"Filipino Student Association shares unique recipes." November 21, 1994.


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"Filipino Student Association shares unique recipes." November 21, 1994.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Box, Kim
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Gainesville, FL
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4,ALliGATOR,MONDAY,NOVEMBER21,1994Filipino Student Association shares unique recipeBy Kim BoxContributing WriterEgg rolls, pancit and chicken adobo are not traditional Thanksgiving dishes,buton Thanksgiving day theywilljointheturkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce onthedinner tables of many Filipino families. And onThursdaynight, Gainesville residentAngieMarquinezsharedherrecipes forthesepopular Filipino dishes with membersof the Filipino Student Association. "Besides the turkey andthestuffing, we haveeggrolls and stuff likethatat my house," said Rho Devera, a finance senior and Filipino Student Association member.Thisdemonstration was one in a series of cultural presentations provided bytheasso. ciation to stimulate interest in Filipino cul ture.Theseries of events began in October as part of Philippine Heritage Month, said as sociation President KellyMclaughlin.Buttheevents were so well-receivedthatthegroup extendedthemthrough November, which also is Asian Kaleidoscope Month.Thegroup'spresentations tie intotheAsian Kaleidoscopethemeofpromoting Asian culture,Mclaughlinsaid.Memberswere encouraged to prepare Filipinodishesby following Marquinez's simple, thorough cooking instructions, saidmarketingsophomoreJoyceVillanueva.Mostofthememberswere familiar withthesedishesbutunfamiliar withtheirprepa ration. "I'm always starving at home, not knowing how to cook," Villanueva said. "I need to learn...butwhen itcomestime to cook, I always say, 'Now, what did mom say?'"Thedemonstration encouragedmembersto learn more about Filipino dishes and how to cook them, saidEileen Mendoza,theliaison betweentheassociation and the local Filipino community.Marquinez,themotherof two UF alumni who also weremembersoftheFSA, saidshehasenjoyed cooking for as longasshecanrememberand likes tosharehercooking tips with others. Shebeganthedemonstration by describ ingherrecipe for chicken adobo, a familiar dish inthePhilippines. She saidshefelt certain that everyone would like this dish. Following anon-measurementsystem, Marquinez saidshejustadds "a little of this and a little of that" when cooking.Marquinezsaidsheoften times is not hungryatmealtime becausesheconstantly is testingtheflavor ofherfood while prepar ing it.Mtershedescribedhow to preparechicken adobo, Marquinez showedthemembershow to make pancit. She said this dish ishardto make becauseofallthevegetablesthatmustbe chopped for it. "It's easy toeatbutit's hard to bake it,"Marquinezsaid.Thefinal and m.ost popular recipe Marquinezshared withthegroupwasthefingereggroll. She saideggroll wrappers coubefilled with anything. She suggested wra ping thinly-sliced plantain bananasdipped'sugar. Describingherfirst dempnstration for group so large, Marquinezsaid. "YouknIgetused to cooking by myself and nobo is watching. Now, I'm telling everybody secrets."Italian Ristorante vittq@u'cat\: :.ea.t&i> .. :.ea.t& .. :.a.tya.sta.. Inthe Oaks Mall 331-7226HOURS:Sun12-10 Mon-Wed 11-10 Thur-Sat 11-111LargeSpecialtyPizzasworks,HowieMaUl,TacoTheBigSlice1Big PIzza SlicewithHoppIngC.owdPleazze.1PizzaWithTheWorks1PizzaWith2toppings J'Cheezzer orOriginal 1/2BakedSub $'45 HowleBread &a lA-111 NotV3lldwlthExpIres12115194aPIZZA& SUBI othercoupons$,95Baked Spaghetti. Baked ZIti.BakedRaVioli II1310N.W. 23rd Ave. (nexttoBlockbusterVideo) a PIZZA&SUBS J74-6600---iii 1Largeorpantangle1-toppingPizza oW0 toppings 99 eachExtraLargePizza2toppingsSoecialtvPizzas waItS,HoWieMillJl,7)coVeggre.MeatPleazzefS $799 $t 99 3420 S.W.ArcherRd.(nexttoBlockbusterVideo) JJ5-8444 2WholeOvenBakedSubs $895 ChOICe ofdelUxe, lIMn.meatballOfp/ZD sub Steak sub 50(emper SUbHowleBreadwithcheese & sauce$295 Ablend of mozzarella.etleddar&parmesanetIeeSe lA-11I NOtV3lldwlthexpires 12115194 aPIZZA& SUBI othercoupons lA-111 NOtV3lld wlth Expires121151948PIZZA& SUBS othercoupons