Ledger containing meeting minutes for the Gainesville Board of Trade 2


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Ledger containing meeting minutes for the Gainesville Board of Trade 2
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Gainesville Board of Trade
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North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville

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University of Florida
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sobekcm - AA00005493_00001
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i 9etjng ,of .th ,-Board- of
is heI M..d.Minday~ mornan ast
Cr k,-f6r tb posee of earningg
loVYle who attended, as
tfr ib'etB'oard, a meeting of
: imrdlrition, AssoLBOi"tion at
Syfliei st week; After giving.R
sI.ofi.tohe Jacksonville meet-
ir renests.Athat Gainesville
Ar.ite wth them, the.folloihgg
i .. idi.ced by Marcus .ndel
Io ie'.b'tthe actions and doings
ei r ieipisenita~tive-at the State Im-
igri on God.ariP tion be Indorsed by
iB .ard t.'p; mand be it- further
.oli that. hil6n sAtd Immigration
so tion will furnish such assurance
and g i raite to'thisa board of Trade as
F ib ateie loigiontinued dlscring-
it~a. Ga'nhesville by the r~il-
a p leB i" tats 'i wewill assure the
a clation of oui-r .bdartv- co-ope rn-
asls aneuieta .. > -
K IfIiiscuastiloan of the, mannefe
aTan o.bringing immigrants to
i b G Gaiiesville Mr.YVoyle in-
.hifolUQwing resolution :..
LMd. Ehat' a-'codmltteea be ap-
t o conter.with -the inland coun-
te their co-operation-in iurginig
ifiof .tickets being -sold via
lad.iiesville to points which
te reafr named: .
Aii-5Wlutl6n was- adopted, and '
j oyiVyle l, E ndand Drake were I
tbylpt ,. .
ii no otherr busine.i, the .
i3.tadjpufi d
.. r... I

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/ tv Cs'VL

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/LCyu-^L ^-- /o / y^^ / R.^

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-; -' ,/ \ .
'';r; ^!tt-C- ^ 2--&-Z**<-- l-~ r' ^^L--t- /1y, ~ LQdf a ^^ ^ i~ C yk~/iei ^ '

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*.-*C^l~~-i-j >-i-^--^^<^^^-- '^ '-"ScC- ^ ^-^ -'
___ 7 k ^/^/
i ~ Z~~c~c/ A-^^ ^---^ ^-x-^- / !^ ^' >i^<^-~ c--_=-*--^''^

^<-^^-t^ "" *!-^ (<^2--: ^= /^~k-^-^i-. ^ -zw^i /

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^6L~ / -*--^~. -<-*y^ ^ -') -y-/
\fi *f j-^-iiu-re^.''e^-- i*** /^.^-^--I*^ ~~.
\/ ^^'-- ---^^
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;-<^-2 l----^-l---^^? ^K*-^-*-^^ _,^-^--^ ^&-(c'' /^*^a ^ t s ^t

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^./^v-^- /2 <^A ^ --^~- /^ ^ *~~^ --<: *^ '
; > 7,-y ^ --- --- 7 ^ fEc / ^? ^ ^
\/ ^,f-g tc- c^ ^^ /> "^as-^ <;y c'-^ ^ *t

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,.-z- _. ^ -*-"

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.~e ^^^^S^^i^CVT-bt e'^~^y^^ r.-t a ^'/i-^/ ^C

^s^ /S^z^-^^/<^ /yl-~^./i ,e^i-A--'

"A 'l .

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...... >'7 > -.

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/ -* y* y

i,~~zYu~y~cd a-
I k/ "~7 r.


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/ r cfd


- TI

Board of Trade Meeting.
Meeting called to order by President
Dutton. Minutes of previous meeting
read and approved. "
Joseph Voyle chairman of com-
miafee- appointed to make better
arrangements with the railroads,
in -regard to selling tickets from
points North to Ganesville, and through
Gatnesville to. points, beyond, reported
that the committee had sncceeded- in
their mission. On. motion the report
was received, and committee discharged.
J. Voyle in. behalf of the committee
appointedl to secure seven largee views-of
'Gainelville, repotted that the committee
bad secured tallthe pictures except that
of the new Presbyterian church, which
they would get as song as the church
was in condition. Cornmintee was con-
tinlied With iuntructions to examine and
pay for such picrures as were completed,
if found to be as per contract.
" Tyor f'rd-n called the attention of
the Board of Trade to the faht, that
newspapers were still being circulated
on the F. R. & N. train at Starke, that
contained matter Inimical to Gainesville,
notwithstanding that the Mayor of
Starke had promised that it should be
On motion of Judge Ashby. President
Dutton was requested to communicate
with the Mayor of Starke. and the
officials of the F. R. & N. in rega d to
the matter.
On motion of W. W. Hampton the
president was instructed to appoint a
committee of three to wait on the Coun-'
ty Conimissibners and urge on them the
necessity of making an appropriation'for
n exhibitat the Ocala Exposition, and
hnt the boardd of Governors of this
y be iistacted to act in conjunction
h the County Commissioners, dr jn
b ivpay. they might deem advis-

illercalled the attention of
a to the need of a goodJhotef.
S ndel: supported his remarks,
as followed by JudngeAshby. in an
irnest and abge. r.

On motion of Judge Asby e .
dent was,!iffliuited teo qitt$^ fl1ai?-
*mitte of three t.o draft aitlol4 i
portion for a Hotel As.8o9
composedd of the citizen i es

