Ledger containing meeting minutes for the Interstate Life Insurance Company in Gainesville, Florida


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Ledger containing meeting minutes for the Interstate Life Insurance Company in Gainesville, Florida
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Interstate Life Insurance Company (firm)
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville

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University of Florida
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The first meeting of the stockholders of the Inter-

State Life Insurance Cokpany was held on the 21st., of

October 1913, at room six Hapmansl Building, Gainesville,


Tha meeting was called to order by H. D. Wood,


The Secretary read. the call for the stock holders
meeting as well as proof of service upon each of the

stock holders, by depositing notice of said meeting in

the United States Polstoffice Gainesville, Florida,

Addressed to each of the said stock holders. Said letter
being securely se.iledd and postage fully paid.`

It was moved ani aecqaded that the call be duly

,filed on the records of the company;

The Secretary :l.so read a notice of said meeting

published once a week for two weeks previous to said meet-

ing in the Gainesville SUN, a newspaper of general

circulation as required by the laws of the State jf

Florida and by-laws of this Company, which said notice

on motion was ordered filed.
S. -On roll call the following stock was represented

by the holders thereof, in person or by proxy;

SPresent Present Absent
by by '"
SPerson Proxy

G' W. Avery \ 10

S. 0 Barron ', 00

W; E. Baker 500

H. F. Brooker 50

J. H. Colson 300

R; M. Chamberlin 100

J. T.' Carlton 10

G; A. Carswell 125

Ira J; Carter

E.1 F. Corbett 5

[ .. .

1 1

El 0C Chttty

Perry M. Colson

Walter Colson

Walter Colson, Jr.

RI' R; Doke

W;J J English

F;! B. Hester

D. Hicks

J. B. Howard

E;. B." Howell

L. P. Hardee

J. Bi Hiers

J. A. Hiers

Harry Jackson

Wm; Johnson

0; M; Kelly

Chas. Lamons

Geo. P. Long

W; L;.Lancaster

T. HI Milton

C. D. May

G. A. Main + n ;

E. L. Maddox

Chris Latheson

R; G; Moore

I; B; Mott

W; T; Pickett

E; L. Price

J. P. Philpot

M. I. Strickland

H. M. Smith

W P. Shettlewo h

J;' B. Stockman

-B. F; Williams

C. Ai' Williams

























20 j


10 ..

^_ -- -; .- '*'_ "-.'^. Z-t ." _*- ,'

* .




i .2 I -

Present Present Absent
in by.
Person Proxy

H. D. Wood 100
J.E. Wainwright 10

J; 1.i Wood 100
Vi J. Williams 100
Total 1492 1031 1098

The minutes of the first meeting of the proposed

incorporators of this company held on the 29th., of
July 1913-, were read and on motion were adopted;
The Secretary presented a complete list of

S all the stockholders of the Inter-State Life Insurance
Company, in alphebetical order, as shown by the

records of said Company at the closing of the transfer

books, said list to contain he names of each stock-
holder, his address and number of shares held by him

which was ordered filed.

Thereupon the Certificate of Incorporation of the Com-

pany which had been filed in the office of the Secretary
of State of the State of Florida, and in the office of the

Clerk of the Circuit Court of Alachua County, Florida,
and there recorded in Book of Corporations No. 2 at

page 49, was presented. Upon motion, the sa3L was ordered
spread upon the minutes, which appears at page / _hereof.
Upon motion it was resolved that the officers and di-

rectors as noi.ed in the Articles of Incorporation of the

Inter-State Life Insurance Company be recognized as the

officers and directors of this company, until their

successors are elected and qualified.

The report of the Executive Committe was ordered read,
Whereupon the same was adopted.


It w*s moved and seconded that the by-laws as adopted

.by the directors of this company at their meeting held on

the 3rd., of October 1913, be ratified and approved)

and the sai.:e ordered spread upon the minutes ( See page 4

It .as movad and sconded that we waive any other

report from the President, Treasurer, Secretary or other

officers or co-r.-.itte, and accept in lieu thereof the

report of the Executive Comn-iittee

Thereupon th. following_ were nominated as directors
of the company for the ensuing year;

H: D. Wood, Walter Colson, E; C; Chitty, Chris L:atheson

Perry Coleon, J. B. Stockman, Monroe Venable, R; M. Cham.brlin,

Geo; P; Long, W; L. Jo:.nson, B. R. Colson;

It ijas moved an.A1 seconded thl.t t..o vacancies be left

on the Board of Directors, to be filled by the Board

of Directors as th:y see fit. 'Carried.

It was moved and carried that the nominations be closed.

It was moved and carried th-t the Asjistane Secretary

cast the ballot for the stockhold:.rs ,hose names have

been proposed -s directors of the Inter-State Life Insur-

ance Company 6f Gainesville, Florida; Thereupon the

Assistant Secretary cast the ballot of the company

for the following Directors: H. D: Wood, Valter Colson,

E. C. Chitty, Chris Matheson, Perry M. Colson, J. B. Stock-

man, Monroe Venable, R. I:. Chamberlin, Geo. P. Long, W. M;

Johnson, B; R. Colson, who. were thereupon declared duly


It was moved and carried that the Directors be

authorized to assess the stock subscribed for up to the

limit of the par value thereof, payable vhen and -s called

for by said board of Directors, and th-t they be and are

hereby authorized to make such rules and regulations for

the enforcement of the payment of the respective several

..... .. ---1 #-- r- -



subscriptions as they see fit.'

It was moved and carried that the directors be

authorized to sell the capital stock of this company,

and to issue stock certificatess therefore to the limit of

the authorized capital of said company, upon the same being

"paid for in full.
S '"It w s moved and carried that the seal for this

S. company ap adopted be shown by an imprint
attached to the margin hereof, containing the

'' ~ Inter-State Life Insurance Company,
'. Gainesville, Florida," in the margin of the

Scircle and the words ," Incorporated 1913"
*' J ) '' .
in the center.

It, was moved and carried that the form of the stock

certificate asshown by the certificate presented herewith

Sbe'adopted as the stock certificate of this company,

cort..ining.all the conditions as shown by said stock

certificate, an that a copy of this certificate be made

in the minutes ( See page "/" )

It ::s moved and carried that the compensation of the

directors of this company be fixed at $1,00 a day and a

mileage of five cents a mile each way, at directors'


It was moved and carried that the Executive

Committee be authorized to fix the salaries of the officers

of this company as designated in the charter of said

company, irrespective of whether the officers whose

salaries are fixed are members of the Board of Directors

or Executive Committe.
It was moved and carried that the Secretary be author-

ized to recieve and accept transfers of stock on behalf

of the Company,

It was moved and carried that the Secretary be author-

ized to accept subscriptions for the',caital stock" of this

Company, on the terms prescribed by the Board of Directors

or the stockholders, to the extent of the authorized


It was moved and carried that the meeting adjourn.



*-~- T~~_:S .-- r7--- -


Lf -I -




WHEREAS, J. H. Colon, H. D. Wood, H) M. Smith, W. P.

Shettleworth, B. R. Colson, 0C A. Carewell, J. E. Waiwright,

Charles Lamons, W. 3~. Johnson, R. M. Chamberlin, W. G. English,

G. A. Main, :Ionroe Venable, E. Fo Oorbett, E. C. Chitty, E. B.

Howell, N. B, Mott, 0. I. Kelley, Harry Jaokson. T. H. Milton,

B. F. Williams, 0. A. Williams, L. P. Hardee, J. A. Hiers, J. D.

Hiers, J. N. Wood, J. T, Carlton, G. W. Avery, B. L. Barlow, F. B.

