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Monthly list of publications
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: ; i be pent regularly to all who apply for it.

Department of Agriculture,

WASHINGTON, D. C., April 29, 1916.
... i.: '. ..... ".. ::" H
'. .. ..... ...

Sof the puications listed here~ including those with price
:tsesshal of Agricultural JReearch, Experiment Station.
.i of the :Bureu, may be obtained free upon.
adjigi &tr Chief o tite Division of Publi~ttions, Unitjd
Agrculture, W.V eltn, D. C.,. as long as the dep'art-
rtentM% sauppy of the publicaiins listed below is exhausted,
.'f ..h thp price is indicated can. still be obtained from *
.if tments, .Government Pripting. Ofijt, Washington, I
se 0ony, and at prices noted herein. "
Oe tp the Supetiitendent of Doquments direct. His office
D..nli et. of Agriculrie.
ir ... FWarmters' Bulletins for the reason that the department..tsqpply ..6
S f.-OrdlnarllJ~Jg ufi'nent to mafe it possible to send them free to ar

.f. Geere C. Husmnann, P6omoogfst ln Charge, and Charles Dearing,
I:ta*lWtctLtdral Investigations, Office of' Horticultural 'and Pomo-..
t i* 28, figs. .29. Contribution from the BNOreau of Plant
Kig (Fa.mers' Bulletin 7090)
at .. in South'Atlantic and Gulf Coast States. . fsr, V1terinary Trnspecflr, Zoologica DlvtIou. *PR. 36, figs. 21. 4,
a An)mal Indittry. Apr. 1916. (farme' Bulle-'
f i tion of sheep raisers and ive-stock'sanitary officers con-
:,or eirarteagmn aof.sheb scah.a It sBrrsedes FatoerW' .'
ni. By S. W. .joty,,AsI"itfl Ji. M rketing 'Live
-fStecialIIn MIarketnj r Stock aqd Meats..
S th 'ice. of M.rkets an4 RurOrganizatiou...4pr..
Stith st~lmen w.heve small.lumbwg bV live stock
TgiaIe fore e pu rose of mhaItng o ibghfpIIen ts
M speof a tal interest to comminiti es.wch c o no
lie s tack 4Is" where coops M Si!tg associ
3. Ctenden,
ue_ l_: t and A. L. Qu
..... .-( an .' llatin 121.)
.a ,nIns control p thli iniset.
"'e"In ""r:e ." i
f tom the Bfu&.u

