Code of fair competition for the used textile bag industry as approved on February 8, 1934


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Code of fair competition for the used textile bag industry as approved on February 8, 1934
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Approved Code No. 267

Registry No. 203--3-03







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Approved Code No. 267



As Approved on February 8, 1934


An appilicationrl having been duly madelt pursuant to and in full
compliance with the proc-visio~ns of Title I of the Natiolnal Industrial
R~c~overy3 Act, approved Julne 16, 1933, for approval of a Code of
Fair Competition for the Used Texit~ile Bag Indust~ry, and hearings
having be~en duly held thereon and thre ann~exed report on said Code,
containing findings with respect thereto, having been maade and
directed to the ]Preside~nt :
NOW", TH'IE]REFiOlRE, onl behalf of the President of the United
Stattes, I, H~ugh- S. Johnson, AdmlinliSt ratorll for Indlustrial Recover~ty,
pursuanlt to authority vested- in me bly Ex~ecutive Ordlers of the Presi-
dent, including Excuitive Order No. 6543-A, dated Decemberel 30,
19i)33, and otherw~ise; do hereby incorporate by reference said anlnexedl
r~epor't and do findi that said Code complies in all respects with the
pertinent provisiolns and will promote the policy and purposes of
said TCitle of said Act; and do hereby order~r that said Code of Fiair
Competition be and it is htereby approved, provided that the Code
Authority shall appoinlt a conunlrittee? which shall1 make a study of
mlinlinnon wl ages in the industry looking toward measures which will
enable an increase in such minima, and shall report such study,
with re~conunendatl2~tons.', to the Admrinistr~ator prior to Decemnber 31,
Adm~inilcstrat~or for lIndutr(F'ialI ReCSove~y.
Approval reconu~nendedd:
Divrisionz Admin3i siltraor.
Wasur wrIGCoK, D.C.,
FrebruaryJ 8, 193.c.S
38811*-376-34----34 (1 1


Th~e Wmhite House.
SmR: This is a report onl the hearing on the Code of Fair Comnpe-
-tition for the Used Tex~tile B~ag Indlustry, held in the Banquet
Rlooml of the Curlton Hotel, on Decemnber 13, 1933. The Code which
is attacheltd was pr1e~sentedl by duly qualified and author~ized- repre-
se~ntatives of the indiustryT, comnplying w~ith the staztutory .reqir~e-
melnts, said to r~11epesent over 85%0 by volume and 50%0 by number
of the industry.
In accordance with thre culstomnary procedure every pers~on wh~o
had filed a r~equestit for an appearalnc-e wa~s freely heard in public,
and all statutory atnd regulators requirements were com-\plied with.:
The indusltr~y compr~ises about 200 concerns having ain investment
in 1939 of apprcsoximtely $;13,500,000. In 1921 the indlustry pro-
vidted empl-loyment for 6,000 w~orkers. This figure has fallen to
4,0100 emlployee~t s in 1933S. The aggrlegate annual sales have fallen
from $100,000,000 in 1929 to $65,000,000 in 1932.
TIhe Code provides a miinimium wage for males in the Nor~th of
321/2, in thel South 27%#~; for femalles in thei NothCl' 27 ~~, in, t~he
South 2C9%<'. The CodeA further provides that. differentials existing
on July 15, 19:33, between wFages abovec thle mrinimnum shall be mazin-
tained andi in no evenlt shall wlnges be re~duced becnnse of any re-
durction in the number of work~ing~ hoursl of emiploySees. Accordcing
to the division of Research and Planninlg average wages in this
indtustr~y will be increased by 25%0 in the~ North~ and up to 50%~c in
th~e South.
Hours of workl~l are limited to 40 ho~urs per wveek and 8 hours per
dlay,, with the following exceptions IIC~: Office1V emplyee are perlmittedc
to workz 48 hours in any one w\eek provided t~hey do not w-ork more
than. 40 hours per week; averaged over a per~iodt of two months;
truck drivers and shipping crews~ are permitted to work 48 hours per
week; ma~inte~nancet employees are permitted to work~l 44 hours per
week; employees mna supervisory on pneit~y receiving $35i.0! or mnore
per week, outside s~alesmlen andl waitchmenlt are no~t limited as to
hours; employees on lemergency- repa~ir wo~rk ar~e not limitedl as to
hours, but are to be paid time and one thirdcJ for all overtime wiorkl.
A studly made by the division of Rtesearchn and Plannin~gr indiicates
that the effect of~ thnis Code will ~tbe to Ireempllloy in thlis ind~ustry~ all
but 79; of thoset emplloyed2 during 1:120.

