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Monthly list of publications
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-"w":w's wE W a":"-. ":' a: .".b.. W a.

WASHINGTON, D. C., February 99, 1916.


[FEBRUARY, 1916.]

0V any iof the publications listed herein, including those with price named,
earnimal of Agricultural Research, Experiment Station Record, and publi-
~tp Weather Bureau, may be obtained free upon application to the Editor
4lof.t Division of Publications, United States Department of Agriculture,
D. C., as long as the department's supply lasts.
Department's supply of the publications listed below is exhausted, those
itf which the price is indicated can still be obtained from the Superin-
tiipioteants, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C., but by
ty .and at the prices noted herein.
iniltances to the Superintendent of Documents direct. His office
i f the Department of Agriculture.

Number of requests for publications is being received daily in this
|iit: incomplete addresses. Many correspondents fail to sign their names.
it oie post-office address. Persons living in large cities fail to furnish
Sand some give as the post-office address the name of an office
diiiscntinued for years. The department is unable to handle corre-
b Al signature is legible and the post-office address given in full,
her or rural route number, as the case may be. Correspondents are
liy requested to see that the complete address is given in all commu-
~ib this department.

Att iarmer'* BuBetins for the reason that the department's supply of the current nuin-
iacmieat to make it possible to send them free to all applicants.
S p':l x.. By L. 0. Howard and F. H. Chittenden. Pp. 10, figs. 5.
.im1 the Bureau of Entomology. Feb. 16, 1916. (Farmers' Bul-

the United States wherever catalpa trees occur.
:16,ir-Bolarng Animals, 1915. A Summary of Laws in the
*n. CeSada Relating to Trapping, Protection, Propagation, and
i.'P. ~esta Assistant Biologist. Pp. 24. Contribution from the
:Survey. Feb. 23, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 706.)
diutnitioa iiong personsinterested in fur farming, trapping, and the fur trade.
ii rad:i g, Packing, and Shipping of Cantaloupes. By C. T.
if inklet Grades and Standards, and G. V. Branch, Investiga-
I P:~. 23, figs. 18. Contribution from the Office of Markets
; Feb. 2, 1916. (aers' Bulletin 707.)
qiS- t1. growers: and shl :rs of cantaloupes in all sections of the

t :: I.':!.":


The Leopard Moth: A Dangerous Imported Insect Enemy of Shade Ti ...
By L. O. Howard and F. H. Chittenden. Pp. 12, figs. 4. Contribution fro t...
Bureau of Entomology. Feb. 14, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 708.)
Is of interest to growers of shade and ornamental trees, especially in the New England sad egi
Atlantic StaLes.
Bridge Grafting of Fruit Trees. By W. F. Fletcher, Scientific Assistant, Offie".
Horticultural and Pomological Investigations. Pp. 8, figs. 7. Contribution ftsl
the Bureau of Plant Industry. Feb. 21, 1916. (Farmers' Bulletin 710.)
Illustrates a method of overcoming damage done to fruit trees by rabbits, mice, insects, and caid
tillage. .
The publications listed below are technical or scientific treatises or bulletins applying to a special indl
try or locality. The edition is limited, but they will be furnished free to persons who can use such Sa&
ized information as long as the supply lasts. However, to insure prompt receipt, remit price to the SNp
intendent of Documents.
The Spruce and Balsam Fir Trees of the Rocky Mountain Region. By Geat
B. Sudworth, Dendrologist. Pp. 43, pls. 25, maps 10. Contribution from li
Forest Service. (Professional Paper.) Feb. 19, 1916. (Department Bullbt
327.) Price, 20 cents.
Of service botanically or commercially for the trees described.
Termites, or "White Ants," in the United States: Their Damage and 'Mei
ods of Prevention. By Thomas E. Snyder, M. F., Assistant in Forest tOh
mology, Forest Insect Investigations. Pp. 32, pie. 15, fi~s. 5. Contributh
from the Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Feb. 16, 1916. (l
apartment Bulletin 333.) Price, 15 cents.
Describes habits, and shows geographical distribution, of these insects, and recommends
Live and remedial measures.
Cereal Experiments in Maryland and Virginia. By T. R. Stanton, ScientifickS
distant, Office of Cereal Investigations. Pp. 32, figs. 6. Contribution from
Bureau of Plant Industry. Feb. 10, 1916. (Department Bulletin 336.) h*in
10 cents. .
Of special interest to farmers in the States named.
Notes on the Preoviposition Period of the House Fly, Musea Domestiow
By R. H. Hutchison, Scientific Assistant. Pp. 14, fig. 1. Contribution 6-m1
Bureau of Entomology. (Professional Paper.) Feb. 5, 1916. (Department1.d
letin 345.) Price, 5 cents.
Intended for entomologists and others who are interested in the extermination of house.0fl:
Home Projects In Secondary Courses in Agriculture. By H. P. Barrol
distant in Agricultural Education. Pp. 20. Contribution from the Stats i
tions Service. (Professional Paper.) Feb. 21, 1916. (Department B
346.) Price, 5 cents.
Gives information regarding the home-project plan of teaching agriculture, and is of otaudil
marily to teachers in secondary rural schools. :

