Journey to Pandora : an Avatar adventure


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Journey to Pandora : an Avatar adventure
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Muse, M. Clinton
College of Design, Construction and Planning, University of Florida
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Gainesville, Fla.
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“Journey to Pandora an Avatar Adventure” is a conceptually proposed themed attraction to be located inside Universal Studios Florida (USF), a theme park located within the broader Universal Orlando Resort complex. The theme for this proposed attraction is inspired by the James Cameron directed film, known as “Avatar”. The proposed project takes advantage of undeveloped property with potential access to the main-in-park corridor nestled amongst the “Men in Black” attraction and the “The Simpson’s” attraction. Currently this property is mainly used as a service yard, vacated pyro-technic bunker, and lays host to a seasonally used haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. The ultimate goal of the project is to create a new entertainment venue for both Florida residents and tourists alike to enjoy and make memories within. In addition, the attraction will act as a catalyst in the synergistic marketing campaign that promotes both this themed attraction, merchandise, and the film itself. The project journeys into the depths of attraction design through site context analysis and synthesis, guest experience through scripting, and industry standard attraction design criteria required to ensure the functionality of the attraction. Comparable design metrics are included in this report. The metrics report the functionality of both the queue areas and ride show attraction, as well as comparable metrics to other popular themed attractions located within USF. The attraction includes the following venues and props from the film: •Large cliff-faced facades •Oversized trees •The Hallelujah Floating Mountains •Amp (Amplified Mobility Platform) suits •Bioluminescent jungle •Tree of Souls •AT-99 Scorpion Gunship (helicopter) •RDA mining vehicles •Hometree These program elements make up a hybrid type of ride attraction that bridges the gap between a boat and dark ride attraction type. In addition to the ride the attraction contains themed queue areas, a pre show, stroller parking, lockers, and merchandise store for guests. The employee areas or back of house areas include a service gate for after hours access, employee maintenance access, employee break areas, ride control rooms, dedicated employee traffic flow separated from guest queue areas, and a maintenance repair shop located off the main ride track.
General Note:
Landscape Architecture capstone project

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University of Florida Institutional Repository
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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1 1 emed Araction Design A Senior esis Project by M. Clinton Muse




3 University of Florida College of Design, Construction, and Planning Journey to Pandora an Avatar Adventure emed Araction Design An Undergraduate esis in Landscape Architecture by M. Clinton Muse Faculty Advisor Les Linsco 2011 3 Submied in partial fulllment of the degree Bachelor in Landscape Architecture and has been reviewed and accepted by the faculty




5 I wish to thank the following individuals for their continued support throughout this project, without them, this project would not have been possible: -Trista MuseAs my wife of the last ten years, she has sacriced much in support of me following this passionate dream to become a Landscape Architect. -David Bowtie Froelich Dave was a key player in assisting me in the architectural style and design criteria metrics associated with themed araction design. His extensive experience and straightforward criticism proved useful during the course of this project and ultimately lead to a fully functional conceptual araction design. -Barry Mckently Barry is a seasoned veteran in theme park design, and has taught me so much over the last couple of years. His inspirational enthusiasm and patience know no bounds. He has proved very valuable in the conceptual design character of the landscape for this project. -Michael DevineIn an industry where story is king, Michael is just the guy you go looking for when your new at this! His dedicated support has been amazing. His passion for the industry is evident and experience in art direction and overall theming characterization has been at times heaven sent. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such an array of talent and knowledge. 5 Acknowledgments


6 Submied in partial fulllment of the degree Bachelor in Landscape Architecture


7 7 Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter ree Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Appendix Introduction About the Film Avatar Universal Studios Background Design Approach Site Context Guest Experience Araction Design Criteria Concepts Final Master Plan Araction Design Metrics Conclusion References 8 11 14 19 21 36 39 42 44 48 52 54 Table of Contents


8 Welcome to Universal Studio Orlandos Newest Araction! Welcome Inspired by James Camerons newest lm Avatar. Introduction


