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Adelabu (a drama)
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Life history of Alhaji Adegoke Adelabu (a drama)
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33 p. : port ; 19 cm.
Ogali, Ogali A., 1935-
God's Will Press
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Aba, Nigeria
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Nigerian drama (English) -- 20th century   ( lcsh )
drama   ( marcgt )


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by Ogali A. Ogali.

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University of Florida
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Novelist and Dramatist

Ojainable from:
F. O. Orazulume,
41 Ohanku Road,
P. O. Box 359, Aba.

(CopyrigAt RctnreJd)


READERS! May I assure you all that "ADELABU"
is purely an imaginary drama. As one of the thousand
and one admirers of the late Alhaji Adegoke Adelabu,
I have dramatised this imaginary story in order to
'bring forward' his forceful political belief. This drama
has no political back-ground nor do I intend it to. All
the dramatic personae are purely imaginary people.
This drama is intended to amuse those who are lucky
to obtain their copies.
L must have to wara those who may .impose some
political meanings to this drama that they do so on
their own account and not mine.
OG.-LI A.4. 0.

*P/S Interested Schools, Clubs and Organisations are free
to stage the 'play' if so desired.
O. A. O.

SCENE I In Adelabu's House
SCENE II -In Another Street In Ibadan
SCENE III In Adelabu's Parlour
--SCENE IV Lecture
SCENE V In Lagos
SCENE VI A Street In Ijebu-Ode
SCENE VII On the Way from Lagos

_ .

?e -

~ ,








- Eko





Adelabu's Political friends

A Passerby

Adelabu's Political Opponents

Adelabu's Admirers

A Sooth Saver

Adelabu's wife

A Bell man

Party leaders




: Adelabu's friend

: The strong man of the West
Counter Clerk, Policemen

In Adelabu's House
(Enter Olu, Johnson, Alawodele: Oladosun, Oruruwo)
Adelabu: Come in good men of the city. am sure you
are preparing for the forth coming election! We must
show those rascally fellows on the other side of the
Bench that we N.C.N.Cers MUST not allow this state
of local imperialism to have any tap root in this coun-
try particularly in this region. We have to campaign
very extensively Olu...
Olu: Yes Our Political Rock. we thought you were
not aware of the odds we have to face particularly in
some towns around Ibadan where even the Chiefs cam-
paign for our opponents. We have got to do something
you know, Mr. Johnson.
Johnson: Yes Ade, Mr. Olu is right. We have got to
educate out people and to make them know that N.C.-
N.C. is the only true payr) in this country. We must
make them-know also that our political father Zik is
the only Leader in this country who has made Nigeria
what it is today. Am sure Mr. Alawodele is still willing,
to make his ten cars available for our campaign
Mr. Ala.wodele.
Alawodele: Oh yes and if not! I am ready to give out
twelve of them and to equip them with modern
Oladosun: My Press shall give the campaign a wide
publicity to invoke public opinion.
Oruruuo: And I ha\e to give a total amount of ten
thousand pounds to cover all the expenses.
Adelabu: Thank you very much my brothers in
politics. As I said before, we must show these po'ver

mongers thativ'. hae imch in" stock or tnemrn m -
-unholy Alliance in the Western Region signed only to
keep the Region in a state of perpetual servitude must
-be checked. This war-like city of Ibadan as the capi-
t al of the Region must wake up from her slumber and
shake off her stupor. The candle of democracy and na-
lionalism must burn for .eer. Young men who belong
-t the "Thinkers Conner" must rally round this party
Sof ours and help in one way or the other :n stamping
out this hitlerism throughout the Region. Democracy
and hitlerism cannot botil occupy the samne soul,
my brothers in politics.
Oludosun: Thou Rock of Gibralter! Political Storm!
Democratic Encyclopaedia! The Opponents' Political
Husband! National Socialist and the Strongman of the
West! A lecture must be arranged immediately. My
Editor shall give a wide publicity to the lecture.
Adelabu: Thank you our beloved lion-hearted Ola;
was it not James Russell Lowell who said:-
They are Slaves who fear to speak
For the fallen and the weak
They are Slaves who will not choose.
Hatred Scoffing and abuse,
Rather than in silence shrink
From the truth they needs must think:
They are Slaves \ho dare not be
In the right \witA two or three.
A lecture must be arranged immediately to be attended
by the commoners of this city. I know it is unfair to
vilify my reputation in the field of politics as a section
of the Press had done wantonly. How, many cases ofa
false accusations had I firmly conquered. Were
we not told by an A meri can clergyman that
S"the resources of bigotry and intole-

rance;-. w-hen':conicted.of error, --isatwavs- te sae
of .. rn e- -sa
silenced by argument, it endeavours to silence by p er-
secution, in old times by fire and sword, in modern
days by the tongue." Let the Town Crier ring the b-el1.
round the city and let'every true. lover of democracy-.
and nationalisrf find his or her seat in the Town Hall-I
on Saturday by four in the evening to listen to our
lecture, the topic of which is "A F R I C A IN'
Johnson: Ade; we must leave no stone unturned.
The opponents have entrapped the chiefs and they now '
campaign for them. They have enough money for
each voter in the Region and they aredetermined to-
give you a surprising packet during this election.
Adelabu: To each .adult, there is a vote!-Ring .the
bell round the city and say to the Ibadan citizens
that Adegoke Adelabu, the man who loves them most!
the man with silver tongue! the husband of his
political enemies! the Great Storm of the West and
their Political defender has a thrilling lecture in stock
for them.
Olu: The sun is now set! We must act now. To
the Press, Mr. Oladosun. send your Editor and his
compositors. The campaign must start immediately.
Oruruwo, send for the- crier to ring the bell this
.niglt as tomorrow is Friday. He repeats it tomorrow
again say by six in the morning and six in the even.
ing and finally on Saturday morning. The news musL
appear in the pap:r tomorrow- and finally on Satur-
day morning. Hand-bills must also be distributed to
"all and sundry Mr. Oladosun
Jhnson: That's tine arrangement Mr. Olu.
Adelabu- Gentlemen, let's see what this whisky :