Hester, Ii. N. Strickland, E. L. Prioe, R. G* Moore, D. Hicks,

Wm. H. Piokett, Walter W. Colson, Jr., C. D. May, W. L. Lancaster,

Ira J. Carter, N. P. thene, \7. Willi&ms, Geo. P. Long, Perry

I.;. Colson, Walter Coleon and Chris. Mratlhaon, on the thirtieth day

of August, A. D. 1913, filed in the office of the Seoretary of

State a proposed ohbrter of a corporation to be known as


wiJh a capital stock of Three hundred thousand dollars (,$300,000,00)

for the purpose of transacting or conducting a business or businesses

described as follows to-wit:

LIFE INSURANCE BUSINESS: to mrke, execute, accept, iosue,

barter and contract any policy or poliales.of insurance upon lives

or life risks including any and all forms of endowment policies

and aal kinds and classes and forms of insurance appertaining to

or connected with or relating to in any manner whatsoever life

risks; and to grant, purchase, dispose of, barter or contract anr


SICK AND BUTERAL BENEFIT BUSINESS to make, exaoute, accept,

issue, barter and oontraot in any and all forms of insurance or

indemnities appertaining or relating to or connected with in arn

manner whatsoever sick and funeral risks.

ACCIDENT INSURANCE HJSINESS: to make, execute, aooept, issue,

barter and contract in any and all forms of insurance or indemni-

ties appertaining to or in any manner whatsoever connected with or

relating to aaoident, loss of life, and personal injury and cooL-

dental property loss or damage or injury, or indemnities for lose

or dannge by certain contemplated policies or. risks.

To insure, indemnify, barter and contract therein as herein

above designated and provided for and to re-Insure, re-lndemnify,

re-barter and re-contraot therein likewise.

GEfIERA BUSINESS AND POWERS: to purchase, own, build, rent,

sell, convey, and otherwise dise ose of, mortgage, lease, pledge,

and encumber property .nd properties, real or personal, and every

kind and disposition whatsoever; to subs3cribe for, purchase, re-

ceive, own, issue, pledge, hold for investment, sell, convey, trana-

for or otherwise dispose of, bargain and contract in, mortgage,

oub-let, rent and lease wherever possible, advisable and lawful,

any stocIs, shares, bonils, notes, ware-house receipts, securities

or other obligations, property and assets of any kind whatsoever,

either of any person or persons, this or any other corporation,

firm, association, company, and to exercise all the rights, powers

and privileges while the owner or holder thereof, as incident,

necessary or given by virtue of ownership or holder thereof, inolud.

ing any and all powers of voting, and to conduct any business or

transaction in connection therewith or pertinent thereto in this

State or elsewhere; to invest the proceeds thereof at pleasure or

will in such manner as may be prescribed by law or in the disore-

tion of the proper off-loers, board of directors or committees there.

unto empowered by said corporation; to borrow money and secure the

same by mortgages, bills of sale, pledges, deeds, bonds, indemni-

ties, notes, contracts or otherwise; to make oontraots, covenants

and agreements of any kind whatsoever, and to IMaue and to be is.

Is -. --

sued for the furtherance of the said corporationst purpose and

buiinees; to amke insurance contracts on auch terms as nmy be

authorized by the board of directors; to determine the rates of

premium on insurance, and the amount of insurance to be issued or

accepted on any risk; to invest its funds in such real or personal

property as it may deem desirable or in the pledge of any safe

security or property, and on the pledges of its own policies of life
insurance or other companies; to make such by-laws in furtherance

of all the foregoing businesses powers and purposes of the said

.corporation as may be deemed best; to have, exeroiue and use all

,the rights, powers and privileges incident to corporations organ-
ized and existing under and by virtue of the Laws of the State of

.Flo rida, and hate published due notice thereof and have otherwise

complied with the Statute in such case nude and provided;

above nared persons, their associates and ouooessors into a body

politic t.rid corporate in deed and in liw by :nd under the said
name of

and grants unto them full authority to exercise the powers und privi.

leges of a corporation for the purpose above stated in aooordance

with their said charter and the laws of this State.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, These presents h-ve

been attested with the Great Seal

and signed and countersigned by

the Governor and Secretary of

State of the State of Florida, at
(SEU) Tallahassee, the Cupital, this the

$ twenty-seventh day of September,
A. D, Nineteen, thirteen (I913),

Park Trammell,

H. Clay Crawford,
Secretary of State.



IOTICE is hereby givJn that the undersigned will apply

to the Honi Park Tram.nell, Governor of the State of Florida, on

the 27th day of September, 1913, for Letters Patent incorporating.

the INTER-STATE LIFE INSURAM E. COMPANY under the following pro-

posed omarter and articles of incorporation.

J, H. Colson L. P, Hardee.

H. D. Wood. J. A. Hliere.

H. M. Smith. J. D, Hiers.

W. P. Shettleworth. J, N. Wood.

B. ,R Colson. J. T. Crlton*,

G. A. Carswell. G. W. Avery.
B. L. Barlow..

J. E. W7ninwright. F., B. He ster,

1'lharleo Lamons. I. I1. Strickland.

,. I:I. Johnson, E. L. Prioe.

R, IA. Chambtirlin. I, G. Uoore.

'.. G. L34lIsh. D. Hicks.
V'h. E. Pickett, IU. D.
G. A. Main. .Walter W.RColson, Jr

1Mnroe Venable. C. D. lay.

E. F. Corbett. W, L. Lancaster, I. D.

E. C. Chitty. Ira J. Carter.

E. B. Howell. N. P. Cauthen.

11, B. Mott. W. J. Williams, M. D.

0. U. Kelley.

Harry Jackson. Geo, P. Lor.

T. H. Milton. Perry H. Colon.

B. F. Williams. Wlter 06ison.

C. A. Williums. Chriae 1 atheson.




The nanm of this corporation shall be the INTERSTATE LIFE

INSURANCE COMPANY and its business or business as herein design.

nated and provided for shall be traneaoted in the State of Florida,

in arn or all of the United States of Amerioa or foreign countries

wherever- neoosary or desirable. The principal place of business
of this corporation shall be Gaineaville, Florida, with such branch.
es as the Doard of Direotors iay deem necessary or desirable,

The General nature of the business or businesses to be engaged

in, tranoaoted or conCuoted by the said corporation shall be as

follows, teo-it:-

LIE IISUR1U'iCE BUSI1ESS: to n~ke, execute, aocopt, issue,

barter and contract any policy or policies of insurance upon lives

or life risks including any :nd all forzr of ondourioit polioles

Sand all kind and clasuee and forx~ of insurance appertaining to
or connected with or relating to in any manner whatsoever life

risks; and to grant, purcoae, dis pose of, barter or contract ary


SICK AN"D FUNEAL B3HnFITS BUSINESS: to rmke, execute, ao-

cept, issue, barter und contract in any and all forms of insurance

or indemnities apportaining or relating to or connected with in ary

manner wliatsoever aick and funeral risks.

ACCIDEfNT INSURAHTCE BUSINESS: to make, execute, aooept, issue,

barter and contract in any and all forms of insurance or indemni.

ties appertaining to or in any manner whatsoever connected with or

relating to accident, lons of life, and personal injury and ao i.

dental property loos or damage or injury, or indemnities for lose

or damage by certain contemplated policies or risks.

To insure, indemnify, barter and contract therein as herein

above designated and provided fr and to re.insure, re-lndemnify,

re-barter, and re-contract therein likewise.

GENERAL BUSINESS AND POWERS: to purchase, own, build, rent,

sell, convey and otherwise dispose of, mortgage, lease, pledge,

and encumber property and properties, real or personal, and every

kind or description whatsoever; to subscribe for, purchase, re.

oeive, own, issue, pledge, hold for investment, sell, convey,

transfer or otherwise dispose of, bargain and contract in, mort.

gage, sub-let, rent and lease wherever possible* advisable and law.
ful, any stocks, shares, bonds, notes, ware-house receipts, seouri-

ties or other obligations, property and assets of any kind whatsoever,

either of any person or persons, this or any other corporation,

firm, association, onmpany and to exercise all the rights, powers

and privileges while the owner or holder thereof, as incident, ne-

cessary or given by virtue 'of ownership or holder thereof, Inolud-

ing any and all powers of voting, and to conduct any business or

transaction in connection therewith or pertinent thereto in this

State or elsewhere; to invest the proceeds thereof at pleasure or

will in such manner as may be prescribed by law or in the disore-

tion of the proper officers, board of directors or committees there.

unto empowered by said corporation; to borrow money and secure the

same by mortgages, bills of sale, pledges, deeds, bonds, indemni.

