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Supplementary code of fair competition for the wiring device industry (a division of the electrical manufacturing industry) as approved on January 15, 1935
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"Approved Code No. 4--Supplement No. 3."

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Approved Code No. 4i-Supplement No. 3

Registry No. 1308--17

(A Division of the Electrical Manufacturing Industry)






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Approved Code No. 4ii-Supplement No. 3



As Approved on January 15, 1935




An application having been duly made pursuant to anrd in full
co~mplianee with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, for approval of a Supple-
mental Co~de of F'air Competition for the W~iring D~evice Subdivision
to the Code of Fair Competition for ~the Electrical Manufacturing
Industry, and hearing having been duly held thereon and the an-
nexedl report on said Supplemental Code, containing findings with
respect t~hereto, having been made and directed to the President:
Now, therefore, on behalf of the Preisident, of the United States,
the National Industrial Recovery Board, pursuant to authority
vested in it by Executive Orders of the President, including Eixecu-
tive Order No. 6859 and otherwise, does he~reby incorporate by refer-
ence said annexed report and does find that said Supplemental Codle
complies in all respects with. the pertinent provisions and will pro-
mote the policy- and purposes of said Title of said Act; and does
herebyS order that saidl Supplemnental Code of Fair Competition be
and it is hereby apprlovedi~, subject to the following conditions:
(1) That the last sentence of Section 2 of Article II be and it
hereby is stayed for a .p~eriod of thirty days from the effective date
of this Supplemental Code or until the National Industrial Recovery
Board shall, by its further or~der, otherwise direct.
(2) hat Section 2 of Article III be deleted.
()That Section 9 of Article VI be and it hereby is stayed pend-
ing further study or until the Nationlal Industrial Recovcery Board
shall: by its further order, otherwise direct.
10osas t*-146s-94----3S (1)

(4) That Article VII be and it herebty ~is stayed for a period of
fifteen. days from the effective! date of thsSupplemental Code or
until the National I~rulus~trial Recovery Board shall, by its further
order, oth~erwnise direct.
B~y W. A. Thu.r~rmnz.h, Administrative Of)?ce~r.
Approval recommended :
Divisiont Admlini iitrator.
Jamirzw1y 15r, 1935.


The White Hlouse.
SmR: This is a report on the Supplementary Code of Fair Com-
petition for the WCTiring D~evice Industry, a Subdivision of the Elec-
tr~ical Manufacturing Industryr.
An application has been duly made by the Code Authority for the
Electrical Ma~nufacturing Indus~try', on behalf of the Wniring Dev8ice
Industryp, for approval of a Supplemlentury Code of Fair Competi-
tion for said W~iringa Device Industry. ThsSup'plementary Code
was submitted by the Code Commnittee of WI~iring Device Industry,
representing approximately 63r0 of the total volume of sales and
85$' of the members of the Inldustry.
A Public Hearing wvas conducted in Washington on September 11,
1934, and the Supplemrentary Code was revised and resubmitted in
its present form. Everyr person who requested an appearances was
properly heard inl accordance with the statutory and regulatory

T3he Supervisory Age~ncy governing the WiTiringr Dev~ice Induxstry
is appoinlted by the Basic Code Aluthority of thne Electrical Mafnul-
facturing Industry and is adequately representative of all the differ-
ent elements in this Industry. Since this Wiring Device Industry
Codle is supplemental to the Codie of Fair Competition for the Elec-
trical Ma~nu~facturing Industry, it adopts all the labor provisions of
th Basic Code, as well as all other pro-visions and any amendments
that ma~y be incorporated in the Basic Code.

