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Supplementary code of fair competition for the stone setting contractors industry (a division of the construction industry) as approved on Dec. 31, 1934
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"Approved Code No. 244-Supplement No. 20 ; Registry No. 1039-2-04"

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I' I
or sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C. - Price 5 cents

.Registry No. 1039--2--04


U : 1 I



3 1262 08482 9638
........ I-.-. applement No. 20


(A Division of the Construction Industry)


This publication is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, W\ashington, D3. C., andl by district offices of the Bureau of
Foreign and Domestic Commeree.
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Approved Code No. 244d-Supplement No. 20


As Approved on D~e~c~ember 31, 1934




An application having be~en duly made pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Title I of the National Industrial
Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933, and pursuant to and in full
compliance with the provisions of Section 5 of A~rticle VIII of
Chapter I of the Code of Fair Competition for the Construction
Industry, approved January 31, 1934, for approval of Chapter XX~I
of said Code, which chapter is applicable to the Stone Setting Con-
tractors Divisionl of t~he Conzstruction Industry, and hearings having
been held thereon and the anlnexed report on said Code, containing
findings with respect thereto, having been made and directed to the
President :
NOW, TH3EREFiORE, on behalf of the President of thie United
States, the NIational Industrial RecoveryT Board, pursuanrt to a~u-
thority vested in it by Executive Orders of t~he President, including
Executive Order No. 6859, dated September 27, 1934, and otherwise;
does hereby incorporate by reference said annexed report and does
find that said Chapter complies in all respects with the pertinent
provisions anld will promote the policy and purposes of said TI-itle of
said Act; and does hereby border that said Chapter XXI be and it is
hereby approved and that the previous approval of said Code of
Fair Competition. for the Construction Industry is hereby modified
to include an approval of said Code in its entirety as supplemented
by said Chapter XXI.
BEy W. A. HARRIMAN,, IdM/H7i~ntrative Officer.
Approval recommended :
Acting D~ivision Ad~ministr~ator.
December 31~-, 19;34.
105460"---1465--2-35 (1)L


Trhe Wh~ite House.
SmR: This is a report on the Stone Setting Contractors Chapter of
the Code ofl Fair Competition for the Construction Industry which
is dscr~~ibedIlc as Chln pter I and wr~hich wFas approved by you on January
31, 1934.
TPhis Chap~ter is a revision after a public hearing cond~uctedl in
Wash~ling~ton on April 20, 1934, in accordance with. the provisions of
the National Industrial Recoviery Act. This Chapter amplifies Chap-
ter I, but applies specjrific;dly~ to the Stone ~Setting C~ontractors Divison
of the Construction Industry.


With1 very minor xcep~cl~tions, the hours and wages set forth in
Chapter I of the Construlction Code as applroved-.~ by you on January
31, 1934 are applicable to this Code.

No official or other authentic data are available to show the app~roxr-
imnate amount of busliness- done by members of this D~ivision. Esti-
mates indicate that approximately 13,100 employees were engaged in
this Industry3 in 1929 and 5,120 in 1933.
It is reasonable to predict thatt thle establlishm eltnt. of un1i form rates
of pay and hours of work and the prohibition of unfair trade prac-
t ices will be beneficial to this Industry as well as to the employees anld
the consumer.

Th~e Depu,~ty Administrator in his final report to the Nartional
Industrial Re:(coveryl) Board on said Stone Sejttting rContractors Chap-
ter of the Code of Fair Competition for the Construction IndustryS,
having found as herein. set forth and on the basis of all the pro-
endingsilbr in this ma~tter;
TIhe Naztional Industrial Recoveryr Board finds that:
(a) Said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter and said Code of
Fair Competition for the Construction IIndustry, as supplemented
by~ said Stone Setting Conltractortcls Chapter, are well deisigned to
pr'omote the policies and purposes~' of Title I of the National Ilndus-
trial Recovery Act, including removal of obstructions to the free
flow of interstate and foreign commerce which tend to diminish the
amount thereof and will provide for the general welfare by promot-
ing the organ~ization of industry for the purpose of cooperative

