Letter to Raymond E. Crist August 30,1946


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Letter to Raymond E. Crist August 30,1946
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College Park
college of business and public administration department of geography
August 30, 1946
Dr. Raymond E. Crist
Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Dear Dr. Crist:
Your letter of August 26, and the letter from Dr. Guiscafre-Arrillaga, awaited my return from a trip to Purdue University to help arfange a revival of the International Institute of Agricultural Economists. I have just consulted with Dean Pyle over the'phone as to what is best to do. He reminded me of a similar experience with Dr. Jonesu for whom we waited two years while he was completing his work in^ar Agencies. I assured Dean Pyle that I had every confidence that you would complete your work in time to be here in February.
He then suggested the following solution: that you come to the University as planned, arriving before September 20 if possible; that you work on your Cauca Valley Report most of the time; that the University pay you in proportion to the time you give to the University until you have finished the Cauca Valley Report; and that you give one course of two or three hours a week on South America, in order that the few students you will have, and who have been awaiting your arrival, will not be disappointed. Moreover, we have announced your coming to Maryland this fall (with two other professors) not only in the catalogue, etc., but also in letters to fifty of my friends in Departments of Geography throughout the United States and Canada.
You will have, so far as I know, only three graduate students and perhaps twice as many undergraduate students taking this South American course. One of the graduate students has been waiting your coming for over a year, Mrs. Dambaugh. She has assembled much mateiial for her doctor*s thesis on certain phases of industrialization in Argentina. She will need your advice as to the limitation of her subject and sources of material that she has not found in any of the libraries in Washington. The other two graduate students will be candidates for masterTs degrees. One of them, Miss Kallicott, has done some work on cotton productions in eastern Brazil. The other, Miss Sundstrom, has just graduated from college, one of seven or eight seniors out of several hundred with straight "A" grades for two years. She has not selected her subject and will need your advice.
Counselling these three graduate students should not take much of your time, and Miss Sundstrom might be able to help you

Dr. Raymond E. Crist
-2- August 30, 1946
on your Cauca Valley Report. However, I have not consulted her in this matter.
As I have written you, we will have a very large Freshman class in Economic Geography. I had scheduled you for the lecture, or discussion, hour.for four sections of this class, one hour a week^ And for one laboratory period of two hours. I am writing Miss Downs' a graduate student, and for some time a professor of peography at Hunter College New York City, asking if she will take this undergraduate instruction. If she will not take over this elementary instruction, I will find someone else to do it or undertake it myself. In any case, you will be relieved of all instruction except the one class in South America with two r three hours a week and the counselling of the graduate students. This should give you at least three-fourths of your time free to work on the Cauca Valley Report.
I enclose the copy of my letter to Dr. Guiscafre-Arrillaga. I hope you will assure him that we are anxious to have you complete this Cauca Valley Report, and that the arrangement suggested above should enable you to do so, and that it is our earnest hope that this arrangement will be acceptable to hinu
If this arrangement is not acceptable, please telegraji^.. so that I can seek someone else to look after your work this fall, if it is possible at this late date to secure someone.
Very truly yours, 0. E. Baker
Professor of Beography
0EB:rj Enclosure