Representation on thne Code AIuthority is providedc for all Imem-
bers of the inlustr~y. T'he Tr~adet Practices inem paratedlf C in the
C~odetr have received the support of all melimbters of the industry and
shoulld tend to increase uniformity of pra~;c~ticec.

The Dleputay~ Administrator in his final report to~lme on said Code
having~ found~ as herein set forth and on the basis of all the pro-
coedc~inlg; in this matter:
I .findt that:
(a) ~Said Code is well ass.cignled to promote the policies and
purpos>0es of Title I of the N~ational Indus~tr~idl Recovery Act, in-
clud~ing removal of o~bstr~c~tions to thet fr~ee flow7 of interstate andlr
-foretign collnuneree which tend to dlimintish the amount thereof and
will provide for t~he general welfare by promoting the orga~nizationl
of industry for thtte purpose of c~cooperative ntlc'ionl am1ong1 the trade
groups, by inducing and manilintining united action of labor and
malnagemre nt unlderl adequate govrernmnlltall functionss and super-
visions, byr ehinunatingi unfair compllletitive p-ract~ices, byv plcllromting
the fulles;t possible utilization of the prese~tnt productive capacity of
industries, by avoiding undue restriction of production (exce-pt as
may be temporarily required), by increasing~ the consumption of
inddustrial and agl~riculturan l products through inlcr~encing lUnt~l~~ --hns n
po~er, by reducing and relieving unemployment, by unprovmng
standards of labor, and by otheriv we rehabililitaiting, industry.
(b) Said Industry normally employs not more than 50.000 eml-
ployrees. anld is not c~las-ified by me as a major indn try.l3
(c.) Thle Code as appr~ovet d complies in all respects with thec per-
tinenlt. proc.visions of said Title of said A~ct, including without lim-
itation Subsectionl (a) of Section 3, Subsection (a) of Section 7,
and1C Surctl~~'ionl (b) of Section. 10 thereof ; and that the applicant
associationl is an industriall association, truly representative of the
afor~esnidT industry; and that said association imposes no int-quitable
restrictions on admission to mrembershpil threrein.
(d) The Code is ntot detsignetd to and will not permit monopol0~0ies
or mnonopolistic prac~tic~es.
(e) The Code is not tfesignled to and will not elimlinate or oppress
small e~nterprises and will not oper-1ate to disjciirimiate against them.
(f) Those er~rngaged in other steps of! the ec~onormic pr~oce~ss have
not been dleprived of the right to be heard prior t~o appr~ovnl of
said Code.
For these rensonls thisi Code has beenl appro-edl.
Respect fully,
HUan S. Jomu~Zsox,
Ad mnzizstra t or.
F)EBRUARIY 8, 1934.



To effec~tualte the policies of Title I: of the National .Industrial Re-
covel ry ct, the following pr'ovisions are established as a Code of
Fair `Comrpe~tition for thie Us~ed Texntile Bag Industry and shall be
the sta~ndanr~d of fair comlpet it ion for such Indulst ry,\ and shall be bind-
ing upon eve\ryl~ memblller thereof.

