Pricing efficiency of marketing beef cattle in South Florida


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Pricing efficiency of marketing beef cattle in South Florida
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viii, 128 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm.
Dixon, Louis Vernon, 1927-
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Beef cattle   ( lcsh )
Meat industry and trade -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Agricultural Economics thesis Ph. D
Dissertations, Academic -- Agricultural Economics -- UF
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Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Florida, 1959.
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 125-128).
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by Louis Vernon Dixon.
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University of Florida
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June, 1959

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ftiw pilA at thm nnftk
bum go o 1 and SR w"d
me ew t otw e o. 8. ,d.

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VII. aInT*K OG3OIINB28, AND GCUUO ..... .,
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!eo t SeM 43 t nRrls e l t 2 o Q,,Oms nS
"* ne Ton* II &a" ef fft i r I'd. OlT II .m *l

Q 3 taf*P i t I 1.It, n 1 wl o 1a i Oa a V*
*la Win V. 5i.ato OrIi 5tW000y1 a )SY. W n *-

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ReM Mll-Ref IMass laM at br Mjastei

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at Dllvlums SM1s Ln i ong lie BS ue. W a s at i eo a

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2. Analpw2ats VwlmesmC Tw et stC RdB Aums a tndsl
Doiom' lt Aug l*x llsse R P aas Qwle, sm Usn d Uv
Olldw 0 6* *40 0 0 0* 0 0 .* r

nos r boftlint, tr In Muiw# Em AU Alm** 1In* a

Sdrsit 6.uu. Busi . 1 2


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a- ---- ---- -__ _~LII-YICC--


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lam .1 Y
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a'5il, R 9H *ib A n i I ns *E ( tt .ie

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TA I tr oaow, aitt,. .I... ..... A
Utpsit, La fi m n heA >*4 u fl~lf Rev, S ItIe*
AIno sJ~iDSS..21..o..,....I....* *S 7 .



FU* H-o
10. 9. so.m i4rtAw GO at WUi GiUi m$ tsou
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TtltaWn .* .. . .* r 3 0$

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O Situatiao and Problam

~U MtSAVA1 ilttat3is.--', PON2 dqW tbAt la tVI thlted
States todoqr mat Is gvii a proaoluot pa Ina the distb* & tW

at dolxrfm, smor spend rae mm0 for wat t a for mtway *r

geuxeX eatreyr J Us tte sritt beeket of fLm fodW (10e X A). s
ther 1Isma vise, cormmuon tmad @pod s wm for rew nio6Me end

pwrtUaualar best.1 LtTtock produsrs bheyM MrpMnde to falsa iA
oasarMr upsditurs for meat by nevswsln the volmew psmebd.d ]k

19%6 psodutIia of Ird mat rwsod a rsoad of 28,053 illi=m pIaIo,
Na olvlUma psr sita oouumaptliomn r3M.a 166.7 potid. Um t

half of tM 16 roiiantun, or 1609kL poPmd, me bwat end Wasl

Although peSple I the Ititd Itate do at ftaxTa "Ill

uantaiUe et meato their oaritmuoa per apito is not the lar" lan

trhe wid. Ihited % tate ptW oqita bat QIoSfwg a of 159 puin ds L

1957 me mwa"Iid b fowr ottw eomatrcle (Table 2). @aaieWoa 1

S Dspsrtmat of ApIiop~tuws "OaMC tIit MtUMnr fLr
Ifatas A= 29 (eidcteaa tomanm t ftUing acise9 ibgo 1W6),

1 6* lp be a %nt of Im 4 3 t f '
MMttA ImC9 (bhalngtoot Qewauommat Pyin ncceo low8)* I:;I
ti ; 1' >
ir.'. '1 s *an~6r .cpcar *rt'tr
^''-. Iaid -
;.ai ^ *
e- ^


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m:I~P ae mmulama m role

*sr 'v x ft -i 4
emket 50 V- 1MA

(jPHLf i* f IRS W

SawS 2Wo 20 u 86 b
umLtelm wa 6

smo-o W o f

3 u4iea 1.u ow 6b

l|E ~ FlBBb.r ^I -Yr^^
iM rP r eWiW *Bt r r- ^
ml-i kii nsm t jfcf.ft~oi^Mi-h~iha
*tdak XlmI (l~bati owiiMHBiw0iB^~


- =,iL~,-~W




'' '

k I
bmlo wm 1pmRQAm^Htk Wft k ,la har^r ai J L --- --amaC n-A* *O N

swv 1QI i rd emLam rm pmkw u an mur wiftu t elmlow um4d

f a- ,m sow" eai ,,a"w p aH,, 1 -HW .sM*au s---

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XZ me f a% tmk b* -*a -Y-W t mo usI mWI toufI SLo %iWslf t: .