ties, notes, contracts or otherwise; to make contracts, covenants

and agreements and obligations of any kind whatsoever, and to issue

and to be issued for the furtherance of the uald oorporution's

purpose and business; to make inaurmnoe contracts on such term as

may be authorized by the Board of Directore; to determine the rates

of premium on insurance; and the amount of insurance to be issued

or aooepted on any risk; to invest its funds in such real or per-

sonal property as it may deem desirable or in the pledge of any

safe security or property, and on the pledges of its own polioles

of 1ife insurance or other companies; to make such by-laws in fur.

therance of all the foregoing businesses powers and purposes of the

sead corporation as ay be deemed best; to have, exercise and use

all the rights, powers and privileges incident to corporations oz

ganized and existing under and by virtue of the Laws of the State

of Florida.
The term for which this corporation shall exist shall be
ninety-nine years.
The amount of the capital stock of this corporation shall be

three hundred thousand ($300,000*00) Dollars to be divided into

thirty thousand (30,000) shares of the par value of Ten ($10) D01-

lars each, common stock, which shall be paid in lawful money of
the United States on such terms and conditions and at such times

as may be required or directed by the Board of Directors as pro-

vided by law. The corporation shall have power to issue par-

ticipating policies, but the holder thereof shall not thereby

become a member of the corporation, but shall be entitled to par.

ticipate in profits to such an extent, and upon such plans, teras

and conditions as may be prescribed or agreed on.

The business of the corporation shall be conducted by a

president, one or more vice-presidents, a secretary and assistant
secretary, a treasurer, a general manager ari a medical director.

All of these officers may be members of the Board of Directors.
Any two or more of the above named offices may be filled at the
same time by the same person, except that of president and treas-

urer. During the absence of the secretary, the assistant seore-
tary shall perform the duties of the Seoretary.


The board of directors of not less than five or more than

thirteen shall govern the business affairs of the corporation.

The board of directors shall elect an executive oonmittee of five

members, two of which shall be the president and secretary, which

in addition to the powers herein conferred upon 4t, shall have
'7- *

such other powers and duties as the Board of Directors shall corner

upon it.
The board of directors shall have the power to select out

of its members a finance committee, and any other committee or
oonmittees which it shall consider desirable to act in conducting

the affairs of the corporation, and shall have the power to define
the powers and duties of suoh committees.
The Board of Directors shall have power to make by-laws for

the regulation of the affairs of the corporation.
The board of directors shall have the power and shall eleot

all of the officers of the corporation herein provided for at such

times and for such terms as may be prescribed and provided for in

the by-laws.

The executive committee shall have the power to employ any

person or persons to serve the corporation whom it may consider

desirable, and to prescribe the terms and oonditibns of service,

and to fix and determine what compensation, if any, shall be re-
ceived by the officer, director or employee of the corporation;

and to authorize the seal of the corporation affixed to any paper

or papers in the exercise of said powers wherever required.

The highest amount of indebtedness or liability to which

the corporation shall subject itself, outside of liability on

insurance contracts or policies,shall be the amount of its oap$l

tal stock and surplus.

The regular annual meeting of the atookholders of the tooor-

poration will be held at its office in the City of Gainesvllle,

Florida, on the third Tuesday of October of each year, beginning

at the hour of ten o'olook A. MI; at which meeting the direotore

of the corporation will be elected, and divided into such classes

as may be agreed upon. -



The private property of the stockholders shall not be subject

to the payment of the debts of the corporation, except so far as

expressly made subject by the laws of Florida.

The treasurer shall be required to execute a bond to the
corporation with good surety, which shall be approved by*the

Board of Directors, in not less than the sum of $25,000.00, the

exact amount of which shall be fixed by the Board of Directors for
the faithful discharge of his duties, as treasurer.


The corporation shall oomrsnoe operating and doing business

when it shall have complied with the laws of Florida authorizing

it so to do and will continue until terminated in the manner pro-

vided by law.


Until the first election of the Board of Direotors as set

out in Article IX hereof, the affaire of the corporation shall
be governed and connected by the following named Board of Direc-

tora and officers.
BOARD OF IERECTORS:- H. D. Wood, E. 0. Chitty, Chris.

Matheson, Walter Coloon, J. H. Colson, W. P. Shettleworth,

Perry M. Colson, Geo. P. Long, YW. M. Johnson and J. E. Wainwright.
OFFICERS:- H. D. Wood, President; E. C. Chitty, First-Pres-

identi; criatopher lutheson, Second Vice-President Walter Oolson,

Secretary and Treasurer and General Manager; JT H. Ooleon, Medi-

cal Direotor.

The names and residences of the subscribed inoorporators

and the unount of capital stock subscribed for by each are as

follows, to-wits-

,. H. Colson, Gainesville, Fla. 300 shares

H. D. Wood, EBvinston, Fla 100 "


H. M. Smith,

VW P. Shettleworth,

3. R, Colson,

G. A. Carswell,

J. E. Wainwright,

Gharles Lamfons,

W. H. Johnson,

R. 4. Chambex2 in,

WI G. English,

G. A. Main,

Monroe Venatble,

E.,F. Corbett,

E. 0C Ohitty,

E, B. Howell,

M, B. Mott,

B, R* Doke,

Ira J. Carter,

0, M1. Kelley,

Harry Jackson,

T. H. Milton,

H. P, Brooker,

0. A. Williams,

RB F. WAillia.,

C. D. May,

L. P. Hardee,

J. A. Hiers,

,J D. Hiers,

J. N. Wood,

J, T. Carlton,

G. VW Avery,

B. L. Barlow,

F. B. aHetex,

Roohelle, la.

Evinetont, Fla.

Gainesville, Xao

Gainesville, Fla.

Guineasvillel Fla.*

Gainesville, a.

Gainerville* Fla.

Mioanopy, ila.

Mioanopy, a.*

Gaineeville, Fla.

Archer, JFla.

Gainesville, Fla.

Miaanopy, Fla.

Uoianopy, la..

Miounopy, Fla.

jla chua, Fla.

Newberry, Fla.

Lake Butler, Fla.

Melrose, Fla.

Trenton, Fla.

Trenton, Pla.

Trenton, Fla.

Trenton, nla.

Newberry, 1la.

Gainesville, Fla.

Levyville, 1%a.

Levyville, Fla.

Levyville, Fla.

Mioanopy, Fla.

Evirston, Fla.

E~inston, Fla.

Evineton. Jia.



2 i























































M. N. Striokland, Alaohua, Fla.

E. L, Price, MoIntosh, Fla.

R. 0. Moore, 1962 Oak St.Jaoksonville, Fla.

D. Hidak, Waldo, 31a.

Wm. H. Piokett, Gainesville, 1la.

Walter W. Oolson, Jr. Gainesville, ?la.

W. L. Lancaster, Trenton, Fla.

J, B. Stookman, Trenton, fla.

N. P. Caithen. Waldo, Fla.

W. TJ. Wille.ims, Waldo, Fla.

Geo. P. Lotg, Gainesville, la.

terry M. Colson, Gainesville, Fla.

Walter Colson, Gainesville, Fla.

Chris. Matheson, Gainesville, Fla.

















I hereby certify that before ms personally appeared

3. H. Colson, H. D. Wood, H. M. Smith, YW.P. Shettleworth, B. R.

Colson, G. A. Carswell, J. E. Wainwright, Qharles Lamons, W. M.

Johnson, Re. ChambeL in, nW. G. English, G. A. Main, lonroe Vena-

ble, E. F. Corbett, E. C. Chitty, E. B. Howell, N. 3. Mott, R. R.

Doke, Ira J. Carter, T. H. Milton, H. F. Brooker, O. A. Williams,

B. F. Williams, O. D. May, L. P. Hardee, J. T. Carlton, G. W. Avery,

F. B. Hester, M. N. Striokland, D. Hicks, Wfi He Pickett, Walter W.

Oolson, Jr., W. L. Lancaster, J. B. Stoolmun, N. P. Cauthen, W. J,

Willians, Geo. P. Long, Perry M. Coleon, Walter 0olson and Chris

Matheson, to nm well known, who acknowledged that they signed the

foregoing proposed charter and notice of application for letters

patent for the uses and purposes therein set forth and expressed.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set nm hand and affixed

my official seal this the 27th day of August, 1913.

