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Monthly list of publications
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United States Department of



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AJW five of the nontechnical publications listed herein, unless indicated "For sale only," may
he obtained free upon application to the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington 25,
D. C., as long as the Department's supply lasts. After this supply is exhausted, publications may
be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington
25, D. C., by purchase at the prices stated herein. His office is not a part of the Department of
Free distribution of technical material and periodicals is restricted.
This monthly list will be sent free on request made to the Office of Information, U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, Washington 25, D. C.
Publications will not be sent to foreign addresses, except when exchanges of publications are
made. Foreign correspondents should apply to Superintendent of Documents, Washington 25,
D. C., enclosing remittance, plus postage.

Comparison of corn and corn-molasses
and after weaning. M. W. Hazen,
E. Comfort, University of Missouri.

mixture for fattening beef calves before
Bureau of Animal Industry; and James
11 p., illus. (T. B. 862T.) Price 5.

Management of jack pine stands
K. LeBarron, Forest Service.

in the Lake
66 p., ills.

(T. B.

F. H. Eyre and Russell
863T.) Price 150.

A Victory Gardner's handbook on insects and diseases. W. H. White, Bureau
of Entomology and Plant Quarantine; and S. P. Doolittle, Bureau of Plant
Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering. 30 p., illus. (M. P. 525M.)
Price 10.

North Carolina forest resources and industries.
Service. 76 p., illus. (M. P. 533M.) Price 25.

Growing vegetables in town and city.
Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils,
538M.) [40] p., illus. Price 10.

J. W. Cruikshank, Forest

Victor R. Boswell and Robert E. Wester,
and Agricultural Engineering. (M. P.
This publication supersedes F. B. 1044.

Directory of U. S. Register of Merit sires and dams qualifying under the
National Poultry Improvement Plan (1941-42 trap-nest record year).
Compiled by A. B. Godfrey and Paul B. Zunibro, Bureau of Animal Industry.
57 p. (M. P. 539M.) Price 100. For sale only.

California, Santa Cruz area.

(No. 25, Series 1935.)

90 p., illus.

Price 400.

California, Tracy area. (No. 5, Series 1938.)

95 p., illus.

Price 600.

Montana, Upper Musselshell Valley area. (No. 1, Series 1939.) 48 p., illus.
Price 200.
Bureau of Animal Industry. Service and regulatory announcements. December
1943. (S. R. A. B. A. I. 440.) Pp. 75-80. Price 50 a copy; 250 a year.1
Agricultural statistics, 1943. Joseph A. Becker, Paul Froehlicb, Gordon P.
Boals, A. E. Brandt, Kelsey B. Gardner, James M. Hunt, H. 0. Larsen, S. W.
Mendum, Merrill Sickles, and Clifton 0. Warren. 548 p. Price 65 (paper

Annual report on tobacco statistics, 1943.
83 p. (CS-6).

Food Distribution Administration.

Physical land conditions on the San Mateo County Soil Conservation District,
California. Robert S. Ayers, Soil Conservation Service. 36 p., illus.
(P. L. S. 33). Price 454. For sale only.
I Payable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,

r 2

Report of the Administrator of agricultural research, 1943, includes reports of
the following agencies of the Administration: The Bureaus of 'Agricultural
and Industrial Cbenistry; Animal Industry; Dairy Industry, Entomology
and Plant Quarantine; Human Nutrition and HRome Economics; Plant In-
dustry, Soils, anQ Agricultural Engineering; and the Office of Experiment
Stations. Eugene C. Auchter. 236 p. Price 254.
Report of the Secretary of Agriculture, 1943, Claude R. Wickard. 252 p. Price
300. This report covers all activities of agencies in the Department and the
War Food Administration.
Report on the agricultural experiment stations, 1943. J. T. Jardine, F. Andre,
H. P. Barss, E. C. Elting, F. D. Fromme, H. C. Knoblauch, F. V. Rand, Sybil
L. Smith, H. M. Steece, R. W. Trullinger, J. W. Wellington, and B. Youngblood,
Office of Experiment Stations. 112 p. Price 204.


Wartime harvests from farm woodlands. Soil Conservation Service, Forest
Service, and Extension Service. ]8[ p., illus. (AWI-80).