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MNMMf rm p yws ubr Luif a rmvp ur't I, go "U1 4a S,' &

Yslip0b0 ", I sdk 9. It'Ma ss mad is
5 3 na Mu q- o tiMto a PW -ag 9 -M .
Imn, nmrALf' ,we lw,, r u,,, tgto ,m tf~io ac latmoi *a ato> 1lm

I lr a. Mr $ donmMX %Wr b1ad MAIM, Iw.l% .
"OosIta --MM" f diltt I"iLUI- --ftk e Slaw1 I0h^^ t 1"W asma. '

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(Nsrs nerie p i M t 2i ,

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z 1 *A :


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... *'--<*


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~ ~`_
~ila~~L-.~( '*L


S6 -* 7 71

,Ir er#t '.aw b w ,, lo de b o o as It*

"i -rt -, a 'wu br. .
Mal r M Pv sC th )I MW pdro

w .. ... ..p... .- ... .. v ..... .. 8 1mm .,
:'. 1y* Us soon -sxe mma1 i
"I 2tm' so"Itom vo m*1. tak mes eil ri *

S.. .o".s .mi. oa wets*

#no t :s* *
w ; beeMiM
' : '^i'- *' '. W '
jMJ^tU ~e^^ f~^jcijciht tMf J&^ k ,A ---^ -.^sc- s^ f^^-^^^.k *^' -*







lI ,I
a; SI

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4911, -"
." '*'?* '


.^- ^

'* ,


: *^ .is

'. :t

s-r ..- r

Calendar Year

Fl1. L2.-Livauwtgt od auction of Cattle a" Caine
1940*5on. oa

production *qual* wight of marketinga and farm s
nsLepAtt, pluS or mtue tnvwutory chOang d-cl tb

4 *11. -1

Vc hDpart t of Agriculture

PiftU-'ttOffc.,- aT-and annually).


A -

C-): tj


.1 '""-


i1 W I--I

"1 ]

, .'



IU lias0 s -o am igonoe aior ma a a% at wl u
1pMdMIK NMod, r J UMH IIH CM 0 IM f l amid. M X R mB

aiwso nm ao a. POW

ICCu 60 S ib we a" t asMt a. aIst- ptSa4 #Asome nor

a2d, beu am t l na w ot -u nsa L, ao, two' m. tat

,m* a 94fft La Irs le 0H)5* fl-o Sa fs ftf
fI, lBM dm uNM t msH-M IICln beaI BM a a m ,

wla (nm, a a(u m t 4m9 AlSVin S S IMpmca a 6n
Mi-it^r lpi

-W aaatpw .wel
I -iiwlt ei o er f fu M nl UIfl o
ic--- flb- te

iftli pau9 mS maft s u ls hal aIw

MfH flS4: 00 sO fo (
i~'~~r-I flto*gPll.bY~ ClteMMM^ ga-uH |^^;Ute g w^el~ritit*
W'w ~ ~ 1 11~~11 )41w ^^^^^H^^^I ,--^H^f ^^^fW-^ *RtBv^~l^HB^M|^11^9M
rtt~Jl *te" .I$:L-te;r,~l^ ttBMA^^M ftf~,^u MteAC O#r; I^MII Ijtt^^.1 YLll

JU^I ^^^^RA- CYUL4^j^^ ^tdt^^^k ^^^^^^^^ ^bJk^kJL^A^^^ ^^^^, tj i^f^


* .-





m ff IBBfT LfT-rrilPff p PairfftSr i vm NM WTH m WMI.U
... lI rai Dllrr~at II t. 1- 11,I 11 A
lam o= to-, nm No 4 m. -00 Im=

06 & awuzma M
-. e u- mM ei m .W If f h iuum

44- o 1u ,s U c i

..i.I b .I II i

I Ii hjii j. I Iii

M-. .its -, *1 .3 u
NOA .. A MM .- .41. 0

, Eo. V, I2 76

* .0 20 4g 3S .te 4

2.,. -3 ..W +. ps a .
a6i. ... 4 .. .s..

0.1c. s 7 ir E f j

"^* ,.Nw It .. ft.os u Aib" tx ^ NO po

MSF a aA

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IsIkBath @m g ts S sise h latoat b ps&ala

aM atift AUM Iw ta ps Inst UNL- rr tar M w k l m,
4nXN bft i Ie wadg wos lrnOd a tla 4tjC -g MA t0im

fi wea m P VnoL 6n faaS alp 4w HIMRHI S MI S it1 Per ambaEU u, iU fed amk r lomIw,

2m Iftfat"la ma -U Ift y s Va itto mt IN ame 064wbe

amb tMiak Iae A lam ta nu *t atal te mam 1 tat LI* O W

"Stu U. aC.t tt0 mar be stawt* m L IallsM has Vat" .

Manlload- IV ai ominous la a oft embada S At%#
as -a inmli at wo e i *wMtwsi pm ao.d DIi nlia xho t o

lie pUb $eva soem va. tam nMo I4 -a SaaSo s
ba tti sIa t No yD'lr -a &ai, et ttho usm" w e m
Iarttn wk#. ia Il a ub oMtib abe onwt "*e sth ea

a .lf i.e iIr ...... Il go tn lan ltat I IoIr InI tilt m In
-l^B B *- I

I I a.