looks like. (He laughs and puts a bottle of whisky on the
Oladosu: I trust you Oga (they all laugh and each fills
his glass with u'hisiy)
Olu: Let us rise and drink to the health of Ade, the
life \wire of our Noble and Democratic party.
.-LL: Long live Ade and our N.C.N.C. (they drink)
Adelabu: Bye bye friends and keep your eyes wide
Olu: Bye bye Ade-till then.
Exit ALL (Curtain Falls)


In another street in Ibadan
(Enter .Ajayi, Eko, Ogunjola, Saiuyo) Friday Morning
Ajayi: Big Wahala today! Oga. have you got a copy
of to-day's Daily paper? Front page carries a very big
Elo: Big news you say! Ha\e you got the paper
there with you?
Ajayi: Oh no! I left it behind you know. The news
is about a lecture to be delivered by that one person
again \\ho thinks he is the only person living in this
Saikuyo: And that is Adegoke Adelabu-i guess
.Ajayi: You have guessed very correctly. The lecture
* takes place tomorrow by four in the evening and the
S gate fee is fiee-(first in history.)
Ogunjola: But we can disturb the lecture you know.
Eko: Hov' ?

Ogunjola: We can hire the truck pushers. and the co-, -'-
boys -to create confusion in the Hall by mr.king -much-
Ajayi: Then you do not know Adelabu yet. Don't -
. you know he has got the psychological way of bringing
all the citizens to his side-even his enemies!
-Eko: If you dare do that Mr. Ogunjola, you'll be
playing with hot fire.
Ogunjola: Then what must we do?
Saikuyo: N-vy uncle in Ijebu Ode is a very strong
wizard. We can consult him.
Ogunjola: There is much wisdom in- his saying but.
who is going to bell the cat?
Saikuyo: Let the sins of the world be on me, I care
no farthing! I must see that I have my seat in the'West-
ern House of Assembly by good or foul means. If by
destroying this political fire brand of the West, I have -
my seat in the House, I care no hell!
Ajayi: I am not a party to-it!
Saikuyo: Keep it dark but but (he sighs deeply) this
man must either die or-I die.
Ajayi:-Listen friends, what do I hear.
Ogunjola: The sound of a bell I suppose.
Saikluyo: You are right and I can see the bell man.
far a\vay and citizens jumping up and down to the tune-
of the bell. But what is the bell for?
S Ajuyi: Let us Listen.
Bell man:. Lecture! Lecture! Lecture! Come and heaP-
the political storm of the West in ti.e town Hall tomo-.
rro\w by f,:ur in the evening. If Nou are a true--son ofl
Africa and a lover of freedom, come and hear Adegoke
8. -
,.. ... : .." a. ... ( -. ., -, -: -- -

Citizens\,Ade ......Ade......Ade ...... they shout)

Bell man: Th, topic of the lecture is "AFRICA IN
I ;EBULLITION" There is no eate f-ee

Ciliens: Ade......Ade ...... de...... There is no pet-
son like Ade! (they shout, sing aid dance)

(Exit the BELLMAN and the CITIZENS)

Ajayi: There you are! Watch the citizens and you'll
be convinced Mr. Ogunjola that there is no citizen in
-this c-ity who can think evil of that man Adelabu.

Saikuyo: It doesn't matter! There is power in the
hidden science and I assure you that that man' ou
--call a strong man is passing away one day-believe it
or not, Mr. Ajayi-mark it Mr. Ajayi mark it!

Ajayi: We must begin our campaign as soon as
-possible. We can organise our series of lectures as
from Monday.

S- Ogunjola: House to house campaign is more effective
as \we can easily bu\ oiff the voters. We must Also tell
our chiefs not to allov. their subjects to vote for any
N.C.N.C candidate. We threaten them with
removals from the Hous, of Chiefs should they, v\ote
ifr an\ N.C.N.C. candidate.

.jayi: God talk! Gentlemrnen--Act immediately.

Exit ALL (Curtain Falls).


-- -r. J

In Adelabu's Palour
Enter Ayo I1 .*,-.'.:v i --,-;' g)

A. delabu: Darling Dear, what a fine morning (he
smiles) 'ou look more attractive sweet but am afraid
you look very much worried This evening is really a -
very big dav -a day of days in the political history of
this city. I have to make a summary of the lecture to
be delivered this evening in the Town Hall and am
determined to: nail our political opponents in the red
coffin of politics. As soon as the lecture is over'darling,
I shall drive to Lagos for our Great Party's top secret
meeting which is to be attended by all top ranking
members of the nature of \our husband. (he laughs and
touches the wife's chin)
Ayo: (to herself) Can it be true that my husband
goes to Lag.s-a wonderful dream Hea'.en bless my
soul !
Adelabu: (somewhat surprised) What Sweet Are you
soliloquiing !
Ayo: My Lord do you say you'll go to Lagos after
the lecture ?
Adelabu: Yes. my Love
Ayo: What for ?
Adelabu: National Duty, Sweet !
Ayo: National Duty, you sa--eh ?
Adelabu: Yes dear (he confirms)
Ayo: If you do nlt go my Lord, what happens ?
Adelabu: Then ami n:.t a- true lationalist- m-y

