Minutes of meetings of the Isthmian canal commission


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Minutes of meetings of the Isthmian canal commission
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Isthmian Canal Commission (U.S.), 1905-1914
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CULEBRA, CANAL ZONE, July 18, 1908.
i.. The Commission met at the call of the Chairman at 2.30 o'clock p. m.
Present: Commissioners Goethals (Chairman), Gaillard, Sibert,
,,::a:::, akburnt and Gorgas.
Ab: -Absent:' Commissioners Rousseau and Smith.
S Tii he Commission -elected the Chairman's Secretary, Mr. W. H. May,
Ai Acting Secretary of the Commission for the meeting.
'The minutes of the one hundred and forty-fourth meeting were
riraidt and approved..
I':1. Upon motion, it was-
Jie-aolved, That the additional paragraph to the regulations govern-
ig the treatment of persons by the physicians and in the hospitals of
!; i Health Department of the Government of the Canal Zone, adopted
h!' Commission at its one hundred and thirty-sixth meeting, be
:7 red '. to. read as follows:
Il ':' h6eofficers ad men of the United States Marine Corps and the United States
I., toned for duty on the Canal Zone or cruising in adjacent waters, shall be
i rite .d1 in all respects upon the same basis as employees of the Isthmian Canal Com-
sl a.Gi on, aid the members of their families may be admitted to hospitals and treated
S. iepe.naries on. the same basis as members of families of employees of the lath-
i: 4.-' .aaal Conmmission.
.... Upon motion, it was-
.Jk&e0ed, That the premiums oHbonds of employees of the Isthmiat
r i' Commission, bonded to the Disbursing Officer on the Isthmus,
ai ithfil performance of their duties, be paid by the Isthmian
tAi~ssioi as' same is deemed necessary and expedient for the
wf npiblie business.,

|.. %T t -the ~ause in section 11 of the Regulations respecting
|ilf Liquors in the Canad Zone, Isthmus of Panama,
b tabke oh ir s benches as may be. necessary for the sle

A 4.. : :oe.. ... .. I. ....... ,*, :
W i, aim:e oas MW n *e*,,r sr ,
otv i '...'tl. r '" of 0% "" 1 '

1 8 7 4 MIN UTE $S PF TH E ST RIN;C N O M1 $ 1

That the clause hinthe ame eci raIng; .
***or t6 permit. a Iny intoxiae pror ty person iuadonihe
years, Io be or remain in or about the:. prriaeswhere op lqurii
sae *
.be amended to. read :.
***or to permit any intoxicated person,, or any "person tianor
years, to remain in or about the pre I ises where such liquoxs are ko t idr l
and that: section 17 of the same: regulatti*onr-Iis be ameinded-t
In case any holder of a license herein provide& for,shall 4e found, guii ty'o
lation of any of the provisions of this ordinance, 6r of 'any police 1egA
governing the sale of liquors, hlow or hereafter in14orco.in the Canal Zno, lid
punished by flne or imprisonment, as provided min, the prcdin ecn,!
revocation of his license, or by any one or all of. these, penaltid,0 in. he-(b
of Ithe court. But, upon second conviction, his license shallat once, bpecple'
void as the consequence of ouch conviction, and he- shall also be liable'tp"
imprisonment, or both, in the discretion of the court.
4. The Chairman stated that. Mr,. William Gerig Diiion3 ag
had tendered his resignation, and that he had grte Mr pGriggI
two days? leave of absence with, pay, agt "the eXpirataion of 4-hi
resignation would be accepted.
Upon motion, it Was-
Resolved, That the action of the Cbairman be approved, and tbat 2
Gerig be paid in the States for the full period of his le-ave,
5. The Chairman presented for cousideration' the case of J944f
Cole, steam-shovel cranemnan in theiCentral Divi~sioqn, who recei v 44
injury May 1, 1908, while in'the peI rformtafice 1of his duty "A')
resulted in the loss of his right hand. The, Chairma~n',sftae'd`t
owing 'to the shock to his nervuytm Mr. Coewould by,
to perform work of any k-ind for a, time, and that it, was~neceswkyr
him to go to the States in order to recover fromn the -effedwds a
upon motion, it' was_-;-
Resolved. That John H. ole he granoted- forty-two days10"
absence with pay for his. Service beginning, Dee e
which ordinarily wold n'ot be due ustit October 8, Igo&
6.: Upon motion it wats-m
Resolved,. That Resolution NO. 8, dOpted at thq, on, i
fortv-second meeting of the Isth~mian Canal'Clonmnusgio
th Department of Labor, Quarters, and Siuisien t6 tok
the Panama RailroA d COompany the oerm, ion of 'the_
Ne rescinded,: the same tobe elffectiyle "My 0,
7. The Chairman-oalled attenti on to, he, r", tol k"
one bandred and first meeting of, theLCommimiofeh
1905 pr vid ng 't ist onethkird of th- 6 ab


Engineer's office in NewTYork should bebreby the Commission,
wot two-thirds .by. the. Pamnama Railroad Company. The Chairman
6e htteicreased` work of in 1sp eatingg supplies and equipment
dr te Comisson hd Mde necessary the establishment of a branch
'office in Washington of the Inspecting Engineer's. office, and -that as
th.divi*s'on of exp lenses under the resolution referred to was cornsid-
ered inequitable, he,had, authorized, effective March 12, 1908, an equal
division between' the Commission and the Panama Railroad Codhpany
of, the conm bin ,ed expenses of the Joint Inspecting Engineers' office's
in Nw Yrk' nd Washington.
SThe action of the, Chairman was approved.
:8The Chairman presented a report from Commsi rs Sibert
wrid'Smnith, who were appointed a Committee at the one hundred and
forty-thir-d meeting of the Commission to consider the propos ed revision
of the Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Canal Zone
policee Force,
'The Commit.tee recommended certain changes in Ithe schedule
adotedat he nehunredandthirty-first meeting of the Com mis-
19od fixinlg the pay of members of 'the police force and included in
r 'ticle'' of. the Rules -and. Regulations-
After discussion the schedule proposed was adopted in the following
,form, effective August 1, 1908:
The pay of members. of the police force shall be as follows:
Policemen, $40 per month.
Unirtecjss police en, entran ce salary $80 per month, to be increased after six
Y )h/service to $90 and after one year's service to $100.
jrals, one-half the number in the service $115 per month and one-half $125
or poxut
nts, one-half the nurolyr in the service $13.5 per month and one-half $150

# `didlieuitenant, $175 per month.:
Wiitat,1liegeneant, $225 per moonth.
fbi of'rolice, $333.33 per month.
.grdinr picemen after having. served two years contuulyapoien
Ufetited to an increase in pa o0$ per month, ndftr having served five
0 "4footitibabuely shall be entitled to an additional Increase in pay of $5 Per month.L
401 6Uiet tneetalbe& of the police force below their rank (if seconct lieutenant who
-sfalltW ave a~ved in the police force two yea"s continuously, whethe r in one rank
-o 46otherl, shall be entitled to a service increase, in addition.0 -othe regular .pay, to
t ifi rTefpective 'rauk,*, of $|-7.50 per month, and after a continuous service of: five,
in 410' Ibtri~a. t. a further increase in service pay of $7.50 per month;
lpedh~fr M th bersof the force who have served in a higher rank: than
-hfg o6rsttwb 'tid Thve yeara, respectively, shall be entitled to an addi-
to b V42gifortwoD years, continuous seVice, and $2.50 a~ddiL
6 'v'y are, c t'"ervice, Over andbontergua service increase.
i(udr," U s*06 18s be conditional uponi continuous service faith-
c Uetie o service ou the police foresalb
U4 tiawre oi the, Caal 2'one.