The DeputyT Administrator in his final report to the National In-
dustrial Recov~ery Board on. said Supplementary Code having found
as herein set forth and on the basis of all the proceedings in this
matter :
It is found that:
(a) Said Supplementary Code is well designed to promote the
policies and purposes of Title I of the National Industrial Recovery
Act, including removal of obstructions to the free flowv of interstate
and foreign commerce which tend to diminish the amount thereof
and will provide for the general welfare by promnotinlg the organiza-
tion of industry for thze purpose of cooperative action among thes
trade groups, by inducing and manintainingr united action of labor
and management under adequate governmental sanctions and super-
vision, by eliminating unfair competitive practices? byg promoting the

fullest possible utilization of the present productive ca pa city ofk in-
dustries, by avoiding- unduLe restriction of production (except as m~ay
be temporarily required), by increasing; the consumption of indus-
trial and agricultural products through increasing purchasing power,
by reducing and relieving unemnploymecnt, by improving standa.rds
of labor and by otherw-i-te reha~bilitatingr industry.
() Said Industry normally employs not more t~han fifty thou-
sademployees; and is not classified by us as a major Industry.
(c) The Suplementary~lt~! Code as approvedi complies in all respects
with the pcertInentl provisions of said Title of said Act, including
without Zrlimiateion Surbsction. (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of
Secti~on 7, and Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof ; and that the
applicant group is anr industrial group truly representative of the
afor~esaid Indlustry; and that said group1 "mpo'ses no ineqluitable
restr~iic~tirlns on admissions~ to ml~lembeship therpein.
(d) The Supplemlentary Code is not desI-ignecd to and will not per-

(e) The Supplemenic ltary Code is not deisigned to and wFCil not
eliminate or oppress mall enterprises and will not operate to dis-
criminate against them.
(f) Those enageal1 in other: -teps of the economic process have not
been depin-1il. of the right to be heard prior to allpp~rovl of said
Supp'I-'lenwat~ary Code.
For these reasons, there~fore, the ~National Indusltr~ial Recovery
Board has approved this Supiplem~entary Code sulbject to the follo~w-
ilng condl:-itio:ns:
1. That the last .wnltince~- of SeC~ttion 2 of ~Article II1 be stayed for a
period of thirty days from the elle~ctive date of this Supplementary
Code or until the Na~tiolnal Industrial Reco-very Board shall by- its
further onlerl: otherwise dtircc-t
2. Thrat SectionI 2 of A~rticle III: be de~leta~l.
3. That Section 9 of Ar~ticle VI be~ staySed. pending further study or
until the Natiolnal Indutrl~iall Recovry Bo~ard shall by its further
order otherwise direct.
4. That Article VII be stayed for a periodl of fifteenl days froma
the effective date of this Supplementary Code or until the 14ational
Industrial Rtecovery Board shnall by its further order otherwise direct.
For the National Industi-ial Recovery Board:
W79. A. THuRraN, Admin~istrativ~e Off~icer.
JeN~ruY 15, 1935.

Approved Code No. 4d-Supplement No. 3 Registry No. 1308/17




As Approved on January 15, 1935

Article II, Section 2, line 6, reads:
** *Any perfson who imports outside the continental United
States for *
Should read:
Any person who imports from outside the continental
United States for "







SECTION 1. To effectuatte: the policy of Title I of the National In-
dustrial RecoveryT Act, the following provisions are established pur-
suant to the p revisions of Article XIV of the Basic Code of Fair
Competition for the Electrical Manufacturing Industry, approved
August 4, 1933, as a Supplemental Code of Fair Competition for the
WCiring Device Subdivision of the Electrical IManufacturing Indus-
try, and eleven days after its approvtll shall, in addition to and to-
gether witih the provisions of said Basic Code anrd any amendmentsnt
thereof, or additions thereto, hereafter made, be the standard of
fair competition for the Wiring Device Subdivision of the Electr~ical
Manufacturing Ind~ustry, and shall be binding on every employer