Am -

The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins appilyfu~
to a special industry or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished. 1tw
to persons who can use such specialized information as long as the supply lasts. Ha
ever, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the Superintendent of Documents.
A Study of the Preparation of Frozen and Dried Esas in the Producing Section. By M. .
Pennington, Chief, Food Research Laboratory, M. K. Jenkins, Assistant Bacteriaj
logical Expert, Assisted by S. H. Ross, E. Q. St. John, Norman Hendrickson, 8ai
W. B. Hicks, of the Food Research Laboratory and the Omaha Food and Drug Inapap.
tion Laboratory. Pp. 99, pis. 17 figs. 7. Contribution from the Bureau of ClIemlkti,
(Professional Paper.) Apr. 28, 1916. (Department Bulletin 224.) Price, 30 cents.
Gives a general statement of the work done and the findings which should be ;g
interest to the general eA industry, but more particularly to manufacturers ~ct
frozen and dried products,.and bakers who use these products.
Forest Pathology in Forest Regulation. By E. P. Meinecke. Forest Pathologist, Offtie IE
Investigations in Forest Pathology. Pp. 63. ContriBution from the Bureau of Pla i
Industry. (Professional Paper.) Apr. 7, 1916. (Department Bulletin 275.) Prl4:
10 cents.
This bulletin discusses the bearing of modern forest pathology on forest regulati:i
Development of Sugar and*Acid in Grapes During Ripening. By William B. AltL1
Enological Chemist, with the Collaboration of B. J. Hartmann, J. R. Eon, |
Ingle, and S. F. Sherwood. Pp. 28. Contribution from the Bureau of Chemtiqm t
Apr. 11, 1916. (Department Bulletin 335.) Price, 5 cents.
Of interest to growers of grapes for commercial purposes.
Experiments on the Economical Use of Irrigation Water in Idaho. By Don H. Bark, t I
gation Enginetr, Division of Irrigation Investigations. Pp. 58, pls. 3, figs. 18. ,
tribution froni the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. (Profest~
SPaper.) Apr.,21, 1016. (Department Bulletin 339.) Price, 10 cents.
This bulletin will be of interest to officials administering'the water supply .t tli::
Western States, to students of irrigation practice, and to farmers. "
Ground-Wood Pulp. Part I, The Grinding of .Cooked and Uncooked Spruce. Parti:
Substitutes for Spruce in the Manufacture of Ground-Wood Pulp. By J. : I
Thickens, Chemical Engineer in Forest Products, and 0. C. McNaughton, Eangiegi
in Forest Products.* Pp. 151, pis. 12, figs. 44, and samples of paper made i~ii
different woods. Contribution froni the Forese Service. (Professional Paper.) h A
26, 1916. (Department Bulletin 343.)
None for free distribution ,and qikqe for sale. .
Relation of'Mineral Composition and Rick Structure to the Physical -iPrpertie.s Of il
Materials. By E. C. Lord, Petrographer. Pp. 26, pie. 8 .figd. 3. Contribution .il
* the Office of Public Roads and Rural Engineering. (Professional Paper.) Ap0.i
1916. (Department Bulletin 348.) Price, 10 cents.
Of especial interest to road contractors and engineers. .;:i
The Termapin Scale: An Important Insect Enemy of Feach .Orchanrd. By V. L. S
Entomological Assistant, Deciduous Fruit Insect Investigations. Pp. 96,
S figs. 19. Contribution from the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.)
22, 1916. (Department Bulletin 351.) .Price, 15 cents. .
Describes life history, habits, enemies of, and methods of control for M
with report of investigations had at Mont Alto, Pa., in 1912 hnd 1913.
Extension.Course in Soils for Self-Instructed Classes in Movable Sch'ools of Agrleasit|...
S.A. R. Whitson, Professor of Soils, University of Wisconsin, and H. B. e
Assistant iW Agricultural Education, States Relations SerVice. Ip. 92.
Sti6n from the States Relations Service. (Professional Paper.) Apr. i-1.
(Department Bulletin 355.) Price, 10 cents.
Is intended for the use of small groups of farmers assembled as 4 la .ias'to
the subject in.a systematic manner with one of theisnumber as leader.
Alaska and Stoner, or W Miracle," Wheats: Two Varieties Much Misrepresented. B iy :f
1I Ball, Agrono0pist in Charge of Western Wheat Investigattinm, anM l
Leighty, Agronomist in Charge of Eastern Wheat Igvestigations. Pp.
Contribution from the Bureau of Plant Industry. Apr. 27, 191.
Bulletin 357.) Price, 5 cents.
For general distribution.
Studies 4e the Mexican Cotton Boll Weevil in the MIssiuil le Byd.
Entomological Assistant, Southern Field Crop Insect l avestiia. .
Contribution from the BRreau of Entomology. (Prilesonralo pr.h.-,S1 i
1916. (Department Bulletin 358.) Price. 5 cents. ,
This bulletin Is of interest to entomologist in the eottn Bel.. -".i. -
"' -...l