iotel r Gainesville, theIk
duly-tied with the Sebrqe ,lt.
SPresident appointed Vsl
W. W. .nmpton and J.
Oh motion of J ge A
cided that weiAea d ind
talce stock in'theii; sse l4a|
lowi g named -*pera'iii .i
.suns set otpositheii
L. A. Barnes.....
H. F. Pntwon.:.....
J.'G.. Nichols ......... .'
J. W. Williams.... .
Philip Miller ........... ..;A :.;;; t'!
M aldus Endel .-.......... 00
'J. D. Matheson.... .. -.--. 50Q
Vy. N. Wilson ... .. o500
J. W. Ashby ....... .... 20.
B. C. Drake. .. .. 00
B. Klein.......;;. ... .. 200
W. W. Hampton-.............. 200
S. B.Chapin...................... 100
:ludge Bell.... ................ 100
A&. J. Meartlaur................. 100
,1. Voyle.......... ......... .. 100
S. L. Carter1-. ......-.....'.. 100
On motion of Judge Ashby it wa'
agreed that the Hotel Association should
meet on Monday evening, Febiruary 11,
at 7 p. ni. .in the Board of Trade rooms.
On motion of Judge Ajiby, the Pres-
iaent-was-requested:'to a-ppoilit a.con
mittee of live to -onfer with the peopi
of the county and arrange for gettlug pe
tittons, signed by the tax-payers, me-
morializlng the County Commislohers
in regard-to rdiOb roads. The President
appointed Judge .Ashby, .Judge King,
S '. L- Carter, L. K. Rawline and Joseph
Vdvlo s the comoimittee.e.
O': iO moton .of -Marcus Endel, the
Board of Trade decided to invite Mr.
Plant and Stiperintendenrt .HaJes,.of the'
S. F. & W., to flsit tlhe city as, the
-city's guest. .
SOn motion 'of B. C-Drake, .all dues@
due from members, wei'e .t;reitied uDl-
am The S 'y. staT
30 in the t thati
.erA ould

c7Z5 at- A^ r~cv',$r 4'ct ArleG4

de ,rMi- 7cai^^' ^c^ h^

6^ ZG^^~~I;a "~


f.s ;; = r : @ i
l~,e" ra.. a, ho a e
d .. ." ;.--'A.

18 |

I .. "/

r~ -

<4 7<-.o_- <.,--
b' U 1 tIj ..

!4'^ ./IA-

/? .. /
..... C- 6

m ^- ,,

1.= y/<


+^ s^^ ^^!^/ AFi ^-drew, v z^y'^ fer ne-7A

>? ^^^ ^^ /^h e- t#7? ^!^tt*. l/< -'

L/1 il ~t4& ff//Ada A-as
e-L Pa- .rf -# ._^ A/d' Ay, A dw w

6rdeAeLJ. adZ f H P/ ^T, a
97 aA-//dA, J^fp&s ^^t j^^a adnarAw!
'/-d-w- fe, a >^ 2 a ve ay z/*
Ic merA'-a* ses /ZA'sF^, ^ -

AT toted an &yS.<* Ko_/ rdJeot/y7 < -^
Auas%'Z% etAcA-4

Cf^'/a it^ ^ sy~^ a$ i '//wa

^%oa 7/ /7 ^ g-

secr ea^^ w/-ef adv a /y^Ted "
I'e /^I a a Ab<-^ /^w sa h^ ne-^ ^-
aC^iN~-rL c"~~Cdd ~~ CjCI~~LV
/LL-Ld~~LCZ~~~~S~ L6dL i~l~a4.
~ C~~jU~ ~~pi.~i~C~,rp;sYdCa~(7
175+~~~~L~~Jf ~?~~~~ ~iC~;~i2~l93~~'~

~rP~~id-_a~~L-Z7B; ofvZ~~

% ^ ... : .' .: r ..

-A comunication from ,a iosidry.Tnan- %

ifacivtre t was read, Trade u g -.s to the

tZbFemefi'tr 1 read1by of andt
d to collect the dues from tbe members.
*k i'C: *Acorhmunication from ahiosiery.man.-
uifactdret was read, inquiring&.es to the
iaducements that would be given forte
*e&4$Jsbinef tA i&ai'urd't6?y of thAat .
,nature iri this city, President Dticton
aslted that be .had written the gentle-
men and asked that le-be present at thi
'meeting."On motion the President was
.. ,instructed to correspond further.
Secretary Voyle called the attention
:of the-inembers to the good that had
been done by the Board'd efforts. to se-
cire the placing of tickets on sale at
p oints Nortb, for Gainesville, and read a
correspondence..abdwing,tb6hhigb regard
!foxthe opihioin ;of the Board Hei d by like
organizationss in South Flrida. .
SOn.mgtion of Marcus Endel, Joseph
SWYyle was.requested to prepare a paper
on the- yellow fever epidemic- In-this
4' city, to bl i Rbtited..to the. Quarantiqe
S .- q ;.. mef. ; .., Al. .-'y
ir- bNY skAdmdiltt,6e
S ppiqted t Ari'jge f(Or an
r to AfZU city Elpoti-

tion at Ocala at an 6'arly day. The
President appointed Messrs. .Niclols,
8utherlqnd and Voyle as that commit-
tee, ';
--Methods ofbeing represent at the
meetirfg of the. Pomological Society were
dlieussdd. It was decided tu appoint a
Sti.fiei frnic groer to represent. us,
a:nd dhavethe Advocate call attention o
Members of the Pomologioal Society
ur varied attractions and resources.
arcius' EnTel, ns a ninrhter of the'
committee to confer with Mr. Plant, re-
Potd tba ta the committee had a pleas-
41" and highly satisfactory interview
Vith that gentleman, and .that Messrs.
Planfant Iaalues hfid agfted to-visic the
city about thefr-t week in March. Re-
port received and expenses- ordered

SOn mdtioni of B. Kliefe It was.decidl
t.fit the'Board.meet every ptwo' .eel~r
'oihee' evenings of the' 2nad 'ad 4th Mon-
diys-at 8 o'clock. '
SJu ~dge Ashby adilressed the Board in
regardd to the hotel matter, nl..iirged
.armoniooi and united action. .
'Board adjourned. .
"7 '.-. .- F.. FPDUQT ,'
-.. Pres.
: S ec : ,:- .. -.. ..
I : ,- .,.": ,, .:.
'.: ,. :,:: -_ '. ..._Y : _: .":: '". '. f:_


\f O//y^ FCAallae v ze/t ad-& d4
S- ida. /J. .Lky d S.a

, /A' / r, Al ', V ill
dirtmc GM?225 /^6z /%as F /r'/74;?
/Ada// Cafi /Aaw t/o5Andlf sw 40

-a ~A
F'^C a~ '>A iz,- see- .pL ag a twve ^

4^ dras- di/ me
a' d /6d'y-i /
S. 4 e-ar-&i^^f .A?^^ ^/N/^ 4^.r

/7~zMX~C~z; '

'^K^^aw ^a JM cfr
j ^^^ 7?^ ^r^Ocr^**^*'^/^ cJ^ ^
/s^y ^M^ ^9^niv.^6^^


**- %

-~u ~\

Q~- 4 .' 3 i

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tp g, + I '

.i- I i/ v*\.


