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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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2 Yahrgang, no. 5 (18); 20 Shevat; 29 Yanvar; 11 Luty (=11th February, 1909)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 22449311
lccn - sn 90037220
lcc - PN3035 .T43
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Q ~,rw

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Jim M1 = 9 -IND

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mroip phy, i wpriv lob vpi ; lwp

mv.- -menm 66~ I~P r"'e Delon p
:o pym! tolobn ; vy'nimi D~o invza~vip
rl~~S'U~~'" i 'I5PY -11p. yn mom V~lvl!n

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yq .p *k4 JIM

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:Conp JAM PIEn Itolvb!5 jlvwvm :p!4,15
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*,'sp8~'*a~w *, ; rN p~a sr)k~ oN

iji;l'. 1p !5 ; vn
_ 1vpu~~ls t~snvpar1!5 vVTr ry
WD'Irs P, 1H lvV1P Vlnv

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* *1t34.6 TI~y~5 v~p~rafYl?~P : )~~

.5 ~ya~yl~t I.V:V5 Igom
I Jibo (V' rii ), s riy 1:w

.d*=2 12H *0 (mlatm ) Jim -1) to
~flW *1 *k4 (r yrt) 5v~V5 p~

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"rrnt' T8 vy'. pi Y, }* 1 pi5 y;. .i: 5 V C!ytp5tV

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cyery -'K D-I "n ;r*c; V.- -wn H-nmolll L 1$ pi N lp i L3 a t JI ] 'M Iy tN
"ly .F- p. VON
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-'i -, 1I'11') ;rn; ,]SL' CT:'tL" p1 ,li"e 3p'-I Yi 4" T h" I'-r W irin VN'EyuiN W 57 'irnz111)p K
""'3.'i II'" un' il'j'pL' '" Dy .IU or't!Krl =:IL'0 211'r 41 Liol 'Iyt"S'5 -1,71 .] 'irim u! ni'll
tLt;'-'3;W 110 ,9-z'3 ]?D'"c P TtiN N i r Is M13 I'm j iN i I) ]y)J I'LD0 nDIry"iN'N
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'*3I .0 -. -32 TIN' 'IT' .-- "l 1I -- zys-ilp 01"N 1'-? rn5y'ay p'.l ".3 'tI
-ap~.13CIJpF. Dr-'rz1ly=1 p jl Ym5 yD D IrON9tr
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3,1'yr ; "I' o7 'c pvr "I' v .-1 p '1S7 ll
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r' I -- ----r---~--------------~------~


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un: 1-i' V ; n :'" r ;, -;.i:' l,: -i,* irr11 n

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t"' T---- -... 7., VI *' I- :, ru -r ~

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z'- 1' Jim JM-IM'K Jim .1 Tl' NT -I"S K-; Jim

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.p v i 1'-. n 01 ;' -3'7 m =
S. l:S6 K lif .y1' EZ

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; ] yK p K t B !Z
7.;'LT'N1 Dyp7'3b 7'1 fn' i

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