"Asian Culture Night's events strive to educate, entertain." November 17, 1994.


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"Asian Culture Night's events strive to educate, entertain." November 17, 1994.
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Asian Kaleidoscope Month articles and advertisements in the Florida Alligator
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Mixed Material
Jordan, Cynthia C.
Independent Florida Alligator
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Gainesville, FL
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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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THURSDAY,OVEMBER17,1994,ALUG 5Asa Ctstrivetoedmond had returned from the Reitz Union, where he went togeta cup of coffee, Tipton said.Edmondswastransferredfrom SFCCCtothe highecu rityorthFlorida Reception Center in Lake Butleredneday. Edmondsicurrently erving afie-year entence for a19 9robbery with a deadly weapon in Broward County, said NFRC probation officer Evelyn Garst. In1993Edmonds returnedtothe Department of Corrections for violation of probation. Gar t said further placement and puni hment of Edmondsipending. -TerryLaneE P.O TF police issued a tre pass ing warning to an inmate after he left a work-relea e program at the Hub's Taco Bell Wedne day morning, said police spokes woman Angie TIpton. Anthony Edmonds an inmate at Santa Fe Community Corre tional Center, reported to work about 8:45 a.m.,butwas mis ing when officialatSFCCC called to checkonhim. Police went to Taco Bell about11am.and di covered thatEd-secultures are accompanied with."ButsomeAsianawarenessmonth organizers month said they don't knowiftheir efforts to reach out to students are payingoff.ShadanShamin,anIndianAmerican student and one ofthecoordinators, saidshehasn'tseenmuchstudentparticipationin Asian Kaleido cope events. "I ju t don't think the tudentsareinterested,"Shaminsaid. "That's whywehave something like this, becau e this is omething intere ting to watch."'seeigcae, eAngeka Tong, a Chinese-Ameri can student and one of the show' directors, said she hoped the per formances would lead to Asian awareness. "I think this is partial education andentertainment,also,"Tongsaid. "Becau eifwetalk aboutourhistory, it's too boring. Butifwe put itindancing, it's more interest ing." Triccia Bafia, a Filipino-Ameri can student, said she thinksthepurpose of the performances is "to getrid of the stereotype that orne By Cynthia C. JordanContributingWriterAs part of Asian Kaleidoscope, Volunteers for International Stu dent Affairs sponsored the Fourth Annual Asian Culture Night Tues dayinthe University Auditorium. To promote Asian awareness, the night's events included tradi tional cultural dancing and Kung Fu martial art performances.Coordinatorshopedtheper formances from different Asian cul tures not only would entertain peo ple, but also would educate them.GOFARTHEFOCE.3536 I.W.ARCHERROADGANEJVILLE (904)373-9499Learn how far theAirForce can take you.Ifyou're a college grad uate, you may qualify for Air Force Officer Training School.Mercompleting Officer Training School, you can become a commissionedAirForce officer with: great starting pay medicalanddental care 30 days vacation with payperyear management opportunities Go farina career as an Air Force officer.CallAirForce OpportunitiesToFree1-800-423-USAF MONDAY, 9-12 PM &FRIDAY, 10-12 PM!ProtectyourselfagainstAIDS.10. TheATMate yourcard9.2for1BloominOnions8. 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