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 Material Information
Title: Ṭeater-ṿelṭ
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 31 cm.
Language: Yiddish
Publisher: Ṭeater-ṿelṭ
Place of Publication: Ṿarsha
Publication Date: 1908
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Theater, Yiddish -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Language: In Yiddish.
Dates or Sequential Designation: 1 Yahrgang, no. 7, 2 Kislev; 13 Oktyabr (=error, should be Noyabr); 26 Listopad (=26th November, 1908)
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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Resource Identifier: oclc - 22449311
lccn - sn 90037220
Classification: lcc - PN3035 .T43
System ID: AA00004291:00006

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] ,ore ,i,.., ;T: p i "," .*l ;'ra' e:"; -,'i ",': I

-.* N,: .:- n1 : "'- .;"1 -, 'I
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. ps-"v, < .N ]" "','; ,"1 'i,, .,'.c-'_ 'r l m e"'' .

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;YtD' -131m m I' Ji-ro ni'1emn u lwz ln ll
-.w~on pH. sf1ll7 pm~'~~i/ M031 11
CK L ~ 2jI '155 5' ~t

73"DY5 llV5 yinn J im evil'a -yM y -w -I Vw n Inyl 111b Mri
Ji -lm1w 1lp rr l = m

,~P~p~rmi~ 1' ' bril MW3JJ'll 1\ IPJ-,'1P)~nN.VM 111 C1~\)
p-nly.lp Jim INSLhs..4w? o-e, JIMMUL4. 1 ly -I
on -1?5rnm.m YN~mwlyw)I

-um V1I'5 Y-iNl J.V*pym Inni -T
1y~ p l "l Yryl nfaV5p 's

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IF's uill vi t Itunm toly -1,1 IV5Y,.1*-91D Pi'Ec ]05 n IIZO-J Y1 2 Myll yNyrJ ,.
JIM-dnmjv -lau lp tut=;fllI~Yi D O-I D r~l kt 13PAY3 I'l wil ;Ie U-13 Jim ,F'lt3 1D .DV-i

wpll 2 I-Im tplv Daell el Vro tm -r YIVI Mnipr'.3

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I M P = 0 '11 -J e t I b "Y T M 3 VYy 4 0 1 0" ? P 6 4 W 6 0 M" 2 Y 5 ;'/ 2 &) j B
-. DPO jg5vl 1'Y '8p 75 '1'3 to2 -oo I'm *vp 5 i 'I -AVP Y'p 20- r5'53ny -p Im ori 13 -*No 30
y___t je no i V)1r1 f ri-- 01'T i)!3mfw 112 -w~ 20 12 Iryl YV-i,, I3rYbi'm li io53 IN i' i n
-. 73-:3 wnf to 4lppt p\N .r.Mr3 1 0 3 1 P

ReAaic~gia jTeaTepI-BeATI" 11. Redakcya Jeater-Welt" : cyt1sssv
-.BapmnaBR, HlOW. RM.11. Warnzawa, Skrzynka pczt. 119.
** 7-4 11i ttnW5Vrl5 I14 Vn ,j Iro Vi rypt5$- "
7`'nIp:~nP~r Irc....... nnrr Orl M IM I T1--1- T H N- I T 1-i i -]'i i Ibi~ ~ PH19'

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. > in'-1 1908 \ O s 'C 2S .iK'Upe 13S

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" p ,"r ". ef ,ic3, L p 'ir1 . ].< t';r 3

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^131 T7 rrnp3 >p K 1 t t 'pl 7;iy 1 5 0 1'? M- 3
4=l'tet'c'' L'2E5:lyrilr3:1' Ira'j n pLSr C y'i
"li'L 1 D "5 I 3r j i 31r' 71 t O's 1r'c:o) ,1'3E.')
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I?1 I'III's

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Pri. lI... r. :,iie.i.i,6prp .- Tnn. -H.CTapoRoJ]bri aro, Bni,'naBn, ry'i.n 18.

I_ L_

Y: 7

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