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L: ~i;
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r~t~;;c \

" '~ .. ca, -z

i, 1

S- / 23

A' ~B,d wa s,~ r- A(/y .erst ryCf;- j~~-.r
7' ray Aco y d, ///e 1 ee

^^6ta^^ / ^^^%e '^^/ d
1ef & And ea/&z 4f / c^.'r^- A(- c'
J% l an / c^e <<-2 /^^/t-y ^^Z O^te^

qitC/?//^~ Bi^^7-/n/^'k^^ *- ^.rZCC

4dr dfa< 2/j &y ^/
Ma & da~ a-r--za; ad~l~IZ /a&~f AC~-, / d/

>' ^ t/^t4* y ef" 47 6 'r '* "'V
4-Gj a //C- Aan ae- e4 V
I r e* ~d M /A I m a d q m, p* ^ *-

6 -I /4^1^ 4-^zdr j f~al 7 .te -^
^c^eze' a da, e ..s 447,^ AMr~^5y/

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/A a "' Zt.I q .W (r,7 dA- e' d f Z
4/^ A LW k4047A A A7 /

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a *A Ja- ,An < 4
de see, ,r-

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^y~~~~~~~~rc" ca ^" -^ '.u ^-^ d t''
a^n6YrCE ^;I i c'Rx^/Fy ^ ^f y? L-I^^fei^- .g~l
^^^y^eit' f^^r~^ v73y^*^


.j ^ /A' "1'"" ,%^ y- uie Tfy^ / t

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z# le- AV4 4 &
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de- 1 -4 /i e 4 *
-r!e ^^a^^ t f -/ea Isfa
-dt/; /w --At
i ^W C ^f ^ ^ T^Azr/ S
^ y."'e'^*i '* ,* -A 7. /


Ie^7nii^- E. /2 < / w oo ec"g,, ;4,
44 k ,/ ^rC /1/ />ai7i an- / lr p3 L

42. /-i c Ar-yti y c^ra?
&^r7 ^ia9t^^-&, A -/iriff ^/a., 4r
.i7r t -,/cr r17e-e m P raw^-^ i /y c

Board of Trade meeting -
Meeting called to order by rrdildeni
Dutton. Minutes of previous meeting
and minutes of meeting of the gBoard, of'
Governors read and approved..
Committee to confer with eity author-
ities in regard to the sanitary-condition
of the city reported that they had waited
on the officials of the city but as yet
had accomplished nothing.
P. Miller, on behalf of the committee
on new hotel, appointed by the Board of
Governor, reported that Mannger
Halnes, of the S. -. & W. jt. i., hadl
agreed to deliver all material for a new
hotel and take their pay for freight
charges in stock of the hotel company.
Dr. Chaplri, of the committee to raise
-money to defray expenses of a delegate
to the Quarantine Convention, reported
that he had collected and-furneav over
Joseph Voyle, delegate to t .: Quar-
antine Convention, reported that $38
had beeu received by. Theatibflntwas
insufficient, anl would have been re-
tui*ned, but a friend came' forward with
the balance necessary.
. Hieported that his cred6ntials-were
ca'dt he was the peer of any dele-
nt. His paper wras.receeled
by the committee or the first
listened to by itheConvehtion
marked attention, and he received
generous congratulations from men of
national reputation. Having studied
the subject well, your delegate was able
to take part in the discussion and throw
much light on subjects of thtetest to
Florida. Especially waskthis the case
when Florida's business was in danger
of being embarrassed by the Impositloh
of costly systems of quarantine, inspeo'
tion, detention, isolation, nol-in-er-
course, and other panic-dictated prepo-
sitions which were set forth, such as
would, if long continued, cost more than
the whole floating and business capital
of an ordinary community. One sen.
tenc only, used in this defence, was.
published, which, in its Isolated posi-
tion, was'exceedingly offensive; but, In.
the manner used,'it setri weighty
purpose and prevented e f
far more offensive *4ules ."c

The present lituatlon oCutir afjiirs was
put in i taiofable light as-rpeabl-e.
Not having perwmIso4-t toakel t -
photograpihs of. the ard o a eda
supply of other photographs o be alty,
and they proved to -be -exceeedngly ef-
fective in recommeuding this city to the
favorable consideration of the delegates.
Many epiressed their iatonishment, and
complimentary comments were freely
given to Garnesville, Fla. These pho-
tographs were given away. Surgeon--
General Hamiltoi- took a set to Was
I.ngton, .together -with my.chart of "TWb
Rise, Progress and b"eline ofthei'Ye
low Fever Epidemile 'in aiGali.llte.'
This he frequently declared wat ex-
ceedingly valuable document.
A. scheme by seven States of the Mis-
sissippi Valley virtually to transfer
the Cuba line of steamers to New
Orlean -from .Tanpi, ws. oken
down by.. means of the' iw-
ledge of your delegate, of the' weak
Places JI the quarantine system 6f .aml-
gation there and the able definop, by
nearly all of the delegation frodiler-
Ida, of the Plant line of steaqr4s be-
tween Cuba and Tampa.
- Your delegate called attentldn to the
incorrectness of Surgeon General Ham-
ilton's reports of how the yellow fever
came into Glinesvilleb aud showed by
the score books of the base ball blubs,
that no games had been played since
July, and that Dr. Posey, the Surgeon
General's Inspector was here in August,
and reported no fever. He tifeh pro-
duced Capt. 4oowell's statement, that
when the OGralby were on duty at his
house, hi~i wife was sick with the
previlling fever.
There was neither contradiction or
comet on this, and thus GajnesvlIle
has bd4-relieved of the unenviglie mi'-
plel concealment, and most favor-
S tised Lmongst those people
wlow the surface, andsii fota
ipon fact and whop faots
alone f
On tno P of Col. Nichols the, report
was reeavtedand ordered spread on tie
On motj4 the BOard adjourned.