1. Thle termI1 U~sedt Textile Baig Indlustry as used hecrein, is d~e-
finedl to inc~lule: the buying, hlandling, gradingr, processing, for resale
purposes, andc/'or selling of used- burlap and cotton b~ags. Dealers
handling: used burlap alnd~ cotton bags along with other commodities
a7nd oper~tin~g under thze cod~e for the "L Scrapn Iron, Non-Ferrous
Scrabp Mletalsi alndl Wa'ste Manterials Tlrade ", are not included within
the above definition of the IndlustryS as- far as the collection: and gradr-
ing of u~sed texstile bags~ are c-oncer~nel.
2. The term member~cl of the Indurstr~y inlcludes anyone engaged
in the In~dustryS as above\t defiledl, either ai; an emlploy'er or on, his
ownI `behalf, andl included' s anyone whio fur~nishles or contracts for labor
:s: a, par!t of a, lalrger or further operation in the proc~iess of malnu1-
facturingi l the products of the Indul~stry.
3. The term "( emllloyee as; u~sed herlein inlclurles, but without lim~i-
tation, anyone eIFngedl in the Industry in any3 capacity receiving
compensa""tio~n for his services,. irrespect~ivte of the nature or method
of pa,;yment; of such c~ompe~cnsation.
4,. The terml ( "emlo~iyer as usged~ hlerein inclludes anyone byv whlom
any such employee is c~omlpellnsaed or emp~loy\ed~.
5.. The termls P1resident "', "Act ", andl "Adm hlelrein shall m-~ean r~espec~tively the Presidlent of the UTnited States,
Title I of the National Indxistrial Recovery Act,, andl the Admin-
~s~trator forTIndu~str~ial Rc~overy.
6. The-' term "' South as used herinc includes the states of Vir-
ginia, North- Carolin:! South Carolina, Greorgia, ]Flor~ida.l Alabaman,
1\fissi~si ippi, Arkalnnsus Louisiana, Oklahoma, 'Texas, RIlarlandl, Ten-
nessee, andi K~enltucky; .
r. Thle termr ,Nor'th "' as ulsedl herein includes all of the territory
of the U~nited: States except that portion included ulndr~t the termn
"L SouLth.")

1. No employees except as h~ereinaftel p~r~ovidled, shall be p~ermitted
to worki in excess; of for~ty (40) hours in any onle weepk, or eighlt. (8)
hours in any twventy-four (24i) hour per~iod.

2. The maxlimtunl hours fixed in the foreg~oinr section shalll not
(a)p t-Office employeesc~~ who ch:!ll be permitted to wrorkr for'tyi-eight
(48) hours in any one week,~1; provided, howeveri, that; th-e number of
hours w~orkled per week over~ a period of twso (2) months shall averarge
not mIore than forty~! (40) hours per week.
(b) Truck divers-c: and shippingr crews, wvho shall be pecrmittedl
to work not in. ex~es of forty-e-ighlt (48) hours in any one wPeekr.
(c) Employoees exclusively engalgedl as e-nginleers, electricians, fire-
mer acinryrepasirmen, who shall be perm!~ittedl to wcork not
ien ecs of forty-fnour (44) h-ours in any one wPeek.
(d) Emp~loyees ini an executive or ma~lnageriall c~ap~ncity, regularly
rtc~eiv-ing not less than thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per week, watch-
men and outside salesmen.
(e) Employeesc on erncr-ency maintenance or emergency repa n'
work'l, involving breakdown, or protection of life and property, but
in an such special case at least one and one third times hnis normal
rante shall be paid for hours worked in excess of the maximumr ]hours
herein provided.
3. Npo employees shall work or be p~ermitted to workl for a total
number of hours in exc~ess of the nulmber of hours prescribed for each
week andl day, w~hethrer empl~oyedl by one or more emplloyers..
4. W7fheneve-r any member of the IndustryT employs the services
of lemlberr s of his family, all such persons mu~st be regarded as
employees, and shall -be subject to all plrovisio.ns contained in this
Code affecting employrees of members of the Trade.

