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Monthly list of publications
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Dept enet of Agrcalture,

t4I'i WAsmxx(GTav, D. 0.j September 10" 1916. A


ft palis e listed "herein, including those with.
"eJurnif1 of Agrioultdril Restarch, Experimen't
tWand Regul#ttry Announcements, and publications
Muayb balioed fr." upon apolication to the
of 4the Di-vision of Publications, United,*States Depart-
"MAtA4Fshngtoa ,W 0. :.,as long -as, the department's
Ute~s supply i of the publications listed below is ex-
us of which the priee is indituaed can'still be
T jriateOdeet-4f Doeuments, Go r'nutent Printing
WA 4but byteaeoland' at the prices noted
8 to the SupnerlintendentVo Documents direct.' His
06Pwepaddik4 of Agriculture.
tO Fumrs' Bulleiwi for the reason that the department's -suppl
din ily sufficignt to make itpogvsible to send them free to alI
ment of F ..Atime By George IN. Hunt, Chemist
tsyJ.,oret Vroducts. Laboratory. 'Pp. 32, figs. 17. Con-
Yorest Service, Sept. 21, 1916.. (Farmers' Bulletin
YAikc totalkwho Are. interested in prolon.-ing the life of building
aspciay a famsat a distance from preservative works.
t PEL., Muilford, Landsecape G~ardener, Office of Horti-
gbmal Iovostigation8. Pp. 36, figq. 27. Contribution
v Plant Industry. Sept. 26, 1,916. (Farmers' Bulletin

ideesttothosa who wish to grow roses for. pleasure
4,ftheir home ground.
#,By Charles Dearing. Scientific Assistant, Office of
100cal Iuvest:igatlons. Pp. 11" fi-s. 6. Contribu-
'Vftu of Ptant Industry. Sept, 6, 1916. (Farmers'
pl~g higte rapes and wakng te sirup in the home.
,6cholep) or scfeutjfic treatises or bulletins applying
V editjon is limited, 1>ut,theihiill1 be furnished free
itdibfrmatiori as long a6 te supply lasts. How-
iqtprices to the Siuperintendent of Documents.
*"lt. By 0. D~vight Marsh and A. B. Clawson,
V1btut'nvestigatious, Burean of Plant Industry,
ry Inspetor, Bureau of Animal Industry
6Min tg th@ ]Bur"a o Plant, Industry
(Protessioual Paper.) Sept. 8, 1916.

