The personality of José Martí as seen through the Versos sencillos


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The personality of José Martí as seen through the Versos sencillos
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65 leaves : ; 28 cm.
O'Connor, Patricia W ( Patricia Walker ), 1931-
University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla
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Bibliography: leaves 63-65.
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By Patricia Walker O'Connor.
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Manuscript copy.
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Thesis (M.A.) - University of Florida, 1954.
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University of Florida
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January, 1954

The -ie.r. Ic.-is" to ':c, l.o P 7,-e herr in"' *r;3r:,,'s
to ro." .' .o." s o 't.o i .) n ,e .,. '- .

,2icor- :ricn :. t'' '.cis 2:-,-.". :u t c. rAy

oniny '.o.c;t.on .' rcc"cve. o

on a!1 occ. :-.,ions,

'.* .2

-9 9 9 1

4 1 -

7,,,,",_" .. '! ,' 9 ,. 9 GH

"''' *. 4 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 4 4 4

Ym .

, 'ter


-I. ,L


i ii


.C ... :: a a ..tcr nd ;o :'.lizct

',,- ..J..J 0!.' U: ".,:-. C, .2 ./ fo. 1C ,. 1. tC' led
U t .. :a 3 .r *,j& rr .... 2C l .. Z C PO. ',
tu '..i'(. I. ., : '., "**' '"I'i i -' .'*T ": ':.. "* a "-. '*' *ro0 ..

. : ": i :. C i" ".it *.. ... t
'" +:' +" _.C c e +- ,, 1,

**.:- ;; .. ',.r.. t!o r' ri ''n. 7:i ^^ -i'tc2 ;l o L. CZ o r a r v' lr zz on
S *.; ". :' .

.. .'.: *e n- t-... .i-v: t- -, f u ,it S t

*.' :" .. :. n c .. Ls : I .. .. -","+ .'- t -. ;:"

1 ...- r. .. ,.. 1 -
': ve +'. ;"P '- .... -.L'- c a +. U :; ,. "'' t t c"i. t c t v.; .

.. .. .: .. '.- .. ... '-- w +.or r"cv Or 1
F I I' "(I.

*'Y ;. .-, .* ,' i: ... -i -; >t Y :Q:: yr- 1.. -. ,. A-c r*4*c
-'' i +l: + ..e;.; '. ':- ii.- 4. ^ .i :n .l -,_ ,;-. .;r~t -. oj : wa
.47., -L .. f

".^ .(* "' o! '' v .' o, .v --- .5 i o ,c- _",:"1 .,i .: : .... o

S. .. .' r .m L .. ... to. o- ..... c-. .. ..i. c ..'. J' > :: 'I t..

1 .: o:i ::.Cc :; .* :- '.:i;'-. the
"" -" + .,-" "' "; LI ,: .. I .,"[ .Ot.. '

r "i~' '_,.: ": C '..' ,: },' ;~ :ii to[,; ""+;
.. ,, ; ..- + -
.+- '" .- "' '" one .+ i: i : ~I:,:,,.
'.(': ~ ... "! ."" "" ..
,. s -, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ia '. r;-ulX(L .':"",+ O L :. o'" ++t.u ', ;t .'L tt.
r ". + [" : J:: n : 'c ., ]e ,,'r +,


revol.-.tion of '-i. .,d frciLct t*:e vo in tiLe ,'rcnc'i colonies
and a cs. .ilr ,action >.s in orc'cr for the 'anl. colonies.

:;o';.'ecr, t..:; .i'r" s1.u -'.r "'l.: nt'tion o'ancics of Cuba rc 1 .is -d

that t.ceir ir.:nci:l .t':.",ility ce ended a1--cly u on tUe

slaves, SoC fro.-: t.: cl.-vc o':n rs t .c-re -";.s soIc t. I.: of

.nn...x-tion to the '-nited 3t::tcs to ':c.rd off a li:'eration.

Sopnc CUm'OC-- cl.- t:r:t ;.nne:;ation .:ac th.e only :"ructic.:l -;ey

to fi'.'o t =,ercclvcs "rom t'-!c -'o .c0 of :;.;in and tiecy -fclt suLre

tUt..- t:e :oo.:.t: would 0.c.'corie r ddi.ioZ 1 sl;.ve territory.
irc,.;t cs co. ind to r.L-2 .r"yi si n: cdcd

;.:ore troog,- in Ct-bl., so "i:..i n 'inr:..-'. 1Conc,.;i too:: c':.>r-c of the

isl. nd ::ov r:.c.cnt ;.t the close of o150, ie obtained four ba.tal-

ionl of iOnf.ntr, four cc..vlry s.z r:adrons anid an o-itfit of

artillery, .' .on-: the :i.~ rcr e' of t',o latter "-rou was -.r:-eznt

i.aria-io i., rtl.

Scr -cant i.c.rtl ;;-.t L,..onor 6rczs, a .:'i fro', tle can:.iry

Isl...nd l, ..t a ;utnda.y (.ncc a.nd ;.:it' a Cfe:w kn.:nt-s they were

.iarric.d T ..r liv-d in a n-or1-st '.o::.- overloc" in:: the ",: rbor

of "vv:n 0. w':..-.r a con, c'.ri::stcncd Jos6 Julian, ;cas :'orr: on tVe

:-olmiinc of Janua:-ry 2;", 1.;.3.

Young ,.:.rtl's c.i-d:.oooi ;,:cs nevcr easy. Josd ".*c four

-.:hcn his f- tier r :-s_:i- i'ron :.,;:c ayr' nd after that, the
fl't',er .as in nd out of a. series of jobs, all of -.*ich --aid

barely'.g to :;.u -.ort ;i:; ';ily,

Jos6 b-'.-,r=n .iS folTal education at t'ec wn.'.niciral sc:.ool


of t'..c neir,',i:orlood. At nine yoarz of >.*' 11.- :bem:n to study
at .:.:i to and .:hecn ho -3:;. t -Ive, his fr':t.cIr ailo'.:od

r.acozas, Jo,6's -o.f':..thc'r, to :Li5 onts cducc:tion
by :c,''.in > to t.,o -.un ici-'ai..:? 'c:.ool for 3oys, of

' ic'. don ', ndivc :r. th" director* Jo,;6 wi.:as

an c-::c Aituonn :tudcnt and [cvot..i.! to 'd.i, :it ;:L'.1V, Ir.ndive

bcca',c I."'.te .ittec'.-: to >'1i:' .nl s,-ticfic,., to a cortiain

:'."tent, i: -, ot -: 6ts n.c d or s IritmLrl ,uiij.ncc. _.;.rtf,

'.n onl, t".irtcci, .a".n a :rdent Iisci-;lc of ':c.ndivc .-:nd had

.:'.. :'.dy :"c(d : -,-If ay t"Sro-L. .in rantor's library.

.:t tis ti:.i, t. olitic,-:l situ.- tion ras cvuite vv.,ue

to Jod6. e had add littlIc c: nzce to li:arn of tho native

.:-c.Ltii.icnt ...nco t.c r',,: 'ore al .r.yr; ot'.. r t" in7', to -'orry about

at '.o.-c, n': '"".rz. .. r dis:- iss. .' C',.an o ,inion,- as tf.ii. ortc-nt

if t'.cy o' o .cd t-:oce of 3'in. Ici tl.- rticl on the
:ituf:.tion ini the undcr':o'u d ni ':u-' cr, .] 3l o, contributed

to Jor6's inrifflcronce to the ::.'i-tin. r-il-., cn,

:.o0: vcr, iidc it "dl, busin.s.. to cl rify t*e situ;.tion for

:.i sZt:.-'.Ocntc, O: poiLnt. t i'~su- : ;:'.Ct.:r iuba 3 Ci":.;...C C hclve

~t:,c :;.:,':,.. rivil. c:s .: a Przovince of or should a

rol.-.ti-vcl i '. c -i n..cnt r6 co'':bl e to ti;:.t of ican&da
.,t te oi;-.c. 3Jot solutions, to .i.ndivets ..m.y of t:..:in,

" r, inaacc.:t.jblc :o.'r he r,:lt tha.t lcubc aas m t.uarc enough to

-7 r:. itself. S- in 'Ld -rude :ro;:iss that ere soon :Cor-

:o*.t-n or r ost! onfd. : [. rti ..n: '.is best friend, ,:.rifn

,'".l.Ss Jor:"in uCs, lictcnelid to EI..ndivcts co:.ients r.nd cbsorbcd

his at- m.t z:, ...':

"Los :c'.c.C"lozc ..c2.c: ,.rn estas -li con los
o. .:; -.r bicrtos. .2. tin.! c1 7 tiM' d
.*uc- t .n AC.;.l CCO:.:1l.c;tc3J. a us .c.!' .'."... crc''..
SU s.ntido '-iC -..-tico. '.,tt co'Dar, -':i,'o, no
cc :-ec-ln r..:. con odL ) ; n C.zando
:.].f:. .cl col :lo, Clo3 cosn ;.;.i or; Se a ir. ban:
ol-111occ! os f-go-ri: o :;lntin'- :c .c -cl s
J o P. W; n" lC

In -.' u', Jos0 nr '..i.dn VI.;i'5 "V z f: .z s ent t.::cir

:v.- -.ororr: y *' at :; .ndiv: s "-,riv '. c:'d. .y in s.i ".o:.c on
te -, the ',rj.ici "... bouvard of ...... r .- ndivo ;s

i'.U j'.t, .or to t'.eo bo-yr; nd nc one cu..'. :-.,C c be -n .-:orc

r. ful t.'.-. Jo .6, for :.ic 'or. as not '. t it ::i.-it

. .. ... -'n, it:" t.o .(-cscc t t v: l .d bj -c f: t' or

* ;i:. r.:'- .; h.o vcr-c:.i:.ti-n i:oncy trouLblos.

L.rtts n"i tr;:e.:. .:".... .,.nriti-,ve .,n!O s r:Lous :.:: .i rcL;'tion-

1 i tojoo r-th'cr irnit-nvc, :. c' .:.:',"xc-i.ctrltic t ;.t re-

:"t ., ; sted itc. in .:is 1i t.r lifc. His fili, .

""7.ction for *dJiivc is .:&o -Ti in a note !: rote thie l..tter

aft. r ... vin .n rb d b. '.Os..Iz n"j-lt .. t in :

"c'ft r Yl"n'live: Yo -n".o r.6 n ."r. "l,:..;r,-Zo
t ,.,.T-- .uc ,,--c rdtr a tm 0iio c Ie -lor. s is
,'.oeres, P r so me CaCK.- r6 t.zt;:tu s-.:,
cuc1ldo ,. cda:, incta-nt cd ri. or .i ...a,
S.-.c ustcd., y ;: lo ...: uztc.', : l- s i
1 ." t' v ui r :".

'. fcc __ -.*- cnos Air s, i','.', 26.

2bid. 39.

Und..r the tutorshi nd .;uidLLncu of i.endive, i.lartf's

uoliticl int'L,.rec't, -'ere bouldi to ro-:,. .cndive's influence

on Jc:-.6 Ir. -tfs life cannot be ovenlo:: irbiate:, for it is not

pro:..,o:blri t;,-"t he -ol! h;r.v., been t, e liberator :,nd 'ioct th.nt

-ce --"a: if :le ha.d not co:.,c in contLct --iti'. ;:ndive.

i.artl --ubi-- (,._. :;s first -onnict ,rit'h ol--cQa ir: li-

cationc., On u r nc r,

c .. : i:-. ti:1., i :-n b" l in. .i c -n p, cr,
;JLi. o 'u J11
Li )i:.blo ,'oueio A-, ;rt1 ...a :: .... in', it ith C.:' L nt ics

on c::vent :-r ot'.cr mrateri:-l s'. -.l_ c .: t. ;.It', tin to find

fin.-nci;l u-- o:-'t for :i o'.. ..-:,.r .. n t.. ; ni s foimd,

t" n n.v ..L:r, ..:IC '.2 c: ICod L_. i' I rla Li_.S r the
Vr:'.icle t-u'oucl "f.i.."' i 'oialz-, -is : -..ic [)o,.., a r-ce nted

to t-'. L public.

-.aGrl's iat.: r, -.lho -c.- t'.on a police o i'.'.ccr in '>..-.n,-

bacoC:, 'L'.; not -:..::re of '.ic son's r.:'".l tene.:cnci:s and :..ted to iqu-ll t':, :- by inr:-tillin-. in h:im a rf'-'.rd for rwnin

and for tradition, .,.cin- t, t ;.:i t c-,0nui,:ntc ere of no a-.v:il,

he caiae to ccc:i)t i'ic con's st-d bcc.aue h- e h is bcqic'.in' to

s.o .orn. ju:..tlfic,-t'.lo..- for it.

o.oon hecre bc -ari c o .e n- tive r.-crli in":r :-nd .. c i.i e'.ld

t:-e reins a little ti" -' tr .n toe iJ:lnd. ..-nl'ivOsn arru:'ct

!:- r order dl on tl o .. '', t ..t .i Ot'.' i--in-l-. o .-ncd a

r,''. I ulntc..' t'!catcrr. x-:rt '.' t to .. e .endi ve every dcy

in Sri.on. .-.t U>; eni of five :ionhc', ;I:.xrtis ::as sent


to to -c'rve out the ::entcnce of :'.il.e U:.'n' :!o::n by

a Co'mjicil ofr a r.

It :.s nob Ion.-: before .:rtl :.n .' r;ifn L ..' .ii-

z re':rct.d for a : -. -; ilouz:; note "cr had riitcn to

3:rlos de, a f': r.:-- :' nt of ..,
"" ,'-) fl ro;o .... s Cof ,.:i ti ,l'.'.n: v con la
"'!ori':. ,.:c ..-,es ..6st... s s.' tas. is. t c6 o se cc--
C.. 1. .. t. ,. .....; 1: t..f:.? ;. >;-..oS
_. ,c -'..o c.._ ;-ol:.r .L.; ,.\.,i c-_ .. .r.a Me .'n-l^ive
.o ha o .-,-r .in c- 'nt.. 1...cio:i e ta c.:..-t'L V"

,r .:-nth-,-s In t.e itit y, 0ae:.d ft,' c,.--0

c.-. u- or trial '.. -'n:.lty ;t t.o cc.t '.;

de.,.'. 'Y.'.c ilt .;,'. lrcc-.dr c '.. en icc:.,.,cd b the co '.*t, b..t

t'..'.re \ s 5,on;: u-stion as to "'.&ic of thr. twio ,.ed ri'.tcn the

note. _,... t- '.ys c ,i:.. d t.o e t..c ,or n .,'cr.:n was

as:cd t to t .tify, :.- rt tc f." :'d .:a.nd cl- ;:. 21 in an

i:...:;::';,,on. .: n,.. lo uent :.t.. -ic that t:.e note r.:. his. Tle
co z't was a little c..'nf .-': but n ii ly, in t'c f...ce of .rt~'s

n.?i:.'t.nce of 0 lt, a : :..nt, wce : s :'-.ecd !-, o .:.'- : ..ont'.s
in *^. -' for -?: '.l.s" o- ,n ", ;,. l .. .. i.r- :.t -.:.r- l'. b ,:r

10o Jos6 rt .