action among the trade groups, by inducing and mnaintaining; united
action of labor and management ulnder adequl~l Catgovernmental
sanctions and supervision, by eliminating unfair competitive prac-
tices, b~y promnoting the fullest possible ultilizati~n, of the present
productive capacity of industries, by avoidling~ undue restriction
of production (except as mnay be temporarily required), by incrIeas-
ing the consumption of industrial and agricultural products through
increasing purc~hasingr power, by reducing and relieving unemploy-
ment, by improving standarrds of labor, and by otherwise rehabilitat-
ing industry.
(b) Said Industry normally employs not more than 50,000 employ-
ees; and is not classified by the National Ind~ustriaz l Rtecover~y Board
as a major industry.
(c) Said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter and the Code of Fair
Competition for tlhe Construction Industry, as supplemented by
said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter, as approved com~ply in all
respects with the pertinent provisions of said TLitle of said A~ct, in-
cluding without limlitatioln Subsectionm (a) of Section 3, Subsection.
(a) of Section. 7, and Subsection (b) of Section 10 thereof; and that
t~he applicant association is an industrial association truly repre-
sentative of the aforesaid Inldustry; and that said Association im-
pose~s no inequitable restrictions on admission to membership therein.
(d) Said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter and the Code of Fair
Competition for the Construction Industry, as supplemented by said
Stone Setting Contractors Chapter are not designed to and will not
permit monopohies or monopolistic practices.
(e) Said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter and the Code of
Fair Competition for the Construction Industry, as supplemented by
said Stone Setting Contractors Chapter, are not designed to and
will not eliminate or oppress small enterprises and will not operate
to discriminate against them.
(f) Those engaged in other steps of the economic process have not
been deprived of the right to be heard prior to approval of said
Stone S~etting Contractors Chapter and of said Code, as supple-
mented by this Stone Setting Contractors Chapter thereof.
For these reasons, therefore, the National Industrial Recovery
1Board has approved said Stone Settinlg Contractors Chapter of th~e
Code of Fair Competition for the Construction Industry.
]For the Nattional I~ndustrial Recovery Board:
W.r A. HI-ansmitsL
DECEMER 8, 194.Admri~ni~strative Of)Ecer.




SIIenow~1 1. The term Stone Setting Conltraclto rss Division or
"' this Division "', as usedl herein, mleazns contracting for and perform-
ance for hire of thect service, in accordance with etab~llishedl trade
practices, of handling, erectingr, cleaning, pointing, and repairing of
all kinds of cut stone, granite, limestone, cut or cast artificial stone,
marble, (except as definedl in Chapter XVTII[, Mar~ble Contracting
Division of the Ctons~truction Indut~str~y Code) and other cut stone,
including the furnishings of all materials and equipment; inc~idenital
thereItotc, anld. also the: removal:( of sample in alterations, replacing, relo-
c:tingt, and r~eerecting, ini connection with the Construction Industry
as defined~ in subsectio~ns (a) anld (b) of Section 1, Article II, of
Chapter I of this Code, and such branches or subdivisions thereof
as many from time to time be included under the provisions of this
Code by the 1Pres~i~idet, after such notice and hearing as he may
prescribe. The provisiolns of thlis Chapter shall not apply to workr
herein defined~l when executed by members of another division or
subdiivision. of this Code? when performed by their own employees,
except ais to the provisions relating to hlours~ of labor, rates of pay
and other conditions of elmployment.llt
Ste(.'INo 2. The term "1Association ", as used hlerein, means the
National Stonle Settingr Contrueiclors1 Associa~tionl.


SECTION. 1. The following are exempt from the povsion o
Section 2 B- of Article III of Chapt~er I of this Cd eaigt
TnitlXI~mm hours :
(a) Outside Salesmen.n
(b) ]Pt'rsonl employed in a ma~nager'.ial, executive, or supel\irvisry
capacity, wvho earn not less than thzirty-five dollars ($335.00) per wFeekl.
HowevTer, no empllolyee engragred in a sullu.rnso~lryy capacity who per-
formss manlual labor shall be includled in th-is exception.
(c) Wa7:tichmenr i who shnall. not be permiiittedl to work in excess of
fiftyy-six (56G) hours in any one week nor more than. (6) days in any
one wneekr.
STCeTINo 2. The Code Aluthority shall submit to the Nationa~l In-
delltr~ial Reco~very B~oard before the exp~ira;tion o~f sixty (60) days
after the effc~rtive date hereof a list of such operations or occupations,

