Code of fair competition for the chlorine control apparatus industry and trade as approved on December 18, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the chlorine control apparatus industry and trade as approved on December 18, 1934
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Chlorine control apparatus industry and trade
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FEor sale bytheSuperintendent o ouments, Washntn D. -- -- -- Price 5 cents

Approved Code No. 536

Registry No. 1330---04




Th'lis publicantionu is for sale by the superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, Wrashington, D. C., and by ddistrict offices of the Unreau of
Foreign and Domestic Commeree.

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St. Louis, Mo.: 506 Olive Str~eet.
San Frann-i-c-, Calif.: 810 Customhiouse.
Seattle, W~ash.: SI00~ Fede~ral Office Bribllirlg.

Approved Code No. 536



As Approved on Dlecemnber 18, 1934


An application having been made pursuant to Admninistrative
Order No. XE-61, dated July 10, 1934, for the approval of the Basic
Code, as modified and attached to the annexred report as Exhibit
"A", as the Code of Fair Competition for the Chlorine Control
Apparatus I~ndustry and Tlrade, defined for the purposes of this
Order as follows:
The Chlorine Control Apparatus Industry andl Trade means the
contracting for the manufacture and/or the manufacture and/or
assembly for sale or lease and/or the distributing of eqjuip-
ment to control the application of chlorine and chlorine compounds
for all purposes, including the field of Sanitation and Industry and
(a) the installation and/or servicing of such equipment by members
of the industry and trade and (b) parts thereof and thlerefor, for
assembly in, thle maintenance of, and/or the repair of the products
of this industry and trade. I~t excludes the mlanufacture and/or
sale, as such, of the said parts when. produced by persons or em-
ployers not members of this industrantrd whnpoue
under the provision of any other Co d rde of Fai Co petton;and
it appearing that said application is in full compliance with~ the
provisions of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery Act, and
that the annexed report on said Code, containing findings wF~ith
respect thereto, has been made and directed to the President:
NOW7, THEREFORE, on. behalf of the President of the United
States, the National Industrial Recovery Board, pursuant to au-
thority vested in it by Executive Orders of the President, including
Executive Order N~o. 6859, and otherwise, does hereby:
(a) incorporate by reference said annexed report and said Code,
as attached thereto marked Exhibit "~A",
(b) find that said Code complies in all respects with the pertinent
provisions and will promote the policy and purposes of said Title of
said Act, and

103802 *---1385-104----34



(c) order~l that said Code be andX it hereby is approved as the Code
of Fair Com~petition for the Chlorine Control Apparatus I~ndustry
and Trade~, as above defined.
This order shall become effective tenl (10) days from the date
hereof unless prior to that time good cause to the coc!~lntray is shown
to this Board. and it, by further order, otherwise. d-ireets.
B~y W. A. H~AIGHMANcl, Adminct~ird//'e~ Olf'cer.
Approval recommended :
Division Administrator,
WC~rsumNCOro, D). C.,
December 1'8, 1934.


The White HTiouse.
SmR: This is a report on the ]Basic Code of Fair Competition for
the Chlorine Control Apparatus Industry and Trade, which has
been presented by duly qualified and authorized representatives of
the Industry and Trade, complying with .stat ut ury requirements,
said to represent ninetly-five (95) percent in volume of sales of the
Industry and Trade which could be included in this Code.

The Associated Mlianufacturers of Chlorine Control Apparatus,
being truly- representative of the Chlorine Control Apparatus In-
dustry and Trade, has elcltedl to avail itself of the option. of sub-
mitting; a Basic C~ode of Fair Competition, as provided for in
Admlinistrative Order X-61, dated Jul~y 10, 1934.
This Code, which includes both th3e Industry and the Trade, comn-
stitutes a vertical Code. The words, Industry7 and T'rade, as applied
to this Code, become practically synonymous in that they intertwine
so closely that they cannot be referred to independlently; for example
the Industry, through the process of distributing, installing and
servicing the apparatus, becomesn-c the TPrade.
This Industry and Trade masnufactures for sale or lease and
installs and services apparatus and equipment to control the appli-
cation of chlorine and chlorine compounds for all purposes, includ-
ing the fields of sanitation and industry and parts thereof. The
apparatus must he so constructed that the meticulous dosage of
chlorine gas and chlorine compounds necessary in the sanitation
of water, sewage and industrial wastes is properly controlled. The
intelligent application of chlorine and its compounds is a vital factor
ini securinga a safe drinking water in areas afflicted by such public
catastro-phies as are occasioned by fire, ~flood or hurricane.
The figures furnished by thl~e Associated Mlanufacturers of Chlo-
rine Control Apparatus show that a comparatively steady demand
has existel ,for the products of this Industry and T'rade through
the depression period; and with the ever mecreasing standards for
the protection of life and health, there is definite indication of a
satisfactory future.


