Amendment to code of fair competition for the leather and woolen knit glove industry as approved on December 4, 1934


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the leather and woolen knit glove industry as approved on December 4, 1934
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Leather and woolen knit glove industry
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"Registry No. 913-1-01."
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"Approved Code No. 87--Amendment No. 2."

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Approved Code No. 87--Amendment No. 2

Registry No. 913--1-01








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Approved Code No. 87--Amendment No. 2



As Approved on D~ece~mber 4, 1934

AeoroA arvsoi.TN .: rENT~IS or Colnr or AIR~~ COMPETITION .TO~TI TE
AIn application havingr Leol dul~y nurd(e purlllclnt.l to and in full
compliance with th~e provisionsc of Tiitle I of the Na;:tiona:l Indul~strial
Recovery Act, app roved~ June 16j, 19j3:3, for approval of aIn and anenlcI ts
to a, Code of Fair Com~petition for the LaI1:therl andl Woolen ~Knit
GSlove Induistr~y, and hea~ring~s having~ been~ duly held thereoncll and
the! annexedscc report on satidl: anwndment Il'f, (contifningll findings with
respclcct there~ito~, hav~ing~ beerrIn made ndc dlirected~c to the P~residenlt:
NOW.VI THE~RFORE], on beha~lf of the Pre ~idecnt of thne Unlited
States, the PTNatiornal TIndustrial: RtecoverCIy Board'~,prutoau
thority rescted- in it byT Exsrcetive of the P~residelnt, inc-ludling
Exaecutivec Ordetr No. ('j.30, datelid Sep~tembercl 2"7, 19,34, and otherwise;
ctoes hereby incorp~orate by re~ference,~ said annexedct report and does
findc' that said nmeltndnienlts- anCd the Codet as constituted after be~ingF
amendedtcl complly in all respects with the pertinen povsinsan
will promolcte the policy~ andl pur~po es of said titleofsaid nect, anrd
cdoes hiereboy border~ th-at said amenchnents be and they3 are hereby aI?-
p'roved7, and that the pirc\nous app~rova\l of ail Cod"e be and(. it Is
herebyS amnlc edcl to include nol aplevllcln of .nidl Code in its enitirety
as nmendedrci;
PROV)T IDED,, HOWEVE\I R, that Secctionl 13-"Adverli ing16 "'-of
Arltic~le VIII be andl it hereby is stayedc- untlil such time as a sub~se-
quecntt Oriler is ionedl there~on.
N. By11~ W.L AT. II.1snow.\x, Admllini~strat~ir ve OIper.?T

Acting3 DUid~ion, Admin lixtratfor.

100874*---1383"15---341 ti


The IF hite House.
SIR: .This is a report on ametndmenit; of the Code of Fair Co~m-
petition for the Leaderilr' and Woolen Kinit Glove ~Indumeri-. Thle
amendlmenlts which a~re uttachedc~. were presented b~y thle Codle Authort-
ity7 for thhe Lteather and Woolen K~nit Glove Indtustry andc thle Ni\a-
tional Recovery Admini-tratfion, however\~1 the amndmelc ntslli in their
present formn have been~ assented to by the Code An~thorityt 3 for thle
Leather andl Woolen Kinit Glove Indu~-tryj on behralf of the idl
A public hearing, of which due notice was given all interested
pa r'ties, was held August 3, 1934 on these amendmnents. All personsllc
who reqiues~edl were fairly heard inl accorda-nce with rules and regn~l-
lations of the Nationlal Recovery Administration.
The amendments amend Articles IV, V, VTI and VIII of the Code
as approved by you Nr~ovember 4, 1933 and later amended Sep~tembel~ r
5, 1934.
Article IV is amended by deleting Section 3, which is a provision
for handicapped workers that is nowC inconsistent with policy.
Article VT~ is amended by adding two new sections. The first pro-
vidaes for standards for -safety and health of employees within thne
Indunstry. The second provides for employment of handicapped
workers on light work at a wagfe below the minimum estab~lished~-
by the Codte if the employer obtains from the State Authority desigr-
no:teld by thle Un~lited States D~epartment of Latzbor a certificate
aut~hor~izing~ such person's employment.
Article ViI is :Imlendced by rev.\ising~ the langua~ge of the first para-
gra-ph of :Section 2; byr adding three newr sections providing for a
Trade Practice Com3plaints Committee to handle tradlte practice com-
plaints, a. Tr~ade Practice Commnittee to meet wvith. the trade pra'c-
tice commiljttees ap~poinlted under su~ch other codes for relatedt(.
indulstriesP for the purpose11~1 of formunllating fair trade pene~ticres to
got-i.i-en the relationships between manuiful-tunlrers under this Clode
and sulch other codes, and a National Labor Compglaints Clommlittee
to deal withl complaints relating to labor in ac~collir lance with rules
aIndl reculatio ns issued by thle National Indlustr~ial Recovery Boardl;
and byc addcing another new section providing for altenti;\e Code
Authority members to sit at C~ode Authority mneetin~gs and to vote
in the! absence of the principal.
Article VILII i!: am1icend d by Iel'leting~ the enltir~e Article as c~on-
taninedl in the Code when oricgina~lly approved'' and substitutingr a
new A~r~ticle which co-ntains fourteen unrfair trade practices. Un-
fair tradte practice No. 1 p~rohlibits commercial bribery. Unfair
trade praci; ce;: No. 2 p~rohibits discounts in ex.r-c:- of a minimum
rate. Unfair trade practice No. 3 pro~ib~its false~ billing. Unfair

