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v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
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Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )


In Yiddish.
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2 Yahrgang, no. 3 (16); 6 Shevat; 15 Yanvar; 28 Stycen (=28th January, 1909)

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 22449311
lccn - sn 90037220
lcc - PN3035 .T43
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.'PYP 12 tt n s w ., 'SP 10 p',~s

Np 3 (6)

I Li


I L I .J ..


~:~:: iT
-- Ii

., L:' '1 ...'

X:r. .:j* s;:~-"-1I?:: I1 *lnF H
: ";"*" ?.' i"T';'-" i;

.r-': 1 :, ',s- ':'2': VV -"" I 20
.. :- n.' ..:.-'.<..- l' '- I1
r,':-."'-.r .'.- -. -,i ,iy r, .~ '.;F- [ 1

.-::' ....... *.o ;. I

.1 1^ n* :2 r^^^ :i^^'0m yr;-r; :^-} 20 I

-- __ _



~~.w. *49rt.J* .A' -P-





4' .1 -j

r,3i.-u~i;i~------ ----. __
----`-~---~'-- -- ------ ----- ------~ cc


L`- ~-~X---i- -~ ------~c----1~B~sYE~-~-~----~-~iE--; il--

.a;K1 ~pn~~ ~y-~

~g-d i p~,l-rk m~lY~' 1P ~lx 1908 p14Kri3 jrn::1 Jim IPjr-)':X Ix


.;-I Z5 B .71bt X51,411-PO JN MN-V27bN1 =M

.;~3p ay.i l ]~SrYD'~HclliRny~]mt~~t~t' nEmp ,?~KPY~ 'I~~'P*l+L

* fl I? ,t2 ,&4* I~s rYIk~~I!1 8 ~1H~t R5
1~3~Yt3~1ml bm-Y 1bur R~

pH 5 V 'In tori
; c-Isr ; ol ~~:I ey P1 n 3

pnv treoparw ; r'Pim oiV. % dzpvc
rm~~Wllvp! !v '.b 3 ny ;m yt!
'7 ",53

* D~~! ,n *1~E~Yt'53tt
*plr :1~'z 1 12 ,a~cy,~ ,~syl p3rj15

* ,lU5e5la (i.npyi) ?15~a 1 ~y-
prow.V ..(-I 5 z) -y;-u~ -iv-!

~,k~,1'C25q *14 ttf l6~ ,~~

~iw7 3 '~r!l:5 5KY7 :'~1'~ VJ~Y'r)hn 5k

~FD46t~a; '!1WP32V ,~ .2 ,3 i Yc"'C-
12:~'~r'P5 ; P''l~r Zp2r 3 !! d1 ; erruwn.

* 315~ vk" SY','P;w ;"~~~::~3'3 1;k

*5 (J;nrl~2~ .5"1 -n "flK

.ar it, (t5!) Pt~t !s I-
*acYu ,~ .' a~n 'rT?8Th' -ii II

*nnD!r 1 .t1.k (ktbwvi)
*1I;I" ,1s .' !tP'ylu :t~ ~ 11k D '

*. ;*'~P,," 12w4VI pnr~ .p35 .2 ; nit

; lrzpy" '~ ,(!J~2P 3rrgl r5yi,
1l~lW25lt !5yk ; lI1b14 11'~,l 3 pl~ pfl
*~!'V 1! S '1)5!P.1~t Ir~

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f mr O I'ss P 'n P 1 1Hr s n
,!p~~V~KyLPOa ~15rnp);~r~r ryi
514 (2 C12s Nzy 4) 1
-Sa=! .5r k4 (m tv!) lolko ow

; 'entm, emon-I In m IV$110 5 V v to tm
VSVDY zus ;DC tlflIT ;'wtl) 1~ szp3 DC5

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IVMO PH *Inb-D lof) )in
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53~i,.~1~5 fl Y1 ~

6 ~yl
* V64 1b .- V15'1 milT t I
,pv-16eg 11 (j5ypmv) '7vm

*T-6 lr-15 2 1~1m p5~ VK
.pr)8~l~a M 11 t5~'~ H D3

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*JyrI ~ ~y~j~4tl~ ni~rry I
r .0

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2-i '7D

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on -H olmvrqov~ -! l 1 -uII

(.1 .1 Mt
,IV oya-,ltwlOIm: u o pygntOD15'sD~)

: lorP14 ;Z.1 o -l!- I -
/uv vH Im-ni, SL
nvlIV 34 L `V~o ,2 .~# t~3 N!
job 10-10 -IV =-Veli Mltiw ; I),Jl 100

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tonppm qm !I .1esi

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*a I~~t (P'i Dy'~p~r~v D5Ha~ ;n~z1 c:

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II ... r

- :i.'C

:,'1 4 1I"you 2 11 I
. 2 ,, 26 ,, '
s 1 13 ,1 1,
*'P 10 1p'-i r'5 ''"1
7 P."" IImbux '
6.'p 0 VMur y-2 : V!-,
, 4(0 ,-1 yc
, 30 cop;yo; pie 3 ,
. 20
7 .y-r' Ny '.'. ,
'P 75 copyau 11E: PYBB^V
< 13C-1H y : >

.,j3. '1~ -2 1909 ..r-' ; ,-t' 15 is 11 3 (16)


tSZ~i. L
I r)Nr311y3Nll 3Y~17D3155~n

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(16) 8-3 ".'l"

Ino 1m 'y I t u"

T'rYKCji'oD r1t3j -in'tC tN ?s, -% 1 D'Err=
."iy'cDrp t 'v 1h' n ; ] p0 I1m nK i s .?Th', i'
= "i. ps"*L'I'IL7DB "t w91 ."7 7W""1 ;' 1V 1.' "Li
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-'p j W L 'r. # 5UL- *r : ,Ysp'77 I Ci:Y .

1yj5'u yM- y D -I n ~i'i, ly 170,1 ; s %-' :: IN
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1ip .]i Dypnb !- 1 ,LIN n.< ts T'p 'T T's

=ppetly-iI- 131'1 D0Y 71;'l;yn ]g;ar OV '

lyrpp iy:';ri rY ni:e :i'- E' s a^c c .p. 8


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C :~

sti? rs p .L;D; 7':0 -n e" 17p 51t3 p
,D01'n < T ,'m e ;" pN ,1 iy; p 1 I rt'7m ps

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ptr uy p't r'-l x 'I 7v.r uifp i csi .:r 5 n

rKIa 'I" -ts C'CX"o3 7iy[;D1g -nyl ps
"s-s o r lt L -1u1L s V I -1 .m 16 9
OD" n :1 "". ID P'? "' C -lli [ Irn

jiv'.0'ID P11 741 p4
s'pT"-l I'B ys^o Ew

y'II p5 1 m2 L'TZ pt m tp w': x ;
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0.3'B w .D'1: n C vir = taolo ]yt"i ,tEn r
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_____________________ zf *;'T i
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--- -------- ---- ---- -

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-r v N r i-c'-uiN rutI.-Irm -.

: K irnr'.'r r t'rin ar pa 'irc-Nm v'm
s-t' %a n':' in w a r TtK-y'aT' pt i [*:
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pz1iD3 Sr p:D FoyDL" [11N0 ,K :'i yj CD31p rKycN

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1"i1r *ly ~iy3(=ut p1'U ]: tjyn y .ito

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ITrr i 'i *1' ra i i r' i-s a u:i rm =xr.- -rs irpn '-sN
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