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;u si dieuilr will be sent regularly to all who apply for it.

unitedd States Department of. Agriculture,

:: WASHINGTON, D. C., June 30, 1916.
VN E, 1916.]
ef any of the publications listed herein, including those with price
ecept the Journal of Agricultural Research, Experiment Station
S:ervtce and Regulatory Announcements, and publications of the
tFeauw, may be obtained free upon application to the Editor and
tl Dimvison of Publications, United States Department of Agri-
lg lrn, D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
Saeirtment's supply of the publications listed below is exhausted,
e of which the price is indicated can still be obtained from the
of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.,
only, and at the prices noted herein.
cianes to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office
a o the Department of Agriculture.

SI e for Farmers' Bulletins for the reason that the department's supply
r: Is ordinarily sufficient to make it possible to send them free to all

tfisa--ti~a g Woodlot Products. By Wilbur R. Mattoon and William B. Bar-
I t Examiners. Pp. 48, figs. .13. Contribution from the Forest Service.
1016. (Farmers' Bulletin 715.)
"fr general distribution, and will be helpful to farmers in selling woodlot

kn ditLand Farms in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. By J. A.
rteltarist, Office of Farm Management. Pp. 28, figs. 3. Contribution
Otce of Farm Management, Office of the Secretary. June 9, 1916.
,dilettl i16.)
ti while applying particularly to areas where sandy lands occur in
IIchigan, northern Indiana, and a part of northwestern Ohio, should prove
i ~ .tl.rmers occupying sandy lands in other portions of the country not too
Ml permit of maturing the crops recommended.
.eofM. Live Stock from Plant Poisoning. By C. Dwight Marsh, Physiolo-
I7 hosbPlant Investigations, Pathological Division. Pp. 11. Contribution
wtot of Animal Industry. June 2, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 720.)
d 1terest to western ranchers and stock raisers. Supersedes Farmers'
:it Stock Poisoning Due to Scarcity of Food.
.. Seorshnum to Lirv Stock. By George A. Scott, Scientific Assistant,
rDivision. Pp. 15, figs. 5. Contribution from the Bureau of Ani-
-ite 7, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 724.)
iWll Bbe of Interest to cattle feeders and farmers generally in the
ifr'e grain sorghums do better than corn.
espennial Hy Crop. By S. M. Tracy, Agronomist, Forage-Crop
f[i6 figs. 4. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry.
me" Bulletin 726.)
e btxiton in .South Atlantic and Gulf States and southwestern
Oa k x : N Madeg
.fi-t tiS I' ini the Great Plains Area. By H. P. Gould, Pomologist In
-f ii p uctio Investigations, Office of Horticultural and Pomological
ts, iOlHver J. Grace, Superintendent, Akron Field Station, Dry-Land
Xt stSi., Pp: 40, figs. 25. Contribution from the Bureau of
J fl 8 1,916. (Farmers' Bulletin 727.)
Sf" r those in the Great Plains area who are interested in
Suse, but some parts of it, especially the discussion about
ui:s, arne of general interest to people living in other sections

.. .. ...
.. .......

l ii~, !;p.,i:: ~i~i~i '': 'F :., ": ,, ..'

