Why harlots hate married men and love bachelors


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Why harlots hate married men and love bachelors
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IT seems to me as if the readers of some
certain pamphlets lof Money.hard will share this
\iew with me that these pamphlets help to add
knowledge to growing youths; and readers of
this book will reade it with interest and the facts
it contains.

THIS book as ii is entitled "Why Harlots
Hate :., rried Men And Love Bachelors" is a
newly edited pamiphlet in its first edition and
readers should mind very little of the poor
English it contains, which is hope to be amended
when this book will celebrate her publication.

Port Harcourt C .N .O. Money-bard

15th Edition



'~ ;qdlPPC
j~.\... I.
r a t
K .

(The Author.)


The reason why harlots, independent women, mostly
lip painted ladies hate married men is only because they
know that as they have married, they will have no time
again to see then or to tale care of their pride. Also
'married men will not care io come to their houses any longer
and even if they come, they are only coming to show
themselves not to spend for them as thev were doing before.

Why harlots, independent women, mostly the lip painted
ladies love bachelors, is because they know that the bache-
lors ha'.e a long way to go with them, and they will
have to see them, and also %\ill take care of their pride.
They come to remen-ber what they use to get from the
bacl elors and also the money the\ got from them to buy
their needs such a;s rekiy-rekiy, popo-cloth, velvet. ejecombe
lawyer, sasarobia scent, fine pomade, gold and silver, head-
tie, handkerchiefs, umbrella. shoes, skirt and blouse, san-
d-ils, iron beds. blankets and bed-sheets, pillows and
pillow cases, sleeping gowns, cushion ch:iirs and covers,
door blinds, window w blinds, mosquito nets, tables and
table cloths. carpets. bed curtair.s, ladies hand watches,
looking 'lass, powder. ladies sewing machine, portman-
'teau, trunk box, bicycle, gramophone and so many
"other things that a \\oman could uLse.

To be a customer everywhere, is to be a friend to every-
body and that is why they are free to everybody and can
do anything they like. There is nothing women want from
men than their money inorder to enable them to get all
what they want. That is why I said that money is hard,
but women do not know.

Really, it is a pity for harlots to act in this way because
when they are demanding all these things they forget to
remember that the most important tlih;m a woman could
want is child and without the child the woaan is useless
to the man.

Money mongers shall soon lead themselves to the prison
yard. Who are the money mongers in the world ? Ok!
Let me tell you if you don't knov. Do you really se-'
with me that the rich men are the most money mongers in
this country ? The world has been spoilt bh the so called
rich men Really, money has spoilt the world and has
shown herself that she is the greatest e\ il of the. world so
that people could not live without money.

The evil that men do lives after them Once I was a
friend to so many money mongers but I have now known
their ways and 1 was afraid of them because their ways are
not true as I saw them. They could not tell you the truth or-
tell \ou how they manage to get their money. So beware.
of those men ho are not straight-forward in their ways..

i~05~: 8Q~~95 H~09~ ~~0909

Nnm my dear fellow readers, Iam going to 'tell you the
story of what money mongers are doing. So many of
my friends who are money mni~ngel have been to prison
yard, .\hen the\ reuirn instead they will tell me the correct
story and how they suffered in the prison yard, they
started to tell me that prison yard is a paradise. Which
of Nou could believe this false story?


Oh! Friends of ihe world, friends today enemies tomorrow.
It is very % onderful,of course, why I am still making some
friends up til' today is according to what the fowl said
"let ii be, I am .-.ing tobed because night has come"
but not: because she has eaten sufficiently for the day.
I wonderr why a poor man's debt can make a great
noise, but a rich man's debt is a rumour in the ear.

'Can cheating prosper? Oh no, not at-all. Infact to
, choose a \om.in on Saturday night while going to cinema
or ball romni dance, is just like you are marrying through
phott ,graph because the woman will be so beautiful that
.you cannot control your temper. A poor man could steal
in the night because he is poor and needy but you rich
man \what do \,u find before seeing the poor man? Any
rich man who did.a bad thing in hislife is planting an
eil seed in his family for which they will reap as time
goes on So you must beware.

. Rich men always hope on their wealth but they for-
get that they-can die and leave their money for others
to use. Infact. however you are rich do not boast of
your riches because riches arc just like water which come
and go..

Oh! rich men with their great debts. Infact some of
those whom we call the richest men are the most senior
debtors too. Hardly they believe that there is God. there-
fore' you should beware of such people who claim to be
all in all.

Such people only believe on their money because as
soon as they get the money they feel they hate even got
the life of a man. Money men fear to go into the
dark. They don't know that women and money are e\ils
of the world. They are more foolish when they see wo-
men than when they see their way of life. Please. I
say beware of them.

