Supplementary code of fair competition for the shoe shank manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal pro...


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the shoe shank manufacturing industry (a division of the fabricated metal products manufacturing and metal finishing and metal coating industry) as approved on February 21, 1934
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Shoe shank manufacturing industry
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"Registry No. 929-1-01."
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"Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 6."

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Registry No. 929-1-01

Approved Code No. 84--Supplement No. 6







(A Division of the Fabricated Metal Products
Manufacturing and Metal Finishing
and Metal Coating Industry)





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Approved Code No. 84. Supplement No. 6



As Approved on February 21r, 1934



An appnliention havingr beeni July~ made~t pur11Sunntl to andC' inl full
comp'liance withi the provisions of TIitle I of the NiTational rInduistriail
Recovery A~ct, apprloved Junei 16, 1,933. and in accc,ordac-e witi the
provisions of Section I of Ariticle V~I of the Basic Cod'e for th~e Fab-
ricatedl Metal Products Manurifactur~ing and M~etal Finish~ing~ andl~
Metal Coating IndurstryS, alpprovedl Nuovemiber 2, 193:3, for appr~oval
of a Supplemientary Code of Fair C'ompetitioni for th~e Shoile Shanik
M~anuifacturing Industry;: and hearings having been duly hleld
thereon; andi thle annexedl report onl said Supplem~entary Code~, coni-
taining findings with respect thecreto: having beenl madue andi dir~ected'
to the President:
NOW', THEREFORE, on behanlf of thie Presidenrlt of thle Uniiitedj
States, I, Hughi S. Johnlson, Administrator for Indlustriail Recovery,
pursuan"t to aluthlority vestedl in me by Executive lr~ders of t~het Pres-
ident, inlcludting Execuitive Order No. GM13-A1, dated D~eclember :30,
19813, and otherwise; dlo hereby incorporated~ by refe re n c said
annexed r~epolrt and dlo finld that said Supplemetntary Code complies
in all respect withl the per~tinent provisions andi will promote the
policy andl purpiloses of saidl Title of salid Act; andt do hereby order
that said Supp~lementary Code of Fair Comlpetitionl be atnd it is
here~by approved.
Admninistr'ator forl Ind2ustr~ial Reco~er~y.
A approval Recomlmendedtl:
Division Adtm inistratlor.
F~ebltruar GI, /19J.5.
417155'---376-11 8----:14 1


The PREana-wrN,
The Wh~ite Hiow~e.
SIR: This is a report on the Sup~plemlentar~y Code of Fair Compe-
tition for the Shoe Shank;! Manufacturing Industry, a division of
t~he Fabricated 3r!tal Products Mlanufacturing and Metal Fiinishing
and Metatl Coating Industry, the hearing having beenl conducted
thereon in Washin grton, D).C., Dec-ember~l 20, 1933, in accordance with.
thle provisions of Title I: of the N~ational Industrial Rei~\cvey ~Act.

Thre Shoe Shank Ma~nufacturing Industry, being truly reprlesenta-
tive of this division of the F~iabricated Mectal Products Manufar~ctur-
ing and 3IetalI Finishingr and Metal Coatings Industry, has elected to
avail itself of the option of submitting a, Supp.]~lementuryr Code of
fair practice, as provided~ for in Section I of Article VI of thne B~asic
Code, for the Fabricatedl MeTtn] Products Mannufcturuing and RMetal
F~ili-lingl and 1Mettal Coningilr' Industry approved by you on the
second day of November,~r1 1933.

Article I states th-e purpose of the Sup~plementa-ry Code.
Article II accurately defines specific terms employed in the Sup-
p'lairnelntry Code.
Article II[I. This Induslltryj is a division of the Fabr~iented M~etal
Produc~ts~ Mnu~llfn(turlling' ,and Mectal Finiishing and Metal Coating
Industry and the Ilabor provisions of its Basic Code, as alpproved
November~c l 2, 1933, are thet labor prov(,\isionsll of thiis Suppnlementary

