Rosemary and the taxi driver


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Rosemary and the taxi driver
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Albert, Miller O
Chinyelu Printing Press
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Onitsha Nigeria
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fiction   ( marcgt )


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Mr. Miller 0. Albert (Author & Journalist )
and Afr. B. A. Ezuma has the sole copyright for it.
Reproduction in part or whole without a written
permission from Mr. B. A. Ezuma is strictly

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All characters in this novel, are all round
imaginary. Note, none is real. It is no true story
and therefore concerns nobody y in anyway._
Whoever hits his head at the ceiling does it at his
owi personal fatal risk.

The Author.




i. The Dazzling Beauty of Rosemnry. 6.

ii. The Star High Life Dance. 14

iii Rosemary's Glamorous Spells 20

iv Midnight Love. 28

v. Lost Days of Love. \34

vi. Defamatory Libel. 40


"I fihere was a prize to be awarded for falling
in love at first blush, Rosemary should be given
the richest golden medal, She has been chasing
around the romantic seaport of Lagos, with her
'larefui flush o f romance. H e r v o i e t gowp
with vibrant colours and heavenly patterns vested
below f er ,knees. She w or e ,a dazzling gold
necklace, shiny ear rings a n d a botanical veil.
stained all over with jet colours.

It was in the month of April, while the
dry season was nearly over. The season that
sparks off love, kisses and romance. Wasn't it
wonderful ? The long carefree days had gone."
It was time for love to roar on the air, and
equally, the time for Rosemary to travel on a
journey from Lagos to the East.

The sun flickered over her canon ball -
head, with the hairs on her forehead, heightened
ike onboard type of shaving. She resoluted to
follow the train at the earliest declining hour
of the day. At down, She got ready to march
with all the guts of the times, besides her romantic
love. She sang many love poems to them, while
they twist, wiggle waggle and utter many love
incantations, worthy of marring all the lively
ests of any woman folk.



She was in her maiden form and had remain
ned untampered, since her generate days. Even tc
meddle with her zestful glamour of beauty, no
body had ever succeeded. The grim enthusiasm
of her ardent lust was bubbling on her romantic
face, and her youthful glances of shyness. Sh
had got all the zests of the West and mettled her
senses, to bolster upalcrtly, to crack love, romance
and joke. up to their highest mediocre of acme
It was a doy for love maniacs to come and a day
for Rosemary to travel too.

Reaching the town station on April ten. Rose
mary delved into an undisturbed romance, witl
her boy friend, who was sobering, with mournrfu
bunch of derangement, sending love expression
with quakeful Arctic chill, over her love conscious
nerves. He tossed her, to stop crying for her dep
arture and urged her to beat her heart throbs and
vibrating mind, quite at its intensive urgent, with
the incidence. He tossed her, managing to serem
her temper: cleaning with offection, all the bitter
tears oflove, which were journeying down her reti
oussed pug-nose.

After it was just at mid-night the train could'
be noticed rumbling through the land, making it
harsh, grimy noises. Rosemary grimaced, twisting
herself into a startled look. The young a: hear
there, all delved into a wonderfull tremor for fear
it was a moment to have each person
a shock proof. It was a day for the saints to sina
of love, blessed stars started to shine intensively
overhead in the broad-day light and also a da)
for Rosemary to travel.


She had packed all her suit cases like sardines
and noisted her headtie on;her onboards shaving,
allowing it a bit loose, to fly goodbye, waving hi-
lariously to her dearly beloved, who took all the
rigours of unprecedented impression, to escort her
with pretty tough smiles of flamboyant gestures, to
the station.

Lagos is a beautiful town," She said. "Could
rather get lost there, than to dream of Elfland.
Would bend, kiss, wiggle at'stage shows, of High
life or give the highest jazz strokes of at least five
pounds each. Hlighlife I know, Bonsue I know,
but which shall I dance with brief happiness in the
East? I know I'm Rosemary. Mary, is the last
tail of it, Yes! But I will one day, add one R "
after a letter, from the last spelling, to make it a
vital gut that's' Yes the much sought after trea-
sure, Marry."'

Soon she entered into the train, rolling the
sleeves of her gown. getting ready for any strange
enventuality. All the mask faced odd boys were
soaring on the air, for her cheerful romance beca-
use of her saucy red lips. The character they pres-
ented, became very chicky to happiness and some,
w:re savouring insubordination, mostly the odd
concomitant type, of immoral stimulation, which
provoked the impetus of glaring at sexual menace,
below the belt. leading to excessive giving back of
daily toping and night time tipples of dry gin and
Rosemary was as active as quick silver. Bitter
phenomenon of love commotions, had come her
way since yesterday.



Quick st-Ps to lo\e, was taking breed, but she
resoluted to snun it till a most suitable paragon
of being, presents the most ardent glamour of
flamboyant gestures. The frowning of her face.
could portray her sliding tackles, which she kept
in a store for African highlife. The key-notes,
which the orchestra boys clangour, hurts her feel-
ing of patience. She gestriculated within a mome-
nt. recording quick steps occurring in, her mind, as
a great annual and reinvigorative general of classi-
cal Africa.

The beats"were highly clamouring melodiously,
making airy sounds over the sky. winding, round.
the tympanmim of every star highlife beater. It
made many glamour of beauties shudder frantically.
No doubt of Rosemery. She perceived the necessary
vital.guts about it too, pulling force as if she was
glamouring briskly in a stage show Yeh!".

She was enjoying the slow-gallops of the train,
when she perceived a philosophy in herself which
compelled fertto taste all the life flavours ofthebe-
autiful town of Enugu. She could ohboard a tinker
omnibus the same day she alighted from the train
to Onitsha; but faculties not remedying themselves,
she resoluted to divide her journey inorder to trace
out one to marry, or to fall in love and gulp in all
the broths nature packed into it, like parcels of sand

The man she cloistered at first flush of her
-sight was a romantic virile odd, who introduced
himself as Okoro.


