"Showcase brings cultures together." November 14, 1997.


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"Showcase brings cultures together." November 14, 1997.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Milyedi, Guilarte
Independent Florida Alligator
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Gainesville, FL

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18, ALLIGATOR,WEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER19,1997DocumentaryOnFamedUFZoologistArchieCarrPremieresTonightOnWUFT-TVNoy. 19 Noy. 25INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL INTERNET,12:50to1:40p.m., develop skills for selecting the best Web subject guides or search en gines for information needs, Marston Sci ence Library LI07. (CONTACT: 392-2822) HARN MUSEUM LECTURE, "Chinese Jade Throughout the Ages," 2 p.m., with Sam Bernstein, noted Asian art dealer and author ofCollectingChineseJade,in conjunction with the exhibit "In a Venerable Vein: Chinese Jade Carvings," sponsored by theHamMu seum of Art. (CONTACT: 392-9826) FRIDA YNov.21CENTERFORLATINAMERICANSTUDIES COLLOQUIUM,12noon, "Left ist Parties, Neoliberal Policies and Re-Elec tion Strategies: The Case of the ationalliberation Party in Costa Rica," with Bruce Wil son, visiting assistant professor of political science, fromtheUniversityofCentralFlorida, Grinter Hall Room376.(CONTACT: 392-0375) CAMP RAMAHlYOUTHGROUPREUNION,6:30p.m.,UFstudents who attended CampRamah,were members ofUSYConser vative Jewish youth group movement or are just interestedinlearning more can join Jewish Campus Service Corps/KOACH Fellow Robyn Fryertotalk about past experiences, HUlel Foun dation. (CONTACT:372-2900)EXITTHE DRAGON, 7 p.m., three strug gling Asian-American men and actors come to terms with themselves and their identi ties, produced by Ming-Na Wen of the "Single Guy," Reitz Union Auditorium, sponsored by the Asian Student Union as part of Asian Kaleidoscope Month. (CONTACT: 392-1665, ext.326)SUNDAY Nov.23RENAISSANCEENSEMBLECONCERT,8p.m., conducted byUFmusic pro fessor emeritus John Kitts-Turner, Univer sity Memorial Auditorium, sponsored by theUFdepartment of music. (CONTACT: 3920223,ext.203)MONDAY Nov.24CLOUD NINE, 8 p.m., alternative/pop band from Gainesville, with opening guitar ist Neil Blankenship of South Carolina,BajaTortilla Grill, sponsored by the Reitz Union Program Council and A Clockwork Orange and Blue. (CONTACT: 392-1655) TUESDAY Nov.25SYMPHONICBAND/WINDEN SEMBLE CONCERT, 8 p.m., conductedbyUFmusic Professor David Waybright, Uni versity Memorial Auditorium, sponsored by the UF department of music. (CONTACT: 392-0223, ext.203)All evmts arefreealldopento the publicunlessothenuisenoted.Foracompletelistingofuniversityevents,pointyour web browserto UF'shome pageathttp://1Ilww.uJl.edllmIdclick0/1Events.CRC Room 160; Tools for ObtaininganInternship willrunat11:45 a.m.and1:55p.m.inCRC Room160; Resume Preparation willbecoveredat11:45 a.m.and12:50 p.m. in Reitz Union Room 8-74. Co-OpandInternInformationDayissponsoredbytheCareerResourceCenter.Formoreinformation,call 392 1601,orpointyourWebbrowsertohttp://www.crc.ufl.edu/.Studentswhowantto gain a competi tiveedgein co-opandinternshipopportunitiesshouldattend Co-OpandIntern In formationDaytodayonthe ReitzUnionColonnade from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Career Resource Center staff will beonhandtoansweranyco-op / internship ques tions.Inaddition,severalworkshopshavebeenscheduledondifferent topics: Orientation to the Co-Op Program willbeheld at 10:40 a.m.and12:50 p.m. inStudents:GetAHeadStartHuntingForThatCo-OpAndInternshipTodayAtReitzUnionCAMPUS r, WEDNESDA YNov.19MUSICOLOGY LECTURE SERIES, 3 p.m., "Canadian Music in the 20th Century," with LindaM.Black, Music Building Room146,sponsored by the UF department of music.(CONTACT: 392-0223, ext.203)DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY COLLO QUIUM, '* p.m., "GrowthandMorphogen esis of the FungusAchlya:Function of Water Soluble B-Glucans, withJ.T. Mullins, Bartram Hall Room211.(CONTACT: 392-1175)INTERDISCIPLINARYREPRODUC TIVE BIOLOGY SEMINAR, 4 p.m., "Mo lecular Cloning of Spermidine/Spermine N Acetyltransferase(SSAT)from the Porcine Uterus by mRNA Differential Display: Tem poral and Conceptus-Modulated GeneExpression," with Mike Green, post-doctoral studentinthe department of animal sciences, Barron Conference Room M304, HealthSci-ences Center. (CONTACT: 392-9566) ANTHROPOLOGY LECTURE,6:30p.m., with Josh Snodgrass and Paul Magnarella, on perpetrators of war crimes in Bosnia and the legal issues involved, Turlington Hall LOll, sponsored by the Florida Anthropol ogy Student Association. (CONTACT: 375 5255). SAFETYANDDEFENSE,6:30p.m., a speakerondate rape aspartof Women's Well ness Week at the Alpha OmicronPiso rority house, followed by a presentation by Louise Newman, self-defense instructor inRec.Center Room2.