trade pr~netic~e Nio. 4 prohibits copyingi of origrina~l des~i:ns. (:opy3-
right, trad~e malr~ks or tralef names of a rcomnpetitor by a mlembler of
thle Indulstry and p1 provides for recguintio~ns to effect the purpo-c(,~ of
the provision to be 8adpted by the Codel Authority for thre Inidustry,
subject to the approvall of the nationalll Indusitriai cll\l Rearyoard.
UIllnfir traded practice NIIo. 5, prohibits consl.ignmentl'II selilling. Uf
tradeUC plracCt ice N. 6 prohibitsl~l re(turn'l of merchandise except on specc-
ifiedl conditions. UCnfalir trade practice No. 7 prohibits false re~p-
resentation of merzlchaline~i~ by p'riting,, radio, display, false brand-
ing,? mrkedlcc or p~acked,~l or in any othelcr form or marnner wfhich
is misuleaing. UI~lnfai r te~ntfe p,;rat iie NIo. 8 prohibits certain
mar1 Ik i n or br;ran oi ng of gloves. Unfair tradel~ pracl~tilve No. 8
prohibits any membl~ter o the Indulstry info~1Iirfrine ith a
comettor unfair trade practice No. 10 prohibits allmi-an;rces,
refundstl, rebates, c~redits or unIndd.-on.- nfair trade
prac':t ice No 11 pobits defl 1amai on of competitors. U~lnfair
tradel practice! Njo. 12 prohlibits shipping of merr hanl.11i e: other than
on shipp~ing termlls of F~. O. B. factory or main warehouse, wh~ich.
inc~ludes~~ free delivery! to anly shipp~ing or forwTFal~rdin a~gncyrl or stlr~e
w\\ithlil the city in whlic~h the factory or main wrarcehou-<-c is; loc;tced.
Unrrfair trade pralctile N~o. 13 wNas deignedll~~ to prohibit thle .sharinglb
by membellrs of the industry, in wcPhole or in part, thle cost of adver-
tising ofaycutmr' gnt, but it has app~earedl that justice re-
quiresl that it shouldII be stayed~- until further action can betake b~ll~l y
the Na~tio~lnni Industria'jl Recovery'1'3 Board. Unfair trade prIactice No.
14 Irrohibits subterfuge and to evade~r: thle Codte or any of its
Thesc a~irn~iienalmnt are the result of thle experirence1 of thle industry
ulnderl the Code for alpproxlsimatelfly one war I, andlc the resu~rlt of catre-
ful considerantio-n of the practical effedi of the C'ode provisions- by
bothi the Code ~Authority for the industry and thJe Niational Recover~y

Thle Deputy Administrator in his final report to thle Natfi(,lal In-
dustrial Rcovry\t IS Board on said amendmentslt to said Codet hav\ine~
foundl as herein set forth and on the basis of all proceedings in this
Wie find th~at:
(a) The amendmrents to saidl Code andl the Codle as :)men~lded are8
w~ell designedl to promiiote th~e policies and purposes of Title I of the
~iNational 1Indusltr~ial ~Rcovery\tr\ Act including the renanval\.u of ob~strue-
tions to the free flow of interstate and foreign conunlc~~lr.- whiclh te~nd
to tfimini bl the amount thelireof, ;!m!l wv\ill pr'oVide( for thet genrln~l.l
welfalre by promoting the o-yrganliza:tion of industry for thle purpus -I~'
o~f rcloopra~tive ac~tion among ~tradt e group ll, b7y indwing! and~ main-
tainiw r umitedl action of labor and1~ manneonwL u nde deuteg
ernmental sanction and supervl\ision,,y hvliminai~tingufr cmei
tiv'e practices, by promroting the fulkest possible utfilizatfionl of thie
present productive capncity of man-flt rica. by a~cilrouby undueII ]r'-triC-
tion of production (ecscplt as may be tempu r t2l eqie) by
incrensmng the c~onsumnption of indllstrial and agricultural produitlcts
through in~creasing p~ui'lSlrr hsng power, by redlc~ingr andl rcliev\ing uni-