____ _~ __ __I _

wasm b eImn e best sodon"m lo to& IPeNhod mes

LMi.tmttM daft to d moe t Mt nw rlU jw- atvft aoe aeft to
quImUtae3lr ralmto te etfil*ey of bett ia.

ub onr Ia"or to nd bm U na
uIrm stadium to wr LM *=itUsa poal.23 WtS Us A -WaMl bW

ft" bee *am= m, s beet u am s eart La 11m d Le

10 at dWm to1 30S WI~S POMNi (hUb )).V O* We 30 uUr-
ulm ie aNW -0an47 4O per omb w pwebmus a w viaP beP t1
tfrso fet emat ma Wt wsoomlti 20 pe got me neimd s pro*

eo"li o............. O 30 Mu21 fte pm I s oMvaee mamy 64p

I*u soy e e32awe~p-w e Ie aeI mat towm pp nmit
qLf$t to sat sy We pum uft Of ]at *.I @ aom*. tso the em.
no KINWtIU beAla for then stteo Mbits both euplmam

f t fafr W....*m4Or*pm lf a supba Itr me nfd 9

Miam N. .. ... *It*.
beef ah a dele o Smotoer pdus bee srMttauuewi w* LaaSu cttikh

fir-h fripdazb ort &p'oeulufrs9 '5OomslgrW ha tettewmer Liw

t' 1 5* 16 (rsUg rt orMuaet=*, rblutiog Ot n ,t lOS)
LIitow Arb ttto phrtiw oatinx a-r,nts aro xxs)

_ ___ __ _~_ ~s~_ ____1_



nruld*a. h at yaoIu Mnd ituAN orAdta mkaif as oifabl po. p
tiMa i tni proematc at grawa OatU prvodtim pWuide i- A SOVO
ale aC atnI tem t10u Imt tim pSOnW#w eWenastam oe a-
sows Me In tam past P MU W-C at. -f VIA* satg.?
SOtbr air rm Inl tt Oiteod M Stat"es tim s .omutolds
st o*lvttol saoL pnit, hivae tpvetq ', sat "d mdmt VOWp
tmat is femd lI thMa s mo ao ncalot sha bow tern bmv pomito

tbo.* ntib ropt to weu ot frep rosm$ it appear

mmtt tim tms awe anfwat and IMaa3 taa t osI tmt I doI
a fLWabU nvtwint Lw tim OsttUa Iziutq Ilmi PsWat" a th0t

t"Wtelr 9polRtai ad thu tialsoor, aspt lto Isot$ u spots, t arm)
SpauWr inMtit. A I av at tt easMNi toa hs btlt p &aogn tho
"mt oMt *QUAt tf he pmodasml I* the times s Al Dt AMtllmI at
ma aRauk aBs, Mha 0D e1. fls tot"l pImn Is ths" t m.

35N te tipo t'li ne s cS is omma Is the lUvrsts
misater. Zt ure t qWasJ, tro mat "st ami alm fw soap
nopto m eak os. o hu* o w. glis 1WIt bea tm bats "LMl Is
Uoblh Ws qWs3 t at nMt Is foio orm uiLU 4hawm, Ouker'
zXa eaRIuas tim tem 0r'4d pgxd ziftw to .o 5IK statmr
eo, Chflms, ad PiLmo.

BfRtar Is PUd P ntA Iot fWo a -I mop ma ItPb dOl'plam uu
aw u iutms emu. Bs ,* astime aw pwo it xa f2nm int imm-
iAWstto Ir the watisl n d loa0thum lrroi Fla t @aUfl4t Gteet,
1m- jwlti oa l rsfl 2eiaF7 s7qumrq ails.

emum as aft &V 2 WT vs s- gmtd at l.69OOO.1
I the b ts at 1"5Z pwr apita ont>.l masttm ,6lOO pou pW
Is tQw Wl.saf!, i eaam s vSn Usos o estltat s,6ou
p-o c at beat smd vlUU Of tMsI ,ppoad-tsar 10 per eI or
"M1O@Mf pQIda oi2d be frek aomgoer d mat (ntaba 3, fooU btz
f). Proldatla rIn Flia f betm and veal fo r freih na* oe mant pn
io iatata for in? at %%,7Slo80 pow& (Abt. 3)* tl, qMUtIr
arnnt f11u som tha r n eOaast east smnsaia rq-iiMeat.
The oeartts widtf a rdlme at l00* rloe sm ULmt atnia
oares of the wmt rss oatti~ popaltlar in the tate (PIg. 1). NOr
ver* time seatt ae "Pouted ltn je as gx-td Mlms. I* 1thM* gk

son pw s st trive to put a doTgr at finiah on their ottlt tgo
bulk oft AI t1e f2hp tetolnetren an lnowr One arnl-n ea smsstl
wd in tit Ubueeftav of preseOed Ist prdio VYts 1TtO UtLo lm
Cn4ds beisA mdsw t tle hre "- mat sa s sofa tMA wglest fit
I0l mNQp w mtar ee>d tbm mand (I be Assmei br Mat proowooe, bn t here a lM upp3 at smimol or

bet inst be uhlarp laU% dbitm as to eoteui mates Oa the ~~g' kw

mt N. We, 6.