Pomological Investigations. Pp. 19, fig. 12. Contributin from the Baniti "
Plant Industry. June 12, 191. (FLarer Bla tiN L.)
For general distribution. : ..:,
Button Clever. By Roland eKee, Assistant Agriotologist P e-Crop Iaveftig ltna
Pp. 11, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Iune 2; 9ItI'
(Farmers' Bulletin 730.)
Suitable for distribution in the South Atlantic and Gulf States and the Pa#iii
Coast States.
The Corn and Cotton Wirewerm in Its Relation to Cereal and morae Crops, with Cnb
Measures. By Edmund H. Gibson, Scientific Assidtant, Cereal"and Forage Inetj:
Investigations. Pp. 8, figs. 3. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomol jwitf
June 9, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin T73.)
The object of this bulletin is to set forth in a popular form what is known of thieA
habits of the destructive corn and cotton wireworm, in order that farmers af.lg
planters may more effectively carry out control measures and be able better to hanSSiI*
infested areas that the injury may be reduced to a minimum.
Flytraps and Their Operation. By F. C. Blshopp, Entomological Assistant Pp. 14, 11i. V.;
Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June 10, 1916. (Parmnfl 3alS-l
tin 734.)
Is intended to give directions for the use of a supplementary means of controllf.i'ilq
fies; it is adapted to all parts of the United States.
The Red Spider -m Cotton and How to Control it. By E. A. McGregor, Btomol
Assistant, Southern Field Crop Insect Investigations. Pp. 12, fgs. 10. Contribit
from the Bureau of Entomology. June 12, 1916. (Famers' IBaetin 73.)..
For distribution in cotton growing States.
The Clever IaBoper ad Its Control in the Centrl State. By IEmund fH.
Scientife Assistant, Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations. Pp. 8, ge 'I5. :
tribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June 26, 1916. (FAer me' Ball3.'i:
It is the purpose of this bulletin to set forth such facts as will fameliaI:S e ..;I
farmer with the various stages in the development of the clover leathopper, its olhats,
and mode of attack, together with detailed information as to the control of outr .
in alfalfa and clover fields.
Cereal Crops in the Panhandle of Texas. By John F. Ross, Farm Superintendent, Office ofi:
Cereal Investigations. Pp. 16, figs. 5. Contribution from the Bureau of Plant
Industry. June 15, 1916. (Parmers' BriBtin TB.)
Of interest to farmers and prospective settlers in the Texas Panhandle country. :
Cutwormsr and Their Control in Crn an Other Ceaol Crops. By W. R. Walton andJ Si .l!
Davis, Entomological Assistants, Cereal and Forage Insect Investigations. Pp.
fig. 1. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. June 1, 1916. (Fa a
Balleti 739.) -
Suitable for general distribution.:.
The White-Pine Blister BMst By Perley Spaulding, Pathologist, Ofie of lavestigatione iii3
Forest Pathology. Pp. 15, pi. 1. fig. 4. Contribution from the Bureau of Wlai ,!;
Industry. June 9, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 742.)
Suitable for general distribution.


The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or balletism aeil.yii!!
to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be f mished ,*Jl.
to persons who can use such specialized information as long as the supply lasts. ffip!'
ever, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Docmenats.
Mistletoe Injury to Conifer in the Northlwest. By James R. Weir, Forest P t ,
Office of oIvestigations in Forest Pathology. Pp. 39, pl. 4, fg. 7. Cotatim
from the Bureau of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) June 17, 191i. (Al
apartment Balletin 36) Price. 15 cents. .
Describes injury caused by, and methods of control of thie.pest. ,
Carrying Capacity of Grazing Rana in SMothern Arisems. By E. O. Wooton, Abatilarist,:
Office of Farm Mauagement. Pp. 40. pis. 10. figs. 4. Contribotion tlrm te Bratell. P
of Plant Industry. (Professional Paper.) June 23, 1916. (Dawmflimt ni~detI
367.) Price, 15 cents.
Of interest to stock raisers and prospective settlers in southern Arite .,


Report of Mte Hawaii Agridtaral EMpe met StaA 195. Pp. 73, pL 9. ,,JUe 2$ !
'rice. 15 cents. .iii ,:
A Systematic Accunt of the Prairie-Dogs. By N. Hollister, Assistant Curator at XeaUiMtM I
[United Stats National Museum. Pp. 37, pls. 7, figs. 2. June 20, 1919. (V.S!
r Amicuan Pauna No. 44.) Price. 15 cents.
results of a Surrey of State Marketing Activties Thina ut the Unitbd MStim. Pp. T.'
Jui'e 5, 1916. (Document No. 3, Office of Markets and Rural Orgtua iom .)

