Supplementary code of fair competition for the electrical contracting industry (a division of the construction industry)


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Supplementary code of fair competition for the electrical contracting industry (a division of the construction industry) as approved on April 19, 1934 by President Roosevelt
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(A Division of the Construction Industry)


I' '
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Approved Code No. 244--Supplement No. 6

Registry No. 1211--1-08




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Approved Code No. 244--Supplement No. 8



As Approved on April 19, 19341



An application having b~een duly~ made, pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the Nationall Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 19333, and pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Section 5 of Article V'III ofE
Chapter I of the Code of Fair Comlpetition for the Constr~uction
Industry appr~oved Januar~y 31, 19341, for approval of the Electrical
Contracting Chapter of said Code, and hearings hlaving been held
thereon, and the Administrator hav\ing r~endleredl his report contaLin-
ing an analysis of said Electrical Contract~ina C'hapter and of said
Code of Fair Competition as modified by3 the addition thereto of
said Electrical Contractmng Chapter, together withh his recommiendla-
tions anid findings with respect. thereto, andl the Adlministraitor hav-
ing found that the said Electrical Conltracting Chap~ter and the saidX
Code of Fair Competition, as modifiedl by the addition ther~eto of
said Electrical Contr~actingi Clhapter, comply in all1 respects writh the
pertinent. provisions of Title I of said Alct, anld that the requirements
of Clauses (1) and (,2) of Subsection (a) of Section 3 of the said Act
have been met:
NOW~, THEREFORE, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Presidlent of
the nite Staes, ursuant to the author~ity vested in me by TitleI
of the National Indsra eoeyAt prvdJn 6 93
and otherwise, do adopt and approve thle report, recomm Iend nations
and findings of the Administrator andZ do order that t~he said Elee-
trical Contracting Cihapter be and it is hereby approved, and that
the previous approval of said Code of Fair Competition for thle Con-
63915 "--482-1 15---34 (11~

struction Industry is hereby modified to include an approval of said
Code in its entirety as mnodified by the addition thereto of said
Electrical Cont~racting Chapter.
Approval recommended :
Honc S. JoINson,
A dminist rator.
April 19, 1934.


T~~he white H~ouse.
SmR:This is a report of the Electrical Contracting Chapter of tee
Code of Fair Competition for the Construction Indlustry, w~hichi ass
approved by y~oul on January 31, 19341, and which is described asi
Chapter I.
This Cha~pter is a revision after public hearings conducted in
Washington on September 7th and 8th 1933, and January 22, Janu-
ary 31, February 12, February~ 26, and Miarch 12, 1934. Additional
testimony me.y be found in the Tr~anscript of Hearing on the Con~-
struction Industry Code which was held in Washington on November
20, 1933, in Volume 3, pages 75 to 82 inclusive, and pages 173 to 219
inclusive. These hearings were held in accordance wilth t~he provi-
sions of the National Industrial Recovery Act, and thiis Chapt~er
was thereafter revised and re-submit.ted.


The Electric~al Contr~actinig Division is an imlpor~tant branch of the
Construction Industry, both in original construction and also in re-
tazhng,~;P seven g and mamntairung existing installations. Their
work is described mlore fully by thie definitions contained in Article I
of this Cia pter.

The hours set forth in Chapter I of the Code o~f Fair Competi-
tion for the Construction Industry, approved by you on January 31,
19341, are applicable to this Chapter. In addition to the miinimumi
wage set fourth in Chapter I of t~he. Construction Code, a niinimumi
wage rate of seventyt~-five (75#) per hour has been sert fourth for skilled
labor in the Electrical Contracting Division.
The International Brotherh~oo d of Electrical W\orkers h~as a total
mnember~ship, according to statements made by that organization, of
150,000 electricians. Of these, 94,000 are paid-up members. Fromt
this number must be subtracted 31,000 normally engaged in repair,
service and maintenance, a classification not included in the. defini-
tions of this C~hapter.
The remaining electricians, w~ho will operate under the pr~ovisions
of this Codee, number 63,000.
Since the employers, as included in the definitions of this Chapter,
employed approximately 25,000 electricians, it may be seen that pracl
tically all of these employees are represented by the International
Brotherhood of Electrical W'orkers and should be considered as such
in the determination of the skilled rate agreement.


