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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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2 Yahrgang, no. 6 (19); 27 Shevat; 5 Fevral; 18 Luty (=18th February, 1909)

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University of Florida
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oclc - 22449311
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N a (19
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,.,3, ~N., T.- P12. to4VL t i'm .'lgPI10 PS"S' rx

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.~Xj-7' 1Tha~rin E ;5 -'5 2,25 fll 5r;1* k; :Vn 4,50 ,1nI z5 5zII 9. X ~ 3) 9.-',.'l 8M
Y* I1 .-Wlin1 ; ZM 3.-,-1$I 5FV7It k; Z)- Z5871 N3 5ZV) l2,1 ~ ;(57~ ~'

1909 7InX PI CTO VYi'3K '1XI Va 2 rV41 4~l~, 1-7
:~S;~~f~D 41:1911 nm7Jl 4r

pZ s tv ,11 I .%v*5N nr= 12 11,4 Si'H ~'S3
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Y7 p1p ,72 r.i.:~,:~ 1p~,iL7;':;~ >~ ): 9 l~h Fi
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lit i:';;Il r : r;Iu1j!N 11 Jsgt !- D Slli !, nvz3 oN
I V., 3~ ~ N -I.,, r V, .1)ef 5vu -I t J!N o~` rjN !Il 1;C~'
DY'K rsY~ 37K I" 7'ur

t., "IV1 p to1Z v -1 0, 7"1. T v N37Y D. DI -,rs 'TX L'0 11" 1 n 7J!R

953737 lm= P!371

sq UPI V~t;3'I 7mIr 'J"'; 3 T ~T


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i'P 10 1' 3 ** Y

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s,; -c '-S. i b, 3
I ,, -1 ,, 4 irsb ,, |
i 30,pVa ]in3, u
20 ucp';,D i'5 19

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. ..;s n-2 1909

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(19) 6 -117013

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