SECTION 1. The term "L Wiring Device Subdhivision '" of the Elec-
trical Manufacturing Industry, or Subdivision ", as usedl hereinr,
means promoting the manufacture, and/or the manufacture, for
sale of electrical wiring devices, including buxt without limitation
Sockets and Receptacles, Tumbler, T'oggle, Push BEutton and Snap
Switchles and their accessories; Attachmenmt Plugs and Conn~ectingc
Outlet Devices; Cord Sets for resale, including Decorative Lighting
Outfits, Enc~losedl Fuses and Cutouts.
SECTION 2. The term promoting the manufacture ", as used here-
in, shall include any person who sells or offers to sell any product
of the Subdivision in effect as a manufacturer, or who rcpr~esents
himself as a manufacturer, in comlpetitionl within employers of the
Subdivision with respect to the prlimalR1y ditribu'i~tionl of such product.
Any person who imports outside the continental Uinited States for
resale within the United States, any p~rouctsit of the Subdivision,
shall be considredlpr asn one. promoting the manufacture of such prod-
ucts, with respect to the primary distribution thecreoff
hSECTroN 3. The term person as used herein, means a natural
person, partnership, aIssocintion, trust, trustee, trustee in banlkruptcy,,
receiver, corporation, or other entity.
SECTIO)N -l. The term employer as used herein, means every
person promoting, or actively engaged in, the mannufacture for sale,
of t~he products of the Subdivision as herein defined.
1 See paragraph 2 (1) of order approving this Code.

SECTION 5. The term employee as used herein, means anyone
who is employed by~ anly such emp~lloyer,, irrespective of the method
of compensat ion.
SE~c?ON 6., The terlm Supervisory Agency as used her~ein, means
thze Superv\isory3 Agency approved or appointed for the Subdiv~ision
in accor~dalce with Article XII of the Basic Code.
SECTION 7. The term Basic Code means the Code of Fair Com-
petitioln f or the Electr ica l Manufac turning Industry.
SECTIO)N 8. The term Code Authority as used herein, means
the Code Aluthority for the Electrical Manufacturing Industry.
S~ECTION 9. The terms Pr~esid'ent and ALct as used herein,
mean n repcl~~l''tivetly the President, of the United State~s and Title I
of the National Industrial Recovery Ac~t.
SECTION 1. The Sup11erv~isory Agency ma:y determine that it is un-
desirable to continued the filing of ncot price lists and/or price lists
with discount sheetsa andl/or fixed terms11 of saleo or paymllent on any
product in respect of which such filing haus hleretofor~e beten required
under Article Xv of the Basic Code, and may Can11- a uch1 filing to
cSECCno 2. The Supervisory Age~ncy shall also cause such filing to
cease on any~ product if requestedcl by a two-thirdsl voate of the ema-
ployers in the Sub~llivi-ion measured~e both by volume of sales and
by number and the Inoisiions of said Article X shall not apply to
such product unless and untlil thle Subdlivisionl shall again rIequest the
Superv~isory Age~ncy in the sameI1( malnnerPI that suIch filing be made?2
SECTION: 3. No provision of thlis Cod~e relating to prices or terms
of selling, shipping or marketing shall azpply ~to export trade or sale
or shipment for export trade. TPhe term~ report shall include
shipm~cnt. to foreign counrtr~ies and to the territories and possessions of
the United~ Statc,es, except Alaska, H~awa~rii andl the Carnal Zone. On.
all export shlipmentll S every employer shall be responsible for accep~t-
ing bona fide export orders only and1 shall be arpareistd to provide
eviden~lcet of export upon call as Irequired by the a upervisoryS A~genzcy.
SECTIONu 1. Selling belowr cost by any emlol-lsyer may be done under
the following conditions:
(a) W~ith respect to any pl~rouct sold completitively under net price
lists anld/or pr,1ice lists w~ith disCcounlt sheets and/or fixed terms of sale
or paymnent (hnerein referred to as price schedules) filed with the
Superv''\isory3 Agency, any emp~loyer may file revisedl prices schedulles
to meet the .filed lower price schedules of any other emp~loyer, pro-
vided that the Supervisory Agency is advised that selling below cost
is involved at the time the .revised price schedules to meet competition
are filed with the Supervisory Agency.
(b) With~ respect to any product or specifications on which price
schedules have not been filed with the Supervisoryr AgencyS, any em-
p~loy'er may meet the proven quoted price made on equal or equivalent