1. The following~ minimum w~agre rates are .established for
employees: North south
Ma/Iles, per hour ____ ---____-______ 32%#1i 27%#2
Females,. per hour___-_--_-_--___ "v,e 22myr
(a) These differentials shall be based on substantially different
emp~loym"ent, and
(b) F'emale employees per~forming sub ta:nrtially th~e sam~e work as
male~ employees shall receive the samel rates of pay as m~ale~ employees.
2. TIhis Article establishes a minimum rate of pay, regardless of
whether an employee is compensated on a timle rate, piece work~l,
or other ba~sis.
3. Diffrenrtia~ls existingb on July 15i, 1933, between waRge rates paid
various classe~ts of employees receiving more than71 the minimum wage
specifiedt' above shall be marlintanined7 T; waes of employees reepiving~
more than the mninimul~l~m wnges~ specified above shall not b~e r~educ
be-low the rates exisztingr on July 15, 1!,3!3, notwithstanding any r~edne-
tion ini the number~l:~1 of working hours of such employees.
AnnanL V--GENERAL L~Son Pnov-rInsis

1. No person under sixteen (16) years of age shall be employed
in the Industry, nor anyoner l under eighteen (18) years of age at
operations or occ~upatitons hazardous~1 in nature or d~etrimental1 to
health. The Code Authlority shall slubmit to the Admninistrant or

before Ma~rch 1st, 1934, a list of such occupations. In any State an
emp~loyer shall be~ deemledl to hanve compliedl with this provision, if
he shall have on file a certificate or permit dluly issued by the author-
ity mn such State, emlpower~e d to issue emp~loymnent or age certificates
or permits showing tha~t, the employee is of the required age.
2. Empkey,?ees shall have the right to orlganize and burga~in col-
lectiverly through representatives of their owrn choosing andi shall be
free from the interference, restraint, or coelrcion of emlployers ofa
labor, or their algents, in the design ation of such representativ-es or
in, self-orgaon izat ion or in. other concerted activities for the purpose
of collective burlgaininga or other mlutuanl aidl or protection.
3. No employee and no onle seeking employmentnt shall be required
as a condlitioin of emnploymnynt to joini any company union or to
reframn from jommig, orgamizmg, or ass~isting a labor organization
of his own chloosing.
4. Employers shall comnpl~y with the maximuml~l h~our~s of lbor, min-
imumr ates7P of pa;y, and otherl condlitio~ns of employment, approved
or p'resc~r~i~ibd by the Prlesidelnt.
5. Within each State members of the Indlustry shall comply with
any laws of sulch State imposing more str~ingent reqyuir~eme nts on emn-
ployers, reg~culating the age of emlployees, wagres, hours of wro~rk, or
'healthl, fire protection, or general wor~kingr conditions than under
this Code.
6. Empllloyers shall not recclassify emplloyees or dulties of occup~a-
tionls performed by empk~loyees or use any other~ sulbte~fu~ge so~ as to
defeat the purposes of the Act.
'7. Each emplloyer shall piost in a conspicuous place of easy and
continuous access to emplloyees, the Articles.i dealing with hours,
wages, and ge~nerlR labor provisions of this Codle.
8. No homne worlk shall be permnittedl in the Indcustry.r
9. Every empllloyer shall malke~ reasonable provisions for thle safety~
and health of his employees at the place and dfur~ing the hours of
their emplloyment, fur~nish ing a safe, sanitary, heated, and properly
ventilated work place. Six months after the e~ffectivee dlate of this
Code,; the Code Aurthor~ity shall fsubm:llit~ r~commlllenrantionl S for setting
up standlards of hea~lth~ and1C safety for emlol~yees in th~is Indusstrry.
To further effectuate the policies of the Act, a Codle Aurthoritty
is hereby constituited to coopera~te withn the Adminilstratorr in the
Admiinist rantionl of this Codle.
1. The Code Authorit~y shall. include as members:
(a) TCwelve (12) individuals to b~e selec~tedl by the Boar~d of Direc-
tors of the National Burlap Ba~g Dealer~s Associat~ion.
(b) Such addcit~ional members, not, exceeding three! as mnay be
approved from time to time by the Admninistr~ator, to be electedl in
a manner to be approved or p~rescribedl by~ the: Administrator by
nonmemibers of the Association wnho shall comply with Section 5
of this Article.
(c) Not more than three (3) addltitional mnember~s, without vote
to be app~oinited by the Adminilstratorl1 to represent such groups
or interests or such, governmelllntl agencies as he may designate.