W. B, Baker, Notary Publio.
-II. My commission expires X.6-I96B.


Office of Seoretary of State. )

I, H. Clay Crawford, Seoretary of State of the State of

Florida, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and oor-

root eopy of the Charter of INTERSTATE LIFE INSURANCE 0MPANY

as filed in this office and recorded in Book No. 42 of "Articles

of Inoorporation", on Pages 71 to 82 inclusive.

Given under ny hand and the Great

Seal of the State of Florida at

Tallahassee, the Capital, this the

twenty-seventh day of September,

A. D. 1913.

H. Clay Crawford,

Secretary of State.

4 flU,


A*ffrt ]t : ,

SteBokro dere Meetrings.
SROTIDO Is All nSePtin of th4 stookholdern of thin CGeay h oall
be held 't the principal office or place of busiest of the Cao
pMty a, located by the PBkrd of DiMeterO in oGaineafrile', orfidt
SCrXIOn 2. The annual asetings of th stookoeolcer of this O Oopqal
shali be held on the thi Tufasday of Ootober of eneh yerar, beg ino
niUn at the hour of ten 'oolook A. U at'which three shall be chosen
thirteen peraons, who ahll be stookholdero of said Oorpany, to be. the
directors of aild Company for thI eneu l year. A notite of stuh
meetlg, either written or printed, or partly written and party
printed, susll be ails d two weeks before asuh rmetUr, ".o esh
stockholder, to his post oiff let adreanoappeair n upn ths eji /
of the COompmny, and in addition, not~oe of uh) said sltelthslAdesn

nmet Anu shall also be published in a newspaper of Al" a 'Counrty
for two weeks, onme each week, before each nRetir g PrjoviMA
however, that AI any rmamal meeting at whiOh feour-ffth of the
stookbolders, in prison or"by proxy, shall aign a waiver of leq3 -
no tlf tuhe eadM stookholderua' meetrli shall be VrTaI
SIZCIO 3. If f or ang reason the annual oalet l of tihe ttoalftesi
shall mnt be held as hereinbef4re provided, each amhnu ma Sbg-wpl aP
be called by thw President udt Sltrept w& as oo a sees.tM y
4i ." ". -,' ',
y be. It hall be the ely'tf th ..orsetnt .

a4stu of stockholder: holdingfr 10 e.t >a :t#h >

e u f. ,r ,q f,' ...bS : e
i itrX*w0 has *4rft been hld aa UJIN*li*faf prv~'i l M

*, 66. f .
| : -, :. .,

SECTION 4. Speolal meetings of the stookholders of this Company

my be called at any tim by the President. It shall also be the

duty of the President to ocal a special meting of the stockholders

wheanver requested in writing so to do by stockholders owning o10

of the entire capital stook outstanding. If the President on

such request, neglects for twenty-four hours to call a special meet-

Ing, then the stockholders making the request M y oull a special

met ing. Notice of special meetings dhall be given In the sase

manner as provided in Section 2 hereof, for the giving of notice of

regular meetings. Suh notios, in addition to stating the tia

at whioh maid neting shall be held, shall briefly state the ob-

jeot of maid meting, and no business not so stated shall be conQ

sidered at suoh meeting, except on the unanimous coornnt of all

stockholders present in person or by proxy at suoh special meeting.

rECTION 5. No meetings of stockholders shall be called or held

except as authorized by the law of the State of Florida or these

By- laws.

ECTION 6. At all stockholders' eetlings stockholders owning a

majority of the capital took of the Company, and present in person

or by proxy, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum.

SECTION 7. VOTING, At the annual meetings of stookholderm the

right of aVy stockholder to vote shall be governed and determined

by the transfer reoords. Only the persons in whose namrs shares

df took stand on the books of the Company at the ttI of the oloe-

ing of the transfer books for uoch meeting, as evidenced by the

list of stockholders furnished by the Secretary or Treasurer, as

herein provided, shall be entitled td vote in person or by pro ~y
on the shares so standing in tulr na=ms.

At each xmet ir of tb st ookholders a fall, true and ooo.

plete list in alphabetical order of X1l the steekholders entitled

to vote at nuoh meeting, and Indicatiug the muber of shares held

by esah, eertified by the Seeretary orXby the Treasurer, shall be


. i
* ,.i



-___ 1.-- ---.,~.-~w.

-o- -r

Prior to any me ting, but subsequent to the tia of losing
the transfer books for suoh meeting, any proxy ay submit his powers
of attorney to the Secretary or to the Treasurer for examination.

The oertifioate of the esoretary or of the Treasurer, as to the reg.u

clarity of suoh powers of attorney, and as to the number of shares
held by the persons who severally and respectively executed such pow.

res of attorney, shall be received as prims faces eVidenoe of the

number of shares represented by the holder of suoh powers of attorney

for the purpose of establishing the presence of a quorum at suoh

mneting, and of organizing the *ane, ard for all other purpose.

At eaah nesting of the stockholders every stockholder

shall be entitled to vote in person or by proxy appointed by instru-
ment in writing subeoribed by suoh stockholder or by his duly

authorized attorney, and del rered to the inspectors at the meeting,
or previously filed with the Seoretary, and duly certified by him,
and he shall have one vote for eaah share of took standing regis.
tered in the namn of the person whose proxy he holds at the tSin of

the closing of the transfer books of said meeting.
The votes for directors, and upon demand of any stockholder,
the votes upon any question before the meeting, ~ball be by ballot,

At all meetings of the stockholders all questions, the de-
sision of whioh is not speo:llly regulated by statute, shall be deter.
mined by a majority vote of the stockholders present in person or by

proxy, and in the event of a tie vote, the presiding off oer of the
meeting shall oast the deciding vote, provided that ary stockholder
present may demand a stook vote. When a stook vote is demanded,

it shall immediately be taken, and esah stockholder present shall be

entitled to one vote for eoah share of took he owns, as appears by

the transfer records a hereinbefore provided, and one vote for eaoh

share of took so owned by any stockholder whose prey he imy be, and

the question shall be deoldd affirmatively by a ajri ty vote of

those present and voting.

All meetings, either of stockholders or direCtors, shall

be presided over by the President, and at all anetings of t)h dxlWe

tore the President ay vote, ard he my also vote at any stoaok

holders' neting, in addition to thr oase provided for by the last

sect on, whenever a took vote is taken.

BSOTION 8. PiREIDING OFFICER. In the absence of the President,

the Vice President shall preside, and shall have all the powers

herein conferred upon the President, when acting as presiding of.

fleer of the metingr

WSCTION 9. INSPECTORS. At all anetings for election of direotore

two inspectors of election hall be first elected by a mjearlty

stock vote of all the stookholderu present at the umetlng in person

or by proay, provided that no person who is a candidate for the of-

floe of director shall be elected as an inspeotor. The Inspeateor

lhall qualify by taking the usual oath of office.

SC0TION 10. ORDmR OF BUJSINSS. At all nmetrngs of the steokholAere

the following order of business hall be observed, so far as oonaels

tent with the purpose of the meeting, vim

Reading Minutes of previous meeting, and action thereon$

Report of President

Report of Treasurer;

Report of Secretaryl

Report of other offloeras

Reports of Conmottees;

Election of Direotoral

Unfinished Bus Inse;

New Busin es.

-~ -


._0A- _



SECTION.4. The affairs of this Company f all be managed by thirteen
Dilreotors, who shall be annually ohoaen by ballot at the amrtal

meting of the stockholders, except as by these by-lawn otherwise

SECTION 2. The regular meetings of the Doard of Directors shall be
held on the aeaond Tuesday in January, April, July and October of
each year. The President or Vice President or three Masbera of the

Board of Directors may call a apeo ial meeting at any time by giving

the notice as hereinatter provided.
SEOTION 3, In house a vacancy or vaoanoies by death, resignation

or otherwise, ooours Ia the Board of Direotors between the time of the
anmnul mnetings, the remaining director or directors shall fill the
vacancy or vacancies by choosing from the stockholders as zany per.
sons as nay be necessary to fill the vacanoy or vacanoles, and the

person or persons so ohosen shall be directors and hold office until

their suooessors are elected.
SECTION 4* In aose the entire Board of Directoro should die or
resign, then any stockholder any oall a special meeting in the same
manner that the President nay oall a speoal meeting, und new direo-

tore may be elected at suoh special nmeting in the nanrar provided for

the election of diretora a a annual meetings.
SECTION 5. Any director ay resign his office at any tieo, such
Sresgnation to be made in writing, and it shall take effect from the
Stie it is delivered to the President or to a majority of the Board
of Direotors.