AOaA.. Van-splim Foohtt fow Lt.*ty < t BM
Of pI* Datu se aigrft~ou md tow*= frwft amr lWmB5J maw
to, tam Imw out *at latc, Fm atme tsu at POO* bsa us
2Iftr east *wt am a w oAx SMh i to be mo at Ypmep UliirB ta
sto ut rm lrfimtrui tuatetd 8toels IM I9 mrIlM bot =aI vMN
---m-o ,- tU usbf n=rtheSt IS Ostlated at SPPrMaateI p .
Ipmsbd poftte ASata 92 MoB i -w fpto main esm--dm fern
low#" poeara -1 totol 33=sm s .ot-*

_____ __

I --j

0t .W4l)f ls2 I I p1n -d- Mcbta W Srlt beet SPNGi U dMu tr
tMe do=&d (ObW 3). b till tto Ub dS o Is pS- a Ml Md

t Msp la to"h nt frmi .yrig now h a the 1

as Pun Pt*fteMs gu* Ina iMl$ an thbe so" I3f twr

ssmArwi adails j eMA a sIn beth Yiod ithUlb the ols t sitesbl

witl ma$jo U3taMsk awboto MOM, Is as -- opolrel nwMot1 oC

twi'h Eef fri. UmiL. lta Isneaati tbet wrvll3r 11 M'M

gpwed bw dm amut tef a" lftaLs mo 4mbss au w*w
podo beat admu el te In X"S4 ane OMMA thwoo
&SMS oattime la I t latu Isa v, t a tpl 4mi r

bonetr t tg M deno fieave O"itab. Primes for iS2tl uMawh tesko

srtlemst t be i a dsM. fwl n f surs t M noUaatmobA Xmu Se

vW4t erUtp evtAle plotw onm uint me3r vadade Bww with

alib ds 'WI et p11" wl aoto Vu &* aLt mer g iwt,.

trodug wow. jaeln tog IS tMhai ot equV la tso- tf ho Iwri< thw

room&* *OR*" Via psrte quotd vu *lA MS.
La Oar MUOSIO 0 at ps"gI 2>8 d jIp lJosevwg -A

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*MM -me -ad -emiml -- 1-mw -tS owes"" a"
-sawa -Iped esbset tatNo pofrti u alv to the staroblet

ftmtl s even 4r mSrtti. at cawvos hou waied a& qpd
imo t ag v 1w e ra* SivW q."tble pris tefr tbeiw prWrto. at*

BHPow tf-M fld 3HiB JH1* mjttp lJB~tHI R I *f ta N
Iball al JMMM Man (MW Tafk$

_ ___ ____ ___I_ 1____

.. -

tM~Wma ir tubst ast L .it i sM w ats
.A0Iad a IpMrPW mooelfWtU a plo al s abei at q A yj
U PiMUr m thae bmoamo at mP unt ag to ws NOra *ts i gl|
la Mllt dlateoi trm UIsdi 8LuAfR I 66 mm &uad* of a, -

a a Om ap.sbw 0 ospla at npw pbs bag uia, a$P 1 a1 #a
Mal a-,aae fa aheut m s oesne IDt fw No *hu Iuft es1aa a s r
Spe at ndm wa u boet w1Minn1-34 tour m aatlmd betrr pew. 1
oemtAr n t La tt tie bin tt eftft dsTt est ,f rit 1La at
Uf eqeta pn tmk1 Lb Wfb mrtt dt hEhetsIrt bee Is.1 b, ''*

a-f UtinblbM td nkuf fi", -.Moral "uU uo tthoun wM

npe, ~ maee e arE t inWsrnt qamasm Isa a tamnt wIso& 9er,
mCaw, o ftslhau Ofi a ip a fiwt, a t fot so ota .ft ralftl UI

lW Mi re t t t 0mU Oatr be itbnet taen"Aa" at

m t rt t se"* rt e a "M -4) tnlo. to to"

be Owee l1. ft MIvtiag eitusti*s. ea qdiB wuAf.
No atueft to r a eefmt ammulsa ma6 at ttfe 1I6 1 ewtuie tea

rm 4l SaIiy -~A -s tat vsMrlte as pBmb3t tMiaa rf wwwlvb

IRC~LI at~usn

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_ I __I _1_ ~= __



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fftLa oC food PXsomfAqu by ftrwuinu and tM drnlapit of fatwow

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-atr-aI In, ta mat pakbia lSadwry tsar t 1lass thb tt a% ttS"
*AuBg tie pat fty years (Tabul 5). $alw by 1luqiemint hsuL i m