9 9 Project Abstract Journey to Pandora an Avatar Adventure is a conceptually proposed themed araction to be located inside Universal Studios Florida (USF), a theme park located within the broader Universal Orlando Resort complex. e theme for this proposed araction is inspired by the James Cameron directed lm, known as Avatar. e proposed project takes advantage of undeveloped property with potential access to the main-in-park corridor nestled amongst the Men in Black araction and the e Simpsons araction. Currently this property is mainly used as a service yard, vacated pyro-technic bunker, and lays host to a seasonally used haunted house during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. e ultimate goal of the project is to create a new entertainment venue for both Florida residents and tourists alike to enjoy and make memories within. In addition, the araction will act as a catalyst in the synergistic marketing campaign that promotes both this themed araction, merchandise, and the lm itself. e project journeys into the depths of araction design through site context analysis and synthesis, guest experience through scripting, and industry standard araction design criteria required to ensure the functionality of the araction. Comparable design metrics are included in this report. e metrics report the functionality of both the queue areas and ride show araction, as well as comparable metrics to other popular themed aractions located within USF. e araction includes the following venues and props from the lm: Large cli-faced facades Oversized trees e Hallelujah Floating Mountains Amp (Amplied Mobility Platform) suits Bioluminescent jungle Tree of Souls AT-99 Scorpion Gunship (helicopter) RDA mining vehicles Hometree ese program elements make up a hybrid type of ride araction that bridges the gap between a boat and dark ride araction type. In addition to the ride the araction contains themed queue areas, a pre show, stroller parking, lockers, and merchandise store for guests. e employee areas or back of house areas include a service gate for aer hours access, employee maintenance access, employee break areas, ride control rooms, dedicated employee trac ow separated from guest queue areas, and a maintenance repair shop located o the main ride track.


10 emed Environment 1. Since opening its gates in 1990, Universal Studios Florida(USF), has inspired its guests To Ride the Movies Universal Studios lays host currently to numerous ride aractions and live shows Site Availability 2. 19 acres of untapped land located within the park Pedestrian ow access o major in-park corridor Guests Expectations 3. Highest grossing movie of all-time Listed on a recent Blue Sky survey handed out to park guests Capital Investment 4. Increase park ticket revenues Increase merchandise revenues Intellectual Property Rights 5. Universal Orlando currently has the rights to James Camerons Terminator 2 araction Location Rationale Why Locate the Araction at Universal Studios Florida? Introduction


11 11 About the Film Avatar Chapter Two About the Film Avatar


Film Synopsis A VATAR takes us to a spectacular world be yond imagination, where a reluctant hero embarks on an epic adventure, ultimately ghting to save the alien world he has learned to call home. e lm is set in the year 2154 on Pandora, a c tional earth-like moon. We enter the alien world through the eyes of Jake Sully, a former Marine conned to a wheelchair. But despite his broken body, Jake is still a warrior at heart. He is recruited to travel light years to the human outpost on Pandora, where corporations are mining a rare mineral that is the key to solving Earths energy crisis. Because the atmosphere of Pandora is toxic, they have created the Avatar Program, in which humans have their consciousness linked to an avatar, a re motelycontrolled biological body that can survive in the lethal air. ese avatar are genetically engi neered hybrids of human DNA mixed with DNA from the natives of Pandorathe Navi. Reborn in his avatar form, Jake can walk again. He is given a mission to inltrate the Navi, who have be come a major obstacle to mining the precious ore. But a beautiful Navi female, Neytiri, saves Jakes life, and this changes everything. Jake is taken in by her clan, and learns to become one of them, which involves many tests and adventures. As Jakes relationship with his reluctant teacher Neytiri deepens, he learns to respect the Navi way and nally takes his place among them. Soon he will face the ultimate test as he leads them in an epic bale that will decide nothing less than the fate of an entire world. Facts About the Film Highest grossing lm of all-time James Cameron originally planned to have the lm completed for release in 1999. At the time, the special eects he wanted increased the budget to $400 million. No studio would fund the lm, and it was shelved for almost 10 years. e movie is 40 percent live action and 60 percent photo-realistic CGI. Most of the motion capture technology was used for the CGI scenes. James Cameron created other movies like Terminator and Titanic Creating the movie included inventing a new language, plant life, animals, dress and architecture. 12 About the Film Avatar Film Synopsis


