Amendment to code of fair competition for the fur manufacturing industry as approved on February 13, 1935


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Amendment to code of fair competition for the fur manufacturing industry as approved on February 13, 1935
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Fur manufacturing industry
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"Approved Code No. 436--Amendment No. 2."

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Approved Code No. 436--Amendment No. 2

Registry No. 912---3









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Appr-oved Code Nio. -136--.1medendmn No. 2



A~s A~pp~ov-ed on F~ebr~uaryS 13, 19335



WHiIERE]AS, a code of Fair Competition for thle Fur AlIanufac-
trilrin Industry wfas approved by the Annlniitlstorto for 1Industrial
Rtcoveryl3 onl M:y 19, 1!1:;, w-hich providled in AQrticle VI, Section 1,
there~of, for the Code Authority to be seletctd as set forth therein;
ariL .
WHEREAS, said Code of Fair Comilpetition as apporoed con-
S;inined in A~rtile VI, Sc~~tilon 3, the follm,\iing provision:
1In order that thle Code Authnr~lity shall at all times be tr~uly
repre-en~~t at ive .of the Industry and in other respects complrlily with the
provl\isions of thle ic~t, the Admninistra-tor may:1 prescribe such hear-
ingrs as he? may: deem proper and may require an appropriate mlodifi-
catio~n in the method of selc~tionl of the Code Ahuthority ", and,
WHEREAI~S, pur.-uuntlr l to the power reservedc~~ therein and other-
wise, the Ardmninistrator for Ind~ustrial Ricover vl\ held certain hear-
ings for~l the purpose04 of determining and/or of or the purpose of
ndeplIting appropr'l''ia'te Amendments to Article VI, Sc~~tion-,~ 1, 2 and
3 of said Codel~. whelctherl said Codlc A~uthority (Section 1, Alrticle VI[)
as consit it uted was:1 truly rclpresentat~l1ive of the Indu-rlt ry, and wRhether
and in whait materC'lial respec~t'lf said Code! Authority (Section 1, Airti-
c~le VI~) may:1 not het tend~ing~ to Ieffetu(~ate~ thle policy of Tlitle I: of thle
Xntiona:l InctustrinI lRcovery-~13 Act and the provisions of ;ail Code.
WHEREAS(~.\, the National Indus~trial: R'coveryIS BEoard finds that
saidt Sclction 1 of Article VI. shlould be amended to provides for an
add1Citionlal memberl~'1 on the Code Authority for said Indusltr~y (to b~e
des~igna~ted1 by the Board of Direcctoris of the Amrc'liCan11 Fur Manu11-
facturers As ne'iationl),) and to perm'iit the election of a Cha:irma11n
for said Code~ Authorityr without ofimlia~tionr w\ith~ sail Indlustry- and

Recovery Bnc:!d, annd
WHRAthe Na!tionallf Indusltr~id Rllrovery? Board~ has madeCIL
further p~rovi ions in Secltio~l !n 3, whereby it shall have the right to
11 5:e 1n'0*-15731-54--35 [])

with~drawo its approval and recognition of any member chosen under
the provision of Section 1. of this Article for cause,
NOWi, THPEREFORE, on behalf of the President of the United
States, the National Industrial Reltcovery''3 Board, pursuant to author-
it~y vested in it by Executive Orders of the President, including
Execu~tive Or~der #GOD~,T, dated Septemnber 27, 1934, and otherwise,
doe heebyincorporab-t~ by reference, said aunnexed report and find-

tuted after1 being amended comply in all respec't-; withi the par~tinent
pr'ovisionis aindl will prlomlote thle policy and ~ur'poses of said Tritle I
of sa~idl Act, and does hereby order that salidl Amendment s be and
they ar'e her~eby appr>ioved, anid that the previous approval of said.
C'ode is hcrcby amendedt c to include an approval of said Codle in its
entirety as nlmendled, suchl approval and such amendmnlent s to take
efe~ct twTenltyv daysv fr~om the date hereof, unless good cause to th-e
conitrary is show~n to thle Nikational Industr~ial Rtecovery Board before
thiat time andl the Naational Indusxtrial RecloveryC Boardl issues a
subsequencrt ordelr to thant affect..
B~y W". A~. T-Ha~ramax AN dmtlinliStraCtive Offpicer.
Al!pproval recor, n Ii dedc~c:
Il'F-.~lfNT ** COONrLEY,
Division Admlinlistratior.
WCASInxurTox, D. C.,
Febr~uary~ 1i3, 1935.


Thie Pa~snsim:T,
T~he Wh~lite H~ouse.
Smr: This is a report on, the Amendmentslt to thle Code o~f Fair
C'ompetitio~n for the Fur Ma~nufacturing Industry, and on the hear-
ing~ cndluC'ctd thicecreo in. Washingtonl D. .,c Aug-t 413.