After they made a nice little smile, they raged a
torrential down pour of speeches, each trying to
exhaust the querulous tone God had suffered to
give out, free of charge to every individual. Soon
they felt an impression of bigness in themselves,
glaring at nature as super love maker.

SThis taxi driving dwarf of a beauty, fell a
heavenly victim to many sophisticated things of
his expectation. He had committed Maany "Why
saints come" crimes of life, with unprecedented
suave stratagems. He is noticed more on moral
defamation than on tidy clearing off of indifference
behaviours. He presents suave nonentities, each
time he feels like marring success, with a mahatma
type of power. He laughs more as a freak, than as
a human being, looking like crime offender, with
illicit practical glanc;, evident in his hefty stature,
timing the day with unrecorded imshaps. He had
shattered many plans and still it bubbles in his
evil mind the more to present the highest catastr-
ophe, ever recorded.

After watching if any of his girl customers was
on the guide, he rendered a submissive character
Hello, who goes there?"
Rosemary drifted to him, loving him and loving
him and loving too the more. She flashed her
romantic eyes, bending down for shamefulness. A
little of a time, she made her character to,be
"How is it ?"
"It is quite well."

A -~-4~#~ ~


How far you re going driver ? Your car's
I know must be of the sort I always ride of a time
ago, you remember?" She touched him on the

'" I do" He replied. "What a ride, you want?"
" Are you still just in the West African English,
brought by t h e journalists ? 0 chuckle you
to laugh Just within the veldt." He replied,
putting his hands inside his pocket and bluffing
arrogantly, bolstering eye signal of inviolable

They delved into torrential down pour of
speeches. making their devilish introduction.

The love now brewing, with active hotness,
was blast and could rather throw off each with
the little idea, they've got about themselves.

Okoro, the taxi driver zot a tanner trouser
and tough adam coats and glared at himself as the
chap of the day. Soon he left the taxi. minor and
took Rosemary home, to cool down.

The house Rosemary was put on their arrival
was savouring something of the old and Okro
havinggot informations about his brother on tour,
made way with her, into his brother's room with
Rosemary. Before their arrival. Okoro did the
game of removing the pictures hoisted over the
air which were .ll his brother's pictures. He did
that without time because something of the lot
he likes best was down. He didn't want Rosemary
to feel that he wasn't the owner of the little end.


A little time, he took permission to go and
get back his senior uncle, but not knowing that
he was going to carry the dirty minor he kept
in the taxi park. outside the railway station. On
his way back, he washed out the annotations ter-
ming the car a taxi.
When he reached.his brother's house, where
he kept Rosemary he gave a nasty clangouring
boasts of the minor horn She rushed out and
welcomed d him. She rushed, twisting her eye
br-ows and knitting it a bit, to show the zests
of the West.
They ate the little bread and suasage Okoro
brought from his brother's electrolux. Rosemary
was lost in arena of love adventure. They loved
each other and satisfied with their talents at
the sometime. Infact, it could have been the best
love so far, if it wasn't meddled with malice
and pugnacity.
The day for the owner of the house to
re-occupy his little end of no regret was come,
just a day for the dumb and deaf, to have a
brisk enjoyment. Rosemary was planning to head
to Osha; but hadn't been to any toping society
since her stay off in the East.

She impressed Okoro, to give her enough
subsidy, to-foot the tipple. Though it was stated,
for the deaf and dumb, still she was compelled
to witness it.
Towards the down of the day,Okoro got ready
to go out with Rosemary for the dance.


The arrangement being to stop a tinker omnibus
on the way, after the niaht tipple, so that she co-
uld float down, a magpie to Onitsha.

There was no chance for Okoro to hoist up
the decorations in his brother's house which be tu-
rned down, incase Rosemary should recognize what
was brewing. Actually, it was too tough a play, to
tell Rosemary to go out, while they mere in the
midst of burning speech. He didn't want to be
suspected, and bad not lay such impression so po-
mpous, before, and ought not leat it go, at this te-
rrible moment. When it was just at the nick of a
time, he hurriedly put Rosemary's suit cases inside
the minor, and hurriedly ordered her to get in, in
good faith. She soon got ready and rubbed her
pancake, feeling just on the lead. She raised her
black hairs, to suit her apex nose. A curtly smile
bubbled on the air, favouring Okoro. But there
was no time, to blast romantic flares. He dudged
the love smiles.

Soon he kicked the taxi and went back, after
half way to hoist on the pictures he turned down
when he was at the worst instincts. He was shudd-
ering at every hiss of a sound. Before he could
finish remedying the crime he committed, his bro-
ther, the faithful owner of the house came in, st-
anding at the corridor, guessing that something of
the sort which he doesn's want was wrong He
soon sighed and got depressed. After many odd
remarks, the full automobile of his spirit, compe-
lled him to leave everything, threatening him with
pretty tough smiles, of tremor.


After his liberation, he trotted off with his craggy
legs, jumping into the minor with a mad stampede,
hoping to finish the speedometre: within an active
They sped over the hills and scaled round the
mountains. Okoro had the hands to corner the
worst wagons, speeding up from Onitsha. The wind
howled across the dreary desert, showing an inten-
sive chill, from the quaking side of heaven. The
hoarfrost- drizzled down with a low temperature,
baffling the virile odd beings: who had their nose
like dogs. Those who hadn't theirs like dogs, have
some part. like that of sea crocodile.
All the time, Okoro hadn't rendered any acc-
ount of what he had got out of the minor to the
owner. The police had all got informations that
Okoro had run away with the minor, belonging to
a-soanso, quoting the number and the report's refe-
rence number. The report became crime and for-
gery for having rubbed off the taxi, written on its
glasses. All the time, Rosemary had told Okoro
that she was a retired woman police. In the real
sense of her own case, she was terminated for illicit
practices. She was with her pictures with her, to
make it really tough with the times.