The followr\ine table has been prepared as the most co~nc~ise method
of prese~ntingb per'lt~inet, fud~or~s of this Indtustry and Trade:

Number Number Volume Numlbr Number Volum
Year of oon- of em- ofbusi- ii Year of oon- of em- of busi-
cerns ployees ness i crns ployees ness

1928................ 3 350 /$1, 500, 000 ii1932 ..............._ 12 387 1$1, 333, 107
1929__ _.....__.... 6 466 1,922,253 ii1933___.............. 15 379 1800, 000
1930................I 8 505 2, 036, 557 ii1934............. __ 16 2 400 B b00, 000
1931. ...... ....... 10 465 1, 947, 646
1 Estimated.
P2 N...* 1, 1934.
8E r:irlrarr-J.10 months.

T'he followcing is a list of the member firms comprising the Chrlo-
r~ine Conlit rol Apparatus I~ndut rl y and TradelC Fshow~ing the m~embecr andl
non1- memberl,-' firms of the Assc.cialted~ MnI~ufacturerser of Chlolrine
Control Apparatus.

The~ ~ c PadeE iern Comnpany, L~ong Island City,~ N. Y.
The Palr~adon C~ompalny, Belleville, N. J.
T'he Indlustr~ial Aprpliance Corp., Belleville, NJ. J.
W~allace & Tiefrnan Prodlucts, I~nc., Newarki, N. J.
WalbuII~~. e & Ticemanll Co., Inc., Nlewark, N. J.
WC7allace &3 TPiernatn Sales Corp., Newcark, N. J.

American Chlorinator Co., Chil-ago, Illinois.
Beazumont Apparatus Co., Philadelph-ia, Pa.
Chem(?lical Equ~ipmenrlt Corp., L~os Angaeles, Calif.
Evensoc~ n Filter Co., Chicag~c, Iflilcini.
TPhe Filchlor Com a y, hiadlphaPa
International Filter Co, hicagohi, Illnoi.
Omega Mlachine Co., Kansas City, Mto.
Phipps and- B3ird~, IIts., Richmclul, Va.
C. W~. Sirch, L-os Anyle c,l~ Calif.
Western Chlil~tlorinaorCo., Twin F~allsi, Idaho.
Wilrlson Sanit~ation, Inc., Bufflalo, N. Y.
BuildersI Iron Fou.,~ndrly, Providence,~! l Ri. I.
As indlica~tedr by thle foregroing 11.-(, the .A~.sciiatdc' Mlanu~fnetu rers
of Chlorinle Control Aipparatusf l sponsors of the Codel~. repre~sents only
t~hirty-threec and onel-thirdc p~er cenlt (:1331g") of thel ml~lrembe firms o~f
the I~ndusltry3 and Trade1(~~ in number1s but reportsl'f app~l'roxlimatel~y'
ninety-five per cent (950; ) of the total estimalted vo~lumel of business.
Sincel the PnI ilenrt's Reemplllloyment~n Agrreement.,'lf this TIndustry and
T~rade has been1 opera';ting~ on a for~ty (40) hour week ba;ls~is with ai
minimum wage~ of forlty (40) cents per hour, while prior to the Precsi-
denlt's Rccruployinen~t. A6'reenwa''t the work wyeek cocnsisted~ of forty-
eighlt (48) hours and thre minimum wag1ISe \\asL thirty (30u) cecn'ts
pe r hour.


Thle provisions of the Code conform to those of the Basic Code
of Fair Competition, as provided in Adm-inistrattive Order X-61i,
dated July 10, 1934.