This Industry gave direct employment in 1930 to 73,980 workers.
Its volume of business in that year was $457,000 000. It is reason-
able to suppose that with the prohibition of unfair trade practices
and the establishment of uniform rates of pay and hours of work,
better conditions will prevail in this Industry and that employers,
employees and the public will be benefitted.
The Deputy Administrator in his final report to me on said Electri-
cal Contracting Chapter of the Code of Fair Competition for the
Construction Industry, as supplemented by the addition thereto of
said Electrical Contractinga Chapter, hlaving found as herein set forth
and on the basis of all the proceedings in this matter:
I: find that:
(a) Said Electrical Contracting Chapter and said Code of Fair
Competition for the Construction Industry as supplemented by the
addition thereto of said Electrical Contracting -Chapter, are well
designed to promote t~he policies and purposes of Title I of the
National Industrial Recovery Act, including removal of obstructions
to the free flow of interstate and foreign commerce which tend to
diminish the amount thereof and will provide for thle general welfare
by promoting the organization of industry for t.he purpose of coop-
erative action among the trade groups, by inducing and maintaining
united action of labor and management under adequate government
sanctions and supervision, by eliminating unfair competitive prac-
tices, byr promoting the fullest possible utilization of the present
productive capacity of industries, by avoiding undue restriction of
production (except as may be temporarily required), by increasing
the consumption of industrial and agricultural products through in-
creasing purchasing power, by reducing and relieving unemployment,
by improving standards of labor, and by otherwise rehabilitating
i nduast ry.
(b)Sa~d lecricl ontactngCh~apter and the Code of Fair
Competitio foecr the Construction Industry, as supplemented by the
addition thereto of said Electrical Contracting Chapter, as approved
comply in all respects with the pertinent provisions of said Title o2
said A~ct, including without limitation subsection (a) of Section 3,
subsection (a) of Section 7, and subsection (b) of Section 10 there-
of ; and that the, applicant association is an industrial association
truly representative of the aforesaid Industry; and that said asso-
ciation imposes no inequitable restrictions on admission to member-

(hic) ad ~ Electricall Contracting Chapter and the Code of Fairerin
Competition for t~he Const~ruction Industry, as supplemented by the
addition thereto of said Electrical Contracting Chapter, are not
designed to and will not permit monopolies or monopolistic practices.
(d) Said Electrical Contracting Chapter and the Code of Fiair
Competition for the Construction Industry, as supplemented by the
addition thereto of said Electrical Contracting Chapter, are not
designed to and will not eliminate or oppress small enterprises and
will not operate to discriminate against them.

(e) Those engaged in other steps of the economiic process have
not been depriv-ed of the right to be heard prior to approval by said
Electrical C~ontractinga Chapter and of saidl Code, as supplemented
by the addition thereto of this Electrical Conitractingr Chaupter
For these reasons, therefore, I recommend appr~oval of said Elee-
trical Contracting Chapter and said Ciode, as supplemented by the
addition thereto of said Electrical Contracting Chapter thereof.
APRms 19, 19341.


SECrIoN 1. The term "L Electrical Contracting Division or "' this
Division as used herein is defined to mean the erecting, installing,
altering, repalrmgt servicing, or maintaining electric wiring, devices,
appliances, or equipment, including the purchasing from suppliers
and the selling of manufactured parts and products incorporated in
such installations provided that:
(a) The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to work for
telephone or telegraph service where such work is an integral part
of the communication system owned and operated by a telephone
or telegraph company in rendering its duly authorized service as
a telephone and telegraph company.
The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to the installing of
telephone. and telegraph cables and wires in raceways or conduits in
buildings in the process of construction where, pursuant to existing
or fuitur~e agreements or understandings, such worked is performed by
others than telephone or telegraph operating companies.
Should contr~oversies arise as to whether or not such agreements or
undlerst~andingrs exist, such controversies shall be referred for deci-
sion t~o suchl board in the National Recovery Administration as may
have been, or may be dlesignrated by the Administrator.
(b) The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply oeetia
workz for t~he generation and primary distribution of lcrccr
rent, or the secondary distribution system ahead of the meter, where
such w~ork is an integral part of the system owned and operated
by an electric light and power company in rendering its duly author-
ized service, is done by such a company's own employees, and/or is
work on customer's premises necessary for the rendering of safe
and continuous; service, but the provisions of this Chapter shall apply
to the installation, permanent alteration or repair, or maintenance
of electric wiring. devices, appliances or equipment of private owners
other than an electric light and power company not elsewhere
excluded in thiis Section.
(c) The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to the sale
or rental of electrical signalling apparatus or systems for protec-
tion against. fire, burglary or robbery, or to the servicing of such
signalling apparatus or systems, where such work is an integral
part of sulch a system owned and serviced or maintained by an indi-
vidural, firm, orporation, or other form of entePrprise engaged in such
(d) The provisions of this C~hapter shall not apply to manufac-
turinga or assembling in the manufacturer's plant, nor to servicing