1 was thereupoii-
-fevsolvedd That; thie revised' Rules and R ulatins for th
Mgnt Of the Canal Zone Police. Force, be.,,and_ the same sat io
approved, to become effective Au gutW61, 1908. 4
9. The following ordinance was enacted: to'be in force in
Zone on and after the date of its approval the Secretary of "F
Uxtder authorityo the. order of the Preideto ac 3 97 ei
the Tothmian Canal Commies'in
1. The Chief Sanitarv Ofricer of "the. lethmaian, Qanal C'ommission is aht
designate any district, section,, or portion of the Canal Zone. within which
thbe period of time during which, unmuzzled: dog 0h44l not be, pemi"idt
l*rg in an% town, village, settlement, or labor camnp or on any publi
Ngch designation shall be published by printed -notic posted C npope
out the district, section, or portion of the Canal Z.one to. which it pls
da~ysbefore the day upon which it becomes effective
2.It shall be unlawful for the owner of any dog to allow. Buch anima) 2ii
large, unmuzzled, in any town, village, settlement, or labor camp, o an' d
highway within the district, section or portion Lof the Canal Zonc andwi_
perixt of time deoignated by the Chief Sanit ry Office]!.
3. Any dog found running at large contrary to the provisions of thisoT
ahal be taken u and impounded by the pqlkIce provided thiat any such
be taken up by any private individual and delivered toz the police for irm
4. Notice of the impounding of any dog shall be posted by the police in iwo
spicuous places in the police district in which such, animal is impounded r y
days, including the day upon which the dog is impounded. Such. notice shall qgn"
tain a description of the dog, and state where it is impounded, and to whom lig
tion should be made for its release. it shall also state that the dog' will Ne destrog'
on the fifth day froma the date of the notice if previous application is not made frJ1
5.If, after the expiration of five days, no application has, been made for the de
of a dog ccinfined in- the pound, the -dog shall bei destroyed. by the policepl
police shall also destroy without notice or delay any-dog having rssetdo
ing the disease of rabies. *
6. The owner 6of any dog impounded in. accordance with tlit preceding sectiq
this ordinance may secure the release of. the 'dog at any time prior to thedp`,1
of five days from the date on which it was impounded by exhibiting to )be
in charge of the pound a receipt from the District Judge for-the line impoed
violation of this ordinance., and proving. ownership He shall, howeverjnizl
dog before it is delivered to him.
7. Any person, violating this ordinance shall. be punished by a fine of Plue do
for a first violation and a, fine of ten dollars for any subsequent violation
14. The Chairman read the followingEectvOdrwhh
ordered to be spread upon the minutes.:.

By authority of the President of the United 8tateis, it is ordered,;
That section 321 of the Uode of Civil Procedur of the CAnul ,orofw'
order of the President of March 22, 1907, be, and the Wame 'he* *% tof
the addition thereto of the following-


,*mmn Relations of the Republic of Panama,. whose signatures shall. in turn b
*benticated by the ChietExecutive of the Canal. Zone."
LUKE R. WmouaT
Secretary of War.
Washinpton, D...., a uy8 1908.


OnptAin R. C. B~oggs, "13p of Engineers, is appointed General Ptarchasing Officer.
of the Isthmian Canal Commlission, under the supervision of the Chief of Engineers
ofthe "U. 8'. ArmyI and .Chief of the Washington Office of the Isthmian Canal
Cominission, to take effect upon the departure for the Isthmus of Panama of Lieut.
of LEffidgs Corps of Engineere, the present General Purchasing Officer and
chief of Office.
directionn 6f the President:
Secretary of War.

Ther beig t furherbusiness before the Commission, h etn

*as *djo'urned at 3.45 pm.,..subject to the call of the Chairman.





Hp'j At j't fi

.ULEBRA, CANAL ZONE, September 5, 1908.
The Commission inet at the call of the Chairman at 2.30 o'clock
.PSr .:.

p. mp .
Present: Commissioners Goethals (Chairman), Gaillard, Sibert,
Xn sesu, Gorgas, Blackburn, and Secretary Bishop. Lieut. Col.
., F. Hodges was present by invitation.
'bsbent: Commissioner Smith.
SThe -minutes of the one hundred and forty-fifth meeting were-read
:::d approved.
Upon motion, it was-
40i0':,olved, That section 2 of the Rates, Rules, and Regulations
Governing the use of Water on the Canal Zone, approved by the
lO.n ssion at its one hundred and thirty-sixth meeting, be changed
S ~i .ad as follows:
'': an.: S. For each three-fourths-inch water tap, and for each standard 4-inch, 6-inch,
^otr' Ai aewer Y tap, a charge of $5 United States currency will be collected; said
a:::i nt must be forwarded to the Superintendent of Public. Works with the applica-
to ~nfrconnection: Provided thti no charge shall be made for a sewer Y tap of the sizes
s ua":.e.:u m.co nneetiont is to be made enth a sewer instalGed at the expense of the Govern-
:., u f of the :nal Zone, The Superintendent of Public Works shall not do plumbing
: ..:~AWp.ti rg f private individuals or companies within the Canal Zone; but to
the use .of writer for sanitary purposes, the Superintendent of Public Works
.. '.a ... k the laying of water or sewer pipe connecting the water mains or sewers
P4W .... .owned buildings, if it shall appear that the owner is unable to have
i :ae in any oter manner. When water or sewer pipe is laid under .these
eb.. y : SBuperintedent of Public Works for a private individual or com-
... ipait shll btquired to cover the estimated cost of labor and material,
l cent aybleat the time application for the work is made.

y re d, i solution: of the Commission approved Sep-
ItnberS, b 1 bodiede: ..act No. 16 of the Laws of the
Z e iithat officers of the Army or Navy, or of the
lid h':ealh'w .i.-ospitel Service, who may be assigned to
.er th i 2a4l C0ommission on the Isthmus, shall be
St pproiapations additional compensation'
..CA.ioried pay and allowances, when on


.. ....
M.. .. i:;. V n .: AE:.{. :. : ... .: .


ResoliVed further, That) effective S'ptember 15, 8
Army or Navy, or of the, Public -Heath, and MreHsia
who are or may ba.:ordered to duty under the. Coxkpq-
Isthmus, shall receive the compensation of 'the _positioniA
they are assigned, the difference between' their, service" paty
compensation to be paid. from the Commission's, Ap
they shall receive fro)m uich' appropriations "In. Ba ddion.,
service pay, the increase, authorized, by, law for service -in theT
3. Upon motion, it was-,-
Resolved, Thtat on and after October A tA1980$, tlee oms
pay the Panama. Railroad Company for the authorized tranp,
of persons, betweeiix New York. #ad Cole A, ltrteo 40,pd
ger for first-class transportatipix instead Of the& ra UPro)(
resolution adopted by the Commiission at its one hundred a
meeting; and -alf the regular rat& per passngq'r'for'sweora-

4. T he Chairkman stated that on July; 7 y 1908, he hhad a
committee consisting of Mr. EK J. Wiliams, Disburising,,6'
Mr. W. W., Warwick. Examiner. of Accounts, rpeetn
mission, and Mr. H. L. Stuntz, Local Auditor,' rrsont
Panama Railroad Company, to consider the question "of the
of a lump sum monthly to the Panama Railroad for fre~ig
portation furnished the Commission. In accdrdan~e -witfh~j
maous recomm erdation, of, this committee. the' Chair'man,
1908, formally proposed to. the. Panama Railroad, Coiny
agree to accept the sum of $07,000, monthly in: full pamt
freight transportation by rail furnished the Qommission, thA`
be effective August 1, 1908, and to bo confirmed by- reso)14ti
commission and, of -the Boar~d of.Direct 0o~rs of the Railroiid,
T his proposition having' been aceceptod by the Atting Gonelal
of the Panama Railroad Company: oti behalf of the Comp-Ary, i
Resolved, Thtthe agreement on.t erect into by t-he Clu`-
the pay nt of $57 000 monthly beg* n Au5t I,19;
freight t.ransportation by rail, furnished the COmg#t
Vanama Railroad- Company, be. and the same is -he-reb)r.r
ap ro ,a d the s'um of $57,000 wil be ch'rged to tW4 6,
ap 01 lows:
.Engineering and construction.
Relocation of Panama Railroad,
5. Whereas: te -Isthmian' Canal Commission* will
portions of: the present track of the Panama" Its h
Across the Isthmus; and where6as, the Isthuidain,-
did~l,bby resolution adopted at, tje fte hun~drfd and
meeting, held on April 24 1907,prwvid 0o~el
Railroad Company for ve4enditues incUrredl
account, o! the irelocatino the, gailroa n

