"ASU Asian Showcase." November 12, 1997.


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"ASU Asian Showcase." November 12, 1997.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Asian American Student Union
Independent Florida Alligator
Independent Florida Alligator
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Gainesville, FL
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14, ALLIGATOR,WEDNESDAY,NOVEMBER12,1997onememberof the family can be online at a time. The ICE accounts are not designed to replace the GatorLink accounts, which also are used to givestudentsaccess to a variety of on-campuscomputingservices, includ ing access tocomputerlabs. The GatorLink mail account can be set to forward e-mail to ICE mailboxes,andsimilarly ICE accounts can forward mail to GatorLink accounts. Informationon .ICE accountsandsignupinstructions are available at:http://www.circa.ufl.edu/ice/.UF-affiliated indi vidualswithoutInternet accesswhowouldlike to signupfor an ICE accountmaycall (352) 392-HELP for more informationCINEMAANDCULTURE LECTURE,7:30p.m., "Aspirations of CinemaandNa tion,"withDudleyAndrew,professoranddirector of filmandmediastudiesandthe Institute for CinemaandCultureatthe Uni versity of Iowa, focusingonthe question of national cinemas, examples from FrenchandAfrican cinemas,sponsoredbythe UFdepartmentof English, Fine Arts BuildingBRoom105. (CONTACT: 392-0777) 8 p.m., conducted byUPmusic Professor Gary Langford, University Memorial Auditorium, sponsoredbytheUPdepartment of music. (CONTACT: 392-Q223, ext.203)FRIDAYNov.14GERALDR.LESLIE COLLOQUIUM, 4 to 5 p.m., "BeforeandAfter Divorce: Stabil ityandChangein Father-Child Relation ship QualityandFathers' Mental Health,"withAdamShapiro, Reitz Union Room 287, sponsoredbythedepartmentofsociology. (CONTACT: 392-0265) SATURDAY Nov.15ST AR SEARCH'97,6:30to 9:30 p.m., an "intergalactic exploration,"spendtime underthe starswiththe whole family, thenreturnto the UF Observatory to view the stars,SaturnandJupiterthroughtelescopes,followedbyamultimediapresentationaboutinterstellar collisions, star formationsandmore,wearwalking shoes, Dickinson Hall, sponsoredbythe FloridaMuseumofNaturalHistory. (CONTACT: 846-2000) YELLOWBELLYSLIDER, 8 to11p.m., performing liveatthe Baja Tortilla Grill,sponsoredbythe ReitzUnionProgramCouncil. (CONTACT: 392-1655) SUNDAY Nov.16 r--GALLERY TALK, 3 p.m., on the exhibit "Evolving Forms/Emerging Faces," withRobert Mueller,UPassociate professor ofart,HamMuseum ofArt.(CONTACT:392-9826)MONDAYNov.17JACARE BRAZIL CONCERT, 8 p.m., featuring Brazilian musicanddance, led by UF music Professor Larry Crook, Univer sity Memorial Auditorium,sponsoredby the UFdepartmentof music. (CONTACT: 392-0223, ext.203)All eventsarefreeandopentothepublicunlessotherwisenoted.Foracompletelisting of university events, point yourwebbrowsertoUF'shomepageathttp://www.uf/.eduandclickonEvents.cents. For $17.95 a month, ICE providesanaccountwithunlimited connect time. Anotheradvantageof the ICE accounts is that each ICE account canhaveupto five subaccounts for family members atnoad ditional cost. "AparentinTampacan get an account for theirsonordaughterwhoisattendingUF,"Hempsaid."Andifthey have anothersonordaughterattending another univer sity, they can keep in touch via e-mail. "There willb'eonlyonecharge of $17.95ontheir credit card forupto five members of the family,"hesaid.Hempsaid eventhoughall accounts will have dial-up access to the ICE network, onlyNov. 12 Nov. 18CAMPUS r, WEDNESDAY Nov. 12SIGMAXILUNCHEON,11:45 a.m., ".Barriers.andRefugia: The Role of Wet lands in the Maintenance of Fish Diversity in East Africa,"withLaurenChapmanof thedepartmentof zoology, ReitzUnionRoom 400. (CONTACT: 392-3292) SALES ENGINEERING LECTURE, 3 to 4p.m.,"EngineerYourCareer,"withMichael LanzandCarl Cotter of Texas In struments,Inc., ReitzUnionRoom 282. (CONTACT: 392-1678) DEPARTMENTOFBOTANY COLLO QUIUM, 4 p.m., "Patterns and Mechanisms of Forest Retreat in the Face of Rising Seas,"withK.Williams ofthedepartmentof.botany,BartramHall Room211.