After mile 'two' a traffic constable stopped him,
to check his particulars but he knew that he was
recorded as a culprit in the crime book he was hol-
ding and had fallen victim to


many offences, more serious than felony and mi-
sdemeanour, but he sped over, increasing his speed.

He began to eye like an imperial Corsican.
The madness which jumped crazily into him was
taking a strong hold. He was in his generate twe-
nties and had a pugnacious bunch of stamina new
from nature with which to blast off any being that
might intervene. His blows were bullets man; and
his senses of alertness, were the worst blemish of
- this life. He could bend, manoevre and pull down
any house, punching just little below the belt.

After two hours ride. they went to witness the
dance. Now it was time for evil, to take strong
beer, and Okoro to bolster up for any shocking
derangement. The dance, as published was appar-
ently for the dumb and deaf and to infuse benevo-
lence into people, to help raise funds for them.
The high life music which they clangoured, was
intensively a great hit of an utterly breakdown.
Okoro ordered for bottles of cold beer, with which
to cool down. Rosemary, a beautifully sought
after glamour of a beauty, glared at the crowd,
feeling the guts on her stirring face. She was pro-
ving very exotic, knitting her sweet brows, show-
ing the proud delicious power, of her beauty.

Soon she let go a faintly smile, twisting her-
self. She startled at the blush she sensed the notion
that those who hadn't nice looking legs, had them
supported with sticks. She twisted her scarlet lips,
gulping in the tango on her table from drops to


As soon as she felt like getting up, she tossed
her excitement. As the English legend, had passed
it that: Excuse me dance is permissible in a
dar:cing party, a man who was almost a genius
came, just a paragon of a man with a'pex nose
like that ofjackrabbi. Soon he let go a character
of Excuse me dance lady through a trivia!
eye signal. Rosemary raised on objection in.taking
the floor with the man; while OKoro was on top
of the cold beer. Though he drank it with a dis-
array of anxiety, he still glares as greedy as a dog
io exhaust more bottles or turn out the bar. He
ad not enough money, but conceived a stratagem
aith which to shun the attention of the waitress.
Rosemary hadn't said a word of t\'o. neither bad
be man who was dancing with her spoken a hiss.
They mistook themselves as deaf and dumb orgies.

Rosemary thought that her partner %was defe-
ted while the man thought that she was a deaf
rid dumb beauty. They've not talked to each other
since they started on the floor. The dance was bo-
ing in the public mind and the latest bigblife st-
okes were on the air. The man dancing wih Rose-
nrv determined to toss her through the latest
south African acrobatic style ofpatha patha. the
highest ever fashioned. He didn't know that Rose-
ary was made to withstand all the rigours of
unprecedented hazards, accrueing from such sty-
ish dancing. She flew into the space and came.
,ack to the earth with a start, just afresh.

When the dance became a full automobile of
pit fire, a tumult was caused.


The mobile style was rough just like the twisting
of infatry. No doubt, the guy was an erratic. Rose-
mary grimaced with a flicker of amusement on her
face. Soon Okoro perceived the mixture ofhighlife
and high love displaying. He felt tough demonst-
rations, and buttoned up his heavily damped tan-
ner trouser, feeling like a tanner scandal. He pulled
the waist band of his pant,with a great force, feeling.
like creating irresistible attraction. He felt a heavy
holler, at Rosemary, soaking his lips with his evil
tongue, to stop the mess. The wife of the man
dancing with Rosemary shouted: "Let us leave
here, it is getting to down of the day!"

He replied, pulling his pant again: I m trying
to let go this dumb and deaf glamour dancing with
me, don't you see her?" i
Rosemary grimaced: "You're mad, ain't you?
You are full concomitant of evil beauty and mar."

She left highly depressed with the atmosphere
of devilish :temperature', creating indescribable
phenomena. Okoro noticed that the rusal was very
outboring, h e sneared the scandal w h o assaulted
Rosemary and slapped off his chin, -he had one
left for him, to'chew the little corn he had in his
pocket. The fight became too rigid. .Okoro mano-
evred the second time, blasting a' punch on the
man's belly, 'beer; rushed out, forming a little rivu-
let, to mark the great occasion. He knocked the
scandal down., After nothing the catastrophe as verV
unbecoming, he set out on Olympic game with
Rosemary, heading off to Onitsha, creating the
worst record of event,, ever: recorded, in the annals
of such occasion.


Rosemary was confused. with what ideas she
perceived about Okoro. He had been roaring in
her beauty, thinking of what solignum, tbat was
used in the combination ofOkoro and devils. She
was also a bit confused, if she could challenge the
times and abandon other sully trouble which are
the great blemish of this life and delve into roma-
ntic go of this beautiful world, with Okoro. "

The appointment Rosemary had at Onitsha
was systematically conditional. She thought of
either to break or bend. Before the next beautiful
time people could say Good morning" to them-
seles, they entered into the beautiful town of
Onitsha, They made an enquiry about a man, in
the form of Rosemary's dad. It was reported to
them that the man had left for Lagos the other day.
Rosemary had her plans fixed and consolidated
by nature.

When in Onilsha, the police were informed
about Okoro and that he is a person wanted by
the police. In the night, as it was trial with them
that they couldn't go gay without tipple, they be-
gan to guess, a place to have it oIrt with the day.
But it was just a time to make an arrest. Okoro
isn't a new bird to be caught in a chaff. He had
been committing many crimes none of the crimes.
was below five years of terms. Instead of reducing
it to four. he extends it to seven, eight or nine
worth of jail terms.


Okoro was outside the gate, bolstering an
often ditchery romance. The stars were out, giving
twinkling lights of shiny colours. The wind desce-
nded with the impressive array 6f cooling down
the nerves.