or repairing of electrical apparatus, appliances or equipment by a
manufacturer or by an electric repair shop, but thle provisions of
this Chapter shall apply to the installation of all new electrical
work on the customer's premises not elsewhere excluded in this
An electric repair shop, for the purposes of this paragraph, shall
mean an establishment engaged in. thev repiring.,, rewinding and
second itioning of motors, generators, tratnsformners and other
electrical apparatus.
(e) The provisions of this Chapter shall not apply to thle main-
taining, servicing or repairing of existing installations of electric
wiring, devices or equipment, or the moving and relocating of equip-
ment within a plant or property, performed by an owner or tenant
(not for hire), individually or with his permanent. employTee or em-
ployees for electrical maintenance work within his own property,
but the provisions of this Clhapter shall apply to the installation of
all new electrical work not elsewhere excluded in this Sjection.
The term permanent employee ", as used in this paragraph is
confined to any employee who is regularly and continuously em-
ployed, or who has been so employed by any such ownmer or tenant
within such owner's or tenant's own plant or property for a period
of not less than six months.
SECTON 2. The term "LAssociation as used herein means the
National Elect~rical Clontractors Association.

SECTION 1. No skilled electrical worker shaoll be paid at letss than
the rate of seventy-five cents (754) per hour: provided, however,
that this shall not be construed2 to authorize reductions in existing
rates of pay; and provided further, that the Admninistrator may
reconsider the provisions of this section upon the expiration of a
period of Ninety (90) days after the effective date of this C~hapter,
or thereafter if he shall deem necessary, and, upon the basis of such
reports, studies or hearings as he may obtain or conduct, may require
such modification of, or make such other determination with respect
to, the provisions of this section as he shall by his further order
direct; and provided further, that if it shall be represented to the
Administrator and he shall determine that the provisions of this
section impose undue hardship upon employers or employees or
both, within any region or locality, he may at any time grant such
stay of or exemption from or exception to the provisions of this
section within such region or locality as he -may determine justice
requires; and provided further that. the provisions of this section
shall be subject to the. provisions of Section 7 (b) of the Act, or any
actions taken thereunder or in accordance therewfith.
SEcTION 2. The minimum PraeS: Of pay applicable to employees
within this Division shall be maintained regardless of whether the
employee is compensated on the basis of a time rate, piece-work or
other basis.
SECTION 8. NOt Blore than one person not employed as a skilled
electrical worker shall be employed to each three skilled electrical
workers or fraction thereof on any electrical construction or instal-
lation work.