Anrtile IV esit.ab~l.lihes a. Supplementaryltt l Code Authority; consris;ting6
of seven (7) mrlemblers who shall be se~lec~ted~ by the members of thet
Industry at a meeting calledl by the Temporalry Supplementary Code
Authority, and gives the Admrinistratorr the authority to appomnt one
additional ml~n:embe without vote and provides muachninery for obtain-
ing statistil.s and the nMininistr~ation of this Code.
Article V sets forth. the unfair trade practices of thiis Supplemen-
tary Code which has been esplec~ially designedc l to offset unfair compe-
tition in this division of the Inldustry.
Article V7I provides aga i n st monopolies and monopolistic pra"ct ices.
Article VII contains the manda~tory? p,rovisionls contained in Sec-
tion 10 (b) of the Act, and also provides for the submission of pro-
posed nowndmen~r~itsj to the Supp~lemlentary Code.
Article VIII recognizes that price increases be limited to actual
additional increases~r in the sellers' costs.
Article IX states the effective dtent of this Supplemlenltary Code.

The Assistanlt DeputyV Admninistratorr in his final report to mze on
said Sulpplemlentary Code ha~vingj fo~und as herein set forth and on~
the basis of all the proceedings in thiis maltter:
I find that:
S(a) Said Supplemenntary Code is well dlesignedc to promote the poli-
cies andl purposes of Title I of the Nationial Indlustrial Recovcry Act,
including remvatl of obstrulc~tions~ to the frece flow of interstate andl
foreignl commer-ce which tenld to dliminis' h the amllount. thereof and
will plrovide for thle general weclfare~l by promonting~ the o~~rganization
of industry: for thle purpose of coop~erative act'ionl among the trade
groups, by inducin~r and miainitaining,( united actioni of labor and man-
agemient u ndler alequate governmental11~ll sa1ctionls and supervision,
by liminatingr unfair competitive prnetiCesL; by promoting the fullest
possible utilization of the present pr~odluctive capacity of industries,
by avoiding undue restriction of p~roductionl exceptt as muy be temp~o-
rar~ily requil~red), by inlcreasing the c~onsumptionio of indu~strial and
agrricultural p,~roducts thi~rough in~crleasing* pulrcha~sing p er by re-Pc~]b;
d Cin an eivn unemp~~loy'ment, by imlpr~oving standards o
labor, and by othieris\-e rehlabilitatinlg industry.
(b) Saidl Industr~y normally emiploys not more thann 50.000) em-
ployees; unld is not classified~ by me as a major industry\.
(c) Thle Supplllemnta ryS Code as approved complies in all respecrrts
withl theper~tinenlt provisions of said Title of said Act, inc~llluing:
without limiitation Suibsection (a) of Section 3, Subse~ctioln (a) of
Sectionl 7, anrd Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; andl that the
a~pphcantt associate ion is an i nduIst ri al associa tion truly r~epresenlt at ive
of the afor~esaid Inldustry;; and that said association imposes no in-
equitable, restrictions on admission. to mlcllembes' hip ther~ein.
(d) The Supp~lemuentary Code is not designed to and wsill not per-
mit. monopolies or mlonopolistic p~ractices.
(e) The Suppllemnentary~ Code is not designedl to and w~ill noit elimi-
inatee or oppress small eniterr~l1ises andl will niot operate to d~iscrimiii-
nate against themi.
(f) Those engaged in other step~s of the ecor!,nmic pr1ocess ha;ve not
been deprivecd of thle r~jigt to be hear~d pr~iorr to approval of said Suip-
plemientary C'ode.
For these reasons, thecreforc, 1[I have apprlovedl thnis Sulpplementalry
Huan S. Jons~kson,
Admz in isto'rator.
FEBRUARY 21, 1031,


To effetua~t~le the policy of Title I of the National Indul~str~ial Rte-
c~overry~ Act, the following prIovisions are established as a Supplemenl-
tary Code of Fair Competition for the Shoe Shankz Manufacturing
Industry, pur-suafnt, to Article VI of the ]Basic Code of Fair Coml-
petition. for thne Fabricated Mlet ;l P~odIu ct s ManIu fnet u~i ng and M~etal1
Finishing and MLetal Coating Industry approved by the Pres~ident
of the U~nited States on the secolnd! day of No~vemnber 1933, and the
provisions of this Suplplllementne y Code shall be the Standard of Fair
Competition for and shall be b~indingb upon every member th~ereof.