13 13 About the Film Avatar Pics from the Movie


14 Chapter ree Universal Studios Background Universal Studios


15 15 Universal Studios What makes up Universal Orlando Resort? U niversal Studios Florida e original theme park opened in 1990. Invites guests to ride the movies. Current focus is on three to four big-name ride aractions; otherwise a heavy use of show aractions. is area will lay host to my proposed araction. U niversal Islands of Adventure. Separate theme park opened in 1999. Features six individually themed islands: Seuss Landing e Lost Continent Toon Lagoon Jurassic Park Marvel Super Hero Island e Wizarding World of Harry Poer C ityWalk. Guest gateway into theme parks. Transition area from parking and hotels to park entrances. Features restaurants, retail outlets, nightclubs and a movie theater. H otels. ree on-site themed hotels providing easy access for park guests. Universal Orlando Resort


16 Universal Orlando Resort Aractions Map Proposed Site Location Universal Studios


17 17 Universal Studios Universal Studios Florida Park Universal Studios Florida Park emed Zones & Aractions U niversal Studios Florida is a movie and TV based theme park. Universal Studios Florida features six themed areas all situated around a large la goon. is lagoon is home to Universal 360: A Cinesphere Spectacular, a seasonal reworks display that showcases scenes from various Universal lms, featuring lasers, projectors and reworks. e six surrounding themed areas along with their aractions, clockwise from the entrance, are P roduction Central Motion Picture Soundstages Shrek 4 D Jimmy Neutrons Nictoon Blast Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rocket New York Twister...Ride it Out Revenge of the Mummy: e Ride e Blues Brothers Live San Francisco /Aminity Beetlejuices Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue Disaster!: A Major Motion Picture Ride....Starring You! Jaws Fear Factor Live World Expo (Includes Proposed Site) Men in Balck: Alien Aack e Simpsons Ride Woody Woodpeckers Kidzone Woody Woodpeckers Nuthouse Coaster Fievels Playland Curious George Goes to Town E.T. Adventure A Day in the Park with Barney Animal Actors on Location StarToons Summer Jam Hollywood Lucy: A Tribute Universals Horror Make-Up Show Terminator 2: 3-D Bale Across Time


18 Universal Studios Florida Park Universal Studios


19 19 Design Approach Chapter Four Design Approach


20 Design Approach Design Strategy Site Context 1. Site Analysis Site Synthesis Guest Experience 2. Araction Type Ride Type Storyline Narrative eme Park Aractions Operations Design Criteria 3. General Araction Criteria Metrics


21 21 Site Context Chapter Five Site Context


! P P P P P P!A!A I 4 0 6 12 18 24 3 MilesLake ApopkaUniversal Orlando Florida!A!A!A!ALegend Lakes Waterways and Reservoirs Interstate 4 Roads! POrange County Cities Walt Disney World Sea World Orlando I 95 I 95 I 75 I 4 I 10 I 75 075150225300 37.5 Miles Lake Apopka Area Transportation Orange County, FL is a popular tourist destination for travelers visiting from all over the world. ey travel by: Orlando International Airport Sanford International Airport Orlnado Executive Airport Lynx Bus Transport Interstate 4 Toll Roads Area Aractions e county has numerous area aractions like: Golf Courses Daytona Speedway Shopping Amway Arena Wet n Wild Gatorland Medieval Times Adventure Golf History Mueseums Art Galleries High-end Restaurants Local Parks Trails Citrus Farms Farmers Markets Zoos 22 About the Area Site Context