The Cocllo. under Article VI.1~ Section 3. provides as follows:
"' In onlerl~l that the Codeli Authority shall at all times be truly reprelr-
entative of the Ind~u try3 and in othetr respects comply; with thehli r
p~lrov\isionsl of the Alct, thle Adm~rinistrator mnay pre1scribe suh he rng
"" he may" deem l'(prope, and may resplicei an appropi;'iate malcci~itinton
in the~ method of selection of the Code Authority."
In ncarM.1ulnce wi`thl t~his prov\i-ion, on Auguist 11, 1934~, a hearings
was~ callid for August 2-L 10r:l4. Bredc~ upon the evidnclrre In-esetedltcl
at this hlear~ing, together with the pl~reeling~ evidcl!11t which da;te~d
back prior to thle formulation of thle Code, two Amren(dmentslf are


1. To the fir lt pornerap~a h of Sectionr 1 has been adthi~-l a claulse
maktinrr the -Ilb action of the Code- -?utho-r~it membn~ers subject~ to the
approva\`;l of and I~~.remenitio~n by the National `Inldll-fr-ial Rcovery\Ci'
2. T~he insertionI into the Codle of a newcY Sub>-section. (e) of Poelt icnr
1 of Arlticle VI. w hichn provides for reprersentatio~n on thec Coe~lt Au-
thority by\ thei Amelr~rican 1Fur MZanllf;:letlurl-' A~--nicition.
3. Theii surbstitutlion in Section 2 of Artilch. VlI of National Indlus-
trinIl Recover-y Board for Acln~irci-tr~ator.
4. A~ new Subil-sectionr (i) is addedcl to Sect~ion 1 of Ar~Iticln VI,[ which
providers~' for thec election of a Cha!;irman~l. CitherF within. thIe I~nduxstry
or outside thec Industry~f.\' bu~t withoutll vote. This wasI dlone in, ordelr
to (eli in i1 tle a f- -elri ng~ that a Cha!i rman tel,l~ -(0. fromn amion I the J Tlani-

an opprtun1llrity is given to elect a Chairmann fromln outside the Indufls-
try wholr w~ollMl be nceplltablelt to th~e majority of the Molrnher-<- of thec

5. Thec al~litioln of a near\ Sub-section to Sectionl 3 whlichi Fives the
Nationa~l Inslusitr~ial Rrcverry Board powerI to withdrawn~ its app~rova\l
or recomitioenl of anly memberc1 of th~e Code .\ authority for enuse.
Thec Depurt y Adm bni t rat or, in his final rep~r~t to us on sai d( A mrnd-
menti- to saidl Codel(, having fouwn~l as here~inl set forlth~ aInd on the
basis of all the p~roceedting~s in thIi matter:

The National Industrial Recovery Board finds that:
(a) The Aimendments to the said Code and the Code as amended
are well designeed to promote the policies and purposes of Title I of
the National Industr~ial Recov-ery Act, including the removal of
obstr~uctions to thle free flowv of interstate an~ foreign commerce
wshichl tend. to dliminishi the amount the~reof, and wTill provide for the
gener~ilal wvelfare by prtomo-tingr the organization of industry for the
pur'"pose of cooplerativ-e action amlong trade groups, by inducingr and
mlaintainingn united7 action- of labor and !I~in:ne::_ynent under adae-
quate Sov;ernme,cntal sanction and supervision ? by elimiina:tl in unfair
competitive pIractices, byS promotingr the fullest possible utilization
of t~he present productive capoacityr of the inde 4 vies, by avoinding un-
due restrictions of production (excepti as mayv be temporarily re-
qu~ired~),lt i" by)1( in: irgte conscumptlion of industrial andl agricultural
production through~l increcasingi purchiasinlg powe-r, by rediucinn andr re-
liev-ingr unelmployment.l by imprl~ovin g standlardt s of labor, and by
otherw\Tise rehlabilitating~ industry.
(b) The Codie as amended compilies in all respects w~ith the per-
tinenta prov'~isions of saidl Title of said Acete including wff ithout limlit~a-
tioni SuLb-sectioni (a) of Section 3, Sutb-sction1 (a) of Section 7 and
Sutb-section (b3) of Section 10 thereof.
(c) Th'le Code empow-ers thle National Indcustial R~ecovery Board
to pi,;.-!'at the afor~i~ ement()ioned amendir men ts.
(d) T1he Amnendmients andJ the Codle as amendedcc are not Ill'ignelid
to andi w-ill not permit monopolies or mionoopolisti c practices.
(e) The iAmendm~ent~s and the Cod~e as amrendied are not designed
to and willZ not eliminate or op~press small enterprisesi~ and will not
oiperalte to dlIi-- i lhinu~te against them.
(f) Those been~l deprived of the righl-t to be heard prior to approval of said
For the National Industrial Recovery Boasrdl:

Adm1,inis~trative Officer.
FEBSRUARY 13, 1935.