(CONTACT: 392-1665)CHAMBERSINGERSCONCERT,8 p.m., a 16-member choral group, featuring theoratorioJephe,UF Professor Ronald Burrichter sings the title role, directed byUFDirector of Choral Activities Professor James Morrow. (CONTACT: 392-0223, ext.203)FRONTIERS OF SCIENCE LECTURE, 8 p.m., "Genetic Engineering: SafetyandEthi cal Issues," with Brian Goodwin, chair, de partment of biology, the Open UniverSity in England, McCarty Hall Auditorium, spon soredbythe UFdepartmentof physics. (CONTACT: 392-0521) THURSDAY Nov.20GREAT AMERICAN SMOKE-OUT,11a.m. to 3 p.m., cooking demonstration by Gator Diningandlocal restaurants, ReitzUnioncolonnade,alsovisittablesinTurlingtonplazawithinformation from Society's Attitudes and Values about Eating, Shady Gators and otherUFprograms,followed by a presentation by nutritionist Janice Maymer at 7 p.m. at the Alpha DeltaPiso rority house. (CONTACT: 392-1665) FEAST OF KNOWLEDGE,11:45a.m. to12:35p.m., on Leadership Week atUFand leadership skills for the future, with Janice Gerwick of the Student Health Care Center,BajaTortilla Grill, sponsored by the Reitz Union Program Council News and Views Committee. (CONTACT: 392-1655) The Southeastern Women's Studies As sociation has released a call forpapersfor their 21st annual conference,"Complementary ConnectionsandChaos inWomen'sStudies:MappingFeminist Frontiers," to be heldatUF in March. Keynote speakers for the conference in clude Byllye Avery, founder of the National Black Women's Health Project and Eleanor Stoller, Selah Chamberlain Professor of soci ology at Case-Western Reserve University. Papersorpresentationsshouldfocusontheory, research, practice, policyorpedagogical methods. Topics could include art, music, health, humanities,women'sstudies, literature, foodandagricultural sci ences,Latina/ChicanastudiesandAfrican American studies. A 200-word proposalanda cover page stating name, address, institution,phonenumberande-mail address,mustbe re ceived by Dec.1,alongwithanyaudio visualequipmentneeds. Proposalsshouldbe mailed to Patricia Del Rey,Women'sStudies Program, Uni versity of Georgia, Main Library 230K, Ath ens, GA 30602,(706)542-2846. Formoreinformation, call 392-3365.CallForPapersIsIssuedForWomen'sStudiesConferenceogy andwasa professor in theUFzoology department for more than30years. While working in the field, he kept careful notes in his journals, which would be transformed into his many published books. "Carr fashioned poetryoutof sheer exu berance, andheanimated natural history likenoother writer before him," said Harvard zoologistE.O.Wilson. Carr animated nature for his five children as well, and always found answers for their many questions. Growingupin the Carr fam ily meant tending to some unusual pets, in cluding a 300-pound alligator and Jasper, an alligator snapping turtle that weighed more than90pounds. Carr dedicated his life to preserving wild Florida and its native creatures. Carr said of preservation:"Ifthis difficult saving is done, it will (be done) because manisthe creaturewhopreserves things that stir him ... This work will take staunch people." For more informationcall392-5551,ext.106.UFServiceGroup.SeeksStudentsForSpringBreakTripsFlorida Alternative Breaks isanorgani zationthatinvitesstudentstospendtheirspringbreaks helping others. Students can participate in service trips to different com munities in the southeast, Washington, D.C.andCalifornia. This year's trips include projects involvingtheelderly/Alzheimer'spatients,homelessness issues, urban issues, volun teering at a boys' home, environmental is sues, AIDS awareness, Native American issuesandworkingwith migrant farmers. Applications are available in Reitz Union Room330,and aredueby 4 p.m. Friday. Participantspayafeewhich goes toward the cost of food, transportation, housing and sup plies. Thefeevaries depending on the trip. The balance of the cost is covered by a series of fund raisers, including car washes and a Kiss The Pig event in February. For more information, call 392-1655.UNIVERSITYOFFLORIDA NewCouncilSeeksToWorkTowardsTheGreeningOfUFThe Center for Construction and Envi ronment is hostinganorganizational meet ing for faculty, staff andstudentsto estab,1isha GreeningUFCouncil that will coor dinate andplanfuture "greening UF" ac tivities. The meeting isat3:30 p.m. on Nov.25in Room285of the Reitz Union. The meeting will focus on a discussion about the functions of the council. For more information, visit the center's web-site athttp://www.bcn.ufl.edu/sustainable. The site provides background in formationandlinks to other