A man who hopes for nothing can never be dis-
appointed at all. You should be better be short of money
than to be senseless. There is no righteous man in this
world. Rich men and women are all money mongers.-
An educated man without money is like a new man i,
another country.

A man who helps his brother saves him from dan-
ger. Please listen well as you ma\ know what to decide
on this issue. So listen to me now.

Could you see with me that half education is dange-
rous in life and a poor man's certificate is a hard labour
but an educated man's certificate is written paper? Wo-
men education ends in smoke. What do you say about
those things gentlemen ?


Now I am Mr. C. N. O. Money-hard the money com-
mander. master of money and small man with great value.
Now, I want to tell you a story which you have never
heard before, it is very interesting. It was the time I went
to war time victory, under tlhe famous German war side
by side we fell like devils till the evening of the day.

When the bullet struck my congress which made me
to say, take my girl to Eunice because she is the only
lady that I love and tell her that she can never see
her jolly boy any more and if I die in action I am
fighting for the crown and every linger of my jolly
boy belongs to freedom jack.

Every person wondered about in the field because of
-me which made me to say by singing "take my gun
when I die" Every body was singing this with a very
strong mind then until I saw a person who took me up
and said to me that he was a cowboy and he was an
army co-operation plane to French land. Then I took my
bayonet and my gun and followed him.

As we reached there my life came back to me acain
in full sving ihen I began to sing. "Take my bullets
when I die cowboy, take my bullets when I die cowboy."
If I die \while I am fighting for the crown, I cannever
forget cowboys' life.

After sometime I fell in loae \with an Indian 'ad\ by'
name Rosaline, we were living in peace and harmony.
We never thought that we would d depart in life -Ccause
the lady so loied me that I nearly forgot m\ blessed
land of Africa. Life is precious.

About two months after. one Saturday evening I
got a telegram from my home town which read that I
should prepare to leave tomorrow morning to the blessed
land of Africa. A big lorry will be waiting for me
tomorrow to take me away.

After reading the telegram in the presence of my lady
friend, th- lady wept. bitterly which made me to sing
S"My Indian laId don't you worry for me no more
tomorrow I am going home, Ior there is a big lorry
waiting for me tomorrow 8 o'clock I am going home.

Then she asked me to give her the gold and silver.
I promised her and immediately I dipped my hand into
my pocket and gave her anm thing that she wanted from
me. Immediately the lorry carried me away to my
blessed land of Africa where I enjoyed with friends,
parents and fellow cowboys.

Really, many battles ha'e been fought and won by
the British Navy Protection through the assistance of
the Africans.

As I reached the blessed land of Africa I got another
lady friend called "This and That" as you know. One
day I \'as i-i heie house playing with her, she called me
dollar boy, money commander and master of money.

After she had called me these names then I asked her
whether should 1 command money or money to command
me? She answered and said. .ou are to command money
and not money to command \ou because you are master
of money, arid you can produce money at any time.

After she had finished her talks people began to call
me "Master of Monev". The reason why they are
calling me by that name was because my original name
was Money-hard.

Love the women at the time they love you and hate
them at the very moment they hate \ou because their
lose is to eat you dry and run away to another man.
Beware of such women for they are very dangerous.

If y}ou want to be rich. don't try to rob another man's
property to make up yours, because such habit can make
somebody to die.

One day. I was in my girl's house, a certain \ou-"'
man came in with his car and met us and we started
to play. After some time;. I asked the man, Hello! Mr
Man may I know \whom you are?

He replied and said, I am one of the money mongers.
I asked him again is there a man of your I', Te i o i
also a money monger And I asked him a'2:in that he
should call their names for me.

He replied again that all big men as you see them
arc all money mongers, because any place where people
think thcie is money but \ery hard to fgt, and if \we
big men go there wve can make business that people rma
not suspect us at-all.

From there we can get plenty of m:,ney to buy. cars.
build fine houses and many things that \will make us
richer than before.

After he said this then my lady friend said, let me
introduce the young man to you. I w\as afraid when I
heard these words from the man. then [ told my lady
friend to introduce the young man to mne.

She said this man is one of the money mongers in this
country, those w\ho can drink another man's tombo but
cannot buy their own. Then I laughed at him and
he \ent away. So beware of such money mongers.

After the man has _one away. a certain young lady came
in and said to me. hello! Mr. C.N.O. Nloney-hard, the
master of money and moneN commander are you here?

Yo-u are a small man with great .aluc and I am here
.to monger out money from your pocket. Then 1 asked
her please ma\ I know\ whom Nou are?

She replied and said, I am one of the lip painted ladies
and 'he money mongers. I laughed at her and told her that
she cannot monger out any molne from my pocket because
I am the man called money-hard. As I told her this. she
said I know you are Money-hard, but don't forget that .ou
are also the noney commander.