In to kiedI States Avamesd 108 per oast tan l9j911 sarnwm nIti&


_ __ ~___ ~_ _______~__


nus soMM or TxU, OOMMIaCL 1A/UOm N
moua law= imsr IAS a c or

TO tt1 CaLSU "L Isp

M6 53*9 32.1 70.1 a'2
IttU 99.5 M.001 66.A 1.47
929 09.9 ,6.9 70.7 170.2

236A 16. 1*6.3 704 1.U

419? 38.3 39.6 67.8 hO.k

m 30.e 36.7 58.5 369.

w I '. 1. .t.Ullx MltwWw 0oam In the Ilnt
b.1.mW1Sg hd." y 5, )Ay, Ilwsl p. 329.


a 5 f pew osAt dsoraae for paalr brano houses (etble 6)e
e1a mat hlaslung lodustID Is om.prlsed cat swr Vgpe at

etsis eslpP ji eua tet sMatscotr sun~ staIse

4i dbu"atlr uu,4eesi tao p MtaMws aiftr ut ther selX bomn
best mde mnls w lem -sold meats, 8mm w eLs bS *mhw

mes*ess lIt parsls ote fow SOU to sdlove wsIn late oats drow

1b bnsle "ad '-rta Nat. fetism OW aepte a bn Mses. a sewsi

ettae, I iws ,ma theft no msormas ohe L eM tf mswrmseas a
slaliew (Pt. 3).

OMhel stwee emwptu-Lme bir muesses w ed ml n ets ta lw
v- and pmrnl *stooa#g soleAms$g. sad iLisbstr o swwSes few
aMbw stame. I daim se OW r b oeszmsee dirsaowet ftr I$"l

limtwa w *"W" aeuvL Via om ehr -eyr IAa the "a-s i*ul.
emu imbets few eMTWm md "PiOi e"tU (n. 3).

bwe soM aM stmewag was and psepsie tM perUlelar sate V ti

frW tAl, IA l tSuda trad,. sub o fim awo hum Is tWo e aW s Irs
depsado irst ba-sT e 3wb bSw (Ig. A). Ainig these bol

fabworAtm,' sad fritll "pW bowu".*" xme twit T e""eww

I-BMIAM I &aW, As- 5 1 uft" "i
=Fn 90# Me emngtm Qarsnnmt rating= Off1i", PP* Ht.
asz* *..

_____ ___t__ ___ __~__~ ~___F_~__a

L __

sum 6


*woUPgsmw ul sol.,opot* a4$09
B 1.09ke,, 2J O I6

ab'th .,],5, ,,fll- U,1. ,1!.6

Waftgpass. 232 e
woSn nu1 13)io9 ).3 1o M6

%i 4i4 ma"lJmts l0k 22 M',s l Pt w it emo bi o

Mm~ nsuemgms

- .i -~-.; -r '~:-;--.--n;-- r----~--

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vy ..! ,; *. ..
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ff^.-3-,' *"14^, *
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"'.. .4

"h:. w In, t~depende

. -' .- .~ ,ai er

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3 le ttlrketing Cmnnelsc fo

4 o f '# P U ; -; D i i c ~ y ( A r a b i c N u x b e r s)

-. .
S ,, P'J. ,


r. -

, t ., i *,y,


---------- --- "W^ WBPN

9f amr 3~ O&- butf ai-II Im b te -a"t a nUei
ftsN84.' W ~-Sams bw ampumuu mI sesq & YMSOV, at
fvr--I -ea pnN~ts. XSmr -1 aally~mw) to SiadM^pt matmtlu."
*mw mas" wesu# aIi u P*ste. to
't~ ,. ^ .a < dl.> lhni 4 M. 4a IV

w asm UwesvwS.J as bu "OuitfUL a aWou

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otw UIr e r owtut mt h.e me fma .l b

tbd~.ear ft m plno (U&e 3)o dBII O Wm*,s to bl. Nlm

to Sme"* w *.a.. 1 0 isihmla- b" t iw dQto W
"d 0 1 0s own"4 amsptu *t.peIwo s o dsltmwq so "s ff
ot tm mHUt *f-th PAW InI -Ii irM media "v we s*
amof m ue~a~sleakkto tewsbmpsaM.. 1-w~bo At tee
tmit Li arit o t-r sQeti r I mo ast* pmwpinm aN
the 9 -PM o -taI (14.3).