.; .at. wherever practicable, the Isthmian Eanal Commission
.I frmsh the materials to be applied in the relocation of the
Ti 4r inma.teial furnished by the Panama Railroad Company,
:*lhau rails and ties, the Isthmian Canal Commission shall pay
disc of such material to the Panama Railroad Company, c. 1. f
, tobidb, or La Bocas plus 10 per cent to cover all incidental
nsM incurred prior to the shipment of the material to the work,
$I1g the cost of handling.
That for rails and ties furnished by the Panama Railroad Com-
h I ooU sthmian Canal Commission shall pay the cost to the
iui Rlailrosad Company, c. i. f. Colon, Cristobal, or La Boca,
B jper cent.
. atiqor .labor furnished by the Panama Railroad Company the
.n Qal4Commission shall pay the actual pay-roll cost, plus
..e..n...t to cover the cost of tools, clerk hire, and superintendence
attached Iocally to the work.
11 iafifor engine service furnished by the Panama Railroad
r`te 144 IsthJmian Canal Commission shall pay, in addition to
i cost, of ,engine crews, plus 10 per cent, an additional charge
M0o per working hour for each engine, to cover the cost.of repairs,
itallow waste, locomotive supplies, and depreciation.
f the tumixnin Canal Commission shall make no payment to
ima ItRailhoad Company for the use of such of the Company's
istdalyrteqtired in the operation of the railroad which may
la tfor use ii the work of relocation, but the Isthmian Canal.
*aha.! l baEu thea cot of maintaining such plant,
the cobajof trpo. tjng employees and material used in thp
$t r1r~oad salle 16borne by the Istlimian Canal Co-
l lamp sun~ aid by the Ih an Canal Commissioi
q Pn Riam R '(I1a Coampany on account of the trans-
t omission's employees and freight, shall be increased
.e..to erthe approximate cost of similar transporta-
Srocabd of the: railroad.
S ~Jete~ setions of the relocated line of the railroad'
isi.s And peratnent operation as a part of the
:::0 tio w the,. old line are no: longer
*oh completed secti ons shaol be turned
.. mt any. and t he fdr': al acceptan .. ce of
dP As'af #relt~ic::teod:lie..shall be s." cured
,r. the &:a.cepttne by h&e .na
wik .. section of .h&thotatfii ne
4 aj, tieai ot ruilsdthat
,M ::i::,:: ... .
-Ed::::. ,. .,. .' .. .: : .,
V: ; r : ,:, : ,:,. .
YN :. A:,:. ,., ,' .k .. .. ., .. ::., : :. : :' :. :: ". .,
Y N' :: ? : ; : : .. : ..

the cost of all other items incident to the maintes anceo-'
shal be borne one.hl by fhe, Isthia Canal, Cotuiasin Y
half- obV he P anama RiItailroa~d Company. ,
i1 What: whenever a section of tWe 'relo-cated line. shWl
eceOpted by te Panamah Railroad Company,, the matfer
p Iarallel secton of the old line, including raiIs, ties, bllu
all, other material,, hAl beom thepropertyo' the' Isthn"
12. That~when the termsof. this resolution s~hall hiave be-ew c
by the Panama Railroad Company, it any question shall wrise
ing its interpretations, the decision, of the Chairman of the,
OCnal Commiussion shall be final.
6. Upon motion of the ,UeAd of. the Departmnewto i
istration, it was-
Resolved, That Hing Lee,'-holding a. license for, the' itle, 6k
,retail in the town of Tabernilla. be permitted :to ,re-mord6'blijo
from the building in which it is now located tohoe .
.7. Upon the reclonnendation of the Head of theib)ep tkii d
'Civil Administration, it was--
,Resolved, .That the application: submitted by, Yue-a Choug pug-
to the provisions of section 14 of the regulations respectgth
of intoxicating liquors in the Canal Zone, for authority U) W
to Cecil, McCalla us' license for the, sale of intoxicating. liqu
retail, *in the town of Gorona, be apprvd.
8. Upon the recommendation. of the HIead of the DepartmA
Civil Administration, it was--
Resolved. That the application submitted. by. Chow 'Shin 1
pursu .ant to the provisions of section V14 of' the- regulations r6eV
the sale of intoxicating liquors in. the Canal Zone, for autn
transfer to E. S., Young 4nd-J.,.E?. Cle~ary his license f~h
intoxicating liquors at tail, in the town of Empire, be appalwl
9. The Chairman presented a statement, showing %pp~oj't
Promotions, and other changes in the peBsnnel o0th
office and Assistfant Purchasing Agencies, covermg the pW (
Janu ary 1, 1908, to June 30, 1908, 'inclusive, all of wVhich w~er ra
and approved.
lo. The Chairman presented "the case ,of Mr. Fran:A f;(W
Levelman in the Atlntic Division who Ma granted la4o
with pay for sixty days effecitive May, 1, 1908, and whs ps
from reporting, for duty within fi 'fteen days after the expir'atio-n
leave, owing to the S. S. Allia~nce, on which he returned, Maoh
Igthm-us one day later than scheduled time. 4
Upon: motion, it was
R~leI Thtpyment to Mr. Fran], ,. Stphml;
due him ~for the pr iod. of his leave~of absence, be, suthom

r. -. -7. -r I
,:d in view of the exceptional circumstances surrounding these
surroitdg W

4ii .olZd, That Mr. J. G. Holcombe be permitted to spend on the
l :isethmus the forty-two days' leave of absence granted hin, effective
September 1, 1908, and that this leave be with pay, and that the
: sple privilege be extended to Mt. L. M. Lipsett, with respect to the
forty-two days' leave of absence granted him, effective August 12,
S 12. Upon the recommendation of the Chief Sanitary Officer, it

: ,:lesolved, That paragraph 2, section A, of the regulations governing
.S1b4 treatment of persons by the physicians and in the hospitals of
t D-epartment--of Sanitation, as adopted at the one hundred and
ywenty-fourth meeting of the Isthmian Canal Commission, held at
(iptr.A.pril 24, 1907, and amended at the one hundred and twenty-
meeting of the Isthmian Canal Commission, held at Culebra.
SMy21, 1907, be further amended to read as follows:
&$1"o I lbe made for each visit by a physician of the Health Department
ployee at his home or quarters, provided that if he is unable to go to the dis-
S no kibsge, shall be made for the first visit to such employee. Employees
I rl their families in Commission quarters who, in the opinion of the visiting
San, can not safely or conveniently report at the dispensary for treatment, shall,
4:064desire, be treaated at their homes'without charge.
And it was further--
Sokolved; That paragraph 4, section D, of the same regulations, be
anMleid to read as, follows:
."", ..I'." e : privateae room a charge of $2.50 shall be made, and for other special
&. on the harge shall be the same as for an employee.
1 *et chairman' laid before the -Commission the application of
M.Aango, Division Engineer, for forty-two days' leave
i with y, effective September 15, 1908, to be spent on
I...!i ..staed that Mr. Arango had submitted his resignation
4t the expiration of the leave for which he applied.
o thPe 'eeptional circumstances surrounding this case,
f -ox, I% was s e
i, Mr. ago be permitted to spend his vacation on

g no r business beforethe Com ssion the meting
.M. at 45,L m,~, subject to the call of the Chairman.
I :U.. : E.