SECTION 4. No member of- this Division shall directly or indirectly
sublet to any employee or laborer, the labor services required by
any contract secured by such member.
SECTION 5. In no case shall a member of this Division avoid or
evade the labor provisions of this Chapter by contracting his work
to any person or persons subject to labor provisions less stringent
than those provided in this Chapter.
SECTION 6j. WIaages as they become due shall be payable in lawful
currency of the United States, or boy negotiable cheek therefore paLy-
able on demand at par.
SECTION 7. A member of this Division or his agents shall accept
no rebates directly or indirectly on such wages, or give anything of
value or extend favors to any person for the purpose of influencing
rates of wages or the working conditions of his employees.
SECTION 8. Any member of this Division shall be subject to the
applicable maximum hourly limitations provided in Chapter I of
this Code in the performance by him of manual labor or mechanical
occupations customarily performed by an employee.
SECTION 9. For the purposes of this Chapter, an employee engaged
in supervisory work, as referred to in sub-paragraph 3, Paragraph
B, Section 2, Article III of Chapter I, shall be defined as an em-
ployee who does not worki with tools, or does not engage in manual
SECTION 10. WVatchmen may be permitted to work not in excess of
fifty-six (56) hours in any week, but not in excess oI six days in any
SECTION 11. Every employer shall makie reasonable provisions
for the saf~et~y and health of his employees at the place and during
the hours of their employment. Standards for safety and health
shall be submitted by the Divisional Code Authority to the Ad-
ministra~tor within three (3) months after the effective date of this
SECTION 12. WTithin thlirty (30) days after the approval of this
Code, all employers subject to its provisions shall post in a con-
spicuouis place in their respective shops and other established places
of business complete copies of the labor provisions of Chapter I
and of this Chapter.
ARTICLE III-Anx xx zsy~TINaro

To further effectuate the policies of t~he Act, a Divisional Code
~Authority is hereby constituted for the Electrical Contracting Divi-
sion, to be known as the "'Electrical Contractors Code Aut~hority ",
to cooperate with the Administrator in the admiinistration oftis
SECTION 1. The Divisional Code Authority shall consist of ten
(10) individuals, or such other number as may be approved from
time to timle by the Administrator, to be selected as hereinafter set
SECTION 2. Seven (7) members of the Divisional Code Authority
shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of, the Association
from the Association's membership to serve for terms of not more
than one (1) year. The three (3) additional members shall be
selected on a fair and representative basis by the Executive Com-

mittee of the Association from members of this Division who are
not members of the Association, each of the non-members so selected
to be approved by the Administrator and to serve for a term of
not more than one (1) year; subject, however, to the exercise at any
time by the non-members of the Association of their right to select,
pursuant to a method of selection approved by the Administrator,
their own representatives on the Divisional Code Authority as suc-
cessors to the three (3) members then in office appointed by the
said Executive Conumlttee.
Each member of the Divisional Code Authority shall have one
Appointees who are members of the Association may at any time
be replaced by the appointing agency subject to review by the
SECTION 3. The Divisional Clode Authority shall in addition to
the powers and duties which said Divisional Code Authority has by
virtue of paragraph B, Article IV, Chapter I of this Code, cooper-
ate with the Administrator in regulating the use of any N.R.A. in-
signia solely by those members of the industry who have assented to,
and are complying with, this Code.

SECTION 1. A member of this Division bidding upon or under-
taking to execute electrical work within this Division should be
properly qualified by capital, organization, technical training and
experience in the industry, to direct the installing, altering, or re-
pairmng of electrical wirmng, devices, appliances, or equipment.
SECTION 2. A member of this Division shall not submit an esti-
mate price on any job, or submit a bill for his services, without re-
taining a record showing the true cost upon which his estimate is
based or his charges were determined.
SECTION 3. Selling Belowl Cost.--A. 170 member of this Division
shall quote, sell or offer to sell any rdcisaltoo te
sericewitin hisDivsio atles tan his individual cost thereof,
cost for the purpose of this rule to be determined pursuant to the
cost finding and/'or estimating methods provided for in Section 4
of this Article.
B. The term "L cost as used in this Section is defined as the suml
of the following items of cost:
1. Materials
2. Labor
3. Job expense, which shall include:
i(a) Drafting
(b delivery of materials
c) Transportation for employees, if any
d) Hotel expense for emuployees, if any
e) Municipal permits, inspection fees, if any
(f) Public liability and compensation insurance.
( ) Code Authorities fees chargeable to job
4. Over end expense, excluding items of depreciation on unused
facilities, interest on indebtedness, interest on investment or selling
expense, (Estimating expense shall not be considered as selling ex-
pense for the purposes of this paragraph 4.)