cemploygment, by improving standards of labor, and by otherwise
rehabilitate ingc indusltry.'
(b) T'he Code as amni edllc com~plies in all respe~ct~s with the perti-
nent pr'ovi-ina:- of said TLitle of saidt Act, including w\ithlout: I~mita-
tionz subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of Section 7 and
Subws~~lion (b) o~f Section 10 thereo-f-.
(c) Th"Ie Code empowers the Clode Aulthorcity to pre~l-enit, the afore-
saidl amendments on behalf of the Indiustry as~ a whole.
(d) Thie unan:lclown!~ltsi and the Code as nownie~cdl are nort designed
to and w~ill not permit mt~onopolies or mronop~olistic prmnl.tices.;
(e) TIhe n!-w1n~~lowntst and the Code as unwn~rded are not de-si~end to
and will not eliminate or oppress small enterprises and~ will not op~er-
atet to diwr~liru:inutel' against thema.
(f) TIhose engaged in o-ther =.tepi of the economic p`ro'v-,ls have not
been depr;ival~l of the righlt to be hearid prior to approval of said
Fior the above reasons those~t amendments have b~een approved.
For the National Industrial Recovery Board:
WC. A. IL ~~unian x ,
A~dministratiue O~Ficer.


Annes~'.1 IVT

Amnd1~~ Article IV by dleleting Sec. 3 tllc-roo~cf and renumbec~ilrin


Amendl Art id~e V by adding thereto a Sec~tionl numberedCI'C(. 5 to read
as follows:
5.l~ Evei' ciry empyer shall prov,\ide~ for thle safety andl health of
S~taindarids for safety and helrnthl shall be Ilminutted by theC CodC:
Aiuthnority to thle! National IndIuI!trial Re~(\c1ver Boar~d within thlirty
(30) dayiS after th~e effective daite of this Anieslllclthunt
Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 andl 10 of Article VC shall boecomne Sectionls 6, 7,
8, 9, 10 andC 11 respcclctively.
Ami-nendl Arrticle V by adding thereto a Sec~tio~n numbered~lCI 12 to
r~ead as follows:
12.; A person whose earning cap-ne~ity is limited because of agec,
physical or mental handicap, or otherl infirmlity, mlay be employed
onl light work at a weage below the minimum establ~li-hed by this
Codet, if the employer obt~luis from the State authority, des~iL'nated'
by the Unlited States Departmnent of Labor, a certificate authorizingr
such p~erson's~ empl~llloyent at such wages and for such hours as shall
be sitated~ in, the certificates. Such authority shall be gruided~ by the
instructions of the United States Depa~rtmelnt of L~abor in i suing'
cerltifica~tes to such persons. tcT E ~nlhemloyer~l shall file monthly with
thle Code Authority a list of all suchn persons emlnyoyedl by him, show)~-
ing the wages paid to, and the Iinnlll xiniann hOur f workT for such
employou.'" The number~~'L of handica~pped wtorkrers thus employed by
a nlienlbrcl of the il-lrvlut ry shall not cexceed ten (10 pa1-rc(nt of thle
total numbelcr of workers Iunp,~~lye by such mzember of thle Ilndusrtr .

Amendl ther fir ~t paragraph11,1 of Sect~ionl 2 of Ar~ticle VIT to readt as
follows :
2. Subject to suxch rules andl regulaltionsl as mayr be i--nedC by the,
National Indusrrt~ialt Rcoveryc1\ Bene;1d, the Codlre A~uthlr~ity shall hate~
the followring pow er other provisions of this Codetl.
Amnendl Sectionl 3 of Article VI by substituting~ in lieu thereof the
follow n g:
3. (a) The Code A2uthority shall created? a Trad;lle Practice Comn-
p'laints Committee to handle trade~ prneltic'e coplaints. This Com-