The tfnui Shoe Shankl M~anulfacturing~r Indu-1tr' y her~leilnafter re-
ferred'c to as the '" Induslltry is dlefined- to mean the mnanufacture for
sale to the boot and shoe trade of steel shanks and/or comlbilnation
steelI and fibre -lhonksi- and/or fibre shanks and/or fibre aind w\ood
The telllL~rm Mater of the Industry includes, but without limi-
tation, any indiv~iduazl, partnership, asso~ciation, corlporation, or other
form of enlterpriseit engaged in the industry, either as an employer
or on his or its own behalf.
The terms "LPresidenl-t ", "Act ", and "Admlinis~trtor"' as usedc
herein. shall mean recspecitivelyl the Presrident of the U~nited States,
the; Nlt iolnal Indus~t rial Recover~y ASct, and the Admrlinistrantor for
Induslltr~ial Recovery under Title I of said Act.
TIhe term Bas~ic Code ", as used herein, is dlefinled to meanl the
Basic Code of Fair Competition for the Fabri~cntdc Mctal Prodlucts
Marnulfoetoring~1~- and Me(.tal FIiinishing and M~etal1 Conting Industry,
as approved by the President on the second day of Novembrer, 1933.
The term Supplelnistota~yry ode Authority as uset hlelreinl mlalns
the lagew-y which is to administer this SupplementlC~Sey C~ode as her~le-
in I:fter provided.
The term "Associaztion"?, as n ed~ herein, is defined to menlr the
Shoe Shank MLlanufacturers Assnecintionl or its successor.
TChe terml employer as used herein includes anyone! by wvhom
any su~ch employee is compensated or employed.
The term remplloyee as us~el herein includes anyvone. engagdc~l in
thle InduLstry in any ca~ypacity rec~civinlg comlpllnstion for his services,
ir~respc~tivec of the nature or m~ethlod of ~payment of such c~ompensan-

The term "(Fedlerantion "' as usedt heirein is dlefinedll to mean;1I the
Fabricrated Mctall Prodl~ uc'~ t Fler1ationl or its .sus-ressor.ll'

HTl~t'I.I: 3III-EMP II.vvuerrF~~ Plnov\issess
This Indul~stry' is a division of the Fab,~lrietedl Metal ProdullCts.- Man1-
ufactur~in ~ anid Metal Finli hingf anld Metln Continig Indutry~L. alnd the
labor provisions oif its ba;lsic co~e as approved] b~y the Presidotlit are
the labor prTovisions. L of this Suplenwntne'lf~ Iy CodeC' as though herelcin
repeatedly and set fourth at le~ngth.
ARTICLE IV-Ona:r.\ sIz. SEcTIONu 1. Dulilrrn tile I"eriod, HOt to eceedr~ sixty (00) days follow-
ngthe effective date during which the Supplemnentary Code Au-
thor~ityr is b~eing e~letctd, thle Codle Couirlittee of the Assoi;c~iat~ion shall1
co~nstituite a Tem~pora;ry Sup~plemciintayCd Atoiy
Therec shall be cons~t ituIted~ with~in. the sity (0)da prid
Supplmnentar~y Code Authrllcity consisting of sevenl mem~llbers, to be
elected by the memnbers of the Indlustry, as here~inafter providedl at
a meeting called by thie Templlor~ary Supplemnental7ry Code. Aut-horit~y,
upon ten (10) days~' notice sent. to all known members~ of the Indulls-
try, whoII may\ v.ote either in p.ersonl or by proxy. The mnembecrs of thle
Supplemnenta~y Code Authority first elected shall serve until the
following annual meetingr of the Assoc~iation in Janua~ry, and thlere-
after miemibers of the Suplplemntaryar Code Aulthtority shall b~e elected~
as hlereinafter pr1ovided at each annual meeting of thle Association
to serv until the following arnunul mieetingr.
The mnemnbrs of the Supplemerntary Code Aulthocrity .hall be
elected. in the follow~ing~ mannler :
(s-) Five members w~ho shall at the time of election b~e membeltrs
of the A~ssiociation by a majority vote of all members of the Industrl~ y
present in person or by p~roxy', eachl member to hanve one v~ote.
(b) Tlwo, members wo are not at the timne of election membersCl'
of the Association by a, majority vote of all ktnow-1nn mebers of the
TIndustry, present in person or by proxuy, eachl member to hlave one
vot e.
A vancancy\ in the own~I1(IbeShip 1)of the Supplementitary Codef Authflor-
ity mIay b~e filledl byg a manjority vot of the remaining m nemblers of
thle Suppllementatary Code Authority.T
Inl addition thereto the Admninistrator may aplpoinlt, a memberltl of
thle Sup~plemnentlry C'od~ Aulthority whro wFithlout vot shall serve
withlout expense to the Indulstry, unless the Sup~plemntaryCd
Authlority agrees to payl suich expense. The representative wh~o may7Col
be appointed b~y the Admlinistrator shall be given r~easonable notice
of and may sit at all meetings of the Clode Author~ity.
SECTON 2 TheSuppemenary ode utho itys hereby consti-
tutedl th-e agency to admlninister thes provisions of thi upeetr
Code andJ, through a confidential agent, to collect and distribute all
stat istical reports of the Ind~ustry. Withl a view to keeping the Presci-
dlent informed as to the observance or1 nonobservance of this Supi~ple-
mentary Code, saidl agency shall collect through its confidential agent
such statistics as ar~e called for byS the President and 'or the Admrin-