Wakh Practice and Accounts forVo
SDean, Sehool of Commerve, Or~egma
fice 9f Markets and Rural Organimation, *M,
Market Business Practice, Office ot Xuakets aWk itt
56. Contributions from the Offic of Markets sand
SeptL 29, 1916. (Department Bulletin $81L} Prlee; :Lt)
This bulletin should, be of Ittereat bo all vooperattre strs 9
such stores. It should be of interest. to retail, iiacery ngera
stores throughout, the count 7.
Public Road. Mileage and. fevenufs lan tht MMlit6 Aftiafti
Prepared jointly by. -the DIVision of Road Economics and the,
laboratory, of the Oficee of Public Roads, and Rural Engineering,,
Contribution from the Office of Public. Roads and Rural Enaginee
11, 1916. (Department Bulletin U&). Price', 5 cent.
Covers the States of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and W4,
to all users of uPnlic radls eand thase wiko #re oo~cerneo grit.4 rooAd main
The Grazing Industry of Ohe Bluegr*Ws 04ion. Wy 0
mist, Forag.e-Crop1 Inves~tigations. Xp'-,8, figit. 16. Con
Bureau. of, Plant- Industry. Sept. 20, 1016., (Dopartm~ellt
Price, 5 centF.o ~
Describes the various systems otf attending a tmspAAning live mtock 4V h
regions of Virginia, West.Virginia, T1ennessee, and Kentucky,. -1
-A System, Of Accunts for-,UTPv-Stock Shipplitg ANseeAticam04s
Humpreysq 1,W. )1. Jgerr, InvestigAtors i, Wkarket BusuPps I
Sept. 24,C1_916. Dprmntfal4 48)Pie 5 cents.- s
Is" of interest to ilve-stock shipping associations and-persons contempg
organization of such associations. ,
Distinguishing chiar-act-ro. ",of 'the SA~ds of W" dn rass ia x
Grass. By F. H. ilman, Assistai isotaist, !Seed L~aboratory.
figs. 4. Contribution from theBnreau of Plant Industry, (rf
Paper.) Sept. 5, 1916.. (Department Balfletin 406.) Price, 5 cent
Of especial interest, to'seedomem
Systems of Renting Truok Farms In Southwestern NEW
Howard A. Turner, Scientific Assistant. Pp. 20. 'Contribution,
Office of Farm Ma=agement, Office of. the Secretury. (Professionma
Sept, 14, 1916. (Department Balletim 411L) Price, 5 cents.
A record of investigations covering 246 farms and Is of interest t6 ea
landlords in general.
The Normal Day's Work of Farm, Implements, Workmen,an
Western New York. By H. H. Mowry, Agriculturist. Pp. 1I&
tion from. the Office of Farm Management, Office of the Se
fessional.Paper.) Sept. 22, 1916. (Departmeat Bullet!n 41L)
Of especial inter est to those employ~ig help on the farml.
The New Mexico Range Caterpillar and' Its Control.' BY V. IL
Entomological Assistant, and D. J. Caffrey, Scientific Assista:9t, 0
Forage Insect Investigations. Pp. 12, figs. 129,' Contributiobi,
Bureau of Entomology. Sept. 21, 191&. (De"artwext
Price, 5 cents.
The purpose of this bulletin. is to place before. the stockmen to II 1
Southwest the results of investigations carried: on during the past threer
cerning the control of the New MWxico range caterpilldr.
Rules and Regulations of the Secretary of Agr"ictare for
the Federal Aid Road Act. Pp. 23.. Sept. 1, MO1. (iel
of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.
The Work of the San Antonio Experiment. Form In I15. ABy 0i
ings, Far% Superintendent. Pp. 17, figs. 2. Sept 13, 196.-l
Plant Inddsty.) Price, 5 cenits.
Illustrated Lecture on How to, Make Good ftiter,-B J. it.
Husbandman In Charge Southern Dairying, Dairy islt
Animal Industry. Pp. 9. Contribution from the States'p
ad Bureau 9f Animal Industry. Sept. 6, :1916.' (8yl1ab"o,
I lons Servie.). Price,-5 cents.
Por the use of F armaers'Institute 'and ext 1sio ltures in W

.4: Index to Bulletin 96, Burean of Entomology. Papers on In-
afieeting Stored Products. Pp. v, 95-106. Sept. 11, 1916.
rIfo Index to Bulletfi 99, Bureau of Entomology. Papers on In-
.XuIUriou to Citrus and Other Subtropical Fruits. Pp. iv. 31-34.
k.1916.n Price, 5 cents.
V i Lfex fao Bulletin 109, Bureau of Entomology. Papers on In-
ec ting Vegetables. Ppi v, 77-84. Sept. 9, 1916. Price, 5 cents.

l Agrioaltural Research. (Issued weekly. For sale only.)
%o. e3. Sept.-4, 1916. Contents: Observations on the Life History of
Cig Cutworm, Chorizagrotis auxiliaris. By R. A. Cooley. Aphidoletes
hitCalU, an Important Dipterous Enemy of Aphids. By John J. Davis.-
it': of Barnyard Manure and Water upon the Bacterial Activities of
I.--H~ y J. E. Greaves and E. G. Carter. Pp. 871-926, pi. 1, figs. 14.
pS eeuts.
q;' 24, Sept. 11, 1916. Contents: Progressive Oxidation of Cold-
ige~ utter. By D. C. Dyer.-Bacteriological Studies of a Soil Subjected
Sezt: Systems of Cropping for Twenty-Five Years. By P. L. Gainey
M. OitObs. Pp. 927-975, pl. 1, figs. 2. Price, 15 cents.
Zo. 25. Sept. 18, 1916, Contents: Studies on the Physiology of Re-
.kAS In the Domestic Fowl.-XV. Dwarf Eggs. By Raymond Pearl
lNie R. Curtis.-Crotonic Acid, A Soil Constituent. By E. H. Wal-
a d Loise E. Wise. Pp. 977-1046, pls. CXIII-CXIV, figs. 4. Price,
i^B nninag with Volume 5, The Journal of Agricultural Research will be
ly andd distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges and
iiet stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such institutions as
ltbe exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuali.
ttent, of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the
$ g3: per year, 52 numbers,
it SmatiAos record. Vol. XXXIV, Index Number. Sept. 5, 1016.
efPb D., Editor. Pp. 901-1000. Price, 15 cents.
xi:. V, No. 3. Abstract Number. Pp. 201-300. Price, 15 cents.
Seeordi a technical review of the world's scientific literature pertain-
S tute. I.t Ji not intended for general distribution, and its free distribution
i Dersas. connected with the agricultural colleges, experiment stations,
ia sett01t&"d to libraries and exchanges. It can not be sent free to
Eil o at connection with public institutions. The Superintendent
bto reseue subscriptions for this publication, which is issued in two .....
Sirt, ten numbers each, at $1 a volume.
ro Beort. Vol. 2, No. 9, September, 1916. Pp. 85-98. A .'''"'.:....
| gf Estiii ates.) -!, ,'. ".:.
a* teaitiug .to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions,
divale of crops and lie stock. For free distribution. ,.
'ion, and notices governing the enforcement of .
7ft t Mlizour, and quarantine laws, and the varioiz regaula- "'"
.jbt efli y rtain bureaus. Free a stributioq is limted... :..
-T. .
:. ':u :.' : : Y i : i i -'Z
b :. :.- :~~ ~~ ~~~~ 7 ... .: .. ...... ....
'i'!i. :;, "._ ";. ", .. ;" ;. '""J "" :"" '