mittee shall be repiresentative of dfifferent; groups and inlterest'' in thej
Induslltry!, and shall be es;tabllished! in accordiance with rules and regui-
lations prescribed by the National Industrial Rtco~veryr Board.
(b) The Code Authority shall appoint a Trade Pr;lrtiice Coml-
m~ittee which shall owet, with the Trade Pratctice Committees
app~oin~tcd ulndrl such other Codes as may be rela~ted' to the industry
for the purpose of fornullalrtingr fair trade prllal.tices to gave on~l the!
rclaltionships betw-een emnployersl- under~1 this Cod~e and under s~uchl
other Ca-,l:;, to thle end that such fair trade practices may be pro-
p!'.-l'' to the INationazl Indu11-tr~ial Rceovery Boardt as amend-ments
to this Code and such other Codes.
(c) Ther~e shazll be established a National Labor Compl!laints Com1-
mrittee for thet I~ndustr$, which shall com~lI-t. of an i.ptala number of
I'-pre-l'nt ;t~ives of employeS-l and emlploy~ees andl an imlpartiazl chatir-
m~an. The:: N~atio~nal Industrial Recover~y B3oard shall appoint suc~h
imnpartial chalirmaln upon the failure of the committee to select onle
by agir~eement. If no truly repre.~-eta!It ive labor t rgan Ili zationl exists,
the emnplo3,- e members of such board ma~ty be nomlriii a ted by the Labor
Advisory Board of the N. RL. A. and appointed by the National;
Indus~trial: Reco~very B~oard. The emnployer representatives shall be
chosen by the Code A~uthority. Such committee shall deal with. com-
plaiints relating to labor in. accordance with rules and Icregulations
i .-ned~ by the National Industrial Recoveryr Board. Tihe National
ILabor Comnplaints Colloinlitteet may establish such regionlal labor
c:omplainlts committees as it may deem desirable, ealch of w-hich shall
be constituted in like manner as the National Labor Comnplaints
Amend Article VI: by adding thereto a Section numbered~~l 8 to
read as follows:
8. There .-hall1 be elected bly the members of the National Ahssocia-
tion of Leather Glove Ma~nufacturers, Incorporaltedl, Gloversv~\ille ,
New York, one nlt1ternate for each Industry member of the Code
Authority for a term coextensive with that of hnis principal, and
su~ch aIlterrlntll shall have full authority to sit at mercetinigs of the Code
A-uthorit~y and to vote, if his principal is ah,-ent.

Amend At~rticle VIII: by substitulting in lieu therelof t~he follow~ing~:
FIor all purposes of this~ Code the provisions hereinafter set forth
shall metl ~ i tu~te unfair trade practices. Any member of the industry
who shall directly, or indirretly through any officer, employer, agent,
or representative, k~now-ingly use, employ, or p~ermIit to be employ-ed-
or be engragied in an~y of such unfair trade p-rac~tices, shall be gsuiltyi
of violations of the Code and be subject to the penn!aties provided in
the Act.
1. Co0m7, rotalv; Bribery.-No member of the indne~try3 shall give,
perm"it, to be givein, or offer to grivel anything of value, for ~thle pur-
pose of influ~encingr or rew\-arding; the action of any employee, ae
or representative of another in relation to th~e b~usinec s o "the em-
player' of such employee, the prinlcjlal of such agent or the r~epre~-
sented2 party, without the k-nowvlledge of such empll,`oyer, principal
or party. This provi.,ionl shall not be onstrued~ to prohibit free and

gene~rnl cti.-t ribul~tiol of articles conunlronly usedl for adverclt isi n except
so far as such articles arec actual;lly n ed'~ for Ulllclunterial br.iber~y

2. Te r,:ns.-Ilt skilll be unfair tradle practice to sell merchand1;11~1i'e

(end of mon~lthl) xcepclt that Iorlllhla n=1.1 -e shipped aftler the 25thi
day of any month1~1 will be da~tced as of thle first dauy of thle follow\\ing
month. Anrt c~l;ticipaio hall:1 not be allowed at a rate in excess of -ix
per cent (G : ) per annum.
3. False Bd~il~ln.-N o member of the industry shall ktnow\inglyl
withhlofld fromn or inl-erlt in any quolltation or invoice anylu statement
that makes it inaicur a;~te in anly matteriall par't icularI.

petitor without the written penni]ljsionr of su1Ch conqull~ctitor~. Regu~la-
tionls to effect the p~urpIose of thlis provision mnay be adopted by the
Code A~uthlority subject to the NluTational In~durstrial Reco~lvery B~oard's

