Transcript of letter from Obadiah Lowe to William Panton, May 25, 1797 (4 pages)


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Transcript of letter from Obadiah Lowe to William Panton, May 25, 1797 (4 pages)
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(1797) 17 letters (multiple letters from Daniel McGillivray and one concerning piracy near St. Augustine)
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Lowe, Obadiah
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Folder: (1797) 17 letters (multiple letters from Daniel McGillivray and one concerning piracy near St. Augustine)

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Cruzat Papers
1797, Lay 25
Lowe to Panton ? ..- .
ALL.S. 3 p. n A' 5

Tuckabatchy 25 kay--1797

Sir I hope You are well, as it is not in my power to

Come down this spring I acquaint You now of my poor man-

agements tho I have strove made Every Edge Cut that I

Could, I have by the strength of Your property Collected

915 hides-- 9 Good Otters which is in the possession of

Stophle I have Counted up the remains of You property which

he hath taken in his Care Also- Thich Comes to 293 Chalks-

George Cornals owes 49 Chalks-- Cornals Due 49 -

which with all makes three hundred & forty 342

two Chalks still remain & I Expect more skins tho they Come

slowly in this time of the Year so what number will be made

up for You I do not know as for the last falls Cargo I be-

lieve the Amount of that is now Collected for You besides

the Goods that are Remaining, I was informed Yesterday that

he was sending down to you for some Articles & begd the man

not to let me know of it besides sending property by Indiyns /

to purchase Taffie shugar & Coffie unbeknown to You as well

as me after letting You know of his under haned work that I

found out by a I leave You to Judge his Case &

do as You think proper if You have a mind to let him have

any more until his old debt is paid its well. but I never

will be Answerable for one farthing for him during my life

he hath Used me Very unjustly & isftSying to take Every

advantage of me that he Can and Ifb lieve his old debt

troubles him Very lJtle by his management he has m[alde

his boast to too different Men that he has fixt me pro-

fprly by Your assistance] and brags that You are his friend

it makes me Very s[adde]ned but I never took you to be the

man to make any person pay yCoul for what he never Receiv.

of You, so as for what I receive last fall You are--sure of

it and what is over You shall have it also for a Rogue I :...-

dispise and if You search Your books tlere the thing is

ready prov4 by an Ugly stratigem that I lay under last fall

which I did not Explain to You and Stophles being of me was

the only reason of my doing what I did for I should have
lost Every thing that I had if I had not done as I did /

SSecondly .sir I in form You truely of his Circumstance in his

owproperty he has now Eleven head of horses he has a. few

Cattle About four head, also a Good stock of hogs he has a
Good Case of pistols that he bought of Alesr Steel worth

twenty Dollars I suppose likewise a New Riding saddle be-

sides Many superflueous things tohim that he would be as well

without as with them all Come by Your property it is useless

to mention Every particular thing to You but in short he hath

a Good deal of private property as he Calls it and will not

suffer me to handle it or by the fall I beleave I Could make

the whole payment Good to You for his old debt he tells You

the reason he sinks money is because they do not pay him

thier debts but I told You Last fall that there was no debts

to be recovered the true reason is, that in his drunken fro-

licks he makes away with Your property and don't .know who he

Gives it to I have found- at by his wife some of the people

V* .. *... ., 1 '.

and it is too much to let You Know of it almost for some
of his debtors is old Women and some old men a Very few

Good hunters tho a few and in all that I Could do I could
not save one Chalk of them I have took 51 and in Giving me
that they have got 68 so to make You fully aoqua[Ci]A3ed-l: : '' e f
the businesss[ther]e is no debts that he Ever will re[cove]r
for by trying .to d]o..:what I Co[uld colleo]t I have lost
a[bolve 200 hides the New trust last Cflall for the Amoni-
ti[on] they have paid Tolerable well & that is all that

they] Ever think of paying I believe so you may depend h[e]
is nearer able to settle it now than he Ever will again in-
stead of my taking the half of his property and seeing yo[u3

righted if he looses one of his Creatures he threatens to
m[ak]e me pay a Chalk for Every day missing & said it boldly

before Elexn. Cornals[n: the square so I am done with-
&hil[m'E ter this / trade; last fall afterdenying me Credit
for a few Goods and laying me under disagreable obligations

in which I thought Very undeservingly I have not the Assure-
ance to ask You any more for if I was I Expect You would do-

not do it so as I have Gaind Your Ilwill and Know not How;
I thank You Very Much for your Continued friendship these
S ten Year.s' past I may Perhalps CGom dowi in the fall myself .'''
and perhaps send I do inot knew Yet as I am a little in-dis-
tress at present for .. have Cut Eveywy .way ICbuld to support
my family I have sold some of my horses an.d Got some Beaver

firr and some small firrS. I think to -,,o toTuskega and buy
some Gloathing and necessary for .my family until such times
as I Can see some Chance to get in some business so I Can

live & go on again, for the Indians don't approve of white

people in thier Land without trading; and in the respect of

.old Rileys writings to You and such tatters and false inform- v/

ers which I suppose hath procured Your Illwill for me sir

I look on my principles fully better than thiers the I am

not the man to hurt any Mans Intrpst I have a principle a-

bove that &C---

Sir do not think that I take it to heart Your not befriend-
ing me as Iou have formerly done. f afrom it, what I mean is i/

to Acquaint ~r fully of Stophles & my own circumsta noes as V

I think it is my duty so to do, as You have been a good friend

to me I wood no[t] wish You to Loose a farthing by no man-

So I take [the] Honour to remain Your former Oblidgg

and Very Humble [( ~C vnt

Obadiah Lowe


William Panton



William Panton Esq-

pr Tuckabatchy'.

[Endor segment

25th May 1797

Obediah. Low

[Endorsement repeated]