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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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2 Yahrgang, no. 7 (20); 4 Adar; 12 Fevral; 25 Luty (=25th February, 1909)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 22449311
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,.. "n ,-. ', p 12. "-7 ir2 3s P\ .' "sp 10 k"fl ;'.



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Drj 50- Vii M 5ZI' 1,50 17--1 5!n tflZ9 Z5 s ; 'nr 1:85cr)
oobtl)-75 tV'IiM 3 5VI 2,25 'IM~l 5!Ua1'V71ts H Zll 4,50'1;1'=1 UI S M 8 ; `11Z n 1!9 5,h rn 3) -,.W;Cc~ix 1bt

1909 bl7144 M'Zn rVIXN, 4`

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q 1 p1 J~ bn p, h 7 lit;7 .-I".2 II 1
'n n 37371 -Ir'1 R
:fj~tS! ~h-11 E. 17 in -T~51 b3!b!~ IS 6wY"~~ia-yf~K,!!~ D~tYZSl
3Z3 '~'I SPb:1~3~1'1~5'h ~g 1'ltil ~ 1 -1 .4 -pE T 718 7 3 1,'l't j!H~l' ~S~S~ Sh

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S; 'i 7. 5 :'"" i'uN ]yOc*~.*P '
.I 1", 3t< .1 y '. 1 >

. :.S n"I'-21 1909


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