SECTION 6. Any director who may be guilty of ary fraud or orias

or conduct prejudicial to the interests of this (Copany, may be

removed from his office by an affir ative majority vote of the other

directors, and the remaining directors shall immediately, after auoh

vote, declare the office of such director vacant, and ths vaaney s0

QQ i

created shall be filled in the sam manner ay other vacanoy my be
SECTION 7. The directors no chosen, immediately after tpir election,
shall hold a meeting, at which they shall choose from among their

number a President and three Vice Presidents, and they a S ll at the same
naeting ahooae-a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, a
Medical Direotor, and euoh other off oers, agents and faotoxr as they
may deem neoessary, who shall hold their offloee until others are ohose
en and qualified in their stead, The Board of Directors shall also

select an executive counittee of five antbers, two of which shall be
the President and Seretary, to possess and discharge all the powers

of the Board of Diroetore during the intervals between its nmetings,

Of this committee three shall constitute a quorum for the trarnaotion
of business, but no action taken by it hall be valid unless the sam
have the affirmative vote of at least three nmmber The executive
committee hall have the power to employ ay person or pereon to serve
the corporation, whom it mny consider desirable, and to prescribe the
terms and conditions of service, and to fix and determine what copen.

nation, if any, shall be received by the officer, director or'employee
of the Company, and shall possess all the power and authority, whn the
Board of Director, is not an session, whioh the Board of Direotora doee

or can possess when In seesion, by virtue of the charter or any other
aet affecting the powers and authority of the corporation or its dire.o
tore, or by virtue of these Sy-laws, or azy law of thi, State, and shall
have authority, in its discretion, to limit the amount to be insured on

any one life. The committee shall have the charge of investing and
managing the OompVanyW assets. It shall direct what loans may be sade,

fix the term and conditions thereof, determine all applications far

the extesAnon of the ti s of payment or other MAodifoatton of th term.

or conditions of outetandiln loans, shall have power to deelare the print.

olpal of notes, bonds, mortgage, eeourity and trust deeds wholly due

and payable for default in the payment of any uswt4NWa t of prin3 pal

34 1

o. interest thereosa or for branch of any covenant Or onditioen
therein contained, I'n nooordanoe with the provisions thereof, and ahall
have power to authorize the sale and asesigrmnt of oertifiaetes of fore.
Closure sales held the Companyr ma s order, purchase, sell, ex.
change, or otherwise transfer of bonds or other securities An whleh
the Company is authorized by law to invest its frnds as it amy from
time to ti e deem expedient; shall have the power to order and Con.
tract for the purchase or sale or exchange by the Comparn of awj United
States, State, County, City, Town, o8hool Distriot, Railroad or other
bonds, as It Is or aWy be authorized by law to purahasen shall fix
primes and rentals, and author as the sale and conveyance and rentirg
of saoh real estate an may be owned by the Company not requisite for
its aooommdoation in the convenient transaction of its business, and
may do all such aote and things as it may consider neoeeeary or proper
in the investment ant management of the Companys assets.
The Committee shall keep a rsoord of ll its transaction,
which aball be read at each quarterly meeting of the Board of Direotoe,
and the Board of Direators at such quarterly uIetiLrg shall have the
same power to disapprove, rescind and annual any act or transaction of
the executive committee that tiby would have to disapprove, resoind or
annull any previous act or transaction of the Board of Directors, and
all the aote and transactions of the executive committee not disap-
proved, rescinded or annulled shall be held and taken to be approved
add confirmed by the Board of Direators.
SECo ON 8e Baid Board of Directors my adopt such rules and regul't
tipne for the oonduot of thUr meetings anr vnagement of tbi affairs
of thi Copanyr as they may deen proper not inconsistent with the laws
ef the State of ltorida or these by-lawns The Dareotors may hold

their Poetings at such time and' ties, and place and places either with.

in or thwout the State, as they WnS determine upon. Not Je of aste
meting aall be given by ailing a noto Ie thereof to esah ireesltO ,

to his pot office address as appears in the record of the dCopany,

not less tian two days before sno a mt ang.

i, :


SECTION i. The Proident shall hure power to employ and dise

charge all alerks, employees and agents, subject, however, to the

right of the executive oonmmittee to direct by a majority vote, the

employnmnt of any agent or employee or other employee, or the die-

aaisal of any agent or employee, and to review the action of the

President in the employment and discharge of said olerks, agents and

employees. The President shall also preside at all meetings of

the stockholders of the COopaun and of the Board of Direotors, shall

be ex officio a number of all oomuittees, and shall perform such other

duties as ha my be directed to perform by the Board of Direotore or

the executive committee, and shall have a general oversight over the

business and affairs of the Company,

SECTION 2. THE VICE PRMSn=ET: The Vice President shall, in the ab-

senoe of inoapaolty of the President, perform the duties of that office.

SECTON 3. TRE THEASURER The Treasurer shall provide all neoessary

book of aooount for thn financial tramnation of the COrptwy, and

subject to the approval of tho executive oonaittee, shall have nuperviy-

ion of suah books of aooount and the olerkb An oharge thereof, and

shall see that just and true oaeh, oheok, bank anA ether books are
kept, espeooally including records of all moneys reeelved, deposited,

drawn and disbursed, for what and from whom received, an to whom

disbursed, and of all investments and securities, whoI ,belfs and records
shall be open at all times to the full examination of th ex ecutive

S committee and the Board of Direotors. The Treasurer and suoh other

off iere as the executive conmmttee may delsgnate, acting under regu

lations to be prescribed by the ezesutive somAntttee shall have oha&s

of the bonds and mortgages and all other eoureltu s of the Oentmar al

of the real estate of the Ooapany

aOTION 4. S3CMBTAsU The Searetary shall be swern to the faithful

discharge of his duty, aat shall record all the votes of the CMbqaq

\ -, ': t *S. : *;. '*t

r- L i ; a
IF I-' -- -* -- --
a:-^ -- --------------"--* -^ --- -' t"-

and direotors in a book .to be kpt for that purpoee. .e shall record

all transfer of stooka and eargnlt and preserve all eartftloates of

stoek transferred, and he shali also keep a record alphabetically

arranged of all person who are stokholders of ths 0Compezt shownl

their place of residence, the number of shares of stock held by them

reopestively, and the tiae when they became the owners of oeh shares.

The address of any stockholder shall be hanged whenever requested In

writing by suoh stockholder. The Seeretary shall also be the Tranes

fer Agent of the Couparqy for the transfer of all oertifloates of stoek.

He hall also keep the seal of the Company, and affix the same to all

oartifloates of took and suah other instaur nts requiring the seal

as may be directed by the exeo tive onmattee or the Board of Direterse.

The Secretary shall also keep osh other books and perform such other

duties as may be aessgned to him

SECTION 5. In the absence or inability of the Seretary, the Asaeltant

Secretary shall perform all of the duties of thit office.


SECTION I. All oertifilatee of took shall be signed by the President,

oountereigned by the Secretary, and authenticated by the seal of the

company, und shall be registered as directed by the ex~outive aonmittee.

SECTION 2. Certificate of stock ay be transferred, sold, assigned

or pledged by an endorsemer~ to the ropar effect in writing on the

back of the oertfioate, and delivery of sueh certifieate by the trans.

feres to the transferee, provided that until notice g ren of mueh

transfer to the Searetary of the Compary, arn the surrender of the oer

tifOate of took for oanaodlatiaon, and the assue of a new eortifioeas

in 1 fe of that surrendered, thia Company zay regard arA treat the trans.

faere as being till the owner of the steak.