After she had said that then she started to tell me
so many stories how she went to one of my poor friends
who \\as hang nothing to eat and manger out money
from him and so many others too.

She started to tell me that some rich men are very
dangerous because the\ ha\e the money but they cannot
spend it. EBen it will be very hard for them to use the
money to bny the food they will eat.

They are e\en offended with the medicine they will
buy for themselIes when they are sick. \Vhen she told
me these things, I was afraid of the so-called big men"

She started to tell me that even the big men who
drink others tombo but could not buy for others. I mon-
ger out money form them hoA' much more a money com-
mander of your type. Infect must monger out some-
thing from your pocket. Wait and see.

I still told her that it will be very hard for you to
get something from my pocket because I am money-hard
as I have told you before. Really women are wonderful.

As I said this, the woman immediately began to loose
her cloth and her gown so that she will attract me to
fall into temptation. She powdered her face and became
more beautiful than before.

As soon as I saw her bobpy, I was attracted and I
fell into temptation. Afier wve had' ended our secret inter-
course, I was advised to give her something. and I did

After the woman got up from the bed she laughed
at m_ and said I told you that I will monger out money
from your pocket and I ha'e done so. After she had
spoken this she went away to her house.

it is true that apart from natural beauty of a wo-
man, I can definitely say that all women are one because
the same thing I enjoyed from that woman is the sa ne
thing I enjoyed from other women too.


Please my dear fellow men let me tell you the mo-
ney which you will give to harlots you better use it For
dressing or to use it for food because giving it to them
has no profit rather you loose your. money and energy.

Infaict. they are butterflies and we are their flowers
They can- come and suck us at any time they feel like
'doing so, not minding us whether wve are dying or not.

Another thing is this. however "a woman is rich
unless she gets a penny from the man she will never
be ;;atisfied in her life. You know women are pests and
they are bent on sucking the man until he becomes
tired if he doesn't take care.

When will it be good for us to marry? Now listen.
It is not good for us to marry at a very old age, and
at the youngest age. Really we should marry at the ripe
age so that we may enjoy the benefit of marriage.

It is good for us, to marry between the age of thirty
to thirty-five years, by that time we might have got
some dresses and some few shillings to manage the family.

Really to marry an expensive lady is a fisk because
the woman can ne\er think of helping the man in any
way at-all. Rather she will be interested at remaining in
ihe house from morning till night because her husband
Shas money and can maintain her very well.

Ofcouse, really, women are very fond of pride also
wilh their sweet mouth and beauty are, just like dead
bodies of which if you keep on crying according to how
they keep their faces, you will be tired of crying.


Ladies love towards men is only to eat them and
get their needs from them, mostly to get clothes and
money because as you know without clothes the woman
cannot be regarded.

Now I %want to tell you that apart from natural beauty
of a woman's appearance and dressing all women aie one,
whether tall or short because.they all have rhe same
natural body and shape.

This is another advice to bos and girls, ladies and
gentlemen, men and women, those who are interested in
love and friendship.

Please lend ne .our ears, do not love because of
cushion cairs and iron beds let not yourselves to be tempted:

Really, there are some women who are very fond of
that by going to a man's house telling him I love you
and thereby snatching every penny from him. When they
come they sit on the chair drinking the man's penny.

-As they were drinking they were demanding shoes and
other things from the men. But when trouble meets the
man, then you see them run away to one corner and
act as love which flies out of the window when
poverty knocks at the door.

Infact man are flowers and women are butterflies.
When a butterfly sees a ripe seed on the flower it will
go and enjoy the flower and when the flower fades away
you will see it flying away.

From this I shall have an opportunity to make a
.little description of some women. If I tell you, you will
really feel that womeu are bad.

Now listen, women are love, women are butterflies,
women are the main road to the bank of sickness, women
- are just like ice water for whatever you take to cover
them, they must drop down that nobody could catch them.

Women are traitors. They are very dangerous and
.very deceitful. Women and money are the evil nets of
'the world. Women love money more than their lives
,and they are the main roads io hell.

am telling you that women are very destructive in
their ways, actions and in their associations. Beware of them.

In this world of government, women are just as a
bone of meat which we do not know whether to swallow
or to vomit out. Infact women are very dangerous to
men's lives,

Look, men are monkeys and women are baboons.
Now according to what people have been saying. "monkey
works and babion eats. They remain in the house and
eat and become fat while \e go out under the rain or
sun to find for their betterment.

'We have come to know of another thing, and that
is women are just like a setant serving his master who'
does not care whether his, master is -poor or rich, but
what 'he knows is his money.

