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Unṭern Ḳubaner himl
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Title: Unṭern Ḳubaner himl rayze-fartseykhenungen fun a Idishn shrayber
Physical Description: 80 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.
Language: Hebrew
Creator: Froomes, I. K
Ḳozloṿsḳi, Noṭe, 1906-
Publisher: Arbeṭer biblioṭeḳ
Place of Publication: New York
Publication Date: 1939
Subjects / Keywords: Description and travel -- Cuba   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: Y. Ḳ. Frumes ; tseykhenungen, Noṭe Ḳosloṿsḳi.
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 000734247
notis - ADS6803
oclc - 47761558
lccn - 58051239
Classification: lcc - F1765 .F7 (Hebr)
System ID: AA00004163:00001

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Copyright 1939




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,lDvAn nv?1'p1-) yin ut1 t8 0Di w "vy-l3y ,, -w Y1r31.
-sn *WPT7 DJ' 1 n13i ,03-11tMD 4( lpz ti yrn -is .1 3 ,:'I > Dotp
,-us5 iB'utspy snvi R P v 9r'D ytv-i YWw'oW );O .t
.Dz3v0p-1Tnl a 10y1;vy uSyI ,N3l'p uD"n D!041
yu15.v'lN ID)Y .]w0n a' 0 UPS=?'N 'M f 1 1i pyT 13m
N m3 -71 -lyn3 0nvN '1 jD'1i n 151mip ypn3Dii5 'oD pW
't-1 N P, P'It ,D;m IN 5n ,'o1D IN J D -vii ; ti' n pa L'n-
798aK1u)Da a0yaim ;R D'D .Ilt jim a ynr-m V -t uy 1317yi
;5t 031nS 31)Vyp ly 'lx ,P3p1 P1DL8s N P3 1?t ,UKD-I8
-5'mn iiyp'ii'-i tn pa JueW yvpn'131wtiiKD -i ;ia '3 -zs
.1-m1 y3vY5vyr 1N39 ID 'I^ v Dm'3 Dory' ;I'K .01D3M'p
UDYK 11D IY3rT1 'its ni3 5',11 ;vu5s$- K tN vN --in. ;N
-ivy It$ 1-1p -0 1in ,-t1 14jl u9rn .- "ia ,-mU3YD y;n 1
yviv \p5v1y ina -183 8 tW ,83sm1rp pT'p i-its ,uyF'M -Y)
.n11vyon ;, 5,P'n1T D'11 0iYn33 uT utn ilK p1a T y19'
-11?t 'ID (0 '11WN 1 D0115) tsJ3 v'ovUty3 Dsii ,nitOo 0b1 t o$1 .1y97I'SYv Ypni'3i'jn1'' 7 ,Yp35 Im 1In wnYoD Vm5
54m)i p Dm",1 -i4'jYD nyi 'In11 ,(D'llN1n 'T D1,5 9v31 <) -iwt
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.N3'3 p UY5i3B'P ti
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.ouf'R '1 'A\ XTH 1\"13

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.J9rlynn m5b Ditp }yjwp r-Ol Dml
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.1938 c\1


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