Deleted---See parragrap~h 2 (2) of order apprving thi a ode.

products or specifications by any other emlp~loyer, providled proper
notification of such intent has been griveni to the Sup~erv\isoryS Agency.
(c) During the period of developing and in~trodlucingr some new
product until such time~ as the market demand andc volume of pr~oduc-
tion produce a cost belowc the price that canl be reasonably c~hangred
there~for, any employer may sell below cost providled proper notifica-
tion of such intenzt has been given to the Supervisory, A~gency~.

rSECTION 1. N~o emrtployer shall permit or uilow processingr or manu-
fact~ur~e of any of his plroducts in the homl~es of any? employees or in
anyr public or private institution except under thre following condi-
tions :
a. ~A person may be! permitted to engage inl homnework at the same
rate of wages as is paid for thze same type of workl p~erformedl in. the
factory or other regular place of business if a certificate is obtained
from the State Authority or other officer designa~ted~ by the United
States D~epartment of L~abor, such certificate to be granted in. ne-cor~d-
ance with instructions issuedl by the United States Deparltment of
Labor, provided
(1t) Such person is physically incyapnitated for work in a factory
or other regular place! of business and is free from. any contagious
disease; or
(2) Such person is unable to leave home because his or her services
are absolutely essential for attendance on a person who is bedridden
or an invalid and both such persons are -free from any contagious
b. Any employers engaging such a person shall keep suchn certificate
on. file and shall file with the Su~perv\isory Agenlcy the mname and
address of each wor~ker so cer~tificatedl.


SECTION 1. Mj87cad~itng Ad ert .fin g.--No employer shall publish
advertising whetherhr prinlted,, radlio, display or of any other nature)
wFhich is misleading or inaccurate in any mlater~ial particular, nor
shal any emploer mn any way misrepresent any goods (including
butwitou liittion its use, trade-mark, gra~zde, quality, quanltity_,
origin, size, characters, nature, finish, mlaterial content or pr~epara-
tion) or credit terms, values, policies, services, or th~e nature or forml
of the business conducted.
SECTION 2. h3/Gltell Ern/ Refgl'Ciyr Polic FO 288Of Gom1pe~tition.-N-Po
employer shall make or cause or permit to be made or publishedl
any false or deceptive statement of or concerning thne business poli-
cies, methods, conduct, aibility to perform contracts or credit standling
of a, competitor or the grade or qualityS of his goods.
SECTION 3,2li. M/80CTCS~thliacLtOm a to equity andlc Sizet.-N-o em-
ployer shall markr or brand products of thie Subdivision w;ithl intent
to mislead or deceive, or with the effect of misleading or deceivilng
customers or prospective customers in any material particular wit
respect to the quantity, quality, grade or substance of the products
so marked or bratnded.