referred to in Section 4, Article III of Chapter I[, as hazardous in
nature or rlangerous to health. In any state an emploerr shall be
deemed to have complied with the provisions of this S'ection as to
age, if he shall have on file a certificate or permit duly issued by the
authority- in suchn state emplowered to issuer deployment or age! cer-
tific~ates or permits showiing~ that the employee is of the required age.
SECTIO.N 3. All mlembersCT of this Div'isionl shall post and keep p~osted
in conspicuous places readily accessible to all employees on, their
respective jobs and their established p~laces of business, complete
copies of Chnapter I, Gene~ral Provisions for the Const~ruction In-
dustry, and of this Chapter of the Code, together with the name and
address of the nearest official place where Code violations may be
SECTION 4. EveryT employer shall provide for the safety and health
of employees during the hours and at the places of their employment.
Standards for safety and health shall be submitted by the Code Au-
thiority to the ~National Industrial Reco~very Board within sixr months
after the effective date of the Code. Whenever such standards have
been approved by the National Industrial Recovery Board, they
shall become a part of this Code, and the failure of any member of
the D~ivision to comply wTith the same shall be a viiolation thereof.
SECTION 5. NJo employee now employed at a rate in excess of the
minimum shall be discharged and reemployed at a lower rate for the
purpose of evading the provisions of this Code.
SCECTION 6. A~n~Y employer shall be subject to the applicable maxri-
mum hourly lmttionls provided in this Code in his performance
of manual labor or mechanical occupations customarily -performed
by employees.
SECTION 7. (a) Wag;es due shall be payable at the end of every week
in, lawful currency of the United States or by negotiable check there-
for payable on demand at par. If wagfes are paid by check, the em-
ployer shall provide reasonably accessible facilities for the cashing
thereof at par without expense to the employee. Employers shall
also provide such identification, as necessary to utilize such facilities.
(b) Em~ployers and/or their agents shall accept no rebates directly
or indirectly on such wmages, nor give anything of value or extend
favors to anly person for the purposes of influencing the rates of
wages or the working conditions of their employees, except when
required by law.
SECTION 8. No employee shall be dismissed or demoted for making
a copla~lint or giving evidence with respect to an alleged violation
of this Code.
SECTION 9. No member of this Division shall directly or indirectly
sublet to any employee, laborer, or mechanic, the labor services re-
quired by any' contract secured by such member, except where said
lbor services are compe~nsated tart fntlesta h iiu
prescribed herein or in any applicable agreement approved as pro-
vided in Chapter I of this Code or Section 7 (b) of the Act. This
shall not be interpreted to affect or modify thie last paragraphl of
Section 2 (ACL), Atrticle IIIC1 of Chapter I.
SECTION 10.I In no case shall a member of this D~ivision avoid or
evade~ the labor provisions of tfhis C~hapnter by cont-racting his work

to any person or persons su~bject to labor)I provisions less stringent
than those provided in this Chapter.
SCEcTION 11. A person whose elr~ning capacity is limited because of
age or physical or mental handicap or other infirmity may be em-
ployed on ligh-t w~orkr at a wagie below the minimum established by
this Code, if th-e employer obtains from the State Authority, dlesig-
noatedc by thle U~nited. States Department of Labor, a certificate author-
izing his employment at such wages and for such hours as shall be
statedl in the certificate. Each employer shall file mionthlly with the
Divisional Code Authority a list of all such persons employed by
him, showing the wages paid to, and the maximum hours of work
for, all such persons.
A-RTICLE III AnanrISTarri~on

SECTION 1. A divisional code authority is ht-ereby ccon~titulted to
admliniter this Code wsYitlhin this Division. The Div-isical~l Code Au-
thority shall consist of tenl (10) individuals, sixr (6i) of wh1om shall
be elrc~ted~ fromt the Board of Directors of this Association. and
elected to the Divisional Code Authority by a majority vote of said
Board of Dircectors.- to serve for a term of one year, or ulntil their
me.-cours~rl~ are elected. Th-e National. Industrial Recovery Board
shall appoint the four (4) remaining membellr~ls of the D~ivisional
Code Authority on a fair baslis from and to representl:rlt the members
of this Division who are not members of the Association. Recom-
mendtlnionsl and nominations for such. appointments may be made
by the Board of Directors of the Associat~ion. or by any nwmibe~r of
the Division who is not a mlembler of the Association. Anly such
member shall serve for a term of one (1) year, or until he becomes
a member of the Association, or until his successor shall have been
selected by thle members of the D~ivision who are not members of the
Association, pursuai:nt to a method of selection satisfactory to and
approved by the Natiolnni Industrial Recovery Board, and such
successor shall have been approved by thze ~National Industrial Re-
covery Board, w~hichever of said periods shall be the less.
Trhe term of office of every member of the Divisional Code Author-
ity, except as hzerein provided, shall be one (1_) year, and exc~ept that
any member atppointed~ to fill a vacancy shall be selected for the
balance of the term of the vacant membership.
SECTION 2. Subject to such regulations as may be issued by the
National Industrial Recovery Board, the Di~visiosnal Code~ Authority
shall have such powers and duties as are conferred in Article IV~,
Subdivision B3, Section. 2 of Chapter I of this Code, and shall also
have the follow~ingb powrs~~ and duties:
To mak~e relcomIlnwtr- ndtio ns to the National Industrial RecovPery
Board for the enoridina;tio~n of provisions of this Chapter, and its
admtnini tr~ation with the provisions and administration of any other
code of fair competition that may be retlat~ed to this Division or its
SCEe-Tln< 3. (a) It being found necessary in order to support the
admllinistration of this code and to maintain the standards of fair
co~mpettition established hereunder and to effectuate~ the policy of the
Act~i, the Code Aiuthority is authorized:

