Proposed code of fair competition for the buttonhole industry


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Proposed code of fair competition for the buttonhole industry as submitted on September 2, 1933
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1 Registry No. 215-14
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GTON: 1983 '

--Price 5 centa







The Code for the Buttonhole Industry
in its present form merely reflects the proposal of the above-mentioned
industry, and none of the provisions contained therein are
to be regarded as having received thle approval of
the National Recovery .4drinistrationn
as applying to this industrU



For sle by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. -*----

SUmmrlTso avT



To effectuate the policy of' Title I of the National Industrial Re-
covery Act, during thle period of the emergency, by reducingi and
relieving unemployment, improvingr the standards of labor, elimnina~t-
ing competitive and trade practices destruc~t.ive of the interests of
the public, employees, and employers; rehabilitating t~he industry
and otherwise to improve the condition of the Butt~onhole Industry
and in other respects t~o foster the best interests of this industry and
those engaagedl in or having connection theprewith, thp followin~ng pIrovi -
sions are established as a Code of Fair Competition for the Industry:


As used herein, t~he term "i Buttonhole Industry shall include all
manufacturers of buttonhioles andi eyelets on women's wnearingr
The termi employer '! or "' manufacturers~ shall mean all persons
who employ labor.
The term employees shall mean all1 persons employed in the
shops or factories conducted in this industry by such employers
engaged in the making of buttonholes and eyelets.
The term "C person "? shall mean any individual, par~tner~ship, or
The t~er~m "' manufacturing employer ", as used herein, shall include
all employers who work in their shops or factories.
The term effective date shall mean the first M~onday following
the expiration of a wreek after the President's approval shall havre
been given to this Code.
W~herever the termi President "' is used, it shall refer to the 1Presi-
dent of t.he United Stat~es.


In order tha~t thle Pr~esid~ent of the UTnitedc States mlay be iniformedei
of the extent of observance of the provisions of this Codte and of
the extent, to which the declared policy of ther National Indust~rial
Recovery Act, as stated her~ein, is being ettc~tantedl in the B~uttonholee
Industry, all persons subject to the jurisdlictioni of thiis Code shall,
at its request, make, per~iodically,, reports as here~inaffter. provided.
The Executive Boardl of tlhe Nation~al Buttonhole Mlaker~s Association,
570 Seventh~ Aeinue, New Y~ork City,? is hiereby~ constituted the agrency
to provide folr the collection andl Iceipt of such reports. I~t shall
be the general planning and coordlinating agency for the Industry.
The Executive Boardt shall forw~ard thle substance of all reports to
the President; the Board to provide for receiving and holdling such
reports themselves in confidence. Such reports shall be in suich form
9720--33 (11r

and shall be furnished at such intervals as shall be prescribed by
the Board, and shall contain such information relevant to the pur-
poses of this Code as shall be prescribed by the Board from time to.
time, including information with respect to the following or related
subjects :
(a) Member~ship, hours, wages, and wage rates.
(b) Production, orders, and billings.
(c) Financial and cost data.
(d) Activity, purchases, sales, andi scrapping of machinery.
(e) Application shall be made by persons desiring to enter the
Buttonhole Industry to the Executive Board, and said Board shall
forward said applications, with its recommendations, to the President.
(f) The Exrecutive Board shall have full power to make rules and
regulations necessary for the administration and enforcement of this
(g) Upon complaint of interested parties, or upon its own initia.-
tive, the Executice Board miay make such inquiry and investigation
into the operation of the Code as it may deemn necessary.
(h) It shall recommend to the Industry from time to time, modi-
fications of the hours for operatingr productive machinery ~~enas estab-
lished by this Code or curtailment of the number of prtn
machines. Such recommnenda~tion~s to the Industry shall be operative
as part of this Code, provided (1) they do not vitiate the main pro-
visions of this Code and (2) are approved by at least seventy (70%o)
percent of the members affected.
(i) The Executive Board may r~equir~e from all persons engaged
in the mannufacture of buttonholes and3 eyelets registration of
machines engaged in this industry.
(j) The Execut~ive Board may delegate any of its authority by
designating an agent? or. agents, as it shall deterImine.
(k;) The Execu~tive Board, in cooperation with and subject to the
app'roval of th~e President of the Unitedl States, may (1) from time
to time submit supplemeental provisions. amendments, or renisions
to this C'ode or additional Codes, ais it may deem necessary.
(1) The Associatiion imposes no inequitable restrictions on admis-
sion to memnber~ship therein, and is tr~ulyl representative of the But-
tonhole Industry~.


On andl after the effective d'ate employers shall not employ any
person under the age of sixteen (16) y~ears.

On and after the effective date the minimum wages that shall be
paid by any employer to any~ employee for every working hour shall
be as f'ollowvs;:
Perr hour
For making manlnishl but~tonholes- _____'_______ $0.75
For ma~kingr straight Singrer buttonholes ..______, 50
F'or making eyelet buttonh~oles...___--- ---- ..._- 50
Unskilled labor shall be paid a minimum wage of $12.00 per week.