1. To ameltncd Article! VTI, Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the Cal~e of Fair
Comlpetitionl for the Fiur Ralanufacturing~ Indlustryg by Fsubst~itutfing


1. ~A Colet Authority is hererb~y constitulte d to coop~lera:te withn thec
Na~~;tional Industrial ]Recovery Board in the a.Iniinistrationo of this
Code. Thle Indus~try3 member1J'1S of said Code Auth~ority shall bec se-
lected as here~inuft cer set forth, subject to thle ap~prvl~c\ of and :retcog,-
nliition 1,v theC National Industrial Rte.overy3 BoardJ:
(a) riTwo (2) membersl~~l. of the Indusltry to be Idesignaat ed by the
Boar Id of D~irectors of thle Assnerinitel ]F~ur Coat alnd Trirnuningr ManulL-
facturers, Ilncorporated.
(b) Two (r2) Imembers of the Indu-lt cy to be designatedc~l II? th~e
BoardT of Directors of the Npewv Yorkr Fu'r Tr~illnningl A1 lanuf:;cturer.;

(c) Two (2) membe~l~crs of the Indunstryr to ble designatedte~ j by Lth
Bo~ard. of Directors of the U1nited~ Fur Mannllforturlilers A\--clintion,l
(d) One (1) I;runnaherl' of the Indusltry to be cde-ienltedlc by the
Board~c of D~iretorst, of the Chiii6cago FIur Trllimmlling~ Manullfa--'tuier'S

(e3) One (1) Inw~inher of the Industry to he designatedl~l by the
Boallrd of D irec~tor CSof the! Amlerican For Man ducl~~!.t urer .-- Ass~ciatpion.
(f) Onle (1) membelr1 of the Inldu-tryS shall be elected by thle Iin, mi-
Ilr'.i of the Ind~ustry unllfilinlted w\ithl anyl of the A,-wl;iutionsl hlerein-
nIlovc~tlll enuneratdcl.'u. 11 located. in Area: "'A"' as cllE ln-lt in Section 6
(a)r orf Article IV of this Code1~. Said (.l!'~ion shall h~e cominellrted
under the supervision. of the Na~;tionarl Indlustriat l Recover y Board< o.r

(g) One (1) ninhell]~r Of thre Industry shall he elec;: l trd y Inwm-
hers of the Inlustrl~~y unlllilinteell wiith any oft the Arssociations hl:cinl-
above~c enumeptrated, anrd In' waited in anty other parlt of the~ Unritied
States~ outf.sblt' of Area~; C\"A" as decfinalc in. Sectionl 6i (a) of Artic~le IV
of hi Coe.Sail ellc~tion hall11 be colnrlctcted under the uprviin
of the! NatiolnalInurI Rlcoveryl? Board~ or its nteie

(h) Thrree (3) A.~Itiiinist ration Membel~c rs without vote may ber
up porinlted by the National Twnlrstrial Recovery Board,al t weI of n hlichl
may~l~ he pp'ci n 11te upon thre nomnli nat i on of the r~Laor AdvI\ior lia3'1(,1rd

(i) The Codle Authocr~ity, in its disi.retion. many elect as Chairmalln
o~ne of its memlbers or any person not a member of thne IndustryI, and
in th latter case th Chairmnan shall be without v-ote..


IIIllH 11 illill III 1 I I~ll~lllI I
6 3 1262 08852 5562

2. Each trade or industrial association directly~ or indirectly par-
ticip-ating in thle selection or activities of the Code Authority shall
(1) impi~ose no inequitable restrictions on membership, and (2) sub-
Imit to the Natlional Indus~trial Recovery Board true copies of its
articles of association, h~y-lawts, regulations, and any n11inendmeitnts
whentn made~t theiretol, togSether withl such other~l information as to
memerllgship,> orga~nilzation, and. activities as the Niational Industrial
R~ecovelry Board~ mayi~ deeml necessary to effectuat~e th~e purposes of
thle A~ct.
3. In border that~f thle Code Authrority shall at all times be truly
r~epresenc' ta"t ivet of thte Indluctr~y andl in other respects comply w7ith
the pr~ovisions of the Act rand thei Code, the National Industr~ial
Recioveriy B~oardl may~ p:rescr~ibe such hearings as it deems proper
andi maly lerequire anf inappropriate modlification in the mneth~od of
.-el lion and compo)(Sition of the Code Authority.
(a) Th~le Na2trional Indcustr~ial Recovery Board shall have the right
to w~ithidraw~v its aprylnoval andc r~eco-gnition of any industry members
che-l r undrci the provision of Sction 1 of this Artaicle for cau;~e.
AI,1roived Code N:,. 1:;:---.:!I itl~oadent No. 2.
RegistryS No. 012-0C3.