-": .. U. oard ot o .Tr de. '. -
*^B oad, ,tIi t 8. 'clo k .''Monday night;.
ride~ Jauttoui ithclia r.ua .,:.
Reaingof the imifptes:being dispenmus
w ith te ecretary stated that the U 'S
G~eolgis of this district had, in the few.
'aofl dvisiti be.had beeh- allo0ied to. make
t :this State, obtained such information on
the rtb f.orildatioii here as had -been very
useul in miany.,waysa, especially in giving
ai;mo re trulhful stAtomeit,.of the charmc-
teristics of l.it State, its typography, .geo
gtaphy, geology,. etc; Classifying otire
tacka, our soilse;-our areas of .Hammock,
jii'e and prairie, tber-probablo origin, and
tfodttibn, e. charae;er of '.nderlyrng .' sil,
presence of phosphates -tand their vAlue,
[etc., all bf which investigation. iti s'vely
imp~ota'ntshould -be continued, and col-'
-plted as soon- a possible,
.Aftei discussion thte following resolu-
tliopri wereoffered by Marcus Endel:
..Wra EAs,.The work.dooe.by the- U. S
Q geologist in the State' of Florida hai
shown a surprillihg promise of value id the
tigiful.istruction and necessary informc-
tio,and .
WHEBREAS, The work has been discon-1
-_finuea.. ..Be it
SRaoFMd, That this Board of Trade do
call, the attention .o our delegation at
Washington tothe desirability .of the im-
mediate continuance of this work; and
that thesecrethiy ia4jeTiby instructed to
transinit a copyo o-'this: resolutlonh tow said
delegation,.. An'd also to ask all .Boards Of
Trade throughout the Slate to ..urge upon
their Congressional delegation Elmilar a-
tion. .
'- dCrrted munimnonslj-
'The, secretary f'rher informed the
Board thatthe.Planit .Line would send a
cmnnaiesioneir to thbe Pdris Exposittioi fuo
the e~sdnial purpose .of' directing the at-
tenbon of vieitoTa -to cities arid 'oduntle
alng.ltieir .ine of railroatl, and that .-li e
.had beed requested to. ascertain wh'al
Gasieavilieaditd other places in AlIchua
county would like to send,
Affer discussion, Col.' Nichloll moved
tha. the secretary be empowqeed to act for
the Board; with the.advice of the .preil-
debt; and that thbesecretary be appointed
a committee to bring the. matter before thr
Cponty Cotfmiesoiners, and ask their co-
The President was requested to ascei-
tain the facts, if any, regardingothe locr
lion of the shops of the S. F, & W. R R.
at this place.
Adjourned. r y .

Senate joint resolution N .'29'ir.
iali.zing Congres ib orotinee 'tllp ;.g-
i!- dlogicnl survey, o'the-Stxtoi v'ts ImIr i]- :
on second, r inz; .axiL; l toho i tIn hlill
re:und1j.pnasspei .a:\, Ordleread .corifli'd to
the lliIous. "'" .



\ -

"" f' "Bor irade reeringf.-' /
The Gain*vifl .-Board of trade met
last night. April 8, pursuant to adjourn-
ment, President Duttbn in the chair.
Minutes of previous meeting read and I
Committee on excursion to Ocala re-
ported $21 15 net, and was discharged.
Col. button, chairman of committee to
ascertain truth of rumor that the S. F. &
W. railroad company were thinking of
establishing its car shBps here. reported
that the rumor had no foundation.
The following resolutions and preamble
were adopted:
WHERE. A, We realize that an epidemic
of yellow fever in this State would prove
disastrous to every business interest, and
that it Is therefore incumbent upon every
citizen to use his Influence to prevent it,
and believing that the greatest, if not the
sole danger, lies In its Introduction from
Infected foreign ports, and that the only
remedy is by a reliable system of quaran- I
tine. Therefore be it
ResiA/.rd That the senator and repre
sentalives in the legislature of Florida,
from the county of Alachua. be requested
to vote for and use theirinfluence osccure
such amendments of the existing statutes
of the State as may provide for a strict
quarantine of all steamships, vessels, or
'iltcer water crafts hailing from any port
infected with yellow fever, before enter-
ing any port or landing at any point in the
Stale of Florida.
Rioi';-ed, That tae Secretary of the Board
send a ropy of this preamble and these
resolutions to our senator and represents-
[lives, and to all the Boards of Trade in the
Sttl,'. requesting their co-oprrallon.
The question of bonding tli county to .
build rock roads, and of an amendment to
I he city chartEr, was discus-qsd.
It witl decided that when the bhsrd ad-
iuin, it ariiurnn nt meet nextThursdiy,
12. ii.sl at. 7:30) p. m.
C0.'. Nic.-ols moved tlint the chair np-
Sprint a committee to draft i.tolutlons to
be h resenteLi to the L-.Eilature proviJing
Sfor bonding the i',.unty for building rock
j rna's adind namndn.ent I' the city batter.
Sto renoir at ajourneri meerinc Crrircl.
SM'irrcus Ecdel moved that ir. DrLke be
rrquriustl to present t. the ciy council the I
Squegsinn of c il!nta ipin the State to reim-
burse th ctly for (: \errise incurred dur-
na the y-li-I.;': l er Elmp lcmi'. Carried.
Mr:- 15. Arhby. Kirg and Vnyle wereap-
pointed a committee on rrck roads and
ci y therter.
On mo-tion of tln!c'(s Endel, the fullow-!
Sir rr-'.;.' lon wa, aiJrs rp: d:
,a.''. :, T;hat a committee of bthie, be
Sppo;itiil t t prepare fur the consideration I
of 'lhis Board of Tr,.rl, 'a hill to be pre
sented to ite Lecislalure, cow in session,
praying for the reliefoff Mrs. Evans, selt-
ing forth the fact, that iu ob.dience to the
call of the Goverror, and while doing
military service, her son. Elam B. Evans;
lit Lieut. of the Gainesville Guards, did,
with his company, expnso himself to in-
fection at Fernandina, and contracted the
disease ivellow fyver) by which he lost his
life, thereby depriving his aced and crip-
pled mother of her sole support and main-
Messrs. Endel, Hampton, and Dr Phil-
lips were appointed. < ~
Board adjourned, __



