughly proportional to the population of
the various towns. However, there are probably mnore fur firms per
capital in the northern half of the country than in the souther, due
to the greater demand for furs in cooler climates.
This Trade is highly seasonal in nature due to the seasonal de-
mand for fur garments. HowTever, the opportunity to sell repairs
on fur garments anld storage service mitigatte~s the intense seasonal
variations in emplloyment commonly experiencedl by the ]Fur Manu-
facturing industry.
WM~hile the employees in the 1Fur Mannufacturing Industry and in
this Trade find interchangeable opportunities for work in several
of the Ilarge metropolitan centers, mnost of the employees working
in this Trade operate in a very different manner than those of thfe
Fur Manufacturing Industry wiCith the result that the product per
mnan-hour of employment in this Trade is less than in the organized
centers of the Fliur Manufacturing Industry.


From the day of the public hearing on this Code bitter contro-
v~ersy has been waged betw-een various interests regarding th~e appro-
priate labor provisions for this Trade. No compromise has ever
beenl reached amng lllr the various groups of interests w~ho attempted
to draft a set of labor provisions. During the proceedings it became
obvious that a scientific survey ought to be substituted for the heated
assertions of the various groups. Therefore, it is provided in Ar-

ticle III, Section 1 that an impartial agency shall study the actual
conditions in this Trade and report to the Adminiistrator such facts
and views as w~ill help him in determining an. equitable set of labor
provisions for this Trad~e. Until sulch labor provisions are approved
byv the A~dministrator, thle labor provisions of the Code of Fair Com-
pet~ition for the Retail Tradle will apply.

The close relationlship between the. problems of this TIra~de and the
remainder of the Fur Industries ma~kes it essential that a National
Code ALuthority exist to represent the Custom Furriers in thne solu-
tion of the commllon diffic~ult~ies which beset the Fur Industries.
However, the w~idely senttered- naturet of the individual units in this
Trade makes the procbable cosct of local administration seem, rather
hligh. Therefore, the C'od-e provides for national administration
through a Code A~uthor.ity for this Trade and local administration
through the Local Code Authorities provided under the Code of F'air
Competition for the Retail Trade.

In necordance with th~e procedure adopted among thze other Fur
Industries for securing better compliance, this Trade has provided
for the use of an N.R.A. Inbel. D~ue to certain objections in the Trade
which cannot at, the pr~ese~nt timle be: adjusted, it hnas beenr deemed
advisable t~o limit the use of N.R.A. Inbels to custom garments newly
made for the consumer pending a detterm~ination at some future date.


The Deputy Administrator in his final report to me on said Sup-
plemental code having found as herein set forth. and on the basis
of all t~he proceedings in this matter;
I find that:
(3) Said Supplemental Code is well designed to promote the
policies and purposes of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery
Act, including removal of obstructions to the free flow of interstate
and foreign commerce which tend to dimninish the amount thereof~,
and will provide for the general welfare by promoting the organ-
izaton f idusty fr te prpose of cooperative action among
iitrade roupb inducing fo hand maintaining united action of labor
and mann~aement under adequate governmental sanction and super-
vision, by eliminating unfair competitive practices, by promoting
the fullest. possible use of the present productive capacity of indus-
t~ries, by avoidi~ngT undue restriction of production (except as may
be temporar~ily required), by_ increasing the consumption of indus-
trial anld nagricultural produucts thI-rough increasingprhsn
p)owTer, by redlucingr and relieving unemployrment, by improing
standards of Inb~or, and by otherw\Tise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said Trade normally employs not more than 50,000 employees
and it is not classified by mne as a major industry.
(c) The Supplemlental Code as approved compl~les in all respects
with the per~tin~elt, prois~ions of said Title of said Act,, including

without limitation Sub~section (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of
Section 7 andl Subsectionl (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant. associa~tionl is a tra~de association truly representative of
the aforesaidl Trade; andl that saidl association imposes no inequi-
table r~estr~ictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) The Su~ppe lemetnta Cod~e is not, designed to andl will nlot per-
Imt mnonop~olies or mnonop~ohstic practices.
(e) The Suplplemental Code is not designed to andl will not elimi-
note or oppress small enterprises and will not operate to discrimiinate
aga1i nst them.
(f) Th~ose engaged~ in other steps of the economic process have
not been deprived of t~he right to be heardl prior to the approval
of this Supp~lement~al Code.
For these reasons, this Supplemental Codle has been approved.
Respect fully,
HUGH S. JoHNsoar,
Aldm inistrator.
SEPTEMBER 95, 1934.