Ti':: mar::..d t oe ic'; of 1f noe; life for -..urtf. , f cn _ii;ncr 113- a life t4... ".: to icave i;f

itfti:'. n nfcnt :uysic..l and m, ntll-._ scr-s. .:o s '.ut to '.:orlk.

in tW.._ cstonc u_: rries:

3 3- ; c .- 1 y i 'c .] i c ; .- ..
1 ;0l2i, 33,

T1l&Thtaban a un. Irr-j: .1 C 'ol :;stibioc;:iicnto pncl
.j *:I c'.1 ncc" i' ": rm br .tmrofaltc cav&_. cntLre
'o- nS dc 'dr. c;.liS;,. Jbre I lf. c:.o .rizzsdo
de ;ltos .;.-onton(i.: .Ie coc6 "" de cal, cl sol ihacia
..-i-"~/. *: ,.::6.-cr iornalla, con iun. ".vorbe-
r"L.-:-. A cf.;,;:&;;;ora .. ; trabjo :ie los icnados con-
SJ.cfc n !:.:c:'v .r y ,;. ..n.,ar 1,: -.i(.d,-a .- ol-ec
Sio y ac.r.rl: a or, volru-.-tesG, 0o IK fl los
: n 7..o itoc 'ob:..ior, sobre la
::' ...., (c.r" .nL.'o 1;:L cnj s y los c .n.sIot,. a]
.... .bro, c.s. 'lv:.ban el qu o dc U 'co irba sin
i o, o la :.rN 'l c ';o,,..o 1 c .- a in' Z.
L. b', ';.?abf,; b.,nco,., nrv ros, chLlnos; 3i:Cbla
vir-'joc :.."cl:-c'.ot ; todo:.- con -rillos 'co trcs
r- ...l ;s;, ul c s t..::'.b"..; el ",..-..:o ":Til:nto ,..ntre
Slos = ....r ,'.n co- .'.! i o.,: de ..'. .-.. :. j
los *.,:.iit tc.l s, la cx,.. i,.s i.lrda_ Ios .s
y ;1 olvilo Mo r:.l nu':-crno los Io!.-1. b:%.... 'I rcc:iellco.
.'*-~'.,.:i'-.n to- ., ;'": C i 1 O.., 1 S0 -::s I j.Z de
r:,": '..ll... l?.n,:'.r i .';1 c:- b',.,. que iiTi;; b;i los
ojc. y los n rvio con-scrtL f ..: en
O u :.:: C S trions t0 oo- c. ..
C ... IV: "1', 0 13`1
:.r.:;t.s.!-! : y ,.r-.crL de to..:o '.1 .ir. Una cie
.c inviorno In:.'. rnm.lf"

S..rtl ',:r;e n l.yc d .it'.", neit'-or i-;ca-.t>'. nor ;.,t;. .nt;:tn ,

Sri: it iis .i1:,z t'.. t he livcd to t;..11 tVe stor-y of the

S'e:.idio. I is .:-rcctest s'icri:, :.o toe- .(Is ,pr'ob bly tl''at

ca-s.:c.d by ;::'cein c .:,_ inju .ticeu 'n0.1 cru'.clty t round d i.i. e

pricon,.rs, in t:.ieir 'o:e,!:en.d condition, ;Terc easy r'cy to

c:.olcra and ";..rfi ;.-.-; l>..'y on Al; nd to c'.re for the

It is .. .i-.rsin that' n- vc contracted t'-.c dei cac :'.i.ncclf.

.'.te." :;i:.: i-.onthl:,-, .:'Ien~ ::c :';:: relieve, of !'is ":inrd

1..bor" tU.rou.<,' t:'-e infli'..,:ce -o' friends, ..c had scc'rs on :his

an c, 1-nd a cct, '.. a ,_i" b.l.ind ,nd ,L d ,: ernia. rob .bly c,.:'.ucd

by the hcn.v-' -or!: i:. osed u .on 2.n,. He as sevnt-en th-:t


l p -.-.. o .it., .,

i:artf'g spirit, -'iic,: ;cs not :,'-ro:-cn at the rc;,dio,

is rt-floctcd in a note he x-rote to :,cndlve a 'e- or.nt.: after

."Tuc.:o : s.'-idorio, :-ro *cn 'o 1: conv. cci6n
.Ie .I :;,* s bi do ..c:Lrir. Y ci '.c tenido
.r." or-: t o'nt, y si m5 e 1 ie-to cc.- f. ....s
or c -r .vo.'.:.dc_.r' cntc :;.;'i:',, s61o a urt.t-d lo
K'eLo y de ust',-r y s6lo 'i.ctd -s c_:I.,to de
uonoc. y r. rioso t'.1 ,-o

i.c:rtfi as t'.Cn .:icJ to .' hrhor v.- '-*-otc a

'".-. l, c:'X2i -~-.,t1 '. 27 1 '"i n :]t co p .n f", C. In s

a.rticlc 2e l e.rctc of"'.. c : rij-nc .*; in t'.c ,- ._c-o. In the
-,'irt zrct on of te' -,..' le -t te "t't-.:

.'o.lz "in 'i-ito rc)fa c.:er 1 .-X co :-.: o. de

Jo r :.,-'i... to, or. lolor del c:.. I.''. o
s c -- s l r el :As ';.. .or *'-c IoL;
'r".ri, l ue :.;.ta !" a in' li -''- y s.cca
b -.-. r '. .-.:1::'
:. c con un '"c..,,z:O .c iccrro; _Cr._' :"i.tLrido
'. tod s las *w:ts .o.. r st-', : r ..-d '.- fjin
.tado cc.;" t .. o -s I',", .. .. .
:.: .o t .NO Cn r sc-oe.
3i .:. J- .rn centid:o di.',: lu.i rce .-o'.,re su
rrbro s b c c a t ',l .,'. 'nto
de : -Vi ":b er e .'do ,Ic ..:t:r s':
S.rr. i bra co i .' y lo 1ubi.r.m

C :i ::isti,.rC el Diocs ";r:'vi 'cntc,
lo bi-r~ vi:;to, co..'n sc -.- brfa
c .1) rto el ontro, con 1 otr:. Lfta
,co ro'.-r ,_ bi; n:,,o :."uclla n. 41 *'
aiics te::i:;tc, -i i : ': ;: en 1a i:. c del
.i. ., *-*.c vcl. el Ph ci!.into .C?- c hr'... -CrC y
c;. en 1 n.212 .. rC s. ,ncCI'-. n n 6] ,i"....
"-re. 1 'dien es ios. L 15 rina "s la

lbidJ., :. 4%2.

Dios c::izte, y yo vcn -o n su nombroe
rnnpcr en 1.s alr-'s cspr Ao ..s el
vaso frio Ciu c nci':rra en cllas lt. 15. rina,
Dios c-::-:iste, y se r.:c u .c6is u'icj., r de aq'uf
sin z.rranccir (ec vosotros la cobc:rd, la
nll'v: nxdt:r dA n ind fcrcncia, dej-1-,e cue OS
cocMx..tc1sca en no;o.bre Le Dios.
i os o 0.i.'i: re :.i os :;..Udccir6.
Si yo odi ra a -; aien, :: oiara -,oi- ello
a ;-Vs2Go.
Si mi ior ....ii;r1., yo nc'-,-.rda por ello
a di. Jios."!

iie tool: :v'iv nta:;eo ofi'iis c.::le b- oenterin- the Ce::tr- 1 Univer ity

of i.adrid Ie rt.o.. tui law.

Soon -'.:rti lrhd to undergo anI op.-:r;tion for the re.ioval

of z, tuz.:or for-.ed dlurin-; his iprionnent. Aile .c "ras

conv.ld-.cin-;, ne'.:s fror Cuba1. told t:.r,'t first year !-.dcic2l

students at tile University of i:zv-:in;. haed dcs craterr' thel-c tor.b

of Castaa, a rna.tic cf.o.:r .nl of t. e Voltmtt,.r:-, v.'io

been ':illod tihe yc- r before in K y "er.t by a Cuban. r-rt{,

still -weal: fror. is oc:r,-.tion, :n:.:-. th; serious t'in-s ore

ha.. ..nin'3 in Cuba, A fe,;: d;vys lat-r, a friend brc u: -it 'him a

c, -y of -]. Jurado :hic: told t'. :t ci -'t of the -c1:'- :nts had

been clot ,',id t' t t.iirty-five h. c been' to the

,rci.'.,'io. 2,r.ln rcZld6s uoi utn-ue a..:s a first yr ri nodicol

student, i recently, ;;:.n the full stcry t '-S printedd, .artf

had at lest co.. relief u on ':n,.in th t 'crin :.- not been

.l2onfg those o:':..c..t ;d; ':.e }h-:.d bcuL;; sentenced to thie r.Lsicdlo.

Fro;.- te ti... of the ex:c-c'.ation of the :.dic::l E;tu :cnts,

Jos6 ..-rtf, glbras o7leltas. 7ol. I,, !*;:v.nna, 1953, p. 9

Mlartt's role l:- an. a-:itator obec. :O intcn' i.ficed. ~c "rote

uncl._ncod articles, att'ncdd t'.e Cortes to s(ce if t.:cre Ls

a .-os_-.-ibiIity of a :;:'. on for the t-.;:icnt3 ,i -"it'.;-nt

icctin- :Gs nd '-o tud or.-:tory, IN. n'".1 c!c to c t b

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3c'c.roe t-.c i'rst niv...r:, ry of t'.r. c:.:c:c-'.tion of the

..Ll :.tu.dlcnt, "rt undto'. ,y way of .. l:t'rin

to sec tl',.t t"-h "_ i- r:c s not for -ott'n. 'c ror,!i ti:O "tl':.nts

r:.ultyt for t: .-, ow' 1uJ:n lib'erty.

Onne ,.lot, 0 en:,itl." 1 :L7 rt [."vif : u.te:,

one 'r...r t:r. T-hi: :.r-tuc3c ;'bout the :- cdic; -.ct:.WCu;Its fS

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dC o.res en el : l".:-Ko olvida nunc,- ,:1 RE !ritu
o v'i .io el Ud a r,.; cl. o C.n C 1fi C e i .l0o ,o'"'16
oc: o ijoc a la ti'-rra, y in .cb.lo llor6 sobre
IL. tU.. oclo n,,rtircs.
-c ie se.. -ido con :.Ais -:r;.ncdez cue 1Tios
Cc la vi"d.
oL:ooto'o nos r onor-,'.".l ccolo: coll ;u C.on l 1l :
in .o.otr .1; nosotiro.. o.: Oi.'- a z j:;. tr x .i:
.ri la 'ortz-t.ic di- ;:.u.. ijos; pcr rc oy u.1c '"-.ce
3 .o cue ...rcn :. ra el .:.'!do y ni ci' c;cn
en el sn do I. t..t'ri: la muoerto &.c cu -.1.*l
y cl :r.oaror ic: los rc.:ct2er oS u.'e los eo:v :r: '.::t:-ron
en la :-"-rte.
Scu,.no or ...o co-n ,,o o'o t, ..'a -,OrIter
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ld6*rirS, "-:or la honria ?Dti'. oC r"ue dozdc cc'.
cs esrajntaron con "I leisin;to; it 'rinm. s de
rcr_-rdi:'.icnto y cle vcrm;uon-zo todos c.iell.os cue
ticn n u,.n..! Llncha d d debilidcd soilre la front :otn. :'* su s.: so!Lre el coraz6:i.
:i:'J nuerto; a '.'.C pT)rer'-.i:"or,s e rviven mrs
,.ir.odO uc :'!jricron. ,

Jos6 .rn icr:.:.In act'..d u on t:;e -.dvice of a doctor

tic' :.ov .:; north to .,ra,6n to .-calc.;e t;':c incl :t-.nt "-''cr of

*1 "t .. In G.0 c.".t t'..o::. irc o a smaller r toTi,: Jo36

be ";'i t.o rcl: ::.n' rc n, som.-r.'.'.t, i' -::... it TTe
.. :y in -Lr...'6n r.nd in v,!rc rro:-.. .the ,'eros sanillo ,

he c:: L-; ini "'.y:

".> 1:' ru- "6n, .:n l js:,
Ten o yo en *:i corazo6n
.,ii :'.. o -o ... .n ,
r:nc:s, fiero, .L'il, :in c'fca.

'i '.ui.-re "i onto ,,:.bor
-or u6 Lo tr:i;n-o, Ic dcl;o
-A alli t'.:vo un bucn -aigPo,,,
.u,6 cc il "-u e a 1M. am. '... .,

,TI- r-..ccivcd -. ;.:" c.. i".rc l e to c l .c :-ec in

.r'1 -6n, *t ;.o'tly tc i -:'.'. tio-'., ,._zty c ll-,id to

c:-o:ico, yre :.:irt :; .:ily ...: en .Tvtr. itf*^ i>rv .t.;.r I

i:n, st.1'".r itas -.n. : .': vcerito :-i:.tcr, A a, ..i. -, r .1:v-,ly

ill. On l.i. ?'rriv"'. in .er-'. r-_n".e '. -m in'ern.od of n:1s


T.iis first vv -it o'- .. rtl to K ::ico 1.. :;t .'oi' ...boUt

t'.:rc;c y ".r% rn' ".t'" he .iJ -; o fr. t u c..dCc

4 ,-bid., *,. 3^-35.