(1) TIo :incur suchl reasonable obligations as are necessary and
proper for the foregoing p~urpos~es, and to meet such. obligations~ out
of funds which may be, raised as hererina fter providled and which
shall be hleld in trust for the purposes of the Code;
(2) To submit to the National Industrial R~ecovery Board for its
approval, subject to such notice and opportunity to be heard as it
may deem ne~ceparlly (1) an itemized budglbet of its e.-timlntt al expeses~rzl
for the foregoing pulrpos.ies, and (2) an equjritblleli basii upon wihicha
the funds necessary to support such budge~ct shall be contlributed by
mebers of this D~ivision;
(3) A-ft~er such~cl budget and b~asis of contribution have been
approvedc' by thet National Industrial Rtecovery Board, to det~telrmine
and obtain equi~itablle contribution as above set forth by all members
of this Division, and to that end, if necessary to institute legal
proeedngstherefor in its owpn name.
(b) Eac~h memberllcl of this Division. shall pay his or its equitable
contributions to the expenses of the malinltenance of the Code A~uthor-
ity, determined as he:Itireinabove pjrrov\idted, anrd subject to rules and
regulalt~ionsl pertaining thero~ltc issued by the Natfionall Industrial
Recovery Board. Only rnemllbers~ of this Division complying- with.
the code and contributing to the exspe-nses of its ;Ilnamn~isration as
herecinablove provided, unless duly exempted from maklling such con-
tr~iburtions~i, shall be entitled to participate in the se~lectionl of memn-
bers of thie Code Aiuthority or to receive the benefits of any of its
voluntary activities or to mak~lle use of any emblem or insignia of the
Nationai~l Recover')'yI2 Adm~inistration.
(c) Thne Code authority shall neither incur nor pay any obliga-
tion .substanltiallly in excess of the amlounlt thner~eof as estimalte~d in
its approval~ budget, and shall in no event exceedl the total amolcunt
continued in. the approved budget, except upon approval of the
National Industrial Recovery Board; and no ub-equenll:'~ t bud-gret shall1
contain anly def~itlcienc item for exp~endituzres~ in excess of prior llrbudet
estimates exceplt those which the National Inldustrial Recovery Bo3ard
shall have so approved\''.
SECX;TION 4. COsts and Price lerttingr.--(a) The standarl;1ds of fair
compe't~itionl for thec Industry with~ reference to pricing pracn~tices are
declared to be as follows:
(1) Wilfully dlestruc~tive prlice cutting is an unfair method of
competition and~ is forbidden. Anly memllber1 of the Indutlry~l or of
any other Industry or the cus.tomers~l of either m~ay at any timle com-
plain to the Code AuthlorityS that any filed pr1ice constitutes unfair
competition as dlelt ructive p-r-i-e sending, imperiling small enterpr1iles
or tendling toward monopoly or the impailrment, of code wages anld
wocrk~ing conditions. Thbe Code AuthorityT shall wccithnin five (5) days!
affrdlt an op~or-tunity to the member filing the price to allnswer such
complaint and shall within fourteen (14) days make a ruling or
adjulstment thereon. I~f such a ruling is not conlcur~red in by either
party to the complaint! all papers shall be relferlredl to the Resealrch
and Planningv Dlivision of NRA. which shall render a report alnd
recommendation thereon to the Nationall ]Industrflia Recove-ry Board~C.
(2) When no dleclaredl emlergency exists as to any given product,
there Is to be no fixed minimum basis for pr~ices. It Is unttndled that