- C. The labor item of cost shall include, in respect of labor services
or operations performed by any individual member of this Division,
or any combination or association of such individual members, a
charge of not less than the minimum rate established in or pursuant
to this Code as applicable to the performance of such services or
operations by employees.
SECTION 4. The Divisional Code Authority shall cause to be formu-
lated an accounting system and methods of cost finding and/or esti-
mating capable of use by all members of the industry which shall be
subject to the approval of the Administrator. After such system
and methods have been so formulated and approved, full details con-
cerning them shall be made available to all memb~ers. Thereafter aUl
members shall determine and/or estimate cost in accordance with the
pricipes f sch ethdsprovided that for the purposes of the
provisions of Section 3 of ti ril etitn eln eo ot
there shall be excluded from overhead expense the items excluded
therefrom in sub-paragraph 4 of paragraph B of Section 3.
SECTION 5. When the Divisional Code Authority determines that
an emergency exists in this industry and that the cause thereof is
destructive price-cut~ting such as to render ineffective or seriously
endanger the maintenance of the provisions of this Chapter, the Divi,
sional Code Authority may cause to be determined the lowest reason-
able cost of the products of this industry, such determination to be
subject to such notice and hearing as the Administrator may require.
The Administrator may approve, disapprove, or modify the determi-
nation. Thereafter, during the period of the emergency, it shall be
an unfair trade practice for any member of the industry to sell or
offer to sell any products of the industry for which t~he lowest reason-
able cost has been determined at such prices or upon such terms or
conditions of sale that the buyer will pay less therefore than the
lowest reasonable cost of such products.
When it appears that conditions have changed, the Divisional Code
Authority, upon its own initiative or upon the request of any inter-
ested party, shall cause the determination to be reviewed.
SECTION 6. No member of this Division shall make any secret agree-
ment w~ithl any awarding authority or a purchaser concerning any
terms of payment, rebate, or special conditions not included in his
OrgnalH8 bDI.
SECTION 7. NO member of this Division shall change his bid price
except for variations in wages or material prices, or substantial
changes in the original plans and specifications, and then only to an
extent consistent with t~he actual change of cost involved.
SECTI~ON 8. No member of this Division shall submit a competitive
bid, as defined in Section 1 of Article VII: of Chapter I of this Code,
to an owner or any other person corresponding to an awarding
authority as h~erein defined unless such owner or other person agrees
to comply with the regulations provided herein governing competi-
tive biddmng.
SECTION 9. No member of this Division shall submit a bid on
any work after the closing time set for receiving bids or after other
bids have been opened, except as may be permitted in Section 10,
Article VII, Chapter I of this Code.
SECTION 10. Members of this Division shall submit bids including
temporary wvorkr only when the quantities are distinctly stated, except

where they are made on a cost-plus basis. Maintenance and cost
of current shall be assumed only on a percentage basis.
SEOHION 11. (a) Each local Administrative Committee appointed
by the Divisional Code Authority to have supervisory jurisdiction
of this Chapter in its territory shall have at least one member who
is not a member of the Association. Such Committee shall designate
a depository for bids, which shall be a bank or trust company or
other agency approved by the Divisional Code Authority.
(b) Members of this Division bidding on any job exceeding two
hundred and 6fty dollars ($t250.00), or suchl lesser sum as determined
by the Local Administrative Committee, shall file sealed copies of
their bids, and any revisions thereof, with such designated deposi-
tory, who shall hold same, sealed and confidential, until after the bids
have been opened.
(c) Each member of this Division bidding on such jobs shall
Indicate in his proposal to the purchaser that a copyl of same has
been delivered in a sealed envelope to the designated depository.
(d) Upon notification that the contract has been awarded, or that
the bids have been opened, the depository shall deliver all copies of
bids for such work to the Local Administrative Clomm~ittee having
supervisor jurisdiction. Such Committee shall open all bhids, tab
ulate same, and send copies of such tabulations, together with details
of the contract awairdl to each bidder who shall pay to t.he Local
Administrative Committee his equitable proportionate shar~e of the
cost of handling, tabulating, and distributing such information, but
not over one dollar ($1.00) for each biddler.
SECTION 12. (a) ULpon the request of a bidder, the Divisionial Code
Authority or thle Local A~dministrative Commnittee appoinlted by it,
shall select a Commnittee of Review composed of not mior~e than three
qualified persons, who are not bidders on t~he particular job, at least
one of whoml shall not be a member of the Association, which com8-
mittee shall be directed to make such investigation as will enable it
to determine whether this Code of Fair Competition h~as been vio-
lated in the. bidding on the job in question.
(b) In the event the Commlittee of Review shall find t.hat any suich
violation has occurred, therir findi~ngs on the violationn together with
a summnary of the facts upon which they ar~e based, shall be r~eportedi
to the Local Admlinistrativle Committee or thle Divisional Code
Authority, for such action as may be appropriate.
SECTION 13. Members of this Division shall uphold the enfor~ce-
ment of all public regulations applicable to electrical work, and shall
cooperate to prevent the installation of illegal or inadequate eleo-
trical construction work.
SECTION 14. In the event that any member of this Division is also
engaged in or employs the same. capital for a wholesaling, manu-
facturing and/or others business with the contracting business, such
member shall conduct his contracting business in such separate man-
ner and with such separate records, accounts, and methods of
accounting and costs, as will enable such contracting business to be
conducted in accordance with the applicable provisions andc require-
ments of this Code with respect thereto, allocating to such con-
tracting business the proper amount of all costs and expenses,
including overhead and administrative expense, not otherwise spe-