Such a servant is like a woman who wastes her hus-
band's money in a useless way. Such a servant who is \ery
ungrateful should be driven away to meet with difficulties.


The bad women are those who do not care whether
their husbands are poor or rich and the unsteady ones
are those who love another man than their own husbands."

Such women only think of dressing and friendship
affair They do not mind; any other thing than their own
way. Some of them can even kill their husbands for
another man.

Infact, most of the bad women are witchcrafts and
some of them are dangerous to men's lives. If I start
to tell you how I knew them this small pamphlet will
be filled up in such a way that there will be no space
to write other things.


The" good women are those who think and reason
together with their husbands. They are those that know
when their husbands are poor and needy.

The good women are those who struggle very hard
inorder to help their husbands. They advise and comfort
their hubands when they are in trouble.

They fear and obey their husbands when they are
given order. They always try to make their husbands
happy and to live comfortably with them in the house.
They like their husbands. whether they have money or not.
infact they are satisfied with the little they have.

T hey always make their husbands neat both in the
- house and on the body. I have travelled to very many
places where good women built houses, buy cars and do
Sso many things for their husbands.

These are whom we call the good women because they
do not care for their own way alone as the bad women
only care for themselves alone.

Infact, kindness, salutation and good manners bring
love and love brings help, mercy and long life. Is there
any woman who does not know that her office is the
kitchen ? No all women know that very well.

How many thousands of people can hold a market
from the beginning to the end'? The answer is only two
people that is the man and the woman. There is no
annoyance without a cause as you could see with me.

You must know that there is no fire without smoke.
Is there any good house without ai solid foundation and
preparation? No, not at-all. There is no good building
without a good financial background.

To make a promise without fulfilling it. is just to cut
somebody's neck with a knife that is not sharp. So
ne'er you make 'a promise in anin.


Infect ladies pride is nothing to us b.ut charm. Oh I
am very sorry that my lady with soft -lips, round rosy
face with pointed nose and deep blue eves has broken to
pieces her solemn promise to me I am %ery sorry for
a such kind of promise.

I am c\ceedingly disappointed at the behaviour of our
ladies, this has shown me that the love of most ladies
in this word lies on their lips. Aftewards what are
ladies love ?

Oil, my dearest friends, infect I never knew that
some ladies love can fade from menjust like dust in the
wind. Really some of our ladies and girls of now-a-days
are iust like a new house full of property.
Some of our women are only good t: remain with
their husbands inorder to satisfy their curiosity that is all.
, When a woman m:arries a man and the man is very fond
of the woman, the woman \%ili be very glad to meet a
such miri who will be worrying her eiery n:ihlt.


Really to eo to court is not hard but to understand
the case and know how to plead it, that is the most
important thing. Infact who made thee a judge? Do you
think that a person \\ho calls the attention of a police
at the time of palaver wlll be the winner of the case ?
Only know how to submit \our statements before the
judge. and that is all.
Experienicc is the best teacher but vou must not for-
get that whatever a man does, two heads are better than
one. You may think out your own way but while \our
neighbour may be thinking of another way else. Do not
think that yours is better.
You rich men. mind how you worry the poor men
because of women. Know that God is always with the
poor and He hears their cr es everyday and night. Also
know that God made man and woman and commanded
the woman to be under the control of the man.
You poor men \\,orry not yourselves too much for
when trouble is beyond sour toiling; it seems you are
.not struggling in your life. Never you quarrel with some-
body who knows your secrets, otherwise he \kill bring
you to the public and thereby disgrace you.


Really, there is no earthly Kingdom between husband
and wife than the house where they live in peace and
there is no earthly hell between husband and wife than
when they have no food to eat.
Try to lile in peace and harmony with your wife
whether you have something to eat or not and take note
that husband and wife have three great days in the world
which we live.
The first is the day of marriage, the second is the
ripe age of thinking and the greatest of all is the last
day of eve-ybody and that is death. Whatever you do
remember the last day which is %ery important.
One's best child is one's best friend. Honesty is the
best policy in life as I can see. Really so many people
have different views and opinion, but be sure that the
full confidence you hate in a shop or market is the money
in your pocket.
You know quite well that without money somebody
will not regard you at-all. So beware, before you start
to spend the little that,,.ou have in pocket you must
first be sure that by all means )ou must replace it.
Look, never, you worry so much about yourself or
to mind for those rich men, because they can talk but
cannot do what they say. Infect, if you follow their ways
believe me you will find yourself in the prison yard if
you don't be careful. Remember that one who is very
careless while climbing a tree always has a sudden fall.
Do not put your eyes on another man's property, but
try to find your own livelihood.

. Please friends, mind how' you play with ladies be-
cause their play will never end as it started with them.
"Again, you should mind yourself of how you play with
a married woman.