People all entered into the hall, but It remai-
ned Okoro and Rosemary. Okoro hadn't enough
money to pay. There was no Rockefeller, for an
immediate subsidy. A hefty detective who wore
a dirty black over-all uniform, came into the
crowd looking terribly at Okoro. Immediately
Okoro knew what damnation he meant, he didn't
query the detective, till the man told him to
follow-him trace where he forgot his wife.

Okoro knew his plans. He didn't wantfto
strife in the crowd. He took the dictative out,
while the detective thought that he was taking him
out. Nearing the police station, the detective
caught Okoro on the back. He knew wrestling
stratagem, then he let go the twisting leg type and
hurled him up on the air and left him to land any
how he likes, even if with his head broken; it was
equally g6od. Soon, after few minutes, all the
heaviness of his body, landed with a hefty noise
of beer, from his stomach, like a parcel.of sand.

Okoro used his own personal cudgel which
he reserved for culprit like detective and police
officials and knocked the cudgel on the left Palm
cf the detective, the medicine, which he put in his
Palm sincehis school days for goal-keeping, fell
down that one grieved him most.


It was a great mighty falling. Okoro rushed back
to Rosemary, after tossing the detective well and
kicking him to a dead beat, ordered her to get
ready for an immediate transfer of power to ow-
erri, that theirplots are divulged.

The same evening, Okoro and Rosemary sped
up to Owerri. They were ascending with the fullest
drive. The sun flickered across the bewildering
desert, glittering.with the entire equatorial hotness
and splendour. Things not being well with nature,
the dictators, informed Owerri that a minor cong-
rous of crime specialist, was on the tidal drive,
to Owerri. They further added, that ifthe.simplest
chance provides itself,.a simple arrest, without
tears must be made.

The accident prevention devices, got ready, to
make the times, unsuitable for Okoro, on such
grounds of inauspicious practice. A philosophy,
presented itself, humming like a bee in him. To
eschew the attention of the police, was the let go
of the bee, whieh could probably take effect, thr-
ough the manoevre of the car, flying a magpie, on
another road.

The breakneck speed, was terrific. It was a
bottle neck type of a run, rearing the fatal full-
stop of the speedometre.



It was an Olympic game, in its purview and wasn't
suitable for such tough roads, as Nigerian Roads.
Soon Okoro bolstered up to render a blemish blow
Thank God he never did it. it could have been the
latest catastrophe ever recorded in the history of

Soon they entered into Owerri. As it was tri-
vial with their creation, mostly it had run through
their veins, they could not let go a night, without
a hellish tipple, they began to stare, for a night,
full of sparks and glamorous beauties, for a happy
mode of impression over-the night. Soon they
packed the morris minor, which was the real cause
of the war of Roses. Okoro loafed to the service
of bigness. The clangouring funs of the town. co-
mmoted their musical pulses. They must have had
only a night to spend, a night not too favourable
with nature. They managed to drift near a hotel.
for a crucial toping ceremony. Okoro's eyes, were
very ready to tackle any jackrabbit. or the fairy
witching demonstrator, who could undermine plots.
such as the ones of his. He got ready to foot any
bill that what he calls unlawful challenge of the
times might afford him.

Rosemary, feeling very comfortable ard ex-
pressing her glamorous spell into a high apex of
ripples. She was crazy and danced the crudest type
of it, beating just around. The dance as it was,
seemed more of an Elfland type than as the odd
type nearer the inhabitants of the Equatorial wor-

C ~


Id. Those who had their legs like dogs, made their
eyes, like owl and the kind they called the beasly
type, flowed their retroussed nose, up to the pin-
nacle of saint Augustine Cathedral. Rosemary did-
n't feel much depressed, in that her slimy self. was .
an evidence of guod diet. of her own taste. No do-
ubt, she had tasted it all of a time and Isn't It ?
the good tidy days of her lo\e, mellowed down
with tidy kisses and a nice fragile hug of the type
of her choice and mostly the fervent flirtation and
ardent, vehement of fer\ourism. which went gay
.ith all her generate days.

She roon became an erratic. All along, Okoro
\\as deviating from corners, where arrests would
seem natural. He had the impression of bowing
dowIn, under the flinging cover of the Alps and
mountains. If the stars could have got a thing of
the shield type, that could have been a nice asset,
descending from heaven, for his utter approval, it
was the highest eccentric subtle, ever experienced.

Since they have entered into the hctel, Okoro
had drunk some topes of beer, hoping to gain
mastery, over the control of alcohol. He was an
ex-student of the alcoholic centre New York. He
qualified with Dr. Koko, with the same doctorate
degree in alcohol, only that he lost his two wards
of D. R., in an un natural land of the Dames. To
eschew the rusals, became an untidy concomitant
of the devils breath and the minister sequence of
events. To set hell on fire, could burn all the pro-
blems, in stock for the offenders.


Ain't it wonderful? how could trouble remedy it.
self? Someone must pay by compromise.

The night deepened into a cemmerian dark
ness. As for crime also, they are never down witd
boredom. He rose up on his leg feeling very in
defatigable. He didn't think either through brea
thing or blasting of marijuana that there was
way through which he could be hurled crazily
with- strategic frenziness, into the fire. All alonj
the crimes taking strong hold, he had been on
race for life, with another man's taxi of a mino
car. Rosemary she got in April, felt lost at th
romance she bad got. Every intervention wa
ready to be marred and they had impression to bi
defeated or they defeat, at the long run. She hac
once been a police woman and knew what shi
would be expected to do, when at the highest peal
of tribulation and was a fragile hand, with he
picture at her hand, ready to default any problem

Soon Okoro felt like going out to dance. Hi
bolstered up on the door passage,_ loafing at thi
corridor, eyeing briskly with sharp eye signals't(
his dally Rosemary. While Okoro got the confi
dence that nobody will disturb him again, he begai
to feel normal. He extended the waist band o
his pant, for more gulping in of beer and. thi
ckness. It was the day manna fell down for th

Rosemary felt like sleeping. She dozed dro
wsily. It was a dubious napping. She later woke
after a mad stampede was caused.