As. uuiieun points our nme essentia elements in te various forest problems
that confront the States in the southern pine region, shows how these problems
are interrelated, and forms a basis on which may be founded a plan for solving
them, matters of great importance to lumbermen, farmers, and all others interested
directly or indirectly in the conservation of the timber resources of that region.
Manufacturing Tests of Cotton Fumigated with Hydrocyanic-Acid Gas. By William S. Dean
Assistant in Cotton Testing. Pp. 12. Contribution from the OMce of Markets and
Rural Organization. (Professional Paper.) Apr. 24, 1916. (Department Bulletin
366.) Price, 5 cents.
Should be of interest to manufacturers and dealers in foreign-grown cotton and
.. cotton yarns, also indirectly of interest to the domestic producers, manufacturers,
and dealers in all staple cottons.
T! yearbook of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, 1915. Pp. 632, pls. 75, figs. 13, 69
pp. graphs. Price, 75 cents.
This Yearbook contains the annual report of the Secretary, 72 pages; 24 miscel-
S laneous articles, 331 pages; an appendix, 180 pages; an index, 32 pages. Only 6 out
of each 100 copies are allotted to this department, which number is insufficient to
: supply even its regular correspondents. Other applicants are therefore respectfully
referred to their Representative or Delegate in Congress, as the other 94 per cent is
allotted to that body. The Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing
Office, Washington, D. C., has it for sale at 75 cents per copy.
S Journal of Agricultural Research. (Issued weekly. For sale only.)
Vol. 6. No. 1. April 3, 1916. Contents: Relation of Carbon Bisulphid to Soil Organ-
isms and Plant Growth. By E. B. Fred.-Climatic Conditions as Related to Cerco-
Spora beticola. By Venus W. Pool and M. F. McKay. Pp. 1-60, pis. I-IV, figs. 10.
Price, 20 cents.
S:me, No. 2. April 10, 1916. Contents: Soluble Nonprotein Nitrogen of Soil. By R. B.
Potter and R. S. Snyder.-Oviposition of Megastigmus spermotrophus in the Seed of
Douglas Fir. By J. M. Miller.-Citrus Canker. By Frederick A. Wolfe. Pp.
61-100, pis. V-XI, figs. 8. Price, 15 cents.
Same, No. 3. April 17, 1916. Contents: Determination of Stearie Acid in Butter Fat.
I,., By E. B. Holland, J. C. Reed, and J. P. Bucklcy, Jr.-Life History and Habits of
Two Nematodes Parasitic on Insects. By J. 11. Merrill and A. L. Ford.-Insect
:Injury to Cotton Seedlings. By B. R. Coad and R. W. Howe. Pp. 101-139, pls.
S... XII-XVI, figs. 5. PrIce, 15 cents.
:: :onme, No. 4. April 24, 1916. Contents: A Sex-Limited Color in Ayrshire Cattle. By
Edward N. Wentworth.-- Watermelon Stem-End Hot. By F. C. Meier.-Effect of
Pasteurization on Mold Spores. By Charles Thom and S. Henry Ayers.-Effect of
Water in the Ration on the Composition of Milk. By W. F. Turner, R. H. Shaw,
R. P. Norton, and P. A. Wright.-Crowngnll Studies, Showing Changes in Plant
Btlructo es Due to a Changed Stimulus. By Erwin L. Smith. Pp. 141-182, pie.
XVII-XXIII, figs. 4. Price, 15 cents.
NOTE.-Beginning with Volume 5, The Journal of Agricultural Research will be
I, .issued weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges and
:l; experiment station, Yo large universities, technical schools, and such institutions as
make suitable exchanges with the department. It will not be sent free to individuals.
The Superintendent of'Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, the
price being |3 per year, 52 numbers.
p"ri:. i uiment Station Record. Vol. XXXIV, No. 5, April, 1916. E. W. Allen, Ph. D.,
:" -E. :..ditor. Pp. 401-500.. Price,. 151 cents.
.:i* ae. Vol. XXXIV, No. 6, Abstract number, Apr. 22, 1916. Pp. 501-600. Price,
S 15 cents.
ii;:; ':: Neta.--The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pertain-
Sag to agriculture. It is not intended for general distribution, and its free distribution
S i restricted to persons.connected with the agricultural colleges, experiment stations,
:i .. it similar institutions, and to libraries and exchanges. It can not be sent free to
Individuals having no official connection with public institutions. The Superintendent
of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, which is issued in two
volumes a year, ten numbers each, at $1 a volume.
-'I 9e..thontly -Crap Repot. Vol. 2, No. 4, April 15, 1916. Pp. 29-40. (Bureau of Crop
Contains data relating to agriculture, Including estimates of acreage, condition
f*' field, prices, and value of crops and live stock. For free distribution.
;. a ...o. tain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforce
sd an: drugs act, meat inspection, 28-hour and quarantine laws, and the various
rt 't.e department. Issued monthly by certain bureaus. Free distribution Is
sointhe employ of the department, to public officials whose duties render
tie4 to haveB sath atformation, to Journals especially concerned, and to
a it ra: whose buhsine~ s affected by same. Others desiring copies are r
i a &eft. te-an ft'ot Documenta, Government Printing Office, who
.. .. ...... ..
": : *' ..
l [ i? .:: ..: ..,. .
: -" :" :': JL ~~' : :::..';.' "." ..