istrator and send them~ in sulch form as the P'resident and/or the
~Administrator may require to the Fiabricated Mleta~l Products Federa-
tion, or successor organization as the agency administering said ]Basic
SECTION 3. The Supplemllenltury Code Au~thority througlbh its con-
fidential agent, shall also, from time to time, furnish to the B3asic
Code Authority, designated in said Basic Code, such information
as may be required to be furnished under the term~ns of said Basic
SECTIIONr 4. Nothing contained in this Supp~lementary Code shall
constitute the members of the Supplementary Code A1uthority part-
ners for any purpose. Nor shall any member of the Supplemlentary
Code Authority be liable in any manner to anyone for any act of any
other member, officer, agent or employee of the Supplelme~ntaryS Code
Authority. Nor shall any member of the Suapplementary Code Au-
thority, exercising reasonable diligence in the conduct of his duties
h11ereunder, be liable to anyone for any action or omnission to act under
this Supplementary Code, except for his own wilful misfenfsane or
SECTION 5. T~he Supplementary Code ALuthorityI shall have all the
powe;rs and duties which shall be nlecesar~ly or proper to enable it to
fully admninister this Supplementary Code and to effectuate its
Without limitation to the foreg~oing or any other powers or duties
provided for in. this Supp~lemlentu-ry Code tlhe Suppleme~nnar~y Code
Authority shall have the following specific duties:
(a) TIo adopt by-laws and rules and regulations for, and k~eep
records of its pl~roedlurc and for the adm111i~nistrain of the Supple-
mentary Code.
(b) To use such trade associatioons and other agfencies as it deems
proper for the carrying out of any of its activities provided for
herein, providled~ that nothing herein shall relieve the Supplemnelntary
Code Authority of its duties or responsibilities under this Sup-
plementary Code and that such trade associations and agencies sh~ll
at all times be subject to and comply with the provisions hereof.
(c) To m~are r~eco~ln unenldations to the A~dministrator for the coort-
dination of the administration of this Supplementary Code with suchl
other coldes, if any, as mnay be related to the industry. I
(d) TIhe Supp~lmeit ntaryy Code Authority shall have power to
invetstigrate on its own initiative or on complaint, the operation
of the Supplementary Codie and any alleged violation of the Sup-
plementary Code by any~ mlembler of the Industry, subject to rules anzd
regulations of the Administrator in regard to compliance.
(e) Each member of the Industry shall pay to the Association as
the agent of the Supplementury Code Authority his or its propior-
tionate share of the amount necessary to pay the cost of asse~mlilngr,
analyzing, anld publlic~ation of suchn reports and data and of thne main-
tenance and operation of the Supplemnentury Code Aiuthorit.yr in con-
nection with its activities relative to the administration of this Sup-
plementary Code; said proportionate share to be bsasedl upon thle
nret sales and/or other equitable factors as the Supplementar~y Codle
Authority may prescribe, subject to the approval of the Admninis-