""am s o" at vimm I. A&wpbr a" dos(1 tt ""&

I n A"6 a" "m to tme won"tast IooumI& fLt wor Its I
tm ir0r anM ad the (eo a)t o ustums msg PeuIi to "~O7ff
mwwOs I tas Imuimf ispaL i Mam .Mt sot inter to to.Imt
-- -M -- ---- 1ftM14M^A^^tAl ^^*IM ef*^MXf

-o pews 4wi t *3 fa slA

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~bm e~lap kwlern ),

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bft- tU & *Stap A at an -wo at blwe a-ad n-IbA, ft "M
#9 gixq# *=Pttmino a v-rto*ac #*imfAtu WtiAM bo*rlf

at~~~ f*~ 1*Mi'g 4tb umds^Sm
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meemi nmMi >iir> Ua( fttm Ofte pAti fwi aU "
bo W Mekw4w tosim tmiieo v*.e 4n Qpinip hum1~

IMI Iffifia ot he pro*$ *Ad t
we ^ eire U amwti tai t Owiu et o I .a "W .,s
~i ine aMiit -, *11 udi-Md 4eai, a Mid n~bto aCi~tj b'*
eil a iaatlv ul wtd ,e miM -irLes '* .4-
be 0 c*ai be) a lem ognui t4w s-b be -

I* as moo lotelf ftuq noers at bkqs No a"1 Sp 1M
10 Aft on. emtetlr at, at ltwo9W Mm I**l o -
i&- i, Iln u *tawwt aidr m$ vq Ub-w an AIUN ftoft tiUS"
eys^Mrt -idw m hIgrh1 .s-etCtttf --v. m9sa ft Mall wb
tIn .tfiU Sla tMo Mbay san suh that S a at tmiem2

.im)&aire IsC rS. ama .19er. uimswc In wmi -ianuNo to
Wia Sawlo go at omemst Wl a &Oisaou GIo a s. 3u mve Isl- SC
OWvAMsB i Ws, 4Ma 999C aaInr Not "t p iwmllg*d

VI c i m i- i have be i=dt em *UtI BtMW I mt u pl
Tog 6i SAM gomm tily a"~ 2000 t ho bes emMwse
at malt oI rUamew the vmejr fsms ENw*o ne .f*. be W
beeWM riM to s*mRt tat mewo pad's wm a be iat Pu-s
kmt M"tAlfted 00*11 me 1h'f obfc -jiM- (tfthrnf a&* ^ IM law

s NW Se. 31), pp. %me in""*

- --7- -- --

ytm ehar Lta2 f enI .& On gthe amtmswp abetso Sten b eIN

r1.O. to siauft plmt App.M.l*r tt me, M Attp is WAR te

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la Wse sad ums.

1k ULvestesk i asmtd w trmitpent b md Stasi R t

owv dlog es.l the Mict rate strmstu BHob it mal 30s4a im
bUk to SMip Mftt last4 Stv Ue an*sU*.* adIn .tia te tSt
Lvh xzete* oterh tarifwr t eats ar mtr a with AMzixag U1w.
*stek. rar sa ma, the e0eta of trLdag and Rteuam, s"aist lwab.l
sp* sad 2amem A*I dathe Sad slipp2PIg rout be emu dW. sla l
mtt2 f mIll 2mg iaa diii ii.ra mswp2w to *t&fSt anr" br
*sA ft tespq fMuatiAg pMaMMM b Obgp skeet MSIa.Ru Mab
prite at sat a thIM doeit ams sr Sa Smrn3 lVaw pu40 r t eSON"
La the mwlm ir.* MImu mti Is Ov taspertbd mW eari A" at
2mw es t thml attu*s the PPrisme at essme mid onto an mw
lIr to faet the qspata eAia betotm as a dsatt

In sm. am T .409 IS mamilme

mas *As, the ublslas pien at it are diasowsr art two
uvsu st twndag nmet, them *A the wi hsseluall U prime at

tu xm, the Ste T Ote pr ONu" "n o3b
to MLmat i *03 rw mat Mad "4 etr liuvStSk. If a lit Otw
SMMPM 000r C-eap ua lded 8 Par Mat, th" lrile*s est dof fipi
te musswa ta Sam C a #TS aimi eSlA 4 h ta Ibeaem9 'r P4?. 6 "
m m for dre iausie s.


._ I1____


IUWJ fb= prtlac IW WMs3lacg UWsL SgU fle "I itlK uMd tt
sto lsts (2.w,1 nI1 FI. 3). 5w.l, tirmn is tVi 1i*u n
byvhW prise as di uh eolmws amd eaol arm ame by or at wM
*looramews ada pu-sir sel (lel ), 3&F* ))o
TSo etssl Lliag pio Will Udiffer fro t*e ubssle2
bqalg ppmo v tIJN v'as of tme rp itp os I sutol e .nXWws-
W tNo no.M thms w bnma om. biooMw, t, aslieiaM
pima ad mtala atem pf"omla m a"d nme of the UheliaWAS
seinrsle fos' tMnbM te m bolm-rmnesh p1i, m la hr. i* 3)
IS bednAg USM OU -0t*030 oan" as smul a ho f- am a .lm ni.r
abi pudfLt 49 teri fir h bes $m*MIs in wo sIuavs, the hol-sls mui
In psAID tit "MTA be aa -sa liUb Uad woud uso
pwat a a psUm tis th tom tl TO tdAetl1 BMl t urf, la
the *si" tiat Loumes the 2e2oss mlllg PASt. Is t m" n SM .
Bwasa tedher In SU puts at ther oautqr s nla sah sBM
.1srtm Wit ea Imtt tMi ~urs t l avl ulMlsmb mast PaIm 1t
matisil las sLe imort f satiemI w-- tie Io reglual aid tomaS
ad astilMal psim onve their am prts rprwUg sarIrt sm la addil
lif to 14r t mwot man repartee, Sa tn rm er t olmr ad
siedr se Ivems. frstwos ell, al laa bws ad soln.s mO