23 Proposed Site Location 23 Site Context Aerial Photo of Universal Orlando Resort


City Walk Employee Service (Back of House) Universal Resort Property Boundary Proposed Site Location Hotels Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Park Back of House vs. Front of House is map shows the overall context of Universal Orlando Resort. e backstage employee service areas shown in pink are o limits to park guests. eses areas are referred to as Back of House areas by industry professionals. Consequently, guest areas are referred to as Front of House areas. Guest Parking Parking for Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Florida, and City Walk is provided to guests via the two parking garages shown in the image to the right. Guests are charged $14 a vehicle for parking. e only exception to this is for guests arriving aer 6pm to take advantage of night based entertainment at City Walk. Guests staying in one of the three resort hotels have separate parking areas, as well as the advantage of water taxi services. 24 Multi Family Employee Housing Portono Bay Hotel Hard Rock Hotel Royal Pacic Hotel Parking Parking Bus Parking Universal Orlando Resort Context Site Context Islands of Adventure City Walk Employee Service Area Employee Parking Universal Studios


25 Vehicular & Pedestrian Flow 25 Site Context Major Roadways Legend Garage Entrance High Pedestrian Flow Parking Garage Proposed Site Location Walkway At Universal H o l l y w o o d W a y Resort Context Trac & Pedestrian Flow International Drive Lake Marsha Lake Cane Turkey Lake Rd. Kirkman Rd. Vineland Rd. Interstate 4 U n i v e r s a l B l v d


26 Lagoon Water Taxi Service Legend Retention Pond Water Taxi Stops Proposed Site Resort Context Waterway Map Site Context Hard Rock Hotel Universal Studios Lagoon Islands of Adventure Lagoon Royal Pacic Hotel City Walk Portono Bay Hotel


27 27 Site Context Proposed Site Location Proposed Site e proposed site location for the new themed araction will be located inside USF. e two adjacent arac tions are MIB (Men in Black) and e Simpsons Ride. e site currently lays host to the following: Pyrotechnic Bunker Service Yard Temporary Finance Oces Temporary HHN (Halloween Horror Night) haunted house Retention Pond All of which will be either relocated or modied to t the new araction design. Proposed Site Location Men in Black Araction e Simpsons Ride


28 Front of House Pics Adjacent Aractions e Simpsons Ride Araction Universal 360 Cinesphere Lagoon Show Proposed Araction from Main Corridor Site Context


29 29 Site Context Back of House Service Yard Pics Proposed Site Access Service Yard & Pyro bunker Service Yard HHN Haunted House


30 Back of House Retention Pond Pics Pyro-technic bunkers Berms Pyro-technic bunkers & service yard Retention Pond Site Context


31 31 Site Context Proposed Site Abandoned Pyrotechnic Bunker 3 Acres Haunted House 1 Acre Finance Dept Oce Trailers 1 Acre Service Yard 6 Acres Retention Pond Area with Berm 8 Acres Total Site Acreage (Approximately) 19 Acres 0 550 Ft. 4 Acres 1 Acre .5 Acre 225 Area Inventory


Berming Araction Service Drive Good Views Bad Views Stormwater Drainage Back of House Main Vehicle Flow 32 Legend Men in Black Araction Employee Multi-Family e Simpsons Ride Site Context 0 550 Ft. 4 Acres 1 Acre .5 Acre 225 Back of House Analysis


33 Araction Exit Berming Focal Points Park Vendors Back of House Entry & Exit Proposed Site Seating Area Araction Entrance Pedestrian Flow Exit Exit Exit Entrance Entrance Entrance Park Vender Park Vender Park Vender 33 Site Context Men in Black Araction e Simpsons Ride Front of House Analysis 0 100 Ft. 50


G u e s t R e s t r o o m s G u e s t S e a t i n g M a i n P e d e s t r i a n F l o w V e n d e r & P h o t o O p B a c k o f H o u s e E n t r y S m o k i n g A r e a 34 Proposed Site -Point of Entry Existing Conditions Site Context


