Amendment to code of fair competition for the leather industry as approved on October 3, 1934


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the leather industry as approved on October 3, 1934
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"Approved Code No. 21--Amendment No. 2."

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Registry No. 930-i--01

Approved Code No. 21--Amendment No. 2







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Approved Code No. 21--Amendment No. 2



As Approved on October 3, 1934


I N o rsT r
An application having been duly miade pursu~lant to and in full corn-
pliance with tdlhe provisions of T`it~le I of t~he N~ational IndustialR Re-
covery' Act., appr~oved June~ 16, 1933:, for aIpproval1 of at modification of
a Code of Fair Competition for the Leather Indlustry, and hearings
having been duly held tahereonn and oppor-tunity to be heard having
been given and the annexed report on said~ modifiention, containing
findings with respect ther~eto, havingr been made andl directed to the
President :
N'OW~, THElREFORE, onl behalf of t.he Pres~ident of the United
Sntats, T'he N'ationazl Indlustrial Recovery Board, pIursuant to au-
thlorit~y vested in it by Executive Orders of the Pr~esident, including
Executive Order No. 654~3-A, dated De~cember 30, 1933, and otherwise;
does hereby incorporate, byr) referenlce, said annrsexd report and does
find that said modifications ndc t~he C'ode a~s constitute~d after being
mnodified comply in all respects w~ith the per-tinent provFisions and
wcill promote t.he policy andt purposes of said Title~ of said Act,
and does hereby ordcer thnt. saicd mlodificaltion bet andc it is hetreby
approved, and that thep previous approvl''" of said~ Code is hereby
modified to include an approval of saidl Code in it~s entirety as modi-
fie~d. This order shall become effective on October1 10, 1934, unless
prior to t.hat2f time ioodl cause to th~e colt~rary be shownl t.o> the National
Industrial Rcovery~ Boardl andl it shall issue a suibsequent order to
thant effect.
By3 G. A. LYEcuI, Adml~inisjtraUt.ive' Officer.
Approval recommendedd:
A Ctf~ in D~ivisionl Adminiis lCtraor.
O~ctoberi 3, 1934.
89I2210--- 1244-10- 34 (11


Thle White Hlouse.
SmR: This is a report on the Amendm~ents to the Code of FEair
Compe~titio~n for the Leather Indulstry, andr on the heanringr conducted
thereon in W;5ashingtvan, D. C., Mlarch 30, 1934, and on t~he Oppor-
tuni~ty to be Heard pub~lishedl July 12, 19;34, in necordance with the
procvisions of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act.

The Le~ather Industry, through the Gene~ral Planninga Comlmittee,
its Code Aulthority,, has avaniled itself of provisions in Article XV
of the Code of Fiair Compertitionl for the Leather Industry approved
by you on the seventh ainy of Septemiber, 1933, which recites in part:
It is contemplated thant from time to time supplementary pro-
visions to this Code or additional cod-es will be submitted for the
approval of the President to prevent unfair competition in prices
and other unfair andl destructive competitive practices and to effec-
tuate the other p~urp~ocse and policies of Title I of the National In-
dustrial Recov-ery Act consistent with the provisions hereof."


I. The revision of. Article II is the addition of specific definitions
covering the various sub-dlivisions of the Indlustry, as provided for
in Article XC.
III. T~he revision of Article: XIV'-Tradel T~rm~s-is a liberaliza-
tion of the trade terms!. It was predlicatedl upon the recognition of
a situation which inv-olved~ the Imaller p-rod~ucers in the Industryr
and the smaller consumers~ of Itnlente. Thiese~ modifientions were
prelsented after several co~nfernrence betwe-en the Codle Auithority of
this Inldustry and thiat of the B~oot. andl Shoe Mannufacturing Indlus-
try, which Indusltr~ plurchasees app-I~lroimately eighty-five (85) per
cent of the ouitp~ut of th~e L~ether Ind~ustryv. The Amend~ment here-
in proposed woas draftedi and mutualnly wr~eedl upon by the above
mentioned Code Authorities in ncordancic w-ith the expressed policy
of the Al\dministrat~ion ojf the NRA~.
III., The addition of a newi article, to be k~nowrn as Ar~ticle XVI,
brings into effect cer~tain tr~ade practices which w-er~e deemned neces-
sar~y and found lackiing in th~e Code as it standlcs.
ICV. The addition oif this paragraphl of Articlee IV, Section 3,
affordsy protection from wagie reductions for those employees re-
ceiving above thirty~ (30) dlollars per week and less than forty-five
(45) dollars, which class has been without protection to this time.