......... .- .. .

She was in a position to determine the.course
of affairs, but she fell to nap. All the sizzling stares
of her beauty were rumpled into a startled look.
She was instructed to signal at the blush of any
red flag, this she ignored, to doze off the hundred
gas automobile of a man, gestricuiating over the

The policemen, who were tracing for him from
a far away distance, landed with'full perspiration
just on their journey to Mecca, down from their
mouth piece, to their chin, but that they counted
as zests. They put life into the crime, making it
a congrous mixture of the devils tincture of ina-
uspices and colouTfiil blood shed. Soon they let
go a thorough pillage, through a violent plunder
of tins and cases. The ransack of the whole hotel,
must call up, the arresting of brothel girls, which
must be done either by prevalence, or virus censure
or to let go a concomitant blessed time of physical

Unfortunately, the two policemen and a det-
ective, saw Rosemary and- came to her to arrest
her, for illicit practice, as they hummed it. She
was once at the same Ikeja with them. She murm-
ured with her patience, taxing her conscience, Any
assault is justifiable, hoping to pull tough with-the
freak type of police, before her. She knew all the
little laws, which enforce them to bolster some
defamatory criticisms. As a matter of sincerity,
she had the patience to retain them, till the day is

They felt like cavalries, led into an Indian
hotel, where beauty sparks itself, amidst kindness.


Glowing with its saucy romance, round the maiden
forms. roaring seizelessly, liki an Arceic child. As
my father uses t- say that in the past, people of
the armed forces sent to India usually lost into the
arena of sexual displays, it was quite it, in the way
they lost without the senses of responsibility, bor-
ing home to traceof old dads and mummies. They
sat, with their eyes. a-, glittering as the morning
rays of the sun. with its little dog of action spinn-
ing round, like that of a wounded tiger. They all
began to read the kroM~'advertisement on the \vall
and throwing in nonsense question, which lead girls
to go wrong if not experts of her sort.

One 'of them felt too big of himself and said:
" The culprit conid be here Billy!"

Why are yon worried. He \went on To-
morrow is pay, can't refuse me my salary. whether
I got him or not. Don't you want life, can't you
hold fast tenacious, a banner without stain ?
" Yes I can do. He replied.

They began to buy beer and thickness for e\tra
vital power, with which to get a devilish mind, to
get hold of Okoro. IHe had already heard their
squeakish noises and felt gone. With the least cha-
nce he escaped an arrest and went out. With a little
nick of a time Okoro blew a hand trumpet, which
made Rosemary t: catch it at once, the notion that
she is wanted, bK the young hearty man of her's.
She fade in moving away. through a courtesy of
" Excuse me Gents.! "

- K. A' ~~'4 4,

-- --I 4r--- -' -- I J
On the way, they clangoured a\very Ipud noise,
\yhich made'the whole virlie litigants round about.
to dream of a court, witness box, the barristers, lir
his hood referring to'what he did half way. as it is
always the case, when at the beginning o f law
degrees, bringing in full briskness, the judge, glaring
at the public for an assault of justifiable character,
which his forces had marred and'made useless, foi
defaulters, concerned. The harsh, grimy r oise, made
the police man, just a sentinel on the guide,.'
accused himself of loafing with the time. It was.
onb of a clock and people going along that time
are at the pangs of death, or possible assailance.

Before they could corner a g re e n house, a
man who was looking for him, g r i p p e d him',
twisting his eyes, as if c a u g h t the quarrelsome'
bunch, who had been removing his yams, from
the ban.'He held him below the belt, toughening'
the motion, which could have rendered itself
possible. It was a total b e o w me down, as he
didn't' feel his hands cold, before he caught h i m:
in the tough position of life. It was a fight, which
finished with exchanging of Ibo made below of a
very high fistal challenge. lie resisted it. He used
his head, to blow him off the skies.

Before people may gather to arrest him, he
made way with Rosemary facing the way to Aba.
As he runs, wtth the speed limit of from eighty to
hundred, he could see t h e police van, running
just the same speed. It was a film race of li fe.
They bent acutely at sharp bend corners and had
the s a m e determination just t o finish before
four Am.


Rosemary had got many senses about crime.
She' has a nose for it, an eye to see it in its first
blush, just identical with her love glances and
senses to mar its plans. The van had been run-
ning the speed, chasing them with the most hurri-
ble dri\e. All along thev',e coinered Alps and
mountains, a plan to shun the mediocre of lawful
arrest roared with the intent of defying the whole
commotion of the fire. She thought of hiding but
that winded over. She jam life, love and the sweet
flavours of all of them, marching concomit a
if it wouldn't become a blessing.

She was in her earl\ twenties, to die at down,
under such defamatory condition, became an over
rated nuisance more bother and expense, than
many of the earlier adopted ones. Okoro though
on some cigar blasts, didn't mind the whole affair.
He had the impetus to die of lo\e, dream of it or
sense its fullest flavour. provided that something
is down, like that on his side. in the form of Ro-
semary. Whenever be dries at a finishing point,
he has something of the lot, giving him a brief ha-
ppiness, like the attention of Rosemary.

When next he forgets himself. he startles at
life, like a baby, just awake. And may feel like
asking himself WVhat is disturbing my emotional
feelings?" Then all of a sudden, he could ball-
ance with his thought that he had committed ac-
rime and an offence, more serious, than felony
and misdemeanor. Sometimes, he feels very ha-
ppy. And may not know why. When he retrospects
again, he perceives that infact something is down.-


That day, they dived at a sharp bend and the
police van mistook them. After many races and
there was no successful trace of him, the police
fade in sending a report through the wireless to
Aba, for an immediate check up.