IcATON 53. All surrendered aert fioa mg shall be marked wamelledi

withthe date of eansellation, Wy the Saoretary, arA sall be Sa-*

dtattly pasted into took book oppoeai$ the maeraaAn of their 1561B*

sET dW 4. Oertiieate of steak mWy be $sued for ae h as au aove



0- 4

been lout or destroyed, upon the applicant furnishing first an aff-.
davit of ownership ant leoa, and second, a bond of indemnity atls-
factory to $he (oMpaqy, and oorndtioned to protest the Conpany against

the losm and damage which may ooour in ooneaquenoe of the issuance of
said duplicate oertifioateo and no euoh duplicate o al1 be issued unr
t i after publication onoe a week for three weeks, at the expense of

the applitant, of a notice of the applloat&on therefore in some newupa.
per of general circulation designated by the President, published in
the o ty of the applioantms residence, and after two weeks after the
proof of said publication.


SBCTION I. APLICOATXON8S Applicants for insurance shall make and sign
a written application in the form presortbed by the Board of Di)reters,
oontainiag the particular inforaStion required by the Conompay.
SCTTON 2., W rVTT3E 8SATfIGME TS No statement, answer or informat on
given by an applicant or by any other person to ary agent or to the
Med eal aalner, shall be deemed a part of the application or a notiee
to the Coopaty, or. under any oilroustanoes admissable in evidence in an
action against the Conqpar unle os actually written in the apploiation
ever the signature of the applicant,
SCTION 3. POLzIa s1 Polloles shall be in the form preesorbed by ti
executive coaitOse, and, together with the written application, shall
contain the spealfio otear of the agreement or contract between the Oea
pany and the pelioy holder. Such contract shall also be deemed to
inalud aS an integral part the lawa of the State of Florida, pursuant
to whath t~tI Oopajya w ap iorporated, the Oertifioate of AI orpora.

tIon file 14 ooedig to the law and the by-law, rules and regulatlea

of the opaqny, Ia fOease a the date of the Y, and a they ny be
eubse'oaety stated, a$ polloy abll be i fares Moo ll the first

pre um p ta here is aetu 3ly made to the CbMuar or to a Oelle

tSr, and the Ma'W re eptS duly signedA t the Tbeasrfl, aeta3y

.- 2. : .

------- -._.. -. .:
'.. .. .,- _. .. ,. _. .:- ,.-- =.T '.y .' .. 'Z r :- : i:,,." "

deltivred with t* polIOy3 to 'suh upplAant duriL. his life time ad

til1l in good health.
SECTION 4. Y7R0 ITURISg If awn person aeoures a policy of insurance
by aonoealsai or suppressing ary material faot, or if any of the anm'rsm
or statements In his application or subsequent stattemnts an answer
mads to the Medical examiner or Directors or effloers of the Ojppany,
in relation to the saum, or in any respect inooaplete or untru, or. if
ay person negleeta to puy in full ary premium vihen due, or if any of
the conditions upon which the policy is issued are violated, then, ant
in each ana every auoh oase such policy hall at esoe beosom forfeited
and void, and all payaanbe made thereon shall be forfeited to the Comr
party, unless otherwise provided by law or in the policy.
SECTION d. NOTTICES A premium or other notice directed to any policy
holder or other person designated, at his poet office address as it ap-
pears on the oooke of the Conmpan, shall be deemed a tuffloient notice,
and affidavit of or proof of addresvir and amiliLg the same acaordi
to the usual oouree of business of said Company hall be taken and ad.
emitted as evidence, and shall constitute and be deea d and held to be
oonolusive proof of due notice to said person, and every person aoeepet
ing or acquiring any interest under any polity, The aendig of a no.
tioe of premium payment or other notice shall not be held to wia e a&w
forfeiture or lapse caused by the non.xpaymnt of any previous premium
or payment.
. ECTION 6. CHARS9 OF BE)anFCIARY: A policy holder shall have the right
at any tine during the oontinuanoe of his or her policy, to change the
benefllcry or beneficiaries 1y filling with the CxmpaJy, at ite Hog
Offiee, a written request duly executed, provided, however, that a poll-

oy holder shall not have a right to assign his policy in whole or in part,
or a any change benefory there er hen tlhreunter hen t *ane lt psOaaOe

to a creditor, .se ina aubjeot to uch creditor's interest .

chase or attempted age of bentfinlry or aesignrmae of pel~le orf e

aay benefits to aeirn thurendet, all be valid or beeae op at*me

o. in any way binding an the. Ompan, unlaos ad until a Auplloate
thereof shall have been filed with the Compa~ny The Coqpany shall
not be responsible for the val idity of any assignannt, attempted a..
eignmant, ohango or attempted ohlage of beneficiary.
SECTION BEllT'WJMsTg S Upon-reoeipt of satisfaotory proofs of the
faot, oause and date of death of the policy holder, and the existence
of a valid Claim against the Oopwany, or that any nmonys are &de any
polloy holder of the Conwany, his beneficiaries, legal hairs, exoeuters,
administrator or aessgna, the execut ive couoitteae shall within sixty
days thereafter aause to be paid to aeuh person or pereonr as hall
appear legally entitled to reoerve the sase, the aunt to whieh tluy
are entitled aooordal to the terna of the polley.
SCTION 8. R TEREvn WD That part of thr pzuenta pqnmgnt generally
known ae the net prosaiu, hall, after deduotiag the eoat of eellsataois
be deposited in such regularly incorporated bank. a r tnut companies
as the Treasurer my direOt, with the approval of the executive cona~it
tee, or with the insurance departants of the several states, to the
Eredit of the Reserve Yund, and shall be used in ayimnt of the olaag
arising under the policies of the Company acoordtrg to their reqpeeotlv
terns and oonditions, or ftr the neoessary expenm es incurred in adjust
lug, investigation paying and camnelling ola 1nt applications and T1peS*
oles of in payment of United States, State, County and Municipal taxes,
liceones and fees, or in payment of expenses incurred in makIng loaiw,
or in collecting Msamy belonging to this furnd or in payment of exS
penses of the Medioal Departmnnt. Any surpus in this fund in excees
of the utaunt required to be held by law, nae, in the diseret ion of the
Board of Direetors, be returned in dividends or applied utder the term

of the meven3 policy oontraots. Any awin belomuing to thiA ftni

maN be inrSwaed in anb i interest bearing security eee as na authorize

by law anad the charter of thi Ooneany, by the ereutive oemeittee.

I I-- ------- -

L* j

SECTION 9. MXPENBES OF ANAGEM OT All of the premaniu paid On any
policy in excess of the net premium as OAloulated by this Comprany
shall be et apart to the general fund, from whioh all expenses not
othkrwise provided for, shall be paid.
SECTION 10. YIJNDBS No director or officer of this oCoprany shall di.

reotly or indirectly borrow the funds of this Companyr or use the
same except to pay losses and other obligations and expenses incurred
by the Company. Provided, however, that if a majority of th Board
of Direotore not in interest directly or indirectly, in the proourirg
of the loan, shall be satisfied that it would be to the best interests
of the Company that the loan be made, it shall be lawful. No director

or offloer shall reoeiv any money or valuable thing for rwgotiating,

proourirg or recommending any loan, or for selling or aiding the sale
of any securities, in addition to the usual compensation irnident to
hie office as determined by the executive committee,
8ECTION II. SEHI: The Seal of the Oompany shall be circular in form,

with the words, "Inter.-State Lift Insuranoe CompaIWy Gainesville,
Florida", on the airounferawne, and the words, incorporated I913a
in the oeater.
SECTION 12. F1ISOL T AR: The fiscal or business year of the Company
shr3l begin on the first day of Ootober, and end on the 30th day of
September following.
SECTION 13, DIVIDENDSt Divdlends may be declared annually, or rore
frequently if the Board shall so direct, from the surplus and ret
profits arising from the business of this corporation.

8EOTION 14. AMEMMEr T3 These by-laws my be amended at anr Dieootorst
meeting by vote of two-thirds of the whole Board of Direetors. They

my also be amended at any stookholders' imeting, by a maority of stoolk

holders present.




Minutes of Directors' Meeting held Oct. 21, 1913.