3 1262 08853 1834

ra g~ae onl, at p,0eUGQ
.. .......
1916. Price, 5 cenitsv. ; A
Daitsid 61 COhemitstry. t ti
S ket. "" 12 "" ."P.."
.I setleide and FAN ,.eS ." .. 4 .....
Laws.I) Pp.l1..-1., ...4tWA
Once of -Mlrketp. an :
United States "
Pp. 1143 1W1rn
Offilee ofE.arkets AjatdEx (ji b
of the 'United: Statet f* Ie

All requests for dnti survey jt o,
bution of .sme being eoat F
Soil Sunrvey of Iefferson "! A
-. R, Burn, W. B, Cobb l X tI
:'of. Agvricultt,"t':iutu @ 'Gr.
merit Statibin. P4 ~" F: "Ss
cents. '. 4
Soil Survey of Franklin Coant 1 By Charltes N
Patrick... Pp. 31,. fig. 1, 'Wj "' 1 15."" -
Soil Survey of Lauren.s County .e. y .iE ,. -T
B. Jones, E. T. Mas-on, 1'.1T. MI b" b qi F" Id:
(From F. 0.. Boills, .0 4.&1 PrileB 1 f.i, ts:
Soil Survey of De D albK.0 cuirty. sor. Mr I O. (ri
R. (C. Doneglhue,' and i. Ii. Mcool o"bf the U:~'.eity o'
fig. 1, map. (Fronm F..,.ols, 114.) `P xe, oi cts-
Reconnoissance Soil<$urvet. of Nort Partt
By W. J. Gelb,.-In:Oharge ,Arttlur E.,T4yIo;ng" .. 1 t S'
SThompson, of the: U,: S. :Demprtment,. Ame10ultn 6 '" ,
W. C. Boardmau Clint a B. ..Post,".i..A.R. aertd.i.
logical and Natural WIttory Survey.. Pp, $'i, .
F. O..Soils, 1014.) Price,- e'Pnts,
ri, ., i'
SPublications of the Weather Burea.w aere oa limb.~ t
Bureau or the Superintendent of Documetts,0 Gve
noted herein.
Monthly Weather Review, (or isae ony)
[Aug. 28, 1916.1 Pp. 321-379, charts, fla
$2.50 a year. Payable to. the Supiint4W.eentib
Special Articles: Solar hnd Sky radiaitio i
.'. :". H. H. Kimball.--Meteor of .une 2 over. fot
Observntions of ineteoi' trains.'-" etor of: t 7.:
SJaqua.-Meteor ot May 7, at Dem rit Alt. Ar
American Meteor Soolety., 1U14, and V1 4V. T
calibrat-ing kite anemometerr. .Bfy 3 ,J/1"i
f equeney, and intensity. By O,: L. u
S. Whipp.--Me-teorological :asp&eets ,of ~oe1Tce t:'.::
relation to wind direction on Mot.Tama t..
so-called change in European lme
son.-Violent easterly winds at Tatoskh .alftd
National Wea fer and Crop Bulletin, Ne 2tW.',
porting temperature, rainfall, and,. crjo't
S States. (Issued weekly, on Wednel ,i4.I . of year.) .PrIce, 25 cents -a yk ,, :
..,. ai Edit.. H
K.... A ,, .. .

.K .'t."l.
a.. ., AV ,..A i.
N. ti :"n,". r .. : :