" i


#///L ,rrg

-- .- -.. .' : .:;.. .- ... -

i i' .' i tTrade.-
SThemeeting 'as called to order ]as
night (.hursday) at 8 .'clock. Preslden
Duttdofi t d e i'.""". : :
SThe conmitlei on Roads. and Chartei
Sreported:that the work of putting the bill
-In shape'required more time than had been
allowed. Fauither rime'was granted. Oni
motion of J. B. Brown. The president1
was authorized to make arrangements]
with some one personjo take the bills tol
Tallahassee' aid present them to the Legt'-
lature. .
.Hon A, B. ..Mann was introduced, and
proceeded to lay:before the large audience
his proposed establishment of- an auction
mart and for the sale of fruits and vegeta-
bles, and a canning establishment for
surplus fruit and vegetables atterg market
prices have become too low.to ship.
President Dutton followed with jppto-
prate remarks, and some discussion fol-
-l.wed. It was moved by Mr. Sheets, that
a committee be appointed to consult Mi.
Mann on canning factory Messrs. L. A.
Barnes., J. Falconer, J. Voyle. and 'D.
Post, were appointed on that committee,
and directed to report at a meet'ngto be
held Tuesday evening next.
Meeting adjourned to Tuesday evening
A meeting of citizens followed with
same organization, and remarks were made
by various visitors.
Gen, J. T. Walls asked: '*How will we
dispose with our vegetables? to whbm'will
we sell, andwhat shall we get? We don't
put oranges ahead of vegetable t -
us. Let us select the houser e to
ship to. We want money'to a3'- gro-
cery bills and other bills." i
M br. [Mann asked for a' m lte to
choose some citizen to a in the
work of the auction of tr -n the
Interest of the growers. A co00 qe was
appointed consisting of, Mr. CDnio ,''. T.
Walls, Mr. Crown, A. Apra : lanld Mr-
Mclrvin. /gad
Meeting adjourned. 'i/W
------' rf ef

audience wotil bear with him if he re-i.
late his experience in attempting to
secure a home market for the orange I
crop of the State. His reason for givin
the same was to inform t.he audience of
all that had been lone in that line, with
a view to giving confidence in what he
proposed to do for them. He proved
conciusively that the best houses in the
North desired as much as we do that the
plan proposed, viz: home market for alj
our products, should be a success. Their
interests in this change lay in the fact
that by the purchase of our products
only moneyed men could exist in the
trade, and the trade legitimately belong-
ed to those who had the money to prop-
erly carry it on. He dwelt at length
upon, and proved conclusively that, the
interest of the Florida grower offruitsi
and vegetables and the Northern respon-
;ible dealers were one and the same,r
viz:' each are alike desirous to secure til
absence of the side in a business where
he has no ligitimate or honorable phtce

- I



An Enthuilastle Meeting Oar People
Fuollof nope and Determined to Stand
-ror a Home Market-A Canoing Factory
a Necessity.
Our readers were fully apprised by us
that the Bo.ird of Trade had invited Sen-
ator Mann to deliver an address at their
rooms last Thursday evening instead of
the court house as was at first intended,,
but we must confess that we were sur-
prised at the great interest which out
people manifested in what it was sup-
posed this farmers' friend proposed tor
our good ; and all dayThur-day, although
Friday was election day, we came upon
many groups :of our gardeners and town
people, and heard from some, "Home'
market for all we raise," and from
others, "Save what you can't ship by
establishing a canning factory.'" The
election was lost sight of, and as the
hour drew near for the speaker to arrive
the people seemed to move in one direc-
tion, and long before the time, the
roomy apartments of the Board of Trade
would hold no more, and when the hnll
was filled, large crowds gathered on the-
streets to hear all they could through
the open windows.
Immediately upon the arrival of Mr.
Mann, the President of the Board of
Trade arose, and after paying an elo-
quent tribute to the speaker, whom it
was bis pleasure to intro duce, eaid that
after his labors in behalf of the growers
of oranges and vegetables, it seemed a
mockery to introduce Sen ator Mann, as
he was known to them al.] by his labor
in their behalf.
Senator Mann arose, and after th.ank-
ing the President for wh it ie had been
pleased to say and the Board for cour-
tesies extended, he said he hoped the

He dwelt at considerable length upon
all that was necessary to be done, al-,
waysicoming to the same conclusion,
wifiTh was, if bou people" would organ-
Ize, all that he promised and more would
be realized. He could talk, and he
might suggest, hut it would all amount
to nothing without a full and complete
organization. To this end he ventured
the suggestion that if anything was to
be done this season, not a moment should
be lost, that a committee of the Board of
Trade, acting with a similar committee
comlposed of vegetable grower, should.
be appointed to consider all that-. iha
been proposed, who on a more tlhqrgh
examination of the subject would:'lt'e
the people as to what they sholidu
After a talk of about two hoLQj6ie
Senator apologized for having oa A ed
'o much of their time, but stated ;ew.the
importance of the subject, and his" ltar-
est in the same was such that if he were'
to attempt to tell them all that lie Would
like them to know, it would take him d
solid week, and lie would close now w.th
the promise to meet them again at sucll
time as might please them.
President Dutton in a very neat and
pretty talk expressed the obligation of
the Board of Trade to Senator Mann foe'
his able, interesting and instructive ad-
dress, saying that he felt perfectly con-
fident that if our citizens would follow
the suggestions nlaide, a new era of pros-
perity was guaranteed to Gainesvllle,
Alachua county and the State, to secure
which lie pledged his best efforts andi
firmly believed that every man would'
do his duty.
Mr. W. N. Sheets spoke confidenfl
of the work proposed, promised his fti'
support, anil moved that a commnift
of four upon the part of the Board,'t
Trade, anll a committee o of ie olt
part of the vegetable glowers be.'`
pointed to consider what wai best I.
done, and report at a Iubli meem4
next Tuesday night, to convene at ji
Board of Trade rooms, which was ud
inlously adopted. The committee'
the part of the Board of Trade was .i
posed of the following gentlemen :
Vovrl, John Falconrr, L. A.
aid J. H. Post, and the following.i.t
the part of the vegetable growers.
E. E. Cannon, J T. Walls. Cr
A lex. Ayery and .. R. MClIrvl.
C'eeral WIrll-a a d many oth
pledged thoir hearty support, and
:ral good feelinT prevailed, A mot
nas mnde uI atdjournl, alter which a'g
Pr.l I haiha-shaking was indulged jf
nearly ecery party present, before lean
ing, gnasnied "Farmer Mann'"by. thb
hand, and after complimentary rnt
marks., each promised a hearty support
At this juncture the Senator presented
basket of oranges, perfect wobAdr ,. 0
beauty, and all were surprised gr1
ified to learn that they had .i.l6 .
for a period of over seventy 4 by
I process, the result of years of
mnent, looking a.i fresh and more beaatt-
fill than the day they were plucked from:
the stem on which they grew. Nearly'
every one present carried away a sam-
pie, arid it wan easy to see that they
pliacd great value upon the possesstop
of it, and there is no doubt, that thi,
nmepting is the most JmpQrtint one held
Ln years In this city.
",.,.._. -