35 35 Site Context Site Synthesis Accessibility of Guests e proposed location for the new araction pro vides a great opportunity for guest access as it is located o the main guest corridor inside the park. However, this accessibility is narrow and should be addressed in the design to avoid bole necking thus providing adequate pedestrian ow. Accessibility of Employees Currently the main employee service road runs along the outer perimeter of the site, if the site is extended to take advantage of additional real estate aorded by the retention pond area the service road will need to be re-designed to continue employee trac ow. In addition the employee service drive for adjacent aractions bisects the proposed en trance to the site, this needs to be addressed as well. Existing Infrastructure e site contains existing infrastructure that will need to be relocated or incorporated into the overall design to include: Stormwater retention pond to the north Stormwater drains Vending & photo-op location HHN haunted house Service Yard Abandoned pyro-technic bunker Finance Dept. oce trailers Views e proposed design should seek to provide ade quate screening of bad views and capitalize on good views. e main goal is to ensure the guests experi ence is not compromised by back of house areas including the employee service road, the adjacent three story multi-family employee housing to the northwest of the site. Parking Guest parking is already provided by Universal Or lando Resorts dual parking garages. ese garages have the ability to handle any additional parking needs that the proposed araction will require. Hours of Operation e current hours of operation are on average 8am11pm for park guests. is may prove to be prob lematic in providing night based araction opportu nities for park guests. An alternative way of entering the proposed araction may provide a way for park guests to capitalize on night based experiences. Waterways e resort provides guests the opportunity to take advantage of a water-way taxi service. is taxi service runs until 10pm and transports guests from their hotel to City Walk to engage in entertaining shows, restaurants, and retail outlets. Extending this water-way system inside the park may provide an opportunity for night based aractions and increased revenue for Universal Orlando through additional in-park food and merchandise outlets. Universal Studios currently lays host to a lagoon that may be linked from the Portono Bay Resort taxi-way drop-o, adjacent Portono retention pond, the retention pond to the north of the pro posed site, and ultimately the Universal Studios lagoon. Soils & Topography e proposed site is extremely at with a slight slope towards the north, where water is captured through stormwater drains along the main service road loop and ultimately emptied into the retention pond to the north. e at site is an asset to design as guests will not be required to walk up steps or steep inclines. e soils are an urban mix and thus would need to be amended through the use of peat and other organic maer.


36 Chapter Six Guest Experience Guest Experience


Rides 1. Gravity and Iron Rides Dark Rides Boat Rides Simulators Virtual Reality Hyrbrid Rides Shows 2. Automated eatres Live eatres Hybrid eatres Arcades 3. Exhibits 4. King Tuts Exhibit at Bush Gardens Food Service 5. Rainforest Cafe Interactives 6. Epcots Smart-1 Voice Activated Robot Merchandising 7. Ollivanders Wand Shop Wizarding World of Harry Poer ***e chosen araction type for this araction was a hybrid between the boat ride and dark ride*** 37 37 Guest Experience Araction Types