V -HoUns or LABOR

On and after the effective date, no employer shatll employ any
employee in excess of forty (40) hours per week. This does not
include office help and salesmen.
The employer or employee cannot work in his shop or factory
after the regular shop hours.
Factories or shops shall be open every day of the week, except
Saturday and Sunday, at 8.30 and operate until 5.30 p.m,,
with the exception of one hour for Junch.


An employer must participate in this Code. and in any revisions
or additions t.hereto, and receive the benefits t~her~eof. He shall
accept the proper pro rata share of the cost and responsibility of
creating or administeringr it, either byon beom ~ aing a mmbe of ithe
National Buttonhole Makers Associaono bpyigoitn
amount equal to the dlues, from time txo time provided to be paid, by a.
member of the Naztionatl Buttonhole Mlakers Associat~ion.


Everyv employer shall keep clear and correct books and records
in order that he shall comply wit~h the provisions set. forth in this
Code with corr~ec~tness and dispatch.

As required by Section 7 (a) of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, the following provisions are hereby made conditions
of this C'ode:
"L(1) That employees shall have the right to organize and bargain
collectively through reprePsentat~ives of t.heiir own rchoos~inr andc shall
be free from the interference, r~estranint, or coercionI of employers of
labor, or their agents, in the designation of such representatives or
in self-organization or in other concer~tedl activities for the purpose
of rcollect~ive barganining or other mutual aid or protection; (2) that
no employee and no one seeking employmentn shall be required as a
condition of employment t~o join any companyS uniion or to refrain
frm jin iong, norgn;anzg or aSSisting inl a labor organization of his
own choosing; and (3) that employers shall comply with the maxi-
mum hours of labor, minimum ruless of pay. anld other conditions of
employment approved or prescribed by' t~he Presidlent."!

Any violation of any provrisionl or provisions of this C~ode, or of
any accepted rule issued thereunder, is declared to be an unfair
method of competition. The following trade practices ar1e hereby
declared to be detrimental to t~he welfare of those engaged in ther
Buttonhole Industry and, therefore, are unfair methods of compe-
tition :

(1) MSIaking false and derogatory reference--written, oral, or
printed--of competitors or their products.
(2) Circulating harmnful rumors regarding competitors' products
or personal or financial representation.
(3) Incorporating in advertising false or derogatory references
to the products of competitors or misleading comparisons therewith.
(4) WVorking or offering work to customers below cost, plus a
reasonable pr~ofit.
(5) Enticing employees away from a competitor without his con-
sent, for the purpose of injuring said competitor.
(6) Selling at a. discount greater than two (270) percent, for pay-
ment on the 15th dlay of the month following shlipment.:aduljsi
(7) Continuinlg to sell to customers wshohatulyndnjsi
fiably make claims.
(8) Continuing to sell to customers whoe habitually refuse t~o pay
the agreed price for mierchandise, in accordance with order.
(9) Giving secret or open rebates, refunds, or special discount. in
any forml to any' purchaser, his representative or agent., on any
condition wha13tsoe'er.
(10) Securingr or attempting to secure, illicitly, information re-
garding competitor, his method of doing business, lists of his cus-
tomlers, etc.
(11) G~iving certain customers confidential prices, special services
or privileges.
(12) Furnishing customers ar~ticles other than the product of the
factory or shop of t~he members of this Code at unreasonable prices
for the purpose of affecting or defeatinlg the termis of this Code.
(13) Deviating from announced or published price lists, directly
or indirectly, in any guise, by allowance of rebates, refunds, comu-
(14) Paying or promising to pay$ to employees or representatives
fof a custoerr o prosp~ective customer conmmissions in the form of
mone orin he orml of an article of va~lue for thle purpose of
inducing or comnpensatmng for a sale. (This does not apply to ordi-
nary Christmnas gifts.)
(1.5) Not adhering to the terms of sale as provided in the order
placed by a. cust~omer.
(16) Not enforcing collection on a due date in accordance with the
terms of an order.
(17) Indlulging in commercial bribery in any form.

No ma~nufacturerr shall make contracts with customers--with price
quot~ations-w~hile t~he adoption of this Code is pending, except sub-
ject to the provisions of this Code.

A4s the Buttonhole Industry is entirely one of service to other
industries whichi it serves; and, as it is practically a worker using
the materials of its customers in the m a nufa ctu re of its product
labor forms the maiin part of its expense. Pending the duration o

this Code, therefore, the following shall be the mninimnum prices
Per hundrred
Straight button holes ___________ $1. 00
E~yelet~s _________________________ rr
Mannish buttonholes (d resses) 1. ______5 _________
MTannish buttonholes (cloaks)-_______-______ 1. 30
Mannish buttonholes (children's cloak~s)__- _______ 1. 25


This Code is not designed to promote monopolies or to eliminate
or oppress small enterprises, and will not operate to discriminate
against them. It is designed for the protection of consumers, fac-
tories, employees, and others, andi in furtherance of the public