You should be afraid of those lip painted ladies whom
you look to be the most beautiful of all in this country
.because they are very dangerous to men and can come
to your house and.carry your properties away.
Women are tongues which look vei soft and yet
they can eat hot things ; therefore mind yourself how you
miugle with them. Some of them who are married can
do something to help their husbands but some of them
are so stubborn that they embjrk. on wasting the husband's
money, Harlots are better than such women.
.-Infact some of our young bos of now-a-days are
just like -an innocent dog which eats hundreds of eggs at
a time. My dear young boys please try to check your-
Sself inorder to help ,oui marry at the ripe" age, because..
to marry early can make ou n,.t to be like your fellows.
It is reallyy a/fact that some v.omnen are just the same
thing, hut remember that if you follow street and public
women ou cannot marry your ow n wife who can help
,ou when yLou are in trouble.
.Therefoe. I am warning \cu strictly to be very careful
about such %\omeIn. Please try to respect yourself when
you are talking befn,-re your fellow men so that people
may respect your words.
A poor n ,n's penny is [Is o\n pound. Really to
marry man\ x ives is goocl, but beware there is trouble
in it. it is really a fact th;t a, man who has so many
children and \wies is over-loaded L'ut at last you will be
profited because a man '.who I."s no children is like a
tblinid ina"n wilh':ut a director. '


I must tell you really that we do not marry for only
to enjoy ourselves, but we marry so that we may get
children and for comfort too. Infact to marry in the-
church is not hard, bui to marry one that is of the same
opinion with you is hard but that is the best.
Again any woman who is married and does not want
to help her husband to become somebody must be
counted as one of the wasteful and inefficient women in
life. I say you- must be very careful for such women
who appear to be very dangerous.
A child who is greedy of food should be given a bone
of meat. Ofcourse, to be a big man or money man is
good, but remember that big man big trouble.
The way to get money is very hard, but it is very
easy to spend. Matches cannot light its self if you don't
scratch it and no person can see his back while he is-
dancing. until another man sees it and tells him what it
is and likewise he cannot see the dirt on his face until
be applies for a looking glass.
A- woman who marries a talkertive and a drunkard
must know that she is not in the mood of wife to her
husband's happy life, but in the mood of thinking and
sadness because of her husband drunkeness.
So it is with a man who marries a talkertive and--
palaver maker that man must know that he must be
wasting his money for his wife. So anybody who is
marrying should first make thorough selection before he-
or she is married.
My story advice to ladies and gentlemen, boys and-
girls, men and women, now my dear innocent fellows,
before I give you my advice I will first of all tell you.
a- short and interesting story which ended in tragedy.
It is really a pity to some of our womenfolk.

There was once a beautiful lady who was in love
with a friend of.mine for good two \ears and six months
without any misunderstanding between them.

Infact, so many young men approached the girl for
marriage but she refused with the hope that my friend
had promised to engage her as his wife Beware of irres-
ponsible boys who can talk and cannot do what they say
'with their own mouth., It is really a disgrace.

Now what happens the parents of the girl became very
serious with their daughter's wickedness so much that
she was compelled to surrender herself to her friend
inorder to hasten their marriage.

The parents afterwards came to understand that she
w.as under conception, when they heard that, they became
annoyed and they drove her out from the house and was
left uncared for and hated bitterly by her relatives.

The worst part of the story was that, when\ this my
young friend saw the condition of the girl. that she has
conceived he at once left her and married to a lady who
is as ugly as a pig.

Inact, you can't imagine the feelings of this faithful
girl in the state of bitterness, how she was hated by her
parents and relatives because of conception. I can tell
you that some of us are in love with them as butterflies
love 'flowers when they are in need of them.
Remember that the behat'iou'r of girls depend on how
you handle them and yet we saw that girls are too dis-
appoihting. Now, I want my fellow boys and girls to
realise that those whom we crave for, may be those who
would draw us to the mud, and those whom we regard
less may be our beloved friends.

Infact, do not. love a boy or a girl, simply because.
the one is neat and clever. Look you must know that all
that glitters is not gold. Don't judge somebody from-
his appearance, rather judge him through his action.
Don't give yourself to anybody simply because he is
very fond of you, or he visits you often. Donlt trust
on another man inorder to handle yvor business for you
because he cannot leale his own business and mind your
own business for you.
It is true that love is blind, but don't surrender your-
self.to anybody in this world, by doing so people may
despise you greatly. You can do anything with your girl
friend, you can een stroll with her, but don't allow your-
self to be tempted of her or -to forget yourself for her
cecaue girls are very deceitful.
Infaci, don't mind for what people may say. if they
say let them say but remember that nothing pass God.
Also remember that anything that a person does will not
be hidJen before God.