38 Araction Script L ook around, and youll nd that Earth is in a state of ruin. Our planet is on the verge of extinction. e ground is dry and cracked from lack of water resources. e buildings are decimated and crumbling before your eyes. According to transmissions received from the mega-corporation known as RDA (Resources Development Administration), new and available resources have been identied on a distant moon called Pandora. e RDA is calling all able-bodied travelers to traverse planetary boundaries to assist in acquiring these new resources. However, you must hurry; time is of the essence. According to RDA, the earths survival hangs in the balance. Your journey begins as you walk onboard the ISV Venture Star, an interstellar vehicle, where you and other personnel are transported from Earth to Pandora. As you look through the windows on board the ISV Venture Star, you can see that you have just touched down at the RDA headquarters located on Pandora. You and the other travelers are greeted upon your safe arrival by RDA sta and are shued through the RDA Bio Lab area, where new avatars are grown and stored, for an emergency brieng with Col. Quaritch, head of RDA security forces. Here, you learn of the ongoing hostilities between the native Navi and RDAs security teams. e Colonel informs each of you that the native Navi are a ruthless group of savages that are standing in the way of Earths saving grace. e Colonel is calling on each one of you to inltrate the Navi by performing a covert reconnaissance mission, upon which you will report back to RDA headquarters and be de-briefed on your ndings. Aer boarding a video-linked water cra with laser guns for protection, you set sail on your adventure through the Pandoran jungle. Just beyond the rocky cli outcroppings, you notice the rst signs of the bale brewing on Pandora, as an RDA mining vehicle is covered with Navi arrows. As you travel further, you encounter two signature landforms located on Pandora, the stone archways and so-called Hallelujah oating mountains. It seems that both are being destroyed by RDA mining vehicles and security forces. You suspect that the Colonels spiel was one big sham and that the RDA is destroying the Pandoran ecosystem, just as they did on your home planet many years before! Suddenly, you hear a voice on the watercra video-link its Jake Sully! He has successfully tapped into RDAs electronic monitors, and he conrms your suspicions regarding RDAs agenda. He asks that you help support the Navi in their quest to drive out the RDA before their home is completely destroyed. Shortly aerwards, lasers are ying as you engage in a climaxing bale near Hometree that destroys the last of RDAs security forces. You learn the Navi are extremely appreciative of your support and compassion. ey have rewarded you with an invitation through the most sacred site on Pandora, a journey through the vividly bioluminescent Tree of Souls area. e soothing glow of the bioluminescence mesmerizes you as you coast through this amazing scene. As you arrive back at RDA headquarters, you nd the place deserted, as the last of the security forces militia have retreated back to Earth. In fact, you might want to hurry the last ight departing to Earth is leaving soon! You dont want to be stuck on Pandora; your friends on Earth are eager to hear of your experiences on Pandora. e engines are churning on board the ISV Venture Star. e noise reminds you of when you arrived on Pandora and of all the things youd heard about the alien moon. You had heard it was dangerous and relatively worthless, aside from its energy resources, and that the Navi were ferocious warriors and unfriendly savages. But what you experienced was dierent. You looked closely, like all great explorers, and you saw. You started out apprehensive of a strange world, but in the end, you saw beauty and hope in Pandora. Learning to see is the greatest gi of all. Guest Experience


39 39 Design Criteria Chapter Seven A raction Design Criteria


40 Design Criteria Stroller Parking 1. (1 stroller per 50 instantaneous guests in araction) Lockers 2. (1 locker per 60 instantaneous guests in araction) Restrooms 3. (Located at entrance within the Men in Black araction building) Queues 4. Conditioned Queue Overow Queue Universal Express Queue VIP Access Pre Show Load/Unload Platforms 5. Program Elements for Guests (not including the ride)


41 41 Design Criteria Dedicated employee trac ow separate from guest queue 1. Ride operator and dispatch control oces 2. Employee break areas 3. Delivery drop-o 4. Service gate for aer hours access 5. Program Elements for Employee Service Area


42 Chapter Eight Concepts Concepts


Concept 1 Night Based Only is concept explores the use Universal Orlando Resort water taxi-way system currently in use throughout the resort. By bridging Universal Boulevard, guest may have the ability to access the araction by boat from City Walk. e araction contains a Virtual Reality Ride as well as merchandise and restraunt complex built within a massive tree known as Hometree in the movie. Concept 2 Dual Ride Araction During the Day is concept explored the possibility of including two themed ride venues into one araction area. e concept includes a Virtual Realty Ride and overhead gravity ride. is concept includes Hometree as a merchandise and food retail outlet as well. Concept 3 Hybrid (Boat/Dark Ride) During the Day is concept explored the possibility of a science boat ride experience that begins outdoors and ends inside a bioluminescent jungle inside a dark cave. e merchandise store is located near the main pedestrian corridor. is concept makes good use of the araction script and overall design criteria required. 43 43 Concepts Concept Exploration


44 Chapter Nine Final Master plan Final Master Plan


45 45 Final Master Plan


46 Final Master Plan Men in Black Araction Merchandise Bioluminescent Cave Rocky Clis Scene Queue & Pre-show Floating Mountain Scene Hometree Merchandise Expansion Area e Simpsons Ride 0 300 Ft. 150 225 75 Master Plan & Perspectives