SEcTION 6. If fthe Adiminisrtrat~or shall dleter~mine that any3 action
of a code authority or any agency thereof may b~e unfair or unjust
or contrary to the publlic interest. the Adi~lnistrator meay require
that. such action be surspendedl tor afford an. opportunity for investi-
gation of the merits of such notioni anid further cons~idera~tion by such
code authority or agency powlling firakl actiorrn which shall not be
effective unless the Admniit nitrt or aplrover s or unlless he shall fail
to disappro~cve a fter thirty days's notice to him of intent ion to proceedt
w~it.h s~c~h action in its original or modifiedl formu.
EC'TroS "7. Eadch tradle or indus~.itrial ass~oc~iationI cirectly or indli-
rectly participating~r il the selection or activities of the Supple3men-
taryI Code Au~thority shlfl (1) impose no inlequritablel restrictions on
admisionr to mmclbershipl, and(. (2) submit to thne Adm~inistrantor true
copies of its articles of aI-ssociation, by~-Inws. recgullations, aInd any
amlendcments when mlade th~ereto, tog~ether w~ith such1 oter informra-
t~ion ~as to mlemblershlip) organiz tini-n and activities as the Admlinis-
trator may deemn nec~essary to e~ffectuate the p~urpo -les of the Act.
:SEC.TION S. ]In orderr that the Codle Authorit v\ shall. at all times be
tr~uly rePre1sent.ative of the industry Rad in other recspects comply
with the p~rovisiinns o f the! Act, the A lm i ni t ra~tor,1 may p~rcesribe such
hlearinlgs asshe may d~eem p~oper; and thllereafter if he shall final tlhat
the Sup~plementar~y Code Authority is nlot trly~l representative or
does not in other res~pccts comply~~ with th pr1o\i i~ns o-f the Act, he
may make an appropriate moicdificatio n or' mlodifientionl S in the
methodl of selection~ of the Supplemnentary Cod~e Au\lthority.,
SECTIoN 1. IH ndltillOn tO th~e unfair trade practices cov-eredl in
Article Y" of thle B~asic Code, except th~e first and second panragranphs
of Sec~tiojn A of that Ar~tic~le, anyl violation of any! of the following
provisions dlirecly3 or indlire~ctly, through any~ o~fficerl, employee, agent
or rep~rerentat ive. shall conistit ute an unfai r tria d-e p,ractice under this
Supplenierintury C'odc:
(a) Wh'len thec 'codet Auithor~itiy dtctrmines,- that an emerclgncyy
exists inl thlis Indutry~~'3 and tha~t the causlle t1Cherof iS destructive price-
cutting~ suchrl as to rendrlc inecffcvtiv- e or ser~ious~ly enda~nger thie main-
tena~nce of thie priovisionsl~ of tris Code, the ~codle Aut~hority may
cause to be dletel~lilrmin th lowest reasonab~le c~ost of thle products oft
this Inldll.try'. such determiniationi to be subject to uchi notice annd
hearing as thle Ath~ninistr~at ol ma require. The Admlninistrator may
approved d~isappIrove, or modify the3 dletermiination. Thereafter,
duringf thle periodl of the emuergnency), it sha~ll be~ an unlfaRir' trade prac-
tice foi r! any em~ber of thec Ind~ustry to sell or' offer to sell any p~rod-
ulcts of thec Indlus~try for whlichI the lowes~t realsolnall e cost hras been
detelrminedl at sulch ~r~ices or upoun _Luchf termIIS or' Condl~itionls of sale
that. the buyerl wi ll ay less therefl.r tha thle lo-est rearsonalble cost
of suchl pr~odluts.
WVhen i-t appears thiat conditions hlave c~hanged,~l te C'ode Aluthlor-
ity. up'on its own~ initiative or up~on the reqluest of anly interested
party, shall cause the dletermination to be recviewedl.
(b) D~ropped lines, seconds or surlplus storks mays b~e disp~osedt of
by any) memciber of the IndustryS at any price and~ on any13 term~S adl
conditions but onily if such mnember of thle Indc-uitry priior to such