sound cost estimating methods should be used and that consideration
should bne given to costs in the determination of pricing policies.
(3) Wihen an e~mergern cy exists as to any given product, sale below
the stated minimum price of such product, in violation of (b) hereof,
is forbidden.
(b) EmergenLcy Proni ion9rri.--(1) If the National Industrial Re-
covery ~Board, after inverstig~ation shall at any time find both (a)
that an emergency has arisen within. the Industryr adversely affecting
small enterprises or wages or labor conditions, or tending toward
monopoly or other acute conditions which tend to defeat the purposes
of the Act; (b) that the determination of the stated- minimum price
for a specified product within the Industry for a limited period is
necessary to mitigate the conditions constituting such emergency and
to effectuate the purposes of the Act, the Code Authority may cause
an. impartial agency to investigate costs and to reconmemnd to t~he
National Industrial Recovery Bioardl a determination of the stated
minimum. price of the product affected byr the emergency and tlhere-
upon the National Incdustrial Rec~overy Board may proceed to deter-
mine such stated minimum price.
(2) W~lhen the National Industrial Recovery Board shall have
determined such stated minimum price for a specified product for
a stated period, which price shall be reasonably calculated to mitigate
the conditions of such emergency and to effectuate the purposes of
the National Industrial Recovery Act, it shall publish such price.
Thereafter, during such, stated period, no member of the Industry
shall sell such specified products at a net realized price below said
stated minimum price and anyV such sale shall be deemed destructive
price cutting. From time to time, the Code Authority maay recom-
mend review or reconsideration or the National Industrial Recovery
Board may cause any determinations hereunder to be reviewed or
reconsidered and appropriate action taken.

SECTION 1. General De initions.-Flior all purposes of the Code
the acts described in this Section shall constitute unfair practices
and are prohibited.
Any member of this Division who shall ~directly or indirectly
through any officer, employee, agent, or representative, use, employ,
or permit to be employed, any of the following unfair practices,
shall be guilty of a violation of thle Code.
(a) The submission of a bid or acceptance of a contract to per-
form w~ork in which the contractor does not comply with Section 4,
Article I1II.
(b) No member of the Division shall submit a bid on an opera-
tion after bids have been openedl, except wRhere all previous bids
have been rejected in writing and a period of ninety (90) days has
elapsed since such rejection, or where there has been a substantial
change in the plans and/or specifications, or evidence of collusion or
such marked differences between the bids submitted and the awcparding
authority's estimate as to the voaluntlon of the workr as woulld indicate
to the awarding authority and his code authority the necessity of
ne~w bids in order to secure fair competition.

(c) The misrep~resenttat~io in a bid of the workr and materials
incllnded in estimate or f;ilure~c to include in any~ estimatte all wsor~k
specifienlrly called for in p~lans anld specrifilntir nn for this division of
a contract.
(d) N~o memberc1 of the Division shall. accept financing from, or
shall newe~ to finance the General Contrac~tor, or cut stonre or granite~
fabricatolr or their representative or age~nt. No member of this
Division shall agree to ac~cetpt a de~lay in p~aynwntst.- for a pe~iriod
grreater than ten (10) days after the general conrt rac~tor has been paid
and shall be paid in full the amzlount rccci\ed~ byr the genelcral !cenlt molctorl
in tlus division conltrnet.
(e) Thle Code Authlority shall, from time~t to time, stipulate and
submit to the Nationu!a Indiuiltial Recovery Baoard after suchl notice
as it shall ~precscribec, wYhat elrlltitlltsc unIsafe or' badl rconsltrlcstioni
pract.:ces under this Code. Upon the approval of the Nartiona~:l In-
dustrial RecovFery Boardl of such ecllnstruction. practices as unsafe or
bad, thiey shall cons~titurte unfair trade p~r~c~ti(es.
(f) he furnishing of bids without adequate compensation thecre-
for to a gfener'al conltrec~tor, cut stone, g1raite, or marble contractor,
wh-o uses~ thie bid for chieckring purposes~c andt performs the work him-
(g) NoC memblt: er of this Division, after the bids have been sub-
mittedl, shall maklle credit allowrPances to the awarding authority until
after the contract has been awrardedr' and signedt~l, and then such cred~its
shall be made only at pryl:v~s containlel in his original proposals for
this work a ndllr as litctedl In duplicate bid in depos,.-itory.
(h) No member of this Division shall make any .ecreltl pzaymrent
of allowvance or rebtes~t~, refulnd~, or tcomm~icssons, or ulnea11rndc d~is-
to certain purchasers special services or privileges not extend-ed to
all purchasers ulnd~er like terms and conditions.
(1)Thewilfu asin or c~ausingr to be made11 of aIny false or de-
ceptive statementsnt~ either written or oral, of or ~onl-erning~r the busi-
ness policy of a comt-petitor, ]his workmanship, selling price, or his
financial, bus~iness, or pelrsnal standing.
(j) No contract -shall be enltered~r into which fails to includelr all
estima~te~d labor costs, as well as the cost of all uIateia~~ls required~i, to
per foi ma coniltract. undelir this Division!.
SEenIoS 2. Bid dlepos:;itoriesi for filing duplicate bids shall be- do ig-
nated by the C'ode Authority aIc~ordiing to such rules and regu~lations
as it may pre-cribe from time to time, subject to thre approval of
the Naltional Industrial Relovvery Board.
Annous~E V