The Deputy A-dministrator, in his final report on said Amend-
mnents to said Codle, h~aving~ found as herein set forth and on the
basis of all the proceedings in this matter:
WVe find that:
(a) Thle Amnendments to thle saild Code and the Cod~e as amnended
are well designed to promote thle policies and rpurpoes of Title I
of the National Induitr~ial R-ecoveryc Act, including the removal of
obstructions to t~he free~ flowr of interstate and fooreign commerce
which tend to diminish thle amloulnt thereof, and w-ill provide for
the general wFelfar~e by p~romo~ting~ the organi-ization of industry for
the purpose of coop~erntive action annongg trad-e groups, by inducing
and maintaining united action of Ilabor and ma~nnagement under ade-
quate governmental sanlctio~n and supervision,, by chmninatmy~ unfair
competitive practices, by promotling the fullest p~ossible utilization
of t~he present productive capancity of the indlustries, by avoiding un-
due restrictions of production (except as mayv be temporarily: re-
quired), by increasing the consunption of industrial andi agriculC1-
tural products through increasing purchasingr power, by redlucinig
a nd relieving unemlploymennt., by im~provmng standards of labor, and
by otherwise reh'abilitat~ingr indulstry.
(b) The Code as amlendled complies in all respects with the per-
tinent provisions of said Title of said Act, including without limii-
tation Sub-section (a) of S~ection 3, Sub-section (a of Section 7
and Sub-section (.b) of Section 10 thereof.
(c) The Code empower~s the Tanners Council to present t~he afore-
said modifications on behalf of the industry as a whole..
(d) Thle Amendments and the. Code as amended are not designed
to ad wil nt pemit onoolies or monopolistic practices.
(e) Th mnd i n Iements and the Code as amended are not designed
to and will niot. eliminate or oppress small enterprises an~d will not
operate to discriminate ngninst them.
(f) Those e~nnggedl in other steps of the economic process havre
not been deprived of the right t~o be heard Iprior t~o ap~proval of
said Amendments.
B3y G. A. L~ivNC, Aldmin~istrat~iv~e Of)7ce~r.
OcTOBER 3, 1934.


I. To modify Ar~ticle II of the Code of Fair Competition for the
Leather In~dusiry by add~:ing the following to the first paragrraph of
said article:
Tlhe leather industry '~ is h~ereby~ classifiedt into the following

"' Bag Case andl Strap.--Tanner of leather made from cattle hides
of va rious typecs for tlhe manlufac~ture of travecling bags, lu~rggage and
strap leathner for various purposes.~
'" Calf and Kip,.--T nners of leather madte froml calfsktin and
cattle hid'es Inrgely for thle mnirufacture of shoes.
"' Fa~ncy.--Tannler; s of le~nth~er made from:Il various types of hides
a~nd skrins of animanls, including r~eptilian leath~ers, suitable for fancy
articles such as pock~etbookis, suit-cases, handlbagrs, etc.
'"Goatf a~nd C'a7lriett.-T anners' of leather firomi goatslkins and
catbre~tt sk~insi, mainly suitable for shoe purposes.
"' Harness and I C'ollarr.--Ta nners o f lea ther fr~om ca t tle h~ides sui t-
able for horse equlipmient.
ShLeep and~ G~lo~re.-- Tinners of sheep, skins suiitable largely for
garments, glove~ andt shoe linings~; also hat. and espsweat leathers
as produced by the ~Ntioinal Hat, and Capswneat Leather Association.
Sole anzd HEltin~g.--Tanners of leather made from cattle hides
for the manufacture of sho~es andl industrial belting.
"' Uppyer, Eastr~, Il'est.-Tannners of leather, including japanners
(fiiishiers), lInrgely mad~e fromi cattle hides and kips (small cattle
hidles) suitable for thle manufacturers of shioes.r
U~pholsteryi.-Tannertlls of enttcitleid leathcr suitable for use in
the m1-anufa~cture of fur~nitu~e, nutomobiles, etc.
"'Leather BEclting M~l~~cisio.-Ma~nn ufactuIrers of i nd ustrial belt ing,
lace leather andl nlieath places. mliscellaneous straps, panckings (hy-
d-raulic and oltherw~i e) a~nd~ mlchal-i nie leathlers (whiolly or prin-
cipa~lly of leatherl) forl uise onl indlustrial ma7chiner y, excludinig such
leathers that a nucInerylll'l! malnufa;cturll er may) pr~oduc~e for use on
&quipment'~ of h~is own1 malnulfa~c~tue.
"' C;ut Soles.--Tannlle r~ and. or' CulttErs and producers of leather
soles uccd in thle manullfacture of shoces.
W~elting/.--Taunersci a nd manul~factul~rer of w~elting lea ther and:."or
leather weltinef usedI in ther manI1ufa~:tllctrofho
"L Gr7a~in~, s, 1' rif~l., Jter.i'Fa Toj. ri ad annlers and 'or
ma1n ulfav-~turels of leatherri used~ inl theseC productss and or mnnulfac-
turers of these lu-nellucts thiern-eilvesi used ill thle mainufact ure of shoes.
"L The term 'I nl'l~mberl of thle indlustry\ as usedil herein includes but