:":. rt:f o_ c- *t.I, vol. II, ';. .353--L";.,


it .,as a rioI', '-rincji.lly of intellfctu"cl nti-in-. :Ie

.,~oci.t.-d it l, -. o3:ico's fore:.;o..t -list'v.:ry 'n -s 't

wo-.1d Iavcx it, 'it'l "icols .sjz -r..t;, '. JUa.- 1 yy. ..: o0 d hd

ocon .:.cive in t-. .'o -..: nt 0o:^ 1..75. c & of

-i lis b ..r...l :t,.ttu.. it h :" L c'. !-.,:."-'.'y for t'.- 1 ttcr

to c:: r cU-e i i, ::ico. for -.b'.t- 1.,.rt l nd .. ccl:t t: '. it r t rc-r-> this A:t.'' ..i

tha t I.crt :;ct :i .. .. d.r i ,til c 'c:t : '.. trial

i,.ol O. -.C::iCO u..::i; .r' .. _, :' t.o 'ite a ',. .

clo: t., i v_.'; c_ .:.': tic art t .:t c'.: oi

L.- t..c -*r.:.1-,.1t of the reo uL.iC. c:.'n:'e"Lt ,. and ;;.c, result

: or con : .o' -. ':'. In c' --c of i- -tin;" t-L';-
"' rth "''; the J_,ct e
re r,.1-!, ,.'-tf r'ell i: .,,C .th f-' :.. ..l G

*'. I y._d the 1 -.i: ".i'3 o oI ';o: it :e n'- red

....... ... ....a'r cc-is a.. ..c...... ..:
-rili.ntl l ,. l; d .ra.i... r. ." ,ua ; endin

Sit. an :.C -.;j,. To c I.. 't:. -, t" ..._A1:. i

c..... "">h B,..d 0lso c ..t 0- s ., J tU.,. to '.ias

Cc i7n on ;:: n..L i-L-,:rn, -. it. :'' to t ..:. cur n
c ;.l 5.s T l. :.t I z ..... :-on, e :.c no.'" ,l :.... the :.'o s .; .l uto

.ro::- a scrt uin tG".e ore' ,ra..r's old i.._. t.i.i."-.n, cont -ct.rd in t'..- rr ..,I 'c'Can

to tro' >.'. .i a-in ;. 1.d h o h ::, 0-:oi.-s -,'. to i -._ '':-: -y

lso ",.i 0.- a z; ': l of love 1 ..... r ic1: .; too .'it. jr.

- ._1 ':. .. c. ,~,i' i fc..... tl, ,JtC.t :.. ;i in ;, he _'. .clie

Carron sincc ,.e '..:- f':( .ir: bcm'n t.-.ere. Despite IIls .ortihcr'

'*leas for hi:1 to sta:. in '.ed, 7.,at at up a.d ent in search

of the co: ruo:-.iin-- 'oc-'.cunts. The visit -.vit .. men h:.-,d

its nvt r,-.l. conr cil-.,ncin's: 7 r,:"ivonevs ._n.i a -vror'i.;e c:f

r.rria.e. L t lit to .. s e tight

nh,.v.: bc'-.n il!t"-- ot".t'.. .'if '.' reet.,

vt soon, t'w Kf .t:. L' f...i. -is'ion -c',"- re-

i":L:en d. iA i:_:t a ncf c. to ;o to .'-10 t..; to c;:-,-n :'. h is
activiticC f-or 3u;n inc cr. encc. T..ore he .'elt t:' ..oul

be ch:.-:cc for ,.i:: to ;:t.'iC' a rnd :-.. c ,'rity. T'he

coLurn ry m' s y" o..".; o .. .;, : Q t t:.c o -orti tii cs '.%,ere
ror iot..ho *;c*y', co': )DZZio'-:i. n 7 t-e ri cc to1 o:? lot;ctrs
froz '..rln's f..ti]i.r t:., t 'rol.d i.n,'ro t-c- Iu > .i to -.unc tinent

of J-'-lian 6rez.

.JtCr, a sh, ort 2.t'-. i: .:..b.., L.,n ,j:\..i" .'9 for

u ..t -'I ... -.... d:r0 a ccn.ct:..d Jos6 i:.uL'rc, a 'or' teach.,cr

in .nayw.o, 2:bt,. ad .t-ilec. It-. t:: in ..nts-. ofj 15.i, who

,ve t.: a job as a n ,-C.- of th- :o. :c-. 3c',oo'_ c..ty, He

was to give cou-'e-s in .._:jtor anir literature, T., ;:. x'o.,-alar

*.Vt; 'iA c. ..'; nt, boat be.': and '"c, ,n'1- rtic'l 1 rly so

',..'iti: i'-.,rl'i :;, rcfa r-r,_ '." o .; i.- .. 'v. .. r o-'" -rnc; w.- z'n' Tohirnr

_r'. sidcnt oz. u.t .. .. i',mrt! ". : .cnt""-. 7i"2t. C, in ;: '. rr-l
.raL d ..n ,7,. ; .. : ro .ri&

would often 1: y t1-: i;no r :hi.n. c n; z. en l rote verses

to iCr in an :bu. On- ;n y, rn a.rf; .cd :iin to -.rite a

ocri, :-ot, 0 1or t.'Ie ]_bu-, but 'or her 1.lo. .t' *r' to
-'." "i he t;:.' t'.:--t*. t '-. i love t i: '. Ie
': ".o i ip--. e :a til. n -.". -,rd
"o C.,ur C. 1i dI .

to ?. on I- ::'- c, r rct a ..: 1.: a '-' .2eial *xoin:

H _c..c n e -, .. r' r.. -t
"- a tl v.- 1 : i c ,:_.6n tr., o
t.o... .' e c nt cra

to r t st r -: ::--ico 'o w....rr.. ..::.. I cas '.00:1 as .'.e,

'_,n c U .h ri nt tt *':' -rI ., t L1 o t

;.- ".i ..ot caI :C the -. .- .- : ; .. 10Q

0 *'i'(%-10
'" ..... c, .'ar ..:".7-,.in '.ntil he :: "-Ied, ':' s jior at a ,. ir

: "i o af-- '. : t : :'t5, *:,, t *"- civic ,.'. t. ',

"* -:. t, ... tt no 't ft, r -.. n c.-.*
fi;- ll ; -.'t ""o 'r, ith --r ..' inc l c:- tc.'.t "' .:.. c:-

hl.: fo0.'= '., "? th,:.t .'- >:.'" not Yr t : rr:.. >.... .. re r *. -. "'*1:

or lithe in the :>. -t'. Ss ri". to :. :Ico to carry

c:. ;" in'nt, TI :. .-"irre o'":c to :'..'if of I" ri.. s l'.:;vo e for

'_ -,-, ..t th t lnt ,. : to all

.- .-, ~.on o. to
T ,o ni:".t ,:, -.-'o', .:ir, ,'. Pt re, he 1 ',.wn:. to .-7 oo..-

) d: to t'.: ."nvral _n.'l"s f;-. 'lly, In oieont _o..'e ice
l z't, ,.rl ve .i:-c ,. -c of '. 1 Ir :'w-

1 ri h o. _t. >,._O.


Ir L.c- irst y o on i -- a ro

--. xico it: I;is .-e, .tL ;:.z told t':at ....lra -W.t- f;;s te

ll, ...t before .c coiLtu *;, to scL h-.i' s:io &ic,.'. .'- t

0,12 o." C.e ... .,t r'... .t ..r s L'n 2.i .:. the .ic-d

a-it s .:,. u .'" a .r tc oi -.- ..o.. o rs. .. -. c.i

>t:c ins.'i iouio n or u;;iG :rell .o',Tf. oi:-.f. .. itiej de wl.,t.l, i Ql.:. ys t;.u ,: ;. o,-' I r a ,-.- "1: ._il.a'', .:.t:. i ,:.... -.e

'-S t. ty-i he t0 c..7-..4v u.t .e ti '

::c Zjn ct o ,- itf i.t 'ociLi.l. For :LUL:r'.rZds

.of L: ..... 2u..i n: to rt^ to .1ir n.'.tive :-oil. ...m-U% anid

.'.c_ .-; :c e ". '.- :, 'on t..,' ..u...rc.A. .r.. o.; ..:.:i! ; ..-..o "_oc..' .- o;:.;e.

."I t.c, ,.rri- .i-.", f. n. o .1 2 a Iw fL'icc to ;ctlr:or

:.i "-,i ..* t-wcr.; s:, litt.i-: .Cor' tC.._... o o,o C.. n.; & ... l- ti tm

to ve.

..-.rts 'ir.;t c...neeto o,;:: ;.'.. lit- .Ln or: Lor

c:- hen he cLlv--: r L. r e t ...: ccnvoc tic: in :loncr

of ...irido ?roL:, ./.. xil ,- :.. c.:.... -o:.. c in

t ec 1:;nd ho lov .. Th : ., t e 2... : *.. .... rise
u, on t:c you;; o ,.. *, :.i'. o- c it t.nfn,.'u.... a .ol: 1. ter

t.: t .c.'tf :..v to t -: rt in a :* : '.) : s on.:.o- .'. .:. .c ,ico,

the hall, tre '.; .:1t .v;.. &.V& ...s ad' i" 'i:;- .;,. .- L,.r.-. r: *.,.c.. d.

-. rtf s 2:.t.. ..c. n orz.tor .'c.. : -.:t.a'..:d.


ic. dcid i:o well -C.s *n oi'. ', t ;'t he 'c.c:....:ic". to use

is ':iliy to r h.-o e the uii.,; .c: ,; f,,.i '- for the inv..-ion of

:.ib : ':" .:c:'... -.' a-. the ":. a':, r,r :.ion or s on..;..::i tv on.'. cre

o ....'. '" mor ..o oi .... ;i r tion.... .,t ,".y rato, t: c:.

: c.' e .',. d c. .'cct oi: the mia.cs,

:..o ,..d t e :'*'8 ;_ : .*'.. 7.-i"ft- of
stirring .0 ..utin '.. ..i-. :....,-L' cJvon
.. ..en .. J. .. .. I .rv ,. ,';. : i'.' : -l .c; e .c*."ond
z 17ir cj.' ..c niu ,' .z.* old. Li ter for
i.:; .';i in.o : 'onc ., f*1'". r rin .il' .r "
r.:,.r : 'ITo; yo :no le .n lo ue .'i io;
2P. Co 1.:c a : ,-,i de ..or'., "!

ito' ._"*':;i, "- c .:-n 611 4'ct i' ,' t "'. a 1ull in t'e

.c..rm I i' to r n "
e-.., no to r-.c n:i.L c.n"o "ua "I I

In .... to.:er 0o _,..., .'...rt a .. : i:.In < ::i'-c:.: to ..;. in ..or" cc'ntinj .i"'. cvol'-Iio n.'.ry activity,

rtf :n,: i; -if z:; d n.,--.z had -' t r1J. *t be ti,
a : cc "-. arri -e Inn.' t17o 'c rr rrtion, hr-",-t ::.. )t by
*is bC inf- in .-xie ii' not :':in-.le tI:_':; :C;-.- fir v.

,C;.ln..-..n d co that '".o ;iir not tr.y :t I.on ,.. no '-ou- .nd

t'...,t he -,; too i"'Jl-.".lic. W.rti, on tiC, r.ot. .c ...11'., felt

that .^. .i"2fn di.. .not u ..n Srct. i C",m r ... t ... .;.3 vo r de L.n('Lin',

At her .u:Lab:irid's dc :irtLuro, 3:.n.n and their s:s..l1 -on, e;, ito,

too` rcfu -c ":it: cr f .t..c.r in .:: :. !er c -.; received
c,:,idl:r, since 'rc s :t ::-.c not .-..: fvi' l' u on

is d, -.-. ter's*: in t..c be -innin,c,

_.itcr in .,--in for a il:., :.rt1 lcecicded

Cir, n 'Ir 3 C.t, .n It" o' :. :iU h .r:Lccn
Lit r;-t,;"., K. York, ii6, 6 ,.. 45.,

thr.t li:c York ;,:ouAl 'o the best c ,',s-.:? of o oration for his

rev.-l. _Ition:ri"y ::ctiviti n, :o ihe cnb.: rkcd for t'i t city via


In 1';.:' York, I;,lrti io nid a home .:.'.it. m:.ucl II.ntillar,

a Jubon -.married to a Vkn:.zclin, ":r.aen iyar.::s, '. ..2t

consierdci. c." tiv till .

or was r1' to finrd'., but ii r.-ti.'._ in ; ctivitios

4Aith t'.c -..7'volutionc-ry `Jo....iftee Lent -his spirits up, Under

the 1 r. ;' ::i o jo. u ..' .-riz, e Jo' tcc as

tr;rin to furt.'.r t'e r volu.!tion;.v 1-ns o n L. L :to

rc, 'o .a little :Itticl o2 civi.i..ns, ,-s ..cially

those of tne orrtori.:. ty- c. He did not rcn'i.o at *?iirst the

i ort.-.nt rSol.c t 1 i: rt! as to -lay in tlic revolt, or as

it t*a.::. l call.. "L, uA' orr : C ::."

Ion.-tions to t"io c,:uisC cre --- u -, 'nut t'ore

ore still not :o,.i :.ic to bc :e :i :. r.volt. rti -ont

to see z w. :-'lt'iy 2.uo. n o..i :.r6, 6t zrxlo.. ;.n-os, %.;.o consented

to h:;lp i t.i. ^c:',nroit: don-tion, n'.-ra 'l arc -a :as ;.ble

to s.ail frr.!: Jersey City, t--cnty-si:: :0-.orc exnitionz.ries

orirl th :c".oonL'.r :.:.tie hs:cll. It au decided that ;.-:rt!

s.".o,,lr' :re": in Ie'.' Yore: -here e could better c- 've .itl 1iis

....11 ;nd voice th::n ".'it!'t liS ;,ody.
Thin :s "Cr- not .'0,in,. :el1 in ':uba, -so rdlarti, uinlling

to -ivc I-, cot out for nc' l-.nc1, this tL-L.e for .:in-c ucla.
Ie :Ssy r,'. t"lro sixr ::ont's, I'il. .:-*r.en :.nd Pe:iito too' refu e
::e, h;;. 3 j.dlr siLr -.non P,-d o to,


once ::ore in ."-J': ".ile i.crt .. in 'nC l il;,

-.rote a Sori,.. of :'.rticp'.5... on :'.' o .', r- r : .s nd c cntcr.orary

.vents in -the Unitced .,t.t'.':s. z ',..e r.ticics ,-,e.-.rcZ in La

O-;in*on cionion 1 of C,.rcc. `H roto Jout- s.c'. ,c-on ,.s

Son f.llo Ji.- c J:... i ". < rif cl.. A 'oo,. c::..: '. of e'1is

tle is fo,,nd in I .rtimle on JefSc J.,. _.g, "G 1 __ '..i. 10

It s .o... tle toc.,.:;L.uc of co.-ttr c.,t th. t ,:rt u" o

1f. ctlvely.
"..CtO ; dt: r L oLCV..,' Yo L':' -- ron cIc ,
ian r.'..o c ..-5tc.clin *r i o; i, .. nde
nbfa im ,:,; i.,io de 2rcntc It .r oCo
r '-;tr.'- y v :'r'no cc ,T-. a r :t.i-;.', Ce no f ol)J:', 'bo .'.as
.....r c0.n c. ....' o '..b oc; ni ; _.t ,
IL'. ?_c.:, ,s sino t-'c.i s. -.-. ,'oe de la cl-v.
-. ""' j', : r tan' _,.-4-e, uc I': :c"ieS, de su
I a-.-,.- u de St
t-- rra "."e la t .or c
Y n no ncio : ,i .:_ r *i "i, nc *'.. c ,
:..r-cica vill rIO, sino c b_.7?2. 'ro, ni c..r6 con 4..n
... ....... ", ci o rc-.n ..:.., tr: d c:.c. *.cla, Y I.;.y
,* *.... n r-'ce 'rue f-'i 'ci', -ue Co:_t._.o, C n : c
.- st clonl. de Ir'" ..'.;, o -c viv a do
de '.'-. bre f l:-o, y vi2o co :..:.ici :.:, a Ic -ir
r :..-.:,c'.t. a la *d.ti ;., c_:-,'v....clon ,r los: d 6cv.'.t,..."