,V: M A .* 01... ..... .. .....
....4J ...S,1 7.:..
;,.' ,.',,.r. ..
,], :,!: :, ::: !: :, L :, :::::, : : : .1k ;
"$ ..'": "t'" '. .: "; "".N!"
/:" ; :: i ::i:: ,,",ii :! : ; -: .0N .
d.n.'. u...:. A. .5: :5-.A: .:C.. ,. ..
D:~ '!i; ,,!i ~~ ,:i U.,; : :f:..


't e

-t i

:., '. u: 7-
O' : "" : : ..* : .

b:eiLt: Commu1issioner Sibert.
,,tt@. P 1c$ 0i u,, "

3| i ll .l. :* Cpurat,'Q.AAL ZONE, September 21, 1908.
... i'he"CommThaission met at the call of the Cairman be at 11.30 o'clock

eii"sent., Commissioners Goethals (Chairman), He dges, Gaillard.,
eiusean Gorgas, Blackburn, and Secretary N Bishop.
bet: Coinniissioner Sibert.
EAiutM .ft f the one hundred and forty-sixth meeting wete reind.
a: roted.
SChaiermnanit ai r laid before the Com Commission or approval his
N 20t, asixutho6rizing the Subsistence Officer to make daily
S:.P&,a'sesafor the hotels and mess houses in the open market
: tficial su purchases si ngly, or inpurch any one day, ion
A: tscAl.Cnee. $5 0 in value.

;32* oion, result, Wa Jwgs-
b to T ihatthe actionof the Chairman be approved, aid that
=t.ny.: confred.: on ..the Manager of the Department of Labor,
te and ebsistene byeresolution No. 8, adopted by the Com-
a:" t M hirnh d lnd twelfth meeting, be hereby .vested in,.

3 'Chfief Saitay officer laid before the Commission the case
pndro ComM: an ta.ian laborer, who #s struck by a loco-
tptmber. ..721, 10 e.7h rear. trucks passing over his legs.
'kne&e. H o taedthat "i".man had been under treatment
,j~oepital since..thOklate:. 6fth.e accdent, in which he had
ind..thf h Ae would be undb to, move about* uhtil pro-
aificial. is h coud"net, bed purchased. or fitted on
tid:'.reslt n:.@.p:~~.*,.t. th :A-m.isMion, and as it would
Je .:x.o di heWpless .an& destitute con-

C '46i eyt to ew YorkCity N and
nt .,el lnb, a ,nd,: subj %lY

:., :. :.: : i. 1ii !.. ,i:. : .' .. :. : ".
1 4 ?J,::3:: :"" :"" ".-[, ;;:: ""''.;... : A ". ..'.:, .


3. Upon motion, it WAS-.
Resolved, That resolut-ion No. 7, adopted by :the Exect
mittee at its twenty-second meeting .g, held oA Apil 11 '100i
,rescinded, and the-Chairman is authorized topdri'ssolve t B
Survey andAppraisal created. in accordance therewith.
4. The Chairman presented:the case of Policeman Ahd6w
dcof the Canal Zone Police Depa et who was granted'
of absence with pay for forty-two days, effective.June 12 19
was prevented from: reporting: for Iduty' within fifteeI days Wft
expiration of his leave by the failure of the. steamship l
which. he returned, to mai tai tspblished scedeul6.
Upon motion, it was--
Resolved, .That payment to. Mr."Adrew Mudoch, of,
due him for the period of his leave o'f'absece be authoridzed
5. Upon motion, it was-
Resolved, That, except for causes manifestly. beyod p
by any action of the employee, no .exception. will be Made-t
embodied irr the General Conditions of EMplo6yment adopted',
one hundred and twenty-ninth. mtig ryof the' Comm~ission',p
.ing that employees not reporting for duty within fifteen
expiration of leave will forfeit the right to pay for leave" 'I'
Employees are expected to report for' duty, on the, epi~ration
authorized leave, the additional fifteen days, return withipi
will preserve 'their right to pay during lea-ve, being in*
cover all contingencies, and not to be 'considered ad'itin**
without pay.

There being no further business before th ommission th '6


CULEBRA, CA1NAL ZONE, November 7, 1908.
The Commission met at the call of the Aktin Chairman at U1.30
o'elock a. m.
Pre~seot: Commtission~ers Hodges (Acting Chairman), Gaillard,, Rou*-
Matt, Blacpkburn, Gorga's, 0and Secretary, Bishop.
Niont: Chairman: Goetba s an missioner Sibert.
ie minutes of the ote. hundred and 'forty -seventh meeting were-
,*NAand ppoed..
6-The Aeting Chirn was authorized, to have 24 pews manufac-
redt, at sn estimated cost of $28.8, the sami6 to. be loaned to.St. Mary a
;,49 pa Chrc 't tmpre for usle in the church building, bat to
I ain the property of the Commission.
$.upon- motion it. was-
_,Rcohted, Tha the. ekpendituro of. -the sum: of $100, or so mueb
-of as may be necessary, be authorized for the, purchase of house-
iforishngs for the Salvation:Army Rest House and Food Station
1a, the same to replace such furnishings. originally installed
moved by the. Department of Labor, Quarters,.and Subsistence.
th%' reason that the, amount authorized by theCommission for this
ose had been exedd A
Upon' recomp~endation. of. the Head of the Department of. Civil
initrtin-it was- a
t!*9*hdj That the application Submitted by, William Lowe Toong,
*`Pt to the-provi tons of section 14 of the regulations respecting
V of intoxicating liquors in the Cana.] Zone, for authority t9
to-Anto-nio, Guerra his license for the sale, of intoxicating;
1uyi, in the town of Gorgona, be proved.
Ooo,rxfin, it was

nodAbt -authoriz_d and directed to amend his order of Apra,
191,ate-s wii nwbfcb saloons and drinking place
.A* a4ius tPWi1 and Villages Of' the, C'Anal Aone
slid~ o ly nesolution of April 21, 1907, authorized
th' 6f 06 Xebr ( a.,n, byar n4ina the follonwi V


"And on lots 11 to 1,inclusive: bloek l; 1.ots,12 to 20, inhi
2; lots I to 9, inclusive, block :4- Wot I to10in sive"b
shown on the map 6f .West Ceulebra- prepared h S
En gineer's" Office at Empire, on. Ooer 5, 90.
5. Th e Acting Chairman -preisented. the r~equest'o Ceci
the, holder of a liquor license at.O 1oga 1for pem to m,
saloon f rom its present location -to. b ui ding .No. 5 51 a ven u .
After discussion, the request 'was refused, the CoAmmiowe
it inadvisable to grant permi'son ortheetbih
addtioalsaloons on the front street.:
f). The Acting Chai'rman staed th.fat wth a viiwt
,efficiency of the inspection service, of .the Isthmia CanIaom
and of the Panama Railroad Comny hChim h
the agreement of March 12, 1908, whereby ,the expensf%.Ot'
e~ral Inspection Engineeri-s Offices of ,the, Panama"RaiilIrof
in, New' York and Washington W ere divided equally eLy-P,
Isthimian Canal Commission.,and the Railroad Compary,''"
authorized the separation of the, two services, effective
.1908, the entire expense of the Washington force to be im b,,

borne by the Panama Railroad Company fromi: that dat,, I
connection the Acting Chairman read two Executi e Odrs,-
President, each dated October:3, 1908, authorizing .the n'4
of the force employed in the Washington office, into
service upon the separation of the work. of, the'f t Aio e alia
exempting one Inspecting Engineer and Jospectors in the ac
]Department from the operation of the civil-service rules.
Upon motion, it was`
Resolved, That the action of -the Chairman in authoriznlk6
ration of the inspection service of the Isthmian a omk
from that of the Panama Railroad Company, effective,
1908, whereby the entire expense of the Washingtdnioro
by the Commission and the entire expe Inse. of the XelwYo
borne 15y the Pangma:Railroad Company frow that, date, ep'
7; The Acting Chairman read a letter addressed to the ed,4
Department of Civil Administration by the President:fth Re'
of Panama, stating: that, he desired to appoint Or.' P.
Superintendent of Santo Tomas 110spital, asth reps
Panama' at the First Pan-American Scientiicogrs
Santiago, Chile,; December 25,:1908,' Doctor. Obarrio'beha i,
this purpose to. take' the leave of, absence of eighty-four dy'o
himi provided he is permitted to retain hils quarterslo to 1
time, the same tq be occupied ,hi~s family.

