Asian Kaleidoscope Month advertisement, November 15, 1999
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Title: Asian Kaleidoscope Month advertisement, November 15, 1999
Series Title: Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Creator: Dean of Students Office, University of Florida
Publisher: Independent Florida Alligator
Place of Publication: Gainesville, FL
Publication Date: November 15, 1999
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MONDAY,NOVEMBER15,1999,ALLIGATOR,7LETTERSTOTHEEDITORAffirmative Action is ineffective'Editor: I'm writinginresponse to Alexis Amaye-Obu'sguestcolumn ("Governmentshouldaf firmAffirmativeAction")inWednesday's Alligator. Icanempathizewithherdi lemmaoftryingtofigureouthowtopayfor college. I also agreetheworld isnottothepointwherepeople arehiredfortheirqualifications. However, Ihappentodisagree withherwhenit comestothesolutiontotheseproblems. Affirmative Action seems like a good solution,butthroughcloser examination, one finds only a quick fixthatcauses further dis crimination. Affirmative Actionisjust a system of quotas.Theanswertosocial discriminationmustbemetthroughso cial,notlegal, means. Discriminationis a serious problem,butasystemthatmakesthedecidingfactorbetweentwo equally qualified applicantsthelegally enforced "race" factor ispartoftheproblem,notthesolution.AstoAmaye-Obu's concerns astohowtopayforhereduca-tion, allowmetosuggest avenuesotherthanusingherethnicity as a crutch. Iamusing a Florida Bright FuturesScholarship (which onlyhasacademic qualificationsandisopentoALLstudentswhograduatefromFloridahighschools) as well as a full-time jobtofinancemyeducation. Ihappento believethatthere aremanysmart, white (and black, red, blue, green, aqua-marine, or whatever), poormenand womenthatare just as deserving as Amaye-Obu and shouldnotbe disqualified simply becausetheymayormaynothavethe"good fortune" to becountedin a "ma jority" demographic. ScottEdson2LSRaceshouldbenotbeafactorEditor: Nationally,in1992,only7percentofregisteredblack, first-year lawstudentshadLSATscores abovethewhite av erage (BarnesandCarr, 1993). The average entering black med icalstudentplacedatthe10th ofthewhite distribu ontheMCAT (Division of Educational ResearchandAssessment, 1993), Actioncausedthesehugedlscrepancies. Toomanyof my white friendshavebeendeniedadmission tograduateprograms, o,nlytodiscoverthatalesser-qualifiedblack applicant was admitted.Whydon'twe eliminate race asanadmission criterionandjudgeeveryone asanindividualbasedonhisorhermerits?RobertHickok8ACIIProfessional Alterations & Tailoring1636W.University Ave. (Upstairs) 375-6462 tleslg"er P otel" '1.5.00free Worllouf wifh .his ad! r .]\lNESVlllI FilII Term rn:n)l ... S49.00 / '. \' ; Sl.hool YCilr ...S19.00 GYM 1 Yeilr S99.001 l'1ulllh 01 TiJllninll .....S2S.00C.AINE1VlllE C.YM 201NW6TH IT176-8 .. 00600 y...a"'! of cre"ti"e ...........1.0.00I IArfJ'{j IISameDayServiceINoExtraChargeFundedbySGTOLLFREE,NATIONWIDE+NOROAMINGToll free calling to anyone in the continental U.S. from your home area. Also, no Roaming in FL, GA, SC, NC, V A, Ala. Call for more details All New Activations also Receive FREE Leather Case and Car Ada ter*Toll free calling to anywhere in florida +12 months unlimited nights and weekends*200 Minutesat$35 150 Minutesat$20Cellular AdvantageFREEANDOPENTOPUBLICEtaSigmaPhi is aStudentGovernmentJCLASSC funded organization rvVRU BallroomWhen:Tuesdav..NOV.16 @ 7:30 PM .,.'-' What:Acrobatics, Peking Opera, Musicals, Lion Dance, and more!!IIAsianStudentUnion '"",,, Kaleidoscope 'f''er{CSy{endid Chinaand FryingTiger in\\ Anight of Asian IIQuestions? E-mailDr.Lewis Sussman at sussman@c1assics.ufl.edu Come to the Career Workshop for Classics Majors sponsored byEtaSigma Phi, UF's Classics Honor Society Presentations will be made by the Career Resource CenterTuesday, November 16,at4 p.m. 'Reitz Union -CareerResourceCenterRoom 160ATTENTION CLASSICSMAJORSNot sure what you're goingtodo with your degree? BUFFETIALL-YOU-CAN-EATPIZZAPASTASOUPSALAD&GARLIC ROLLS 5--I ALLYOUCANEATBUFFETIGoodonlyafterSp.m.PizzaPastaandSubsARCHER SQUARE3419S.W.ARCHERRD.377-7400 .... .:.:.:.:.:.:.;.;.:.:.:.:::::;:;:.::::::;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;::;:;:::.;.;.......:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::::::::;:::::::::;::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:;:;:::::::;:::.:::::.::2416SW34th8t c::.6. OaksMall 1 blockN.ofArcherRd r. US. Cellular Inside by FoodCourt373-2977AUTHORIZEOAGENT331-3558*Requires new12month service contract withuseeonall Wireless Digital plans. Subject to a $10.00 processing fee and credit approval. Tollfree calling only applies when calls are made from home area. Some restrictions may apply. Offer expires 11-30-99.