L i/^^^. ^z^/^d M-/66/^

%^/ /Le/w- gs-/fi J> <^ s
i^ bSt.^tt-C^^L~;Ca~'- cbr-z /'/i*~, t^^-~;~ ^ ^ /TZe

; < k~< cc, a rac / J el -L;
i <^,<^<^t^<>-l~gl

i r,r .^%^^^JjiA~ aLL2




The Meeting on Saturday-Senator Mann's
Speech-Important Action of the Farm-
ers and Fruit Growers.,
Meeting called to order by Mr. J;
Voyle who introduced Senator Mann.
The Senator then entertained the au-
dience on the subject of Home Markets,
exposing tlhe methods by which low
pricesare c:lused. and showing the mean'
by which tle best prices for all oiur
vegetable and fruit product can be ob-
taioed. ce appears to be afraid it will
be a long lima- before thle farmers will
quit the old nmethod, fOr fear that Lhe
111an whio comes and htlu\ uan m.i a mke i
big prortir, hut I Ilere niust be profit or all
pIurt ies. He slowed that, one of the
great points to be made by an orgnniz-d
honm m irket is the prevention of gluts.
Ip proposed tilrt in coniniittee be aip-
pointed to iormulate a ill applying to
the legislatRire lor ;i charter fur t. can-
nlug association here. Saying that it is
univiersally conceded thi- is the place
for concentration. and that lie had IUec
notliing but encolrnagement on tile sub-
ject of a home market for prodtiee .o lfar.
Judge Ceqsna anil Mr. Sheatr followed
Senator Mann with pertinirJt remarks
Mr. Sheani ofterel to be one of twenty
men to combine and agree to ship all
they van through Mr. Mlnnn' lirnm.
The following ivrolutions were passied
by the meeting:
\WV:\R>I s, We nre in Ihearty lympathyl
witll thle niuve'tmeint to e-t:iblish a: hlonie
Iil.lrket for the i.al f (i oiur pro litucta % e
litreby idedgt. ourselves to give the tinme
,itr hCe rty anld e.rn-es ~t .In rt by ngie- i
ing tol ship nr sell oiir present sea onl's
e l llq hioalo illO l the 'lue. i
Wltn:l: '.As, This Ineeting l'ully apIpr'- -
ti ':.s rie elif llts of the Fiarlijir,' Alli-
imlice to establish ; in Exchlanlge for lie
lii:tlliniz of .\lnchua county v prodlict ntt
Gainesville; iriid
W'HERE.Ii It is nricesmcily thnt tlh'rO
s8ititd I he full anuil complirte ciainlidtlire I
betwieu the. Excliange andl the glu t'ers,
thel t'ore he it -
?.-.'.Iv'FdJ, Tlat this IoI'n tilln npl point
a c,,inliit -e ul' seveii to seltlt- it sait' i-ell
knollwln a nii coilpetteP i. rvlpr.sr..ltl.tiv' of
lthi fain nicr.. anl .truck glOvwe-rs o1'
,AIlch tii ct iitv. and reillest tile Farm-
ers' Alliance Exchange to employ said
pi,: son ill their branch liii-iness at
Galne ville; -!e.

In cormliance with the lioOve a cnom-
milrec wa~ appointed con:sistlng of W.
K. Cemna, Jos. Partlie, .1. J. Godlliin,
J. A. J. Stricklaml, J. R. Flewellen, H.'
J. bailey and lV N. Sheals..
he'.~olced, ''That ia csmlnitte. of thrlle'
l)e I)ppoittnerl to prcp'rlte Hitd nbtaln froin
Sthe i l ri' feIt il *i .ioi of lie. iati.lal'tre .i
act of iliculrpo'r. tion :Ilthorizini mail
pPrnlirting thle foi nilatiriO of a stock voill-
ouaity r'r ithe ptrpo.e of caL'tiling flt its
vtgetanhlr-, &c., 'with ihairpe of l'-s
l lnlltittu t thiin i l all vwed hv tle gener til
ilintorptlr.tulon lItws of tle State.
The above menrionnt commirittee w:ls
nppoiintet ad ciiinists of J,.Voyle, W.'
K. CLissna'danIV. N. Sheat1.
W\\'LIrA, 't~etiuportance of' Imme-
di:iti u:ictin,1fl't ,l g is done rowarls
tile erection olra canning li'tnory to util-
h,.e tils ,spring's crop of vegetables, is
iLltp:Ircltt ,a1nll
~1'HienEL.s, we are in heiarly sympathy
withl tile Inovenment; therelore, be LL
Riesolued, 'That a coninllirte of three
1I' arnprninte.l to open sub.criplion at
Olice and see how inIIly slharl' cati lbe
tlip'.mised of liile waiuing for legislation,
a:i tii:at Lhis coinit.t.e be furthe-r ILthnr-
i7etl andt instrictedi to obtain nil tnIccl s-
sary inlorniatioin Iat to ihol iniIliuh rcpital
will be nrce.sary to put into tcce'slul
operation itieill' ralling Iflttry.
Messrs'.J. Voyle, H. F. Dutton, J
IV. Ashby arul .G. [. Sutherland were
appointed as the committee called for in
the above resolution.
The meeting thenq plJooirnopl to meet
again neXt S.iurday at 3 p. i .