Free distribution of periodicals is definitely restricted. They may be obtained by purchase
or subscription from the Supterintendent of Documents.
Agricultural situation. Vol. 28, No. 2, February 1944. Price 50 a copy; 504 a
year, domestic; 700 a year, foreign.1
Crops and markets. Vol. 21, No. 1, January 1944. Price 100 a copy; 300 a year,
domestic; 450 a year, foreign.' Quarterly.
Experiment station record. Index to Vol. 88. January-June 1943; Vol. 90,
No. 3, March 1944. Price $1 per volume (2 volumes a year) consisting of
6 monthly numbers and index; $1.75 per volume, foreign. Single numbers
for sale only. Price 154.1
Extension service review. Vol. 15, No. 2, February 1944. Illus. Price 104 a
copy; $1.00 a year, domestic; $1.40 a year, foreign.1
Foreign agriculture. Vol. 8, No. 2, February 1944. Illus. Price 100 a copy;
$1.00 a year, domestic; $1.60 a year, foreign.1
Journal of agricultural research. Price $3.25 a year, domestic; $4.75 a year,
foreign. Each issue, 150, domestic; 200, foreign. Separates, 50, domestic;
80 foreign. Not distributed free to individuals.
Of primary interest to agricultural scientists and advanced students only. Issued
in 2 volumes a year of 12 numbers each. Free distribution is limited to certain
libraries and to institutions or departments doing research work.
Separates. A small supply of each separate is given to the originating bureau or
station for its staff, cooperators, and for such other distribution as can be made.
Others interested may purchase copies from the Superintendent of Documents, Wash-
ington, D. C., at 5C each. The Office of Information has none for general distribution.
Vol. 68. No. 3. February 1, 1944. Illus. Contents:
Influence of controllable environmental conditions of regeneration of Jack pine and black
spruce (F-101). Russell L. LeBtrrun.
Thi effect of water deficits in the tree upon maturity composition, and storage quality of
Bosc pears (G-1293). A. Lloyd Ryall and W. W. Aldrich.
The amphidiploids Aegilops cylindricaX Triticumn durum and A. ventricosaXT. durum
and their hybrids with T. aestivum (G-1297). E. R. Scars.
Vol. 68, No. 4. February 15, 1944. Illus. Contents:
Effect of fertilizer, soil composition, and certain climatological conditions on the calcium
and phosphorus content of turnip greens (Miss.-4). 0. A. Sheets, L. McWhirter,
W. H. Anderson A. Gleger, L. Aseham, II. L. Cochrnn, M. Speirs R. Reder, J. B.
Edmond. E. J. Lease, J. H. Mitchell, G. S. Fraps, J. Whitacre, S. H. Yarnell, W. B.
Ellett. R. C. Moore, and IH. II. Zlmmcrlhy.
News for farmer cooperatives. Vol. 10, No. 10, January 1944. Price 100 a copy;
$1.00 a year, domestic.'
Rural electrification news. Vol. 9, No. 6, February 1944. Price 100 a copy:
750 a year, domestic; $1.50 u year, foreign.'
SPayable to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington,
2 May be obtained from Farm Credit Administration, Kansas City, Mo.
These may be obtained from the issuing bureau.

t -

/ 3

Indtkte below, by numbers IN NUMERICAL ORDER, bulletins required. List no more than
five pllications. If more are desired, please apply to Superintendent of Documents, Govern-
ment Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C., enclosing remittance to cover cost of publication.
In order to assure prompt delivery detach this frank and return in stamped envelope to United
States Department of Agriculture, Office of Information, Washington 25, D. C.
Individuals residing in foreign countries will be required to furnish remittance for the cost
of tlwhe publications selected, plus postage, amounting to one-third of the cost of the publications.
Requests for change of address must show old as well as new addresses. Be sure to write your
name and address plainly on reverse side of this form.
Bulletins AWl Other publications

Prepared by
C. A. LINDSTROM, Associate Chief of Motion Picture Service.

