Asian Kaleidoscope Month advertisement, November 15, 1999


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Asian Kaleidoscope Month advertisement, November 15, 1999
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Dean of Students Office, University of Florida
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MONDAY,NOVEMBER15,1999,ALLIGATOR,7LETTERSTOTHEEDITORAffirmative Action is ineffective'Editor: I'm writinginresponse to Alexis Amaye-Obu'sguestcolumn ("Governmentshouldaf firmAffirmativeAction")inWednesday's Alligator. Icanempathizewithherdi lemmaoftryingtofigureouthowtopayfor college. I also agreetheworld isnottothepointwherepeople arehiredfortheirqualifications. However, Ihappentodisagree withherwhenit comestothesolutiontotheseproblems. Affirmative Action seems like a good solution,butthroughcloser examination, one finds only a quick fixthatcauses further dis crimination. Affirmative Actionisjust a system of quotas.Theanswertosocial discriminationmustbemetthroughso cial,notlegal, means. Discriminationis a serious problem,butasystemthatmakesthedecidingfactorbetweentwo equally qualified applicantsthelegally enforced "race" factor ispartoftheproblem,notthesolution.AstoAmaye-Obu's concerns astohowtopayforhereduca-tion, allowmetosuggest avenuesotherthanusingherethnicity as a crutch. Iamusing a Florida Bright FuturesScholarship (which onlyhasacademic qualificationsandisopentoALLstudentswhograduatefromFloridahighschools) as well as a full-time jobtofinancemyeducation. Ihappento believethatthere aremanysmart, white (and black, red, blue, green, aqua-marine, or whatever), poormenand womenthatare just as deserving as Amaye-Obu and shouldnotbe disqualified simply becausetheymayormaynothavethe"good fortune" to becountedin a "ma jority" demographic. ScottEdson2LSRaceshouldbenotbeafactorEditor: Nationally,in1992,only7percentofregisteredblack, first-year lawstudentshadLSATscores abovethewhite av erage (BarnesandCarr, 1993). The average entering black med icalstudentplacedatthe10th ofthewhite distribu ontheMCAT (Division of Educational ResearchandAssessment, 1993), Actioncausedthesehugedlscrepancies. Toomanyof my white friendshavebeendeniedadmission tograduateprograms, o,nlytodiscoverthatalesser-qualifiedblack applicant was admitted.Whydon'twe eliminate race asanadmission criterionandjudgeeveryone asanindividualbasedonhisorhermerits?RobertHickok8ACIIProfessional Alterations & Tailoring1636W.University Ave. (Upstairs) 375-6462 tleslg"er P otel" '1.5.00free Worllouf wifh .his ad! r .]\lNESVlllI FilII Term rn:n)l ... S49.00 / '. \' ; Sl.hool YCilr ...S19.00 GYM 1 Yeilr S99.001 l'1ulllh 01 TiJllninll .....S2S.00C.AINE1VlllE C.YM 201NW6TH IT176-8 .. 00600 y...a"'! of cre"ti"e ...........1.0.00I IArfJ'{j IISameDayServiceINoExtraChargeFundedbySGTOLLFREE,NATIONWIDE+NOROAMINGToll free calling to anyone in the continental U.S. from your home area. Also, no Roaming in FL, GA, SC, NC, V A, Ala. Call for more details All New Activations also Receive FREE Leather Case and Car Ada ter*Toll free calling to anywhere in florida +12 months unlimited nights and weekends*200 Minutesat$35 150 Minutesat$20Cellular AdvantageFREEANDOPENTOPUBLICEtaSigmaPhi is aStudentGovernmentJCLASSC funded organization rvVRU BallroomWhen:Tuesdav..NOV.16 @ 7:30 PM .,.'-' What:Acrobatics, Peking Opera, Musicals, Lion Dance, and more!!IIAsianStudentUnion '"",,, Kaleidoscope 'f''er{CSy{endid Chinaand FryingTiger in\\ Anight of Asian IIQuestions? E-mailDr.Lewis Sussman at Come to the Career Workshop for Classics Majors sponsored byEtaSigma Phi, UF's Classics Honor Society Presentations will be made by the Career Resource CenterTuesday, November 16,at4 p.m. 'Reitz Union -CareerResourceCenterRoom 160ATTENTION CLASSICSMAJORSNot sure what you're goingtodo with your degree? BUFFETIALL-YOU-CAN-EATPIZZAPASTASOUPSALAD&GARLIC ROLLS 5--I ALLYOUCANEATBUFFETIGoodonlyafterSp.m.PizzaPastaandSubsARCHER SQUARE3419S.W.ARCHERRD.377-7400 .... .:.:.:.:.:.:.;.;.:.:.:.:::::;:;:.::::::;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;::;:;:::.;.;.......:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::::::::;:::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:;:;:::::::;:::.:::::.::2416SW34th8t c::.6. OaksMall 1 blockN.ofArcherRd r. US. Cellular Inside by FoodCourt373-2977AUTHORIZEOAGENT331-3558*Requires new12month service contract withuseeonall Wireless Digital plans. Subject to a $10.00 processing fee and credit approval. Tollfree calling only applies when calls are made from home area. Some restrictions may apply. Offer expires 11-30-99.