Board *orrra1^'Me i g. -
SBonrd met at 8 o'clock, Monday, May
,q President Dthtton in the chair.
'The Committee on Rook, Roada ler
ported that a general bill had been re-
-edted ro the Legislature to cover Oe
proposed method of raising funds.
Col.l.Nichols moved that the Bosad, by
its committee, memoralize the Legisla-
ture akin immediate action on the
bill. Carried.
Committeeon relief for Mrs.Evans
reported. progress and was continued.
't:ommittee on inning factory report-
edthat they find the public sentiment is
ddtidedly favorable to its establishment,
ihlc the present general law of tte
Srtae governing chartered :associations
.limits the shares to not less than $1bb.00
eacith; tant it is advisable that i petition
,e presented to the Legislature to re
dince theliulit to $10; that to do a proftl
able business not less than $10,000 should
be invested, and that i.t be made to in-
clude such other methods of utilizing
farm products as will preserve or put In'
marketiatle shape our various perishable.
products by drying. evaporating or pre-
serving; that there is a wide and profit-,
able field for such an enterprise; that
there are parties now in the business
enqiiling what advantages Gaiiesvillej
offers for the establishment of a eanningl
factory here, the information required
being the supply of suitable material,
special freights, home -narkets, etc.
A Iter a warm discussion it was moved'
by M'r, J. B, Brown thpt this Board of,
Trade do offer a bonus of $1000 to any
p arty who will eitablih, and operate
hnre a canning factory witji a cash cap-
ital of' $5000.00, and Mr. Hampton
:idded the offer of a lot idt his tract if the
factory be placed thereon. .
The Secret:try was directed ;to corres-
pond with parties intet1sted indthil mat-
erTj7mW t fT'tu a mentc Ir6 eb"
city charter re rred amendments which
were disi:ussed, amended and v6ted on
by sections, and finally adopted and
orinelt presented by the committee to
the Oiry council for their consideration
and recommending its adoption.
The proposed amendment empowers
the city oi1dil to issue bonds for pub-
lic improvements, the samk no 4.ex-
ceed ten per cent of the asseshedI va'a-
tion of tile city, Sity bonds tojbear 6 per'
cent interest and to run for twenty
years. The city council is also empow-
yedl in case of an emergency, to make a
e..inpornry loan for sanitary purposes,
tie same not to exceed three mills of
thle assessed valuation of the city.' The
IMav' is empowered to appoint the
iarsh 4ml,-alndl. pl lie rto same subject
d'confi atoiron.Bythe counoanl.
'he aty'\retiart. reported the.:tri, ic-
tlon of the pecialmeeting to be as fol-
AmiJ m 4%.

' j'0 i1 nrieosoions fl tS
logist work n ere sent out, as directed,
the resultUs ai uenuorial from theLegis-
lature to bonigi 'ess, praying for a con-
tinu:iance of this \ 'luable work.
Since the Iast mi' tting, the matter .or
home market for a nJ systematic ship-
meut of produce, h as been vigorously
pushed under the au spl ces of the Board
of Trade. Meetings have been held if
these rooms and parties' iLterested ha*r
been addressed by Se nator Mann and
-tliers. .ales have beer maL1e here, and
shipments are being. ma le dai'Vy by the
association of which Mr. Manor is mana-
The object of bringing the bulk of
the shipping to this point is favorably
progres-ing. The railroads, are join lug
in with this plan to make this a massii i
point for shipment, and to this end veze -
t.lblsR are brought. to this place from.
stationss north of here, to be put in with
c.r load lots, and no freight is charged
or the bringing here, and for lots from
lte southward through rates are charg-
These advantages have already result-
ied in pecuniary good to this place, to
die promotion of the enterprise, and the
raisers of the produce.
its prospective good is very encourag-
ing. The work is being systemized, both
as to handling rapidly here, rapid tran-
,it to market, and finding the best mar-
ket toship to.
Daily reports by telegraph from all
lar] cities show where prices are low
andi the supply full. And arrangements
are now made to have daily reports of
the shipments from all parts of this
State. including kind, character and
Ile'tination. So thbt not only will it he
known ltIre what prices and supply is
on hand in the m'trket, but also the sup-
ply for each market that is on the way;
so tbat every shipment can be intelli-
gently made to the market paying the-
best price, and where there is the least
.supply, thus avoiding disadvantageous
gluts and consequent low prices; in fact
as far as possible controlling both supply
and deuIInd in the interest of the ship-
peIr I'rum this place.
Received reports and placed on file.
Board adjourned.


(4~1rn I

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\ ^/i,, TU ^ rn // r-/z^*z erCy Ar / / ^-
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/tr forIr a22< // P

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: c Zre -Z-c / y ^ ~2 <

I ~Z/25 d'--'S'7'f *.-^ r
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*tt/crr$/ C A-6X 2 yc9:
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I -< t.,'Vc ..'Fc/ //r" -,z, tW:., e<%e 26r" c.A-t.--

_^ C ) ** ^--1 / .

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"., ., :^ "^Y/^^ / / ^^rc^ ^

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s'.-^. % ^ t. .'. ..'/.'L.z '. ... --"
>.' ~~ ~~~ .. 0.. ..:.. ,.,,, .
i.W 'f^ ,*- "' --A^-%. i-,.



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( w t r 2c r


ncorinto .ppoitlm lt, I w'ent tdntai-
-.p,;.a d,.as;your reprebetitiivPg ,Wis
-gait.-the .B board off -Tar i.of tit
i4ur;i the visaift oh::e Clicaago 4I l
i -or
.'-That 1delgalion was composed g -
Tesa men whose prinrlpal ot'jf et it.)
pesonally Inspect the liese n1aS
of riampa-the methods o 'do- nui-
ni1i, tiie possible IiUels oldred e il s-
ifess l!oie, RI:d 'the chahiracter uf tlhe
fij tils.-offoerrld 'cir conceiV triaihg -in
;Tfin.iL'.y tihe ronteh ilated b:iihesa.
wit tei Wi .t,. dius,' and Central and

a:'p.. "ro''g- .m .: t- exceedingly
eIvo o.e';. io trilnt i wasted in
ral me etings i..i i'set speakieis.
;'Re ieenhttivus of iJie-T e:: .Bond
iofti.tle in-e S i p'rellnt as.
. ilaliias.4 g.ets. ith i;e Cli-
iu .du.lCnti.in, 'iitrel In'c party,
Lind iL this party only.a s.mnall uutnibex
ti.rimp.t.Lnperi worii p:eient, at ,uy lilie.
i,, M*ae,. ta CL.e cillru tter t. th-.,ineet
S A' .. s-jIr iyrt I l ?nritivO M ha i
Ltyyal assuuibluseaoif thu
numb ohrmen could possibly lhav6
ten le bliusiues wia Etrliltly the
rr' 6the day, everything that uloid
edoneito contributee to the comfoirtof
tlgests wvas handsomely done. Street
%c roads and steamboats enabled
t itors to make inspection wiithiout
mu:pyslcal esertior in. the midsum-