Is the wife a saleable property of the husband ? No
nevertheless she is not. Is the son a saleable property
of the father? No please he is not. Is the daughter a
saleable property of the parents? Yes Sir, he is.
The son cannot be sold by his parents, but he is"
the relief Officer. If the parents are not living, may be
they are dead, he is the mighty man to look after the'
parents properties.
You must really see with me that when a woman
marries, she must surely go away with her husband and
forget the properties of her parents.

If so how is it about'? Ok! Listen now. I shall put
you through if you are in doubt. Now the wife as you
too know is not a saleable property for any reason at-all;
Unless she has been divorced.
Secondly, the son cannot be sold by the parents. but
he is only the relief officer. If the parents are dead and
if the boy will be a quiet person he will take care of
the properties, besides him, no other could venture to
tamper with his father's properties.
Yes the daughter is surely a saleable property to the
parents at any time. When she has been married she
leaves the family and after the parents had received the
money they charged as the bride price, has she not been
sold? The matter is \ery simple and short.

Infact, to educate a girl or a lady is a waste of time
and money. You know quite well thdt women's education
ends in smoke. Don't mind a girl can get hundreds of
degrees, but all these are for a short space of time be-
cause she can be married at any time. Infact a husband is
a crown to the woman because without the husband
the woman cannot be respected by people nt-all. A wo-
man who marries a permanent husband can speak in the
public and people will take care of her speeches.
To educate a toy is %erv good, because after his
education he will be employed either in one of the
Government Offices or in the Mercantiles Establishment
and thereby you will have all what you loose for him.
But the woman instead of making uMe of her education,
she will use it in writing and replying series of
love letters. Only few of them who are honest could do
something to better the position.

I \vill sav it again to ;ou that to educate a girl in
the schoci is ? waste of time anc money. I can say almost
all are w;,ong. for it is what keeps the world as it is today
and again if tou wa-,t to train your daughter in the
school. first tr'in her in the house 'so that s;e will
become a good girl in future.

Having given her domestic training, let her stop in
standard tree so that she may know ho\\ to sign her
name. Above that is a waste of time and money.

When a girl is up to standard four to six she will
grow above her jacket. and she can write to so many boys
and thereby encouraging prostitution.

When the girl has stopped in standard three the parents
should see that the airl is married' immediately otherwise
that .illI be misled by other public girls. Therefore you
must beware of them and tr. to check your daughters
not to be one of them.

The street girls are dangerous because they go about
sbamele.sl. nastli, \with powdered face in the street so
that men can see them and begin to pik,, them to, cinemas
and ball dances.

They forget that they are girls and should have the
best manners so that people ma\ give them their due
respect' Bew\are of such Lirls because such girls can mis-
lead some body.

If girls carn ot respccl lthniselvcs then they are of
no ue to men because the\' cannot cope up \with the
world of today. You know that how you will treat a public
woman will be quite different from how \oi. \will treat a
women who is \ith a husband, because married women
are more respected than harlots.


Planning v\ithout money s just like setting a trap
without .a rope. Infact if you want to send a message
to Heaen you beller consult Mr. Smoke. Infact traitors
are very dangerous in lile than poison.
Some people think that a person who is yellow in
complexion is the most beautiful person in the world but
they forget to know' that beauty is qu.te different from
Fellow complexion.
Infac;. beautiful women are very dangerous to be
married. Look the only reason why some women sell
their bodies to men is only to get all th.a they like such
as dresses and money.
Look, men eat to live but n omen live to eat. That
is .\; h I said that men's sufferings are for %women. and
I also add that mone, is hard but women do not know.
So I am telling .lou that any man who is worried by
. any woman should do awvay with her and remain sioele
because to remain alone is better than to marry worri-
some lad\.

What is a fine w oman? It is dressing. Can a wo-
man do without money and dresses ? No please, with-
out clothes the woman is ugy5. Please let eery man
and %woman marry and leae off moving around the
street day and night.
Don't mind the beauty of a woman and her appea-
rance because all women are just the same. You must
know and remember that street and public women mostly
those lip painted ladies once are very dangerous.
Women and men are \ery dangerous to one another
because they cannot know one another's opinion. If girls
do not know the use of education in this present time
what then is women education after, all?

Rcbhel.-' nle-se m;nrd ;mnr-lf from lip pointed ladies
beca,.e ic:. dre .\.Ci dangerous. Remember .that we
have now come up to the age of reasoning. Also rernem-
ber that knowledge is a contribution. Boast not of your
riches for you don't know what may befall you tomorrow.

Any woman who is under pregnancy is waiting for
trial in the devil's court, but if she delivers safely then
you know that she has won the c.ise. Infact I say with
all seriousness that there is no greater enemy in life than
sickness and poverty.