The Spring Grain Aphis or "Green Bug" In the Southwest and the1 b "WK
abilities of an Outbreak in 1916. By F. M. Webster, In Charge of C .:re.
Forage Insect Investigations, Bureau of Entomology. Pp. 3, fig.. 3. Pt.1
1916. (Circular 55, Office of the Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.
Safe Farming. By Bradford Knapp, Chief, Office of Extension Work in te:
States Relations Service. Pp. 16. Feb. 1, 1916. (Circular 56, Offii'
Secretary.) Price, 5 cents.: .i!,!.
Journal of Agricultural Research. (Issued weekly. For sale only.) ,"Vi
No. 19. Feb. 7, 1916. Contents: Agglutination Test as a Means of Stdyi
Presence of Bacterium abortus in Milk. By L. H. Cooleue.-BOa:D C
sorption and Distribution in Plants and Its Effect on Growth. B F
Further Studies on Peanut Leafspot. By Frederick A. Wolti--'1 ...
the Properties of Hardness and Toughness of Road-Blilding b3 .
Hubbard and F. H. Jackson, Jr. Pp. 871-907, fig. 1, ce,


.nt ofthe Humus of Arid Soils. By Frederick J. Alway and Earl S. Bishop.-
o Studies of the Colorado Potato Beetle. By Pauline M. Johnson and
SalUnger.-Some Factors Influencing the Longevity of Soil Micro-
Siltner and H. Virginia Langworthy.-Observations on the Life History
cherry eaf Beetle. By Glenn W. Herrick and Robert Matheson.-
l r for Measuring the Wear of Concrete Roads. By A. T. Goldbeck.
909-954, pie. LXII-LXVI, fig. 1. Price, 10 cents.
NRo. 21. Feb. 21, 1916. Contents: Morphology and Biology of the Green
Apple Aphis. By A. C. Baker and W. F. Turner.-Soilstain, or Scurf, of the
wet'Poteto. By J. J. Taubenhaus. Pp. 955-1002, pls. LX VII-LXX VII, figs.
bII:.!.:.;.!! .. rice,.10 cents.
w o. 22. Feb. 28, 1916. Contents: An Asiatic Species of Gymnosporangium
Established in Oregon. By H. S. Jackson.-Relation of Stomatal Movement to
lIfection by Cercospora beticola. By Venus W. Pool and M. B. McKay.-A
method of Correcting for Soil Heterogeneity in Variety Tests. By Frank M.
i: rface and Raymond Pearl. Pp. 1003-1050, pi. LXXVIII-LXXXI, figs. 7.
: rice, 10 cents.
SNOTE.-Beginning with Volume 5, THE JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH will be issued
weekly and distributed free only to the libraries of agricultural colleges and experiment stations, to
lg universities, technical schools, and such institutions as make suitable exchanges with the
'! artment. It will not be sent free to individuals. The Superintendent of Documents will receive
b'' scriptions for this publication, the price being 63.00 per year, 52 numbers.
t.inimenet Station Record, Vol. XXXIV, No. 2, February, 1916. E. W. Allen,
i :i. P. D., Editor. Pp. 101-200. Price, 15 cents.
#a e, Vol. XXXIV, No. 3, Abstract Number. Pp. 201-300. Price, 15 cents.
... Tu.-The Record is a technical review of the world's scientific literature pertaining to agricul-
*.:ilre. It is not intended for general distribution, and its free distribution is restricted to persons cnn-
"'* dted with the agricultural colleges, experiment stations, and similar institutions, and to libraries
an exchanges. It can not be sent free to individuals having no official connection with public ins i-
MttiOns. The Superintendent of Documents will receive subscriptions for this publication, which is
B, in two volumes a year, ten numbers each, at $1 a volume.

