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ed States Department of Agriculture

MAY 1943
nontechnical publications listed herein, unless indicated "For sale only," may
pon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington,
the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications
from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Wash-
urchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the Department
of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
ist will be sent free on request made to the Office of Information, U. S.
culture, Washington, D. C.
1 not be sent free to foreign addresses, except when exchanges of pub-
e. Foreign correspondents should apply to Superintendent of Documents,
enclosing remittance.
I docking lambs. D. A. Spencer, Bureau of Animal Industry,
Baker, Bureau of Agricultural Economics. 8 p., illus. (F. B.
) Price 50.
f rope on the farm. J. R. McCalmont, Bureau of Plant Indus-
and Agricultural Engineering. 17 p., illus. (F. B. 1931F.)

recent regions. C. A. Magoon and Elmer Snyder, Bureau of
stry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering. 38 p., illus. (F. B.
rice 100.
from farm ponds. Verne E. Davison and J. A. Johnson, Soil
n Service. 22 p., illus. (F. B. 193SF.) Price 100.

and fruits.
y, Soils and

James H. Beattie and Dean H. Rose,
Agricultural Engineering. 29,,p., illus.

in the farm plan. John F. Preston, Soil Conservation Service. 22 p.,
F. B. 1940F.) Price 100.
and milking rates of the individual quarters of the dairy cow udder.
atthews, W. W. Swett, and R. It. Graves, Bureau of Dairy Industry.
[us. (T. B. 827T.) Price 100.
Method for determining the condition of white-tailed deer herds
ion to available forage. Barry C. Park and Besse B. Day, Forest
60 p., illus. (T. B. 840T.) Price 15.

Sto the morphology and anatomy of guayule (Parthenium
Ernst Artschwager, Bureau of Plant Industry. 34 p., illus.
Price 150. Restricted.

(T. B.

ers on milo grain in the southern Great Plains. W. H. Black and
lowe, Bureau of Animal Industry; J. M. Jones, Texas Agricultural
unt Station, and F. E. Keating, Bureau of Plant Industry. 15 p.,
. B. 847T.) Price 50.

ipy jaw, or actinomycosis.
of Animal Industry. 9 p.,

R. Mohler and Maurice S. Shahan, Bureau
(Cir. 438C., rev.) Price 50.

The composition of paper and paperboards manufactured in 1939. R. V. Reyn-
olds and Albert H. Pierson, Forest Service. 23 p., illus. (Ofr. 668C.)
Price 100.
Feed consumption by livestock, 191041. R. D. Jennings, Bureau of Agricultural
Economics. 57 p.. (Cir. 670C.) Price 100.
Workers in subjects pertaining to agriculture in land-grant colleges and experi-
ment stations, 1942-43. Betty T. Richardson, Office of Experiment Stations.
174 p. (M. P. 510M.) Price 25. Restricted
Food for freedom by better range-conservation practices in the Pacific North-
west. W. T. White, W. R. Frandsen, R. R. Humphrey, and N .T. N lsun, Soil
Conservation Service. 19 p., illus. (M. P. 514M.) Price 100.
Farming for greater production of war crops in the intermountain and south-
western country. Soil Conservation Service. [11] p., illus. (M. P. 517M.)
Price 5f.
Bureau of Animal Industry. Service and regulatory announcements. April
1943. Pp. 25-31. (S. R. A.-B. A. I. 432). Price 5f a copy, 25 a year.'
Rhode Island, Providence County. (No. 3, Series 1938.) 72 p., illus. Price 350.
National forest areas. June 30, 1942. Forest Service. 15 p.2
The agriculture, soils, geology, and topography of the Blacklands Experimental
Watershed, Waco, Texas. Soil Conservation Service. 38 p., illus. (Hydro-
logic Bull. No. 5.) Price 400. For sale only.
9 steps in grading soybeans. Extension Service. (AWI-35). Folder.
10 steps in grading grain sorghums. Extension Service. (AW1-36). Folder.
6 steps in grading flaxseed. Extension Service. (AWI-37). Folder.
Save cotton by controlling insects. (AWI-38). Folder.
Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by purchase
or subscription from the Superintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 27. No. 4, April 1943. Price 5, a copy; 500 a year,
domestic; 700 a yenr, foreign.'
Agriculture decisions. Vol 2, No. 3, March 1943; No. 4, April 1943. Price 15
a copy; $1.50 a year.'
Agriculture in the Americas. Vol. 3. No. 5, May 1943. Illus. Price 100 a copy:
75 a year, domestic; $1.20 a year, foreign.'
Crops and markets. Vol. 20, No. 2, April 143. Price 10 a copy; 3Q a year,
domestic; 45( a year, foreign.' Quarterly.
Experiment station record. Vol. 88, No. 6, June 1943. Price $1 per volume
(2 volumes a year) consisting of (; monthly numbers and index; $1.75 por
volume, foreign. Single numbers for sale only. Price 150.,
Extension service review. Vol. 14, No. 5, May 1943. Illus. Price 10( a copy;
$1.00 a year, domestic; $1.40 a year, foreign.'
Foreign agriculture. Vol. 7, No. 5, May 1943. Illus. Price 100 a copy; $L) a
year, domestic; $1.0 a yeur, foreign.'

'Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Waabingtou,
D. C.
2 May be obtained from the issuing bureau.

Indicate below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins desired. In order to assure
prompt delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to United States Depart-
iment of Agriculture, Office of Information, Washington, D. C. List no more than five publi-
cations. If more are desired, please apply to Superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, Washington, D. C., enclosing remittance to cover cost of publication. Be
sun to fill in blank form on reverse side.

Farmers' Leaflets Other publications

Journal of agricultural research. Price $3.25 a year, domestic; $4.75 a year,
foreign. Each issued, 15f, domestic; 20, foreign. Separates, 50, domestic;
80 foreign.1 Not distributed free to individuals.
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
in 2 volumes a year of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
Separates. A small supply of each separate is given to the originating bureau or
station for its staff, cooperators, and for such other distribution as can be made.
Others interested may purchase copies from the Superintendent of Documents, Wash-
ington, D. C., at 5f each. The Office of Information has none for general distribution.
Vol. 66, No. 9. May 1, 1943. Illus. Contents:
Effect of photoperiod on rice varieties grown in the field (G-128). H. M. Beachell.
The composition and palatability of some common grasses (Mass.-52). J. G. Archibald,
E. Bennett, and W. S. Ritchie.
The proteins of various tree seeds (Minn.-122). A. P. Lund and W. M. Sandstrom.
-Vol. 66, No. 10. May 15, 1943. Contents:
Some methods for approximate prediction of surface area of fruits (Mich.-39). William
Dowell Biaten and Roy E. Marshall.
Effect of fertilizer and environment on the ascorbic acid content of turnip greens. (Okla.-
29). Ruth Reder, Leah Aschanm, and Mary S. Eheart.
News for farmer cooperatives. Vol. 10, No. 2, May 1943. Price 100 a copy;
$1 a year, domestic.3
Rural electrification news. Vol. 8, No. 9, May 1943. Price 100 a copy; 750 a
year, domestic; $1.50 a year, foreign.'
Soil conservation. Vol. 8, No. 11, May 1943. Price 10 a copy; $1 a year, domes-
tic; $1.50 a year, foreign."


United States Department of Agriculture
W. H. Sebrell, Associate Chief, Nutrition and Food Conservation Branch, Food
Distribution Administration
The Executive Order creating the War Food Administration as the agency
to coordinate all activities concerned with the production and distribution of
food made it logical that the Nutrition Division of the Office of Defense Health
and Welfare Services, Federal Security Agency, should be transferred to the
Food Distribution Administration, War Food Administration. The functions
of the Nutrition Division have been incorporated in the Nutrition and Food Con-
servation Branch of the Food Distribution Administration, with offices in the
Department of Agriculture, South Building.

Payable to Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
3 May be obtained from Farm Credit Administration, Kansas City, Mo.




N anie _- --__- -- --------------------------------------

Rural Route or Street No ..................
City or Town----------------------------------


_:: ==. =---- _. _= ---:---------------------

The transfer will not interrupt the relationship which has b
with the State and local nutrition committees during the past
regional nutritionists, who have been assigned to the Food Distr
istration regional offices, will continue to work with the commltte
basis as before.
Through the State and local nutrition committees the Nutriti
continue to act as an integrating and coordinating agency for the
groups, governmental and private, engaged in furthering nutritior
educational program it will continue to encourage the disseminatl
edge and practice of adequate nutrition geared to the wartime foo
Checking food waste to conserve the physical volume of food, f
ljoint to table, and conservation of all possible nutritive values
factors of the program.
Emphasis is being placed upon unified programs which will rea
maker with approved, safe, and successful methods of canning
unity catnning where there is a surplus of fresh foods.
Information about purchasing foods for their greatest nutritiw
use of alternates which have the same nutritive value as those wb
supply are integral parts of the program. Organization of plans:
strations which will teach the best use of locally abundant fou
extend the flavor of those less abundant will be carried on throug
local nutrition committees.
The Nutrition in Industry program will guide, and assist in fe
worker so that adequate diets may be provided at industrial phl
siun will eoopor'ute with the Public Health Service and other ovel
engaged in maintainliig the health of civilians in military, naval
areas and will strive toward the maximum utilization of exist
bohi from the standpoint of quantity and nutritive value.


Market Lists for Moderate-Cost and liberal Meals.
Three Market Lists for Lov-Cost Meals.
Green Vgctables in Low-Cost Meals.
Dried Fruits in Low-Cost Meals.
Well-Nou risled Qhlldren.
AWI-1. Food for (Irowth,
AWI-2. Vitamins From Farm to You.
AWI- 3. eight Food Waste in the Home.
AWl :4. Fats in Wartime Meals.
AW I-41. Wartime canning of Fruits and Vegetable.

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