Ayo: But do you love me Ade my lord?
Adelabu: Without being told twice sweet, you know
.that I love you more than any other thing in the
Ayo: Are you serious my Lord?
Adelabu: Obviously so-my hope.
Ay4o: Do you love your children?
Adelabu: They are Nigeria's own children-and I
love them.
Ado: Can you hear my advice?
.Adelabu: Yes my Lady if it does not stand on my
way to Lagos, 1ll swallow it.
Ayo: You say (she weeps)
Adelabu: If it does not stop my National duty sweet!
yo.: Do you believe in dreams my Lord?
Adelabu: Dreams are dreams! At times they act as
deieivers and at times as nature's warning. They are
vain things and they come out of vain minds. Dream
is a result of weak and tired mind and must not .be
taken seriously my Lve.
Ayo: That is a wrong interpretation of dream
my Lord.
Adelabu: Have you any in stock for me?
Ayo: Yes and an important one at that.
Adelabu: Tell me of it!
Ayo: L.ast night, I dreamt that as you were driving
in your car from A far distant place, a palm

-tree smashed the car and you were nowhere to be seen!
Adelabu- -Vain and empty dream! Cast it out of thy
nind for nothing shall touch my single hair. It is God
who gives and it is He also who takes. But \why! Why
should I die when my major political aim is to spur up
our Nation to world recognition! But death the inevi-
table end of mortal life comes when it comes and why
must ADE fear to kiss the ground as did Caesar and
others. Sweet, I love you still. -
Ayo: Then don't drive outside the four corners of
Idadan until thirty dangerous days pass away un-
_noticed my Lord.
Adelabu: Three hours more, I am on the soap box
my love. Tomorrow night must I be in Lagos and
'Providence' being my umbrella. I shall be here on
Tuesday next!
.4Ayo: Please mn'y Lord, hear my humble i oice and
stay behind after the lecture. I shall be left all alone in
This vast world if I miss you. I shall remain a widow
throughout the rest of my life my lord if I miss you;
but 0\ho takes the fatherly care over your children
when you are gone. My dreams are always true and
please dear stay behind after the lecture. (she weeps)

Adelubu: How now the sooth saver have you any
thing in stock for me? Speak out your mind!
Sooih .uyer: Ade! Ade! Ade! Beware of March 25.
You are now dead though you live and move about.
Your soul is gone awmay already waiting to see your
empty body lying very low in less than eight. hours
from now'

SAyo: My lord and my husband! Listen to what the has said; almost what I dreamt. (she cries)

S Adelabu: Into the unknown, let me-go, having served
the -will of my Maker. But I go full of supreme
;. confidence ..and spiritual satisfaction that I -have served
M-.'Mldther Africa to the limit of my mental ability-and
even gave my most priced possession-my life-for Ih '
S redemption f Africa; 1 go away to my Heavenly Lord
whence I caine. If it is the will of Allah that I should
S depart from this world political belief, then
*I-have-no choice. Qtherwise,'I will vet live to see Nigeria,
.achieve her Independence on 2nd. April 1960. May the
Great Allah protect Alhaji Adegoke Adelabu!

Sooth Sayer: Please Alhaji, be in your house for a
period of one month and may Allah protect His Alhaji.

Adelabu: If that is your advice, go away with it for I'il
Shave-none of it. Were we not told that "it is.better to die,
.in the flower of youth on the chance of winning a noble
name, than to live at-ease like the sheep and die urnlov.-d
and unrenowned." Well, see you again on Tuesday 25th
min good Sopth-sayer when I might have returned from
SParty Meeting in Lagos. It is now time for me to co out
for my political lecture.

Ayo and Sooth-sayer: May Allah. protect you.

L(Curtain- Falls)

Ex:it ALL




LECTURE! (Saturday Evening)

Enter Adelabu, Olu, Johnson. .lawodele, Oladosun,
Oruruuo. and Citizens, beating drun.
Adelabu: Brothers, the time now is thirty minutes
past three. We have to hurry up a bit and to be on time.
I know people are anxiously waiting for our arrival.
Olu: Can we not drive to the liall in order to save
Johnson: It doesn't matter Mr. 011. \ve still have thirty
minutes to our credit. The citizens are anxious to see
Adeldbu: Oh well, That's the Hall and I can see the
place is very higbly conjested.
Alauodele Exactly so! see how ha'py the citizens are!
SCilizsens: Ade! Ade! Ade... !! (they should sing and
S.4delahu, ('lu, Johnson, Alawodele, Olidosui, Oru uio
enter the Hall and sit down)
Citizens Ade d e e Ade-e-e-e (they shout)
Olu: Ladies and Gentlemen. (he pauses) I have the
honour as the Secretary of our Great Party N.C.N.C.
to introduce Mr. Alawodele as the Chairu:an cf this
historic occasion. Mr. Alawodile the calls)