cifically divisible between such wholesaling, manufacturing and/or
other business and such contracting business.
Sncrzon 15. If t~he Divisional Code Authority determines that
in any branch or subdivision of this Industry it has been the gen-
erally recognized practice to conduct its business or any part thereof
on th~e basis of printed net price lists, or price lists with discount
sheets, and fixed terms of payment, which are distributed to the
trade, which determination shall be subject to the approval of the
Administrator before becoming effective, each member of this Divi-
sion engaged in business within such branch or subdivision shall
within fivre (5) days after notice of such determination file with
the Divisional Code Authorityv, or its designated Local Adminis-
trative Comnmittee, a net price list or a price list and discount sheet
as the case may be, individually prepared by him showing his cur-
rent prices, or prices and discounts, and terms of payment, and the
Divisional Code Authority, or its designated Local Administrative
Committee, shall immediately send copies thereof to all known mem-
bers of this Division engaged in such business in that trading area
and shall makle same readily available to buyers or prospective buyers
who desire the same. Revised price lists with a discount sheet
necessary to show the true price may be filed with the Divisional
Code Authority, or its designated Local Administrative Committee,
by any member of this Division engaged in such business, to become
effective upon the date specified therein. Copies of revised price
lists and discount sheets, with notice of the effective date specified,
shall be immediately sent to all kn~own members of the Industry
engaged in such business in such trading area, who thereupon may
file, if they so desire, revisions of their price lists and/?or discount
No member of this Division shall offer any lower price, or greater
discounts or more favorable terms than those provided in his current
net ~price lists or price lists and discount sheets on file with the
Divisional Code Authority or its designated Local Administrative
Commi ttee.
SECTION 16. The Standard Form of Contract Documents of the
American Institute of Architects is recommended to be the basis
for all contracts.


Subject to the provisions of Section 2 (c) of Article IV B, Chap-
ter I of this Co~de, the provisions of this Chapter, except as to
provisions required by the Act, may be mnodified on the basis of
experience or changes in circumstances, such modifications to be
made upon application to the Administrator and upon such notice
and hearing as he shall specify, a.nd to become effective upon his
approval. Any such application may be made by the Divisional
Code Authority.


The provisions of Sections 7 (a) and 10 (b) of the Act, which are
set forth in Sections 1 and 6 respectively of Article VIII of Chapter

I of this Code are specifically incorporated herein by reference with
the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full; all other pro-
visions of Chapter I of this Code, except as herein provided, apply
within this Division with the same force a~nd effect a~s if setfoh
herein in full.


If the Administrator shall determine that any action of the Divi-
sional Code Authority or any agency thereof may be unfair or
unjust or contrary to the. public interest, the. Administrator may
require that such action be suspended to afford an opportunity for
investigation of thle merits of such action and further consideration
by the Divisional Code Authority or agency pending final action
which shall not be effective unless the. Administrator approves or
unless he shall fail to disapprove after thirty days' notice to him
of intention to proceed w~ith such action in its original or modified

This Code (Chapter I and this Chapter) shall become effective
within this Division on the second M~ondayv after the approval of
this Chapter by the President.

Approved Code No. 244--Suppleme~nt No. 6.
Registry No. 1211-1-08.















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