(CON TACT: 392-1175) INTERDISCIPLINARYREPRODUCTIVE BIOLOGYGROUP,4 p.m.,"HowandWhyOocytes Control the Development of Granulosa Cells,"withJohnJ.Eppig of the Jackson Laboratory, Barron Conference Room M304, Health Sciences Center. (CON TACT: 392-9566) ARTEMIS YEN, a pianist from the MoscowConservatoryinconcertfeaturingworksbyLisztandRachmaninoff, 7 p.m.attheUniversityMemorialAuditorium.(CONTACT: 392-0223, Ext.220)SUMMER STUDYINMOSCOWORI ENTATION, 7 p.m., covers all aspects of thestudyabroad program such as classes of fered, credits receivedandmore, Dauer Hall Room233.(CONTACT: 392-2101, ext.220)ASU ASIAN SHOWCASE, 7 to 9 p.m., a collaborative effort to recognizeandcel ebrate Asian cultures, includes danceandtraditionalweardisplays, Reitz Union Ball room. (CONTACT: 846-9271)"MONUMENTALTRIVIA:PLYMOUTHROCKINAMERICANCUL TURE,"7:30p.m., ahumorousrecounting of the American tale,withUF Professor John Seelye,sponsoredbytheHoweSoci etyandthe City of GainesvilleDepartmentof CulturalandNatureOperations, Tho mas Center. (CONTACT: 392-3042) THURSDAY Nov.13NUTRITIONALSCIENCESSEMINAR, 4:05 p.m., "The Relationship of Trace MetalsandMelanin in the Eye,"withDonA.Samuelson of thedepartmentof smallanimalclinical sciences,McCartyHallRoom 3108, sponsored by thedepartmentof food scienceandhuman nt,ltrition. (CON TACT: 392-1991) AnewInternet service fromIBMcan give UFstudentsaninexpensivewayto log in from horne to register for classes, check their recordsorcompleteanassignment. IBM's Internet Connection for Education (ICE)provideslocalphonenumbersinmanypartsof Floridaandis being offered to UFstudents,facultyandstaff at discountedratesundera special agreement withIBM,said Vice Provost Gene Hemp. "We wanted students to be abletodialinand register from anywhereinthe state," Hemp said. "There are22local phone numbersinthe state of Florida coveringallmajor areas." In areaswithouta localphonenumber,ICE offersan"800"numberfor access which subscribers can use for a small charge. In addition,anICE account can be a cost effectivesupplementto GatorLink, UF's basiccomputeraccount, for students, fac ultyandstaffwhospenda lot of time online. GatorLinkprovidesaccess to a variety ofcomputingservicesoncampusandincludes15hoursof connect timeatnocharge. Ad ditionalhourscost 48 cents each, billed in one-minute increments. At these rates, userswholiketospenda lot of time surfing thenetwill save moneywiththe ICE service. For $12.95 a month, UF students, facultyandstaff can getanaccount that includes 50-hours of free con nect time,withadditionalhourscosting95ResearchCouncilToAward25FordMinoritySCholarshipsRecent minority doctoral recipients canapplyfor a FordFoundationPostdoctoral Fellowship for Minorities,sponsoredby the National Research Council. The applicationdeadlineis Jan.5.Theprogramdesigned toprovidea year of continuedstudyandresearch for Native American Indians, Alaskan Natives (Eskimo or Aleut), Black/African Americans,MexicanAmericans/Chicanas/Chicanos,NativePacificIslanders(Micronesians or Polynesians)andPuerto Ricans isopento citizens of the United States engaged in a teachingandresearch careerorplanningsuch a careerandwhohavenotheld the Ph.D.orSc.D. degree formorethan seven years. For more information, write the Fellow ship Office, National Research Council,2101ConstitutionAvenue,Washington,DC 20418. Applications can also be foundathttp://fellowships.nas.edu,orcall(202) 334 2872). UNIVERSITY OFInternetServiceProvidesUFStudents. ",,' FLORIDAAIWTLIFH nnexpenslveay .1 0ognromomeHomecomingQueenPam 22, apost;!!1i baccalaureate l' journalismstudent l whowillstartlawschoolinJanuary,poseswith ..teadliner comedianHowieMandelduringapressconferencepriortoFridaynight'sGatorGrowlpeprally. (UFphotobyRay r"'arson) PrepareForFutureDuringUF'sStudentLeadershipWeekTheStudentLeadershipDevelopmentBoardandLeadership EducationandDevelopmentatUFhost Leadership Week starting Mpnday. This year's theme, "Leading into the Millennium," addresses the changing roles of leaders in the 21st century. Participants willhavetheopportunityto discover their skills as team membersandcommunitybuilders, as well as background in cyberspace navigation. Eachdayof the series covers a different element of leadership,andmanyevents are in teracti ve. Nov. 17, 4 p.m. "Working Together for a Better Tomorrow:Howto Become a Team Player" Leadership olympics, allowinggroupstodevelopteam-building skills, ReitzUnionNorthLawn (in case of rain,moveto the Union Ballroom). Nov. 18, 7 p.m. -"ChartingYourOwnCourseintotheNextCentury" Assertivenessandnetworkingsuper-work shop, atwo-partworkshopledbyCathrynLombardiandLaTrelle Jackson,WeaverHall Rec Room. Nov. 20,7:30p.m.