47 47 Final Master Plan Araction Area Perspectives


48 Chapter Ten A raction Design Metrics Araction Design Metrics


49 Max Wait Time =7.5 mins 120 Guests 168 Linear Feet Max Wait Time =15 mins 240 Guests 336 Linear Feet Max Wait Time = 45 mins 720 Guests 1008Linear Feet Max Wait Time = 15 mins 240 Guests 1344 Sq Guest Space Max Wait Time = 7.5 mins 120 Guests 168 Linear Feet 49 Araction Design Metrics Entrance Earth Facade Earth Facade Overow Queue Overow Queue Pre Show Pre Show Oces Bio Lab 1 Bio Lab 1 Venture Star Enter Venture Star Enter Venture Star Exit Bio Lab 2 Employee Drop-o Employee Break Repair Load Load Unload Merchandise 0 100 Ft. 50 75 25 Araction Areas & Queue Spacial Statistics


50 Araction Design Metrics 0 100 Ft. 50 75 25 Queue Flow Chart & Statistics Conditioned Queue Overow Queue Universal Express Queue Araction Exit 1008 Linear Feet @ 1.4 Linear Feet = 720 Guests Max Wait Time = 45 minutes 1008 Linear Feet @ 1.4 Linear Feet = 720 Guests Max Wait Time = 45 minutes 476 Linear Feet @ 1.4 Linear Feet = 340 Guests Max Wait Time = Always less then 15 mins 320 Linear Feet


51 Journey to Pandora Length of Ride Track = 2,000 Duration of Ride = 5.25mins Ride Vehicles = 11 Ride Vehicles with Guests = 8 Ride Vehicle Capacity = 12 Dispatch Interval = 45sec Average Space Between Ride Vehicles = 222 Average Speed of Ride = 4.32 miles/hr Instantaneous Guests = 1536 Assumed Hourly Ride Capacity = 1100/hr Park Operating Hours per Day = 13hrs Assumed Daily Ride Capacity = 14,300 Peak Park Aendance = 25,000 Guest 57% can ride in a day during peak aendance Jaws Length of Ride Track = 1,140 Duration of Ride = 5mins Ride Vehicle Capacity = 25 Assumed Hourly Ride Capacity = 2500/hr Jurassic Park River Ride Length of Ride Track = 1900 Duration of Ride = 5.5mins Ride Vehicle Capacity = 25 Assumed Hourly Ride Capacity = 3,000/hr 51 Araction Design Metrics Araction Metrics & Comparison 320 Linear Feet


52 Chapter Eleven Conclusion Conclusion


53 53 Conclusion Closing oughts & Lessons Learned T ackling such an ambitious project has proven to be exciting and all encompassing at the same time. emed araction design is usually accomplished through an entire team of many disciplines that work together for years in the planning stages of design. Needless to say, trying to accomplish this as a one-man shows has proven to be daunting, but has allowed me to learn so much about the business. Multi-Disciplinary Knowledge roughout the design process of this proposed araction, I constantly found myself, wearing the hat of dierent disciplines. Industry advisors were essential in my ability to accomplish various portions of the design process such as architectural elements, araction metric standards, and developing a storyline script. Although these are not typical in the landscape architecture profession. e ability to broaden my experience in such elds will surely aid in future design projects. Story is King In regards to guest experience and overall theming from master planning through the color and texture of a pedestrian corridor the story is the glue that creates a successful themed araction. Ive learned the power of a good story. Meshing Story with Reality Although the storyline narrative of an araction is essential, being able to mesh this into a functioning reality is just as important. emed aractions are designed to function as a business, as such the ability to move large groups in an orderly fashion through a sequence of timed spaces is vital to the success of the araction. roughout the design process, I explored many options to achieve both a successful storyline and araction design metrics that meet industry standards for a functioning araction. Passion My passion for themed araction design has only grown stronger with this experience. I look forward to a future in the theming industry that will allow me to create memories for all who come to the parks. Aer all, in the end, isnt that what its all about?


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