Okoro and Rosemary determined to sleep in
the bush without any bed. Okoro grimaced, feeling
like facing it.
'" Wouldn't you lie da- r,l-ing, Darling "
On what ? "
Here is alright; I presume. Could rather do
it here believe me, than to worry you in the jail
house, you know of tearing all these races, have
made me feel the waist, like a parcel of sand. "
'" I shall be no but, till I reach Aba "
" How are you sure," Okoro said: That we
aren't going at Aba?"
She made little gestures and said: If we can, we
can "
He was scraped off his craggy legs. He twisted
himself like a wounded worm and said: What
has got into you girl ? you are going to play me
the game.
Hellow Rosemary "
She sobered down with impatience. She made
a shameful little smile, just down with Okora, to
pass the hot equatorial hours of hotness, now cold
of the Arctic pole. She glanced him one, two, three
and four or five- To love was far deep, a miracle to


let it go just like that. After many unsatisfactory
kisses, Okoro was still what he was. He hadn't felt
satisfied. He still makes the attitude of: Kiss me
again. "

She replied: I'll do but not now."

They rocked each other, hugging themselves
together, feeling the transfer flirtation and fervou-
rism, through the sending over, of the worth,
which God had wasted time, in giving over to any
living belong, excepting the reptiles. Their inten-
tions were deep, mostly that of Okoro. His sexual
instinct was in its worst intensive urgent. Startled
were the leaves around, mourning under the roary
wind. The scaring desert winded over with tremor.
They like doing the lot, the life they played was as
the first day of a virgin in a honeymoon. How
beautiful it is to toss one self with his wife, how
lovely it was for Rosemary to feel very shy and
sophisticated. Her youthful fidelity was exhausted
and they delved into a romantic blast. It was a
nice day for men to marry. If there hadn't been
that there was no responsible adult, it could have
been a honeymoon.

When the day began to break, they woke to
set off. Even to do a lot of e\il journey. They didn't
know that they were waited at Aba. The informa-
tion came to them last night, that such a man, with
so and so number on his taxi and a girl, were spee-
ding up to Aba. Since they got the message
through the wireless, there had been loafing about
lazily with their cudgels.


The terrible moment for the taxi to pass Aba,
had come with speed. To halt the taxi was terrible.
Okoro was a film goer. He knew in himself that
to change a car, is an English method of bringing
confusion into crime.

The half way they stood now, wasn't any-
thing other than seven miles from Aba. They co-
rnered a bit, allowing cars to have way freely.

An evilly damped man who way to Aba was
stopped by Okoro to blow him off his car and take
over, but infact the man was stronger than evil
himself. Immediately Okoro began to approach
him with his tanner, the driver shouted Tanner!
Tanner!! Tanner!!! It is idiot and bastards who
wear that tanner. Fear it the tanner you wear,....
......" His voice was carried away, by the speed
of the car. Before down of the day. a report was
got from Aba that the police tossed a man with
morris minor, thinking that was Okoro, then they
weer given instruction, on how tp go near, before
they use their barton for an attack.

When Okoro had tried on many people and
saw hom impossible it was, he introduced Rose-
mary to the road tactics, telling her to use her bra-
ins and her picture, when she was in the force, to
wark. And he hid just five pbles, on the way to
Aba. Rosemary knew all of how to drive.

She brought down the minor on the main
road, pretending to have been repairing some-
thing there.


A whalish man reached there. She glnr.ced at th,
man and stopped him. The hefty man came out o
his car, bringing forward his hand for a warn
hand shake. The girl told him, to enter into thi
minor and see if something was wrong.

The hefty man entered into the minor and go
the key from Rosemary. All the time, she waa
inspecting the car, because he got information'
about the car and was a detective, on an errant
to Aba. He got hold of everything possible to the
car and showed Rosemary his picture and quote(
the reports all made about the minor. Ros-marj
opened her bag and brought out her own picture
while in the force.

How they have mistaken themselves was ver
embarrassing. Tough ain't it ? It is a moment fo
the wise, to win. The detective sergeant Bigbell
didn't know what to do. He was startled. Rose
mary took the key from him, through a tough
diploma and informed him that she was speedin
up to Aba, to collect people to carry off the ta.\
off the road. she went offwith the personal hillma
car of Sergeant big belly and at the sometime, too
the key to the minor taxi, thereby, confusing rh
issue. She made a brief smile and begged t

The sergeant felt lost and rendered the minm
of countenancing any hazrd. The stratagem wi
the biggest ever known by man. To toe the wa
to Aba just seven miles off was quite difficult an
to go back a tug of war.


Rosemary had done the game. She not only
got the sergeant's car but she managed to get back
the key of the taxi which she called" The key of
When she rode five poles. as was stated by
Okoro, she hollered something off:
Hello In a tuneful voice. Okoro came
out, finishing, at entering the car. He took oler
and drove at a break neck speed. The car causing
a tumult had been left seven miles from Aba. And
there as not any possibility of fishing out the
car, lie later blamed Rosemary for getting the key
of the minor. The next day, they stayed quietly in
,-ba, looking for more undisturbed romance.

Within a forthnight, the owner of the minor
\,as called from Enugu then he managed to come
and clear his car. This is not the end gentlemen.
The car he drove to Aba, was sergeant big belly's
car. Itwas reported that the car, was
given to him two nights ago.The date was evident
in the Insurance card. The crime is now another
branch. which is unlawful taking over through
false prevention sergeant big belly's car. That,
counts as a striking rusal ever established. The
news went all o\er the suburbs and towns.