The Deputy A~dmlinistrator in his final report to the Nrational In-
dustrial Recovery Board on said Code having found as herein set
forth andcJ on. the basis of all the proceedings in this matter;
It is found that
(a) Said Code is well designed to promote the policies and pur-
poses of Title II of the NP;ational Industrial Recovery Act, including
removal of obstructions to the free flow of interstate and foreign
commerce which. tend to diminish the amount thereof, and will pro-
vide for the general welfare by promoting the organization of in-
dustry for the purpose of cooperative action among trade groups, by
inducing and maintaining united action of labor and management
under adequate gov~er~nmental sanctions and supervision, by elimi-
nating unfair com~petitivce practices, by promoting the fullest possible
utilization of the present proluctive capacity of industries, by avoid-
ing undue restriction of production (except as may be temporarily
required), by inlcrea~singr the conlsum~ption of indus~tr~ial and agricul-
tural products through inlcreasm~g purchassing power, by reducing
and relieving unemployment, by improving\.llb standards of labor, and
by otherwcpise rehabilitating industry.
(b) Said Industry mclnormlly employs not more than 50,000 emn-
ployees;; and is not classified by this Board as a major industry.
(c) The Code as approved complies in all respects with thle per-
tin-ent provisions of said Title of said Act, including w~iithout limzita-
tion Subsection (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of Section '7, and
Subsection (b) of Section 10 thnereo0f; and that the applicant asso-
ciation is an industrial association truly representative of thet afore-
said Industry and Trade; and that said association imposest~ no in-
equitable restrictions on admission to memberships! therein.
(d) The Code is not designed to and will not permit monopolies
or monopolistic practices.
(e) The Code is not designed to and will not eliminate or oppress
small enterprises and will not operate to discriminate against then.
(f) Those engaged in. other steps~ of the economic process have
not been. deprived of the right to be heard prior to the effective date
of said Code.
F~or these reasons, therefore, this Code! has been approved.
For the National Industrial Recovery Board:
Ad~min/istrative Offi'cer.
DECEMBER 18, 1934.

ExmrrII "~A"'



T1Co effectuate the policies of Title I of the National Indusrltrial
Recovery Acl~t, thle following prov,\isions are established as a Baasic
Code of Fair Competition which shllgventh hlrneCnto
App~ar'atus Indust~ry and TIrade which hazs app~liedc threcrtfor in ac-
Coral~llacei with Admrinistrative Order No. X 61, dtedct July 10, 10)34.

The terml Chlorine Control Appara;lstus Indlustr and~ Trade "
menllls the conitrac~ting for the mianurfacture~r and/or tl~e manufacture
and/or assembly for sale or lease and/or the distribu~tingr of equip-
ment to control thet application of chlorine and chlorinle compo~cunds
for all purposes, includlingr the fieldl of Sanitation and Indu~try. It
includes (a) thie installation and/or servicing of .much equipmentr by
]Inrl('llersY of this industry and trade andi (b) parts thereof aInd there-
for, for n em~libly in, the malintlenanr.Ce of, and/or th~e repair of thie
prod unlt of this indlustry andi trade.
It, excludes the masnulfac~trtur and/or sale, as such, of the Isa~id psr~ts
whlen pr~oduecd byv persons or emlplo~yers not roomber-~'l' of this indul~s-
try an dtradle wheln produnced undecr the pr~ovision of atny other C'ode
of Fair Compectition.
The term '"on-mberlil of the indul-I/tr~er/rae as used here~in in-
cludes? bit without limlita~tion.l any indrividudl;!. p~al~lcrtnership nesocia-
tion. corporation~ or other form of cente~rpr~ie engagedt'~ in the indus-
t~ry it r;det, e~ither as an employer or on htis or its own. behalf.
The te~rm employee as u'xsed~ hereinl inicl~!lude anry and all perso~ns
enl'lc'unl in the inr] lut ry/trade, howev-c lr comineln-; ated, ecepi~lt a Ilem~--
ber of the, indusltl`rv/trol le.
The term emloyer "~I" as Usedc' he'lreinl includes anyonlle by w~hom
surchl employee isi con'sens~ated or employed3.
Ther terms Presiden~rt and "'Act as used~ hecrlin n meann reppc-
tive~ly thle P'resident of the Unitedl State<. andl Title I of th-e Natilnall
Imb11-1 rial Rec1Oven-y'3 Act.