SECTIOSN 4. Secrt& ne86tf8.--No employer shall secretly offer or
make any pay-ment or allowance of a re~bate, refund, commission,
credit, unearned discount, whether in thne form of money or other-
wise, nor shall any em~ployerl secretly offer or extend to any customer
any special service or privilege. not extended to all customers of the
same class, for the purpose of inlfluerl~ncin a sale.
SECTION 5. SpiTttinig Commissions.-AnT employer shall not con-
tinlue to employ any salesmlanl or agent, c~ompe~nsjated in whole or in
part on a commission or bonus bansis, w~ho shall pay or allow to anly
purchaser anly part of the commission or bonus earned by him in
connection with the sale of any products of the Slbdlivision, or who
shall violate any of the trade practice provisions applicable to
employers of the Subd~ivision.
SECTION ti. IRciails.- Noo employer shall withhold from or insert
in any quo"tation, acknowledgment of order, invoice, or any other
instrument of business pr1oce~dur~e of the employer, wnheth~er the t~rans-
action results ini anl order or not, anyT stateenlct which falsifies the
employer's record wcPholly or in part.
SIECTON 7. Commercial Bribery.--No member of the industry shall
give, permit to be given, or directly offer to give, anything of vanlue
for the purpose of inrfluencingr or rewarlding: thze action of any em-
ployee, agent, or re~preseicnntative of anothler ini relation to the busi-
ness of the employer of such emp~lloyee,, the prilc~ipal of such agent
or the represented party, without the knowled-ge of such emplloyer,
principal or pa rty. Commrlercial. bribecry priovisions shall not be con-
strued to prohibit free? and general distrLibutlion of articles commonly
used for advrertisincr except so far as sulcht articles are actually used
for commercial bri ery as hnereinab~ove defined. This provisions shall
not be construed to prohibit prize conltests openly conducted among
SECTION 8. Espionage of Competitors.-No employer shall procure
or attempt to procure information from another emloyerZ, Sci concern-
ing his business by any false or mislendingr staltement, or rep~resenta-
tion, or by any false inpel~rsoation of one in authority, or by br~ibery,
or by any7 other unfair mcth~od.
S~ECTION 9. Consig~1P~Fnmen.--No employer shall ship g~oods on, con-
signment, ledger balances, or on m~emorandum b-asis to anyr customer,
provided, howrcever, that nIothingr h-erein shall nIffe~ct any boona fide
contract entered into prior to the eflFective date of this Supplemnental
Code and which cannot bsy its termus be ecrelled ~by the, employer.
All such contracts shall be reported to the Supervisory Agency, 'and
no employcr shall renew\ any suchl contract."


SECTON 1 Recgnizngtha the violantion by an emnployer of this
Subdivision, of any pron~-sion~ of the Basic Code or of this Supple-
me~ntal Code, will disturb the normal. course of fair competition ini
the W~iring D~evice Subdivision,! and enulse serious damagn~re to others,
and that it will be impllossible accurately to determine the amount of
such damage, it is hereby proidted thant those empllloyer~ who may
See paragra;ph 2 (3) of order approving thia Code.
'8see parag~raph 2 (4) of order approving this Code.

desire to do so may enter into an agreemelnt-! nll cng themselves
embodying the following provisions:
a. Each employer violating any provision of the Basic Code, or of
this Supplemiental Code, shall pa~y to an partial agent to be dlesig-
.nat~ed by' the Code Authority or by a majority vo e of the employers
of this: Subdiviision, in trust, as and for liquidaltedl damages, upon
determninationl of violation by the Nantional1 Inustrial Recovery
Board, or by an impartial agency or p~er~son nomninaltdc~ by the Code
Authority or desigrnated by the a~ssentors to this agreement and
approved by the N~ational Indcustr~ial RecoveryS Board, amounts as
set forth below:
(1) F~or the violation of any wage provision, an amount equjall to
the difference betw-een thre wages which have been paid and thne
wagaes wIchich. would have beetn paid if the employjer had c~omplie~d
wFith the applicable provisions of the Code;
(2) For the violation of any hour provision, an munll.llt equal to
the wages payable for the ovrctimne at the regular rater payable under
the terms of thie Code, to the employee or employees who workled
overtime ;
(31) For the vio~lation of anly labor provision of the Code o.thier
tan an hour or wn:ge provision, Two Hundfred Fifty (250) Diollar1s;
(4) For the violation of anly pro-vision of the Basic Code or this
Supplemen''tal Code (other than a labor provision) involving a,
trallnaction incidental to or connrctled- with a sale of any product of'
the Subdivision, an amount eq-ual to tnwenty (20) percent of the
actual selling price of thne product sold in violation of any such pJro-
vision, or of thne price at which the product should hav~\e been i;old
under this Code, if determinable, whichever is t~he higher;
(5) For the violaltio-n of any provision of this Code (other than
a labor provision) not involving a transaction incidental to or con-
nected with a sale of anly p-rod~iu~t, of the indu ltry), One Humndred
(100) D~ollars.
SECTION 2. Alli amounts so paid to or collected~c by the imnpartial
agent designated in accordance wcithz Section 1, under the provisions
of this Article, shall be applied by himn as follows: F~iirst, if the
violation shall have been of a labor prov-ision of the Code, equitable
distribution of all dtlamaes paid therefore shall be made amruong all
employees dlir~ectly a ffectedl by such violation; Second, if the viola-
tion shanll have been of a Cod~e provision other than a labor provi-
sion1, the damages ar1ising therefrom shall be utilized~ to dcfr~ay
proper expenses of Code Adminilstration, anrd the balance, if any,
remamiing in. the hands of the said impartial agent shall be dis-
triburted semi-annually am~onig employers of the Subdivision wclho
have assented hereto and who have not been determined to have
been guilty of a violations of a Code provision during thet preceding
semli-anlual period, on. the basis of the most recent, assessment made
against employers of the Subdivision forl the exspenlse of Crode
Ad miiist ration.
SECTION 3. Assent to this ALrticle by any emplloyer1 shaall be evi-
dencedl by a signed- statement signifying assent, ~filed with the Code
Authority. Failure to assent to this Acrticle shall n~ot deprive any
emlployer of any~ other ~igh~t or privilege under this Code. By so
assenting,, each employer ugrees with. every othler employer and the

