Amendment to code of fair competition for the wood plug industry as approved on November 7, 1934


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the wood plug industry as approved on November 7, 1934
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Wood plug industry
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"Registry No. 329-02."
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"Approved Code No. 115--Amendment No. 2."

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Forsale by theSuperintendent of Documents, Wa'shington, D.C. - Price~cents

Approved Code No. 1l5--Amendment No. 2

Registry No. 329--02









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Approved Code No. 115i--Amendment No. 2



AQs Alpproved on November 7, 1934


An application having been duly mad~e pu~rmonutl to and in full comu-
pliance with the provisions of Title I: of the Na~tinuai~l InduIIstrlial.
every A~ct, approved June 16, 1_933, for approval of amlendments;
to a Code of Fair Complletition for the WVoodl Plug Industry, andl healr-
ings~ having been. duly h~eldl thereon and the annexed report on saidl
aml~~ct lendments, conltainingf findings withl Ir-.pL-(t thereto, having been1
made and directed to the Prcildent :
NOWl, THEREFORE, on btehalf of the Pr~esiden~t of the UTnitedl
States, the N~ational Indu~~-tria~l Rcceirry~3 Board, pursuant to aurthor-
ity vestedl in it by Executive Orders of the Precident.~ including Ex-
ecutive O1lrder No. 63859, andl otherwise, does thereby incorporatel.lf~ by4
reCfer'enlce saidi annexed~c rejor~t andi does find th-at said code complies
in all respects with the ertP'inen'lt pr'ovisionslc andC will promcllote\ the
policies and il'purposes of sa~id Title of said Act; andl does hereby
order that said amfendme~cnts be and they are thereby approved; and
that the previous approval of said Codle is hereby amendedl to inlclude
an approval of said Codle in its enlltirety as amendel(~id, such applroval
and such amendments to tak~e effect ten (10) days fr~om thle dante helre-
of, unless good cause to thep contrary is Llhownl to the said Bo0ardl
before that time and thle Boardl issues~ a subsequent Order to that
By W. A. H3ARRI31lAN, RAd??2/198trativz/e Off?. cir.
Approval r~econunl~~t!;iende:
Act-ing Div~isionl Adolil,

Now?>>7:l re 1934.
06201 *--1325-3 8----341 (1


The W~hite House.
SIR: This is a report on the amendmecnts to the Code of Fanir
Comnpetition! for the Wood Plugr Industry andl on the hearing con-
dlutedl thelreon in 1Wash'ing~ton, D. C., on April Sg,; 1934, in ne~cordt-
ance with the provisionsi of Tfitle I: of the Naltional Indrustr~ial
Re~overya Act.
Thle Wood Plug IndusT1-t~ry th~l(llrouh the Code Authority hans off'lered
amiendmentr~ s to its Code of Fair Comipetition. SevenI prolCposed
amndm~lcl e ntss were submitted by the Codle Authority, but subsequently~
to thle public hearing one ~llnmendment as originally proposed has bee~n
chlnge~d to c~onforml1 to rleviiedt policy.
Thle p"''ropol' ed mendmrent~s in their final formn are jsummarl~zcize
her(ew~ith :
Thec first amel~lrlndmen defines the term Member~~i of thle Ind~- usrtryS
to conform to es~tab~lished~ policy.
The second anmnchueit nt char11ifies and ump~llifies the pr1ovisio~n rela-
tive to hours of the Codte.
TIhe third~ am!;endme~cnt places upon the empll-loyer1 thle respons''"~ibilit
of providing for th~e safety aInd health of empllloy!ee andi the estab-
lishmenut of standards therefore.
Thec fourlthl amnendment pr,1ovides thant reconunendtinc~tiils o~f the
Code Aulthor~ity' upon app~~c\rovl by the said Board~ c:hall be madle a~n
integral pa elt of this Code.
Tlhe fifth amlendmenttll is a neir~n section to Artcle VI. anld rrvenlts to
the Code Author(,lity the use of tr~ade associations andl other agencies
as it deems propelpr for thle ca~rring out of any of its activities pro-
vidledt hrlein,. but dolres not relieve the Clode Aulthorityv of its durt~ies
and respons~;ibil'ities~; und1er this Code.
The sixthi amelndmrlent sp~ecifiesi the right of th~e said Boanrd to, su~-
pendl any1 nation of th~e Codi Authorlity spending inves~tiga~tion.
Thc sevenilth1 amei:ndmennt the provisions relntive to, price
cuittinig, uniiform1 cost amoun~llting, iiemeren!cis, andii pric~e filing.