IIIlilllll IIIllll|lll 1 1
'^ 3 1262 08853 1588
.. .!.. m :,. .

Surean of WArueal Industry. n. 1t
5 cents 1 .
Bureau of Bilogical Survey. Pp. Ll
Apr. 25, 1916. Price, 5 cets. .
B* ureau of ,0s wtry. Supplement No. 13.
a 1910. c, 10 cents. .
Bureau of emistry. Supplement No. 14. .
1916. Price, 10 cents. TM.
Federal Horticultural Board No. 26 6. "i... i -48. l^Ae
5 cents. -
Office of Markets and Rural Organization, No,' Pp. 351-90 : A j
5 cents.
Office of Markets and Rural Organization. No, 9 Pp.. 7-.ii. p...l
5 cents. 4:

All requests for soil- avey are referee to it tl. of i Sols ai A
tribution of same bel .hutrolled by that. bireat' .
: .fl Survey of Mississip County, Arka di. By I T. i. Bushna l
William T. Carter, jr., and A. L. Patrick. P. 42, L 1, fig. 4, 1ma
.i Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents. .....
Soil Survey of the Merced Area, Califerala. By 1. B.'Watson and Party. P:P1.:
tig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price 25 cents.
Soll Survey of Warren County, Indiana. By HE Grimes, of the Indlana
Geology and E. H. Stevens, of the U. S. Department of Agriculturem
map. (From F. O. Soils, 1514.) Pricet 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Museatine County Iowa. By H. W. Hawker, of the. U. 8.
Agriculture, and H. W. Johnson, of the lowa.. Agricultural Ex .
Pp. 64, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price. 11 cents.
Soil Survey of Seward County, Nebraska. 'By A. H. Meyer and %B. H. Smie, lW
Department of Agriculture, and L. T. Skinner and. W. A. Rockie, of te
Soil Survey. Pp. 40, fig. 1, map. (From F. O,. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15
Soil Survey of Thurston County, Nebraska. By A. H. Meyer and M. W. Be "
Department of Agriculture, and W. A. Rockie, of the Nebraska. Soil Sur..
fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents.
Soil Survey of Florence County, South Carolina. By j. 11. Ages. 3. A. -Ser
McLendsm. Pp. 36, fig. 1, map. (From F. 0. O. Soils, 1914. Pri e, 11.
Boil Survey of McDowell and Wyoming Counties. West Virgnias. By W." .
32, fig. 1, map. (From F. O. Soils, 1914.) .Price, 15 cents..
-Publleations of the Weather Bureau are obtaitiable oiiy from ti "
Bureau or the Superintendent of Documents, Government Prin t$
noted herein.
Monthly Weather Iew. (For sale only.) Vol. 44, .No 1..3 a
1916.1 Pp. 1-59. charts 9j figs. 6. Price, 25 centsa
able to the Superintendent of Documents.:
Special Articles: Solar and .sky radiation measurestts
By H. H. Kimball.-Solar radiation measurements 4at,
By H. H. Kimball.-Solar radiation measurements. at a
By H. H. Kimball.-Duration of: twIlight. 'By H. .
July 24, 1861. By. W. B. F;ew.-Wind- veld0ty ud eleolt o
phreys.-Some researches in the. Far. Eastern. seasonal corkltll.
SAnnmual hours of fog. 1885-1915; By Iikthounse Service.C1 -
:,ether Bureau. By F. A. Carpenter.-:-'Alto-cunmulu with A?
a.-Title-page and Index for Voluthe 43,I1915.: **iW r.i
i ..thor and Crop Balletin, Nos. 3, March; 4, 5, and
re, rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the
Wednesday, April to October; monthly. remainder .'
Sar. .*
;:"o A:.::..


...4 .. M ... ..
".: :";,....H&
-A : :: '.!:':. .! .. : :