said impa~rtial agent individually (a) that violtation1 of a Code pro-
vision. shall breachn this agreement and shall render the violator
liable for the, payment of liquidated damages as herein provided,
(b) all rights and causes of action arising hereunder are assigned
to the impartial agent, individually and in trust, and (c) that the
impartial agent, as such assignee and as attorney in fact for each
assenting employer, may take all proper legal action concerning
damages found due hereunderr.
SECTION. 4. The Code Authorityr may waive liability for payment
of liquidated damages for anly violation it finds to havPe been inno-
cently made and resulting ml no material injury.
SECTION 5. The said impartial agent as an individual, by accepting
office, accepts the trust established by this contract and agrees to
perform the duties of Tlrustee hereunder until hnis Fuccessor inl office
may~ have been appointed.
SECTIO)N 6. Nothing contaninedl in, this Article VII shall be con-
strued or applied to (a) depr~ive any person o~f alny right or right
of action arising out of the B3asic Code or of this Supplemental
Code, or (b) relieve any employer of the Subdlivision from any con-
tractual or legal obligation arising out of the Basic Code, or this
Supplemental Code or of the Act or otherwise; nor shall violation
of this agreement by an assenting member be deemedl a violation of
the B~asic Code or of this Supplemental Code, so as to subject thle
violator to any consequence arising -under Section 8 (b), Section
3 (c), or Section 3 (f) of the Act, nor to any criminal prosecution
of any kind.

rSECTION 1. This Supplemental Code, and all provisions thereof
are expressly made subject to thle right of the President, in accordc-
ance with the provisions of Sub-Section (b) of Sectionl 10 of the
Act, from time to time to exncel or mlodlify any ordiel approval,
license~, rule or regulation issued under Title I ocf said e t.
SECTION 2. Such of the provisions of this Supplemneuntl Code as
are not required by the Act to be included herein m~ay, with the
approval1 of the President, be amendedl or eliminated as changed
circ-umstances or experiecl~e may indicate. Study of the trade prac-
tices of the Subdivision will be continued by the Srupervisory Agency
for this Subdivision, heretofore appointed by the Code Authority
w~ith the intention of submitting to the National Indlustrial Recovery
Board through the said Code ALuthority for approval from time
to time amendments of or additions to this Supp'eleental Code up-
plicable to this Subdivrision.

SECTON 1. This Supplemental Code shall become effective eleven
days after its approval.
Approved Code No. &-Supplement No. 3.
Registry No. 1308--17.


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