Advisory Board Meeting Agenda : Unearthing St. Augustine’s Colonial Heritage NEH Grant


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Advisory Board Meeting Agenda : Unearthing St. Augustine’s Colonial Heritage NEH Grant
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Grant Proposal
Caswell, Thomas Reed
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL


Abstract from the award proposal: In preparation for St. Augustine¡¦s 450th anniversary of its founding in 2015, the University of Florida (UF) Libraries requests $321,653 (with $196,821 in contributed cost share) to build an online collection of key resources related to research on colonial St. Augustine, Florida. Along with the UF Libraries, Unearthing St. Augustine partners are the two City of St. Augustine departments (Heritage Tourism and Archaeology Program), historic Government House in St. Augustine managed by UF, and St. Augustine Historical Society. This two-year project will produce two major outcomes: 1) UF and its partners will establish for the first time a computer digitization lab at Government House which will be used create and disseminate an interactive digital collection consisting of 11,000 maps, drawings, photographs and documents and associated metadata that will be available freely online; 2) project staff will spatially enhance digitized paper maps and images through a process called geo-referencing and create original programming to produce a user-friendly, Google map-based interface, and release it as open source technology. These products will allow for downloading and manipulating primary source material thus creating a means for increasing interactivity and enhancing broader public access. Along with searching and browsing functions (including full text searching) the project will develop a map-based interface built upon geographic metadata. Users will be able to search for textual information, structural elements and geographic locations on maps and images. Users also will be able to view the creation, alteration or destruction of structures and sites within specific timeframes. For the first time, this project brings the study of St. Augustine's past into the modern research environment. An Advisory Board comprised of noted archaeologists, historic preservationists, and historians with expertise in the colonial history of St. Augustine and Florida will provide expert guidance on building the digital collection and designing the user interface. Unearthing St. Augustine collection objects will cover a broad range of subjects including Florida and U.S. history, Spanish colonies, Native Americans, slavery, exploration, architecture and urban planning, social and economic development, missionary work, military defenses and warfare. The collection will satisfy the needs of a wide variety of researchers including historians, archaeologists, architects, and historic preservationists. The 11,000 digital objects, which date from the 16th century to the present, are in the public domain or partner repositories and have reproduction rights. Selected materials will include: Government House - 1,200 maps and overlays of the city, architectural drawings of historic structures, and related government documents. St. Augustine Historical Society - 2,500 Spanish documents, transcriptions and English language translations. City of St. Augustine Archaeology Program records, photographs and site summaries for 100 excavations conducted over the past 20 years. Herschel Shepard Collection at UF - 800 drawings, photos and documents related to Shepard¡¦s restoration and reconstruction of the city¡¦s colonial buildings. Unearthing St. Augustine will be promoted broadly to local, national and international scholars, teachers and the general public. To increase discovery and access, UF will contribute objects and metadata to digital repositories and other online collections including: Trove, NINES, 18thConnect, WorldCat, OAIster, and other aggregators.

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Advisory Board Meeting Friday, November 2 nd 2012 Government House 2 nd Floor, South Hall Conference Room St. Augustine, Florida 10:00 10:0 5 a.m. Adoption of agenda and a pproval of July 27, 2012 minutes 10:0 5 10: 15 a.m. Introductions; meet newest Project Team members 10:15 10:3 5 a.m. Discussion : Herschel Shepard notes (Herschel) Archaeology Program Site Summaries and files (Carl & Jim) SAHS documents (Susan & Jim) Government House documents (Tom & Matt A.) Scan on demand requests? (Tom & Matt A.) 10:35 10 :45 a.m. Proposals/Resolutions & Summary 10:45 10 :55 a.m. Tour of Government House Digital Preservation Center 10 :55 a.m. Adjournment to tour & r eception in La Sala de Montiano