Motion pictures have been used by the Department of Agriculture since 1913
as an aid in its educational, administrative, and regulatory work. It was
Secretary "Tama Jim" Wilson who recognized that with the motion picture he
could demonstrate to thousands how to grow hogs or handle the poultry flock
where it had been possible to reach but tens, and at but a fraction of the cost.
Since his time the motion picture has been used, not only to demonstrate, but to
inform and guide the farm people of the country on subjects having to do with
the conduct of their operations, the control of insects and disease, care of
livestock, propagation of plants, conservation, forestry, road building, soils, and
weather. The home was not neglected. Care of home and children, the farm-
stead, clothing were all subjects of Department motion pictures.
Since the start of this war, the Department motion picture program has been
geared largely to assist the farmer in solving the problems brought on by the
necessity for conversion from the crops of peace to unprecedented production of
food and oil and fiber crops required for total war. Certain movies have been
designed to build and maintain morale among the hard-pressed farm people and,
in the interest of harmony and cooperation, to give others an appreciation of
what the farmers are doing to help win the war. Certain films have been of
the "how. to do it" type; others have presented problems for consideration.
The Department's war pictures for farmers may be classified into three main
1. Guidance and incentive pictures, designed to encourage the production of ade-
quate supplies of food, fiber, and oils to meet our war demands and to
stress the need for conservation of our resources.
2. "How to do it" pictures, designed to explain certain steps, processes, or
methods in agriculture, home economics, and forestry.
3. Morale building films, designed to give farmers a true picture of the importance
of their work to our success in the war.
The following are fair illustrations of the first type:
Home on the Range.-When the meat shortage was foreseen, the picture was
gotten out to point the way to increased production. Practices shown are those
advocated in the Government's range program.
Live at Home.-Designed to encourage farmers to grow more foodstuffs for use
at home, thus relieving transportation facilities of a considerable burden and
releasing more of the marketed foods for men in our fighting forces.
Farm Battle Lines.-Brings out the fact that sound farming methods and con-
servation practices will help the southern farmer to produce more fats and oils
and more of the foods needed for the Food-For-Freedom program.
Of the second type are such films as the following:
The Farm Garden.-Presenting the fundamentals of garden husbandry. It
shows how to plan a garden, prepare the ground, when and how to plant, how to
control disease and pests, and how to transplant, thin, and cultivate.


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Rural Route or Street No--------------------------------

City or Town ----------------- ------------------------
State--------------- ------------------------------

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-- -i4h

-~~~~~~ -- -- -----

Hemp for Victory.-Thc Japs cut off our supply of East Indian coarse fibers,
niilking it ,necessary for the American farmer to supply the urgent needs of our
Ariy anid Navy with American-grown hemp. Small amounts of hemp had been
grown. The farm practices of these growers are shown with the idea-of encour-
;aging other farmers to grow hemp to meet the war emergency.
Good examples of the third type are:
The Farmer's Wife.-A documentary explanation of the farm woman's part
in winning the war-accepting ihe increased responsibilities of wartime farming
with a -pirit that is an inspiration to young and old alike.
Henry Browne, Farmer.-Shows a representative Negro family doing its plart
in the agricultural war production program, while a son trains with the 99th
Pursuit Squadron near Tuskegee, Alabama.
The foregoing types of films are aimed primarily at the farm people. Others
are designed to meet the needs of the public in general for information on the
food situation. It's Up To You goes into the whys and wherefores of point
rationing and the evils of the black market. Canning the Victory Crop shows
in detail how to can fruits and vegetables. Dehydration shows the advantages
that have accrued through the development of the dehydration industry as a
war measure and what it means to our food economy of the future.
Prints of Department films may be obtained from 52 cooperating films libraries
in 44 of the States, and the Territories of Alaska and Puerto Rico. These
libraries are located at universities and colleges. The agricultural colleges in
some of the States have these film libraries. A catalog of Department films is
:ivailalde for review in the office of each county agricultural agent.


Monday through Friday over sta-
tions as-s-ifte(id with the BI ,I
12' .30 p. il. E;sts'rni War 'I'itne.
11 :30 a. in. ( ''rnt rnil VWar TiNii'.
10::1) a. rn. MMountaiin War T'ime.
G. 1: 15 Il. I'lcitic War Ti',e.
(Iii 'Californliu, Oregoii, ;1(d Wash-
iniglni th early iiu'rilingl broadcisis
:ire; the progrlin ii reseiited th lpr(evi-
ous dlay in other pl;irts of tli' o(lll-
try.) The National Farm ntid Iomne
hoiir Is 1iavailalhle to all IBILUE Net-
work stations.

Saturday over stations associated
12: 15 p. in. Eastern War Time.
11 :15 a. min. Central War Time.
10:15 a. m. Mountain War Time.
1: 15 a. mi. Pacific War Time.
(Consumer Tiine is avlilable to all
NBC' stations. Consult radio sched-
ule in your newspaper for stations
carrying the program.


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