S: r. A:d.atde.e .'andj u&P a-d',t ti. e ,-kers f te s~pi'eator. I
AMr. Alawodele: Ladies and Gentlemen. I am fully
convinced that you are all aware of what has brought
us all to this Public Hall. You can agree with me that
in occasion of this nature when an important lecture
is to be delivered it becomes good of us to keep silence
as far as possible. If we do that, then we can easily
digest the words of the lecture, but if we don't, am
afraid we may not hear the lecturer alright. Ladies and
Gentlemen, in order not to delay you further than
this, I now call on Adelabu to deliver his political
message to you all Mr. Adelabu.
I 1d-e.abii Sida 3] up, L.tA''f frai d.* :f!(t a/ Jr/i' ,tij e ,rC "' iv'/.It )
Citizens: Ade-e-e! Ade-e-e-e! Ade-e-e! (they shout)
Adelabu climbs the soapbox, gathers his go' n again, raises his
left arm and makes the "V" ivictorv) sign.
Adelabu: Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. The
problem confronting us now is rather a national one.
As a nation, we are advancing rather at funeral paces
and unless we speed up socially, politically and econo-
mically, our doom becomes inevitable.
Africa. which was known as "DARK CONTINENT"
is today known as a Bright Continent. There has been
much agitation everywhere in Africa for an equality
between men of different races irrespective of colour,
tribes no matter how low they embrace particles of
Sci-vilisation organise parties which fight for their free-
dom. Take the case of Kenya and the Mau Mau Part\.
It was a well organised Party. With their native wea-
pons only, they surprised the world. In South Africa,
the Africans are now asking for their political rights.
\Why...but wh\ must the Africans be under-rated by
the White men! Because of wealth! Then I sa:,
\wealth comes- in no sooner a country-

has right to' decide her own fate. Because of
knowledge? Then I say that Africa has produced the
most learned people the world has seen think of
Dr. Aggrey of Africa, think of Ajayi Crowther and
then think of your present leader Dr. the Honourable
Nnamdi Azikiwe. Because of complexion? Then I
say we become more beautiful if nature has us more
ebonised. In the past century, and the first quarter of
this present century, some irresponsible white men \\ho
were even brought up in Dr. Bernado's Home had the
effrontery of calling the Africans "BLACK MONKEY"
There is no country in Africa that does not know
the need there is in being sell governing. Liberia for
over hundred years has been self governing. Sierra
Leone is now planning very seriously to attain her
independence in the least possible time. Ghana is now
enjoying her independence.
For the first time in history of a West African
attending Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference.
Ghana has a voice in U. N. O. She is free to trade
with any country unlike present Nigeria.
It is now left for us to see that our own country
achieves her independence not later than April, 1960.
We must begin now to prepare for the big day. Our
political parties must be revived not on Regional but
on National basis. We must support leader %whose sole
aim is to work Nigeria and her affairs to international
Ho% do we support the National leader any same
man may ask. Well, Mr. Chairman. Ladies and Gen-
tlemen. the answer to that question is rather very
simple. We support the National leader by supporting
those candidates who contest elections on the platform
of- his party. I need not remind you Mr. Chairman

that there is no other leader in this country who deser-
ves that support other than your hero, political father,
economic light and social defender whose nane is
Doctor the Honourable Nnamdi Azikiwe a lias Zik.

Citizens: Zeeek! Z-e-e-e-k! Ade...Ade...(they shout)
Adelabu: Mr. Chairman. Ladies and Gentlemen, as
I said before, this is the best and only time for you
" to show your National leader that you are all behind
him ready to answer when the clarion of independence
sounds. We the opposition members in our Assembly
have been chastising those on the opposite side with
scorpions. But now, we are going to nail them together
in the red coffin of politics, and you'll not be surprised
to hear them say their last prayers.
Mr. Chairman, because of my undaunted political
belief, many people have been having many fantastical
dreams about my life. I know very well Mr. Chairman,
that certain people who neither fear Allah and His
prophet nor the angels above, have undertaken a solemn
vow to see me wiped off from this mortal worlI.
My task is to see Nigeria a self governing country.
But if my political presence becomes a stumbling block
then I have no choice. I am not vet ready to quit
politics. From time immemorial, political fire brands
had been dying of assassin's buttets. The result that
generally follows the assassination of a hero has always
been a bloody riot organised by free citizens.
Did we not read of the civil war that took place in
Rome when Caesar was murdered by his own friends.
Abraham Lincoln. Gandhi of India and many other
world famed political leaders lost their lives because
they solemnly fought against the foreign and local

imperialisms. Think of the President of-Liberia, think.. :
of the Prime Minister of Ghana and think of the
Premier of Eastern Nigeria and the leader of our Great
Party and tell me how often their opponents had made
damaging attempts on their God-given-lives. Is the
Nigeria's Boycott King not resting with his Maker!..
We are convinced that his death wasn't a natural one,
but Heaven protect his soul!

Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, if I die be-
cause I love Nigeria most. may Heaven bless my soul!
Citizens: Ade-e-e! Ade-e-.e! If Ade dies to-day, over
twenty people shall die for he who kills Ade kills twen-
ty giants! Ade must live! Ade must live!

.Adelabu: Well. Ladies and Gentlemen. I need not
remind you that your votes are needed. Support our
Great Party by voting for our candidates. If through
your votes you.make it possible for our Party to control
the Regional and Federal Governments, then you'llbe
convinced that democracy rules for ever! Mr. Chairman.
Ladies and Gentlemen. I beg to sit down.