All along, he goes sorrowfully, glaring at man,
as a goat and concei% ing the impression of hanging
any woman police on the neck. The girl couldn't
be recognized again. She had done many other
illicit crimes in Lagos before she shifted to this
place she is now. To trace her must be a vital fac-
tor but who is going to bell the cat ?


is now. To trace her must be a vital factor but
who is going to bell the cat?
Rosemry and Okoro lodged outside Aba and
don't ever dream to enter the town with the car
they stole. They loafed about the town and lavish
as they wished. They enjoyed the highest strokes
and bolster into the biggest romance.

The money they have, has got finished. They
limited their topping ability and reduced their taste
of flavour and joined a moderate boat for life. No
being could ever suspect them as offenders, rather
they could be noticed through Okoro's tanner.
Rosemary had her box with her, but the prank she
played would have hit her on the head, if she ha-
dn't got the senses of giving Okoro her boxes the
time she hid.

"Anything can happen." Was their motto.
It wasn't good in Nigeria, but in Russia. The crime
boy and his girl, looked very chicky to life and goy
in appearance. Fashionable was Rosemary and
startled were her crimes. She had developed her
crime waves, at Lagos. Though Lagos isn't for
crime, but that it was to Rosemary. It was just a
coincidence for both of them to meet and enjoy
the same wind of nature blowing.

Soon their money became less and planned
to either bend or show them, that its journey with
such men, doesn't always seem natural.

Rosemary is a girl who doesn't care. She had
many policies of highlife which nature had off
orded in her blood.


She could scarcely be in there's a hurry and
could ratherdie than to starve. There is no doubt
that the money remains little but she still had of

She was led into a quandary of dilemma she
prattled within herself. She remembered her posi-
tion in Lagos, or when in the force. She knew that
she was doing a sort of smuggling.

She dreamt to leave Okoro. She was badly
tightened up to shudder Okoro, with a one day
practice. She knew that she could go anytime possi-
ble, but the sliding tackle she dreads is one. which
is if she could be held on her way back to Lagos.
And to fight alone, could pester austerely or may
bring an abominable inversion of natural Liberty.

That day, they blamed each other because
where there's happiness always, the least disagree-
ment, presents itself as the worst blows of life. Soon
they separated from their mournful positions, fin-
ding peace and enjoyment again both in the lava-
tory or in the bathing room under the shower. The
evil of this mournful disposition being the scarcity
of money with, which to-start just like the begin-
ning periods of their love.

Now the impecunious attitude Okoro prese-
nts became too drastic to welcome Rosemary's
consents again.


Infact it was a day for the sully in heart to breath
on the air. A sorrowful sigh became a laughter
that reigns over the day and sudden shudder at a
mere whisper took breed too. To middle up the
whole affairs bubbled up in Rosemary's heart of
hearts. But in the past days of the week, Okoro read
in a local journal about a master detective w h o
went out to village chiefs to accuse them and dem-
anded some money from them. He laughed prope-
rly at the incidence and believed in his God of
crime, to fetch Rosemary money, for a buch of

He knew that whenever he gets the money,
Rosemary must make herself fit again, for invio-
lable love and tidy romance. She was in -no doubt
a glamour of a beauty. The elegant beauty type.
Exotic, flexible and full of zeals of the West.' She
is indeed a vital gut to life.

Okoro called her to dress well and.stay in the
house to wait for any querulous garrulity. She
accepted the risky challenge she afforeded herself.

Okoro sped put, asking of a nearby chief and
he had understood, that in the past, chiefs, had
some people to sell. He didri't believe that slave
trade, had stopped. While washing the car of ser-
geant big belly which they stole, she got his picture,
where lhe dressed in his official uniform, then he
determined to' show his five stones weight, with
the picture. They called him a chief, at a nearby
town, but the man was very lazy and old fashioned,
Just like&my grandfather.



Okoro went out, dubiously, doubting if he
could succeed. He soon noticed that the little fuel
in the car was limited and could rather lead him
no where. He soon met another chief whom he
believed to have got some treasures. He bumped
in and said. Chief I'm a slave trader. Is there
anybody down for the day?"

The chief regret ted to have sold one last week.
Okoro asked him: How! "
He replied You didn't inform me that you'll
require one."
"This is hqv I do."
Your method is too childish. "
"Look chief, I don't believe you." Okorowent
on:" Let's see the receipt before I believe you."
"'God Almighty!" He mimiced: Ogbonnaya;
bring me that receipt. "
From the beginning, Okoro had in his pocket,.
sergeant big-belly's picture.
Soon Ogbonnaya got the receipt. In it, the
slave trader was sold the slave, at sterling sixty.
Okoro had seen his particulars. He told the chief
to look at the picture he had, that picture of serg-
eant big-belly. While he copies down the part-
iculars of the receipt.

The chief hollered: Are you What? 'c
He glared at him and said: That uniform in the
picture. "



He knew that the chief might notice'that he
wasn't the actual odd in that p i c t u r e there h
snatched it right off from'the chief. '
"Let's go en ter the car." Okoro told the chif6!

The chief was lost. He' offered ten guineas
but Okoro was what he was, ti I I the chief came
in the manner of twenty pounds, till he raised it
a bit with ten pounds,' making it thirty pounds
Ion the whole: -

He left the chief a f t e r he had collected the
man through false preteites.' He ibde off, going
to the man who was believed to have bought the
boy. He o o t the man quite alright and got the
isum of twenty pounds from him. He:came back,
nearly jamming the traffic police on duty. Tf'at
.night it was a day.for the highest love and toping
to blast on the air. The highest meal never tasted
found its way, journeying down the intestines.
They tied'up to get into life. The'car must not go
out, otherwise, their love 'will be wounded by the

Rosemary became what'she was. She danced
like an Indian dancer and knewv the top most style
dfhighlife. She knew the toeing style andthe most
eyes catching foot demonstration ever, danced with
a slide, by any star high life specialist, 'She was
enjoying herself for the last time, but Okoro didn' t
know. He'thotght that she'wasjust happy.