He contin.:,:d ;is joiurn.:li,-tLc <.cL:lvity on ..: rlcunc

in I-.:.1 Yor 'by ritin- ;z rtic:....s for the J :.iA .; nc-: C.. r,

La ,rt- 7c.., '::--iic le mail.d .:.:il..r .rticles to Ca G iLion

,.Jconf! in 3..r1c., La ,. ei6 or uinos air:,r,, .vd ot

-.,o' ,t.. .'.!'. 1rc; 1. 'S o "*rs.

In T -d-lition to his rcvol;.tion.:.ry :ct'.'ties, : rtl

c,,ntin.! ,i to -tuy _n tn i- s o:.t .c;.yrr. in t'.-.t

I'artf, oo. ,--t, v.. ... 1 u

l..n,'fl;.I-t. on t,:o life d c ..toins of the *criod. Ie :.otc.rcd

t. .Icn" :..:-, to u:',ci :-Ln e::tc nt t:..--t r '." 2.: s:ed to 'rite on

literary and a.rt bjoict.- for a :e'-y .jo:rn;.1, "T.e uo'.r."

it2: t.cco :ni d ,t:,..r odd jobs,, c ,rr.::,:'.u.;ly ,.:'r:in to cet out

o0 debt, Lnd lifterr a fc-...-it> .10 .. 2)l to scnd -r ..i

,lfe ,anr, --on. contain :." to '-,e u2:a -0 over .icr !,

:olitic;l tics, :- f-elt that :e "'cr. n..':lect'.n- her .nr.l their

son.! n "iLcctc,"' .i:. ;.::.i-y 'doc:.;eC in .is o ini.on .e

h';.'d a h:i '. :.r c.'.lin":, I- feltt t'.;.t '-e ~iould be '.: ,ity of a

u'orcc cw.n if !- :I- ;tt. led -'n.n1 to ".oin. a f;-.i-y i at t..e

c.-:t -,f t.e J b. c ,.c c.yr;:

(LoS :;oi"Si;>r s c..-:acis e ..r cS iv'-: 1c _
no 0'., cori' :r su ties :o a, ni r'-k..r Cus
i':. z.: c- en, : s".on ..',Oi L,;s y -'.. *-eo .. --

Srd-n :.c. alas. r-i ,.. no noc-.. ita
".c 0C:""1,"iS, "'7, C .-."" "j "r.-
.';iV! .,-:.s :ic-ion c: :rn ,_- f,.,.i ic, natural .c un
a' ':.' *"?r.. si..C.-- 'r-";n .O," Sl o s ilt 1':;.O ; '
c" 2.. "''. "LjC.-- 1..:7 .- 'or rz.
So lia .' ....:. o .n":-i;l y ,'c:,l, halle o
no c,,^.:..i' 'O' r3.:, _i;'r:', .".

r- str.-.tion and a c'n :i",.r::m-" .2-,cve : r:.i':n to rct .ran

it:" e ito to C lb:.,

.;-'rti :L C: .... .i;: ..'o':'-'.so n very :: C. ,c d was ins ired

to -.rite v.'S.r : w," iC: 'er'.'' ,crr li ~: 3!:r the title, .nt. 2.ilo.

-..:.rtrl, o., _cit., v-l. II, 167L..


(I .i Lt r n o C '%. ,'.
mici in .i ;: ". >'.-it "to b.

*- t.hi vtov :

.. '.,i "' _.

'1 un 'n :..O.

". .3 ...).

L e. .. Y.'' a

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c r y ..;s ",o ". vida: i cs v .or

Ihbid., '^!. 1 *?. !341.


ni z.! sc so cu. ,. con el 'cbcr."1

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:td :. 'c id-.n sagr:.os leberos. 1tio sc
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eOcCl.v$' anbe l "..-,.c. -"I"L "-; .ntii: v '.st"' a z nu:cer y ; 2 : o. "'

.ft '.r a t %<' .c r..tion, J-zr. n ucc.dcd to )rin.'

e ito, tC.:.n four yc.'r5 1..",, to :.' rYorl- to try -:!noe n"'ore to

swlvu:',c t`'eir', ;.'.,rr~i ;c for the C sa of t:.eir son.
In it c if r: rt!'s .i t Vi ...

:it' him :;in, he ; it" the jicv-]. tion -ry

:I-i .tc. : irit :'.vcr.' of art! u.' is Ije s

in, ,,vit tr .e;r .o. .re at o ",o it', 'e l -. "

Cr.,c on's r-,t.-rn to '.- "it ito., :'lti f'.d to 0i-c c nd

ILr -cL.y u on i,., ; .e. r for neo ; of .i f;. *ily.

.crtfs _.n. '".i .i' It'i'..-'.-C.i...t in external

re- tiont,i ,s r-avc v:it to ;-ct'.er : t o" vcrs .. c c re

to be c.- .- c os jeso:_. lir scs. In ',;.i vol. :*, :.r

s" o..c- >i .c-L' to abe a ,', c..asoor of .:lon.lism, for to T ir.,

po try i rc -t ju:st o;".n attlt.t .c or forra, it "ar s ,bst-nc

and life.

l.,- 0'1. .cit.- 143
1id.j P. 3-'.3-

T:'-o dcat of -t:'s :. in :.v i .7 c sd

..rt- ..uc ,ric' :.i' -r,; t a f tion f... 'i fL.t or iS

a -rcent in .: ny of f .....

.cu C ...... : .".'YtiL'..'" 's [;;b. n.' :ie1- *.'.* :c:ve :'.rtf

the t ;..t d .: for -in

n.o about t' .:'. ',". as c ito, rt c .: :. te o

.-... ct 'o t.... fV-,:..:.r ly 1- vi .'-" u on i 0. ,1on.

i nL: ib" n .' traw; .. C;ld I-.y.cJ i. -'or
., tron's, c-llin t .. v..l.on i_; o

tr cT. 7 jnt J C, I-t.-I S nn: o js -.on .

.ti int:-:'.y .fond .-f chil-ron : in t rc:.tod in
':,ir .....c t..on. In io., _':. of -, a t't.y .,-. r n

D?.1c *tc. L:6...-., o-ru. -i ;.6.: 0L sinC dedicated to

c *2 r-.-c: o0 .. ni .:' or ttclr in'trf.,ct2toion. .artt" -rote

tV.c0 forn ' t'c title, .a ... ..r.. T:. .. .t e

'..... ton' t, stories ojC ).. ,"'.". r, '.'if ion i i.S ';t:_o r,.c.hcl:.

trie ;i:.'.s of C:".Lil''.rc:>rti' s .u-rn, '. ovr, r c'vrt-

lir ,. .'t .n G6.'L,'. z ins-izct'.: t':. t Irt .: t. l& c ''rol r
r.ou': t.. .toi L... '. dO ro ci: to n cnn. T .is 'lid

not Tri ,:- t ;hat rt-- ; he '.:. a-_n i"-,i :'LOUs in ,

S.t hiLs crx.;c 'd z: not a ctvr..on *'tionc:r one.

D.-n t. ,. ,- i t .hirt:y '. t, a l n-, i .r t .atn'd ic o n

C .:-crenc, -:: ,t to t': c '-.ntr ins by 'is c ct *: 4 or

a r t. It .t.rr tr t : rote in u- 7rso ,. ..o, a


Volu.-,c of -o'try th-t r.c to rc'ct :,is life as no ot' "or':

of :-i ,;>.d. Td vb I .ct, r- '*-ld .-ro.: isoc-',, of -i., c'.ilcd' .ood

to :ic r::.c ,.ntf i...nts of i.'.rt'.. ..,;:i he cnit ^i. ,.:cr a

co y, he rot. : ". ( s ;. vid'."

C.: ; .in :art's ife r.-,t'-"r: it: c it-> .t to "

Yor':, j't tT",:1 time ..: ...le : L ..'o t "t ,. co "(! n t ,-.:.: cct

to ..ind her L., onn." c f< t' : of >cr .;' i-r. `.on

s' i ,".cci-, d to leave hi .".i;- t::.' V..:r z.xe urt re -."-s ::ore

d.'r:-;,:t.,c and c:- -Vinr; c' : ,"-:.'.id *.I; r t:.e ,r -.-cction of

t'.c 'u 9-. v -nt.

.ter *3'.. '.cn I.1 n -.,ii: '.d, .a d i ; .,'_ it:
,.. ,c:" :ing c... ".,.i .:-:: to- r. i:_.C .ui.'c. for ;".'L"'- liberty cn,.. c,:.d

is pr : :i: ...-"- ;- .:o-t c '. -on called 'i:o.

;ad "I''i C ..- c.. ""- "' c ? L

r '"-, d :-. c '.i t.'. r,, c.:..:T-,. :e.n :,'.X. H1 :10o r- '.vc tup

V',S consul-"t o." "ic0s, o :v soA .e co.1.- 'c-..t o ,ore

to t'..- .' i fi".t fo,- lib '-ty. .Lir sole o:;'-:r of ir _co .e
ii' "ni r :.'. cs in .:. :iis.. ... i .I :it'.

:.x'ct :-n-.;.i,'n of u'ZI. e .: c.'."-ive o..".:t v-riv':d,

a n :.-...-.: c',i" .i.- to _'rive ct an -:"nc' -n .,_-Gstin:..tion to

ic' up ':.1.': ': nd It least t1 o 4 .fl,10 (C ct'.r '., :'_..d
j... "i .ic Li.. ;:: .rr T t'i ,- to ,i'l .. .-r.- i n .L-C' n.'' D off

".- .'d 1. c..c : .t on f6'o:.: or_ .. -i:cc' -C-6, -cz z'- to

-.-n,', ;o:.t of *...:. 2' ... .c Flor -'ro bert n;.1 t'..cir', oo le


w.ere to cstrn ;.i t: c :tin cmuts of r- .ntc.

S .c cint f2.uid:; ."rc sti1 L!c'in;, -ccr, so

-- rt .'" to L; 1 u:;on ":;: el e t. ..... -rcn' inco .o-c*. lie

S .t"., o-. II -aG:rc, ti. t 02 vc. been

"'T"VI e.s. a iorir, si es T-:. Cn i q, ci' ya
c .,"_, r V _VC,, -.o i.: t,.''.r!'n -^..''..E, r .** ,*ct I", el 1 cor- (e q le '.(;":.,1'.'LS
C'. v -v ,r. X ic. ... c.. c
c o o vr .' e i .-. ,;"ilo. ';s sy c: ..le ..' "_ .*
.3.,-r"c co l1'-O .i nca .. .j:ia v.. IV r0 a

In Febr .,.1y of c.. :;, "..v i in to .I. '_1'..i : ri-:ccivcd

n *s t' t t e revoi-tioi --- n in :..: ifelt tlt

his in C_ ll L it. t-. c :cr:";. he .'ras rt-ired of

vin o !lc t'..ln' thiat "... was one o" t'.o;'.c ** rc. c.ed tLle

,. ..'.*.*r:, EiectlI.- in c- sl it:.;..'y coi'ncih, ,hl=c-d, .. ,. t hi-: ""hoL'J. d
one arc. -

" t _rn to or. A co y 0 u.ri, 0 v-r, rec.c'iefr iim.

T o 'r "-- i rr ..-.,,s r- t t :. l

L.'vd in ,:.. 'd .cc, rin to the &'.r.i-, was reccJ.ved

with v i;L:" -oy ..rt ., y :i so ...ctcr: .inod

to cl to .b:. t..:t no ,-;. t '.- .c tc ..

,..rtl -,?: c" o:.c. ,.:; S3 i .'f of t.e lc c.-l: -tion,

,6. = S .3o:, .Ln r-in-..:[ ... .: d .;.c..o ,.-*. n'., C 0.' _.f of

...L.`itoc. The I tter -,:'-lt .1. .' rt to ,-:o to :* '. lo'". .. .:I.'.tc ly

I .."_ ;. c ,. cirt*, p, '

to ..c .r lics n. .:. rCnc ...n:ts, but ..rtf r .uLsed

to o nit I he i-ad aItcr., Ir into ac,,... I co::b:.t at 1 ,r ct once.

I... "'i-:;'t '.-'" in th _, i.;_ '. CS *.. .:-.7 1_ veCt: ., ln.-.,5,
', n,.l Gw.6 z cre c. cd .t .'* .; :.jcs f-r a fe.: d-ys .4.'ore

tu c.y .'.,re waen t ".t ,nl ,.n.?.:y coL.',-.:: ., :; cfr;:.i-- ;-..? t'e

.i t" to r.:iLL'orcc a t:.c.-.i.lJt of S ni'. troc 3. A ow

dzy.' L- t :, .'6.-.S z cc.-dc: to .r: t..1 :I c'L'o: :2. t;:c -.0 .-.1

*..-rtfl ,;' ... .r': to t: t; it" t7-:" r,.'.r "-'rd, ": .n -,e rLuu-
i::I.~ ..... ".- ... .r to :r;*, r..

'i bc..-..., 'rt r. n o '... on; of t' C.i-.vS,

lor a rcv...-v r, .: to "co ti.c lf.cOnto

n.. t*.c ":-.o':e c _'., ." :',', .." ". ... .. ..., t:. y re .. f '_' t. a

valley ol .otr,, It '.:;t'.r on .. -'ic of '.tt on t.c

1'.; of ::";y. J. 5, t' *u' t.1 c;:. t: ao n:.t-'. r d ,b :J. o. the

rcv,,1: tic-n.