men~ts to said Code1~ having~ foundi~ as here~in .set fourth a1n1 oin the baws;s
of all the pr'ceedinesil~r~ in thlis ma~ltte:
We find tha~t:
(Ia) 'IlTh nownlinents!!l. to said Code anld thre (cod~e as amendedl~~r aIre
welldesgne to promoii~te~ the poclic~ies and purpose.< oft Title I of the
PrNaionai~l Industrial Ru-ove\ryJ .\ct includc-ing thle iremovacl of o~bstruc--
tions 10 t ti10 f0 in(\; Of Illi~~iefs(ie ;nt fo~~rre!n i0011111ir12000 Whlichl te
to diminish thle monri!t ther:1fc, and~ wvill prov~ide~ for thc genril~al

welfare by promnotinlg the reorganization of indus~tryJ for the purpose
of cooperative narctionl among trade grroup)s, by ind~ucing~ and main-
tnining unnited action of labor andl mallnagr- menti l unlderl aidequate grov-
e-'llrnmentall sanctumr~l and supervision by chiminating unfair competi-
tive p~ractices~, by prom""oting the fullest possible ultiliza~tion of the
present productive capacity of indlustries, by avoiding undue rest~ric-
tion of production exceptl, as may be temporarily required), by
inlc;clireasin the consumption of industrl~t n and agrricu~ltur~al products
thlrough; inlcren:-~ing~ purchas'ing~ power~, by reduI1Icing and relieving
unempllloymen't, by improving stand~l.!!irh of labor, and by otherwise
rehablilit~ating indlust-ry.
(b) The Code as amendedll~ complljlies; in all r~lepects with thle perti-
nein~t provisions of saidl Title of sail ~Act, including w~ithloult limita-
tion Subsection (a) of Sec~tinnl 3, Suhe~re~tion (a) of Section 7, and
Subsecttion (b) of Section 10 thlereof.
(c) The usuen~!dmrentt s and the Code as nmenlll~ d d are noc-t designalt! d
to andl will not pr-un'!it, monopr~~lolies or mzonopolistic prac3(tiie..
(c) Thl~e amendme~nts and the Codelc as amlendzed are not des~ignled
to and will no0t c ~llimiute or oppress small enrlterpr;im. and wiill not
operate to discrimninate against theml.
(e) Those engaged~l in other1 steps of the economics prces-~i ha-ve not
been1 cdepr;'ived~ of the right to be heafr'd prior to approval of said

For these remons,l! therelforel, we have app~~o~rove these am~endments.
For thre National~ Itndutri~iall nERe:\Cover Board:

NOVEMBrEr: 7, Il -i.


ARTICLE II. C;11tnge detflllitlOR Of t~ermn m;Iember of the indlustry? "
to read as follows:
TIhe terml mnem~berl of th~e industry inlc~ludes: but without limita-
tion any individual, partnership, as~soc.iation, corlporation or others
form of entellrp~ri enga-gedl in the indtustrry, either~l as an employer or
on his or its ownn behal~lf."
ARTICLE III. Section 1, after the phrase "'in any twentty--four (24)
hour period. add the phrasce nor more thanz sixF days in any calen-
darII week~l "' and c~hangrre the word11 "helreinb~fore "! to "fhereina~ftier.""
ARITICLEI V. Section 8 is added~~ to readt n.- followss:
"' Ev=ery3 emplloy~er shall provide for the safe~ty and health. of em-
p'laees during the hours and at the places of their employmIient.
Standar~ds for safety andi health, shall be submnittedl by thne Code
Auth-ority- to thle Nationn1a Industrial Recov\erly Boar~1d no(t later thanl
sixrty (60O) days afterl the effective late hEreoccf. On approval by) thle
-n~id; Boa~rd, af~ter nuh notice and hiear~ings- as it nin~y precrciibe, such
standards shall becomlle int~eral parts of this Code.""
ARTICL;E VI. cS;;'.tionl 2 (b). ALdd the follow\\ing:
'" Such reconanendalt'l;ifon tr~ial RccoveryS Beard~'c after such notice andl~ hear~ines as it m~ay pre'-
eeriibet hhall become inltegral~ parts of this Code."'
ARnTIc-LE- VI. Section 2. Atddl Subsection (f) us follows:
"" Thee Cod~e Authorit~y ma-j 11er such tradle nesceiintions anrd o~ther
ag~elc~iesi as it dea'lls prZoper'l for the carrying out o.f anyr of iti;
Activities provided herein; providled tha;t nlothing her~ein shalll rec-
lieve the Code Authorityr of its duties andl respons~l~ribilities~ undel r this
Code and that such trade n~oc-iations- and other nrtlncies shall ber
subject to and comply with thle provisions thereoff.!
ARTIC'LE VII. Section 4 is addledT to readt as follows~:
If the Natfionll3 Ind;ustrial Recovecry-l\ Boar~d dlhall determine thlat
any action of thle Clode Authority or anyr! agency thereoc f mayv be un-
fair or zunjust or coltlntrar to the public inltersct the saidl Boardi m~ay
require that such nctionl bte suspended~~l to :iofford an opp~ortunity~ for
invecstigatnionI of thec merits of such n,tioni a~nd furtherl cons~ideration
by tle. Code Auntl1rity or agncicy~ pl':!'ing final noit io-n which~ shall nlot
be effective unless said Bneda~r approvesc' or nlliess it shanll fail to,
d~is;lpprove af~tetr 30 d~ays' notice to it of intent~ioni) to pr1oceed wTith
such ncetion in its orlifina~l or mod~tifiell fo,~rm."'
ARTIcLE~ V1[.. Section, I 1. D~elet~e thiu S;ct:.ionl and1( subst~Situte thle
follow ing:
SEc'TION 1. (A5). (a2) Each.] memberf~~L (f the Indlustry\ sh~all file writhl
a confidential and di.sinterested!~ l agnprt of ther Code Au:tho~rity or, if