tion or other foi'rm orf enlterpr~liSe engaged~C in the industry either as an

II. To substitute the following for Article XiIV of the Codle of Fair
Competition for the Leather Inldustry:
"A~. All invoices coveriing domestic sales in the leather industry
including sales of labor or contracr~t work! sha~ll, except as noted
belowF under paragraph C7, hie due and payable inl thlirty (30) dlays;
t~hereafter shall be payable nect, w~ith interest, at the legal ra~t.e, not to
exceed six per cent (61%) p~er annum..
B. Discount shall be for paymeiniit in cash only and shall not
exceed two per cent (BS~). No seller m~ay :Inticipate dliscount by
invoicing at an equivalent net. price any class of leather which he
customarily sells subject to dliscount. No datings shall be giiven.
"' C. The following receptions miay be made at seller'si option:
"1. Buyer may be granted privilege of payment on or before the
10th of t~he following monith for all invoices dlatedl fr~om the 1st to the
15th inclusive, andi on or before the Bath of the followring mionith
for all invoices datedl from thie 16th to the last dlay of the month.
This privilege may be granted only on a permanent basis; it. shall not
be extended from time to time as may, be to advantncee of buyer.
"'2. Seller may permnitt anticipation at not to exceed six per cent
(6% ) per annum oni bills paid prior to dure or1 dliscount. date. h~e re
privilege of paymlent on or before thie 10~th or t.h~e J5th is; granted,
for purposes of anticipation all invoices of the let to thle 15th, in-
clusive, shall be considered as dated- the 10~th of the month of charge,
and all invoices from the 1Gthi to thle la-t day~ of the month shall be
considered as dated the 95th of thle moclnth of chanrge.
L' 3. Seller may grantt thlree calrlenda days oIf grance dulringT which
discount may be allow-ed, andl duringS which no( interest shall be
charged, providled payment is madl~e within this three calendar day
"4. Where terms of T301 daysn~ or JFg 10:thl or1 23th pr~oximo are
granted. seller may perm;iit p:1ymel~nt in sixty (GO!) day~s fr~omn invoice
date with discount not to exceed one per cen:'t (19. after sixty
(60) days fromt date of invoice -uch bills shall bI-e duei andl payvable
net and interest. shall b~e addced as p~rovidedl uncd~r Paragranph A.
"LD. Forwardl~i OrdCer'S shall be book(,Led only under~i the terms of a
Uniforml Sales Co-ntrne-t, the c~ondritions of wh~lich shafll have been
approved'- by) Lithe Adinisra
E. None of thie p;rovisionls of Ar~ticle XIVT r-hall apply to the
Leather Belting D~\ivic-ion ecep~tlt. on leather .-old in competition with
other divisions of thle Lenther Indlustry."'
III. AQ new article to th~e Code oif Fair Compctitio~n for the Leather
Industry, to be knowni as Articlee XVI and entitled Tradle Prae-
tices ",! shall contain th~e followin gprovisions:
"LA. Any alteration, adljustenlet or cancellation of a sales contract
i or conditions of sale may be reported,. wFith the facts pertinent thereto,
tto the Divisional Planning Committee, or, if the Division so elects,
to the Trade Practice Commiittee.
"L B. A signed uniform~ sales contract as provided in Article XIV,
paragraph D, of the code, or the immned-iate dlispatch by seller to
buyer of confirmation of s-lie conformling to the conditions of that
contract, shall be required on all orders, except orders filled by an
Immediate single shipment, on which the invoice itself shall be suff-


6 3 1262 08851 7692

cent confirmation. The terms and conditions of sale shall appear
on all such invoices.
C. No order shall be accepted unless it accurately designates '
quantities, grades, weights and prices with the final and ultunate
date of delivery.
D. No goods excep bona fide samples as determined by each
Divisional Planning Comnmittee shall be sent on memorandum or
co-nsi ned~ to other than a bona fide selling a ent or subsidiary organ-
ization of th~e seller.
"IE=. All invoices shall be dated as of date of shipment or of
floor delivcr~y, andi shall describe accurately the merchandise shipped.
F. Nocne of the p~rov-isions of this Article shall apply to the
Leather B~elting D~ivisioni, except on leather sold in competition with
olTther dlivisions of thle Leather Indlustry.",
IV. Article IV,? Section 3, to be amiended by the addition of the

"A~i. On~ andl a~fter Octo~ber 1, 1934j. no emlployee (other than those
lIsted in paragraphs'"' (a) and (c) of Section 2, Article VI) receiv-
ing on April 1! 1!,33, for the standard_ workr weekr, between $30. and
$;45. per week shall receive less per piece or hour than he received
on _April 1! 193:3."!
AppTrov\ed Codte No. 21--Amendment No. 2.
Registry Nio. 93( 1--01.