3%=WUUtiMW Mam t1n pdeBt p sborn at the Tiessl Ms ag
lvel Pu ntLa utw bgnAg prU estisn tme t tw o"int ift
,tsoesms it mat soM la w as vwae Mg seam amd
tliesw, Wt a rat si wlatMs ar aveluableU Iw 2Ni hI uPaS la tIg
1. 4.& with Lve or mowr mts *old 35 per swt t tom nat. Slaos
004 ft. puomtaP Is *toet ewbaLa to Bev iLrwsds.

1t4r0 u-n ot the tfphos. In aq Wh aem pMloSS at the whoeioou
bwbla evI em g mt fm ok wt th te satmml iftaetim alr
url Me. S t ve rtms~mat ia mat prlesa bertiu aw
plus A*dlst Swas *osWi Met dit3| at tWe Iwubuu bVUtS

me th smiler as mu as the urrw m Uas ars x sal
pilwsk mb prVOdum -M il SaUseews and ost to ehtia tom l mato
heidesls biSu $00t0 4Uiter with sqpphi avaUable f ro ~ otaer
raw* As & SlUr, te leal p"aflr OCMO litf 2o0 9lo4 OWtW
les eldI itb b" mtL-e ad resala p-eb oMadls brns alfmt
Ithe aS a d with mna distant amsur of isp3p avolrible to &*sUr
sale b~rs. As a braw ft .attl tht Ioal pusw Oetta s M am
oalr weerl bw" la a ew*. Ue u i-adiliduu fI marsatlipia
a shmow in adPsing paLU, it is smmmtet easir t atieiapts tha
rstis oa at S w xuthr mthU a s oqtts. t ali ll a few
tiutw usa Un tdivylmal fla m PsUb eIsM fm -s -mrims-- to
aUtltit empiytits-5 roawtlms quite ss arntl. t di r Qps*%
tle m int We *h psmhk sw mU Nt is n o utive them tam
mremtR if thrW Ma br i Plm ht hmps thW ja im utimal aNet
fw mat will be flected back qv~i y to the lwTteSh preodues in
ow p sartl m eaa t I f ta he aa d.Epttm nl d-t ---s

the Uveutesk )ewo Is g*ed

0 ISp defilt 14 the pAwulios aSt

Moor peIw at bee (bau* 3). To mt veto" tHe g emai

etmr-a -wt psmMme, md other lwholosu trdsi t tmnm to Scl a q.

arCIqrripbw 90 OM,1I M &w -bll -ISAO"sAM an iprabuO A

lg& efiSM. -t@l Mmtt MLw %immWe oat InA *hMlalg tMt
izmslmft pGMe ~a bMi fm te nmwstmi auWp~ar xeaL aIo n
traatw eaoftt Its1a brebisl 96*4 ant sJie and bi-3a hIeMM
il a oddioaR tU t 0P u'totncm omhrulm
tM -pmrDm qsmut thAir am sumuhIdpa 5.4 I
mt .ie e, pm sthMv puWme aemw fmie owplm arm*, w t WiS
m .wa the t... plA.... fte..n so. ati i r IIe tio titni ea t in
.oiom" ryeohi tme u ri tria a em Weoeiw. toa, out SI the wul
Mau bqIme awatowd to isWbes2 Iateo MOM o at
l.fl& a S the mrints tM vbhol-l bqKias Iuss aa Gs%4t
ee tdte t sual tWe Pr- la te snplmu axi pi- ocsats o
tuelstw to tioM 69aL&t eiam mes s 16ataB 38 a" Ia

Qfutmla (1) "1

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3^*h p Putsw So pammteds as .wulng to bog ear
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l -ti- Wrim ets w iufamoXU soft st but* KI t wssSb W
Pa" *SM*~ 16Y CWY~- rI


4otloit arwm. 7r lak of a better etlaatO of tnrafwr cowto tat
freight MtI froi ChMago to MUL Si mtititd Iato the quatiom

to etmatet tWI estLtive 1la30y bqihg prio of uoO bese Ia

~nkomn prodmiag ourws La their plants inour sots af

prodatiaam bt the va3w of qprodtmt tran the awiUwgita g opuntima

eMtiall3 wr e ltr ly otffetu taew *emO (nloluning xutum to all

aetw.)35 I tim bIpwodwt valn cowered the pamskor' oset ad

rsios, 'loseaLl sqppU of atstl deUvered to Wlad pMkag plants

voUA supet to reolve pries I70.B. ploat (Sthamr earams WPdo and

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7.0.. planet wuMd g eo be llw by tt Awt t. If bup4IiuSt Tvlt2

inors wM i uble ooet. and retur m w mevApd thM pries 1*09..

plant vld be lrger bF that %MS t. Si* orw it piaso Aod

ar emeptual prLta pai Fr.B.. pl93at for lvistook purshaed om a

i 31lwdM piI asrI airt thalt OtdIr prila n p*oluls w e ~ai
w the iwslls periLes a tf eoWmse ad oeto quoted In ti eR
frteif aw dtily trds report, plw tnaa rt=a a on
ai~ftit- to ir plant.