none, then with such; an ngent designated by the NiuTatiolnal Industr~ial
Recovery Board, identified lists of all of his prices, discounts, re-
bates, allowarnces, and all other terms or conditions of sale, here-
inafter in this article :refer~redl to as price term~ls, w~hichn lists shllll
completely and accurately conform to and repres-ent, the individual
pr~ic~ing~ practices of said member. Such lists shall conltain the price
terms bfor all such ptanldard products of the industry as are sold or
offered~c for sale by said m~ember andi for such n~onstandarlnld products
of said m~embller as shall be desr-igna~ted by th;le Code Authority.\ Said
price terms shall in the first instance be filed within ten (10) days
after the date of approval of this provision. Price terms and re-
vised~l price terms shall beccomerl effct:live immedlcriately upon receipt
thereof by sanid ag t 1ImmedC!ialtely uj3pon reiCeipt thereof, said agetnt
shall by telegSrapi, or mother equally- promptl~ means notify saridl mem-
ber of the tune of 1!.-h1 ricecipt. Such lists and rev~ji ions, tog!~lethe
with th~e e~ffec:tive timle thereof, shall upon receipt be2 immelc~it tely
and simuiltc nuc- sl ~y dlistributedi to all mellax~l e s of the indulst ryS and
to all of the~ir cusltomersl who h-ave appliedl thrleifor and have offered
to de-fr~ay the, cost actually incurred by the Code Authoity,'i3 in the
preparat'iion~ and~ distribu~tionl there ntI1 and be ava;ilab~le for inspection
by anyS of thleiri customers at the office of such atgent. Sa~id lists or
revisions~l or alnyT p;' t ther~leof shall not be madeclr available to any per-
son until re~leased to all membenlr~1s of the industry.~ anll their customers,
as aforesanid.; provided, that pr1ices~ filed~ in the first inlston! shall not
be r-eleased. until the exp!ira~tion, of the aforesaid ten1 (10) dlay period
after the azpproval of this provision.. The Codec Auth~orityr shall
maintain a pelrmanent.11 file of all pr~ie.,~ terms filed as heircinl pro~viell,
andl shall. not ilrstroy up1, parn:t of such records~i; except upon written
con~enlt of said ]Boardl. Up'on reuet'l(4t the Code Authlor~ity shall fur-
nishl to saidl Board or any duly de~iglnalted agnbpt, of said Board copies
of any' such lists or rev.\isions' of price ter~ms.
(b) WheCI Zn5 anyem~iber of the Il~ind- L ry has filed any revicionil, suchz
member shall not file at higher ~ price wIiithin fort~y-cnight (48) hours'-.
(c) No member of thet industry shall sell or offer to sell anly prod-
ucts of the industry for~ which pr~ie twl1 ins Lov been filed pursuant
toj the provisions of this Artic~le, eceplclt in accordance withl such price
(d) INo member of thre indut ryllL3 shall. center into any agreementt, un-
d~er-standing, comnbiination or consp~iracyj to fix or mai~nit a!in price terms'l,
nor cause or attempt tio cause any metilbber of th~e industry to changl~re
his price terms by the usec of intimidation, I:!ue''r'relon, or1 any other in-
fluen~ce! inc:onsiste-nt. withl th7e mani~icirintnace of thre free andl open matr-
keti which it is theg pin-pose'~ of this Article to c1reate.
SeenusTrr, 1 (B). The standarrds of fair competition for the industry
wmith reference to prFicing practices are drc~lared to b~e as follows:
(a) W;ilfullyr destructive plilric cutting is an unfair mlethod, 1 of com-
petition and is forbiddei~~f n. Any member of the industry or of any
other industry or the :iastomjlers of eitherl may at any timer complain
to the C'ode Authority thatil anyy filed price constitutes unfair c.ompleti-
tiotn a dlestrucI~tive nrp 1rice cutti irlnperiiing mh~ull eteirtcpr~is or tend-
ing towcardl mlonopl(l-y or the impairm.:nt~ of codel wa;gc:- and workingil(-
c~onditions. The Code Au~thority shall within five (5) (day3s afford
an opportunity to the! membl~er filing~ thne pricei to answer suchn com-