ei contain only information, instructions, and notices governing the enforcement of the ood and
iitmeat inspection, 28-hour and quarantine laws, and the various regulations of the department.
thy by certain bureaus. Free distribution is limited to persons in the employ of the depart ment,
:i. allcias whose duties render it necessary for them to have such informant ion, to journals especially
and to manufacturers and firms whose business is affected by same. Others desiring copies are
S referred to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, who has them for
.uin, at prices noted.
eau of Animal Industry. No. 105. January, 1916. Pp. 1-12. Feb. 28, 1916.
4ri;,zce, 5 cents,
of Chemistry. Supplement No. 11. N. J. 4001-4050. Pp. 1-68. Feb. 4,
1. Price, 10 cents.
of.Chemistry. Supplement No. 12. N. J. 4051-4100. Pp. 69-140. Feb. 26,
196.nt Price, 10 cents.
mpte for soil surveys are referred to the Bureau of Soils for attention, the distribution of same

ty e of Columbia'County, Arkansas. By Clarence Lounsbury and E. B.
eeter.; Pp. 38, fig. 1, map. (From F. 0. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents.
.iweyy of Putnam County, Florida. By Charles N. Mooney, B. D. Gilbert,
.. .. Hawker, and W. B. Cobb. Pp. 52, pi. 1, fig. 1, map. (From F. 0. Soils,

of Pottawattamie County, Iowa. By A. L. Goodman, of the U. S.
ent of Agriculture, and Peter Hanson and Harold W. Reid, of the Iowa
SExperiment Station. Pp. 30, fig. 1, map. (From F. 0. Soils, 1914.)
1 cents.

.. : iiii .ii ..

SoB Surrey ofNemaha County, Nebraska. By-A- H
Smiles, and R. R. Burn, of the U. S. DeparimentA
and W. A. Rockie, of the Nebraska Soil Survey
F. O. Soils, 1914.) Price, 15 cents. -.i Hii
Soil Survey of the Freehold Area, New Jersey. ByX. mv-t
Survey of N. J., J. B. R.. Dickey, of the U. 8. Depart~tiu
L. L. Lee, of the N. J. Agricultural Experiment Stion. ~
map. (From F. O. Soils, 1913.) Price, 15 cents.

Publications of the Weather Bureau are obtainable only from the Chief of theft WMi
Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, at the prices noted henia ...j
Monthly Weather Review. (For sale only.) Vol. 43, No. 1, L Wog
Jan. 25, 1916. Pp. 543-586, charts 9, figs. 13. Price, 25 cents as
year. Payable to the Superintendent of Documents.
Special Articles: Solar and sky radiation at Washington, D.C., during Nov., 1" I.
ban.-Increased olar activity and atmospheric optical phenomena. By.
16-17, 1915. By Douglas F. Manning.-Auror oJune -17 at Ashland, Ohio.
Study of the upper air by means of telescopes.-Working up of wind observat
strom.-Waterspouts off Cape an Lucas. By Willard J. Fisher.-Circulataie
the atmosphere. By W. H. Dines.-Forecasting thunderstorms. By Gabtir
meats on above. By Durand-Greville.-A breathing well. By John ree-Tei m
in the Grand River Valley, Colo. By E. S. Niohols.-Relations between ftRB
the Netherlands and some circumjacent places. By J. P. van der Stok.-In
earth and the moon. By H. Jeffreys.
National Weather and Crop Bulletin, No. 1, January, 1916, re
rainfall, and crop conditions throughout the United States. '(
Wednesday, April to October; monthly remainder of year.)
Snow and Ice Bulletins for February 1, 8, 15, 23, 29, 1916. i
issued weekly during the winter season, based upon data frnai
Bureau stations, supplemented by reports from selected coop
Price, 25 cents a year.' ':"
Joe. A.-4
Editor and Ch1if Bit
j::::;ii .

.. ..... .
..... *^ii:i

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