To effectuate the policies of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, this Supplemental Code is established as a Code
of Fair Comlpetition for the Retail Customz Fur Manufacturing
Trade pursuant to Article XII, Section 6, of the General Code of
Fair Competition for the Retail Trade, approved on October 21,
1933. All provisions of the said Gecneral Code which are not in
co~nflict with the provisions of this Supplem-ental Code are hereby
incorporated by reference in this Supplemental Code and made a
part hereof. Such provisions of the General Code together wPith
the supleme~rntingr provisions of this Code, are the standards of
fair competition for and are binding upon, every member of said

(Supplementing Article II of the G~eneral Code)
SECTIoPU 1. Trade.--The term "L Trade as used herein, shall mean
(1) the servicing, cleaning, storing, acceptance for cleaning or stor-
Ing, repairing, altering and remodeling of fur articles directly for
the consumers; (2) the manufacturing of fur articles to the order
a~nd_/or special measure of thle consumer.
SECTION 2. EFl/r A~rticles.--The term fur articles as used herein,
shall mnean fur coats, fur scarfs, fur trimmings and kindred articles
of w~earing apparel made from furs and skrins.
SECTION 3. Emp~loyees.-The term employee as used herein,
shall include any and all persons engaged in the Trade, however
compensanted, except a member of the Trade.
SECTION 4. E~n ployer.-T~he term employer as used herein,
shall mean anyone by whom, such employee is compensated or
em played.
rSECTIO)N 5. Member of the Trade.--The term member of the
Trade as used herein, shall mean, but without limitation, any indi-
vidlual, partnership, association, corporat~ion or other form of enter-
prise engagred~ in the Tradte as above defined, either as an employer or
on hlis owTn or its owpn behaslf.
SECTION 6. Aid aInd Ar712~l;>'ne'strato-T'he terms "Act" and "Ad-
ministrator "! as used~ herein, shall mnean, respectively, TIitle I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act, and the ALdmninistrattor for Indus-
trial Recovery.

SECTION 7. Lafetr Yorkll Mletropolitaan Area..-The term "New York
Metropolitan Aren as used herein, shall be defined in accordance
with the usage of the Bur~eau of the Census.
SECTION 8. Gene~a.l Code.--The terml General Code as used
herein, is defined to mean the Code of Fair Clompetition for the
Retail Trade.

(Sup~plementingi Articles IV, V, VI: of the General Code)
SECTIO)N 'i. IG~ Y'orkh ,etfr~opoitan Areac.--The term "L New Y~ork
Section 7 of t~he Clod~e of Fair Competition for the Fur 1\ianufactur-
2ng Industry or such other agency as the Admiinihtrator may desig-
nate, shall study labor conditions in the Trade and report not later
than thirty (30) days after the effective dlate of this Supplemental
Clode, to thie Administrator a schedule of recommended labor pro-
visions for this Supplemiental Code.
SECTION 2. Unt.11 such labor provisions are approved by the Ad-
miniistrator, th~e labor provisions of the General Code shall apply.


(Supplemienting Article X of the General Code)