Body and life have three cares and th.it is sickness,
tongue and death, and the chief caretaker of all is death.
Death does not take any bribe at all. Only sickness takes
bribe through medicines. Women are another enemy. to
money of \which if you don't mind how you keep it the
women and the moneo \\ill all go a'vav at a time.

Infact nothing brings down a man than \\hen he
marries at the time he has no mone\. So you should be
sure that y,-u are up-t-.-daite both in finance and equip-
nient. If you don't base the .a-:oney for God's sake do
not make any attempt of approaching a \oman because
woman are too expensive.

When a woman brings her love to ouL through the
front door, beware of your money, it will likewise go out
of the window. Women love men when they see money
in their hands, and they hate them when they are poor.
A man who helps his follow men in lime of trouble
deserves a good thing in the future.
Remember that we are now up to the age of reason-
ing and therefore \e must be on the look out. Ladies
and Gentlemen, \we must learn to obey our elders whenn
we want to speak in the public.

'When a poor man cries much about his poverty peo-
ple begin to mock at him. Please try to hide some of
your secrets because there are some conversations which
are mockery to us by people of this world.
If ,ou are among those who are boasting of their
thousands of pounds. you better boast of your ow n with
them at once because it will be very hard for them to
boast Cf it and brine it out at the same time. Take note
that if you don't tell the public that 0ou ha\e not eaten
nobody will know that \ou ha'.e not eaten for the day.
Know from today that some of those \who dress well
are not millionaires. A man who gets and does not help
himself with his money is a dangerous man. No one is
perfect in this world, but he that helps others is a per-
fect man among all. My dear fellow countrymen don't
ei\e yourself to any person simple because he h:as inte-
rest in you. Do not mind him but go your way and
find your daily bread.


EIer,, man's fault cannot be seen on ones forehead
but God write; it on every one of us. Please let us try
to pray to God so that He may forgive us all our sins.
Every one shall reap what he sows.
One man's fault is another man's lesson. When he
admits his fault he will be forgiven. We easily forget our
fault when nobodN knows about it and talk of others.
Really women and money have spoilt the world. But
he that takes care of his life shall save it.
However a woman gets the money unless she gets a
penny from the husband, she will not however be satis-
fied with her own money. From your actions and good
works people will honour you.

Really, as I can see only those who are foolish do .,ot.
know. good thing. Please don't claim to be a rightei us
man in this world because we are born in sin. It is fea. -'
ers that make the bird so big as we see it. Therefo,,-
you shouldn't be annoyed when I say we are just Ib -
bird which the feathers cover.
Every fool is a wise man in his own eye and a' o
in his mind. Please allow the fool to speak because :~
will sometimes speak correctly. Only a fool will run aw.. v
when his house is on fire. If you play with a dog -
will bring latrine and gi\e to you.
Do not say who is right, but only speak the trul;i
and shame the devil. Lack of experience is another sic.:-
ness. Etery man has his own fault, butlwise men c:.,
correct their fault from others. Do not boast of yot -
self in anything, but only hope in God and do the rigl,.. -
A man who hates his family because of his mont'-
hates his sool. because he is a fool that hates h;
family because of his money. Moreover a man who hu:
money and does not care to help others or his famii,
he can never prosper with his money until he repenim
from his devilish deeds. You must know that very weil.
A man or woman whose riches are blessed he or she
will be rich for so many years. Those who hate tl.,
money and use it for some good work in the family o-f
community, their money will be blessed by God. Do got .
and seek no reward for thy reward is in Heaven. Te -
evil that men do lives after them.
Children suck their mothers breasts when they ie
young and their fathers when they are grown up. Ple.i. e
depart from evil friends or else they will harm you. I e-
member that money is the root of all evils and it is a!.o
the leading way to success. There are some men v 0io
have only one child for that sake they train the cl ;ld
very foolishly. Is that a good habit ? ,