km,"p .: BREPORT
ta ,t Usaita Stleat. Part 4. Utmhation and Efficiency of Available Amertie
.la. By W. F. Ward and S H. B.ay, Animal Husbandry Division. Pp. 27.
stion from the Bureau of Animaal industry, Cooperating with the Bureau of
p Estimates. June 8, 1916. (Report No. 112, Office of the Secretary.) Price. 5
o:I r m o ,-One of five report to be lasned showing the results of various independent
i, irfaltes dealing with several phases of the meat industry, undertaken by specialists
&i *1 thn department, at the suggestion of a committee appointed in 1914 by the Secre-
bar y to counlder the economics of the meat situation : the other four reports will be
ib. : ted as .epIrts Nos. 109, 110, 111. and 113. Office of the Secretary, and notice
!;." eof their issue wiff appear in the monthly list.
,l',;,;all A griualtural lneeardL. (IBsued weekly. Utr sale only.)
;'" o. 6, No. 10. June 5, 1916. Contents: Silver-Scurf of the Irish Potato Caused by
':. pondyloeladium atrovirens. By Eugene S. Scbultz.-Woolly Pear Aphis. By A.
l ia)ser and W. M. Davidson.-Pathological Histology of Strawberries Affected by
!Spe es of Botrytis and Rhinopus. By Neil E. Stevens.-Life Histories and Methods
t::i: Bearing Hessian-Fly Parasites. By C. M. Packard. Pp. 339-381, pls. XLV-LII,
ig; 1. Price, 20 centa.
,s:m, Ne. 11. June 12, 1916. Contents: Effect of Rantgen Rays on the Tobacco, or
S tiaette, Beetle and the Resulta of Experiments with, a New Porm of Rintgen Tube.
*.By G. A. Eunner.-Stimulating Influence of Arsenic upon the Nitrogen-Fixing Organ-
sy anmsa of the SoiL By J. E. Greaves.-Transmission and Control of Bacterial Wilt of
C!. a rbits. By Freferick V. Rand and Ella M. A. Ealows. Pp. 383-434, pse. LIII-
:I.V, figs. rice, 15 cents.
Jisnie, No. 12. June 19, 1916. Contents: Correlated Characters in Maize Breeding.
G.* N. Collins.-Comparative Study of the Amount of Food Eaten by Parasitized
Ar Nonparasitised Larve of Cirphis unipuncta. By Daniel G. Tower.-Aleyrodida,
ar White Flies Attacking the Orange, with Descriptions of Three New Species of
Econ:: omlc Importance. By A. L. Quaintance and A. C. Baker. Pp. 435-472, pls.
LV-LXKI, igs. 3. Price, 25 cents.
'^ "uM, No. 13. June 26 1916. Contents : Relative Water Requirement of Corn and the
.. thwms. By Edwin C. Miller.-Availability of Mineral Phosphates for Plant
&I .. ntrition. By W. L. Burlison. Pp. 473-"14, pis. LXX-LXXS, fig. 1. Price, 20
*::::i No o--Beginning with Volume 5. The Journal of Agrfcnltural Research will be
i seamem weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges and
i t rgex nent stations, to large universities, technical schools, and such institutions as
i" 9. a Make'suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuals.
i .. F fStiperifiteadeat of Documents will receive ubsleriptions for this publication, the
Sprie being $3 per year, 52 numbers.
kt:ina jiialr* Crop Repot. Vol. 2, No. 6, June, 1916. Pp. 49-60. (Bureau of Crop Esti-
s C data relating to agriculture, including estimates of acreage, conditions,
":: "yield, prices, and value of crops and live stock. For free distribution.
These contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement of
F1 4and drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour, and quarantine laws, and the variQus regula-
Sosi of the department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited
F.rsons in the employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render it neces-
B for thenlto have such information, to journals especially concerned, and to manufac-
It r rss and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring copies are respect-
referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing- Office, who has
Ihtm for ale only, at prices noted.
lirZ;eFau of Animal Industry. No. 109. May, 1910. Pp. 41-48. June 17, 1916. Price,
... cents.
:B rieau of Chemistry. Supplement No. 16. [N. J. 4251-4300.] Pp. 373-425. June 13,
Si 1916. Price, 10 cents.
j l'etderal Horticultural Board. No. 28. May, 1916. Pp. 61-72. June 28, 1916. Price,
.. eentsi .
irUeral Hortieultural Board. Irtex to Service and Regulatory Announcements for 1915.
SP!p,' 101-106. June 10, 1916. Price, 5 cents.
All reuests for soil sur eys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attention, the
db Pon f same being controlled by that bureau. -* )
ui x e &-oef Turher County, Georgia. By E. C. Hall, of the U. S. Department of Agrt-
i l4 e,. a.an4 David D. Long, of the Georgia State Colle'ge of Agriculture. Pp. 28 *.
1 i: map. (From F. 0.- oils, 1915.) Trice, 15, cents.
of Webster-County, Iowa. By J. 0. Veatah, of the U. S. Department of Agrl
re, nd F. B. Howe, of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station. Pp. 4 4'
l lmap. (From F .0. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents. ,
e of Jesamine Canty, Kentucky. By Risden T. Allen.. Pp. 20, fig. 1, map.9 *
I FIPlir P .. S i~s, l91s.) Price,M 15 cents.