When the dance was over. Okoro and his
girlfriend Rosemary went home. The amount
Okoro got. had subtracted ten pounds just on the
spot of a night. The next morning, Okoro went
out with the car. Immediately Rosemary took the
remaining money with everything.reasonable with
her and ran away before Okoro's return.

Rosemary ga ve many informations to the
police that she saw' a man known as Okoro, riding
a car believed to have been stolen, recorded in the
detective's diary. She was the girl who stole the
car through a very high and pranky stratagenf of
lactic diplomacy.

The only saviour she h a d in the crime was
the sergeant didn't recognize her very well. After
she gave the information, she fade in onboarding
the limited train off to Lagos.

Okoro went .out, that was true. He hadn't
known of anything that was taking force. He saw
many traffic police, flowing on the road. They
were mad and red on their two fifty cc., motor
jets. He suspected them. H e was scared most,
when he saw another set. making harsh, grimy
noise of old gears without oil in its gear box.

He manoevred cleverly t) get the money, but
he didn't know that Rosemary had taken it. When
he looked round. he saw her letter and her picture
telling him that she had gone back to Lagos. That
further more queries, takes hold only in Lagos.
Pity, isn't it ? All the horrible helps, which led to
crime, are now for nothing Pity !


Sorrowful tears of love rushed down his chin.
He was lost in these days of love. He hadn't any
hope again. He sat down, forgetting that he was
a tLffic policeman Soon he lifted up his face and,
was in a position to see another one, and bumped
nto high Olympic game.
He jumped crazily into his car and made way
off the town, facing Portharcourt. He nearly finis-
hed the speedometre. He was crazy with life and
thought of many other bad things.
One of the crudest game he played was to bring
out two search lights in the car, already put by
sergeant Big belly. When he reached at a narrow
junction and wanted to fix the two lights on the
road, but the motorcyclists were all bending on
the air. He jumped frenzHy again speeding very
high. He was very lucky to have crossed a very
swampy space, before a car sank there.
He looked back but nobody was coming. The
big lorry which sank again, caused an obstruction
to the policeman. When Ok-ro couldn't see them.
he reached a place where there was a spoilt road.
The road makers had worked on it half way
but they placed danger lights on the dangerous
parts. There was a shallow river along the swa-
mpy places. He fixed the search light on the side
of the road, that is quite bad, allowing a very
little space and removed the red lights and put bri-
ght lights on the side of the road that was closed
-and dangerous too.

Crime Wave"


The worst challenge of it, was that people
were riding on the spoilt part of the road before,
;o it carried away the minds of the policemen.
This time, they thought that it had been recons-

It was the highest and toughest plan, ever
experienced. All the lines of the detectives all
;ubmerged into the river. The time became tough
with crime, road and danger. That night, Okoro
nade way into Portharcouct.


The day a satan was arrested. Okoro is now
Ssatan in the form of a-man. He needs to be
arrested, no doubt. His crimes were scraping off
he typanum of the ear.

Rosemary went away with all the money he
;ot. He rested that night without anything to
ulp in, or to masticate. He lay in a hotel. He
hdn't pack the car there but elsewhere. The next
morning, he went out and found the key of the car
n its normal position. He went in and started qff
gain to tremor with any style possible. He didn't
now that it would be the last days of his enjoy-
nents. He was confident in himself that he must
et some money.

He went to a village chief a-nd asked him to
sell him a boy, inorder to get the chief and do as
usual. They planned to have it out withlhim. They
began to charge prizes themselves, until they sta.
bled at eighty sterling. Okoro told the chief to
give him receipt. The chief had no receipt. He told
him, how he had got him into trouble. And told
him to pay him some money but the chief told hirm
to go to any officer and report.

He was lost in his emotional feelings. He didn'
know that love had made him to be wanted by
the police, with his pictures posted everywhere. He
jumped crazily into a police station to report,
While on the counter, the man on duty began t(
throw pretty tough questions to him. The picture
he had on his hand, was the picture of himself
inside the hillman car with Rosemary. At his sul
rprise, he didn't know how the picture %yas taken

As a c!ever man, he turned the picture. The po
liceman, knocked something on the counter people
jumped in and Okoro became aware of himself
He began by fistal demonstration but his spirit o
pugnacity was in exile,

They locked him and parked the car for th
lazy sergeant. They telephoned him to come. Aftei
reading all his crime reports, the police didn't bel
lieve the receipt which misled him because th
chief couldn't be h'ed responsible, as a matter o
fact,he could deny.


The next morning, Sergeant Big belly with
big cigar, came to Port -Harcourt, to harcourt the.
case. Okoro was shown to him but he commented
that Okoro wasn't the girl who took it away. till
he was knocked a barton by a higher officer there,
then he believed,

Okoro must not go in like that he knew something
about law. He began to deny the car. It was too
tough to impose an arbitration of enforcing him to
accept to have stolen the car. Sergeant Big belly
was too serious to let Okoro go. The side he had
wanted to lay action was against Rosemary.

They got hold of Sergeant Big-belly and put
him in for false information, lie managed to be
liberated again. The car was his own quite well
but indeed he was too mild hearted to the boy-

The case, became reflexible. It was too tough
row to-accuse him because as a matter of fact, it
was Rosemary who played the game.

The judgement day was fast approaching. No
doubt if a dran.a would be caused in the court or

The judge soon called them for their case. A
question was thrown to Sergeant Big-belly, if it
was Okoro who took the car and or took it must
anyhow. He replied: No: "


Okoro was exonerated. The policemen wanted
to hold Sergeant Big belly for false information,
he denied it and told them that his report, read a.
girl. He was out of the fix. Then the police who
got hold of him, entered to defamatory libel which
led him to three year jail terms. THE END.



(1) 75, 000 AND 7