SECTIO N 1. LoCaI Retaf~il code Au,~th~ority.-The Rtetail Custom Fur
3Alaurlfneturingr Trade is hereby desig~nated a Division of the Retail
Trade andl may be represented as hereinafter specified on all Local
Retail Code Authorities. Except as hereinafter exspressly provided,
thle administration of thle G~eneral Code andi of this Supplem~ental
Codle shall be as providedrc in Article X of the General Code.
SECTION 2. rrNational Codle Authiority.--There is hereby created a
National Codle Authority for the Retail Customn Foir M~anufacturing
'Trade, consisting of twclve (12) memnbers, four (4l) of wh~omn shall
be elected by the nIcllbers of the Trade locatedl W\est of the 88th
mieridlian W\est longitude, four (4) of w~hom~ shall be elected by the
Meltmbers of the Trande locatedl East of thle 88thi mrr~idian WTest longi-
tude, excepting the New Y~ork Mettroplolitan Area, and four (4) of
whom shall be elected by the M~embe~rs of the T1rade located in the
N~ew York M~etropolitan Area. The election o~f the twrelve (1'2)
members shall b~e in accordance wFith a plan to be approved by the
Aldmnin ist ra tor.
rSECTION 3. Admn)i;StratCion Memnbesr.--In addition to miember~ships
as above provided, there may be not more than three !3) members
without vote, to be known as Adminiistration~ 1Iembers, to be ap-
pointed by the Administrator to serve for such sterns as hie may
sp~eci fy.
*SECTICoN 4. Rel7Presentatlfon~ on Locacl XRetil C'ode A~thor~ity.--(a)
The National Codle Auithorityv for thle Retail C'ustomi Fur Alanu-
fueturing Tra~de mnay, subject to the a~pprown;l of t.he Admninistrator,
prlov'ide for the appointment of no~t more than two (2) additional
members, as repr~esentatives of the Tradle! on any Local Retail Clode
Authority for th~e purpose of assisting in the administration of this
Supplemental Code and of the General Code.

(b) Provided, however, that upon application from the National
Code Authority for the Retail Customi For Manufacturin= TIra~de
advising the Administr~ator th~at. separate Local C'ode A~uthorities
for the Trade are necessary to secur~e the effective admilnillst~ration of
this Supplemental C'ode in~ metropolitan areas, the A~dministrator
may authorize the folrmat xon o cf such Local Code Aiuthorities at any
time after the effective date of this Supp~lemenrtal Code. Such
separate Local Code Aluthor~ities shall assist in. thme Admrinis;trantion
of the General Code and of this Supplemllental Code in such areas~ as
may be placed w~ithiln their jurisdiction.
SECTION 5. ETCepen~iSs.rP-The1 1SexpeneS necessary for agnc~ies esta\h-
lished pursuiant to AIrticle X of the Code of Fair Comnpetition for
the Retail Trade and pursualnt to this Article insoc~far as borne by
the Trade, shall be equitably assess~ed in neeordafnc~e with the plan
to be devised by the National Code iA~uthority for th~e Retail Cus-
tom Fur Manuifacturing Tradce in con~sultationl with the National
Retail Code Authority, Inc., and subject to the~ approval of the
SECTION 6. The National Code Authaority for the Retail Custom
Fur Ma~nufacturingg Trade herein created shall have all powers nee-
essary to assist the Administ r~ator in admilnirlsteringr the provisions
of this Schedule.
SECTION ;. Ill Order that the Supplementary Code Authority shall
at all times be truly representative of this Trade anmd in other re-
spects comply w~ith thle provisions of the Act, the Admninistratolr
may prescribe sucLh hlearings as h~e may dteem proper; and thereafter
if he shall findl that thie Sup~plemecntary Code Authority is not truly
representative or does not in other respects comply with the pro-
visions of the Act, mazy require an appropriate modification of the
Supplementary Codle Authority.
SECTION rS. if t.11 AdmlHIStrntOF Shall at any time determine that
any action of a Code Authority or anty agency thereof mrtay be unfair
or unju~st or contrary to t~he public interest, the Administrator
may require that sulch action be suspended to afford an opportunity
for investigation of the merits of such action. anrd further considera-
tion by such Code Authority or agency pending~ final action which
shall not be effective unless the Admlinistrator approves or unless
he fails to disapprove after thirty (30) days' notice to him of
intention to proceed with sulch action in its original or modified
SECTION 9. The National Code Auth~orityT for the Retail Customn
Fur hlanulfact.uringr Trade shall have the power to assent for thie
Trade to all modifications andl amnendmtents proposed to this Code.