"- rtll' s ::-, y *.* s taSn by t'. i: ., .I.. *...-1. .., o 1.1:J' *

.'c 'z ,2 n :. '> v:.' .' :i t, '", ts to o' '" it, .,,.

b. '.y r,.::. in ith t' ..!ii:: On t f< .lo'. -In aftc:-oon,
.**ri.. a:-'.'i -.:vc; .. ,nc .t' _ry,

,'.-,;n ],l'.,..'.,-i .. ,... az d:o ": YA ,o,..:1. thc leader of th e
J..-a in

-r- ** that .:' c t r 1-t-:ts -*od. .3 or. !ed to brin-;

t.c b;:',.y t,, ...t:- so to _." .'vc all do.t of Sis 'c.t>

I:n c'; ..i!:: o: -any fo c r. 1--

; ,.i L d : in a d oo.:c'i coi' --r, I:rtf body

arrived in ..ti- -'o t e nt', cr ;-.y for .i'o1;.l

i..ciit.'l icr tl :t


in i v t' t t~e t-.t rls d2 1th~h _Id

c t cc the v 'on fire n "i.a, '.t .in

S:.: n-- ; it : .-vcd to ,'.:i t'... '. -"' revolt.

1.. :a '," i .t.:..- _. ere T. n ci?:e. t.': n on

the .n.,,, i:r .cc C.:'c to bcycl: r b'' .' '. by lin

te outl:in, co 'y tic:.2 v, vC'oo r're .. iv .'.y ri ..'.,ly

to i:'. '.c ., into T.e cit. : move, calc I.

C.. cc a .-Il lu. "i.
to t..-' --ize b- :;..:...v ,_on, nri>' 1 or .... v s. to the

of in' n c ce ::c .' ., o t: :'. c c'r o :.'* a c.:,nc;n-

"'or *i-.\ '".-.~ ---a .f-o ., *-re

ic :rot''.c, er rintCer sts z : ..:.. -'r t.Ie :.:.
*n .ro-J-. ', .",_. .c".o.:.,, the o n. .t..".,...O .c".t cs *.::, t c.c b. t.l--

1. i .o ...,. a a defense .'. re, i..:: th1e fift" ent.' of

'' .' ...-. .:L 1 .V. the '.... to

,ieces 1:- tfe -.turbor -. .. n.. .. *..-. .-Arcric n ar

'-,.,: (I-,., the r< sult of "..c- c ;:- ,,. e "_"=- .t,-- of ;r:'.'., r.'_.'-,,-:d

on toe t, _.'. t of /.* .t Oc T" f' -. :, ,ru-. and dcc.:r4in-

..-t, .:.ico and t:. .. ".i 'rc':, "i" t-'n,

S,'....., ". : rl t" la rt :.- t ic' :as L e a .';, .. ':

on ":-,',.,_ s v '. ,.-i i.ndc r the i- cf :ot. ct'.,'- It

-... nvt rntil 3934 thnt; t e .- t O set ::.::. nd

, w. .. ,a0 -'.:"..:: ..-- i:rtr c oi' her f,.tc. -'t .s dre

w~ras *.- ":.': .,.d.

J rtS ..'rt'' s i',it is as .'uc:: alive i:: ,'.b: .:o.i..y


as it- as In .,5 n i n,-.. :; '.; n i.' r v,'ricnce

*U: r.. *.c it .._, lin o7' tLS Y)n S :7.;.'i y .'c- c

tc .t.i ::!.;':* -. e e ; rDci L of .i 'n. s, i noun

not .C .> .: the ..o tIc.L J 'r c,..- ut 1s r- t.;. ., ;iC li t,

.-.tor, :'. n .. t .r, U' ... -_ .- .i tell.- c: '. tic

a "' t: .i:: :Q",

.......:,R II

i D i

Tp'o vi u.i.c o-2 ,: rtfs "octic ie ort: is :'.:.11 in co'.:--.ri-

son it:. .ro:-c, yet .i te liter:'!r.y dorld, ';Kr is no'-

--inci ,,'" c.:.: a t. T'..c rc- .o:, fo- t:i:1 i., tl'.:.t T:.rtI

very ".' active in cr T :i; lD:, 0 Crr,

i:t not ac. for t'. 1o '.I rity of octry, .
-0 a ; ro -., .::c: t '.eo',.. re int, .r .:ted in :.o ill- ore

,":.c.t :...'o,:.s, l ry ci..:;lL t.:oir :..o- e *.. o. ,,,7_. as-cct ..rt

.d .-*t.i t'.. t i'.: v.:rs._;; : rye ;s .:.i co:1'(-:-'.or; c co.-'.-.ic in

te: s one .1i t o.-i .c in a close .fr4Tnd. 'iR vcr- r .ro

"Yo te qui :r1o, vcrco .i .1ot
_rr o c;,.;il.o .i... c' occ 0
S.. .r" ,;o /y Icsc.c'C o0
rarto la c;,-" ".:. c,?nti;:o.

TA 20 :'r :-, tA ie *.mcnt:ts
n tu -v'".zo a.ororo,
o.l1o ;r.i :o" o -.o,

'i fc:cl.-, t'..t he is :i.ri'ic,.' nd z.iLdo bettn'-r ,jy c -

";rcs-n. ..:.' f t-rou :. is :,oetty. ..*..: ry relir vcc. :i;. of

'i l-trcd o ftit he -: : iace t :. -orld a bCtc-i ;;-o.



porrCuc o '..d, 'n c-.ra
.*r".'.r :. "ihcCr bie'ln, con:incntcG
*:n ent rbiar ti. corricnt,'
Con cu nAt mc a': biC: el a ,::..

.C tru -1 I'.:; for t .c liberty of -..'.: hl.rtl scco-s

rcfu,:c ban solz.ce in ,o try fromn t'.c :ird,cou3 ttaski of his

life, ,!is o..-tr- i.- '.i lovin.- co :-l::nion.

"T6, ,or ':..c :o cru.ce ficro
La ti;:rr.:I, y sin o,.io, y puro,
T', arr, stc;,, ..1 -, u o,
i kr.oroc'o coi'..T,-Mcro,"'-

Hiis vors carry t'.e b'u''.'en of *.is sins. T'.ey rpur0'e
L.iL, so t;..t i..e ;ny -rriv&. in :;. 'vcon clean mnd scecr O, :'ief

an:' jl-,ternelzc '1 be '. .mc 4it. divinL. ti 2ce by ,'.is

".:"i v-. -n!a n.r se *.ncc..inF.
Al ciclo ii: "ri.- y ronr.,
YU ta me corr.S msi o n,
Conl tu T, ci' nciri di.vina."3

.,.-., t. S. C:-tion '..Z. to ';..i to stop;, writing

.)oetr-, in 2. vor c.f ::ore 'r...ctic "' activities .. ,:, ..iclf
if hl? :.lotl... fcr: .!:: t: '.' onc- -"-o 0 :o., n:. ,?-,lr f.r.rsr: cn :,,ii,.
"^,.,".brC, co,;,o 1 e ;.c .:n;'.7,
-n c.rr 6n .:iz 1 i.. .icido,
e '.Cj.r or.en l olvidio
A ,:.;.ol quo n u c. me jcJa l .'

Ten o .r. j.ccidce:. th'.t. he c. -not o. :r: to ws lc froim

his poctrJ, for it isr a r.rt of liin. He f'cl:-: t':."ft octrLy is

hbid., 1363.

3bi., p. ieu3.
4lbid., P. 1363.

a rJfloctiorn of the poet and tv t -l'.tr'ver conci :rons future

cr: tei',.t: cn:-: -ri:ve ot .Odi" i ;.n.- -.lou. t .% try '-: 1,

of n2 C.:: .".ty, ;.. one ,t'.c M.1.1

"iV rco, os :~'.--l:n .l e un .ios
A '.0onde van lor difn-r.tos,:

0 ni s salvs':'or.s Iclr. os .:"-
nos ... '. L 3u t
't n s e:.'' of is ,o tv `ry.* oi i ',-, e

"oi"t~"1y:; it L:. -.i.'i.< i : "'in tive n" v:..ried. At ti-os it is

r c a :." 0ntsin of '.'-;; r.t ot'.c : tis it i.. like l. fc."-.t:ry


t:ji 'c- tin .'.onte e .:.5
.-:; ii VCh 10 1 -1o ves:
-i verso es n, :.lnt..:, c::-
i ,'minico do -._' ,,"Z

a .ic's n c:"-- '. .cly ..1 ,u-,jcctive *n.d r;.onc I,

-and t.' e is no r.':c:.-.d of *i; :. vin'" any one *r-on to ''..oil he

in' l..: cj"rc ..... nd T. ., oi-nt:,c-:ts. :c l-'.pt t ,c-i to

.i. f::c. if, c::cc.. t ..!ie hc could ccrn.i:.1.o in .is vor:'" s ;n'-1 rn ze

')c.u'"ty -nd r:*t. of "ri,: He vc:"cs "isG *or-try the

, '..r cRtcr cf a O'.O.! r.;-::- c' in" A:.'.-, ItC r in t'ec mo' .t;ins.

T ..i .ed t..' is -r/'.- 1 -lie i:. cltcr

,dlon,.- iti !:,o r,. .-nd n t:ro.

".-i v_.r1.;' os -.m cicrvo :i'rido:
..U. : .scC en el .- .nfte c:..:,13

3iid., *., 1353.

":is vcrce lcasres t',eo br.'ve, becmusc it is =trcdi ht-

fo1'z1rd and str.-inr as t'oe :.teo from 7.'-ic,. the .;worr' is

f or-od,

tr-, jr-.c- y si--c- ro,
-s del vi:- .r .`;Gl accro
.I .ar zs f i. 1 C V ...

If i:'rtfs life i. d b,.en '1:.'.--y n'.l iZf .e -cd not
su i2crd ;-.nd :r'i ilnc.:ci1 .>nd :.:)c.rscnr.l cdivfLcultjr.s, it is

unli::oly th.. t >ii poctri wovULd have bcn -ortc'y of note. In

Lct, it is not li .ely t- .t -:c o:-ld .;-rvc flct tr-.c nc-c..! to

'..rite. In one of '-.i; oc:-:. he -.c(no'..'2. '.s t, valuc o'2

su-f'crin- ic j-.'.tlfics. 'n o t ".oc1 ,nin as t:ie only

vc:hicle t>. t Ic-..d ,-;o r'oc-t fro'- rv~" to i'cli., 2rorn

nard reality to t, c *:.:-rid of t7,e it ro: the ::tuo-.n to

t'o ..ivi f. t"'., : r:cs"ic to the >'.,_',.1..o,

cL el ccin o, t : .r.
.u'C yr. 6 ," lo i crlr Fs;

-r-i ue 10 ....-rie-'"r "" G

r'or";uc noto, '..'. t ,ri'"
S..c eOn .i '.ec o : iL rrozcr.,
i !ntr ^; !.ns iznd:. la .!cri,.ll,
-.' :i c. nci6n '.r.. .o o."

In Lnot-.t.:r pom he rc.r.-;i-..s .:i' conviction tl'.-t poetry,

'i, c.n:,', ic Lt t'hee ;- i ..e t::e off':rinr of -,.fin.

.-6 i: ortct u-: este 'dolor
"c A.. 11. :o. ;" nu'le el ci lo?

., 1353.

Th:,id., p. 1361.

.1. vc' o, r "c":iir; CC1

In tVc first e-o.r: of Los ve',"-2 :.J.e..1ic. :,!t,

: .s ",.is 0.-rsonal r olo.:;:,. [, sxy:, th t .: i:; a

n. Sincerity i ha:- c'.: r.-ctc-ri.-tic ti:."t ic :-ost

rce i:icnt in T:.-.yit't s ,.Jrcsn ..lity, i' i. z:ncrt ir, 1.r.vcr.lcd

in .:ic .n, crvc n" ::t.rioie in 2i c" tir<.cr. ; tr..".,le

for ::is i!ie.o; .- :ii in: i h c:t.- ... i. "I,.nr"C ,

In t' : .-::-c,:-n,' of 'i i'. o. 7 t"t he

is fr'o2'. te nd o. rl.'c, .'or the, ..

infinite c' r.: It is tc c'.f.ol c2 t'.c i'j:n.', its 'jr'.:ze

-!'. *'.i climate, the b.1.c.ty of t L.c cou~tj:i ;ice ,_I.' an iidefin-
c:i.'.lc ,:,..; .itiy Idi.u..'.Lc Lt to c;s: tccs, In tl,:' next t-:. he

.:. .lt '-.O..r c he dies he -.i:nt-. to i '"u vi s.. .Soo,- 'Ais

soiu. T lines r'c s "i.'ic. nt in tCihat t'.,:r vcl t':t
J., v'-,'-,::' are t e :..'-...c :e or t i-:.n; t'-.-t tP co.-o fro- t'-.

on:,-,c crce: la '-
Y :'Lt..", ,e .."'.r' .r '. "I -0
," ;'.-.' -; v o-- : o : __...- ,. .

Then ".r t sayS t' h: is- not -"::c''...iv-l' ":'iubLn. He

lived in ..:.: r," cc.i-r rics i: ".i: li ti1. id. tc "'. -Olf

c; .l.y to t' ir y cys cf life. It :.:y be r:.. id t:..,t ":e ;s

c. *otion..1v : n... te. '': '.,:nt. !l7" K,.,L."n, ,i nd cI t.'It'.'.lly C-C. .0-


-Ad., p. 136,.
ibidd., p. 1351.


"Yo ; -.:., -, .', todas '*:_uo.s,
Y hac..:, to '. ;. 'artes voy:
., .las art.-- ,
... .. c es :oLC be .';s:-"

.. .. :. his b in the :,,. uty

f.t .7lit, of 1 th ins, 2 .> not t'. z--:-i lc.,': inc

thn tl e .n :, ,- I s ..I. c 1, '"jt ".. .; of'
"". .. .' .-.t

*". tive of i this.

re-- ct, .. or t6... voe te "..Qestic, oIe -A... ily sa07 the

li .... ,_cG "J :l "'., It 1-, .S iC, t t:C

oct :-. I'o:.". tM;r ins:' .ii, but the : of a

"Yo 's6 "':.i n qe c" .i ;'.o rel rtc.ndo
Code lv, i :,- as &.esc. I ,
.... .