A meeting of the directors of the Inter-State Life Insur-

ance Company was held in the office of the company immediately after

the adjournment of the stockholders' meeting, on the 21st day of

October, 1913. Present: E. C. Chitty, H. D. Wood, Walter Colson,

SB. R. Colson, J. B. Stockman, Chris. Iatheson, W. M. Johnson.

Whereupon it was moved and carried to adjourn until Wed-

nesday, the 29th day of October, 1913, at ten o'clock in the fore-

noon, at which said adjourned meeting all the business to come be-

fore the regular meeting should be transacted.

Whereupon the meeting adjourned.


-- 1 I


Minutes of meeting of Executive Committee, October 25, 1913.

The Executive Committee of the Inter-State Life Insur-

ance Company met at the office of the Company at eight o 'clock P. II.,

0atober 25, 1913.

The meeting called to order by G. A.- Carswell, Chairman.

Present: G. A. Carswell, Walter Colson, B. R. Colson, W. E. Baker.

It was moved and carried that the Secretary be authorized

to procure stationery and supplies, and to expend whatever sum or

sums to him seemed reasonable for printing matter and advertising.

Whereupon the meeting adjourned.

^I ^n/^rr~

The Board of Directors of the Inter- State Life

Insurance Company, was called to order by E; C0. Chitty,

at ten o'clock A' M. October twenty nineth, 1913,

persuant to adjournment.


E. OC Chitty; W. Colson; B6' R. Colson;

Chris Matheson; W. M. Johnson; R. M.' Chamberlin;

Monroe Venable; Geo. P. Long.,

E* .' Chitty was elected Chairman and Waiter Colson,


The minutes of the Stockholders meeting were read for

information, and of the previous Directors meeting,

were read and apr.roved.1

The resignation of H. D. Wood aasPresident and Director
was read.

The election of officers for the ensuing year being next

in order, it was moved and carried that same be elected
by ea oommhP A^, whereupon E. 0. Chitty was elected Pres-

ident; Christ Matheson, Perry M. Colson, and Monroe

Venable were elected Vice Presidents; Walter Colson

was elected Secretary & General Manager' W. E. Baker

was elected Assistant Secretary; B. R. Colson was

elected Treasurer; J. H. Colson was elected Medical D iresotor

W. E Baker was elected Attorney. On motion the

following were elected members of the Executive Committe,

to wit;

E2, c. Chitty; Walter Coleon; G.' A? Carswell

B; R. Colson; W. E. Baker.1

It as moved and carried that the action taken by the

Stocholders at the first Annual meeting in reference

to the form and contents of the stock certificates for the
Company be fully ratified, confirmed and adopted

It was ioved and carried that the proper officers be
authorized to procure the necessary books and stationery

Lnd to pay all bills and costs incurred in the organization

of this company!

It was moved and carried that the stattement filed with

the Comptroller, by the officers of .this Company be and

same is hereby fully ratified and confirmed and the

proper officers and executive Committe of this Company

are authorized to proceed with the business of the

company in accordance with said proposed plan and statement.

It was moved and carried that the Executive committee

be and are hereby authorized to make '..hhatsver addition or

alteration they mcy deem to the best interest of the

company in the proposed plan of business and contracts

filed with the Comptroller as set forth in the precedding

It --as moved and carried that an assessment of 100 per cent

be levied upon the shares of stock subscribed for by the

incorpor-.tors and subscribers to the capital stock of

this company and that the executive committee be authorized

to enforce the collection thereof and to reecieve and

determine settlements for same;.

It was moved andtcarried that the p--o er officers of this

company be and are hereby authorized to issue certificates

for tle capitjl stock of this C:' r-ipny to the sub3oribers

therefore ..hen sL.I:e are fully paid for;

It ..'as moved and carried that the propervofficers of this

company be authorized to sell th.e capital stock of this

com-pany as provided in the plan fil.d ..ith the Comptroller

of th: St;.te of Florida ..nd as a; roved by this Board at

its previous meeting c.nd by the stockholders

It \'as rcsolv:-d th .t th: Ey-la'-.s be amended by adding

a section to be known as Section 9, Article 2, ..hich ha~ll

read as follows;

The meetings of the Executive Comm.itte shall be called

by the cLhirman or secretary of said committee, .nd giving

notice six hours before date of said meeting. Provided,


ho',ver, that no notice shall be required if four members

cf the comrA:itte are present and waive notice of the meeting,

and consent that the meeting'may be so held;"

Passed ,-eight votes

It vwas resolved that Section 5, Article 2 of the By-laws

be amended so as to 'read as follows;

Any Officer or Director may resign his office at any

time: such resignation to be made in writing, and it shall

take effect from the time it is delivered to the President

o.rz to a majority of the Board of Directors.'

Passed by Eight votes;

There being no further business and upon the proper

notion the m eting -adjourned.'


... ._ _

The Executive Committee of the Inter-State Life Insur-
ande Company met in the Office of the Company Tuesday, Nov. 18,

1913 at 8 A. M.

Whereupon the following stipulation was signed:-

We, the Undersigned metibers of the Executive Committee

of the Interstate Life Insurance Company hereby agree to waive

notice of the time and place of this meeting of the said Com-

mittee and hereby consent that said meeting may be held at this

time without notice. Nov. 18, A13.

Whereupon the meeting was called to order and G. A.Cars-

well was elected Chairman and Walter Colson Secretary.
CAU---;4, e-a. Ce 4ieC- 4 4-I-. e"*r4A e 4Z4- OZ4As-' v. t r-A__V
The Plicy Form presented by G. W. Welch was on motion

approved and the letter head presented was ordered changed a s

to the arrangement of thehead.

Mr. Welch was on motion ordered to have 12 thousand

checks lithographed.

On motion, the proper officers of the Company were

authorized to execute contracts with applicants who are qualified

as Members of the Advisory Board of Governors of this Company

in accordance with the application and certificate prepared

and presented.

On motion it was ordered that regular meetings of this

Committee be held every Saturday morning At 8 Oclock.

On motion it was carried to adjourn until Sat. Morning
at 8 oclook.

Chairman of Committee.

4. c-
, S.


A regular meeting of the Executive Cormitte of the
g S
Inter-St -.te Life Insurance Company was held at the office

of the Company Saturday November 25th. 1913.

Present; E. C. Chitty; B. R. Colson: Walter Colson:

W. E. Baker;

E; C0 Chitty was elected Chairman.

It was moved and carried that the rates as compiled

by the Actuary and the matter included in the rate book

be and same is hereby adopted.'

It was moved and carried that the proper officers of

the companybe authorized to issue forms of policies

as provided in the r,.te book;

It was moved and carried that the meeting adjourn.


'- ---F

U- 4

-- -- 1---


Ad It

The Executive Committe of the Inter-State Life.Insurance

Company met in the office of the Company Wednesd.y,...February

l1bh. 1914;
V.heieupon the following stipulation was signed:-

',Te,, the,undersigned members of the Executive Comi..itte
of the Inter State Life Insu-ance Company hereby agree

'to waive notice of time x.nd place of this meeting of the sesaid

Committee and hereby consent that said meeting may be held
at this time without notice.

Present; G. A; Carswell; B. R. Colson; 7.lter Colson and

W. El Baker.

G. A. Cars..ell was elected chairman in the absence of

E; C. Chitty, president of the Company,.

It .-as moved and carried that the Hill Building situated

on the Torth east corner of Block 3, range 4, original

survey of Gainesville, consisting of four rooms, g -
at and for the monthly rental of $70,00 per month for a

period of ten years, n.r :hn.t t.e proper officers of the

Company execute a lease to th&t effect'

It .:as nov3d and carried that ITeJbold L. Goin be employed

.a .n L.rchitLct to dra.- the plans and specifications and

nuz3r-intend the '.ork of .ri.:nging the Hill Building

to *mct tihe requiirerir-nt of tha Company.

On motion, the bills of W~ E. B_.ker, for professional

services to Feb. 1st., 1914 were approved _nd ordered paid.

It ..as moved and carried th..t the contract 'ith 1W E. Baker

as General Counsel for the Com~;.ny be executed by the

chairman of this comn~itte and the Secretary of the Company,

which 'Is done, at which tiie the ;jid W. E'; aker vas

not present and did not vote.