5. Con~sigSIInment.--It shall be u~nfair trd prac~ I ;lt ic~c to sell or dlcliver
pppppo___~~~~s___ sulbject to co~nsiglllnmen or by ariy other ~me~thod which Intsi
the effect, of selling on _ons~ignmentl~r or memorandu m or guara~nteecing6
retail turnovecr.
6. Returras.-Membenl~rs of the industry shall ncerpt merIchalndisei
for cred~cit, replacement n or adljus~tmelnt when. returlned within seven
(7) wocll~lrrkn cdays from date of receipt by the cus~tomer~l only for thle
followingil~ reasons: No-nclomp~lianle wciit~h border bly shipper, or nierl-
chrandise -showingb faulty material or workmal~n:lship;; if after seven
("7) days, only for breach of w-ritten confinement agrreement, or mer-
chiand-li e shnowine-l faulty material or workma1I1 n1h1ip. TLhere shallI
be no credit, rep-tit llacement or ad~jus~tmelnt made on gloves that Shrow
enrdrei~ s ha~nd'ling or run-urse or signs of more than slight w~ear.
7. False R~epr( .4-intationo.---No member of the trade shall falsely
rpresen-~t (whetherl by printing, radlio, dis-play, or by any other form)
or falsely brand mt. -ark~ orpak nygods, in axny manner, wnhich
is Ini leading. Nor shall any member of th~e Industry in any way
rni-repre-en';t any goodsH1 (inc~ludiing, but without limitation, their~
use?, trudlle-mnark, qual~lity, quantity, origiin, size, finish, material, or
serv-iceabilityv) or cred~itl termsi; values, policies, services or thle nature:c
or" formn of thle bus~inels rcondnel;.ted.
8. .1(11a~,*k 1ing o B,, audilcV.-- It shall be unfair trade practice to ma~rk
writhr the wvordcs table cut "~ any glows'~C wlilihic are not curt and fabri-
ilcatel awal~~~i~rin to the standardsll fixed~ byr thle Codle Autlor~ity, or to
use the G~c-\lover,' G~uild Mar11k ecep~clt on L'ndsi~ cut and fablriilalr'td in
a~ccmrallllanc.' with rules~' establljlihed by thie Clode A~uth~ority and no
o~lther cle.-iL'natlionl of c~utting shall be usedI except as approved b~y
th~e Codel Authorciiity all subl~jcct to the disapproval of thel National
Industria:l Recovery... Brd
Old1 tlot substaf~lll~lard and distress merch~andise shall be: brandled
as demie~r nated~ by the Code Autholr~itY w.ith the! ar2)Lova'l of the! NaT:-
tional Indu-trci'id Recovery Boa~r~d. Th leo n- itr.. n-
chainlice shalnl be repnr'''t''d to. theC Code1 ( AurthorityS wPhen invo~l'lld.
D. Iter ecrr rt C1, pe///o~rr.-I-t shall be unfair trade prac-
tice to mlciously ind..uce or attemllpt to inducercc the b~lrach o ain

existing oral or written contract betw~een a competitor and his officers
or agents or bectw~eenl a competitor a~nd his customer or sources of
supply, or interfere with or obstruct the performance of any such
contractual duties or services.
10. Allowuances.--It shall be unfair trade practice to Inake or gl\ve
allowances, or refunds, re~bates, credits or unear~ned discounts
(w-heth~er in thle form of) money or otherwise) and/or special privi-
]cL'ts or services Inot openly extended to all pulr~chasers of the samne
class on like terms and conditions.
11. Defaml~ation.-- The defamation of competitors by f; alsely imput-
mng to them dishonorable conduct, inability to perform contracts,
qu'estionabole credit standing, or by other false repre,1sentations11 or by
t~he false disparnlagement of the grade or qulltitiy of their oo~ds,, shanll
b~e considered unfair trade practice.
12. Transportation.--A1 ll nwmbers of the industry shall sell mer-
chandise on the shipping terms of f. o. b. their fac~trJIy or main
warehouse which includes free delivery to a~ny shipping or forwardl-
ing agency or store wFithin the city in which the factory or main
warehouse is located.
13. Avrltli, sing.-It shall be unfair trade practice for anly member
of the industry to share in wFPhole or in part the cost of the advertising
o~f any customer's agent.
14. Su~bt-r~fuge.--It shall be unfair trade practice to resort to sub-
tcrfuge to evade this code or anyT of the provisions thereof.
App~rovedl Code NoI. 87i-A-imendment No. 2.
Reg~istry? Nol. 913-1--01.



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