Letter to Horace Gregory from W.E. Woodward of the Writers' League Against Lynching, December 24, 1934


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Letter to Horace Gregory from W.E. Woodward of the Writers' League Against Lynching, December 24, 1934
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December 24, 1934

To the Members of the
Writers' League Against Lynching:

It is now a year since the writers of
the country organized themselves to oppose the
horrible crime of lynching. You have been kept
informed during that year of the work which the
League has done.

There still remains much to do. The
National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People has supplied us with the enclosed report of
the investigation of the lynching of Claude Neal,
made for them by a young Southern white man. It
argues more eloquently than any letter of ours
possibly could, the need to continue and intensify.
the efforts of this League.

,If the writers of America will on every
possible occasion use their efforts to arouse
public opinion against such bestiality as this
document reveals, they can do much toward putting
an end to it. The League will be only too glad to
furnish information to anyone who feels moved to
write articles on lynching.

The annual dues of two dollars, to pay the
expenses of our work, are now due. Please make
cheques payable to Lenore Marshall, Troasurer, and
send to her at thb above address.

c^t?< ^W^^")8~-

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