My two Mommies Live Together - On Marriage, Martyrs and Rodney


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My two Mommies Live Together - On Marriage, Martyrs and Rodney
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Frankly Speaking.. AA Fenty
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Alan Fenty is a weekly columnist with the Stabroek News in Guyana. In this column, he reviews the SASOD Film Festival and reflects on his attendance at the opening night
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Page 1-2 -STABROEK NEWSFriday, June24, 2011

"My two Mommi

I'll probably leave this lead
subject alone after this treast- M rri
men. 've exploded cursori- On M marriage,
[y, male and female homosex-
ualty in two previouspespieces ognized that all the "debates" treatment from the opposite
over the years. They were about the same-sex henome- sex? I've read up quite a lot
titled What? A same sex non naturally evoke issues but still welcome more
partner?' and 'H om os in -'- -.l, -' ,

S i,. repeat now -life is about
S choices and today's genera- Homosexual
-,,, 1 i tion certainly know how to history, Guyana...
"straight" amongst us. it is choose or to exercise-that 'i .. f
S now an inconvenient truth nght. and not being an active literature now on the nature.
that homosexuality is now a Christian. I won't evoke any history complexities and
creepmgly-ormal social fac- Bibical injunction against imphcations of the same-sex
tor m Guyanese society; that what many still regard as treaty.
there are young ladies with rabid, unhealthy, anti-social .. i' i i
am sex-partnerswho openly lifestyles.
.- ,I .-ir I do still muse, wonder i .
Ir .. i r the reality of the GLBT -

D -5.. i ,
: ,... ir. : Society Against Sexual i.
Own gender holding down Orentation Discrminaton' is
-. .,i itF". r .. .' i-a''. i. lr.i..- .1 re
r.n, i *,. ... ,.,. -. .*.. r. ". entato .) -"
d -.. Eind out! You don't have

sixty, I have leart to be toler- ing, were incomplete but that ..- .
antand respectful ofpeople's i t.-: '. r,- : ..
humanlsocial rights com- .: 'r i ii -
pared to my youth, when I to the "making of gays and inil : -
was fashioned to find homo- lesbians? Genetics? Acquired i
sexuality abhorrentreulsive, behaviour in specific families centuries and has Greek and
JL[- _h t--..r IF ,i l
la-,. %ilnas t.i.i, e-i

"unnatural, .

1 much mo r
aacconmadating explanations
in rent times. But what has
I j .,r r i,. ,

r 5 a' i '



es live together

Martyrs and Rodney

ings and behaviours are
normal and positive varia-
tions of human sexuality!"
(Don't feel bad, sick orthreat-
ened if you merely admire
ssome one of the samesex.)
I dwelt briefly because
,. schew
L' Igno-
about a reality
How I recall the hell some
well-known or newly dscov-
ered gay men n old Guyana
went through. They were
called anti-man, anti-
Sheila?, and the supposedly
horrible "B-word", let's get
tolerant in 2011. Remember
the laws must keep m step

Two mommies

ing local and international

,! .- ,, ,-. r ,r

work places SASOD has its
work cut out.
I however, wish themstill,
to assist me with my concern:
How do you explain homo-


those children came by two
mommies or two daddies At
school and play, how do those

i1T. isOD r -- ,

hat some coy. children even
ant to know how they (too)
can get "two mommies"
(huh?). And an amusing
assurance was given that the

Inile iNl el .i, r'r:

world's population (increase) ICJ team left The ICJ found
was under no threat from non- that the Pratt Inquest was
producing gay couples "marred by defects" key
i T. .1
r,, s .rmlp .vrl' -- n, I., .

I ,t r .o ..

done to assist me. sives be heard To this day,
the appeal remains
**********"***" ** unheard. Justice delayed?
June month 1995/96 The WPA filed a
and Rodney private charge of murder
S- -" ,i agamst Gregory Smith on a
S' r s summons issued by Chief
i' s : Magistrate K Juman-Yassm
days, now and in history Warrants issued for the arrest
Guyana's June is one for of Smith Doodnauth Singh
weddings, if not long-lasting identified to be Special
marriages; for observing Prosecutor
anniversaries of the Enmore Since then' Smith, the
Sugar Martyrs, the various accused assassin, found to be
"days" designated by the -living in Cayenne a
United Nations and yes, the. Department of France. But
.-." .- .-. a no extrediton Treanes exist
.".ua.,i .- i. and -i .. ma and those
? r.-i ii i r does France
I feel forced to contribute send accused persons to coun-
my bit to the Rodney tries with the death penalty
Recognition. Merely by I r-iiil..i jit. -.
repeating something I wrote t I -: .i. niii p..i
six years ago. Contemplate ty if Smith found guilty. "
fiend: "An Enquiry assassi- Government reluctant to grant
nated... such an exceptic _-il
Rodney died in 1980. in Cayene, i. -.
There was never any genume Mmister Rohee lefgrappling
full-fledged inquiry into the to forward all papers to
circumstances. Here is why. i _-; --.. i.
1988: Desmond Ioyte -r, -..
wanted to demonstrate ..
reform, so he inspired an bring closure to the Rodney
inquest. Magistrate Pratt Departure?
could fool no one as neither
Donald Rodney nor ****
Gregory Smith was called. ust Ponder...
1993: 'i,,,. ,e.. "- ._ .,,:,
ed outside .-e iI a .. time, when there is increased
caught Janet Jagan's atten- talking and writing about
tion. Guyana's "Ethnic Divide"
1994: The PPP set up a and "Racial Polarisation".
specialcabmetsub-committee *2) And you see the
winch included Dr Luncheon Think-Tank WPA's Dr
and Mr de Santos. Not much Roopnaraine on panels with
h*i- ,' J- the PNC/R-1G...
S ti i *3) What happened to the
S. massive structure at Princes
.,, ",;"- *:ii and Hgh-Georgetown?
Tit next week!
'c I l -,