No emplo?cee shall h~e pe~rmittedl to wo-crkl in ecsc~ of forlty (40)
hours inl any one~l ne,-k~. xcespt that for any six (6) weeks1; in anyl
c~ll-.cameratie six (G) monlrths perical, anty ('nph1~1.(Ye maly be pensllittedI

to wForkl not more thann forty-eigh~t (48) hourl per wreek.Alhus
in exc~ess of eight (8) per day or forty (40) per week shall be paid
for at not le~s- than one and onle-hallf (11/2) times the employee's
regu~rlar rate.
SjECTION 2. ExCepJ.tion~S.
The provisions of Section 1. shall not apply to:
(a) Exrecutives and supervisory employees, secretarial assistants,
for~emen,1 proftessionall andc scientific employeesl~ who are hetl.r:b ex-
empted fromt limitations as to hours providedl they receive r~egu c ly
thi~ty-fiive dollars ($35.00) or more p. C weekr;
(b) Traveling saIle.nwncll who are hereby exemprltedt from all limita-
tionls as to hours;
(c) Wa~t('llChme, who anly be permitted to work not in ex~ess of
fifty-six (56) hours per week'1, but they shall not be permitted to work
more than sixr (6) days in any seven (7);
(d) Employet engagedt~ in emrgencyt~"'3 maintenance and/or em~er-
gency- repa~~ir work invuolving brleakl-down or the p,~rotection of life or
property provided, however, that employees so engbaged shall be paid
at one and one half (11j/2) times their normal rate for all hours
w-orkled' in excess of forty (40) hours per week.
SECT1IO:N 3. Minim~u m Wages.
No employee shall be pa:id in any pay per1iod less than at the rate
of forty (4l0) cents per hour, except as hereinafter ot~herw\ise
pro~vidlel :
(a) Office boys and girls may be paid not less than at the rate: of
eighty (80) per cent, of t'he minimum wa!ge, but the total number of
such office boys and girls employed in any one establishment at such
redced~l~c rate mlay not exceed five (5) per cent of the total numbler of
office employees in such exICep~t that each establishment
may have at least one (1_) office boy or office girl.
SECTION 4. M Rges ill GHUral.
All wages shall be adjusted so as to maintain a differential at
least as~ great in amount as that existilgr on. June 16i, 1933, between
wages for such emlploymecnt and the then mlinlillua. In no caset shall
there be any reduction in hourly -rates; nor in weekly ear~nings for
any reductions in hours of less than thirty (30) per cent.
SEC.T.ION 1. Child L~abor.
No person under sixteen years of age shall be employed in the
industry/trade in any capacity. No pcrronI under eight~een years
of age~ shall be emp~loyed~c at operations or occupations which are
hazardous in naturec or annrrerous to health. The Code Authority
shall submit to thne National Indlu-trial Rtecovery Board for appll~rovl
before February- 1, 1935, a list of such opetra~tions or occupation;s. In
any State an em~ployerj l shall be dneeme to have complied with this
roi'''''ionl as to agre if he shall have on file a valid certificate or per-
mit duly signedr by the aulth~rit~y in. such State empoweT~red' to issue
employment or age certificates or permits, showing that the employee
is of thec requiredt age.
SCEC`TwO 2. Appr1enlti~es.
The hours and wages of regularly indentured apprentices in
skilled trades or occupations of the industry/trade mnay detpar~t from

the standards herel~in,..hove pr~escribed; provided that th-e terms of
emlploymlenlt anil thle cocur~se of inlstr~uction of such. azpprentices shall
conformn to .-tundnedi~rs uniform throughout the indus;ltry/trad and
approved by thle Na-tional Industrial Rco\tlver Boarrd.
SECTION 3. HanldicappIlel 1Persons.
A person wh-ose (a~rning~ capacity is limitedt beenu;llse of age, phys-
ical or mental ha3ndicap, or other infirmity, mlay be employed onl
light work at a wagre below the mninimlum established by this Code,
if the employer obtains from the Stazte authority designated by the
United Staltte Dclpartmlent of L~abor, a cer~ltifientef authlorizingb such
person's employment at such wagesc~ and for such hours as shall be,
stated in the! certificate. Such authority shall be giuid~ell by the inr-
structions of thle United States Departmenll~lt, of Labor in issuingr cer-
tificates to such per'-ons Each employer shall file monthly with the
Code Authority a list of all su~ch- per u~c ns- employed~ by himn, show~inga
the wages paid to, and the maximnumn hours of work- for, such em-