1, rt1 lived his life illn r,.' c:v,. ov/ :.'r .. e ',..i cd

.:, values in t?-:. :. of ir:i.t: .t"-oti m, too ..Lty to

t. '.rc t ': f._-;.t.nta ?.,.' is no indic :'' :i of v'rlgar

: i.. in his .'.: e or in his i.t i.. : '_.- j l2 co.ld

..'v. (1 quite e v .i .i,' I.-y h c .:: to ,.",: his

o- o&n I, GO 2' l. ,.1. f elO t th!at VLis s ty to &. was

v". e 2. s a : ell A, .. -i t, but 1his '"2", 7.-.o, C: s

: ''.ctCd to the ...'. ;". c:a":- roto for7 a li-i;i' only cn

-.i;. p. 1351.
."t ." L 1 -

-.c-..: not u_." in na "ore i c-rt '.t c:.-< :city in tle -., -vico

c_ his c.' ... .y' s *. ". n ,. .c.. ; C

.'. .-ican C ;,.:; f.:.i- Ar'.*.::r; "in ;.nd I:.r.' .;- .. ; : he .. :..-,ai

t his c nr: __..'..' ,.-,.i .' i :-,'" cred I~'tT' t e ti 1e '.r. I'.,-" d

to s n it'. tce Y';r:.*tion'.: ry 'r 'o .i-.i.;oo, h 1r r;i:". 2,.d >'io

S"-:ltion &*:, .:c a'. nd ke -t onil "-:ij. : i *".t cl =ce: in ".,'i.i

to cke out .-:i- i,... *r -c:i-.t._nce. iHe n .*-i'r ,-:,,. for ..oncy for

Si .:;c:.-', "-t :h it s.*; a .:-a.ti o.i2 ii 1 1_'Ir. funds for the

:st in :.' o .., did .. it.t to c l on '.is

realtl.y. _ri n',., .o .:.c t'.c inv. :;.Un'. o0- il. rt'A

c. 1. .tc ,'"lzwclfi -, .. h : it carae t. !. ..[;ic'ri s c,',i-'':::r;-in-:

*;..'.'-,:i in 'r *n.onc" :i- is :.1 'i...' tfo -,..': r n "7. t ril

,th : .o. ti :' traits Ve 70 .. .
'.... ....." .o..i.? :rc trait s t'. t :.: nii' -.,,-=.. t!:,.ei;isel ves r'e c:t-

'.-7 ii ...i:: life.

Jirc, .:Ut'c' frc J. 't to live a :-r.-'t 'orti-on of
.'- liZe in small 'otils '- re hc co :.C not c-c. o contact

it a clcr. o:le -o -;i..r: 1 .y too- .',. ic'-'s ci in t1e,

fi *"t ..-or i: ;,.. ',o. cr- or '.: -. an attit of in-

...... ....I" :',. c .....": ..... the :.: '.. :t. rule, t7i s c -. SL G

o:;cCL of a mcdi,.c'-ce ,cl-.::.. nt, .. c, I/ ; in i,'.cc.L;; "::.o e

v.. .re r '.- t r':. To tien, -.rt as a r ->elo, ;

:Ir. ....r .'.d li-ed a d. crolis _".i-'e in a '..-'ld a rt, 'c

nanifcsted to-c.rd... xter'a *rl. a t.>: an] Io too'- r>'-.-C roiL

t: ,' in 'o tr.,, ; onlr y :.' irit: "ictel:? c

"O)IL- 1-:: :-;c r y vi cio
Jel corr .-or :c ni ":lm;c:

..*ic V .i.i-o al tlnnfo .i.licio

.2ince c -rc'i .'rcl :r.'. c :,'.. .ority of t'c e--r;r clrncos

'..'ere oj-ozcd to tthe libn,: tion of 'ubn, it >. ; n-;,"'r:'l t,:.t

-;i:rtl s]:oul.i turn to t':,. ..icidl!,- c and o" cl- sC.s- for .-up"Or-i.

iI n.rc- '. ori:--. ..n sy:ony :,-'_ .t' sy'.." *t y fo the 'oifo-

in.r cl :-:. :il do. ncrccy is a 7o-:,in.-nt nobe in '- o .try

:T.erc i: also a '- t.- t:rnlt of t'. -lr-'e ;'. foi..d in tie

si:-l, t'linrs. T'. '_.t: cry .,'tr :i.. '.orc than the

ocont's ro,' r.

"CoI! los aO'.1Cr, .' l. c tic2-L..
i yo sii '- : I- tch:r
". rro..o IY i,"'ra
C ..c 0 :

:e.:..cctl;n "-'ilectlr ,.V. 'i.:Ci on c ltur all, s:i-

rit..L .n:, idc. '..i.tic v.luos, :c ,:;o :, ,-.t t.' :- .: tir o, the

futility of re t : .r-, A .dc'.(. :i. n n; br b .'ic: .

lj-nrcior,u h i ,l co.c p-rt of the l..n:i c. '-.'.ickly as

t C r., n ho is T)hri,,ci si;L ly.

"., 1 Cr m cl n :cio :-.;c r inti-rra
'c'-n "i':n 1' ,"o ".' cn.'n *r .n 1i i to,
.,'!c no :. .L.'i.Ut. n 1 ti,.-rr,.
,'' ;:1 l c r -. I nto."3

.: n-i~ ;.ic d '"...'.c_ -'. is ::.,n-.. o- -rtI't s .Tost f, :ous

oc-s nd iY Z prC:, b1r his b-st .'i i:,id, "La :iii." .. rft.

11id., p. 1352,

".- id., 1352.


.".rc~a ,' -..:..... rId ..'.lt t". t-.' ,nty-one .t t.e t' iae

rt.f -:.-ts t -t '. ;:r t' c; one .'.c rLo.:t lovcid in "ii life,

b-t '1.. not -.. ry .' cc. .- r-;'.Jy -- -5.von .is
-.t- .o! r t o; .r '-r:,:n :. a .o n. T'i o : i very S' ni-

.c: "'t in t..t. it c .. 1: s Y .._l ,.: c o I rs- -:rt 's r.n li-

ty. It :.os 3 :..ttl, t:'.e idealist: i:1_li.- -ra bec.. 'se

..c i .s 'c... '.xi-d OV,-; her ,cc..:. ro j.o.v n- ._.r ._o.; ccmi.ot

tie .- ,:'n; c:rict burden ...: it.. r" on.;bi'.itit It

i:. -.Je t,: -y t'.,t i" ..'rt d :.ri-'icd rfa, he ouMld not

1. v. ic::..z d ".- 0:_- o '" ".'."b wou ld 'v tare -c ':or as

,- ...4.:CG:A11 o as d cn. : rtf

t c e rctirt: ". I*t c,'..' V tol'r rlL earlr, in t' cir

re'. ronr/. i L t..t hoe ,'" ,.n,^..;cl, ':,"i a :.. n of '.ir c _lt.iro and

sensitivity -!:t v-. 'nc-.n tt --ria 1i .::,; ' in love
i *. '3,r -.-in- this, rtl cc" ": w 3. 7: n.r r' -c-i

S.t.c .'' ." ;s .'fri v Or lire, hert it, ''::s nt until l one

oC t" .i:" :, et.: s :.... i. ,_.. ...- .... r ..c t"t 'rtl told

.ci t t nt, cr'. ....,u t*.v.:r.. ._:::. little

of tie ...r *.'eS .l .m.-.. T .:. n in :rt_; "),.'r':;.- he ._n.oycd '!.vin-.

.r.z. lov. t o o- ,n _. ,,,o. it ntion.-, to"'.-rd

*. eo .ov,.(I .:c' bI:.t rc" .,.',u tnliat '.r-ior rcCr'"lrr ':1 "-.i.i to

r i'. ry ..'. :icn sincC he '4 1 -:ivcn '.c.r his '. ord, .t '.o ,"i.

.-:ct c Ir.into c_ ?li '.-.:-,,tion .. ..t. cn -n i.crtna: 1 1)y

a c..o. .., in t.,irs m tV.c r- .:,rc,:f.-l :.-.rti io 'Os oT.
( L t'.:t he ".:io-- '.rta ;'..Lc,.I of vo ior -.i. so 'I,-- foel.,

partly rc: .on:...;. .or 'c-t'.. It ..:: tI. t -.: :u. t toll

tVc story to ':ct it off ccr-ci .ncc, ThOe -;ot. tells the

st...ry of :.t-.rfa, "it c: ,'ci -i"'ccd on her 't: r.nd -' ner -1.

--icTo, v. la !O .,r, 'c "n ;......
.tntar este cl-. nto on .-tIor:
La niS. ..e i-c t.or r-
La '"ic se s::.m..o de ".rt

tie t;c.cri,: T t'e br::'-In o-' l..ic.lis n the ot ier

fLo rs, .-. n.i .t'. .11n :::: in -'c," t C.u-icd r.

.r .iOC lo0' ro.:os,
Y 1; .rl .r rc :
y o .1. :.n:; La .,tcrr-, o:
Y ; *,r '*- "*^ ,'2'.o t

ie rcc.: ... h ,. :;c.., ..ti i o .t' t ria ;:-ve

i:* ic he 'id r ood-bye on ...::c to zto .:,ry J..ncen.

It not-Ion- '._ U.
It .'.a. n,,t Ion- ;.-'t r c.rtf- r: .tz::n d t. is "ce *." t 1.e-r,_-


121 Io 01 U.1 ': 0r:do

S-' ;r.'.l *ic "to dor. '*c..or2'-.

,- r ;o. t'-.r' t ,'."<; :2 he .c : the c-:b.'. ... 'GI,

Lfnd bis. ,o-sVr lIc.:.:it n t>..' 1"_i':ra1l *:-",- r"..on of ..c *i r-'. ,,:'cn

V: 13.l: cr::.

"I':,mcL c..r *.5ndola en ::'.2 s

bi L', A.. 13541
*tri 13 '

'ioid., 13 ....

."is il" b c : :'.-' 2 1' to tne y 'Ie .ysed

r- S c'.e _. .. .i. *.ifc. '" i cl n.-lr r"' .t t'. f o-

tisti '., ic-' c: .1t .. not I>. vc to rrjt:!! rvt ..:troas

:oue tI 1^ ire He ;.n'.;:i 1 2"':' t;;at soein' '

col d 0e rla ,l. -" : o e -' ly i':" in- Q ". y

s? ?...." t' t L" .,. .. .'..[*I of love,
V ..... c or volverlo a vcro
.. :o a veroc al ..ia.. .c':

.-', cLvolish f,:.rc,.ead .a d ..._-: V..i:'. t' t r.^' -'as sick
'. I he i, ._ .od- y ,:on h- .c -.its t' -"t r rs! a

t'.. 'c- K.rc.d t t he -o t .?..ov_. in :is .,.i,,_e.

"13 .0 IG "' Cr.oPntc
Al eo e .' .! .
,rla r, _,:. c ;1;. -. r..te
he o '_ 'o en .i .-i.j..!"2

'. 'et i- z *:-in 1 o crnocn. It ir c.sid

she ,*.- of *";!, '.;.t -:.rtl .os tht t '-.l leod o' lovoe,
"* *To .'ntro ,C. t..rcT en el rto,
La :;"U:c : -rt,; 1 'octor:
Dic.'..O ".c _,'rIo:
Yo s q e .' .:!'o '.o ..o ."3

To.ey ',1: cc' her in : ci.llly v::ult c.n two benc'Tcs,
S.; n :r .in; he .:is-_ :d r ..I:ite spi)ers.

1".-11 en 1 6 v6c:cld c....-d (

l-.i 2 0!.1.C. 4.

i '5 5 "


3'oe6 su ,-'?il.-rda,
_',:rZ c S Z .1 :-,tos b u1 cos,."

..dietly, at ni".,tl':l, the un 'rt.":-cr called hi- for

a lrs-et -e oell "it., :' -ra. T.:t : t:LC ;t tie :.-.rt_

sa-0 thc '-:irl. -..*:o die' of love.

".: 1l.C'o, 1 oac-.:r.ccar,
.c 1l:.~;6 en'C-'rri'adLr:
u-c... ;.'s he' vu,:lto a ve;
.. ) i 2 -..'rAo Cc i or!"`

In .oric rc..ccf;t, i '.c, 1` is like dciir-c or c'.: nt.

Lvery o*:er st.:ys: -'"r onfl no io of "..r fdo, t!'
i) La l i. ].c T:I.:.t :..: rI
a o'.c so ... :'f:, ... or,"

2) "El vclvo, vlvlo c;..:..n:
11; se L .rio dc C_.)o'."I

3) '' 1 o..rolv corn si :-.!.jor:
..LLn :rc' r'cf o rio :.*'.o ".1'

7) "..,icen ,: :.trio o.c frfo:
Yo 0 -6 L. ;..-, ir o Cr, .:".or "
8) r', -ic.-. r-- c v Ie.lto ver
A la, u i: r'o 'lC ,'lior!"

A ,i: .or portion of -..'.rt's ,O'-tiC ork is
.o r.-n. o :cr :'--'_ r.ttr- ctc,.; to h i '! :'z;itc his

sirI;,t sct;"trc, lean _'e,'t I::.; =..d ".-d .c:.: rc:zsion. T: as

oer i Itey, i i: eks in the r. idio, ia

i'rri_ bo_'y t. :: t_. ..y e n di. ins n

l:i )., "^ 1355.

i.. .. 3 55

t iao't.'-it.r c2 ',ocicrs .jr .';., c c,. o ',. Lcc -voroD

c ...qo ". "rct tc j "n c* of ".i 'o.. ion:

"Y',/o ya T,:. "oy :rio.T',L0 o, Hi .'"..erLido Jmal -.
Los :oncs se r .cj y .'or. sn
salita i.f de Io *:o-. '. .cbc. -ro calzo
_I u uot.. :.'. s .c c. t.,:,
co.i.o las dea'. *i :1.;..- l cuento1 .cl.
-.:llbn 1.. ..-:: .. Tod. 1. vi -. r s ,
Otra c cCc iin j -
'trLra f* s : ....r yc. ao "c

...'t.. -.::tr', .rL r:c':. n "2, rc:.'lit.;ve n t.z-c :.y

..i.:.t in r i..'- c r I ure for is *I .tc.. .- 2.- to -a c"-'n. 'ip

,-.c--: ".:.t.r. iz' rcvc.:- cl 1 ":' : oin.t. -" z' t Is
1 s *

," .it." ilc spc;. in: o a .:.:.*. 2 '-'- d. -':c r:

r: una rosa i ,o,->7;

i:: tc2 -c -T .:'c 7-, '..:...oi' ri'. c:,:trC -1.. ...:.n.. ..o s

.. i .. .... :t"'Lve *' a .. '-'l n tc n .r'e:

". -C-.o, rc-r ria
f.or t e- :01-o rG t. as I-L..l.Ih
".: '..bcllc.' 1 ":'/b ..

"c 1C1i La 0 -' l :.

l..-t-- T'ote a ,:cries of .oc. zs .hbo't 'o: n in, -:'dich
c" c t':c central c :.r:-.ctcr, .:e i:- A:l -. a b lo:. :,-. *.ndl a

r t'.cr f"'ckle, c oilcd sort of c;,-.n. ':-c:. '.oc:: tells :', a ;t.:iry

or in a 'iture. Gn<- sue: r dr icts a i love "::zing

l..r6r. I ;'L1rtC, .rtf, .scritor, a'v; ne., 1951, 99.
ccr ito 19ri P. 99.