organizations workingonthe process of greening col legesanduniversities. Specific information on the greening movement can be found by clickingonthe link "Greening theUniver sity of Florida." For more information, call392-9029.FallGradsShouldRSVPByDec.5ToPartyWithLombardiFallgraduateswhowouldlike to cel ebratewithUF President John Lombardi need to make a reservationbyDec.5.Graduating seniors are invited to the reception with Lombardi and faculty membersinthe President'sBoxat Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. This term's reception will be from 5:30 to7:30p.m. on Dec.11.The receptionissponsored by the Florida Cicerones/Student Alumni Association. For more information and to RSVP, call 392 5486. WUFT-TV, Channel 5 celebrates the life and work of Archie Carr with the premiere of "Archie Carr: A Naturalist in Florida," a one-hour documentary that will be broad cast tonight at 8 p.m. While Carrisknown around the world as the "father of sea turtle research," he also pioneered the tudy of Florida's less appreci ated residents, from tree frogs that sing about sex to the snake that slithersupa pine tree in a ribbon of red and black.Aninternationally renowned zoologist, Carr (1909-1987) roamed the state's semi tropical expanses and researched its vast wildlife for more than60years. The program's stunning visuals of wildFloridaanddigitally-masteredstereosoundtrack, combined with readings from Carr's published books and articles, chronicle his life's work in Florida -a volume of work that enriched the lives of his students, colleagues, family, and the public. The talent of this award-winning author brings the rich ecology of Florida to life. "Archie was a poet. He had the extra sen sitivity that a poet has of seeing something or experiencing something in a heightened way," said Carr's wife Marjorie, a prominent environmentalistwhodied October10."It's just that Archie wrote his poetry in prose." Carr enteredUFas an English major in1931,butendedupwith a doctorate in zool-


FRIDAY,NOVEMBER14,1997,ALLIGATOR,5 AsianculturefilledtheBallroomattheReitz UniononWednesday..Incommemoration of the 1997 Asian Kaleidoscope,theAsian Showcase was held to promote Asian cultureandawareness.SophomoreRosalyn Ayson,co-directorofKaleidoscope,saidthefocusofthis year's ac tivities is topromoteculturalentertainment."Wewantedthe"event to be anightof entertainment," Ayson said. "Notjustanothernightof longspeechesaboutracial is sues."Justlike a kaleidoscope,theAsianShowcasereflectedanendless varietyofthedifferent Asianculturesallunderone roof.Oneofthevarious presenta tions, "Traditional Korean Fan Dance"performedbytheKoreanUndergraduateStudentAssociation,portrayeda midsummerdaywheregirls dressedingossamerdresses with embroidereddecorations played intheharvestfields instead ofdoingtheirwork. "Wewantedasmuchdiver sity aspOSSible,"said Marilyn Fong Yee, co-director of Kalei doscope. "The key istohave fun whilelearningsomething." Asian Showcaseisdedicatedtorecognizingandcelebratingthebeautyandtalents of Asian cultures, Yee said.AlthoughdifferencesarefoundthroughouttheAsian cultures,theyhaveonethingin common. "Onethingweshareisthatwe allhaveverystrongfamily honor," Vee said. "We are simi larbutyetdifferentinourcostumes,foodandlanguage." Kavitha Pas em, amemberoftheIndianStudentOrganiza tion, saidshewashonoredto be apartoftheevent. Forthefirst time,ISOwaspartoftheAsian Showcase."IwantedtheIndianculturetoshinethroughwith my per formance," Pasem said.TheFilipinoStudentAssociationperformed ahuladance.Bora-Bora,aperformancedonebytheFSA,hadagroupof girlswithflowered skirtsandflower necklaces move tothebeatofthemusic while guyswithbamboo-stringskirtsdancedaroundthem."This year we wantedto per formsomethingdifferentthatpeoplewouldn'tthinkisthetraditional'mad-huladance,'" saidsophomoreNoelle Moore,UFstudentanddance directorofFSA.ShowcasebringsculturestogetherByMILEYDI GUILARTEContributing WriterSome Other Car tf1 Zero IncentiveWorkingTwoJobs Join BowlingTeamDrivesLikea ShoeboxLooksLikea shoebox Interview After Interview It Living BackWithParents Dr Boring .. Dullsville .. MissGRADUATION lilYP 0NTIAC.r-INALLY.A REALSET orWHEELS YOUCAN REALLY Ar-r-ORDColi1-800-SUNFIRENobel PrizesSunfireSummer Home HotLooksGreatPerformance fgl LandBigJob$400BucksofIncentive" C 1997GMCorp.Allrights reserved.AN.-ays weer safety belts, evenWithair bogs See yourporhcipotJng PontlOCdealer fOfdetails on the$400College Graduate purchaseincentIve. GM reservesthe right to change or withdrawthisoffer. .. Excitement .. Rapture"BlissAFRAIDOFOVER-STUDYING??TAKEABREAK!WATCHHARDROCKLIVEPRESENTEDBYPONTIACSUNFIRESUNDAY8P.M_AND 1 A.M.,MONDAY8P.M.,SATURDAYSP.M.ALLTIMESEST/PST.ONLYONVH1.-www.hordrocklive.msn.com