SECTION 1. All fur articles cleaned, stored, repaired, altered,
servicedl, or nceptedl for any of the aforesaid purposes, or manu-
factured or distribuitedl, subject to the p~rovisions of this Code, shall
hear on N.R.A. label to symnbolize: to purchasers of said fur articles
thlat the same are supervised and provided for under the Code of
Fair Competition for the Retail Custom Fur Mannufacturing Trade.
Under the powers vested in the Admninistrator by Executive Order
of October 141, 19)33, and under grant- of the necessary authority byJ

him, the Code Authority shall have the exclusive right in this Trade
to issue and furnish said labels to the members t~hereof. Any and
all employers may apply t~o the Code Authority for a p~ermit to use
such N.R.A. label, which permit to use the labetl shall be granted to
them, but only if and so long as t~heyr comply w~ith this Supp~lemental
Code. The Code Authority., subject to approval by t.he Adminis-
trator, shall establish rules and r~egulations andc appr>lopr1iate machin-
ery for the issuance of labels and the inlsp:ectionl, examination and
supiervision of the piractices of employers usmg~i such labels in ob-
serving the provisions of this Supplemnental Cod~e for the purpose
of ascertaining the right of saidl employers to the continued use of
said labels; of protecting purchasers in relying on1 said labels; of
insuring to each individual emnployer that thie symbolism of said
label will be mlaintainedl by virtue of compliance withl the practices
herein contained by all other employe~trs using said Ilabel.
SC1ECTIONr 2. The. charge made for such Inb~els by! the Code Authority
shall at all times be subject, t~o supervision and orders of the Admin-
istrator and shall be nlot more than an amocunt necessary to cover
the netual reasonable. cost thereof, inicludcingr actual p~rinting, dis-
tributtion, and administration and supiervisioni of the use thereof as
her~einab~ove set forth.


(Supplementing ArLticleS VTIII and IX of tlhe Genlera~l Code)
SECTroT `1. No member of t~he Trade shanll withhold from or insert
in any quotation or invoice any statement that makes it insecurate in
any material particular. The namle of any sk~in whlen it is not
descriptive and not qualifiedl by! the true namne of thle sk~in, shall be
dlenemed inaccurate in a material particular.
SECTION 2. PCO member of the Trad~ce shall brand or mar1k or pack
any goods in any manner which is intended to or does deceive or mis-
lead purchasers with respect to the brandc, grade, quality, quantity,
origin, size, substance, character, nature, finishl, mater~ial content
or preparation of such good~s.
LCECTION 3. NO Ilemiber of the Trade siall pub~lishi advertising
which refers inaccurately in any' material pa~rticular to any com-
petitor or his merchandise, prices, values, credit terms, policies or
SE~CTION 4. NO member of thle Tradce shall publish or circulate
unjustified or unwmarranted threats of legal proceedin~ss which tend
to harass or have the effect of' harlnssing competitors or intimidacting
their customers.
SECTION 5. N~o member of the Trade shall give, permit to be given,
or directly offer to give anything of value for the purpose of in-
fluencing or rewarding the action of any employee, agent, or repre-
sentative of another in relation to the ~usiinless of th-e employer of
sulchi employee, the principal of such agent, or the r~epresentedt party
without the knowledge of such employer, principal or party. This
provision shall not be construed to prohibit free and general distri-
bution of articles commonly used for adv-ertising except so far as
such articles are actually used for commercial bribery as hereinabove

SECTION 8. NO member of thle Trade shall attempt to induce the
breach of an existing contrnet between a competitor and his customer
or source of supply; nior shall any member of the Trade interfere
with or obstruct the per1formlancee of such contractual duties or
S~ECTIO)N 7. Each and evcry~ for article cleaned by the solid or sawv-
dust method, commionly known as the furr1ier's method, shall have
attached thereto, on a button, loop, or buttonhole, or in some other
conspicuous place, a tag conltainingr the statement, conspicuously
printed, which shall indiente thiat the said fur article has been
cleaned in such manner. Th7e size of the tag and language to be
employed for thle aforesaidl pur~poset, shall be r~egulated by the Code

This Code and all t.he provisions thereof are expressly made surb-
ject to the right of the President, in accordalnce with the provisions
of subsection (br) of Scection 10 of t~he A~ct, from time to time to
cancel or modify any order, approval, license, rule, or regulation
issued under Title I: of said A~ct.


This Supplemental Codie shanll become effective ten (10) days after
date of approval.
Approved Code No. 60-Supplement No. 2.
Registry No. 911-1-14.


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