;.r-tl, _. cit,, p, -:1.55,

ILI..d., -. .36?.

at t!.L :n-oon :.nd p.ining.

".,n el z'._i6 ..i.. cc
c 1e vc..t.nt .cr ,n",
.'liiC.o ':o;.:o -1' 1...' n
:,ito. vn n2:c,;- Ko'* ,"".O."-

..c: n.. :ile, :va, CAo is ti.' c',.oct o:;' t'. b-:"'s

LffLctiCon, is cL-tC bcr. o lo''.t-c -. on
r v- v-* on
cc':-.c. ad :i::in .r ly strlt; the i's v, C.." :c- viol.:At in .orc

fl i n4. s.- cC.-. 6
.c sc.'.'r t6ri-lca :: roja,
,'v., c:l1 ... Wt
-". vio.ct- n cl t6"2

In anot'- *r : -rtl s o t-he : ,.ric.-!llty of s .c ::S3 r. 'Lrooc'- o-' rlr!: c;ld' i t a re :'i- n :l r.e e r.
".- .:l.'lil;.r de v-. [O"r.
.c :':,=..c. '.!c or-' 0'..'2 TO
e .:., c6 u -o .re ': -rQ

A r-'v.c ti.' .' -., r t her .:, -':in" ,r-oc that

wa uvdo of br,'.:- ., :.te.

... y o -. r.t

;-;r;- on L .i 7
,v'a put on t'.,:, t'ri:" r.t :..:',. t" rce ."e o c os"" "re

-ol.!. into or `'c, wl .:::. '"...- ei:d to rc-,.. v! --. "


3'4 .id., '. 1357.


% :oarc l .-.C' ':lituicr t ..n by -c.unc v I .n in !cr

.rivolity iled to .ii-ctii.:. ~ r t e:1 t:,r tr c :n '. T-e falcs.

"-,/C. se Ir.::ncd.o -.1 o c_-..-o
.. \lf el ..' I ,[ ll-to .- t .'0:
Y cc::5 c.. .. .i1 te-ro
1fii I cL oro 0 o,"

In -.ot'..:r o i .." c : o:." v '. is

Sn'e 2o ':.:.' Ir oorish :s even ,ri" ter.

Si:;cc he i ..r~, e L *"-enr c v: .t in a :Lr* in.n" of :l'oen

"Es r-'.t. : El c' I.o suilto
." :," _'. I2 ojio -.oro:
0 u.-".:. ...I, to

T..f Si r o n t .t : y as .-U".. 0 J.. f
-it *,y-., j-. is "Eva," sincee z.;.-ti ";.;:.. : ; L he

"i; ..n ,.r t".:l':s o-" dc tc ; all ".e t:,iiji':; of is life :I v..

11er in ir. tlo": hris r.:-vc: in 'i i. : int, r'.:;t in i"'-i.e,

"La .',. j. -estivwl r-..C t :.bI

ice, co.: c '"I .I .
-.V 0ice: to.'o S -" tj

In ..otc:' o : rt .- in. 0 n :; ivc as f. zo
S ic'-c, -.:, -c: '.. c, c :;'.e

: 5"i'. se ,,:.,';
.v;-. es r ,.bi: .?;.ls. es ..v;_:

*r.i:., p. 1357.

3-i,:i., p. 1357.

Vic;:'e im.. ni)e, y so :lcva -
_.'Ai. .,or ue *::e y -'o llora,"1

The cio ~,L c::rri.: a a I ,I ove. *,.v.; c : ', tr.wyeod

but 'v: iii c:;i. :-,l L i:..

';lc oIlcva :.'i :'.0or -e lle :.
: nube qu sc va:
0vr ,-i. ".. .-ioo tr;.i'.ra:
; *v,-1, me c,.::* o ; rF ?"2

T:>..rc is ..o.-, control i'y :':on: ;:c ol rr as to the

neain., of' t*c: 'h- A, .v; .' ore r t'.-t s a

.rc c 'ic ,' .- -:, c' i t at .. s in-, ire :, >i'- lie, .nd

ot.orc C.or y t, '.t sc .;:- .'!:%..Is-...1 oJ. as "; ole. yb .
.iO..oc*vw r, :I-,,: L c t0 ii : tt ':'rt.. i:. i c.:n fr'. .1ti s iii all t'.ree

,ositic'.ns. '" :;t of l .:rtf r ;] ct ". s i
.is octry ::? t'.orc is. no rm.c-or.-.l of an I:va" or r...t-on o

-. ':t .r; :,le" her in *i:'-rt s .i.c, so the fi.~rt -*,orItIo-. ':oes

not .. to be a v '.i." .nPC .

T7 t ;va ;'.,s ins ir' b-r ;-.rti's .ifre is; o ,

*.va i i'ic L i.:_'ty, j.'ri-Kid i.nJ blonde. T' cre i7, no as-

pect o ..vr t t co-'r oi onlFi to :* '-en, for :.-e ::: a ty -ic-rl

5 nio!i *Ir ji tte and s alas fa it to r'.o.r -.-. obcn i. .'ro:"'

ll vi.-on-:e, n it e.l t-c t in t: *ir :-.- rit..l
it ',.s ...i r .cn, not her 'ub"-, ,' o '. 10 the .:.*.cC ..'c .er.

'. c-t rtl i ;,, ;t .... o1 .:'.:.i h. e .irote abc.-ut iv.
i.: rob. l- t' c o ;h:, t position of t e t'reoc, but t': re v're

J: .--. .* 357.

2I: $,i., .357.

-rtill vo'l, f l 'ci :- ': .re. itf lovol -nd 1: i_.. r.i n

.'- u.' ..' I vr- a -or-n in i. on l o, to

rovo t' i; (int. !!c c nt .':, is ..- t.r'...'. nf -' n
* *.. .1it' .in :.:t -.:-.. i, -r ti ." o ovn:

Sti O?

....-,':-:. su .'. ) o ti'......."'-.

Dl l .nr d .1... vreds
0 c.r.',: di *. ," ., dc s
S:_ tr :iro -" del *,:.'rcr',

:;.. r? c or
r .ira s Li .. ..L. raor :i' ;,
| :o no .. f l tu "vi,
ro J 1-Ir
_,_ci-:".o e o r :.] i"'-

*It ,. .*'i: r.-':;:c. :-.! t" ... .*. .. ". r r :i 1

of ,.' n t' t ere .n.-t '.'): to ;.:t .

-'c. is no :;-.-f. ,'-' t. t. v" rtf "" (T cf to .-' .It ts;>.i,,' tyve

t "'... Icr-' ; v. ins :-i .;. ; ri .:. : Smince

s.e -o .; a .. on t >. f.. !'. o .ivious
to 'ic. r :, for t .'. :. t-'-.. cc'i.; t, t -.:- L Vtl 1..v

of -'.- ri I' cir. o: i.

...rtl "'.'.s b _, .i -' ..-ri. en ho i.: "irr'd h ......;..1 in
'rs:: "" nn ,:in.':L.i. ;" Q"in
1 v. for t'.c I 'irZst ti (, .. ::ii'- d in '::i:2 C t'c "ile

:'. 2., ,':8 a la :w t,:,' t ;.t t' '. I:t.. -it ,- of -" "' -'>".nc

" ontclvco -.'_":: ..'^i st -*v ,, n o "'" ...: : "" ":s :,.,y "

love of L. i-rio' as far *.' is nto s1..

vI o i. *36:l.


";. .."..ibi.o ', ;u.2 ..jil' ro
'C : pri'. '. '.[ .' .0 ;',..
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thiir, si "'lo ._'-: I.,:n tion of y he 6Lv"- 1,.~. .'.- 6n, I' tOu'.-:.:s

upon a :iiior 'i ':. o:: o .' i,:" .oint. O : 11- lo. ,:. co -ntry

lcc:...:c; oif t:.o .o,: '. o, t'.:i- *.*: of .i.c'"e Ln,. on uts .-'.;-'ocL tions

"..:rt 9:'.Ji~t., 135-i
''.; r .r. o '. ,cit < 13 ^.'


n *.c,. of t' to-,
:n *:.'; ri of.;i>e5s n t c '. of the to: -rz i '.

or the *ye of' ::,:.usc,

Ce :!,lA tue bun :'in'o,
-l l C;

LIn *c.' .c! fourt x, :'ii't. nd i:t -t o t -o-.

0: "e .. I, city
le "" '.ers to t" ,e "... .' t'e .':sn.n e n.'. ..':... t e city

s in t t.. rn n' "' ..'tionil t n for

it e 1."- *'oica: .... ;:S.
:- l a .

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'-. enoj un rc. ''rr o ^0

;.d aure cn ;,L co .'ta."2

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': el. r.* a lo tio :"

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C.*:' o ". 'n:i. ic'" he o -- ci:.t'. nidt' t I'; ':" '-.*

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r';.l.'.iop _: .'_. i he :as ell '- to ,..

a r .. c cc ti. y c r1_. cts 4:. nc '":,o

y,-.- -:.- .

-- 13:!/-.

--ic. 13:"4.
_, -*; 1. O


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.'. ;-, -'or tiirr. a n ti-':no:
to ";ti.', si !. ."0".
Lo 02-t" .o, "i r,: '-2K .n G,l

21'o:e l.,'t t*r- r t:.'nz:n ror .'crt. ntic in t'U c::troe c -nd

o;re ro1'v bh y .;.:-. c '1 n r'. -'' o's' ; ; u :." v

recrad in- *:,; .*.oirn in 2.). in. *. >:v..;-c:. .r1: t':.o s:,rdo y

' t 0io cl tI '.::,: ,': .-.": t t ho 7--7 -'.. 0? !" s:.yso t" --.t

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s '. ,:'i- t i: .. .

"cn.'. 7-O ", 1c, io: co,"--r- o
.,t .n re.. r: -,. nti c '.- ;

0:.o' IC 3 n;',vr of, '-, *,'."*"
.-roCS t'..: -..-cit" / C",,:'.
*'o i; tie 2 ra "' 'C,2,
:' ,m n: o ,-.:.ol:
01.c.c ?.. ).o su cor'.:, o
"* ,. c: fLor i:ai -"..:r," .i2

flhr. o"'C: ,'uio',I st :.: .. of "' n i- c. r,. tic .-..a7 s to

vnr.:.d it ovrn 1ore t"':.-"... rr:lntic.-v, F.'i t.C 'c t :s ct

Aic cof-li'4 ir I'.ir- *o. try .iv :'.-rm.n L'.>.d of .is c" ,ct". :rt

,:roy.. tii..5oiut. He o..S not r .-:'" to ',is "'.o UL., :jocci.: ,"

b.t to ij ":*--i*'o 7'.,i', ."
"Yo te ,c'.i r'o, ,.J.'co ; ..i ;o, tc. .,-

.1. J ..- .' f l t't! .:. ife, :.m-,n.'s' ..... li:e a

f-.:i..iir o, :i n-i t'e oe cxt :tr lr!. .i, rev-I' ..tiont.I

Ii.z 2. 13 *

"ri'_._., p. b3U3.

n-n. .:..'-.o.1 ;. t "". r _.:.... L t... c_ -".- m .o:i ed -or a
o ue a.. lov i'. t "" ." n.-- ." t': o" c .- .

-c':' in thyet 1.. :, ..:. i:n.' :,-M i..I... ..'- in 'iend-

i:->, t his lo_-o c ....: i-, e ,c?" I: i tently '"i:: ,-, oi;.tln :

: .or'O ".' to .. "- "c.r, "1;.nc e .'.onl lvo,

in i..; ar a diei; -: r:.;.., .l i ,:.i .. c

ideals. _.: h .. et :- r."- nt ..n i ltoL

S:i'' rst. ".I.:: d di- _.,:t tie c -, he irm : .. ,. :.i

r' e -._'...-- .. cr':'1i ;, .' to 'iis -. Dlon "I art .. ut love. is

:"i -" s, on t' ". other hxnd, :ere rt"0mr l{ _, .t \- out

-'ts try, *:"; .. .-e is :o..ver a .o id i.i..-t '-i n ..i,.
i' i is not te .' l_..r or ..c, oo cv r

.'-. .:". a r S f s r o 'cou :'- c: i -. rtl tII; '.ter.l

o t-n-o .".:*; ,- c el 1 o; r'.o,
1c-,';i.'.,:i t' o 0 bl n 1i-o

U _.. .c, :come on un j t..

c .: 't el .. ..6n: Yo Cic:
nc hy coin cio io,

T' i .L ,1,-.n o'r si r."';c cn .o:
Ti-ne -P el ave: |"o tn'.o
il." (n ::.icc. un .*i *:.!

-on el i.or r ..,'"nt
-J r.n Con rr .r I,
;- t.soro -> oreo tri0o:

ib p. .362.
-_.) LL-..:I II .:~


.rtf t. -. st f .ou2 c,,:.', "... I'.. ,. l ic ," 'c .ls

.it;' ri n:!.'..i :. :::, "_iLo:: "'.- of li,, se :is

n..ture i; .1i7 d .n .; -.or :Ivinf .e v.2 c2 "ri l:'-'.i., .n e
n. tu .. .... r 1- n n .e

i l!.'cy :-;inccre- it ..i:I .-' .-;zd i.. o. i ". :ir ir-

iz:.tion of Vurity in j."ie-t : i ic, t'i6 '.itre 'o..o. 0:e


"'7.'ltivo :.'in ro. i. ." ,

'" 1 e da s ;- :-lui c r`.. ,-;.: ..1

For the cr'el .'ri. n, 'o I'oc, n.-.t rct..rm. "; i'rien..i

s..i *, .,: .ol s no ..0. ;e. c .....- t n .it:.'.:r tiAistle nor

t oril in .s i--r '.c of ihri ..., i: i ; lie 1tivatc C tLIe '.ite

rose. T. ic '. C 'i::ti !i !:inf is ...' co.. i .cor in
rt_ siin c : t', c ty ant o !.-,:,1'-::; cnt,:*.J .r!.1 t-;.. t

ti.s cr'.c!. '.rd '.ivi. trlte, but to-

'ar'd *ro'-;-s, er ci: lly t'o:-c v.,';' .i Lin. h's in.l-: *.d-

cncc, ... rti r.. in id1 o.tile. CO co 1. ::e .'ri n.'.. it.

inv-id -.-p.ti rdm:, it ot tc n..r'l o a '.oc.
f *ii' 1 lci uc e ..r '.i con c ,.: vino,
(;rclo ni Cr ....- c A- tivo;

.. err:..n" in to t':. .,o :. cb:'ut ri"'.'6i, Lrt s. ys

t',: t '::i.: love .o, '.j..'. n was '.1tc. in -. rt to tV.e f. ct t' t "Ie

.i.d a i'r:'. t' r t ov in

"- .