Nothing in this Code rshlall nullify the prov~isio~ns of Article VII,
Section 9 of Chapter I.

Provisions of ~Chiapter I of thnis Cote, includling anyg amendmuents
thereto, except as herei~cn spe'C;ifircallyi p,1roviedl, are speccifi(ally incor-
para"ted herein with thfe same forlce and effect as if s~t forth herein
in full.



Each member~ of this Division within thirty (30) days after the
effective date of this Chapter, shall register with the Di~visional Code
~Authority. All members of this D~ivision who1 shall be within. the
Stone Setting. Contractors' Division thereafter shall likewise register
with the Di~visional Code Authority. Registration of the members
of this Di~vision shall include the full name and mailing address of
such member. Application may be made by the Divisional Code
Authority to the National Industrial Recovery Board for an exten-
sion of the time limit for registration by any member of this Divi-
sion if it appears that the time limit as provided herein may cause
injustice or undue hardship to any member of this Divisionl.

If the National Inldustrial Recovery Board shall determine th~at
any action of the Divisional Code Authority or any agency thereof
may be unfair or unjust or contrary to the public interest, the Na-
tional Industrial Recovery Board may require that such action be
suspended to afford an opportunity for investigation of the merits of
such action and further consideration by the Divisional Code Au-
thority or agency pending final action -which shall not be effective
unless the National Industrial Recovery Board approves or unless it
shall fail to disapprove after thirty (30) days' notice to it of inten-
tion to proceed with such action in its original or modified form.

Subject to thne provisions of Section 2 ()o ril V ,o
Chapter I of this Code, the provisions of thi Capterclep a, tof
provisions required by the Act, maly be amended on the basis of
experience or changes in. circumstances, such amendments to be based
upon application to the NJational Industrial Recovery Board and
such notice and hearing as it shall specify, and to become effective
on its approval.

SECTON 1. Labor Provisions of the Act.--Employees shall have the
right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives
of their own choosing and shall be free from the interference,
restraint, or coercion of members of the Division, or their agents, in.
the designation of such representatives or in self-organization or in
other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or
other mutual aid or protection; no employee and no one seeking
employment shall be required as a conditions of employment to join.
any company union or to reframn from jommig, orgaamizmg or assist-
ing a labor organization of his own choosing; members of the Divi-
sion shall comply with. the maximum hours of labor, minimum, rates
of pay, and other conditions of employTment, approved or prescribed
by the Preside~nt.

SECT7?o 2. PrelSid~ential Powersl.--T his Code, anld all the p~crovisions
t~hereorf, and of anyT Chapl~ter thereof, are expressly made subject to
the right of the Presidecnt, in accorda7nce~ with the prlov'isionIS of sub-
section (b) of Section 10 of the Act, from timle to time to cannc~el or
modfy nyordrappovl, license, rule or regulation irsnot~l under('
Title I of the Act and sp~c~ifku:llly, but without limiitationr to thne right
of the President to cancel or m-odify his approval of this Code, or
of any addition t'herelto,, or anry conditions imposed by him upon
such approval.

This Chapter shall beenate r! effective in this Di vicsion on the thirtieth
(30th) day aifterl its approval by the National Indtustrial Recovery
Approved Code No1. ;'1--Stilaknllacl~~ No. 20.
Reg~ist ry No. 10~30-2-04.