S. 4 .

-. ': ". "f 't.:. ." HI


3 1262 08853 1529

Veterson Daills Cast
e ent Davis. Pp. 27, f I. IM

.* O l, 80 1014.) Pl. i qc .uh
.0 .,, ~e av of Gage Canty. Nebon 0.-
'r tI"fl;jartment of Agraeulture, an N.
.4 map. ,(Fromn F. O. Bdil,
4lrver of Wake County. North C
t eepat'tment of Agriculturp. pic
the U. S. Department of gricuilt.*
S Prics,,5,, eents.
Soil Surver of Geauga County, Ohio.B t tLJaw 1
of the U. S. Department ofAg ta
the Ohio Agricultural ExperitUW1 rpa
1915.) Price, .15 eu-ts.- -
Soil Surven of Frederifl County,arinua. t0
1g. 1, map. (Flot F. 0. dilm, 1914. a
Publications eTWhq5gather BDurean az4%btaiaLpe&yiit
Bureau or the Superinten4ent of Doc l e Govemteat a g
noted herein.'- A
Annual Report of Chi.e of Weather
1915, with meteorological table. '.cendar ..year
charts, 4. tdo. Price, 60 cents, elOth. t
monthly' Weather review, :For jqmhl.) ViA. R Ko.
191,6. Pep. 111-1,75 jart gM. I. e id a~i ,
able to the Superinten.ent ,Y Docomentm. k.. ..
Special Articles:..Solar and sky radiatt1p meastrementg
H. EL Kimball;-Convection in the .uiper V.r~o~ons o i
Henrpteau.-- Sqesaw between. W.ddell Bes Rd ic, Seal S.
SAtmtpheric pollution In N.ngisniahd.Scottih .t .
Atmospheric pollution. By W. P. Wynne.-Some 46alem
By G. C. Slmpfson..-R.ainfaA d-t of Berke.y sL-'-
of cdyconic predipitatidn. By Td r-we r .
liama,--isappearance of snow"ifi t 1he'bl 1ra5 A
fHenry.-Bouthern Appllachlan earthquakee 2149
Observations of an eartqU~al it a 'tlesope. SvW j i
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, Nos 1 1 -IS14,
rainfall, bnd crop conditoni..r tqgoun the 14$d
Wednesday, April to October; month remaider 'ear.)

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