'n.rib- '. 't L.vo :'t; :"c, in so

y" .r n.' :
.''";o ye en ._ o!'. n
.I-, t. 'o :.I- n,
..",c.,, _iero, .'icl, ;:. .. .. ....

S... i t -:

'0 xc 1. N," Gjor,

C ,'n o a u ,..', c! ."


'i... ,,,....'or ; her .c.:. t.., .2 ad be,1.. : to t .0 :"

Si:t, ** .-.. It to a it of 0 er ited

,-o r
bf tle latt- t.- t "r ;t [ r fears;

-Si ." -- r r f- Y,-;r
'-,"e .' ',r ;.a 11i ",;.r 1"

*. "-a hc l iL3tor
r. 1a '. C ..l ,_.'... r5 "

l ,i"," 1 z53,

,"l'_ 13 ,
--. ..- P --' *

' -. 1 353.

l to t:i .. ; : rt t .. i.. ..; on to t-.e
I e e.....

r;,',;,,-itic, tir.:.-"!e lo e o ret- ;,nt, -'or r [;' , -r:_ n do .
* .' .... or "_"tri u e tr .,'r-c, a loc oi' :,; t& t k,-.e "

in : .l.on b -::. :.:'i_., :. !in' :.e ,tc:..'.!:.L ve .il

a lcc f :.' ii ju:,Z; '..,c- 'ore he I 't to .o to .c::iuo to

"rr i':i!.n .._.c: c 'i'.. r: o:.ic-'. n t :-e of I.. -; Vs
:'. n ". it *_ is -.oo ;-., t".i.3 ... i *o .. .-t-are of t'.c. iritu"

r ve o t' in : i ttu::in..: ',.. anc t.:e

ic-., r .. r nt v ,'is. c*.:;,in' a '.c'. :.r. It S.r

..i ...i.. n.. t .t ':is l"e i:; not ...m...i !n ,1 in -cc .

l -cv ,c *io nc Ii ..... Io
C: iCvo 1 tr'"z. ccc :'i.::
c .o en oro"l
T *e T,.... zc:cios o -rcitten in t;:c> tY i!

n t i o -c-)' Yc. rT: nd account for- t:., i-.W r .t iin

.rr. r :I. ti ." i. e 1 o2 te ;, .s. .J 1ivi-' tL.:t taie

._'..' a ". C li.. *I-t ti.t 2 t*. :.-;i. .oAi:riL-.eflt tl

s,: .'s r, o c' :- ..': .:.n n a n r If :..y tic, h' if

:.-t ci.-.t5ic.
""v"::c el o'jii;)o ,'e -:2 t.
.i .. r su 1...r;
": .i to. t o l nt:.,
..-- :- i ::r.-

...fnr,:' a 'i tir,:, in .i .'.:t or i '.n:,-i. s

.i.,. _i it. t' nd ;:'. !.- s of it te t& .<-l 0o :o he

-'. 1353


cndj.. on a 7te .. i-su lt 1 t.: t2..i, i ct;..t. to t' o

bi. .,:* of ,; :i -, t ." v, -. ... t o. ..... .

1in .':- i:1 o ;- 2. ..: t:. ; r : t cic :::i t *: ,- '. o *rci,'

L.:"'. r -t cr orc :o" :. .id'. ,ir t t:C cic. tion

S '.n 'co rt:s fo'". ':. of t'.o ind

.'ic o).. ..f 'ol to '.'." I.'s o c.-.ition to
o. ''... .-in because h:c+ not seo t: t
: ... ": r ,* "; l l "0 to 'r.* ."'-.o

,.'ie.L ('.1'.- C .0. "?."o' rI."

nvt :.'.o

't.'.rict i.-c, 71o cit of

-. ***-J

"......* ..t,- he vi to
S. r-t- r el ri'.'.to
+,or .: '.,. est n 1: -, c. 1 *s.

Yc. :: ,16\z .' e .'onir
i .i-" .
-',- b n '..' !: ,.* .c ,n. rtir.
.,"!I li .v, n '0. '.. *ro"1 ..Lfn.^t

; r. */,u,,.1. ;o) tili; .... of Nartf's .otry:

'ont -c.:o cc ,:-c rl.-tc a la ,..:.; riento c ,-o,

vi.. 'i no r-.'"t "'-io *..''. ,_ r ,' '? 1 -. y v

i., 1352.

5 2J

"El -rn

*o~rlc Ia 1


:r.,icdo c-. i' ta ,.,. 1. c ..,-rcl 's,_

P,"; .i'.. ,s ..,..- Jo_:"tin "-r .'.."('" tO t '; :r..ti c .'.

tr : rn,.t l in ....-y of 6r'S v'r;: It ;,p

th.oui .. -i:-. .y:.: (:r on -.7 1 -r L c.'d. In on.', v- .'o 'a ys

tL: t he ,. : i v y.-. of :ivil b' ty: 7. ic i_.s i ,tiin of

1riU or i e Is t to c a t. t inI to co a

o- 'o",I o ",,c:c er he COi.l y o: "'o 6 c--c 1 vo .".l o

:ino irr. n. o:\ .. .rites:

"Yo Le -vi:-to n la no. .- o;:c r'i
!cov-cr .c'',t;c i c ,..
os rayo .;,. de 1 .'. ,
:',. la vi," c.l:.:. ."'

in t:" :: -. .y t''. t rtl f ,l.' A 0ded 'y .iviie

li-*:t in t'.. rsclit.i.,..., of .'.r '.. *' .c c. e i'.t of SO;Tro

p,.n-tr-.tos to tZ:'. .. t. o- .i l ': :'.;i.' of' t 'o sorro!:- ,i..c".cnttc oP O is life: the o :t C. o.' s fthr -n: the

tir.:c -e:" t .i. 'o.-byo, '.' ,.,ro' ,y rrcK \ to

.*^z' ^. .... I .L, '.: .. ;". t .. ,
4l' 'V '. U lc o

..r 7C.c: vt lC ae m, '.oC:
.., ,: .r vie;o
c v.i n:lo .1 me .'i.-'o s."3

.rtf i z a i'l--c d T'-t'-' i t '",,::.i. "El

mlcrto! is -rob.'bl te ,':. : rt o :',on. lity _"er

S. hn. is ifcs 'c r. t ,. no Ion ;e: ... o-' ,,c.;

..rc:ivo r tl, 1- .. .. ; ;53, ,

".~-, ;tl, cit., p. 1351.

_',i ., P. 1351.


t t :t of ird The .'c : i.. :: t.sec : .i d

it:-: .'.:. -in "m in a so r- ...'.' ** : y:
'Irn -n ,i a eva I-.t:.

l Tr a ", ,' ". '"
c ..I. lc
C e no 6 '),-' '6n Ie

... : t 'c *.'.. r." .:,s .1cd sit.. Ctio:., ".- -%ti,

.. t c .. t -. -. : .* In o:'.L;, eL p ..... S t".ic

f..c ', of ".:; -..r. ,n -ity ir.:;o b; : r: .i

.. cu: nto 11 ,'- t' an+! -. .,,
S el .*;c-;to a. cir:
..,;,'. el ',--'t,.-. &.
.: *: 'l... ty is s y

e. T' I: '.'-.- i.s '-.:'. .'-!ic '.i' ".i-:'e to -'c. a 'oo' o cCt;

lie is i :tl "" .._cl.f, 1 .-, strivii to -ito 'tt:

'I.. c is c..' r ll to t ..."-rtfs tlcrel ctro n, the

rr' of t e o t, -:3e l :..-: i,. i_".C ? ,.'1 :, ho sc

"Yo ',21 2.0 j-,- .rCi

':iie I ;e c;. ;" y que .. _' nc .
salir, :;. l i; y -0
.i con'rn.. de laurel."3

I :'ti .",.-. for a ::fo, -.r he t r .. is

in .is ocl: ts--but '::i: -. n:. .. t': to reind 'i ..

t'. t he ..':.t t bac: t:., ",:r.. 'ir :" ," i" :.i':; -- :;.,:..* ce,

::.: "7."in- him t':: c .:u.tcu u rite in or'.i;r to bLo a -.::-,.t is

1'.1L-., 'i 1354.

rc,-'c c-'.Ters 'i:: a .-. of "" ,.s, r; I-T- *'-tin- t"ce i. .- iint-

rtf ill t; .tO if he i. not I it :f-i to A.s io tic -c0. 1.

Y .', i .; : o.". c :
Ir'', >, :r el torco ". o.ii'-ce

Sti i rlt :r!,i2 y 4 e. t'. ':; to itc o try;

to his, ,.tic .i: r. ry iu::. vri .'. If 1iC

Sli.C. it 1 : only i! (-*. .iy; t.i i. n ci n.:. or

' .. ,: "i-. tole .:-. 'or eoels '- is .. "t in ..

i.o'.bt.-.d.y c: of i. ill ti :'or 'i t Cere --s

..'tcn 'no.."t in, ::,.:',c i .rt' nt t" '. :t 'n, 7c :i ': : it.

.e '-'i 1Iu2I o a ." ca :

, l.ton. : ,t ..'i.. t t t :.-3 d-'ive to 'ilee as --c ,

core, or c ci,' x : t.n of i e. .. .elt that only by

1itin wo ..i '.e $.'.- out t-.i- '.i.:ton, rnd t 2-;by Ni' l out

;:i".sr ].i7. T b~s .' riti-"._ *,,*, tr' s ir ,. -..r ive to '"i .,
'! i, j -..'.;:o de r es ito,
0.2. u' rit i v, 2.;.-t h.n,' tea:

*I -. p. 13':.'-..

"iel" i ', j1 : c i- c,"

< '" t i L c
not :* *-i, : it t' (- L-" to 1 .s
a *oe t i. 'n ll '1 ,,'-.. : rt. ts '.t to L,: '" -, ...

' in .or : c- -'l e_ *-'. : ,r :-' d f c ..: U".

t' c.-," .' r:,- seO '.: by ,:. seC, "- i C'elt t t 'c

:'I7t a it io.

C i.- n- .- 2. > ,

-o 12 .,.,-
Li ty rpiy ` so n I :"* r Z*f O2 SO

l : ... .l- t r. *. c ..-o..' in :' in

t 'n I : 'i ;, r
It 1: -,-.. n-t-,r l ;' a ", i ... t s

.. .. J n ,

S7' O. ..5or him

"'T"i .. D. 13l..L.

::o b;'; ..- 'UG no t... ,r0
L. ,'rt.n: la .'oe r

i .' ,:. i ,

;.:rt_ s ; -s i c 1- .i" tion 01 :"b ,.n: hye <,:L'tr'ys

i c:. .o.. o tI.ot: -o it :. lif tin t to :t s "ot"-:or

in the face of ,'c. t",:.

"' 1.: boca *.ir *' te)
:" V "_i. ::L. .: '... "r :.;^
'. : itaron Los3 c.:?.',', -'o.j

":: ct: r ..t o" "...e.

t W.l.; _- .. miust '. o ,_ t ,_ rise :-is lit0l.. t i.t ur,

.n;, as ^..on. ..ii: : ,' a "e-: y .-':, afT rr t 'i> c ; ic

ot t,'

^ ti. : 6 | o I

. '.. i

"_./ i .. ..- dc r^;/, .:.r l* y
v-:- el .'- I '. **." &:...O
.*ino f-/6 c:.0o
or los ..*1- dl cy."

1.i. 1. 3 P13- 1.

3 '^ ..'. .. '..5 ,9 .

i _. ,'..
"l_,.:i..-., p, .3..,9.

"-L1a r i' .r i-

,.. y .. 1 _.' sta .. ,"
I La ..n? ...n .ni .o t

t l ... i ^ '". i o, "...' .;y:c a .' C, i .... 2' "i..-

C '., U .." s,- t : 1.: ...;.,"'- is a soldieQr "..i t ...* .y of ti.:C

mnv .' !, i ~,;.i 4 >- icso, in c. ..i:. -c thetrac

cry o t.'i ..,.* thie f .-"' ri- u. -.i.- .i- t...:J.L', i l. hir

:: c --'is i c to cth ,- rvc.

n -*; la ; >. .*;,. dcl :;. cf.^
'.: c s- el .'r: :t.--r:.'o,

l inv, ,.or: c.. el hi 'o.

e,' .,'0o en la ,'_y-c
:.T .o"lto It -**. ..' *ll- n
C: y de i -i .j:.. tlnl

:.' i.:io orc: 7
E ." '? r -lco: -- ."
... -.00 O G O

Y se lo 1:. v: a 1.: t...b: ."

: ., .- ins..... j :.." '- .. .. 'ei in'-

of .- t he .: ,-on .i col to .'.::tr: to

3 1 .' for u'_>: i_, :.o;-. "i 1._ 0:: oo :.'..o. '. i: t ie o .',itinfl.

o .,' '. .: : i .' to f ., :it" tf.e

one y:

to -f i e

-:.,* 13A59.

'._.que :.; .o y b- .;: o:-
: "- j n F:, r '"
c.. -

T:i: sonB is :.on' i:. -.:: c' c it' nat ral

..''lity. i s a ,in LVy *irth ;n. loy .ty.

r _._os -L .. t" es U:-zon

::i o ., cl '.....".1 n "

T co,; .i -.
,* ,.. r- s is to J .- in hefl-ht for in-

.. t h ov r n to to : :iL; life.
0 J. n

to : 0:c ; -, a c.. 2'.:

"7'..' ,o ,'., VYi,"i: U'ir .:
V ,.or. ."os "o : yo : :o,

Verte a : -
,- "otto tr --b o fu t.

"' O <. ].'.'., :: ~i "" .*.. :"'.:' O
.or I:. "-*" 4 0". "i -* S

__-. -. r '* h.

i )i ]. '.


S. ir 'L I : n .o ai v: .'"-

.:i t n~ -n out to be t ic: ";r-j .tic .iricc .e di.c,!

cs ho i:L i.. to die, :- '.'..- f ,:e to t''o sun. 'id

ct O i ii:e "'.to i.n ;t t d:r': .. -:, 1- -.-ed to

1^ liki t,* in the ." t,

"; ~re rj., i- frii lo o0c0ro
Aj r "rir co "'r *un f1' iior:
.i mCaO ., yS t: '. ;'

..or he n. v *O ,i ", .a:: ". o.! no
.It^erl._ :d .. ..*.' t e o, :'- .: a ,' r i.'_ libo.- t. i

: 4. t o ,

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tc.' January 300 1954

C Xi rts And Sciences

Dean-, Trauuat e School



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