i.; .'4Resioved, That payment be made to the estate of Dr. John H.
:..,fl1wel,. an employee of the Isthmian Canal Commission, who entered
r, p:fty-two days? leave, with pay, on September 8, 1908, and died
rOctober 26, 1908, while on such leave, for the period from September
9 1908,. to October 19, 1908, inclusive, from the appropriation made
'1 in the sundry civil act of May 27, 1908, the Commission deeming such
ex ::penditure necessary to best promote the construction of the Isthmian
9. Resolved, That payment be made to the estate of William H.
; McDavid, an employee of the Isthmian Canal Commission, who entered
on eighty-four days' leave, with pay, on September 1, 1908, and died
October 9, 1908, while on such leave, for the period from September
S1, 1908, to October 9, 1908, inclusive, from the appropriation made
in the sundry civil act of May 27, 1908, the Commission deeming such
e expenditure necessary to best promote the construction of the Isthmian
: Canal.:
,10. RJ8otvet, That payment be made to the estate of Richard S.
SRi.ckards, an employee of the Isthmian Canal Commission, who entered
Son forty-two dayh' leave, with pay, on October 2, 1908, and died Octo-
;e'r 12, 1908; while on such leave, for the period from October 2,1908,
S":Ocftober 12, 1908, inclusive from the appropriation made in the
*'.uhdry civil act of May 27,1908, the Commission deeming such expendi-
taure necessary, to best promote the construction of the Isthmian Canal.
:11. There being no provision in the General Conditions of Employ-
iS!tZ.ent, adopted by the Commission at its one hundred and twenty-ninth
=estinmg, for the payment to the estate of an employee dying while on
epieave of absence the amount due for the period from the effective date
btlthe employee's leave to the date of his death, and it being deemed
birable to provide for future cases of this character,

kesolved, That if an employee who has entered upon his leave of
f tIne, with pay, dies while on such leave his estate shall be paid the
..o..t die. him for the period from the effective date of his leave to
date of. his death, both. inclusive: Provided, That in case of the
of an employee before return from leave of absence and after
VIwatioii of the same, payment of salary accrued for the leave period.
T UW ie aimade, .with the approval of the Chairdlan.,

.ng no further business before the Commission, the meeting
ri .. .. ..
.'.,i.0' *." ,.. 30 p,.u.

%:::T::i; eis ,Ps
W k: :} ,:: :: : i'.'(:';,' :: :i .. .
471. `. : ... .
[t .. .., ... ,. ..,. ..."~ ,, ;i:.[ .. :.. .in:g i....K:..,A ... .. .
lii ." ."; ... '. 2' : :: '. "'.., .: 2 ; "" ''i:: .. ': :
':"% ,~ W.h .".'k .' .,', ; .' ;';i,' i! '.:,
,.;';. .. .: :, ,,. '.F.,,. .. A7:".. .
k]: : . .. .. 4 0 7 i.. t.. .. .. .
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~V T% k ..:. .... : ."' """":. ".;,:: !!L',2;" "
..:. .. .. ., :.: :.:: !i ,.:, :;;;.: ..i w.u. m: Pi.: ',:'; k. ...




CULEBRA, CANAL ZONE, December 24, 1908.
A The Commission met at the call of the Chairman at 2.30 o'clock p. m.
Present: Commissioners Goethals (Chairman), Hodges, Gaillard,
i brt, Rousseau, and Secretary Bishop.
Abseaut: Commissioners Blackburn and Gorgas.
The minutes of the one hundred and forty-eighth meeting were read
1. The Chairman read the following Executive Order, which was
'pr-dered to be spread upon the minutes:
" h ': .
: ; aV4ertathority vested in me by law, it is ordered:
:::.;:| .peal from the judgment of a District Court of the Canal Zone may be
a :kn Tiy the defendant by giving notice in open court of his intention so to do at
ithi m ft e le judgment is rendered, or by filing with the court a written notice of
|iepplE. #thin fv, days thereafter.' The appeal may thereupon be perfected by the
bi.ptat.by ling with the District Court or with the Circuit Court to which the
ippal:1 is taken, a bond in a sum fixed by the Judge of said District Court or the
fiNy ofw aid Circuit Court, but not exceeding two hundred and fifty-dollars, and
"Yitb oneto :more sufficient sureties approved by the court or clerk accepting the
ia3iBy, ~tr his appearance and'trial upon appeal in the Circuit Court: Provided, That
.19m1. ney deposit be made in lieu of the bond, the amount to be deposited shall
S in ed phe-h af of the. um required in the bond.
-.!. ti 445, ,and 4. of the -ode of Criinzial Procedurflf the Canal Zone anre

m.:n called attention: to the resolution adopted by the
t its o.pe hundred and forty-sixth meeting, approving
101..rd i.to by the Chairman for the payment to the
.0C1iKrpuny of a lump smt of $57,00) monthly, begin-
AI4 3 P, Iwrsl freight lraaspQrtatio~n by rail tutiashed

oii*isrlenbly less .than .
S. t a..........."............ ....o
M.. Z
.,.: ; ...'% .,., .. ... ., ... .. .
A:;in, .,: .... .:L .. .. ,. ., .. :: ..'' .. '' '
ii!! ~ii, !, :i !i i :'i,:! i:: : !:i ,; : 0
; ::< :T : :, :' : :' ..%
4 t : "E / :: : .i: .: ." .: ." .' ".: : : '': : r ,i;: ; ',. : : .: .., ,. : : .. .
::E: 'E''.E" 'E ::.:. ,: :"'..xX '::.. A. .. .[ .. .. .