Citizen.:: Ade-e-c! Ade-e-e! Ade-c-e! -(thcy shout)
Chairman: Ladies and Gentlemen, you have all heard
while the honourable lecturer has said. It is all left to
you to prove your love on your local leader by casting
your votes on all those candidates who are contesting
the election on Party's platform. As usual, the lecturer
shall willingly answer a few questions from any of you.
But am afraid, I'll only allow about live questions to. be
asked as the time is now far spent.
Crtizens: Ade-e-e! Ade-e-e-e! (t'ey shout.)

Ist Citizen: A question please.
Chairman: Yes
Ist Citizen: Through the chair. may 1 know from the
lecturer the steps \which our leaders are taking to see
that Nigeria achieves self Government in 1960?
Adelabu: "What steps are the Nigerian leaders
takinglo see that Nigeria achieves her independence in
? 1960." That is an interesting question isn't it?
Citizens: It is.
Adelabu: Well, the Nigerian leaders have now agreed
to agree together in order to maintain that uruty which
helped to make the last Londin Conference a success.
Not only that, the Regional Governments are working
side-by side with the Federal Go\ernment. The Federal
Prime Minister has been ad, ised to undertake a tour
of the Regionrs ," this official tour has also some
psychological result on the said unity.
2nd Citizen: In view of the fact that no election \as
held before the birth of the present National Govern-
ment. ho\w then can a well planned policy bf a particu-
lar Party be carried out.
Adeabu: Yes, you may agree with me that before
the London Conference, there was no Action Group
member in the Council of iiinisters, but now the for-
mer leader of opposition who happens to be a Grouper
has a seat in the Council. Thi s is so because from the
beginning, the Federal Government has been a coalition
one with N. C. N. C. and N. P. C forming il:
Government. This can onl\ be avoided if you all can
vote for N. C. N. C. candidates knowing very well that
it is the only Party w\\ih Itl' unit\ of the country\ at
hear t. Think of the N > rt h for the Nort-

herners as the N.-P. C. that-controls the-" .j
Government. Think of the W'est for the Yorubas as prea-
ched by the Action Group that controls the Western -
.Government. Then think of the East for all the Nige-'.
rians as thought by the most democratic .Party -in the "
Country-N.N.C..C. that controls the Eastern Govern-.'-.
ment. That is why it is necessary that -you vote only-.
for the N.C.N.C. candidates if you have the unity. of
Nigeria at heart.


Citizens: Ade-&-e! Ade--e-! (they shout)

3rd Citizens: It is now a believable story that.
important men in this country who belong to N.C.N.C.
are dying like fowls. If this continuess sir, do you not
believe that.the strength of the Party shall be affected?
Adelabu: Mr. Chairman, this is really a..difficult.
question you know, but the answer is no doubt ready.
Well, if all the important our Party die one after
the other, then the God of Africa shall raise leaders
among you .citizens to lead the country to her indc-
- -endence-. lazi Ojike is dead bnt\w-e really know that-
a foul play took place some how. Tl.e strong mian of
-Port Harcoiirf Onwenu is gone and we still know.more
;,bout his death. F. 0 Mbadiwe of Dayspring. Enugu
i; also gone. What do I car- for, if the next turn is-
mine?-But this L say to you all rio\ that on that elec-
tion day and on tihe eve of Self-Government, our Na-
tional Heroes in our Party shall reurreLt anrd shkll, be'
seen by all the true lo, ers- f democracy. I have been
fritgltened! I ha\e been persecuted! I liave been
prosecuted! And my life is in danpit! But what do I
- care for, for lie \ho causes my death shall not live to
enj-y the Iruit of his labour! I understand .
t h a t as I .' to L.aos. I n a v not see




my house any longer. If that is the case, then I say
goodbye .and farewell to you all but to Lagos must i
Sgo no-sooner I leave this play-come what may!
Citizens: Ade-e-e! If Ade dies, we must all die with
-him. He who kills Ade kills twenty gaints!
3 Saikiuyo: A question please!
Chairman: Yes
Saikuyo: May I know why the lecturer believes that
his life is in danger when he claims to be the strong
man of the West.
Citizens: Away with a traitor away with him
(they shout)
Air. Chairman: Audience! Audience! Audience!
(he rings hand bell)
Addobu: Well Mr. Chairman, Ladies and Gentle-
men, I know \ery well that the questioner belongs to a
class of dark hearted villains. He is a political nonentity,
with hollow yet swollen head! I know Mr. Chairman;
I know the question has a hidden meaning but one
citing I know-and that alone is that as long as Adelabu
lives, the questioner has no room in lbadan politics.
Citizen: Ade-e-e-e! Ade-e-e-e! (,hey shout)
Addabu: Again I say Mr. Chairman that the plant
of freedom must be watered with a illain's blood ..If I
Sdie to-day on account of your black and satanic prac-
tice surely you'll not exist and if you do, you'll not be
better-than a begger. I know, as well as you do that
Sour question has a hidden meaning. It doesn't matter.
If you don't know,- then know that I am Allhai
A d e g o k e A de la b u. The impregnable Rock

,f Gibralter in the field of politics! Political Storm!
Democratic Encyclopaedia! His Opponent's Political
Husband! National Socialist and the-Strongman of
the West! The good friend of commoners! The man
with silver tongue in his mouth! Political Defender
of the oppressed and the man who does not fear to
embrace the mother earth if only Nigeria can be
Self-governing! What else do you need from' me
.Mr Saikuvo!

Citizens: Shame Mr. Saikuvo! Shame! Ade-e-e
(they shout.