Renox,,, 4. S:I fet and H-ealth.
EveryI3 employer shall make reasonable;1, provisions for the safety
and helth~ll of his employees~~ at the place and du~i~ring the hours of
their employment t~ It. Standards for safety and health shall be sub-
mittedl by the Crodle Au~thority to the Nationall Industrial Rco~verly
B~oardl for appr1ova;l w1Tithin three months aft~er the effective ate~tt of
this Code!. Th'le standardl-: approved, shall thereafter be a part of
this Codle and enforceable as such.
See-~il no 5. Required Labor Clauses.
The provisions of Section 7 (a) of said Act are hecreby,3 incorpo-
rated her~ein by this Irefe~lrenice and shall be complied with.

To further effectuate th-e policies of the Nationall Industrial Re-
covery13 Act, a Code A~uthority is hereb\y establlizhe~ t~o cooperate
with thle Nationnl' Inldustrial Recovery\ Boardl in the wh~llini.-tratllion
of this C'ode. Ther Codte Author~ity shall be con.-t ilted~ as followsa
andi elcctdc in a fair manner to IGe app~ron-dl by the National In1-
antrlcl; In! Recovery Board:
(a) Th'ie Codec Aurthority shall be comp~osed of five voting mem-
Ilrr fourl of wh~lom Shaltl be r~epresentaitives from the Assoc~iiated~
Man1 ruf actuIrer~s of- Chllorine Contr~ol Appra us)"'"1 an d one shal b111 ie a
reprecsentative chose,~n bythe other mnembe~r~s of this industry /t~rrate
w-ho are not memribers ofthe Ahssociatetd Alanuiforturers~ of CII1h1irine
Control App~Iaratus.
(h h(scretary~ of th~e Associa~tted Matnuforctur ersI of Ch~lorine
Control Applaratus shiall wrt-\ e as thle $Secreta~ry of the Co de~ Aulthoc- rity
without v'ote.
((:) Thelcre ma~y be not nolre tha~n threce Irepresentatives of the
National In.1II0-;1Fn ReCo'(VeryZ Bo1ard.l to be .-e~lectrd by it, who shall

(cl) SuI,~, (ch Coe Aurthiority sha~ll, with r(pen(t to this industry tr.;ile,
havet thc sniime!, I\;rie andt cluties nod1 fun1Ic~tio~n in thc mannerI('I 1pre-
scrribedt in Allllthninis~trativ Ordelr X I; for thle General N. R. A. ( 0.10
Author~it~y mulrl undrlcI such fur~ther rule~' andl Iregllationl S as theC