2. Du~ties and p~owers of Code Aurthority:
Thle Code Au~thor~ity shall have the following cluties and powjers
to the~ exztent permittedc byr the Aict.
(a) To makre rules and regulations nrces n1ry for t~he admllinis-
trantionl of this Code within the Ind~ustry.
(b) T'o make investig-at ions a; s to th~e functio~ning and obsr~erv\ance
of any pr~ovisions of this Codle at its own in~tanlce, or on complaint
byT anly persoc n affec~tedc, and to report the same to thle Admliinistrator.
(c) To require, from time to timelt, fl~~rom each. per on(1 in the Indus-
try, r'ep'-rts in such form andr cocntaining such inlformllati onl as the
Administrator may prescribe, in ordert1 that he may be kept informed
withz r~espect to the observance of this Codel. Except as otherwcPise
provided~ inl the Act, any! reports filedl in neeocrrdanlcet with these pro-
lii~ions1, shall be confidential: and the data of one emp~lloyer shall
nlot be r~evealed: to any other emnplolyer.
(d) To prsent, to the Administrator, fromt timie to tim~e. r~ecom-
menda~tion s basedl on conllitions in the Indushtrya, as they may develop,
which will tend to effectuate the operation of the p~rovisions of this
Code. Such reciommelcndation-, ls when approved by the Admnlilstraltor
after such~ notice and hearings as he shall specify shall have the same
force and effect as the other procvisions12 of this Co~de.
(e) To submit surpplemnentary ecdes of fair tr~ad-e practice~s for
the Industry which, when appr~oved~ by the Admlinisltrator()I, shall have
the samelc fo~c~e and e~ffect as this Cod~e.
(f) If the AdministIftrator shall determine thatt anly action of the
Code Authority or any agency thereot-f is unfair or unJust or co~ntra;ry
to the public i interest, the Adml inilsl:tr trl may requ'~irIe that su~ch ncotio~n
be suspendlced for a period of not to c~~excee thirty days to afford an
opportunity for inve~stigantionl- of the merits of such ac~tionl and
fu~the~r consideration by such Code~t Authority or ag~ency3 pending
final act i(-n, which. shall be taken only upon approval by the Admin-
is IMI OP~.
3. ]Each trade aslociaition directly or indirectly participating in
the selection or activities of the Code Authority shall:
(a) Impose no inequritab~le restrictions on nwmb~l.ership.,
(b) Submit to the Administrator true copies~ of its ar~tic~les~ of
association, bylaws, regulations, and any amendmlents, when roulte
therect-, together with such other informal?~ tion as to membership,4!il>
organization. and naltivities as the Administrator may deem necessary
to effe~ctuante the purposes of the Ac-t.
4. In ord~cer that the Code Authority shall alt all thnesc be truly rep-
resentative of the Industry and in other respects comply wFith the
prov,~i ions of the Ar~ct, the Admliniistrator malsy prov')\ide such hearllingSS
as he may dteein properly and thereafter if he shall findl thant thle Code
A-uth~or~ity is not truly representative or does not in other respects
comply w-ith the prolvisio~ni of th~e Act, may r~equirec an appropriate
mnod~ificantionl in the method of selection of the Codel Authority.
5. Memrlbers of the Indus~tryS shall be entitled to participate in and
share thle benefits of the actltivitis of the Codle ~iAuthority and to par-
ticipate in the selection. of the membl-1:ers thereo~c-f by ow~1ntinel to a~nd
complying withl the rcquil~lrements of this Codle and sustiaining~ their

reasonable share of t-he expenses of its administration. The reason-
able share of the expenses of administration shall be dletermlinled by
the Code Authority, subject to review by thle Admlinistrator on the
basisj of volume of business and/or such~ other factors as masy be
d'leiemed qc-uita~ble to be taken into consideration.
6. In addlitioni to th-e information requiredl t~o be submitted to the
Code A1~uthority, there shall be furnished to governmnent agencies
suchl statistical informaltion as the Admninistrator many deemn neces-
sary for th~e! p~urposes r~ecitedl in Section 3 (a) of th~e Act.'