AMr. Chairman: W\ell, Ladirs and Gentlemen, the
tim-e now is far spent and we must go home now. The
lecturer Mr. Adelabu, is going to lecture you again on
the 26th March when he is guing to tell you something
about the Party meeting he is going to attend in
Lagos It is an important meeting and we wish him a
hlcky journey. On Tuesda\ the 25th March by four in
the evening, may the citizens line up along Lagos-
Ibadan route in order to make our hero drive majes-
tically to this historic city! Ladies and Gentle-men
Good Night.

Citizens: Ade-Ad-- Adelabu.
Ade-Ade-Adela bu,
No one like Adelabu
Ade-Ade-Adelabu (they sing and dance)

EXIT ALL ( Curtain Falls)

In Lagos Monday (Morning)
IEnter Adelabu and Other Part, Leaders from the Couitrn)
Isl Party-man: Ladies and Gentlemen, let us pray.
'Oh Lord. God -of Africa., e have gathered here. this
nmo.:rning in Thy naiame..lMay the Natiouil problem we
are now going to. face be made simple before us all
that we miatv. easily arrive at a definite point. Thou
sayest that where two or three are gathered in Thy
name, Thou at there. We therefore Lord ask of Thy
presence among us who are gathered here. This only
-we ask in the name of Je:-us Christ your son.
Partymen: A-men.
Isl Parly-man: The first item on the agenda is the
forth corning elections in the Western Regioln. We
understand that th election dates have' been fixed. Ii
is now ,our candid o'p;:tinon that this Party controls the
District Councils and the House of Assembly. If we
do that, then it becomes easier for the lo:nt preached
Nigerian unity and freedom to be maintained.
Adelabu: Yes, the election dates have been fixed.
There is nob.:ddyi in this country who does not know
-that our Great Party N.C.N.C. is founded with an iron
-determination that we shall co-operate with other
'parties that have the unity of the country at heart as
we have. I now have to warm those careerists; those
stooges who have debased themselves and have be-
come tools in the hands of those who stand to gain by
the lack of solidarity among the Western Chiefs,- and
they must therefore keep out of politics I still con-
A firm that as the Chairman of the W\estern Working
Committee of t h e N. C. N. C I am a rock

(of Gibralter, unshaken and unshakable in my absolute -.
lo valty. we mus-teem that z w tell t lise rascally pollti-
ci.atns otherwise lknoa'n as the b':ick d,:r pticiiaus
that they are n'-, factors to be reckon..:d lthin tl,'
field of clean 'olki.:s. We in the \est have started to
-educate our pe.:opil and to make then -know that--
N.C.N.C. is the only true Nationalist Party in this
country. As far as Adegoke Adelabu is concerned, this.
Party must control all the seats in the Local councils.
as well as the Legislatures.
3rd-Parly-man: Yes, Ade, we are seeing your efforts -
and \e pray that God makes it possible ior we all to
live and see Nigeria become a self-governing country.
As ihe first Party-man has said, \e must see that we
capture all the seats in the Councils-not by-any foul.
mean-, but by clean and honest way for by so doing
we make our great country respectable before -.the-
7lh Party-man: \Well, since thle Western Elections
come up before those of Eastern and Northern Re-
gio-ns, we have to send a team of top rankin,- party
members to assist the \\esterrn members in -.the
. campaign.
5th Parly-man: It is quite necessary that we send theI
I artv car;. On the either l..ild, there tl-:ction to the
t- c-Ounctls shall be known as 'OPERATION--VI-
TORY' while that cf the \Western I-ouse shall be
.-!dclabu: Victory i; alheadv, -u s! ly' good Party
men, it may int i.cLas.' you t lar that rnm l;i in the
Region is in a gr,.:t danger but "what do I care for
v. hcn I L now- tlidt in, cause ri hoi' :,i '! In as much
as t!is our Party is concerned, I canl speak empha.ti-
call', that th'rIt xhich uni e us is more t ha n. -

-that which divide us. We all have the liberty of our
-country at heart and may our daily prayers be that of
.Oliver \Wendell Holmes which reads:
"Lord of the Universe! Shield us and guide us.
Trusting Thee always' through shadow an J sun!
Thou hast united us. who shall divide us?
Keep us. O Keep us the MANY IN ONE'
.t has become a common thing now that great lea-
Sders and stone-hearted party members of this our party
die onT alter the other. Where is the great wizard-
JvIacaulav the Great! Where is Mazi Ojike tie Boycott
King! Where is On-enu the strongman of Garden City!
If the next turn becomes mine, \why can I not embrace
the mother eartn very willingly but as long as I live -
and. breathe, then must Ade fear no foe.
-May we all go home with the angelic words of
Oliver Wendell Holmes that:-
"Flag of the heroes who left us their glory.
Borne through their battle fields' thunder and fame.
Blazoned in song and illumined in story,
Wave O'er us all who inherit their fame!
Up with our banner- bright,
Sprinkled with Starry lighi.
Spread its fair emblem from mountain to shore.
.\VWnle through-the sounding Sky..
Loud rings the Nations'c'rn
My countrymen, I do pray that the wide beams of
Iis full constellation scatter each cloud that x would
Sdar-ken ---a star.' But should Ad.e go d ad be seen no
nmore. may I then take this opportunity arin enciii.ura.e
S-'u .-all to fight hard and rnainrtain tlha;t unity and
' "-lIbeirt'we all this .dayv arec fitlgiing for trusting that
-the-.God of .thy fathers shall fall thee not; striving with
ioen for the. i-irthrighl-t :t .m-an! (he weeps and sighs)