AL um --ipl ofa a smrIb4emI lees opEWoMsI bem w l pd
mrMatly in nImart4 as oa m.equnam ot cattle, being ul.dd trm tioa
rsrtot to btd vqp tordw* ftkw, fteMd thwo-re o litL on Of weim ,
M4ur toeiwd to bmeal their kU floom, but ft d to opert, bel
lrftabt e -ep- tos bsmM of a rtawo t of mas. aUthe taM
toIaatO th eil oal a0ptof tl 4kiU n rd waern pases Ieret nito&md
tadir r-, I o mly at fa law ead at the tame titar bid lip the
proie ast In shat Ioply In an attpt to ealatala veblm eve
at ~ -- wM.


eIMus vdw mad met& besis is deflned uas
the O-UpfttWv wrb2.s3.bug pr, Md td toe theQ st
Hboifmtr t>u vhau oP tae v o itw am thVe punt of
ot pr" ag a rwud xs &mso tM frm Ult mII
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doeI OPp s teo m P tal pr OLt tSt O plat P s tAr Vm
FrtWe *hnuai1tmubns prOI- fI watt of urinwj 5 r Is the wot o

elaehtrwt un e,, i*rget pw wait of Oawieaj wd i3 Isr th um..rt
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a1Rsli fret the F. *t the pl1aat in tePIN**Li a *

tnvmserrtag miinls tram thl xeash to the pLext. xIaOfOr Msat.
iMintUa L i sad iLs adlsgto chess,, eM bml2Ssg (Mesh as fId

--------.-, AM M

-.I -- -----------,w-~r --.-a--v~,a

be usa& tSo ftlt tb m us ta3 priso at on astia s

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trw mtnt I1Ji ein rm nature o or"petlt im pgMotn g pI Idlia,-

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*MIna dhlX a spesifid ob-^at w t* so AU o ysvatl at s Ut t, '
Np- t ntweeadxt as one at eas* mrod abptsti o.ttla u"

tw 3.r^ Ot the .cgtUtv mciii Is eiioU fSm the yueyW
ot eW Attli at *t, pewat lms ter smie at OC oa*totlis us a"
ful omwlT a Ia s4aa sem to lis.
S quaf ufe te USMpte 4*tuttm imm t fwarmt.e ax ereol ppIe Ito' o

(1) Mw l =mIw fat bu-gwA s oU ars t be t Uoib
tht tge setivitiw oa zn uhale indivI4u ean-
M&t af"%t the miuht Pdoio

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hlmt tMet or for Me h purpom d A" mt meeting tum ft

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UMMdt'r ims elL appU to "po ost Qa .* u

i&NNW, O* To5S)$ M "

- ---~-" i~E~s~- : ~-i :-~-i~--T-~--~-~----_ --~-.--.rr;ll~-7n31_~r~Py~--?

'** --- I111f^ V ^ **jWSSISS^SH

(3) AU P es, 4e ,swom Bo vl a rimrsrb -me a

t hmUCeu about thb edftdLe pemvian, 1 la Us

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ods of the inthe t ltuatigs essit prolws"
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(6) !u Mgt be ag pveup t teme e A-1 tA e

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4o1 4041lmft*wMtting tUaMUSI he Al1 of the ""uLit"
I pA .OQMVpttl.ea. fat stt te Mibgteqqr of sla~l fases Sa the
|ftst"Se he b"t Uehei m~toew ouzu thet pm eo^ttt -

as"aoi ls moba tUlj ttul a31 t& e bUsWl *bjetivew f ses sa ft*
beesd 0j4stw4es ae ahom ui a tut of shmpv, oa& Iis rM pyes
an r tLhe defry dIL an*r t.eo tho la apprqwolte squ2Oa, ms-ae- sad oftfUlesr
anf inmt % M tw inmar s UYdL Qfa to iqdiL aMs. 11e 1&0
eIlea of epetirn tio ane be4M as idMeLu fs wh preetas
ualinsu a alwed to dooiaft If s*tsr m omS mou =es ba"eMe
tov Ut iatf them frs lLhee to the idin s n I.

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sw m w- w. umda# thoas --U1aw owe
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ftrilfaa -IT mw funi ood md pmtood tafr pWbi Idw Vovf
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Slume r.t W e ... ..... aMl i
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Uth uqr eatto sOIs Sn bSoht flaxda i~~io at the

r. WK. NOWm *U"rr W eS. iow O the ao
0~8UT-JTS r~brrs, 1956, p.03.


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