Thle followings practices constitute unfair mnethlods of competition
for the memllbers of the Industryi and are prohlibited :
1. The giving, permlitting to be given, or directly offering to give
anything of val~e. for the purpose of influencing or rewarding the
act'lionl of any employee, agent, or r~epresenltat.ive of another in rela-
tion to the business of the employer of sulch emp~loyee, thle principal
of such agetnt. or the Irpr~esented~ party, with~out the kinowledg~e of
such employer, principal, or par~ty. Nothing herecin shall be con-
strued~t to pro-hibit free andt general diitr~ibution of articles comn-
monly ulsedl for adv\er~tising~ except so far as such articles ar~e actually~
used for conunerciar~i l br~ibery3 as hereinabove- definedl.
2. The srecre1tt payment or allowance of rebates, refunds, conunlis-
sions, credits, o~r u~lnearne discou~rnts, whlether in the fo~rm of mnoney
or o~thlerwise, or thre secret exstension to certain purchasers of special
hcervices or privileges~ not extendled to all purchasers on like termls
and conditions.
3. The false branding or marnking of anly product of the Ind-ustryv
in anry manner which tends to deceive or mislead pur~chaserls, w~it.h
retspect~l to the gradelt, quality, quantity, origin, size, manterial con-
tent, or pre~plla ratio of such product.
4. W1ithholdingr from or insertinga in the invoice statements which
Ilhne the invocic~e a false record, wholly or in part, of the tlransaction
r~l'eperested' on the face thereof.
5. The use of advertising (whether pI~rited~, radio, dlisplay, or of
any other Inaturlc) or other representation which is inaccuratee inl any
material particular or in any way misr~epresents any commodity (in-
cluding its use, trade mlark, grade, quality, quantit~y, origin, size,
mrater~ial, conltent, or pr~lepara~ltion), or credit terms, values, policies.
ser~vices~, of the Inatur~e or form of th~e b~uinessj conducted.
(6. Inducing the beenehI of an, existing contract etweenl a coml-
p~etitor~ and his employee or customereror sounrce of supply, or inter-
fer~ing with or o.b tr~uctinlg the performance of suchl contra~ctual
duties or serv\ices.
7. TCo enter into contr~nets for the sale of any~ of the p~roducts
of the TIndustry the terms of which ar~e not specific as to quantities.
pr~icles, and~ delivery dates.
8. The sale or oiffer~ing for sale of any products of thle Industry
onl a basis of gualran~tee aga~insit, dccilne in pr~ice.
1See I)Paragraph 2 of order approving~ this Code.


1. This Code anid all the provisions thereof are exprescsly mlade
subject to the right of the Pr~e-idetnt, in ncorrdanl~ce withl th~e pro-
visionls of subsection (b) of Section 10 of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, from time to time to cancel. or modify any order,
approval, license, rule, or regulation issued unlder Title I of said
Act, and~ spc~ifically, but without limitattion, to the right of th~e
Pr~esid~ent, to cancel or modify his approval of this Code or any
conditions imposed by him upon hnis approval thereof.
2. After due not-ice and hearing, this Code, exet~s~j as to prov\isilons
required by the Ac~t, mlay be modified on the ba-sis of exsperienee
or changes in circum~stanlces;.~ such'l mlod~if~'ications shall be basedl on
the r~econulnendantionl of the Code Authority or of any interested
party or group or on the Administrator's o~wn initiative~ and shall
become efftc~tive on approval by the Administrator after~ such notice
and hearing as he shall specify-.


NJo prov-ision of this Code shall be so applied as to permit
monopolies or monopolistic practices, or to e~limina~te, oppress, or
discriminate against small enterpr,1i-es.


This Code shall become~lt effective on the 10th day aIfter its
App~rovedl Codie No. 2657.
Regrjistry No. 21:3-3~-13.

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