effect that the handling and transportation .of coal, sand, gra ...
cinders should be included in the amount of $57,000 per moiti~S
for, freight transportation, the modified agreement to be elffeo
of November 1, 1908, and to apply to .deliveries -to: the Comfi..
on and after that date. The Chairman further stated Tthat .i,
approved this recommendation, and that the same had been. ace
by the Panama Railroad Company.
Upon motion, it was- ... ..
Resolved, That the agreement approved by the om0mii~sib
one hundred and forty-sixth meeting, providing -for the pa"iryMi
lump sum monthly, beginning August 1,1908, for aH refigIt
portation by rail furnished the Commission by the Panama i
Company, be modified, effective November 1, 1908, to ineludil
said amount of $57,000 per month all charges by the-:Pannamat9nR
Company in connection with the handling and transportationi.b
sand, gravel, and cinders furnished the Commission. ...... .i
3. Upon motion, it was- ...
Resolved, That for all employees appointed on and after Ja"a
1909, the Government rate of transportation on the steatnmem4"
Panama Railroad Steamship Line. allowed employees and de,- e
members of their families shall be $30. Such transportation sh4
granted in accordance with rules prescribed by the Chairman:, -'"
4. Upon motion, it .was--. .
Resolved, That an expenditure of not exceeding $2,500 :.beh
ized for the enlargement of 'the Salvation Army rest.ho1useft
station at Cristobal, provided the condition of the appropriation
warrant the expenditure. "
5. Upon motion, it was--
Resolved, That. hereafter no exceptionjsto the r.eglaioti:sI .
conditions of employment will be made u iless auth rizea :'A.:a:
by the Commission.
6. Uion the recommendation of the Chairimani 0wa "sb-:7'
Resolved, That the application submitted by Mrt Amade TJ
pursuant to the provisions of section 14,of the Regulatioenks.
the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors in the Canal Zone, for iaf
transfer to Pedro Ros his license for the sale of inttitag|i
at retail, in the town of Einpirei approved ..
7 '. Upon the recommendation ;of: th COhairman, ith
Resolved, That the app to'i submitted by M
attorney: for Prudenti 1 Martin, purisuatA .
section 14 of the R on.s ....especting th6:h i
Liquior8sin the Ctal i f2r authi'ity to
.Chang the..jcense o S .. Martin.
liquors at retail, in tw Rio Gra
q .. ....,: ..:.:.:,:::.i. ;::.:. :..... ,. .. ... :: .:: !. ~~1.:;,

SiiUponrecommendation of the Chairman-
*4thority was granted Charles R. Cantor to transfer his saloon at
J "U. pire from.the New York House to the building west of the Panama
i'*I$road known as the Pennsylvania Hotel, with the understanding
ihaM the license of A. Rome, who now conducts a saloon in the Penn-
IlyI"vania Hotel, will be permitted to lapse on December 31, 1908.
9. Upon the recommendation of the Chairman, it was-
: .-BResolved, That permission be accorded See Lee, holding a license for
h "th .sle .of liquor at Bas Obispo, to remove his saloon from the build-
.ag in which it is now..located to the adjoining building.
1: 0. Upon the recommendation of the Chairman it was-
Resolved, That the application submitted by Kum Lun Tai, pur-
Susut. to the provisions of section 14 of the Regulations Respecting the
*. .SaI of Intoxicating Liquors in the Canal Zone, for authority to trans-
?i-fto John Kurtenacker his license for the sale of intoxicating liquors
:: t retail in.the town of Gorgona, be approved; and
2 eSsoived further, That John Kurtenacker be permitted to remove
i.i"h.,,saloon from the building in which it is now located to a new build-
..g'downed by E. Cadett, situated immediately opposite the present
location of the saloon.
S11.. The Chairman stated that he had authorized the.Acting Chief
Saditjitry --Officer to direct Dr. J. Tomaselli, District Physician at
i Bo a, who was bitten by a dog suffering from hydrophobia, to pro-
i:.eedA.to: New York City to take the necessary treatment for the pre-
2i n'tion 'of.. rabies, the expenses necessarily- incurred by him to be
oriue ..by the Comnrission. The action of the Chairman was approved.
1. The Chairman stated that it having appeared from statistics pre-
.: ly the officers that the monthly amount of transportation on the
i.ain ailroad' furnished to officials and employees of the Isthmian
GMl C&nmisssion on the Isthmus at one-half the regular passenger
:had. exceeded for the month of .November the sum of $10,000
utrbtid by solution of the Commission at its one hundred and
N fi0nt: meeting, held February 25,:1908, he had entered into an
21M eat With the Panama Railroad Company, beginning December
08I 08, and to continue in effect until statistics again warrant change,
pawt of a lump sum of $11,000 per month by the Commis-
Mi.t fl.SO otiion of its officials and employees on the regular
...:|t Aeb. Pnama Railroad Company; such lump-sum
.... p th.ot", however, tp. include the Railroad Company's

:.# thatas formerly. the sum of $1.20 per passenger
.t .or. their ransppr~tion of the Commission's

6 J. :
4.H1 n~ by tie chairman for the
December: 1, 1908 for the
irk i :o[:: ...,.. ...: ., ... ,
V, .: :: .. .::".. ...: :. .
M U. : .. ::E:r .':: .. ."o. ":


transportation of officials and. employee on 'the regdura
rains of the Panama Railroad Companyb pr d
13. The Chairman stated that, vadeT date of Novemaber 80,
*1ad submitted to the iSocretary of War the following e'stin
supply urgent deficiencies in the appropriation s for Canal Coin
for the fiscal year ending J une 30, 1909, aiiA upon motion t
were -approved and confirmed..

Division. and e- unmkilled ,p "rup

Central ..................... ....... ............... 6194,000 $9566000
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- ..... .... ...... .. .. 8 0 264, 000
etOa f iintgicueer ........................ %slow "0M 1441 0 S,
Total .............. ............. ....... -600,000 2458,40 2400; 606

There. being no further business before, the Commission., th
was adjurned a 4 O'clck '. m, subjet to th

...0 :. ".. .. ..
. fAliENCE,'LEAVE OF. See Employees.
AP-PRAISAL AND SURVEY, BOARD OF. See Survey and Appraisal,

i. :...f..lBOPRIATIONS. See Estimates of Appropriations.
Si.. Permission to spend leave of absence on Isthmus granted ...............
Officers of, assigned to duty under Commission, Act No. 16 of Laws of
Canal Zone, re payment revoked and new rule adopted .......----..-
..... Alles andro Comba to be. fitted with, at Commission expense............
........ ..:, Change in personnel of, approved--------..-...--....----------...-....---................
J 08 G CAPT. F. 0.:
a..:: Appointed General Purchasing Officer and Chief of Washington Office -.
mi ployees premiums on, to be paid by Commission....................
L: aws of, Act No. 16, re payment of Officers of United States Army, United
..i ... :...States Navyamd.Public Health and Marine-Hospital Service assigned to
duty under Commission revoked and new rule adopted ...............
S piacopal, at Empire, 24 pews to be manufactured for, at Commission
'...p e, but remain property of Commission.........................
i hi:l.... ian Canal Oommifsion-
::' .. :No. 208 authorize S subsistence Officer to make daily local purchases for
:,':: : hotels and messes in open market without advertising ............

i PTrocedure, section 321. re authenticating signature amended.---.......
EP.. -OH .. H .:
......."i p ..aenca. py authorised.......... .................
ADO .o .
Lt]| aitflcial limb, at Commission expense ...........- ...

Sagai.M t for freight transportation, fixed.........
4 .v d o
A@ awn1 :from decision of.............


..' ".. .. ... :. : 1
".. "E .."' B. ...
i 4, `':': .. vg k. :: 5' ." J :; ) """i : .: : v : ." .
"N.:: -.4LL~, ::: .:i. A. h '...:
: i ;!:, :i: :J ..." : ..
