11111111111 YI11 | R III#II | 111 111 I IIlI1llillillill
6 3 1262 08854 3532

plninit and shal~l w~ithin foiurteen (14) anys make a ruling or ad~just-
m~enst therwn~~l. If such1 ruiling i-- not. conlcurredl in by either party to
the complal~int.;l al'l"' papers ll bet referredl to the Research and( Plan-
ning Divi io- n o~f N1. R. A1. wh)ic~h shall recnder a r~epor~t and r~ecomi-
niewint inn th reon toCI~'I thlle Naioll~ PInfduRStil) Recovery.PI Boar~d.~
There is to be no(: iixed Inilinmuml basis for priicesj. It i~s initc~i~end th-at

should he( giVenI to easit-; inl th~e determin ation o~f prricing~ policies.

the: stated Iinin-irnumi pr1ice of .we~lr product, inl vio~lation of :Cublsectio n
(a), Sct~ionl 1 (C'). (EmelrgeCr ncy Pr~ovisions)) here~of, isc for~bidd-enl.
after inve .tigation .shailll at any~ time f!ind both (1) thiat anl emrc~gency-
has :IrIisen withlin the indluctry adversely a~ffecting~ smalll enlterprlisess

ni'l!~eucOndritionsi whII, h tendrl to; defeat 41the purprce' o~f ther Act; and
(2)3 tha:t the dect rm~ina,; t ion f' theC ctaltred mliinimuml prlice~ forI a specifiedl
pr'o:7uct writhin~ thet Indusitry? for a limited~ per~iodl is nlecessary to,
ate thie purpo-tes of thec Acit, thc C:odle Auhrityi~~i~ mla!. enusB an im1-
partial agncyi! tol invesltic nto coslts aInd tol rtc~ominernit to? the said-
Bloard a1 a~ffc-tedc- b-y thec centergenC1!I? alnd thereupIIIon ther aidj Board1.~ iin- prciceedl
to cticfiii i sl.ll bi ll. t Ctell 10Hilfll llil l(0100.C'
(b) When11 the~ Nationa~ll Induslltrial~ Recovery~ Boardc shjlill have. dec-
terml~lined suchI ~tutcld Iinjinlionu prliCe fOr' a1 cpeciilcle products~ fo'r n.
started~ PI 'ied whlichl leiiiive -hall be eniculatedl to mitigate
th.- coalitions4 cf -ii:h~ enrgency.~li( andl to eferi:ctua~te thc pu;rp~oses of
t~he Nat~ional Indus~tria;l Recovetry Act, th~e Board~c .hall p~ublishi
wh~~1 prlice. Thellc~ reatrl duingljl~ -Imh stated~ periodt, no us~ellnher Of theC
ind~ustr~y 1hall ell ?-urch peeiliedr~ prod'.uct~ at a n~t. r~ealizedl price
below nid w;intdmnrunpiseadaysc al hl ede
cde tr~uctive~ price~ Iutting~. Fromii timle toj timei the C'ode Aut-hor~ity
Viliiic (I GDY ietfe~lirlinc tll Iir:1'cilindP to OP~ PPi'eW\ie l of. 00000 1(c~lnered
andl approprl~liate notioln ta~kcen.
Swaz1olv 1 (D.). (a) Th~le (cod~e Auithiorit shanll nuise to be formnu-
I~tel~ mcthodtls: of con t fnigadncutn aal fueb l
mm rsof thc indusiitry. a~ndl talnlj sum~,it bluCh m~ethlods to thle
National Indcu-t~iall ReI:covery ha,:rd forl Ir\view\. If appriloved~ by- thle
.-idi B~oard., full inlformall:tionl ennernlc'~lingr .sulch me~lthd hllo b111le miade
avalale o ll neb...,of heIndsty.Thllereafter,, echc miemrber
of the indlustr- y shlln uitilize suchl methodsli to thle extenit foundcl p1rac-
i(;tIale. NothineI1 here~inl icontainedr shall be co~nstrue~d to permiit, the
CoeAtr iy n gn href oraynnbe ft nuty