Vote.: For 3 Against .



It ~asB mov--d and carri.Ad that the contract .ith Walter

Colson as Agency Manager and Under:'riter be executed

by the chairman of this committee and the Asaistant

Secretary of the Company; whichh as done, at .jhich time

the aaid Walter Colson -was not present and did not vote.

Vote For 3 Against 0'.

Loved and carried th-.t the Executive CorL.itte

meLibdrs be paid the same compensation as Directors

Tor at enting Li:etings of the Executive Coiar.itte.

Moved and c-rri-d to adjourn.



* *


I '~iP~
Z.~i r-
-L- 1-.~__ -




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,Zc- /2-/^ 7 2 p_

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Yt '3,. .r t --, / ., k t2L"-- .. _.,. '.j .-,_.--< ...,
".r -L e.2 2 .-( // ,

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YZ;L *4 ^y-Y- /^LL~ac ^lY by

_c; ,-~- ,--
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-C,:t <7 /^ *^R
~ryv^-^ ^-^~y-i--t a /-3-^-e^-<<-_z, /A-<--r-t-_-^:-'


3^2 ,^

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ZS ^-, 3-/^< ^-- ^^t^^ i / ..'^^ .( *^ -- .--.....- ..-. -
i''~~ ~~~ f f


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I_^ -2 (7's /^^

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/ ^ ^'. *.. ... .._. _. / .... .. ...
< ._ > 'z- f .,<. ^ ^ 7 '-^ y 7^^ ^ ^

<... .. r --' .. .. ..

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.;^ /.". .. ,r .. '. .k ,
'-f^T-^ -z, 7 ^/^--*---(L--1?^ "y6- -^-tcf-^-Lt~--<-ci^< ^Lit^Z-c-
Tz^i-^ L a---L *.i^^-i ^ z^ <-^--< -^ -K^
--*^ ^-. ^U^L^'^' (^A^c-i..^^ C^^:--tE----t-<2-^^ --^ ^2-iC---L-^/ ./2- -^ -

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.e 0 2 7- ., P/ 1 t-

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(t^^.L~t~ ^-^^i yyS-y^ r*--l-.-- /2e~ ~
^L- ^-L /lc-^-'-e ^- ^.ai^A-<^&z-- (,^-*-MZ^<

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~3~ CC~Y=, C^~ -^7 y *

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S^cvc-l Oa^T/u .^

*u~~~ c- -^ct~u ~-C.CtBZC LeC--~~
C- <-

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-A-*^a A4-c -^- -C-ft OC/ih-C-? />^
/n~c Y2~ -T^ /~ ^ '/ 7" '

^^^'-S aL^U *cE ^Z-L-~ ^yif^-^^. ,
_4_^^ .^ ^ ^^ ^
-t-ld^^^,-<2^-~-t-^ ^/ T*?"---^"^^t^^^^ )9^^^t
, f y .

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&^L~u~ ()f^^i ^Z ^/^

cJ~, j^/ 6. ^D. i^zjL~ y^ C? ^^T~L-CIA<-- /e3-^6
^^^ccc~ 2^f. C
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YfC~ /fI-*PtS~~ *p-- y/ -^ -

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0^^L p^,L /M^^y' 7tf *-~aM ^ ',- /
^^-K^ U~i<^ ^z-L^-< ^. ~"~~~e @ec~~


A. ~-urslec

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~L/ I -- ,41-- -6 y9/ ~p-

________________~,~ /Zlcc .,,~L.
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C^f ~ /. / -^ ^
/^L^-l^<^C' A-<<-*C / 5.41 U
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f, Lc- fiL~e~'~r~u- /I fi ir~--LLC
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'i^l"^c"' L1_3^C- I^, ^^r-^,^^t---< /7.1*ic~ a^ f e^ue~ ~-jY ^^'
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v 7 ^-vl ZaL!^JF^.^-, (^Ae -- ^;c^ ^L-e^r
H^ ~ ^lC VT^ >^ 2--!'t~^^<-ty-2 Lc- -*^<^r-<-^
^t^^. ?.M^vrr^Z Lv'L /V ^^^-^ tS^-<^-^'^^^ -l^-<^y <
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t^^.ck y^^^^-^A -7 ^ *^ -y -L.I/Cu-^~rL //

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;.f~cc*1L <^v<' eV<- -ize- -^i a ?^h~tcirY^^j(,


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(7^6 C^^-^~t .^^.b-^^^^L-<-<-< ^ ^^^^^^^ /-^ /.J1-'^'
t / ^ ^4: / 7
r-/~e / eC /* I / /u
7~il/W~tS. ^~~i&^ -Cu ^^ CI<^--y- C%^-^>^I
^'^ C^^ ^^^ %^^^^fYt~ L^^7 PL^- ^--^
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-COMPANY? of Gainesville, Fla.
Pursuant to your suggestion before last ad-
journment, I herewith submit for your consideration, the
following proposition:-
1. I will take charge of the office of the Com-
pany, including the book-keeping and stenographic depart-
ments, keel everything in connection therewith in first-
class condition, and get out monthly reports and balance
sheets showing the full, true and correct condition of
the finances of the company:
S. I will attend to all correspondence and handle
all matters affecting the interest of the Company, either
by correspondence or personally, as may be necessary or
appear to be for the best interests of the Company:
3. I will represent the Company in all stock-
selling operations, whether the stock is sold directly
by. the.agents of the Company or through independent oon-
tractorsand 'during the continuance of the employment do'
Everything and any thing possible to promote the sale of
S. the stook of the Company, assuming full and complete oon-
t t .ol an-.supervision thereof in .3.. of iti phases:




C-- A:= c/Z< ^ ^ <


- j


---- -w---------, -
4. I will do any other.thing that appears direct-
ly to be for the best interest of the Company, provided that
the services herein contemplated are personal but also
pupervisory and contemplates the employment by me at the
expense of the company"of sufficient help to carry out
th'a satisfactory manner the duties outlined in this
proposition, subject to the approval of a majority of the
members of the Executive Committee, and provided further,
that'in the performance of the dujlia outline.d here
which would not properly come within my duties as Assistant
Secretary, that the members of the executive Committee
will give their moral obligation to ratify and confirm
as fully and as completely, as if said acts and duties
had been done and performed by them respectively
in their proper offices, or by the Executive Committee,
when it is vested with authority under the Charter and
Bylaws of the Company so to do.
5. As compensation for the work set forth in-
paragraph one, two and four hereof, I would expect the
monthly compensation of twenty-five ($25.00) D&llars and
traveling expenses when necessary to leave the City on
business for the Company. This employment to continue
until the election of an active Executive Officer, and
he assumes the duties outlined herein, within his auth-

6. As compensation for the work set forth in
paragraph number three hereof I would expect the monthly
compensation of twenty-five ($25.00) Dollars and five
dollars per day and actual expenses when out of the City
on business for the Company, with the "'Idditional com-
pensation of 2%o of all the Net cash red'eived by the Com-
pany from the sale of stock from this date, and on the
net cash proceeds of notes, given for stock, given after.
this date. In consideration of my retiring from
my own personal business,and profession, I would-expect
the employment under this paragraph to continue until
all of the stock of the Company shall have been sold and
the money received therefore or so long as I shall render
to the Company faithful and efficient service.

7. It is distinctly Inderstood that this prop-
osition when acceptedshall in no wise supersede or
nullify my contract as attorney for this Company and
any duties contemplated under that contract are not
intended to be included in this proposition. Compen-
sation for services under that contract, until further
notice by me or this committee to be on the same basis
as previous bills passed and approved by this committee
for services rendered. In cases under that contract
where no precedent has been set, the fees to be the
minimum fees prescribed by the fee Bill of the Alaohua
County Bar Association.

Dated at Gainesville, Florida, this 15th
day of August, 1914.

I-<^- .p-X-J- ,^-S 2i
4-<-^Z<^ ^- ^ Jf^^ C ^ ^A

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i^^d, ~ ~t U/^ -^' /d^-s^ ri~- J, c-<^ e^- e7 t^?
n^^- T M-yf^.VU-~-CQ
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