National Indus~tr~ial Recovery B~oardt mnay prescr~ibe. Thelr powers' and
dulties p~rewr~ibed in Adtministrattive Ordcer X-(;L are\ as fo~llowTs:
1. To ins~ure the~ execution of thec Code~r and to provide for the
compliance of the indlustry/trade with the pr~ovision~rs of thle Act.
2. To adopt by-lawns and rules a1:I:1 regulation s for its p~rocedture.
3. T1Io olt a i n from menh-clllll of ~the industry/trade such i n1forma11:~ t ion
and reports as are required for thle administration of the Code~l.
In addf~itionr to information requniredc to be submitted to thle Code
Authocr~ity, members of the indus~l.try/trad subject to said Basic: Code
shall furnish such nlti.-til:l infor~mation as the Na-tionlal Indutrial~i~
Recovery Board. may deem necessary for the purposes recited in
Section 3 (a) of the Act to suchl Federal and State neessnesitli as it
may~ do.-iena;te; provided that nothing in the Code shall relieve any
members of thle indtustry,'lrodeclt of any exsi-tine obligatio~ns to furnish
reports to any Goverrnment ne--in-v!. N~o indiv~iidual report shall be
di C'losedL to any other member of the indusctry,'tind:!e or anly o~therl
party except to such other Grovernment aIgrencil, s as may her dlire~ctedt
by the Natiotnal Industrial Recover~y Board.
4. The Gerneral N. R. A. Code Author~lity shall ;Ilhmlit~ to the Na-
tional Industrial Recovery Board wFithin ninety (90) days after the
approval of this Blasic Code a list of industries covered by th-e B3asic
Code, inl wThich work on any part of the product is performedl in
the home and/or work is contracted out. The General NT. R. A. Codelt
Autholrrity may: also submit a list of -peciar~ l pr)IoblemIs affefcting~ par-
ticular industries operating under the Basic Code, anld recommlrendra-
tions pertaining thereto..
5. To make Iremounelllindation s to th~e National Industrial REecovePry
Board for the coordination of the Admninistration of the Code andl.
such other Codes, if any, as may be related to or affect membersc~- of
the iidtustry/'tradle.
6. To recocnuni(nrd to th~e NSationatl Industrial Recovery) Board any
actionr or measure deemed advisable, including further fair trade
prnc~tice prov-ision~s to govern members of the in~dustry/trade in their
relatio~ns with each other or with other industries and/or tradest;
measures for industrial pla~nning, and stabilization of employment.

Trade Practices.--Ai. It shall be an unfair method of compe~ctitionl
for any member of this ind'ustlry;/tradle subject hereto, to violate any
rule of fair trade practice for such industry/trade even if not
herein cocnta~inedl, when approved by the Nationilr Industrial Recov-
ery Board on application concurrdc~c inl b~y sevenlty-five (75) per cent
of the members of such industry/trad~e.

Sr made subject to the right of the Preside~nt,- in accordance with the
provisions of subsection (b) of Section 10 of the Act, from time to
tFime to cancel or modify any order, approval, licensei~t rule, or regu-
Intion issuedl under Title I of said Act.

.Sram1ox 2.--Such of the provrisions of this Code as are not re-
quired to be included herein by thei Act mnay, wFith the approval of
the Natio-lnal Indlustrial Retlcovery13 Board, be modified or eliminated
in such manner as may be indicated by the nleeds~ of the public, b
changes in circumstances, or by experience. ALll1 the provisions o
this Code, unless so mlodlified or eliminated, shall remain in effect
until June 16, 1_935.

The following provisions are thereby prescribed in. additionl to the
foregoing :
(a) Thne mninimuml ratrls of pay provided for in Article III of this
Code shall applylS irre.pective\i of whether an, employee is actually com-
pensal~;ted~ on a time rate, pieci vo\\ lrk,, or other be lis.
(b) Femlale empllloyees~ performing substantially the same work as
male employees shall receive the same rate of pary as male employees.
(c) No empllloyer shall permit any employee to workz for any time
which, whenI totaled with that already per~forines1l for another em-
ploy~er or employers, excesltl the maximum. permitted here'cin.
(d) No employer shall re~clusifyif emnployee-c- or du~ties~ of occup~n-
tions Iperform edl or e~ngage in any other substerfuge so as to <1e~fleat the
purposes or provisions of the Act or of this Code.
(e) NIo employer shall dismiss or demnote any employee for mak-
ingr a c~omplaint or giiving evidencel~ writh r~espect, to an allegedly viola-
tion of the! provisions of any Code of Fair Comnpetition.
(f) The Code Authority selected in neeord~~ance with Article VT of
this Code shall function at thre expense of the inklllltryS/truelel in ac-
cordance wcith such further rules and regullations as the Naltionall
Indlustiall Recovery~.c' Board may prescr'ib e.
(g) No provision of this Code shall super lec~lc any State or Fed-
eral law which imposes on employers more requ'li'lrlments
as to ag~e of employees, wages, hours of work, safety, health and
sanitaryI conditions, inlsurannlCe fire protection or generalC''1 work.ingr
conditions, than are! imnposedc~ by this Clode.
(h1) N~o provision o~f this Clode shall1 be so app-lierd as to permit
monopolies or mnonop~olistic p~ractiles, or to elimiinate, oppiress, or dlis-
criminate ma'~inst, small enrterpr1,1ises.s

Registry N~o. 1330-04.

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