Infact, of course every woman is a private doctor
tl her husband anywhere in Nigeria because the woman
ill know the time when her husband will be ill. What
1o. you say gentlemen? I say that every husband is a
theirr of the wife and the woman is the mother of the
husband Could you see with me in this point?
A woman who struggles hard could help the husband
.r everything in life. but a wicked woman could only
Saste her husband for nothing. Children are the riches
:fr'a poor man. Happy is that man who has his child-
nii to be his riches Train your children the way they
..ill follow so that when they grow. they will not leave it.
Quick choice always make a long repentance. Some
.nrtlemen are long suffering but some are rogues. All
-nses are not the same, so you keep quiet with your
n.,nse than to make a great noise.
Please better you remain alone than to keep acom-
'..m with rogues and \agabonds. He who dies and
passes had paid all his debts. Dead men are free from
v..orldly troubles. Dead dog cannot bite, but a living
*.oe is better than a dead lion
ou cannot establish :; sound security in business
without t sufficient money to back it. The great busi-
i.:s of life is money property. wealth and sense. Don't
Stood forward in ;i gathering when, your seniors are
,er:. Depart from evil friends otherwise they will lead
i..iu to prison because prison yard is a place of perpetual
I: rinent so that people ,ho go there regret it 'much.
One whoI loes himself dnd hates others is an e\il
s \'e and he is a dangerous mar, too. Really a man
v o works hard w ih his hands is better than employ-
rr-nt. A Sood friend is benier than a bad brother and
a lend in need is a friend indeed One w ho laughs last
la :hs best A man's faithful wife is his best friend.

It is a good thing to be steady. but some people are so
stead. that they cannot move an inch. Please what shall
we do to save our lies from the danger of the world ?
Oh! yes we can save our lies by trying to do \hat will
plea;e our fellow people, helping the poor, respecting our
elders and cool down our temper at any time in speech
or in action.
Women's lives are very difficult because you cannot
understand them at an time. Economy is half the battle
of life. To earn. money is very hard, but ;o spend it is
very easy because you can spend one hundred pounds
a day but to get it in one day is hard.

Infact there is no person who is exer glad in this world
when the person has no mones. He \will rather become
a rogue or a beger. Therefore money is \ery important
in our lives. When one has the money he can do whateverr
helikes. But without money man is lik- an empty drum
which contains. no water.

No man has learnt anything correctly until he knows
it thoroughly and perfectly well. What men \\ant is to
become fools, but to become wiser controllers and also
teachers, but forgetting that they were once fools who
cannot do anything until they were taught.- If you want
good advice you better consult the old man at home \~ho
can tell you the secret of life.

Really, there is no good building without a firm founda-
tion. Anything you see that is good. do it with all your
mind. Don't mind for whatever people may, say of you ,
because there is nothing that \ou \\ill do to please the
world. Please enjoy yourself as yuu see it without
comparing it with another man's own because all lucks
are not the same. True love can ne\er be killed by
po\ert. if you only trust in GOD.

The love of liberty is the love of others and the love
of power is the love of ourselves. Men are never so likely
to settle a question rightly as when they discussed it freely
within themselves Money speaks in all things and if a
poor man gets money he is at the same time regarded as
a big man because of the money.
Most of the women are ready -to f.rgiveand forget
but many of them can ne\er forgive you hoe\ter you
beg them. So beware of such women who are very tric-
kish in their movements because such women can lead
somebody to a perpetual destruction.
Economy is a sound common sense. If a man knows
economics he will not allow his money to run down when
he wants to start a business with his own money. Please
-don't be in a hurr\ in any thing otherwise you will miss
your luck. Live as if you are to die tomorrow,, and then
learn hard as if you are to live forever but don't try by
all means to giPe your troubles to another person be-
cause the world is hard.

Is meeting good? Yes, ofcourse meeting is good
-but too much meeting spoils the world more. because
it is from meeting that any opinion to corrupt the
world could be suggested and carried out if possible.
You knew a work that had been done with mouth
will be very easy. but that which is done with power
and money will be very hard for people to finish it.
_Mloney is the root of all evils and therefore people should
take care of the money because it is also the leading
way to success for without money man cannot-do anything
in his life. Really experience is one of the most important
things in life which helps the man to do anything.
Take care because anybody who does not take advice

from others, is not wi hing his or her life to te so
good and last. Infact obedience is for everybody whe-
ther big or small. Please mn dear friends. you
should do away with self independent women because
they are very dangerous Actually it is only the person
who- does no.t want good of his goat that tells his goat to
make friend ilih a tiger.

NlM dear fellow countrymen, please lessen much thinking
and aninoyance, for everything has time. Inf:Lct. it is
disappointment and had words and also bad commander
that cause high infuriation. Dear friends there is one
rhing I found out between married women and unmarried
\\omen, that is unmarried ,women diess here houses better
than the married ones. A.3in the unmarried moment make
themselves neat inorder to iitract men. but the married
women care more about their children than the unmarried
women, unless some of those married women who can
eo about in the streets like the unmarried women. Really
the married .\omen are more respe,:te'l thin the unmarried
ones. but the unmarried ones are more pTiviledged to
go about at any time.

Ladies pride is an application for men's love. Beauty
may have its fair leaves to look at but may also have
better fruits. Friends,-it is h en a harlot delivers a
child then she will know her rank. and it i is hen a
woman marries two husbands then she will choose the
one she likes best and by tien she will know that all
people are not the same.

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