I shall carry the decision of this meeting to my poli-
tical brothers in the West. NI\ flesh is not-q-uite willing.
to drive alone to Ibadan tomorrow morning which is
March 25th. the day which I have been advised
against. But what care I about my life which becomes
happier to sit with Mazi Ojike and others, and be able
to watchh the m o d e r n progress as an immortal!
Adegoke Adelabu drives to Ibadan tomorrow morning
and may.God of Africa protect his soul:

Ist Putty-man: Nothing harms Adegoke Adelabu.
\hose political activities has no comparison. It has just_
come to our notice that a gigantic welcome awaits you.
in Ibadan. You are riding majestically on the back of
a well dressed white horse all the way from Ibadan_
mile three to the city and around -Ibadan streets.

4th Parly-man: Well, the last thing no\w is to plan
ahead of the Independence Day. When our Great Party
controls the Regional and Federal Go\ernments. we-
must intensify Nigerianisation. That being the case, we-
must begin no\v to educate our fellow Nigerians and.
.invoke the spirit of Nationalism in them.

.4delabu: You have reminded me, of late Mazi Oilke's
philosophy based on boycotting all the boycottables.
Our fellow Nigerians must be taught to be proud of
wearing all those goods produced in Nigeria. We must
make them know that the country is ours and not the
Whitemen's larfd \\ho are just visitors Was Sir Walter
Scott wrongg when he said:
"Breathes there the man with soul so dead,
\ h:c neler to, himself hajh .aid
'This is mi own, m\ native land!'
\ ho:e heart hath ne'er within him burn'd

:.o-,. .'-- ,. ..A S.m ..hNs foo spt e.ahat u ..t
From 'wandering-on a-foreign strand?
Well, Party-men. I am now spiritually fatigued but
nevertheless, I must drive to Ibadan in less than thirty
- minutes from now and may Allah protect His Alhaji.
Bye-bye great Nationalists may it be possible to meet
again soon, but if unforeseen circumstances make it
practically impracticable for us to meet then I say
'may we meet together in heaven on that HOLY DAY.
All-Party-men: Bye-bye our political fire brand.
Curtain fails
(Exit All)

(A Street In Ijebu Ode, Enter Saikuyo, Ogunjola, Ajayi. Eko.)

Ajayi: How now friends, what is the latest news in
the town ?

Saikuyo: It is about that very egotistical and. arro-
.gant fellow who believes be is the only person in
Ibadan! I understand he returns to-day from Lagos
andas a result to that, the local branch of N.C.N.C. and
all-the Ibadan citizens have declared to-day a public
holiday! Not only that, a white horse has been im-
ported from Northern Region for that very stunted
but lion hearted-fellow to ride on majestically! I must
see that he ends to-day!
Eko: If that is the case brother, tell -us your plans.
Ogunjola: We shall make this top secret we as-sure

Saiuyo: Then swear b this matche (he brings out
old matched) that nothing is heard beyond this sport !
'All: \Ve swear! (They kiss the malchet one after the
SaikLyo: Some time ago, I told you about my
uncle in this town and that is why I have invited \ou
all to meet me here. \Well that man drives home from
Lagos in a few minutes from nfow according to my'.
Uncle's magic mirror! Mv uncle then has sent his great
SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN to meet him somewhere far
from Ibadan-round about Ode-Remo. There is another,
car going on the opposite side and my uncle has
caused his great Seven Seven Seven to make "'tlat
man's driver" see seven big lorries and as a result,
there is going to be a fatal accident. But he assured
me that nothing happens to the people in other car.
Let me see how he is going to rile majestically on that
horse !
Ajayi: This is a daring venture you know !
SEko: Well, let's try. But when do you think the
accident takes place Mr. Saikuyo ?
Saikuyo: According to my uncle, it may not be up
to an hour from now awd that is h hy we are here in
Ijebu-Ode to help us claim alibi in case of unforeseen
result. We have to listen over the wire for as soon as
the accident occurs, N. B. C. must relay it immediately
and at the same time Post Offices must spread the
Ogunjola: I have taken an oath of secrecy but may
Allah not put that man's blood on me !
Eko: Though the man -has been my poli-
tical enemy f o r long vet must his blood not be

on me-for I adore and respect him for he is a few
lucky politicians in our country.
Saikuyo: Let his blood be on my head I don't care
a fag out of it. It-is now almost time,you know. Let
us run to a nearby house and listen over the radio for
it is now less than thirty minutes according to my
.Al: Well let's go !

E it All
(Curtain falls)


(CO ." :e':v;, f'..t L,.t'oJ 'c I3e c'. ,,. -X :-.',4. :c.'C, ..i, .-:,'j d, Pal..' uio
i.'' :j ."; n't c" r c.... :... "v :'.-,:" .', c. a.'r1 C 'i ,.l' '|

\Adelabu: Well friend, t h e road has been very
r6ugh you know but the driver is an expert you know
for I have just noticed that.
Paul: You are right you know but I just don't
knriow why I am having some heart beat. May be my
wife at home is making mention of my name..
Adelaba: I have the same heart beat and more
than that, I am totally weak and had we not covered
half the distance, I could have gone back to Lagos
and rather return by train. But nevertheless, we must
SDriver: Master !! Master !! Something is wrong
somewhere !
.Jelabu- W'hat is wrong g driver ? What is wrong
(he sits up)