disposal has filed with the Supplementary Code Authority his state-
ment in writing, setting forth the fact of, reasons for and terms of
such proposed disposal.
(c) N~othing in Article V;T of this Supplemlentary Code shall apply
to sales between members of the Industry, provided, however, no
sales shall be made below cost.
(d) Sales quotations shall be basedlc on units of one thousand (1000)
(e) A cash discount not exceeding two (2) pecetl(E'l mayr be allowed
on all p~ur~~nchs es where the invoice is paid not later than the fifteenth
of the following month and no other terms or dliscovunts shall be
allowed unless agreedcc upon by a majority vote of the mlemabers of
the Industry.
(f) N~o m-ember of the Industry shall accept the ret~turnl of anyT
shoe shanks from any shoe manufactul~ rerec~ept. for mistake of the
shipper or faulty construction in the merchandise not in ne~cco~rl ance
with the purchaser's sp~ecifications.
(4)t All merchandise shall be sold either f.o.b. factory or f.a.b.
detation with freight allowed.
(h) All invoices shall plainly specify the qluantity and the descrip-
tion. of the material used.
(i) No split commission or any krind of bonus shall be given to
any manufacturer or his agent in, order to procure orders.
(j) No member of the Industry for the purpose of influencing a
sale shall offer or mkie, any payment or allowance of a rebate, refund,
commission, credit, unearnedllti discount or excess allowance, whether
in the~ form of money or otherwise, nor shall a mlember of the I~ndus-
try offer or extendl to any customer any special service or privilege
not extended to all customers of thne same class.


No provision of this Supplemuentary Code shall be so applied as to
permit monopolies or monopolistic pl~ratice~s or to eliminate, oppress
or discriminate against small enterprises.

SECTION 1. This Supplemnentary Code and all the provisions
thereof are expressly made subject to the right of thme President, in
accordance with the provisions of sub-section (b) of Sect~ion 10 of
the Act, from time to time to cancel or modify any order, appr1oval,,
license., rule, or regulation issued under the said Act.
SECTION 2. By presenting this Supplem~~ellntary Code, the mnembersc
of thne Industry do not thereby consent to any modification thereof,
and they reserve the right to object to any modifications w~ithou~t
being given an opportunity to be heard.
SECTIOr~ N 3. T'he Supplementary Code, except as to pr1ovisions~i re-
quired by the Act, may be modified or amiend~ed on the basis of expe-
rience or changes in c~ir~culnstnc~es, such modlific~ations or amnend-
ments to be based upon application by the Supplementary Code
Authority or other represe~ntative group1 within the Industry to the
Administrator and sulch notice anid hearing as h7e shall specify; and

to beccomle effecti ve a nd~ be a part of thi~s Suplem~lle n tarIy :'ole on
approval by thle Precsidenti and f~or the ALdmini istrtor.

Whereas thie policy of thle Acct to increase rea7 lll puchas~ingl power.~
will be mnade more dlifficu~lt of c~onsummatn~nion if prices of goods~ and~
ser~vi~es increase aIs rap'idly as wagejis, it is rcogmzedzct th~at pric mn-
crea~secs cept suich as miay b~e clreqir~e d to meet. indlividual cost should
b~e dlneclae, but whlen 11nurde sulch increases shloubll, so far as possible,
he limited to actuanl add~itio.nal incr~eases in. th-e seller's costs.


Th~is Supplementury Code shalll become eEffective at 12:01. A.1VI.
o'clock on thie tenithi day after~ it is approved by the Prescident aInd
shall continue in effect, until Juine 16, 1935, or the ear~liest. date pr1ior
thereto on which1 thle Presidlent shiall, by proclamantionl, or the Con-
grress shall, by joint resolution, decla re that th~e emiPI(eireny recogn ized
by Section 1 of the Naltional Industrial Recoveryi Act h7s endedl.
Approv-ed Code No. 84, Supplelent. No. 6.
Itegist ry No. 920--1-01.

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