DEPARTMENT OF SANITATION. SoeeSdniwaioz, Department ofl
DISTRICT COURTS. See Courts.'.,''.
Ordnance re impounding of, adopted ..............
.Assistant Purchasing Agencies. See. Assistant.Purchasing,3gencies.
Bonds, premiums on, to be paid by Commission.-.------. ----------
Conditions of employment, no exceptions tob b e made to nes uhr
Sized or approved by Commission ---------------o.... .
Leave of absence-
No exception to be made to rule re, reporting for duty, at expiratio
of authorized leave'... ............... .. .. .
Payment of salary for period of, Authorized-
Cole, John H ----- ---- -------.. ------.. ..
Estates of deceased employees... -------------1
Estate of William H. McDavid .........
Estate of Dr. John H. Purnell. -------------------
Estate of Richard S, Rickards ------ ... ..........
G erig, W illiam ------------------------------
M urdock, Andrew .. -- --- -- -- -- --- ------ ..
Stephens, Frank W. ........ ............. -------- .
Permission to spend, on Isthmus granted-.
Arango, Ricardo M -------------------.. ....
H olcom be, J. G .. -------- ---------- --.. .....
L ipsett, L M .. ---------.-----------. -------. .
Between New York and Colon-
Amount of monthly charge of Panaina Railroad CompaApy in-
crea~sed.- ..- _............ . 6
Government rate increased to $30 after January 1, 1909 ......... 1091
Rate to be paid to Panama Railroad Company by CommiiSsion,
fix ed ------ ----------------------.. .. ... .. .. 88
Treatment of, in hospitals and by physicians, rules governiing atnendedo .
Washington Office. See Washington Office.
struction and Engineering, Departmenet of.
gineer's Office.
Payment of salary of deceased employees to, for. period of leave-author
ized ..... .. .......... -------. .. .. .. ----------. 1
To supply urgent deficiencies --------...............
President, November 7, 1908, providing for:.appeal by. dfendaut fro p.
decision of a' district court of Canal Zone ......... .. .. .
Secretary of War- 0
July 3, 1908, amending section 321 of Goeof Civil Procedure of p a
Zone re authenticating HignatAres.-.......................
July 6, 1908, appointing Capt. F. C. Boggs, General Purchasipgo. f
and Chief of W ashington Office.....--- ....-- ..--....-..---
Transportation of, by rail, rate 0 be paid, Panama Railroad Colo
Commission and amounts to be charged to, different de"btte1

I 1 I a. IL. J. L

.Tj,; pt; F. YOBoggs appointed as ..................... .................. 1677
J: paymentt of leave-of-absence pay authorized --..-------------.......-.........--------......... 1674
'. Authorized to spend vacation on Isthmus .............................. 1683
Santo Tomis, Superintendent of, appointment as Panaman representative
: at First Pan-American Scientific Congress discretionary with Chairman. 1688
Treatment of persons in, rules governing amended.--........-.......---. 1673,1683

S : Local purchases for, to be made by Subsistence Officer without adver-
tising......-------------....:... ------.---.----------------------. 1685
::.".SPEOTLNG ENGINEER'S OFFICE, JOINT. See Joint Inspecting Engi-
:.. : her's Office.
Appropriations for. See Estimates of Appropriations.
.':."-" Employees. See Employees.
G *.:::: general Purchasing Officer. See Boggs, Capt. F. C.
W. Joint Inspecting Engineer's Office. See Joint Inspecting Engineer's Office. .
I.'-i'Meetings, minutes of. See Minutes..
Panama Railroad Affairs. See Panama Railroad Company.
Washington Office. See Washingiton Office.
See also Resolutions, Isthmian Canal Commission.
Combined expenses of, to be divided equally between Commission and
.. ama Railroad Company .......................................... 1675
.Sepaatizi of service of Commission from Panama Railroad Company,
i effectivee October 10, 1908, authorized ................................ 1688
X:,, Manager of, authority conferred on, to make daily purchases of foodstuffs,
E:. ::.. .transferred to Subsistence Officer..-----------------................................ -------------. 1685
l.e.::t&.:ion authorizing the turning over of the operation of the Washing-
"ton .Hotel to, rescinded --------------------------................---------.....................--..... 1674
VE OF ABSENCE. See Employees.

Amando. Gonzales to Pedro Ros............................. 1692
C w Shin Leon to E. S. Young and J. E. Cleary.............. 1682
;Prderico San Martin t6 Kwong Chong Obang---.----.-------- 1692
SWiliam Lowe Tong to Antonio Guerra......................... 1687
en ho t Cecil McCala.............. ............ -------------------1682

Sregulation governing, amended .................. 1673

St i lathmus ....... ----................... 1688

.,u..." : .. 1689.

tet:d by i yeieiena amnd in hospitals on saime.
... s --. ... ... ......... 1678

ink.. .. :. 0 "
r''' g "S. 'S:.i: '' .'i..;"; .' : .4." ,.4 : : .

Isthmian Canal Commission- -
145th meeting, Culebra, July 18, '18. ..... .: .
146th meeting,. Culebra, September 5, 1908.... 4:..... Z%.
147th meeting, Culebra, .September 21,. S J,1.....--. -*
148th meeting, 41,uleba, November 7, 190.......----....;w :
149th meeting, Culebra, December 24, 1908 ..:....-... .
Payment of leave of absence pay authorized- -.... .
Offleere and men of, to be treated by physicians and.in )wepls n
basis as Commission employees ........-----.. -:._.-i.-.:.
Officers of, assigned to duty under Commission, Act No. 18. e payie i
revoked, and new rule adopted .................. ..- -
General-. ."-
Head of Department of Civil Administration, April 30, 190"4.7's"i"
area in which saloons and drinking places may be located'aosmn$:*d.:
See also Executive Orders. '.
Re muzzling of dogs and impounding of same, adopted..--....-.....
Estimates for construction of, to supply urgent deficiencies_....... :..
Appointment of Dr. P. de Obarrio as Panamanian representative -optieonrli'
with chairman ............... -..... ..... ...... ....... -
Authorization to turn over to Commission the operation of the Wahingte '
Hotel rescinded ....-..------------------...-.....------....-.------.-------
Joint Inspecting Engineer's Office. :Seq Joint Inspectirg .R.nginer' s i::':
Relocation of road- ..
Amount to be charged against, for freight transportation fixe" ... -
Provisions for continuing work amnd making payment therefore adovpe&
Transportation- '
Freight, by rail- ',*S.:
Rate fixed to include handling and transportation. ice
gravel, and cinders ......... ............ -..:.. .., :
Rate to be paid 'by Gommimsion and amounts to be aa hds :
ferent departments fixed -.... -..... ....-. -... -.'... i
Passenger- .....
Between New York and Colop-. '
Canal officials and employees, monthly charWge. fo2in
Government rate increased to $80 after J asq A

PEWS: ..
Twenty-four to be manufactured for :Spepi ::ChnhAat:
mission expense, but tG t pU e i ...
PHYSICIANS:.. ... ... : i
Treatment of persons by, -ttAs gots V
Rules and regulations for govm .n ".Oai.f..

,, .. .. ..
..- ~- e J L .",.., '. ,:: .'.."

..... ." .. .. .
m1mm m mINDEX. V

Si diCe ance re impounding of dogs ado p ......... ..................... 1676
P "'f PayatWij 0f THE UNITEnW STATES. See Roosevelt, Theodore.
Sat. of, assigned. to duty under Commission, Act No. 16, re payment
-/. -:" evoked and new rule adopted..................................... 1679
S. ages in personnel approved...................................... 1682
,* Assistant Purchasing Agenciets See Assistant Purchasing Agencies.
.:General Purchasing Officer. See Boggs, Capt. P. C.
:.'r Payment of leave of absence pay to estate of, authorized..--------------.............. 1689
: Dr."J. Tomaselli authorized to take treatment for prevention of, in United
S States. at Commission expense....................................... 1693
s1.i :, Artificial limbs to be furnished Allessandro Comba at Commission
expense .........................----------............................. 1685
S' Bonds of, premiums on, to be paid by Qommissibn.............. 1673
Conditions of employment, no exceptions to be made to, unless
Authorized or approved by the Commission-................. 1692
Leive of absence-
SNo exception to be made to rule requiring reporting for duty
at expiration of authorized leave.----------.------.....----- 1686
Payment of salary for period of, authorized-
Cole, John H ----........................................ 1674
t Estate of deceased employees....------------....---...-------. 1689
Estate of William H. McDavid............--............. 1689
Estate of Dr. John H. Purnell.......-........----........--... 1689
S .... Estate of Richard S. Rickards...................--------------.--..... 1689
SGerig, William........................................ 1674
:: mm mm:m : m m- m...M urdock, Andrew............. ..................... 1686
... Stephens, Frank W.................................. 1682
': : I Pecrn4sion to .pend, on the Isthmus granted-
Arango, Riardo M. .......... ..................... 1683
Rolcome J. G...................................... 168
Lipsett L,M .- .......................... --1683
Iqat !apectinB Engineer's Office, separation of service of Commis-
K aWsi:...if ,]n'mMa BRsilwoad Copa my sathorized---.......... .... 1688
sy of VsnI Wone, Ac No., 16 re payment of officers of\Aruy, Navy,
K tihbliel Health and Marire-Hospital Service assigned to duty
Commis:oCn revoked and new rule adopted.,. ............ 1679
+ ." : :