Paul: Has your petrol finished driver?
SDriver: No sir I have seen seven big lorries about
a mile ahead of us! What a wonderful speed!
Adelabu: Then you can keep to your left and make
enough way for them.
Paul: That is just the best thing driver.
Driver: They have covered the whole road. Master!
Master we are dead for I can not control the car any
longer!- I have been charmed master and we are all
dead! Good bye all and help my wife and old parents
if you escape this death!
(The driver knowing not what to do collides with an unseen
car and the three passengers die)
After about ten minutes, a passerby takes that way
Henry: Wonderful! Heaven bless my soul! What a
wonderful fatal accident. That corpse looks like
Adelabu's! Am I mad? Just see how hopelessly this
fine car is smashed to pieces! I must run to the nearest
Post Office now (he runs to the Post Ofice and sends tele-
grams) Well-Mr. Counter Clerk, these are urgent tele-
grams, please-attend to them urgently.
Counter Clerk: Let's see the first one (Henry hands it
over to him and he reads)
"National Council Headquarters .Lagos stop Ade-
goke Adelabu died of Double Decomposed Anaemia
stop His Stinking Carcass has Diagonised to form
uranus uhich would be used as nutritive element for
the Pupolation of Nlicro-organism stop Henry"
Henry: All right send only this for am sure
Ibadan citizens have got the news as it has just been

relayed over the aLr.
Counter clerk: Wonders! Death is an ill wind that
blows nobody any good. See Adegoke Adelabu! ?'ho
would believe his ears at this stage (he s.ghs deeply and
EXIT Henry 2nd Counter clerk.
In Ibadan Enter the Cmzens.
Isl Cilizen: Beau. do you hear what has happened?
2nd Citizen: What is it ?
Ist Citizen: Our hero Adelabu is dead.
2nd Citizen: Dead! Adeljbu? Let's see others!
(.4Al the citizens-run about)
7th Citize-: Citizens! Citizens! Our MAN is dead!
We must kill all his enemies.
5th Citizen: Citizen! Kill! I say Kill ;-ny person who
opposes your movements! I *.av Kill! Kill father! Kill
mother! Kill son! I say Kill all. ,
(There is a great riot-with lu'enly corpses lying erery where,
two hundred police men -ur nice)
Citizen: Fear no police! Fear no police! Kill all!
K ill -all!!
(The police telephones Hcadquarlers for more. police)
Ibadan Conflagration. State Critical Adelabu's
Car Dilapidated Attempt to Bring out Corpse
-Futile to stop Riot Hopeless latest Bulletin-
Casualties twenty seriously wounded hundred
..confessingly admit Adelabu died a Hero,
National Catastrophe Citizens mad with
anger send urgently five hundred police men
Inspector General
(at the arrival of more policemen from Ligos, the citizens
disperse ahd gel ready for burial)
Curtain Falls -

In Adelabu's Compound
( E.y-r Citnzuvi, /dy, N.C.,V C. Par.'vw. avl SyTpa .'ie,! we,..g )

Ist Partlman: May the coffin bearers lower it!
(he weeps) Well, Adegoke Adelabu! Dust thou art, and
dust returnest thou! Well ladies and gentlemen. The
late Adelabu has been an active member of our party!
He had an early opportunity to study in various ele-
mentary and secondary schools. He precosciously
acquired a zeal for Nationalism so that before he was
twenty years old, he had become a "victim" of
patriotic masochism. Our beloved Alhaji Adegoke
Adelabu, through his erudition'and vision and through
his self confidence and independence, became a great
leader in this country especially in this town He
made himself a great leader because he was capable
of bringing the vague trends of other minds and
spirits to a focus. He was erudite and used his eru-
dition in his peculiar charming way to keep a crowd
spell bound.. He died a hero. He has paid the highest
price a true Nationalist is expected to pay. And may
God of Africa receive the soul of such an illustrious son.
Citizens: A-men.
Ist Citizen: Dust thou art Ade and dust returnest
thou. But f assure you the end is not yet!
(He /.uti a litt/e qPa".!i! of r"d i't.: t," gae "ad'.J 0t.' r .":' tlhe dx f,'eet
grave rs, Cverijd wi:i ear ';d al,'.' cry
Ayo: Oh! my husband! my husband My dream has
at last come true! Thou has gone to an unknown
place that I may not behold your charming love and
care! Heaven protect me and your children! (she cries
very loudly) .

s- t Parlyman: Worry not, my lady for we the N.C.-
N.C. members must see that you and your children
are maintained. Your man was an active part\mar
and he died while serving his party and country. Pick
up courage and be merry for the deed is already done.
Ist Citizen: Well-citizens, ladies and gentlemen. This
is a categorical statement that I make now! We are
all ready to go to jail for that must be the result of.
the riot but the end is not vet! The spirit of Adelabu
lives. Citizens sing the National Fare Well song:-

"Ho\w can we bear to leave thee,
Owe parting Kiss we give thee;
(all sing) And then whatelse befalls you;
Yoti go where honour calls you.
Farewell, Farewell our
Chorus: own true love:
Farewell, Farewell our
own true love.

(2) We think of thee we love thee,
Unto this Kiss we give thee
We see the foe advancing;
We sigh while you are dying.
2nd Partyman: Ladies and Gentlemen! Our hero
now rests in peace and may Allah protects his soul.
All: A-men.
( Every person goes away)
Curtain Falls

33 -