-"Workingthe Web" ...lInteractive Internetworkshopondesign ing Web pages for personalandorganiza tional use,withDolores Jenkins of Library Wet,Weil HallComputerLab Room 411. ov. 21,11a.m. to 3 p.m. "Building Communities for the 21stCentury"Communityservicesopportunitiesfair, aimedatintroducingstudentsto various on-campusandAlachuaCountservice orgEniza fions, Reitz nion Colonnade. Formoreinformation, ca11392-1674ore mail LEAD@sfa.ufl.edu.NewGoldenKeyMembersAndAwardeesHonoredAtReceptionUF's chapter of the Golden Key National Honor Society held their annual member ship induction last week. Academically su perior juniorsandseniors in all fields of atUFwere initiated. Eachnewmember received a certificate of membership. MeganE.Peek of Ocala,FL,an English major, was this year's junior recipi (nt. Rachel Mara Block, of Gainesville, was the senior recipientandismajoringin Politi cal Science. Michelle HowellandCarol Oyenarte were also selected for honorary membership into the society.TheQueenAndTheJester


FRIDAY,NOVEMBER14,1997,ALLIGATOR,5 AsianculturefilledtheBallroomattheReitz UniononWednesday..Incommemoration of the 1997 Asian Kaleidoscope,theAsian Showcase was held to promote Asian cultureandawareness.SophomoreRosalyn Ayson,co-directorofKaleidoscope,saidthefocusofthis year's ac tivities is topromoteculturalentertainment."Wewantedthe"event to be anightof entertainment," Ayson said. "Notjustanothernightof longspeechesaboutracial is sues."Justlike a kaleidoscope,theAsianShowcasereflectedanendless varietyofthedifferent Asianculturesallunderone roof.Oneofthevarious presenta tions, "Traditional Korean Fan Dance"performedbytheKoreanUndergraduateStudentAssociation,portrayeda midsummerdaywheregirls dressedingossamerdresses with embroidereddecorations played intheharvestfields instead ofdoingtheirwork. "Wewantedasmuchdiver sity aspOSSible,"said Marilyn Fong Yee, co-director of Kalei doscope. "The key istohave fun whilelearningsomething." Asian Showcaseisdedicatedtorecognizingandcelebratingthebeautyandtalents of Asian cultures, Yee said.AlthoughdifferencesarefoundthroughouttheAsian cultures,theyhaveonethingin common. "Onethingweshareisthatwe allhaveverystrongfamily honor," Vee said. "We are simi larbutyetdifferentinourcostumes,foodandlanguage." Kavitha Pas em, amemberoftheIndianStudentOrganiza tion, saidshewashonoredto be apartoftheevent. Forthefirst time,ISOwaspartoftheAsian Showcase."IwantedtheIndianculturetoshinethroughwith my per formance," Pasem said.TheFilipinoStudentAssociationperformed ahuladance.Bora-Bora,aperformancedonebytheFSA,hadagroupof girlswithflowered skirtsandflower necklaces move tothebeatofthemusic while guyswithbamboo-stringskirtsdancedaroundthem."This year we wantedto per formsomethingdifferentthatpeoplewouldn'tthinkisthetraditional'mad-huladance,'" saidsophomoreNoelle Moore,UFstudentanddance directorofFSA.ShowcasebringsculturestogetherByMILEYDI GUILARTEContributing WriterSome Other Car tf1 Zero IncentiveWorkingTwoJobs Join BowlingTeamDrivesLikea ShoeboxLooksLikea shoebox Interview After Interview It Living BackWithParents Dr Boring .. Dullsville .. MissGRADUATION lilYP 0NTIAC.r-INALLY.A REALSET orWHEELS YOUCAN REALLY Ar-r-ORDColi1-800-SUNFIRENobel PrizesSunfireSummer Home HotLooksGreatPerformance fgl LandBigJob$400BucksofIncentive" C 1997GMCorp.Allrights reserved.AN.-ays weer safety belts, evenWithair bogs See yourporhcipotJng PontlOCdealer fOfdetails on the$400College Graduate purchaseincentIve. GM reservesthe right to change or withdrawthisoffer. .. Excitement .. Rapture"BlissAFRAIDOFOVER-STUDYING??TAKEABREAK!WATCHHARDROCKLIVEPRESENTEDBYPONTIACSUNFIRESUNDAY8P.M_AND 1 A.M.,MONDAY8P.M.,SATURDAYSP.M.ALLTIMESEST/PST.ONLYONVH1.-www.hordrocklive.msn.com