Din al the t.raveling around'there
w~ ,i' uplporturitLy for -couvovra-
i,.iA: ih:t i .way Re entire time
tSianioiu6 meeting. for.eenqliui-
Ess infdomatlni winding -upI 1Wih
rl'teetinnQof- t:e most satisfactoryy
iC,=;r, thedetailso l which th. ne:s-
S'hive:already informed you;' Thisa
,io onify promfges great. go6.d' .td
4 b.ue Stae. of Plor-
> -.$-s and e;b6 s,
.......M..i ar, -

'I ampa has had d bear the" stigma
of beiug a menace to the health of the
United States, her trade with Cuba
placiig her under the suspicion of har-
boring yellow fever. The entire state
lias-been under suispii.lon and business
has been'injuredinu consequence there-
of, : .
This act of Tampa in bringing from
the business center of the northwest a
delPgation of business men at the busi-
est season of the year, through the reg-
ion that one year ago was panic strike
by'the presence of yellow fever, and
keeping them fur several days, .in. .cotb-
pany with people from ill places that
suffered from that pestilence, taking
thte right into the- center of esupiciun
and keeping them continually traiveling
in the hottaes Lime of the year, and thenL
seudlng them home as sound in health
as.when they left'home, has done -more
to.resrore confidence in Florida thud all-
the newspapers, pamphlets, lecrtures'and
other means of appealing to the public
in ld combined could possibly have
done; and by this aut.-Tampa has laid
the entire state and adjoining states un-
der great obligations tohei-. Let Tampa
have the full credit therefpr.e
Alter leaving Tampa 1 -made :an e]x-
:ende.d tour through the surrouuditng
country amd from my notes I give the
following extracts as of interest to busi-
ness in the state; '-* .
Whilst in South Florida it occurred to
.meth-at I might obtain information of
importance to this county by making
enquiries as to where tHe vegetable busi-
ness once concentrated in and around
Alachua county, had gone. .After hun-
dreds of miles of.tr'atel l'un'd that
:whever transpo' dtion could d obtained
aind the land was'suitable ch e the veg-
,ifable bustness,be.xsted.-- T SW tomato
plants being-set out- in September,. al-
ready they were one foot high. found
that the- high prices.,forinarlf obtained
bire, are still paid for the e.aest slilp-
menfts .there. -
Phospbatn ayve been discovered at
,e"er-alp..ces O.n- Peace ,c ek- hnd

:tor in.. restoring the exhausthd'.sbolXW
bearing orange groves. "
I wish' to direct your attention'pj;
matter of iliportance to orange gri''ts
I was at several meetings of' the QMr
Growers Union, and was -s tr ci
lirge sums of money sent to Mtin fTi1
the siding for boxes to sbip'.Prangei!
SThousands of dollars.sent awaify...-o' i
Lazgei tat have no value whbbti'
'= *. > .. '*,.> i.
'with. Suggest to you that i.thr.
'way to keep this money at .homea
make a package having aierIhedfA
value when done with for .the
business. That is; to take thebi 1
leaves, grind them into pulpg ?:-
into paperiboards suitable qr ..tbhl
pose; make box sides of thW~, and4',
consider this dry pulp to be worked.
intd other forms when dbne with
bosingf.- .
An examination of Tampa 3'sar !
that-its approaches apd tlirroQo.
warrants ite assertion f1Ifall.' eoI
that there is ample room for.th. !
modatioc there of an imietirse' '
trade, bothpomestio andqforeift.c
road outlets will soon ftinahij.
uels of conveyance. re.aro ro5 N
roadl for western traffic-is t
at present all the roads run .btthctI
ward. .' :
Tampa is nearly dlie sotl i.bf
ville, lu a straight. Ilide IImllmil
taut, and only.sevAe milel totti
ward. .
A liie from Gaineavllle pssbait
Flemington I, unollion, Manpsfl;ii
Brooksville, : would offer a 'lIreti
through-desirable country for set i
and be the great highway'for.coiQ
b.er-e.'eq th WVes. Indlesi :en
Soutih-Amneria, and the greatt:"
Thus :Gainesville -and Tamph-ta
bond of m'futnal intereet in the I.Q
I acts now Under rapid deve lpiaedp
these projects will certalinly hieT
I. great gootjI. parts of 1the. Stats d i
adjacent ptoie; lies of tr-aoapor.tft
by.trbiilngt.t aioj and' dee-d Di, I
r .intpauttth~at f~l'slhnt he hneni I

-//^ 6?'


1~7c ~. )a~

I, ^Tw/V
^ T1Le^^'^/ ac^ aL /66 7,7 -4e i
/ aP ecxa (/ A 6dcEX z&/f 'r 6& /^ ^
,% Z/S jrec6 cY 'a c&-< c^ & a ^e
L4 a' -<416 77cbr
Anf4 {- 4 Ci azc-^/- /- e^- tC
I ^I ^^^'^Credm //^^^<^

4W(no + i4iAe/ A t'*7 d/9
yL^^ / /f^ ^^cc-~ n?<^^^'. .
d& 7*nose er~

asn ^^e Ay% ^.- ^^^^
v/----^Ue/A ^"A^^^fce^L ^fe^- ^^A'-^^^~

^*-; 4 (A r 2a^ a 4we t
owne / 4- ./ '--
y/i^ T^I- A <- s ^edZ ,z r- z ^
<^!^j ^.^^e^^^<^ o^^atf ci-ul <^L& \;tt

far.-ca /& ea,/d,
^L- ^C. ff e^^r.i^y^
Mrs afif ^ oral, -
r~~~~~kC~~~u r
~ az-Jui~Ac



--P .


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7' ,, C ",' ,t",' ,/. /' .-t. L. ., .I-J-,
SA Jc. tA .

,r --,
I-..:' C-' {cV.. -" ?'<' r-ttc -'"

'- .- i" ; "' .... .... .

/ .- /. *', ,

ft' U- ,' -' -t e

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-A'/ f lt-l.*3 -'

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~1SIL- 4: ) -t &-C e.'- L C-~ 4
.. -t *- r "a'


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.1 ,/ '._" ,

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.... t .- .. ,.-, .

.-.'. l a, .... _.. ,' ^ 0-_ *-*-,.. ..<. -c- .- A -, .. .
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a-L tC~LS ,z$ 2,

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,i,--T-. ^ -^- s r-a- }. -
/"r */I^..

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ci Ii 97 ,-7 -

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