J. ;r Slee n to SB ;Yea.ig anat 3. E. Cleary..-....... 1682
1 E to 4 ta......... ......--...- 1869
SIS h ing ....... 16ll8

0 M 4.. K *C l n ....d.... .. .. 1 6 8 7

mm ( m m( : m mm m m :ra m( m m m m mmmm mAr q u m m m m. Tm ........ ... .. ...m m
[ D.i :(i )l .t: i ii i( () il::ii i il: i I lli llll i i %li i i i i :ll i .4
= E~ mmmm~ KEm :m m :i~m~m: m m~mm E mm ("m m mmm : mm m mm: E m:mm mmm m m m m m mmm m m mm.
4 k l( i (i ill~((i i (I (l~: (t( ( (I i i (i i I i(l ( i


Isthmian Canal Commission-Co # ed.,
Panama Railroad, relocation of, provisions for continuing work -and
making payments therefore: adopted-_----------- ------.-------
Physicians, rules governing treatment of persons: by, attended.. I673i
Police Department, rules and Iregulations governing Canal Zone, police
force, adopted .. .. ----------- ----------- ----------
Order fixing area in which drinking places may, be: located.
amended ...... ......................... .
Removal to another building authorized-
Kurtenacker, John -------- -------
Lee, H ing. --- --- --- -- -------.-- .
L ee, See.. --------- ---- ----- ---- ----
Salvation Armv Rest House-
Expenditure of $100 for furnishings authorized, .
Expenditure of $2,500 for furnishings authorized ... ....
Subsistence Officer authorized to make daily local purchased of ood.
stuffs without advertising----- .. .. .... .. ..
Survey and Apopraisal, Board of, chairinan authorized to.<;issolve-. 108
Freight, by rail-
Rate fixed to include handling and transportation of ca
sand, gravel, and cinders --------_--------------.
Rate to be paid to Panama .Railroad Company and amon ts
to be charged against different departments fixed.,. .
Passenger, between New York and Colon-
Government rate increased to $30 after January 1, 1909 1692
Monthly charge by Panama Railroad Company. for: canal
officials and employees increased .............19
Rate to be paid by Commission to Panama. Railroad Company'
fixed . .
Washington Hotel, resolution authorizing Commission to taliov-0rA
operation of, rescinded ------------------. .. ... .. .0. .
Water, section 2 of Rates, Rules, and Regulations Governing Use- of,,-
in Canal Zone, am ended---- .. ------------ ------------ ----------
Payment of leave-of-absence pay to estate of, authorized.....1.
Executive Orders. See Executive Orders.
Authority to transfer to other. building granted to&-
Kurtenacker, John ------ .................... ......
L ee, H ixng ..---------------- .------ ...--------------.---- --.-------
Lee, See -- -_- ....................... ......... ;,--.. 16
Order fixing area in which drinking placesf may be located amended. 187
Request of Cecil McCalla to remove to another building refused 2*.. -----
Expenditure of $100 for fu~rnihings authorized ........-......J.....
Expenditure of $2,500 for furnish ings authorized.........>.
Amount to be charged against, for freight transportation fixed.. ,. .

S': Oicer authorized to make local daily purchases of foodstuffs without
S d er sig.......... -..... ..--........ ..............---......... -..... 1685
.thirman authorized to dissolve... -................................... 1686
Vii:,.'Eieertive Orders.- See Executive Orders.
|\.bASELI, DR. J.:
: -iS:'. Treatment of, in United States for prevention of rabies at Commission,
expense authorized ................................................ 1693
I%. il poyees. -See Employees.
elght, by rai1-
Rate fixed to include handling and transportation of coal, sand, gravel,
an cinders .................................................... 1692
Si .:'' Rate to be paid by Commission to Panama Railroad Company, and
S ?,.i 'isamo ats to be charged against different departments, fixed ........ 1680
.aseer, between New York and Colon-
Go'yernmet rate increased to $30 after January 1, 1909 ............. 1692
Ni; .teto -be paid by Commission to Panama Railroad Company fixed.. 1680
1: tflRI1WnSTAThS:

ON,. -..: .. ..i spend on Isthmius granted to-
a~t goI k. Seado ............................................ 1683
oeom 0 -..........................................-. 683
S%4 e. ....... ...... ...........,...... ,......... 1683s
SM EITARYO Bee Ta, W.lliam H.

i a tn horizing Cortmission to take over operation of, from Panama
K hl C hipany .resinded.. .. ...........................1674

$, appointed Chief o--.. -...................... ,. 1677
,eange sinaproved--.... --. --..-,.-. ... .................... 1682

tue, ad R fstios Governing Use of, ,in Canalsd Zone, amended... 1679

N i ",..' '' '. :

.:....:. *~I~ :...:7 7.."

K: .. X .
.," ..,, : .' '... .
,! ,,, !,. .' ..* '.,' ..,. .. :' ... "'v ., ..,"




all ot;
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-.' <- .. ... ,, ,. "

._.,, ;.... \ .. ,,, .,* ,- .. -. .. .. .
v f '
-Ii -
,',. *'V .i' ; "* 'tr "
1 ^ .^ ." ..* .. "^ \. *
:i *-"q,. .. ." '. ",

... *.
.0 -I' '* ', '* '

t --
Itt ", :^.'. '* : 1 .' -. -, -" .'" *' ''- *

| -' N- ;
f", :- C ;... -. :" '." / ', r e

DJ ,:-, 34 .1 -. .
%"... ,.*,. .- ii I;' ;* '

B .*' ..', ,* *" *^ l i -. ,. .- *. -.
fti : '...- .
p. :, '. *:;" ,, ^ ^ ,, ,* ,-
k ". *.* 1 -. -* ; .* Y
.. .. '- -. : \ J *

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S,-* ,,. : v, .
.: ,* '- .i ,,- :.. .- r .' ....* *
L" .. \ ''"

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-":'~ r' '- ^; ,. "'-''> ". "; ,' -'*Y : : 'u L

Z'.( : :,: .. ...

s *. ., v .,

."t i '0"
A .4., .
i'"*'" ,L- -., .. "-. '
-'.' -C. I" "
F;... '[- .v~ -. 1 .
,14t.2 1* *,

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" '. :, :-., .?** *

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.i ^.- .', r if
*..*? :,..., .,*' <"?.

: ..* '
11111 milllrll rl lir i iEil 11111 l

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i3 1262 08543 7209


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"' ". '. '" '.t" ", .. '
MA: : ,-
'.' ,o -
-*. ; .' ".i i : .
*-., L. .... ", <
.; ,= :
-= ....,.
; .,, -..... -
*. .4 -. P
41 .... 4-= .
(/ 1. .. ..*~ *, .* .
',, -' ." -,.,;. =. =

1 ., .: I i. i ii." .4 i* ** *I... ,u4

,4 -
I. : :? $ --$
'" .4 /" .... _.
.. .- ::. I'. -

4 ..... .. "
"~- ... ..4 4,
I-........... I
"' I. '' ,i. ,t "

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-'' '" "; ,
,, .... '4
,, ,, .' .
,~ A. ... I-..".. i
.. .. 4. ,,. 1 .